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Here a fact stated by . โ€œEveryone was in the loop. It was no secretโ€ not on side.

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Being more concerned with calling leading experts & advocates of works really well for his image. He can't come back with any because there are not any, isnt that right ? We are waiting for you to share facts with us. I guess we will wait a while..

Researchers report that playing in a brass band relieves stress, improves mental health and helps keep a player's lungs efficient and as elite as an athlete.

The actual transcript was, illegally, moved from where it was normally kept, and has not been revealed. Why? Why wonโ€™t those involved with the call testify under oath?

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Είμαι κορίτσι σαν να λεμε λουλούδι..

Είμαι κορίτσι σαν να λέμε τραγούδι..

Ειμαι κορίτσι σαν σπασμένο γυαλί..

Είμαι της θλίψης κόρη και του σπαραγμού αγγελούδι..

Είμαι η μάσκαρα που τρέχει όταν ραγίζει η καρδιά..

Είμαι τσιγάρα στα κλεφτά και μεθυσμένα λογια

Είμαι οι δείκτες στα ρολόγια όταν κυλάνε αργά

Είμαι στα λάθος αγόρια τα πιο ωραία φιλιά..

Marseaux/Λίγο πριν τα 17.


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The Sad Case of The Lipstick Killer

North Kenmore Avenue is a much sought-after residential area in the city of Chicago, with a children’s park surrounding the apartments and transport links within walking distance. It lies around the corner from a prestigious Catholic school and the uptown setting is popular with young families and elderly residents alike, it’s safe atmosphere and cheap living costs appealing to people from all walks of life. North Kenmore wasn’t always as safe though. In 1945, in Apartment 4108, a woman was brutally murdered there.

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Vince Mcmahon sucks, this is no reader, it’s a fact or maybe a rant.

Since barely anybody will acknowledge this, i will. Vince always used to hate Finn Balor, he never liked him. Some of you are going to say otherwise because Balor was pushed in his debut but here is a fact for you, it was on Triple H’s demand that Vince decided to do so.


So you guys want to know what’s this fuss all about, huh? I may be going too far here but let’s talk about this. Do you guys know who the Fiend is? They say The Fiend saved Balor’s career, huh imma die laughing at this stupid statement. It’s Finn freaking Balor who saved his f…ing career, Vince basically made another Demon, same idea, same concept, different story. Instead of a paint, he has a mask and he only uses the fiend when he has to. (ik you guys are going to tell me it’s different and i acknowledged it’s a different story, you idiots so don’t even try). Pretty sure if Balor didn’t come to the main roster, Vince wouldn’t have the idea of Bray Wyatt having an alter ego. You think the fiend saved Finn Balor? You are the most ungrateful, delusional sons of a bitch i’ve seen in this world.


Now let’s address the most of obvious stunt of Vince copying another Finn Balor gimmick. Have you guys been seeing RAW lately? You would know that Rollins became a heel, not some heel, no no no no, not even golden strike Rollins, no no no no but basically, he took the same path Finn Balor took, like literally. Everything about this one is the same.

  1. A guy getting fed up of his favorite company and basically attacking everyone he wants. 
  2. Tired of being what told to do.
  3. Wearing a dark jacket and a dark attire.
  4. Oh and in an interview back then, Finn Balor said “if” he were to create a faction, he would have chosen AOP first. I guess Vince was eavesdropping and stole another idea.

Let’s address the elephant in the room, NXT. You may or may not like it but congrats, WWE has relevant stars just because they stole gimmicks from the brand.

Character Facts(Ahruca)

With combination of Shus technological passion and Egypts hunting skill, Ahruca reigns ruler of Solars proportion of Data Field. Most DF enthusiast are unaware of this regions existence. As priority Ahruca and her allies work to keep it so. Like other locations Solars unknown Data Field is operated in a manner of testing and training ground. In addition, a exclusive space for alternate competitive combat conditions. Ahrucas physical advantage grants her a god like presence when it comes to physics of any DF. Of SDF, Ahxioux has never lost in combat even at a time when opposed by Egypt and Shu.
เฐฎเฑเฐ—เฑเฐ—เฑเฐฐเฑ เฐ•เฐฒเฐฟเฐธเฐฟ เฐชเฑเฐฐเฐฏเฐพเฐฃเฐ‚ เฐšเฑ‡เฐธเฑเฐคเฑ‡ เฐœเฐฐเฐฟเฐ—เฑ‡ เฐ…เฐจเฐฐเฑเฐงเฐพเฐฒเฑ เฐคเฑ†เฐฒเฑเฐธเฑเฐ•เฑ‹เฐ‚เฐกเฐฟ || Swaratv
เฐฎเฑเฐ—เฑเฐ—เฑเฐฐเฑ เฐ•เฐฒเฐฟเฐธเฐฟ เฐชเฑเฐฐเฐฏเฐพเฐฃเฐ‚ เฐšเฑ‡เฐธเฑเฐคเฑ‡ เฐœเฐฐเฐฟเฐ—เฑ‡ เฐ…เฐจเฐฐเฑเฐงเฐพเฐฒเฑ เฐคเฑ†เฐฒเฑเฐธเฑเฐ•เฑ‹เฐ‚เฐกเฐฟ #Swaratv #Threepeopletravel #Travel Swara TV is your one-stop destination for the best in class cont...
Please, just stop with the foolishness

I know amongst all of the Colts fans in ColtsNation, I will probably be “standing by myself” on this topic but oh, well. This is one of those times, where I’m here to speak my peace and not look to entertain the other side and their arguments. if you’re a Colts fan, who is still hoping, praying, or doing any other relatable term about Andrew Luck coming out of retirement, then you are totally out of your mind. Point, blank, period!


In fact, I’ll take it another step further. I don’t WANT Luck to come back next season or ever again. Even as you’re rolling your eyes or in disbelief of my statement, just understand the truth which lives in it. I loved Luck just like anybody else did during his playing career, but let’s face it. Who wouldn’t have doubts about his desire to play after what happened last summer? 

Now, do I blame Luck for retiring this past August? No. But I still took note of Luck’s mental physic from that moment, especially when thinking of everything he said during/following his recovery from shoulder surgery, two seasons ago. No. 12 vowed to never go through that kind of pain and torture again, and the thought of retirement had already crossed his mind, which leads me to my final point. 

If you’re in the Colts’ position, where you’ve already made significant progress following Luck’s sudden retirement and you’re tasked with finding out whether or not Jacoby Brissett is truly your answer at quarterback, does it make sense to go back to him? I know the opposite side of this argument would believe it’s easy, but actually, think about it. If the once-anticipated NFL MVP returns to action, how does the Colts organization readjusts their vision of today? 


In the event of Luck’s return, we immediately have questions as to the future of Brissett, who’s due to make $15 million next season. Secondly, there’s the reality that certain offensive skill-players (Parris Campbell and Eric Ebron in particular) were brought to Indianapolis, because of their matching skill-sets with Luck’s talent, but ultimately failed to do so because of his retirement. As a front office, do you bring them back along with sign/draft talent who fits Luck’s needs or someone else’s? Lastly, it comes back to the fans and to an extent, the media.

Do you quickly become a believer in Luck again? Or do you wait and see? Between the fans and Luck, there has to be proper handling of how both sides move on from that August night when news of his retirement broke and fans were extremely upset. I mentioned the media because although Colts coverage is normally A1, they’re a bit careful, to say the least. 

Will, we actually get a clear picture pertains to everything Luck 2.0 or no? Either way, I don’t believe No. 12 is coming back and you guys need to let him live his best life. Love is always love, Andrew! Thanks for everything, once again.



🏛Mythology Monday🏛

It’s well known how after defeating his father, Cronus (Saturn), Zeus (Jupiter) sent him and the Titans into Tartarus.

However most don’t realize that the Titan sisters did not go with their brothers, as most of them either stayed out of the family feud or actively supported the Olympians side.