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It speaks a great deal about a culture by the way it treats the . them, treat them well. wish you a very happy .

πŸ’” loss tonight. Battled to the end. Came up short 4-5. Back at it tomorrow. Varsity game tomorrow at 6:30pm vs Thompson Valley at Barnes Field #1.

I have learned to my a different way. Not just a single day, as for me that day is punctuated with and shaded in but instead a few weeks of small things and dinner with my is the highlight of my year. I can't remem…

Our family β€œfirst day” of school selfie is getting smaller! Wishing a great school year away from home! Proud of you!

Lincoln Softball _____ Final Score Adair - 6 Lincoln-4 Lincoln Christian Softball team drops game two against district power Adair Tuesday afternoon. ______ Next Up: Rogers State Festival

What's the hardest thing you feel about being your age? parents Check out our top 3 questions to ask your kids

He respects my , supports my & does whatever he can to help us achieve my Earth-sized for our . I hope your partner does the same 4 YOU. momof5 momsover40

Happy Birthday, ! We hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year filled with health and happiness!

e-junkie. Last thing before sleep. First thing at wake up. (I'm lying. Good night/morning kisses are last/first things but I haven't recent photos of that)

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Always keep a bad one with me! 🥰😍👏


@sleepowder I LOVE YOU!

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So our mother was the royal one? And she married a commoner?

Yes, your mother is the royal. Your father is technically the reigning Regent until you are of age, when you will inherit the throne.

And in this world, they put less stress on who you marry, as long as you marry someone and continue the bloodline, which is typically tracked through the mother. Most royalty marry either other royals or nobles at least, but outliers do happen. So a commoner marrying royalty isn’t extremely popular, but it does happen.


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I'm fascinated by the premise! Do we have any other family besides our brother, father and (missing) mother?

Your father has… relations…. with Mirien, his ‘consort’, which is where your brother comes from. He is technically not of the royal line, but depending on your choices, you can choose to see him as your real brother or not.

Mirien herself is a quiet lady who keeps to herself, and is very protective of her son. And maybe of you too….

You have an aunt somewhere in the castle, your mother’s sister, but you don’t encounter her very much. And your father’s family lives outside the castle, but he shunned them when he married into royalty.


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I’ve stared into the abyss while it stared back, I’ve lost her my poor child, lost her to the heart of the abyss, lost her in the heavens of interdimensional galaxy’s. I’ve lost her to the heart and sea, drowning in air, she was here all but eight months ago, my poor innocent child, the only thing that could make me laugh in the mornings and cry in afternoons, the last time I saw her she was so scared so sad, I can’t help but cry at my baby’s pain, guilty I felt, guilty I was. I couldn’t do more. The last time I saw her happy, the day I got home from getting a blanket at the store, she ecstatic to see me home although her body was breaking her soul found a moment of peace in all of this agony, I cried.

I saw pictures at the store, the feminist sign with “She could do it!” read in bold bright red, and yet she couldnt. Giving me false hope for the future, waiting to be broken. My child, gone to the abyss how have I lived? Without my beautiful girl?

The mourning she was taken from me.

I woke up 3 am 3:10 or 12 to be exact and there she was, my blessed angel on the floor alive, but something was wrong. Very, very, wrong. I woke up her grandmother afraid of the inevitable, sleep still grazing my tired eyes we tried to move her to the bed, as soon as I picked her up I knew she was gone, she started seizing in my arms. I placed her on the bed sobbing. I watched the life leave my child’s body as I mumbled it’s going to be okay everything’s going to be okay, into her sad eyes as the beautiful light that was once there, now fading, fading to the abyss I stared into with uncontrollable sobs, she was gone. Not my child, not my babygirl? She left it was her time but I’ll never forget the half of my soul that died with hers, my poor poor innocent child. The screams leaving my tongue will be a thing the neighborhood will not ever forget, the screams of the sorrow that will never leave, I miss my light my beautiful poor child.


In loving memory, of Lily Persons, my sweet girl I will miss you forever, until we meet again my dearest love.

October 8th 2019 3:20 am.
A cute little animation I did for class! I had two weeks to make it and it's one of my first long animations so it's pretty rough around the edges, but I lea...

A cute little animation I did for class! I had two weeks to make it and it’s one of my first long animations so it’s pretty rough around the edges, but I learned a lot from it.   I went back and added some  backgrounds and fixed some audio issues! 

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