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Celebrate your 2018 accomplishments with us! We love this fall look for a Fall Harvest Brunch Meeting. Call our Catering Dept. 305.779.5037 and book your event.

Shepard Fairey four-story mural on the west facade of the renovated 1904 building. The new State Hotel opens soon, right next to Pike Place Market.

What is your favorite indulgence? Pumpkin spice lattes, fresh-baked apple pie, or pumpkin pie?

Suffering from pesky allergies? Learn how to minimize the effects of fall by following these tips: .

Celebrate the fall season with complimentary Pumpkin "Pup-a-Chinos"! Available between 12-3pm at both locations.

The coziest place on campus, the changing leaves 🍂 and sturdy brick make me feel so safe and at home. 💛🖤💛 -Rosemary

Few things more enjoyable on a fall afternoon than watching the dogs play in the leaves... With the exception of watching them playfully rake and bag them.

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