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I CANT PUT THIS ON THE FAILBOAT DISCORD I’m so disappointed but hey I drew this (is that even a thing)

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I've been checking on ExplodingTNT's channel every 15 minutes to see his sub count and I think I am losing my sanity

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Checking out the original at the Vasa Museum πŸ˜‰

Umm...sorry to my son, but if I had to β€œpay” $500k to get him into school, we would discuss other educational or vocational options. Then I would buy a boat with that money and name it Yale πŸ˜‚

Traffic stop for driving without headlights on during inclement weather and other reasons results in the driver being arrested for warrants, driving after revocation and drug possession.

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Okay,any time I say that something will be late,it does a lot faster than expected (maybe it has to do with staying up to 3 am,but whatevs)

You're totally ignorant of the research & problems of racism in the Latino culture directed at the Afro-latinos or just don't care to acknowledge it. Wait....this is your wait to say you don't see color & alllivesmatter the scenario for it.

Thank you for being a nice ray of sunshine on days when I am not

Yes, I _am_ in Brussels for , but that doesn't mean I suddenly know Dutch.

Well well well well well well well Looks like I've got it done πŸŽ‰ "Meeting little each other's" (I know the title sucks) Also,I tried to experiment with new shades and I don't know how it's going,honestly

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Best of Failboat Deltarune

I’m just not gonna explain this all, if you want knowledge of what this is, here.


I hate the Octo Expansion

Sarada Week Failed!

Sorry guys, I fell off the fanfic train this week. It ended up being a super stressful work week and I just haven’t had the time or energy to write.

That said, I do still have some other ideas rolling around in my head I want to get down here. One’s a little self-fulfilling, and the other is some SasuSaku nerdiness. We’ll see how M-rated it gets. XD

apparently, i have the survival instincts of a lemming
  • My Idiot Ass: *hauls herself to the doctor because after the Bout with Flu, the cough and the cold have not yet gone away and it’s nearly a week over*
  • Doctor: Hey, you have Bronchitis!
  • My Idiot Ass: Oh crap!
  • Doctor: Well, your breathing is a bit “noisy” and you also have allergic rhinitis. And your lungs are borked. (Note: “Borked” is my term, I am paraphrasing the medical lingo.)
  • My Idiot Ass: Double crap!
  • Doctor: It’s a good thing you came already. Otherwise, this could’ve ended up as pneumonia. Here’s your prescription for antibiotics.
  • The moral of the story, children, is that if your cough and cold haven't blown over in a couple of days, please haul your idiot ass over to the doctor because pneumonia is Not Fun(tm). Also I still like being firmly in the Land of the Living.