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77 of 365 pictures I will post of my city just things that catch my eye

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“VISIONARY” by PeeAirs



Hey y'all! Here’s me mid makeup💋
An #eyeliner #tutorial for ya today.
Meet me in the comments for questions and any other requests you may have.
Love you all

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Blendz - falling in love with eyeliner again. (at Heywood, Rochdale, United Kingdom)

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It’s been five long years since I picked up a pencil and drew something just for fun. In school there was always a sketchbook or journal on me and I’d doodle whatever popped into my head. Depression fog cleared just enough recently to make me notice this, along with a whole slew of other activities I loved but just.. stopped caring about. Went to the store after work and was so happy to just doodle. My brain as calm and heavy now. Time for sleep.