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Well rip

This fashion for invisible text-entry fields is really useless for , please let’s change this aesthetic

Thank you for being a nice ray of sunshine on days when I am not

Well well well well well well well Looks like I've got it done 🎉 "Meeting little each other's" (I know the title sucks) Also,I tried to experiment with new shades and I don't know how it's going,honestly

I can hear failboats regrets from here. ( *AND JUST AS SCARED OF WHAT HE DONE* ).

Here's the Dark Lord, Hank from Failboat's Mii Making/Miitopia series. He made his debut alongside comedy robot Punyatta and demon slayer Simple Bob. Also, he's an otamatone. Can Failboat stop his reign of terror? HONK HONK IT'S HANK


Why can't I post more pics? Part 1/2 Those are awful,as I still don't understand how proportions and comics work,but meh,I guess

I watched some EXPLODINGTNT'S old videos and... Lolololol I'm definitely gonna redraw this in comics Sorry,but you guys are already hella gay

When 3/4 of your qPCR plates don’t work and you’re halfway through a double cell sep and can’t cry about it but leaves you chocolate and encouragement

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Heyo, I decided to find some “obscure” gamers. One of them… Failboat.

He made the mistake to put on a Mii catsuit and say the cursed “Nya”… I am not the only artist that used this meme, but I will say I put too much work into it lol.

I hold no shame. fite me


I’m just not gonna explain this all, if you want knowledge of what this is, here.


I hate the Octo Expansion

Sarada Week Failed!

Sorry guys, I fell off the fanfic train this week. It ended up being a super stressful work week and I just haven’t had the time or energy to write.

That said, I do still have some other ideas rolling around in my head I want to get down here. One’s a little self-fulfilling, and the other is some SasuSaku nerdiness. We’ll see how M-rated it gets. XD

apparently, i have the survival instincts of a lemming
  • My Idiot Ass: *hauls herself to the doctor because after the Bout with Flu, the cough and the cold have not yet gone away and it’s nearly a week over*
  • Doctor: Hey, you have Bronchitis!
  • My Idiot Ass: Oh crap!
  • Doctor: Well, your breathing is a bit “noisy” and you also have allergic rhinitis. And your lungs are borked. (Note: “Borked” is my term, I am paraphrasing the medical lingo.)
  • My Idiot Ass: Double crap!
  • Doctor: It’s a good thing you came already. Otherwise, this could’ve ended up as pneumonia. Here’s your prescription for antibiotics.
  • The moral of the story, children, is that if your cough and cold haven't blown over in a couple of days, please haul your idiot ass over to the doctor because pneumonia is Not Fun(tm). Also I still like being firmly in the Land of the Living.

* I am a failboat because I bought stuff from Sephora again

* but the fact that my foundation’s a shade or two too pale has been driving me nuts; I feel like Chi-Chi Rodriguez :(

* it’s just…Cover FX is not cheap; but, God, it is amazing and you barely have to use any

* also the Josie Maran cheek gelee is outstanding and I am never going back to powder; it looks straight up orange in the packaging but Poppy Paradise is a really nice warm pink

* other products I’ve been using over the last month that I’m in love with: Makeup Forever HD Powder, Browfood Gel Fix, Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer, Missha BB Cream, Dior Addict Lip Polish, my Beauty Blender

* products I’ve been using and can take or leave: Lancome Definicils (it falls more than Diorshow and it doesn’t build as well without getting spidery), Smashbox Photo Finish face primer (enh, I’ve never met a primer than was any better or worse than using straight chafing lotion but I keep trying), Eyeko liquid liner (I liked their old formula better), NYX gel liner (used by itself, it falls like mad)

* someday, I’ll lose my mind and do pics or a video