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Folks, Happy Saturday! Degenerate Danger Zone is back! Looking for free money? Fading and will give you a George Costanza sized wallet. Tune in and find out what their Saturday MLB “locks” are.

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This is how you our Cimeosil® Gel Sheeting is packaged – all sheets come with a drying mat so you can air dry after washing along with a ziplock pouch to store your sheet when it’s not in use.

Gente a partir de hoy voy a ser mucho más activo en Twitter!! VAMOOS!!💪💪 No olvidéis suscribiros al canal de YouTube (link en la Bio)😜 Os gusta el corte que le hice a Miki?💈 Messy Pomp by

Sharp fade, perfect for summer, with added texture to natural short length through the top, as seen in our WE ARE TWO//2 campaign 💥

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The Millenial Reign of Christ | A & Ω PRODUCTIONS


Olha quem chegou… Gratidão @sergiocosmeticossaopelegrino

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three days of him

there i stood, eyes fixated on his figure, slowly walking away, and the pain once again rose inside my chest. all i could think of was how in the world, of all men, it was him. it has always been him.

it’s boring. i knew that something like this would happen; but then what? why can’t i possibly understand that he still has his heart tangled with someone else? and his fingertips strokes on her cheek? and his kisses along her collarbones? perhaps i will never understand. 

yesterday, he got brokenhearted. he drove like a mad man and my little heart clenched. he was hurt. as the song california by u2 was playing on the radio, i found myself watching the street lights glow in the gloomy night, listening closely to the loud sound of car engines and a beating heart.

Earthly Glory Always Fades

It has been said, the greatest tragedies are not those who pursued greatness and failed to reach it. The biggest tragedies are those who achieved it and realized that it could not give them the fulfillment for which they longed. We were made to pursue glory by a glorious God. The problem is we have a natural propensity to exchange the glory of the everlasting God for created things, but the things of earth can never give us what we are seeking. No matter how fast we run, how high we climb, or how many accolades the world gives us, it is ultimately not enough. Even then we will continue the pursuit to see if we can find something else in this world that can lift our heads, and we always seem to find something: temporarily.

There is only One who can give us what we are seeking, and that is the Lord of Glory Himself. Our glory is found in Him, and until our pursuit turns from the things of the world to the eternal God, we have nothing to expect in the end except disillusionment. In Christ, however, it all comes together. Our sins have been forgiven, which causes even death to lose its sting, and no matter how insignificant the world thinks we are, when Christ, who is our life, appears, then we also will appear with Him in glory (Col. 3:4). He is our honor and triumph.

~ D. Eaton

Natural Selection 2 Fade Redesign

The Fade is perhaps the most intelligent and sophisticated combat form of the hive kharaa strain, with a larger brain than it’s siblings and an upright stance that allows it to wield long blade like claws as effective weapons. The defining trait of the Fade is it’s ability to teleport short distances at high frequency, something human technology can verily do at this point in time. This allows the Fade to easily close the distance between it and prey and to avoid gun fire easily. 

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