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I󲝤 love this LIVE course! I'm only on Module 3 and I am jumping up and down around my office!!

- can you stop putting my page in "unpublished" ??? 😡 Je suis la seule à avoir ce problème ? Mes publications (genre cette pub pour une page) sont également supprimées directement....

G R A V I T Y M E D I A The Gravity Media Ltd is a new age media house catering to brands and individuals who want more exposure and visibility.

Update: Facebook passwords for hundreds of millions of users were exposed to Facebook employees via

It's nice that apologizes for the mistaken domain_placeholder Facebook Page violation, but the platform didn't also evaluate my website and give it the whitelist like I've expected it to for MONTHS. Apology not accepted.

Facebook Confirms Millions of Instagram Passwords Were Stored in Plain Text

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The Cure


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In nearly every interview with or presentation by Mark Zuckerberg, he wears a plain gray shirt. However, Zuckerberg is a very sweaty man, and is frequently faced with questions that are subsequently hard for him to explain in a way that doesn’t pique fear over Facebook’s capabilities to pry into people’s lives. As such, in every interview with Zuckerberg, and in every presentation he gives, he betrays his nervous demeanor with large sweat stains. If he wants to be more convincing in his assurance of the safety of using Facebook, should he continue to wear light gray shirts to every event? In this essay I will