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one final time wrapping things up at 2019 Carolina Classic. Talented Student Athlete and Wonderful Young Woman. Thx for sharing the ride with Redhawk Nation.

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Guys.... Could our pups be brothers? Crazy resemblance.

In the after-gloom of her dreaded fiftieth birthday and the discovery of her husband’s infidelity, Jackie realizes she must reconnect with her former self to find the happiness she needs to move forward.

A down to earth and relatable read - - Healing relationship issues: beginnings of intimacy | Unimed Living

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What is your parenting style? Learn the characteristics of each style, the effects they have on the children upbringing and how to become a better parent. Enjoy!

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That Time It Looked Like My Sister Couldn’t Give A Damn About Me

I want to reach out

But I know if I do

I’ll never forget

What you didn’t do

So if you’re out there

Reading this,


Please don’t dismiss

I’m human, too


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Hasta Pronto, South America ! - Buenos Aires & Santiago 2019

After this trip, my opinion of South America has completely changed. I fell in love with hospitality, kindness to the strangers who only tried to speak English (so sorry for being so American), and wine. Most importantly, I felt less overwhelmed and more welcomed than any other places I’ve traveled. One of my favorite memories was trying to communicate in Spanish with old/grandpa cab drivers. I was able to pick up a lot of words here and there, but my family and I used all kinds of body language to communicate. In some cases, my dad used the Google Translate app to ask more detailed questions (i.e. where to go for seafood, or best artisan markets in the city, etc). 

There was a reason why we picked Chile for our family trip. My brother left for Antarctica around mid-December. His stay at Antarctica was only for three months - as March was getting closer, my dad and I finalized the trip. I had some extra vacation days, so I decided to head down to Argentina a few days early and fly out to Chile later to meet up with my parents. 

So I’m going to be honest - I was scared. I’ve only done solo trips to places where I knew I was going to feel safe. South America was never on my list (other than Mendoza, Argentina!!) for travel. I did a bit of research, and I could barely find positive travel experience in South America. Unlike other times, I booked an Airbnb for myself instead of staying at a hostel. (I really needed a break from people in general -_-). 

I am so glad that I visited South America. I felt very welcomed by everyone I interacted with - old grandpa cab drivers, locals at metro stations, artisans at the markets, waiters/waitresses who barely spoke English but still helped me to figure out the menu, etc. My heart (and stomach) was full. 

Before this trip, I was still struggling inside - dealing with work drama, constantly trying to figure out what my next step should be, and finding a healthy balance in life. I lost interest in everything, and I could barely put myself together everyday. I felt miserable - after his death, I was evaluating my emotions to see what other negative emotions or things I needed to let go. I was being so hard on myself. 

I haven’t seen my parents nearly two years, and I almost forgot how much I enjoy spending time with my family. On our last day in Santiago, we went to a Korean restaurant (all of us were craving Korean food). The owner asked how long we were traveling and our stay at Santiago. She mentioned that it was so rare to see a family traveling to a foreign country because not a lot of families would even want to do such a thing, especially when the kids are all grown up. I thought it was a normal thing for a family to travel to different places… but I had to admit - to make it seem like a normal thing, there were a lot of planning and coordinating prior to this trip. My dad even learned a few Spanish and English words, researched for places to visit in Santiago and other places, and more. He was well-prepared - unlike him, I just showed up because I’m more of a spontaneous traveler. Because my dad planned every detail of this trip, every one of us enjoyed our time in Chile.  This trip, by far, is the most memorable one. Not knowing the language, we managed to navigate around and had the best time.

I do plan to come back and visit other places in South America. During my short stay in Buenos Aires, I met several travelers who were going to Patagonia or leaving Patagonia. I also met some travelers who visited other places in South America, and all of them had positive experiences. So I’ll be back soon, South America! :) 

“Nothing will be the same a year from now.”

You’re wrong.

Many things will be the same a year from now.

Many things in my life are the same as they were a year ago.

And you know what? That’s not bad. Some things should remain consistent.

I’m glad that the things in my life that should be consistent have been for far more than just a year. I don’t believe in throwing things away for no reason.

I know that if something does need development, it has to actually last a substantial amount of time in order for that to happen.

He said: “Hey, make me proud.” It was the last time my dad have ever said. But the thing that was so nuts is that hundreds of people came out. We had this memorial service and it was like pack. It was standing. All of these people, that he have ever touched, that my family never even knew. And it just showed how you can have no formal power, no title, no position, nothing and you can be enormously powerful in other people’s lives.

- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


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Family: *talking about sweet stuff my sister’s boyfriend does*

My brother: Pfffft. That’s lame.

Family: *bursts out laughing*

My brother: What?

Me: You say that as if you weren’t literally lying in the driveway, waiting for your love to come home.

My brother: Well. I didn’t say I wasn’t lame. Just… that he’s lame too.

Know Love When You See It (2)

“I can’t do this, Gil. I can’t open this door. What it it’s too late? What if we came all this way only to find it was all for naught, because she… she…“ A story in which Gilbert’s health remains perfectly fine, but that’s not enough to bring Anne peace. Alternate ending to AotI. Shirbert. / AO3

Chapter 2
Enters Gilbert

The smile died on her lips as soon as she had read the first lines.

Dearest Anne…”

It could not be true.

I wish I could start this letter from a reassurance…”

It could not.

I wish I could say: don’t be alarmed by the unusual date of its arrival – for I very much hope you have received it early – or by the hurry behind such a change. Alas, I cannot. The news is as urgent as it is serious, so even though there is no reason to panic just yet, I must ask you to regard the matter as such.”

“Anne, are you alright?” she heard Priscilla ask with concern but made no answer, her eyes gliding over the letter as she devoured the words she did not dare to comprehend. Priscilla stepped closer. “Anne, you’re white as chalk and barely breathing at all! What is it, darling?”

The red-haired girl glanced up at her friend and opened her mouth in the vain attempt to explain her state, but she couldn’t bring herself to speak. The lump in her throat was enough to make her success unlikely – with the trembling of her lips and the tears fogging her eyes, it became impossible.

“I’ll get some water,” Phil announced evenly and left the room, while Stella crossed it and sat quietly by Anne’s side. Priscilla remained where she was, watching the scene attentively.

Anne drew a sharp breath.

“It’s Marilla,” she said eventually, when she finally felt she could say anything at all – if only to feel her voice crack as soon as she did. She shook her head. “She’s unwell. Very, very, very unwell.”

She failed to explain anything more as the sobbing she had been trying to fight had finally taken over her. Her shoulders shook violently and a few heavy drops fell down her cheeks, disappearing under the fingers she pressed against her mouth. One or two of her tears came through and fell on the letter she was holding – and the realisation of that little detail only made her want to cry more.

Never in her life had she cried so vehemently.

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Yay cooking! In this video you will see shopping and cooking as the title says and I was given £10 for this challenge.

Everyone cooks differently and I was just experimenting having some fun! Time stamp I begin cooking 6 minutes 40 seconds in.

I bought beef mince £2.97

Lamb £4

Steak £2.85


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So my parents had some form of a scrapbook for each one of my siblings individually except for me (because I’m the youngest and I guess they never had time idk, but my parents love me very much and there’s no shade I swear) and it always made me pretty sad. But just now I thought about it for a second and I realized that may be why i love photos of memories and friends so much and like always want to save them. Like if I ever have kids i would probably have like dozens of scrapbooks for each of them. It also may be why I love journals so much. i think about a lot of things and I like the idea of having those thoughts and memories down. Or speaking them out to someone. So they exist somewhere other than inside my head. I guess I’m afraid of some of my thoughts disappearing and being forgotten.

Went to my first Dutch birthday party today 🥳. My uncle’s sister’s daughter’s granddaughter (someone please tell me what to call her - am I her great aunt three times removed or something?!) turned 7 and I was kindly invited to join in the festivities. Lots of amazing home cooked/home made food as per usual, from sushi to noodles to siomai to fruit salad to mango pudding, and the house was full of kids running around and adults chatting in Dutch, English, Cantonese, and Hakka.

I don’t know if this was a ‘typical’ Dutch birthday, but there were a few differences I noticed today compared to Canadian birthdays - will have to validate these points with local friends 😄: 1) adults don’t just drop off their kids; they stay at the party the whole time. 2) cake is served first, as if to kick off the party! 3) they don’t sing happy birthday, but rather sing a Dutch song. 4) presents are opened as soon as they arrive instead of waiting to open everything at the end.

Also - it really hit me hard how old I’m getting as I was shopping for a present and had NO idea what to get. What kinds of books do 7 year olds read? What games do they play? What are the popular toys nowadays? I still remember being a child and feeling puzzled over some of the presents I received from adults - now I’ve turned into one of THOSE adults 😅.