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Lo cierto es que publico por publicar....hoy me distraje demasiado ⚰️probando propiedades faciales a ver qué queda mejor ~

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2020.2.14 NU'EST BAEKHO MINI CONCERT "BAEKHO-liday" IN TAIPEI I have a good ticket, you can contact me to book a ticket.

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may this day go fast, same with tomorrow and could the weekend go slowly

project away

this face

set of the brows

look on the lips

I was always

hey you at the back


if that’s not too much

to ask?


I can see you

are in a bad mood

are angry

upset about something

the happiness thief

taker of things

stealer of love

bad man in black mood

& all I had was

this face

set of the brows

look on the lips

for you to project


neil benbow


Decided to do a bit of doll stuff to relax before tomorrow’s chaos. LE Ariel’s tail was way too easy unstitch. Stitching the fins back on will be annoying though. Goodbye buttcape. I was hoping to visit fabric stores to find seaweed looking fabric to put somewhere maybe, like that cute Instagram edit.

The mesh fabric the sequins are on will be tricky to work with because of how thick the fins are. I flipped the fins cuz I didn’t want to put this material on over the embroidery and rhinestones, hopefully once everything is on right it’ll look nicer.


Also here’s basically a rough idea of 80’s Ariel. The harder part would be the face up. Anyway none of this will be finished until next year probably. I’ve got ten days before Mexico and I’ll be at Alfred’s. I’ve got Vanessa’s wig at his place-I plumb forgot it. I’ll probably just be doing that and some very light sewing if I feel like it.

art vs artist 2019 B-) been trying to really push myself to draw more backgrounds and less robins lately. only somewhat successful so far

wasn’t until i had this all laid out and posted in front of me that i noticed every single fucking drawing of dick grayson i’ve done is of him looking wistfully off into the distance with a wounded puppy dog expression on his face. oops… what can i say i love an edgy sad boy