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Give a chance to move through your home with the hot new shade, G 4240. Give your walls a lovely completion with our new painting color from .

Friday Extravaganza. I’m in the mood for extravagant cocktails, feathery headwear and a lot of fanciful fun because it’s Friday. Cheers Darlings to all those couples, love and romance today 🍸 - instagram

Some competitors cheer when you fall and others come to support you even when they aren’t competing. Harper’s sweet friend, Maddie. Extravagance coming back strong day 2

Wishing this cutie and team Good Luck this weekend at ACA!!! Let’s get that PAID BID, Extravagance! 💜💎💜💎💜

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The Style has a new definition #IrisStyle👠 #iriscollectionmilano #iriscollection_milano by #irinatirdea #chic #extravagance #style #vogue #glam #glamour #fashion #mfw2019 #irispresstvlezionidistile #irispresstv #irispresstv👠 #fashiontrends @irinatirdea @iriscollection_milano @lelemora_official @safa_chaieb @eventinews24 @manuelaarcuri_official @vogueitalia @glamouritalia @vanityfairitalia @fashiontv_italia_official @irispresstv (presso Duomo di Milano - Milan Cathedral)

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There is a form of inactive, extravagant wealth given over wholly to pleasure, the enjoyer of which on the one hand behaves as a mere ephemeral individual frantically spending himself to no purpose, and also regards the slave-labour of others (human sweat and blood) as the prey of his cupidity. He therefore knows man himself, and hence also his own self, as a sacrificed and futile being. With such wealth contempt of man makes its appearance, partly as arrogance and as squandering of what can give sustenance to a hundred human lives, and partly as the infamous illusion that his own unbridled extravagance and ceaseless, unproductive consumption is the condition of the other’s labour and therefore of his subsistence.
—  Marx - Economic Manuscripts 1844

i get to stay in a swanky ass hotel bc 1) my employer is paying for it and 2) i got a good discount bc my accreditation and the symposium im going to and holy shit i cannot WAIT to take a bubble bath and then lay down and watch food network while eating pudding in bed