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แนวสปอต 😄

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You came up to me in my dream and made me the happiest girl ever.😇 i felt you so real that i fall for you deeper and deeper.💖 Cr.

Al fin llegaron mis discos de Got7 !!!¡ Son hermosos !!¡

rt pls | thz 💕 ขายกระเป๋าผ้า 200฿ (ซื้อมาไม่เคยใช้) ค่าส่ง 30/60 แถมเข็มกลัดกัซรวมให้ค้า สนใจเดมมาสอบถามได้น้า

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갓세븐(GOT7) Eyes On You 앨범+룩북 양도해요 3버전 총 1.5(택포) Eyes ver. 마크커버, 3컷스티커(잭슨), 리릭포스터(잭슨), 포카(진영), 넵엡포카 잭슨,유겸 +띠부씰 드려요. DM 주세요.

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#Repost @got7updates_
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180511 #EyesOnYouinBKK Day 1.
Omg so close 😳 .
#갓세븐 #Ahgase

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So you guys, I managed to get a P1 ticket for GOT7’s concert that will take place on July 3rd! It took a lot of work, like saving up the money, and I failed to get P1 when the tickets went on sale. But after talking to countless resellers on Twitter I finally found the perfect reseller and bought the ticket on Sunday 😭❤️ I can’t wait. This will be my first time seeing them since I became a fan. I’m SO excited. I can’t wait to be a part of the green ocean. To the people who won’t make it this tour, for any reason, I hope you won’t be too sad because I assure you, you WILL see got7. Maybe not this tour around, but there’s so many chances you’ll have in the future. I hope to see many fellow ahgases at air canada centre singing our lungs out on the concert day 💚 also I’m sorry I haven’t been active on here lately. I’m more active on twitter if you wanna see me fangirling haha. It’s @hot7stan247 like my tumblr. Good day folks 💚 actually it’s goodnight for me because it’s 2:50AM. Whoops. I have school today but oh well I’ll survive. Bye!!💚💚



I am selling one ticket to GOT7 2018 World Tour ‘EYES ON YOU’ in Brooklyn, New York July 11 at the Barclays Center!
The seat is listed above and the view is listed below. The price value is $50! ❗️

⚠️I do not intend to make any profit because I have gotten other seats and just want to sell this ticket! Once the ticket is sold I will send it to you via your phone number since Ticketmaster allows me to the send the ticket to a friend! If anyone is interested please DM me and we can sort out the payment method! ‼️‼️


Just bought P2 ticket for GOT7 concert

I have gone to Kpop concerts before, but this is the first time I was actually prepared to buy P1 tickets and everything. I didn’t know it was going to be so much stress trying to find tickets 😂😂😂. Unfortunately, I ended up with p2 tickets, apparently scalpers got to the P1 tickets first and started selling them for almost 2k. It made me mad how they even allow resale people to do that. But oh well, it is what it is.