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Curate your own style and not someone else's.

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IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! Fred Astaire Dance Studios are sharing the JOY of DANCE with millions of people, LIVE and ON AIR! We are so proud to be part of the BEST company in the industry!!

Good wee run over Bogside and Irvine Moor lasts night with fellow

Friday feels Looking at exciting ways to play with food, ensuring that I don't lose taste, Problem foods and emotional eating can make a yoyo response to losing weight. Do you have to problem with food?

Who’s hasn’t got the results they were after from a diet? 👎 Give our lates blog a read.... it may sound familiar!

Thanks Blood type, Pioppi, gluten-free & Mediterranean – which popular are ? Great conclusion - sort your diet by consulting an Accredited Practising

Excited about our nutrition session with the 6th form at this morning! I’m sure they’re way too clued up to take any advice from this lot..🤞

See which design trends these 3 designers believe are the most overrated in 2018 via

Now! Presentation of the results of FAD WATCH project objective: prevent & mitigate the impacts of in sensitive marine areas in

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Fads In This Life

A great deal of time and effort are put into hobbies, a well rounded hobby may even earn you some cash and hails of compliments on how talented and dedicated you are, but not me. I am someone who cannot focus- my soul, something so dark like a morning pot of coffee, can never be satiated- I make it a hobby to explore new things, and well, forget old things. 

Check out cool art works here.

A great deal of interest and uninterest have been laid out across my table. Sometimes, I do think that my soul is a  black hole that can never be filled- whatever draws near, just magically disappears. It is in my great interest to learn and absorb things, but a lot of things I discard like a cigarette butt when I no longer care for it. This post is just about the many great fads I’ve had in my life, and some of them are really interesting things that may catch your eye. 

1.) Painting 

Who has not tried painting? Every aspiring artist has, maybe tried to sought for the mastery in painting. I love painting, or maybe the idea of excelling in it. I loved the hues and textures of colors, the semblance of art into life and what not, but to be really honest, I just used a stencil to paint good. AND I TELL YOU it is a bitch when you try to let it dry out, because some paintings would need weeks just for it to do that. One of the reasons I painted is for therapy, I wanted to express my emotions and turn it into beautiful art, but what it really was, was just a big mess.

2.) Taking care of pets

I did own a wide array of pets in the past. The reason they are gone or were given away is that- when a person who has depression gets into an episode, they lose things they were once interested in- which is what happens every time in my case. I owned 2 hedgehogs, 2 scorpions, 3 turtles, 2 lizards, a snake, and a whole lot of fishes. I was such a bad owner to them. I vow to never get pets til I get my shit straight.

3.) Vaping 

Millennials and their vapes. Yes, I went through the vaping stage. It just seemed so cool and very up-to-date at the time. It was later then I realized that caring for a vape was expensive as hell. Not to mention that it was pointless as hell, plus it was really pointless puffing vapor in and out of your mouth.

4.) Nature Friendly 

I tried eating healthy, I was very conscious of my water intakes and meat I was consuming. I didn’t feel “great” or stuff like that for eating clean and living clean, I just felt it was very tedious and boring. There was once where I bought succulents and somebody stole them. What is wrong with me and taking care of living things. I also did a whole litter of eco brick, which I did not get to finish.

I know that consistency isn’t one of my fortes, but maybe in the far future, I will get back to these things that once what interested me. I’m still so very much aware of what plastic is doing to our environment, I still love animals and plants, I still want to paint and express myself. It will be there when I want it, I just need to find better outlets to replace them in their stead for the meantime. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.
Carnivore Diet: Why would it work? What about Nutrients and Fiber?
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I know tumblr is a fan of plants, but listening to different opinions can be incredibly helpful! We are different! Not just in our personalities but in the way our bodies function. So diets that work for some might actually harm others.

The video seems balanced and very well informed. I hope it will help someone.


Dancing clockwise… we’re gettin crazy for #oktoberfest #fads #fadsfamily @fadsalamoheights @stoneoakfads (at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Stone Oak)

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Oooo just a lil chacha #fads #fadsfamily #oktoberfest @fadsalamoheights @stoneoakfads (at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Stone Oak)

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Unpopular Opinion

Artists, if you can contribute to a meme, fad, or other bandwagon within days, if not hours, of it coming into existence via well-made, detailed original pieces such as drawings, 3D models, and even animations, you can finish someone’s commission on time, and in fact should probably give priority to the works for which you’re being paid a lot of money.


mhmmmm…! Apple has admitted to this bullshit, and I know my own Android phone wasn’t this slow when I first got it, either. A smart phones a smart phone to me, and I am continuously dumbfounded and exasperated every time a person tells me “I need to” update from my 40$ phone to a 800$ one that appears to perform the exact same functions.

You don’t need to blow your money on every new trendy bullshit gadget that comes out!

anonymous asked:

Becile Industries

Sprocket looked thoughtful, as did Dex, before looking at the anon.

“The w-w-word ‘bae’. I c-c-c-can’t understand it, or seem to like it. What does it mean?! L-last time I checked, we called our romantic p-partners our l-l-lovers, s-spouses, girl/boyfriend or our beloved ones” Sprocket said, while giving a shrug.

Dex smirked in a smart alec way. “Two words; fidget spinners”

The next time someone says some shit about how GMOs are bad I’m going to argue they way they do


“You eat organic? You know that has chemicals right? And chemicals are BAD. You know what else is organic? Disease. That’s what you’re putting in your body”

Also this whole “raw water” bullshit is so fucking dumb. I hope my falt earther dad doesn’t find out about it.