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rocks the classic “short back and sides” style. It’s a simple and effortless look that would sharpen any man’s appearance. The cut is an open one, against the grain, with a skin and a slick shape-up on the hairline.

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rocks the classic “short back and sides” style. It’s a simple and effortless look that would sharpen any man’s appearance. The cut is an open one, against the grain, with a skin and a slick shape-up on the hairline.

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And when I said “Where did you go?” what I meant was “Since you left, I have haven’t had the chance to hate you nearly half as much as I’ve hated myself”

We were in love, at least that’s what I came to call it, I was never really quite sure if it was; because in growing up the hardest lesson learned is just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean they love you in return

I always thought you’d fade when I buried you and me, but on our grave a bed of flowers bloomed; and now each day you grow more beautiful as I’m left to decay

I guess it’s true that some things never change

It’s been quite a long time now but I’m still so weak

I found a bliss in my ignorance until ignorance found hell in me

When I said “Where did you go?” what I meant was "Since you left I haven’t had the chance to hate you half as much as I loved you then”


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Most Iconic Songs in EDM

Hey, it’s tG_001 back with another blog. This time, I want to talk about some of the most popular and iconic songs within the genre of EDM, and all of it’s sub genres. 

Taking a quick look at one song, you may know of this one: 
Alan Walker - Fade

Now this one is a real classic. This came out in November 19, 2014. If you still haven’t recognized this song yet, its because it was used in direct correlation to his more popular songs: Faded. This true beauty of this track is it’s melody. The melody throughout the song constantly changes from the drop to the next break. 

Now, a quick lesson from a music producer: 
The drop is usually associated with a buildup and a break. A buildup, which, well buildups to the drop. And the break, which, takes a break from the actual intensity of the drop. The buildup most commonly will consist of a repetition of snares and kicks, mostly focusing on the drums and percussion. Sometimes associated with an uplifter noise/white noise. 


Well that was the end of that quick lesson! Back to the blog!

Next off we have another song from Alan:
Alan Walker - Spectre

This one, along with Fade, is usually used with a whole ton of YouTube videos due to it’s record label: 
No Copyright Sounds 
Or, NCS for short. 

Anyway, the song itself has a lot of similar aspects as Fade. It also uses a whole lot of the same synths, like in Fade. This song specifically focuses on it’s “call” and “responses”. Looking at before the drops, like the intro, Spectre has a few noticeable “calls” and “responses” in the synths. 

Now quickly, what a “call” and “response” is:
Call - Think of yourself playing the main melody, but along with another instrument for the first few notes. 

Response - Basically the same as the “call”, but instead of playing the first few notes, you would be playing the last few notes. 

Shifting away from Alan Walker, we have:

Avicii - Levels

This one is a true classic. It can never be a true iconic list without this iconic main melody. Although the song itself is very repetitive, it actually does a well job in utilizing it’s own flaws. Usually you would want to add as much diversity as possible in a song. In Levels however, the use of other instruments, pauses, and sound effects, make the song sound more and more interesting throughout the track. There really is no drop, but when the break hits, it’s really something unexpected, along with the well known vocal track: 

“Oh, sometimes, I get a good feeling. Yeah”

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Next off we have a track from a fairly young Producer:

Martin Garrix - Animals

Now if you may, I want to tell a little story about this track: 
Apparently, Martin had the idea for the track when he was 14, and finally finished the track at the age of 17 in this own bathroom. 

Pretty short story right? Well anyway, the track itself actually makes a sound, typically used for breaks, as a well crafted drop, and I’m sure you know which drop I’m talking about. The way it just casually uses a drop synth throughout 80% of the song is one major aspect, along with it’s strange “break-drop”. 

Originally posted by edmandtherest

There’s one more iconic song, that everyone’s heard of: 

Darude - Sandstorm

There’s honestly nothing particular that I can say about this track, except for the way the melody is used. The melody is constantly changing and associates itself with other elements like an arpeggio in the background and its own beginning chords (the chords that start off the song). One major feature I can think of at the moment is the fact how it starts strait off with a somewhat “drop” with the synths Darude uses, and breaks into a break, where you might but still least expected. 

That’s all for this week, 

tG_001 signing off. 


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