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I would like to welcome the newest addition to the / Tree my LITTLE bro Damien Cisneros aka “Sir Hades”. ⚔️🛡⚔️

: When our wonderful students wrote messages of gratitude on end-of-semester posters that were presented to WomenLead faculty members Dr. Roberta Attanasio and Dr. Sarah Gershon.

Tonight (1/17) we're celebrating study abroad students at 5:30PM in the ! If you studied abroad, we'd love to see you!

YOU THOUGHT WE WERE DONE? Nah, we’re just getting started. Meet the newest Leones joining The Illustrious Brotherhood next Tuesday. 🦁

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Abasyn University Islamabad Campus announced the final term result of semester Fall'18. For details visit

Further reduction. Shop your favorite styles on sale -40%. Available in store and online. STATHIS SAMANTAS. 22, Anagnostopoulou St. 106 73, Athens, Greece. Tel.: + 30 210 3645233

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Some get gifts, others get coal but this winter Santa gave us the best gift of all. Congratulations to our newest members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! 💙💙 Photo Credit via Insta: @ theeyeofewing

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Functional ride sans bags.

I’ve got a rule.


Don’t buy any more new unframed artwork until I start framing what I already have.

– Buys more unframed artwork, rolls it up and puts it into a tube.

– Next day… I just got a new tube to store artwork! And there is extra room in it!

– Buys more unframed artwork.

I got my grades for the semester. I made an A in junior Seminar, A- in Genetics and Animal Behavior, and B+ in Vertebrate Zoology

I’m extremely pleased. I was expecting more B’s, and the fact that I managed an A in Genetics, minus or not, is astounding considering the fact that the majority of the class failed or dropped.

Next semester is probably going to be just as hard, but I have faith in myself. I worked hard and I grew so much this semester.