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On the surface we appear to be relaxed and carefree when is trine . We may feel lucky and be a bit loose with as well. Our vision of and expands, and is likely, especially as…read more…

Ringing in the last few days of Pride month with our Sapphire Pride series. Didn't think devices could get dressy? Check out Sapphire in purple. Purple represents Disclaimer: Sapphire does not come in purple.

absolutely loved your performance on , however must caution you that while it is spelt as it is pronounced as 🙉🙈🙊😇🤫🤭🤗🙏 ❤️🌹⭐😍🤩😍😘😜 OK? Get it ? Got it? Good Ga Ga !

¡Ay! 🤤💥 Por fin podemos anunciarles nuestro próximo evento. la pornstar de en Con su show extremo 🔥🔥. ¡Compra tus boletos YA! Preventa: $120 Día del evento: $150

The Summit Champion and The Summit Runner Up! Explosion 💣 took 1st place out of 54 teams. Extravagance 💎 took 2nd out of 61 teams. Great weekend at the happiest place on earth! 💣 💎

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Commission by @fabrumsart

Go check him out! He’s a cutie with loads of talent.

There is a form of inactive, extravagant wealth given over wholly to pleasure, the enjoyer of which on the one hand behaves as a mere ephemeral individual frantically spending himself to no purpose, and also regards the slave-labour of others (human sweat and blood) as the prey of his cupidity. He therefore knows man himself, and hence also his own self, as a sacrificed and futile being. With such wealth contempt of man makes its appearance, partly as arrogance and as squandering of what can give sustenance to a hundred human lives, and partly as the infamous illusion that his own unbridled extravagance and ceaseless, unproductive consumption is the condition of the other’s labour and therefore of his subsistence.
—  Marx - Economic Manuscripts 1844