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Still true. 😊
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Finished the Crisis on Infitinite Earths Arrowverse crossover…

Worth it! Highly recommend watching the last two episodes. Interested to see where it goes!


On the Way


I need to go slower on my videos.. but umm.. Don’t wait on the salon. Let me wait on you! #sitwithme #2020 Check #facebook 👆🏽for booking.. Have a Nails Day !!!
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Dark Blossom


Only in the night, under the shining moon and stars. Colored as the Milky Way, pure as the cleanest snow melting into a crystal clear stream.

Search for such a thing, I found it once as a child as if lead by a will not my own. To leave the warmth of my bed, only to sleep walk into the damp, cold nearby forest.

Only to stumble over a root jutting from the ground did finally wake me. A field, dark as the darkest night lay before my child like being. The clouds begun to part, the moon shown it’s rays pale and lite. In the next moment as if the ground was kissed by a loved one they appeared.

Flowers, a flower of Heavenly origin began to form before my eyes. Not a Rose or even a water Lilly could be it’s comparison. First dark leaves unfolded, hanging strong and proud. Then a blossom bigger than my small hand opened up to me.

Towards it I motioned in awe, how was I, why was I worthy to see such a thing. I’m a nobody, I guess the stars thought differently. I held the soft petals in my tiny hand. Like that of a marshmallow pillow or a mother’s loving embrace such a feeling came over me.

In a second, I heard a sound in the distance, thus I turned away. When I looked back it was gone and I was back in my bed. A dream I thought until the morning day broke upon me. As I looked out my window by my back yard tree it was there.

The flower of the night before, as if to smile and wink at me. Letting me know the night before was real. Once more I blinked and it was gone, all that was left was a trail of white sparkles that lingered for a time in the air…


image: HD wallpaper: cherry blossoms trees dark dress night stars …

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