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Why You Should Eat More Protein And Not Overdo Shakes

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Men’s Health: the 5 Best-Tasting Nonalcoholic Beers to Get through Dry January

Scientists present the “Planetary Health Diet” to save the world and ourselves

tend to stay on a steady path in an upward direction, while spike and die down very quickly. Learn to capitalize on trends with these tips.

The amazing Eduard Apolonov working with some of our FADS Professionals this morning! Practice make Perfect! 👏♥️

have an impact on the ocean . But scientists and fishers are working to reduce those impacts and improve . Read our report on a 2018 impact workshop.

Probely my favourite game from the 90s! That ain't a computer game Lol ace!!

“You got to look on the bright side, even if there ain’t one.” — Dashiell Hammett

I think I'm more interested in what this graph says about human nature than health trends, fads or diets.

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if i see a single blue monday post tomorrow i will snap


When in TX… #texas2step #fads #fadssa #fadsfamily (at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Stone Oak)

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Kickin off the Champagne Party with a Waltz #fadssa #fredastaire #fads #fadsfamily #waltz (at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Stone Oak)

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Revision Taken from Fashion Trend Forecasting Book.

Going through important key notes and writing them down for revision, using highlighters and diagrams to help with my memory.

After completing the Fashion Trend Forecasting book written by Gwyneth Holland and Rae Jones, I felt as though I couldn’t remember some of the main key theories, terms and definions. With that being said I began to note down some of these theories as revision notes to turn to as a reminder later on in the module.

I anticipated and predicated that as the weeks progressed within this Trend Reaserch module that I would have to reflect on the books content or revision notes to refresh and revitalise my memory, therefore I considered these revision cards to be vital at this stage to guide and support me in the upcoming weeks. With topics such as the Bubble up theory, trickle down theory and trickle across theory all defined and diagramed, In Addition to these key notes I also included various types of trends and in-depth information on how trends spread. All of these notes I anticipate will guide me throughout this course, making my reaserch more precise and also miminizimg the time I spend reaserching and searching for definitions throughout my module.

I plan to…..

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Thus began a radioactive craze that hit Paris (and to a lesser extent, the rest of the world). For instance, radium became a trendy cure-all additive, because for some inexplicable reason people decided that it was an invigorating life tonic (“It HAS to do something! It glows!”). It found its way into everything from cough medicine to toothpaste, as well as topical ointments, chocolate bars, and anal suppositories intended to improve your sexual prowess (and while we cannot agree that it would improve your libido, we concede that shoving the blazing fury of an eternal atomic sun into your asshole would certainly do something to your underbelt region).

6 ‘Harmless’ Fads That Caused Widespread Destruction


Madballs - “Freaky fun for everyone” commercial (1985)

Wearing a tiny portrait of your lover’s eye on your jewelry was a secretive romantic gesture in the 18th and 19th centuries. When the Prince of Wales fell in love with a catholic widow and proposed by sending her a locket with a painting of his eye inside, it wasn’t long before it became a popular trend to wear ‘Lover’s Eye’ jewelry on your wrist or near your heart to symbolize the love you have for another. Source Source 2