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د سمندر غاړې تۀ هر څوک راځي څوک پۀ مطلب د هېچا نۀ پوهيږې چې کؤم يؤ نيت د ځان وژنې لرې څوک انتظار کوې د چا مثلاً

A woman’s beauty lies in her eyes as this is the entry point to her heart where the love resides!

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Dr. Layliev is removing lower eyelid fat bags and when he does he prefers a scarless approach. A transconjunctival incision is hidden on the inside surface of the eyelid, which means there are no visible incisions even during your recovery phase. This technique avoids cutting through the lower eyelid muscle layer.

For patients with excess skin, a skin pinch excision is done from the outside which heals just as well as in the traditional approach, but without any trauma to the muscle layer.

For deep #teartrough lines, the tear trough is obliterated and filled with some of the extra fat from above as a fat graft or fat transposition
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