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The Constitution still going strong! Thank you Charles and Arizona

Before the day ends we would like to wish a happy birthday to our brother from the Beta Theta line Aldo Yanez.

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I really forgot to come out on Twitter y’all but I hope you’ve missed me I’ve been in AKAland 🐸💕

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Special thanks to my little brother for hosting me during , and for linking up for an early dinner in Austin! He's a Sophomore Civil Engineering student at UT! We're also Frat brothers! and

Congratulations to student Catherine Stokes, on her placement on the Dean's and President’s Lists. Keep up the great work, Catherine!

Congratulations to Brez Smith, an Criminal Justice student at our former Danville site, for her placement on the Dean's List. Nice work, Brez!

Congratulations to student Tiana Sprinkles , for her placement on the Dean's List. Nice work Tiana!

Congratulations to student Bethany Slusher , for her placement on the Dean's List. Nice work Bethany!

Congrats to Joseph Slone, an Criminal Justice student at our site for his placement on the Dean's & President's Lists. Joseph also earned the Dean's Award this semester. Awesome work Joseph!

Fall 2018 leave you with compaction issues? Progressive Planting Systems is a full line Blu-jet and McFarlane tillage sales dealer here to service your needs! -jet

Congratulations to student Catina Searcey , for her placement on the Dean's List. Nice work Catina! h

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Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2018


Holden F18 We Get Down

I got my grades for the semester. I made an A in junior Seminar, A- in Genetics and Animal Behavior, and B+ in Vertebrate Zoology

I’m extremely pleased. I was expecting more B’s, and the fact that I managed an A in Genetics, minus or not, is astounding considering the fact that the majority of the class failed or dropped.

Next semester is probably going to be just as hard, but I have faith in myself. I worked hard and I grew so much this semester.


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