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Welcome to the ! Do you have any ? What are their names? We have 4 dogs! Koda, Milo, Bently and Kaylee! Peace and Love!

As our 2019 season draws to a close today with seven fully booked Santa Special trains we would like to thank everyone who has supported us through 2019 and look forward to welcoming you all in 2020...

Sundayโ€™s should come with a pause button. Take a break from the busy week & meet us in the at ! You bring the , weโ€™ll bring the , food & fun ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ˜†

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If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why? Ask your kids these 3 powerful questions

Our youngest just showed up at the door last night, unannounced, FROM 1,400 MILES AWAY!!! # love

My sister beat me to it. Her baby is so cute. I love this little girl already. Sheโ€™s ready to meet her cousin soon. They are going to be a mess lol!! โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ‘ถ

My amazing parents made a poster of my cover art! I'm so lucky to have the family and friends that I do. Have you got your copy yet? It's out now via .

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Therapy 03.11.19 // cautious

T said that she has definitely thought for a long time that some of the things that happened in my childhood were wrong, but she couldn’t say anything because she needed me to be ready to see it too.

She asked me how I would have felt if we’d had this conversation a year ago. I think that must be one of her stupidest questions ever! How do I know how I would have felt a year ago? I threw my hands up at her and said “How can I answer that??” Then T said that she couldn’t put words into my mouth and she had to let me come to my own conclusions.

“I didn’t want to damage your family relationships by pushing you into thinking about things before you were ready. And I had to be careful not to put words in your mouth, and to let you come to your own conclusions.

I feel like she has been too cautious. I have felt that she doesn’t think anything very bad happened because she hasn’t picked up on any of the little things I mentioned, so I’ve concluded she can’t think they’re really that bad and I think I’ve felt shame that even though they weren’t really that bad I wasn’t able to cope with them better, and that has made it harder to fully talk about them which has kept me stuck in just dropping little mentions here and there and generally downplaying them.

I suppose a lifetime habit of keeping myself emotionally safe by microanalysing other people’s reactions and adjusting my own words and actions accordingly doesn’t disappear easily.


Let’s Stand on His Righteousness, His Promises, His Provision, Love and all wonderful Blessings! Merry Christmas from Coldwell Banker Schmitt Lela Ashkarian #realtorlife🔑🏠
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Appreciation post for Kuya kiks and Ate Vina ofcourse sa cute kong inaanak na si Zeika! Sobrang saya ko lang kasi sinasama nila ako minsan kapag may gala silang kanila lang mismo. Lampas limang beses na nila ako sinasama sa gala nila at yung latest ay kanina sa The Outlets at S&R Lipa.

From the picture above, taken sya last October 31, 2019. Sumama ako sa kanila dahil ako'y isang stage ninang kasi kasali si Zeika sa Costume contest ng Sm Lipa hahahahaha! Pang-apat sya sa first category nakakaloka!!! Pag karating namin, hindi na kami nakabili ng props nyang red balloon. Hindi tuloy madistinguish na sya ay si Pennywise dahil nagliligalig kapag nilalagyan sya ng make-up hahahahha! Pagkatapos na pagkatapos nyang umakyat sa stage ay nagpalit na sya at kami'y ay gumala na lang at kumain sa Shakey’s.

Haaaaaay! Sobrang saya talaga ng heart ko kapag naalala ko yung mga moment na nalabas kami. Thank you so much kuya Kiks, ate Vina & Zeika ❤️

All the love,


Hey everyone,

With Christmas coming, a lot of you will probably be with your families, but remember to check on your friends whom are depressed, have anxiety, have problems with there families.

Not everyone want to be with there families for Christmas for a lot of different reasons so don’t forget the people who don’t want to be with there family or can’t, give them love, check on them, talk to them…

I’m sure you can make time for them ❤️


Oh My … This was my first attempt at homemade Tiramisu and it went down a treat. I used Maida Heatters recipe, from her wonderful book ‘Happiness Is Baking’. Its quite rich and extremely boozy, which definitely made for a happy desert. 😌One tip, as tempting as it may be, be sure to follow Maidas advice and leave it in the fridge overnight. Makes all the difference … Yum. If you fancy a pre Christmas grown up treat, this pudding will tick all the boxes. Enjoy … 😃🎄


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Originally posted by thefriendlypigeon

At the moment it’s 5am almost 6am. I had to get up to take care of my niece and her bottle of milk.

Got her some food like bananas and cereal. I was letting her play for a bit now we’re in bed trying to sleep.

At the moment she is moving like crazy and trying to sleep like me. Hope she sleeps soon 😴.

P.S unsure if I can sleep but please wish me luck guys. Love you all ❤️


Getting away from the everyday stuff for a little while at Tanjong Sepat with the boys and family. #daytrip #updates #malaysia #getaway #family #video #instastory #sunday #love #life

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