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Looking for handmade and genuine retro furnishings & accessories?

“Desert Modernism”, large and small scale fabric test swatches. Available as fabric, wallpaper a… . Link to my fabric shop on Flickr.

Just a little reminder about Alison’s Project Linus Make a Blanket Day tomorrow (Saturday). Hopefully lots of you are able to join her 😊😊

“To such an extent does nature delight and abound in variety that among her trees there is not one plant to be found which is exactly like another.” - Leonardo da Vinci Featured Textile: Shagreen.

*** FABRIC FRIDAY*** 🎄⛄️🐧🎅❄️ Christmas fabrics are available all year round. Lengths range between 54” - 58” so you get a whole lot of fabric! £2.25 - fat quarter £4.25 - half metre £7.99 - metre (+ postage) 🎄⛄️🐧🎅❄️

22/10/18 Accenture Tech ( interoperability node) Connects 4 major enterprise platforms: = Corda Settler - = Quilt - XRP = Goldman Sachs ? = JPMorgan "Bridging of blockchains"🤔 Need XRP ⁉️

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Today’s fabric inspiration: white Scuba Hex from the Yaya Han Collection. Available in the U.S. from

✂️Drawstring Cord 4mm This practical cord is perfect for replacing drawstring or laces. Cord for Hoodies, Trousers, Bags, Rucksacks and Coats. A strong easy-to-tie polyester cord cut from a roll. 🧵

Hey ⁦⁩ found some of your old Shame to split the collection. @chandlersford15th jumble sale tomorrow ⁦

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I work at a fabric store and I recently found out we sell Minecraft fabric!!!


PEARLS. An original piece from the series “Extrusions”, oil,  fabric, glass beads on cardboard. 40 x 40 cm, 2017.

This series of works was originally born from the following idea: I imagine a sign on the paper, like a cut, from which other signs, shapes and colors emerge, as if it were a sort of  material capable of generating the painting, a sort of Pandora’s pot of painting. By the time this initial idea has become more complicated. That sign on paper came out of paper, it has become three-dimensional, a piece of fabric on the sheet, a sort of pocket from which the paint spills, and eventually other simple objects spill, such as little glass beads, that suddenly become precious just because they are now on the surface of a work of art.

This original painting is available for sale at the price of 250 US$. Contact me in case you are interested in more information about my work, the sales prices of individual works, the costs of the expedition or the availability for work on graphics. 


Ask and you shall receive!
Walking home from work last week I saw a lady wearing the most beautiful flowy and whooshy maxi skirt in a tartan print
I didn’t look for it and or shop for one, but did mention it to a couple of people mainly because it truly was beautiful and I love beautiful things, especially ones that are so unique!
Finding this material at the op shop in the 50% rack was one of those OMG are you serious moments because a) it’s similar to that dreamy skirt and b) it’s 100% cotton c) it was less than a pint!
Played around with it and did consider wearing it out of the house, but decided against it in fear of tripping over and rolling my ankle again ☺️
Pretty sure there’s enough to make something cool so sewing friends, what should I do with it?
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Assignment one

I started off this assignment by drawing some quick preliminary sketches in soft pencil. By doing this I was able to capture the tonal aspect of what I saw in front of me and also the lines which together built volume. In terms of composition I started off with the object as a whole and then did two studies of more close up detail. The thing I decided to paint was fabric folds as I thought this would help me to use techniques learnt in this part of the course. To sketch from, I scrunched up a blanket on the floor:

To continue my study by looking at colour, I began by scanning in my sketches and cropping down the first one so that none of the white background was in view:

I then used this to sketch out the basic lines of my drawing onto two more pages. I used these as guides to begin a simple colour study. As my blanket was white, I did the first watercolour study in monochrome. I couldn’t decide on a colour scheme to use next so I painted out four simple swatches in red, purple, green and blue. I decided I liked the blue one best so to make sure this was what I wanted I did a second water colour study in these shades: