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Remember the Hula Hoop? Whether you do or just want to learn all about this fad, listen to this quick walk down memory lane here:

I spent the first years of my marriage convincing my husband to be a . I’m going to spend the rest of my days driving my own ill-informed words from his head. If you’re into ask yourself this: is there any health fad you’ve followed that didn’t turn out

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When people say the youngest generation is stupid because of their fads, forgetting that they had their own stupid fads.🤦🏻‍♀️

grad students or postdoc researchers with ideas to protect from lost are invited to enter the ISSF . See official rules →

Tunacons’ still testing fibers to replace plastic and regular nets. Proyecto FIP continúa probando fibras para armar plantados libres de plástico.

Researchers working with ISSF conducted twine tests off the coast of to test natural materials for .

A review of The Friendship War by Andrew Clements from Random House Books For Young Readers, another excellent Middle Grade read .

What are the absolute worst health trends, advice, & fads over the ages? Check out the killer match-ups in our brackets... and let us know what YOU think!

What are the absolute worst health trends, advice, & fads over the ages? Check out the killer match-ups in our brackets!

Another indicator (reality check for retailers) that online shopping ain’t no fad and is here to stay...

What day is it? It's launch day!! Have you checked your H.A.T lately? Find out all about one of the most important acronyms a woman needs to be aware of when it comes to health and diet!

We love our days at the studio! See here Nedko (Co-Studio director & Instructor) enjoying time with our students in between lessons.

Congratulations to our Ms. Amy tonight on her first Tango performance!!! 👏🥀💃 We are so proud of you!!!

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Kids would lay around, evaporating.

Stages of internet fame

1: popular among the people quickest to start liking a new celebrity/fad (trend setters), otherwise unheard of

2: the popularity of this celebrity/fad among trend setters really annoys some people and those people criticize them/it and their/it’s fan’s.

3: it becomes so popular to criticize the trend/celebrity that more people dislike it than like it. It’s basically universally hated.

4: the criticism gets too unrelenting and intense, so much so that the critics become more unlikable than the die hard fans

5: some people start to give some sort of argument as to why ‘x’ isn’t so bad.

6: the trend or celebrity starts to pick up in popularity again. People who liked them/it the whole time admit their true feelings and people who dislike it either calm down or double down in their hatred.

7: something happens and the trend/celebrity is revealed to be problematic. Everyone abandons it again besides die hard fans.

I know I’ve said it before, but the people going “Ew, Fortnite, this generation is garbage. Kids are so stupid these days,” are the same people who were kids that loved DDR, Power Rangers, Gangnam Style, and all that. They were people who promised never to be like those that were condensing to them. Yet here many of them are… criticizing kids just like the generation before them. It’s just a weird cycle. Especially because Fortnite and all the other current fads are honestly harmless.

More Ugly Truths

·        Chemically and nutritionwise, there is no difference between syrup from sugar beets, cane sugar and corn. It’s just marketing. You cannot tell the difference between the three in a blind taste test, nor in a randomized sight test. The only way to tell the difference is with specialized equipment.

·        Bisphenol A, or BPA, is safe. No reputable studies have shown otherwise.

·        Vaccines are safe. The only reason anyone thinks otherwise is because Andrew Wakefield wanted to sell his own vaccine.

·        Vani Hari (aka the Food Babe), David Wolf, Mike Adams, Joe Mercola, Jim Humble, Morgan Spurlock, Al Gore, Gwyneth Paltrow, et al, are frauds. None are doctors, or scientists. In fact, most of what they sell on their websites is either harmless bullshit (due to being sugar pills), or dangerous as fuck (MMS – aka Miracle Mineral Solution – is an industrial bleach).

·        Organic simply means that it was once alive. The label slapped on food is for marketing, typically to get you to pay more for an inferior product.

·        Non-GMO on a label is the same thing, except also a lie. All foods have been genetically modified. Since the dawn of agriculture. About 200,000 years ago.

·        Gene editing crops is harmless. It is merely a faster, more efficient way of cross-breeding. Before you use the uneducated whine of “cross breeding can’t put fish genes in tomatoes,” look at your hands. See that bit of skin between your thumb and index fingers? That’s a genetic remnant of when our ancestors were aquatic. Yes, you have the genes of a fish. Going down to the building blocks of life – DNA & RNA – all life on earth is related.

·        Those humans held up as paragons of humanity (ex Nelson Mandela; Gandhi; Agnese Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, aka Mother Theresa) were not. They were deeply flawed humans, sometimes cruelly so. Marketing again.

·        Marketing is not only ubiquitous, but extremely powerful. Don’t believe me? The term “alt-right” when popularized by Milo Yianoppolis, meant “separate from the Republicans In Name Only.” He used it to describe those who were more conservative than guys like John McCain. Thanks to marketing, it means white supremacists. Further example? Nazis, Feminists, Communists, and Socialists are – at root – the same thing. Thanks to marketing, college age Americans think Socialism, Communism and Feminism are all good things.

·        Unless you have Celiac’s Disease, you need gluten in your diet.

·        Carbohydrates are fine.

·        Dose is what makes the poison. Too much water & too much oxygen can both kill you.

·        You breathe in more aluminum everyday than what is in a vaccine.

·        One pear has more formaldehyde in it than what is in all the vaccines you get combined.

·        Your kids will get more vaccines than what you did because we can now prevent more things with them than when you were a kid. For example, it’s possible if you were a kid in the 1980’s (or before), you got the chicken pox. The vaccine finally passed all trials and was added to the schedule in 1995.

·        People are getting fatter due to an increasingly sedentary life, not “processed foods,” HFCS, or anything else that fad diets & woo peddlers like to blame. It literally does not matter how “healthy” foods are, you’re gonna become fat if you eat more than you burn off. If this were not true, then people would not have been able to lose weight just by eating donuts and Twinkies, or McDonald’s.

·        All food is processed. “Processed” merely means “changed.” When applied to food items, it’s changed from a living thing, into food. Pulling an ear of corn off the stalk, and cooking it, is processing it.

·        Everything in the entire universe is chemicals. It is impossible to escape them.

·        Vegetarian/Vegan/Pescetarian/Carnivorous diets, and their various off-shoots are inherently unhealthy for people. Humans are omnivorous. To be healthy, we need meat (including fish), plants, and fruits. If you’re missing any of that in your diet, you’re missing some form of nutrients.


My chiropractor recommended that I start taking collagen every day for joint support. She said “it’s great! You can’t even taste it when you mix it with water or almond milk.” After she said this, I started seeing collagen supplements every where and I got curious. Translation: I fell for the hype of collagen supplements. I could not find any vegetarian collagen at the health food store. The marine based collage (from fish) was super expensive. So, I ended up with straight up collagen made from cows. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I dump a scoop and half of bovine collagen in to my almond milk.

And I hate it.

It makes my almond milk taste weird and if it’s not stirred well enough you end up swallowing goopy clumps of collagen. I have been drinking it for a month and I do not feel a difference in my old lady achy joints. I feel guilty for drinking crushed up cow cartilage. I feel guilty for buying crushed up cow cartilage. You are probably wondering why I don’t just stop drinking the collagen and throw it out. Well, bovine collagen is only slight less expensive than marine collagen. Since both of my parents taught me to value a dollar, I cannot just throw out a $40 tub of bovine collagen powder. So I will continue to drink my collagen laced almond milk every morning while grimacing and crying on the inside as I think about the process of grinding up cows. Then I will never buy another container of it again, so help me God.

Sometimes I fall for the next big health craze. I’ve done lemon water first thing in the morning and have mixed apple cider vinegar with honey in water. I didn’t really see or feel any different after a few weeks of either of those routines. I did the Cleansing Diet once. That’s the one where you give up sugar, gluten, animal products, alcohol and caffeine. I did this for a week and it ultimately lead to me becoming mostly vegetarian. It turned me into a label reader and it’s why most of the food on our grocery list is fresh produce. There might be one or two canned items on the list, but mostly everything goes in the fridge. Chris and I did a juice diet once. I lost five pounds which I quickly gained back and had a roller coaster mood. I could hug you and then turn right around and punch you in the throat. The only thing gained from that health craze was the thrill I got from pulverizing stuff in the juicer. I’ve been drinking kombucha with my lunch for months now. I have seen a slight reduction in my belly, but that could also be from the forearm plank challenge I’ve corralled half the guys in my office into doing everyday. Sometimes I end up doing the challenge twice, once on my own and again with the group. That means this week, I’ve done two minute forearm planks twice a day.

I can become so neurotic about my food.

I’m trying to be less neurotic and more obsessive about really good ingredients. I am going to the Asian Market this weekend to buy miso that has been aged no less than three years and smoked bonito. I am trying to find a way to purchase fresh (not frozen or canned) snails. I am in the early stages of trying to convince Michael to buy me an Italian Red Cow so that I can start making my own parmesan cheese. We were talking about turnip greens at work the other day and my boss said “I can get you turnips. My Dad plants them as a cover crop.” I told him to bring me all of the turnips and greens he could shove into a bag. I’ve had visions of steaming bowls of seasoned turnip greens ever since. I put smoked oysters on my half of the pizza I made on Sunday and marveled at the smokey rich flavor the oysters added to the pizza. I want to make hearty rich sauces that requires quality butter and wine.

I am not in search of exotic flavors, but true authentic flavors. This country is a melting pot of cultures, yet I find that so often the flavors of those cultures are diluted in order to not overwhelm someone not used to those flavors. I’ve been to Chinese restaurants that have an ‘American’ menu and a ‘Chinese’ menu. The items between those two menus differ greatly. My favorite Vietnamese restaurant is the one that is crowded and a little dirty. We always end up sharing our table with another couple. The egg rolls remind me of the ones Chris’s mom makes. The best Mexican place is the taquiera that has there menu written out daily on a chalkboard. The taco fillings are determined by what ever the butcher or fishmonger had available that day.

I want to fall for the fad of undiluted.

Let’s leave to the women in their thirties–and in fact encourage them–the pleasure of following every new fashion trend. …. But those fortunate women who have already established their own style and intend to preserve it should concentrate on the lass startling models, which will not be dated like a bottle of wine by some current faddish detail.
—  Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, Elegance: A Complete Guide for Every Woman Who Wants To Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions, 1964. I do like the idea of women in their thirties as those crazy kids who should can enjoy all the new wacky fads. This is one of my favorite vintage fashion advice books.

When in TX… #texas2step #fads #fadssa #fadsfamily (at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Stone Oak)

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Fads In This Life

A great deal of time and effort are put into hobbies, a well rounded hobby may even earn you some cash and hails of compliments on how talented and dedicated you are, but not me. I am someone who cannot focus- my soul, something so dark like a morning pot of coffee, can never be satiated- I make it a hobby to explore new things, and well, forget old things. 

Check out cool art works here.

A great deal of interest and uninterest have been laid out across my table. Sometimes, I do think that my soul is a  black hole that can never be filled- whatever draws near, just magically disappears. It is in my great interest to learn and absorb things, but a lot of things I discard like a cigarette butt when I no longer care for it. This post is just about the many great fads I’ve had in my life, and some of them are really interesting things that may catch your eye. 

1.) Painting 

Who has not tried painting? Every aspiring artist has, maybe tried to sought for the mastery in painting. I love painting, or maybe the idea of excelling in it. I loved the hues and textures of colors, the semblance of art into life and what not, but to be really honest, I just used a stencil to paint good. AND I TELL YOU it is a bitch when you try to let it dry out, because some paintings would need weeks just for it to do that. One of the reasons I painted is for therapy, I wanted to express my emotions and turn it into beautiful art, but what it really was, was just a big mess.

2.) Taking care of pets

I did own a wide array of pets in the past. The reason they are gone or were given away is that- when a person who has depression gets into an episode, they lose things they were once interested in- which is what happens every time in my case. I owned 2 hedgehogs, 2 scorpions, 3 turtles, 2 lizards, a snake, and a whole lot of fishes. I was such a bad owner to them. I vow to never get pets til I get my shit straight.

3.) Vaping 

Millennials and their vapes. Yes, I went through the vaping stage. It just seemed so cool and very up-to-date at the time. It was later then I realized that caring for a vape was expensive as hell. Not to mention that it was pointless as hell, plus it was really pointless puffing vapor in and out of your mouth.

4.) Nature Friendly 

I tried eating healthy, I was very conscious of my water intakes and meat I was consuming. I didn’t feel “great” or stuff like that for eating clean and living clean, I just felt it was very tedious and boring. There was once where I bought succulents and somebody stole them. What is wrong with me and taking care of living things. I also did a whole litter of eco brick, which I did not get to finish.

I know that consistency isn’t one of my fortes, but maybe in the far future, I will get back to these things that once what interested me. I’m still so very much aware of what plastic is doing to our environment, I still love animals and plants, I still want to paint and express myself. It will be there when I want it, I just need to find better outlets to replace them in their stead for the meantime. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.

Unpopular Opinion

Artists, if you can contribute to a meme, fad, or other bandwagon within days, if not hours, of it coming into existence via well-made, detailed original pieces such as drawings, 3D models, and even animations, you can finish someone’s commission on time, and in fact should probably give priority to the works for which you’re being paid a lot of money.