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Hey, the article is Obstruction of Congress, not Obstruction of Justice. Nice Cc:

la culpa del temporal es de la izquierda bolivariana, comunista, roja, filoetarra, independentista, bolchevique,... etc. Qué patética eres. Ahí, en estás de puta madre.

Mensonge éhonté de qui coupe la question pour en changer le sens. Il ne s'agit pas de savoir si le mouvement doit continuer mais si il va continuer.

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presss fooling 📢🤮 People being engaged with false promises to go to USA This Is to support political Trump agenda in the States

Hence 3+ year war on calling the "FreePress" what they are, FAKE and unconstitutionally SUBVERSIVE! I'm not that worried though.... on a few dimensional levels.

Abigail Marone For the first time in history, a US President is speaking at the . CNN and MSNBC would rather cover the scam than ’s historic speech Total !

He probably also did this when they cut from Radcliffe to go to Mazie hirono

Questo articolo non esiste. È un fotomontaggio. Inter, Eriksen lunedì sarà nerazzurro invece è vero:

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Americans are not changing the channel; more than 70% believe the Senate should call witnesses and see documents in the impeachment trial. More than 10 million watched the trial (like a SuperBowl), and more than 50% want Trump impeached. We’re watching alright.

The more authentic a fake account tries to be, the more room it makes for suspicions.

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New civic policy: traffic engineers now required to walk, cycle and take public transit on all new & current traffic routes to help identify design flaws not seen on paper. City council says this safety policy should have been put in place years ago.

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Serves at the pleasure of the President. So this is a . The loses again.

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This is why you are the enemy of the people👿 this BS HACKS

arrêtez votre qui consiste à dire que occurrence serait indépendant... vous faites rigoler tout le monde...😂😂😂 on attend les imqges de macron avec yasser arafat...

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Eux la blâmaient pour vrai ce matin. Ils font toujours ça. Essaient de coller leurs désordres aux autres.

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Does the Truth Matter Anymore? Lee McIntyre Explains | Amanpour and Company

Does the Truth Matter Anymore in a Post-Truth (Fake News) world?

Some insightful comments made in the linked video about why we find ourselves where we are today. Fake news is nothing new, and the example is given around the big tobacco companies trial from a few decades back, but what we have been seeing is verbatim reporting and re-shares on social media which spreads the fake news without any context. Even split reporting is not good enough (presenting both sides equally without context) and the case is made that the more recent handling of the anti-vax movement is showing a return to sanity. Part of the problem has also been scientists not acting for their part and just believing the “truth will out”.

In many cases, like the tobacco trial. the disinformation is spread with a specific purpose in mind. More recently in politics we have seen lying without accountability and no shame, with the media not putting the lies in context (to prevent appearing to be biased). It is not about censoring the lies, but about stating them as well as the other side and then giving it context. For this the media needs to start taking a more active role.

We cannot have a situation where there is 1% of the people being very vocal about spreading disinformation and the 99% majority says nothing…. sound familiar? That is often the toxic state of social media that we find ourselves in. If the silent majority want to have rational discussions online they’ll also need to make their voices heard collectively, otherwise you can just expect social media to become more toxic (resulting in many leaving, or you’ll find posters disabling comments on posts).

One positive example I can give was on MeWe network where I had a few followers come out against a troll… and that troll disappeared pretty quickly, but it is a lone incident unfortunately.

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#socialnetworks #fakenews #trolls

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“Anti Cannabis PSA”

It’s the year 2020 and the Michigan Dept of Health and human services is still putting this kind of false information out.

This anti Cannabis PSA shows a teen cannabis user and his “future self” —– and critics are slamming it.

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@msnbc @cnn were both hoping for and inciting violence by labeling peaceful protesters as white supremacists. They wanted to blame @realdonaldtrump for any violence that occurred. #fakenews #peaceful #protest #virginia #governorblackface #gunban #guncontrol #secondamendment #trump2020 #keepamericagreat #kag2020 #qanon #wwg1wga

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