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Throwback to our first Click & Collect. Jennifer’s mum is in hospital & she was craving a curry. We’re humbled that J ordered yesterday & came today to pick up dinner for mum to enjoy. Get well soon mum

Topgunさんで新作見つけたので、買っといた。 -35A BEFORE FLIGHT

😋😋 So many yummy dishes on the table!!! But Felicia is trying to convince Darryl to eat a bit more veggies... 🍇🌽🥕🥗🍉 Do you think she will succede? 😁 ____________________________ ▶️ PLAY NOW > LINK IN BIO @familyfarmseaside_official . ____________________________ .

managers do you know what bans are in place on -Gases ? Friendly and professional advice from REFCOM certified engineers with 30 years experience. Call us on 01283 523849 or visit our website at Engineers local to you across Staffordshire

I'll be at Potter's House, not to be confused with the wizard / But when this Boy Who Lived spits, spells will be duly delivered . . Open mic featuring Drew Anderson aka "Droopy the Broke Baller", founder of and and co-star of

And another interesting talk at the booth (-930) you shouldn't miss! David Brayford will talk about “High Performance (HPAI)” at 4.30 pm today.

Latest Bluetooth technology WIRELESS HEADPHONE, UPGRADED FUNCTIONALITY, FRACTION OF THE PRICE 🥶🚀✔ ♦️ See us live on Amazon stores 30th June! ♦️

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Broken Ask Replies

Hey guys! Ask replies are broken on tumblr right now. No matter what we write, the ask posts as blank. Our queue seems to be running okay so you might still see some posts from us, but we’ve had to temporarily close asks on findingstony as the inbox just gets too overwhelmed if we can’t post. The other two finding blogs @findingstuckony and @findingwinteriron will continue to collect asks, but won’t be able to post them until things are fixed. Please don’t send your findingstony asks to the other blogs. If you do, we will delete them.

If you have a request or a find for stony, please hold on to it until things are better! Hopefully, tumblr will figure out which button they sat on by mistake and get things up and running again shortly.

-Mod Ferret

for she who is tolerant and indulgent.

thank you for always condoning my mediocre writing.

you have never been brighter, i love you.

— i forbid you to say this is cheesy because you are way, way cheesier.

For @alexa10123, who wanted to see more of Emily with a diff hairstyle

“Haha I don’t know why you dressed like a thot but cool ripped jeans tho”

“Thanks. The rips weren’t intentional and I had these pants for over a decade”