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This is lovely and funny. My sister Cathy is at the back "smoking" a candy cigarette . My sister Jill is the little boy in the striped t-shirt (family joke about her haircuts) and at the front clutching her beloved monkey is a very cute

🚨Gameday🚨 Big Region Game 🆚North Charleston High School 🗓January 21,2020 📍Da Tank ⏰JV Boys (5:00pm) ⏰Varsity Girls (6:00pm) ⏰Varsity Boys (7:30pm) Come out to Da Tank and watch your Landsharks as they take on the Cougars. 🦈ALL🏀IN🦈

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Armed with a playlist to try and bring reason to the newfound chaos in his world, Nathan will do what he has always done–move forward without a clue.

Sharing your emotions with your loved ones is important. understands all these emotions and helps in sharing them with your loved ones in the best possible way.

Welcome to the ! Do you have any ? What are their names? We have 4 dogs! Koda, Milo, Bently and Kaylee! Peace and Love!

You don't have to go on your journey alone. Bring your along for the ride.

Winter is not over in South Florida! We're feeling a bit of a cold front this week, so come on down to Lester's Diner and get you a warm breakfast! ☕

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❤nothing better than spending time with family. Watch full family vlog. Click link in bio
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My Dad Confronted Me On My Sexuality. SWF

I should preference this by saying my sister is a open lesbian and has married her wife. I had thought about coming out when she came out but I was still unsure and bottled up about my feelings. Once my sister came out and had her beautiful wife to show off I felt obligated to be sure on my feelings before I said anything. But not telling anyone in my family was eating me up inside. I decided to come out to my sister and my now sister-in-law when they came to town. They were back in town this holiday season and I believe they had told my father either while drunk or my dad asked them because he had a suspicion on me. Either way if they told him or he figured out on his own I’m happy it’s now in the open. I’ll probably never forget what he asked me “So what’s up with you are you gay, bi, straight or what?” Him flat out asking me threw me off balance. I came clean and told him that I’m bi and asked me if I had leaning to one side and I said I’m unsure. He said I don’t care if you like guys, girls, or both as long as I was safe. We hugged it out and both shred a tear or 2. But that’s where we’re standing right now haven’t talked about it since.

In high school, I used to steal my dad’s alcohol and my mom’s cigarettes. My dad hasn’t drank in 10 years and my mom only smoked very briefly (maybe a year). I stopped stealing in college. We all improved as a family.


The Broski 🌍utside Workin ❗
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Growing Pains: A Product of the Times

The 1980s were, in a way, a renaissance for television.

With more channels and shows to choose from than ever before, TV was experiencing a new golden age, where channel flipping at any time of day would probably get you something worth watching at some point.  Whether you had a taste for action, mystery, comedy, horror, or drama, there likely was more than one show for it.

Nowhere was that truer than in the case of the sitcom.

As I mentioned early on, in the 1980s, the sitcom became one of the most popular styles of shows on television.  Growing Pains was just one of an incredibly large catalog, including Family Ties, Cheers, The Golden Girls, The Cosby Show, ALF, and Full House.  All of these shows, while possessing mostly unique setups and characters, were in the same genre, and still followed a few of the same beats.  The Very Special Episode was on the rise, and more and more sitcoms tried to include important episodes to teach young viewers about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Some shows did it more masterfully and realistically than others, and these episodes were memorable (some for the wrong reasons) but despite these ‘special episodes’, most sitcoms of the time tended to be pretty standard stuff.

Why mention this?

Well, because, as odd as it seems, it’s important to remember that Growing Pains was made in the 1980s, and to do that, we need to know what was going on at the time around it.


See, in order to really understand any piece of media, we have to understand the climate in which it was made.  The culture surrounding anything, book, movie, or television show directly affects whatever piece of media is being made, not only in what was popular in fiction of the time, but also in nonfiction attitudes and ideas.  

That’s to be expected.  After all, our culture shapes who we are and what we think, and therefore the kinds of things we create.  This leads us to the idea of something being ‘dated’.

Despite the negative connotations of the word, being ‘dated’ in and of itself is not a problem.

The term ‘dated’ typically comes with images of old-fashioned special effects, out-of-date slang and styles, or technology that has been rendered obsolete in recent years.  While typically pointed out today as an example of a film or television show being less enjoyable in a modern era, the fact is, even what we create today is not immune to being dated.  That’s just how it works.

Nothing can stop any piece of media from being a reflection of its culture, no matter how timeless we try to make it.  And contrary to what some would tell you, it isn’t the style, special-effects, or soundtrack that dates a television show.  If it was, Growing Pains would be in trouble indeed.


What does date something is the element connected to a culture that can damage it: its ideas.

Outdated ideas and beliefs held by the culture at the time of a story’s creation can certainly add to the discomfort modern audiences can have while watching media made before their time.  All of this leads us to today’s question:

Is Growing Pains outdated?

Let’s take a look.

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I’m back and getting better

Sometimes it takes something terrible to put things into perspective. A family emergency exposed just how precious, unpredictable and short life really is.

I haven’t been happy in a long time. I allowed my depression, and anxiety to completely take control over my life, but not anymore. I am restarting my health/wellness/recovery journey and determined to stick to it because I’m an lucky enough to have a chance to change my life.


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Midwife appointment today went well, I think! But now it feels like baby is trying to escape through my ribs.

I finally popped into the new house, I cant believe how much work is happening, it’s crazy to think that 6 months ago this building site was my grandparents home and in just a few weeks time it’ll be ours.

Trying my hardest to focus on the baby and not get stressed about everything that needs to happen between now and their arrival! Argh!