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A recent job from us in Luton. A conservatory is a great way to open up your home. Call us today on 01525 838114 or visit our website (link in bio)

GATE students participated in their first EDP of the year working on basic carpet art and assembly skills!

Do you need your store problem. I cam expert in Opencart error fixing also I can customize Please check it out: Packers

Do you need your store problem. I cam expert in Opencart error fixing also I can customize Please check it out: Packers

जिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालयात कोल्हापूर विमानतळासंदर्भातील प्रश्नाबाबत मी, काल बैठक आयोजित केली होती. संयुक्त बैठकीत विमानोड्डाणामध्ये अडथळा येत असलेले सर्व अडथळे दूर करण्याचा निर्णय घेण्यात आला. #

A clean and minimal installation, French Doors with no external handle or locking system. Perfect for court yard and lofts for added security

A French door with virtually frameless fixed shaped window connecting onto a framed lean to glass roof.

Forget about walk-in wardrobes, who wants a walk-in cupboard in their kitchen?

You know you have a good relationship with fishermen when your agent walks up to a tuna boat with 35 people and the busy fisherman says sure I have a few minutes. Thank you, , Amanda and Kaety, and Capt. Courageous. .

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New Hair 😍💚Done by @jea_nene Cuzzie knows 💁🏽‍♀️🌻 #life #hair #colour #extention #instahair #hairstyles #haircolour #hairdo #braid #fashion #longhair #style #straight #curly #black #brown #brunette #hairoftheday #hairideas #hairfashion #love #fashionicon #iconic #meditate #thelawofattraction #galaxy #space #alien

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A terrible story i (mod lemon) wrote ages ago, OwO addition

Hewwo, how awe you today? My nyames ****, wet’s get to businyess. You knyow what’s going on wight nyow, and you knyow we can’t go back and pwetend it isn’t happenying. We have to do something about it, ow ewse we aww wiww become dust. The space we have is fuww, and time is coming to an end. Thewe is nyo way fow us to escape, ow weave. You may have come hewe on accident, but you awen’t abwe to weave anymowe. Nyobody hewe is awwowed to weave. The issues that have happenyed awe because of ouw actions.

 You may nyot want to huwt us, but you wiww have to. Being a pacifist down hewe won’t wowk, you wiww die. The peopwe hewe may act nyice but they awen’t as good as you think, keep youw guawd up. You'we the onwy thing we nyeed nyow to be fwee, and that can’t happen. It wiww be vewy bad if we awe fweed. Humans put us down hewe fow a good weason. I knyow you pwobabwy won’t bewieve me, the othew onyes who came hewe didn’t eithew. Those peopwe died and because of that caused a big setback. Im onye of the few peopwe weft that knyows why we wewe wocked down hewe, the weaw weason why.

 The humans have a wight to be afwaid of use, we cawwy vewy bad things. Most think we awe hawmwess, innyocent, but that’s faw fwom the twuth. The king was kiwwed a wong time ago, but nyobody knyows that yet. With his death came wies, oh so many wies, so things couwd stay peacefuw down hewe. Peopwe awe stawting to get upset about the uvwcwowding. Peopwe awe stawting to handwe it themsewves. Evewybody wants to heaw fwom the king, we have to wie that he doesn’t want to just so panyic doesn’t happen. I knyow that the peace we have won’t wast much wongew and that soon the nyews wiww come out that the king is dead. Peopwe wiww nyot onwy be panyicked, but fuwious that it was nyevew annyounced oh so wong ago. I knyow you pwobabwy won’t bewieve a wowd I say kid, but pwease, twy to. -****


Sans POV-

  I wawk into gwiwwby’s, heawing the smaww beww nyoise. It’s nyot as busy as nyowmaw, but that’s expected on a wowkday. “Sup gwiwwbz (・`ω´・) How awe ya?” the fwaming bawtendew onwy gave a swight nyod in wetuwn, cwawifying that he was finye. I wawked up to the baw, the few peopwe in the buiwding saying hewwo to me. With a smaww bit of twoubwe, I sat down at my nyowmaw spot.

  “Just my weguwaw pwease”, the bawtendew nyodded again and wawked into the back of the buiwding whewe nyobody ewse goes. It was a swow day, nyot much happenying. The most that had happenyed today was the pink wobot’s cooking show causing some issues wike nyowmaw. Again, wike nyowmaw nyothing happenyed duwing my job. I wistenyed to the vewy minyimaw amount of smaww tawk happenying awound me. I awways wondewed how evewybody seemed so happy, what happenyed today that put them in a good mood. Aftew a few minyutes, gwiwwby came back with a buwgew, fwies, and a bottwe of ketchup “thanks gwiwwbz, put it on my tab pwease” he wooked at me and sighs, the then wawked away to cwean a bit.

 Papywus was at undynye’s house twainying, he was gonnya stay the nyight thewe. I mumbwed to mysewf weww I swowwy ate, I hate being awonye at the house. When I’m awonye I think too much, about things I wish I couwd fowget. Papywus was so innyocent, he didn’t knyow much of what was happenying in the innyew geaws of the undewgwound.

  Nyot many peopwe knyew about much that happenyed in the wabs and castwe, it had been yeaws since anybody was awwowed to go in those aweas. The king had died yeaws ago, he was stiww a scientist at the time. He was fowced into siwence about what was happenying at the time. It huwt him nyot to teww papywus, nyot to teww anybody. It wasn’t just the king’s death that he was fowced to keep secwet.

  I finyished eating the meaw that gwiwwby sewved me and got up, I waved bye to him and evewybody ewse in the buiwding. I wawked out of the baw and took a deep bweath. It was cowdew out today than nyowmaw. I stawted to wawk home to the empty house I wouwd be stuck in tiww tomowwow. Thewe isn’t much I can do at home. I and papywus didn’t have any games, and I’ve wead aww the books we own. Aww of the tv shows we have down hewe in the undewgwound is the pink wobots stupid shows. The onwy onye of them that mettaton did that I found intewesting was the quiz show, but that didn’t pway today, the cooking show did.

  I got home and went inside. I cwosed the doow and checked the wock a good few times, then I went to the kitchen and checked the buwnyews, uvn, and sink to make suwe nyothing was wunnying. Back in the wabs, thewe had been a few fwoods and fiwes that happenyed, it was kinda twaumatizing to go thwough that. I went awound the house to make suwe nyobody was home. Aftew I finyished doing that I sighed, thinking of what to do.

  A thought came to mind, the pwojects I have in the minyiwab down bewow the house. I don’t get a wot of time to wowk on those. I decide to go down thewe. I snyap my fingews and tewepowt downstaiws to the minyiwab. I wook awound and go to the countew wooking at aww the bwuepwints I have scattewed awound on it. I stawt to sowt thwough them aww. I put them into a coupwe of piwes, nyot stawted and wowk in pwogwess. I wooked thwough the wowk in pwogwess piwe fow something quick and easy. I found a smaww pwoject I had stawted and donye a bit of. I gwabbed the bwuepwints and then went awound my wab and stawted to wook fow the pwoject.

  Aftew a few minyutes, I found it undew a smaww tawp in the cownyew. I picked it up and put it on the countew. I put down the bwuepwints and gwabbed my toows. I stawted to wowk on it, and I got wost in my thoughts vewy quickwy. It was mindwess wowk so it was vewy easy to think about othew things weww I wowked. I wondew what paps awe doing wight nyow at undynye’s, I hope he’s having fun. I knyow undynye wiww nyevew wet him into the woyaw guawd, he isn’t abwe to huwt a fwy. He can’t handwe a weaw battwe, it wouwd scaw him and wuin his innyocence.

  A battwe is a bwoody thing, it wuins a pewson and makes them a demon. Undynye knyows he couwdn’t handwe being in that fowsaken guawd, so most of the twainying they do is just making inyedibwe spaghetti. I sweaw to asgowe’s nyame the pasta they make couwd kiww a man fwom food poisonying. Undynye can be a wittwe wough ow nyot vewy nyice at times, she knyows I don’t wike that. Hew and awphys get awong pwetty weww.

  I met undynye befowe paps did. I met hew thwough an owd fwiend of minye nyamed awphys. When paps stawted to want to be in the woyaw guawd o towd him that I knyew the head of it, undynye. He was so ecstatic when I said that. I intwoduced him to undynye and convinced hew to “twain him”.



Gastew POV-

 “Siw the cowes pwans have had a swight shift, dw. SOS found a few things that couwd be changed to be made bettew”I wook up at the pewson standing in fwont of my desk, an intewn. It’s a showt skeweton with a deep voice. “Ok, be on youw way nyow”, I say without a cawe. “Ok, siw” they comment quietwy and wawk out of my office. I’ve nyevew met them befowe so they must be nyew, I’ww have to check theiw pwofiwe watew. “I nyeed to get back to wowk,”I mumbwe to mysewf. Today I’ve been catching up on aww of the papews and wowk we nyeed to get donye. I sweaw to god nyobody has donye any of the papewwowk they nyeed to do fow the past two months. I knyow that they have been giving it to theiw intewns and fowget that they can’t wegawwy sign any of it, ow DO any of it fow that mattew. It’s gotten to the point whewe its aww been piwed onto me, they onwy wesponsibwe pewson hewe.  

  A few houws watew I finyish up on hawf of it and decide to go to wunch and get some food pwus coffee. God, I nyeed a boost of enyewgy wight nyow. I get up and stwetch, heawing a few popping nyoises fwom my owd joints. I sigh and wawk out of my office to the bweak woom.

  I get some food and coffee and sit down, I stawt to chat with a few peopwe. “So, today I saw somebody nyew… has anybody gotten a nyew intewn?” I ask and then take a sip of my coffee. “Yes, a few peopwe have. Wike nyowmaw dw. SOS cant handwe having the same onye fow mowe than a month without handwing them”, I sigh at that comment. Dw. SOS cant has an intewn fow wongew than a month without fiwing them fow nyo weason at aww. I sweaw to god we have wasted so many tawented peopwe to that annyoying wabbit. “The onye he has wight nyow is some showt skeweton monstew. The wittwe guy doesn’t even wook 15.” I chuckwe a bit at that comment. “That’s the nyew intewn I saw today, he was VEWY showt. I feew bad fow the smaww guy to have gotten dw. SOS. he seemed good, he stuck to the point”

  I kept chatting weww I ate my food, though I finyished quickwy. Aftew I finyished I got back to my office and stawted to do mowe papewwowk.

—5 Yeaws Watew—

Sans POV-

  “Attention evewybody, pwease exit the cowe awea. We awe cwosing off the cowe awea fow evewybody besides the top scientists fow youw safety. The cowe is being tuwnyed on in an houw fow the fiwst time.” I wook uvw and wisten. I finyish what I was doing weawwy quickwy and tewepowt off of the cowe awea and to the wabs. I get on my wab coat and use my keycawd to go downstaiws. I wawk up to awphys weww she is wowking on the computew. “Hey aw, whatcha doing?” I ask hew weww I sit down nyext to hew. “I-im supewvising t-t-the cowe awea w-weww its being t-t-tuwnyed o-on”, she said in hew nyowmaw nyewvous voice. “Coow, can I watch too?” I ask in a chiww voice. I’ve awways been weawwy cuwious and nyosy about things.

  She wooks uvw at my diwection and sighs “f-finye, you can a-as wong as y-you h-h-have nyo wowk t-to be d-d-doing”. “Ok thanks” I wook at the scween and quiet down nyow.

  Thewe awe thwee camewa scweens on wight nyow, aww fow the cowe. I heaw some static nyoise and a wight timew. Aftew a few minyutes, the cowe gets tuwnyed on. The cowe is woudew than I thought it wouwd be. Suddenwy thewe is a woud bang and I see an expwosion happen on onye of the camewas. The camewa shuts off aftew it happens, the expwosion must have knyocked it out. “O-oh n-nyo owo ” me and awphys stawt to pan the two camewas weft in a panyicked state twying to see what is happenying.

 I see gastew wun down the hawws on onye of the camewas, he wooked to be heading to the contwow woom. Soon enyough mowe nyoises awe made that awe a bad sign. Soon the two camewas faze out and aww I can heaw is the audio. The sounds of awawms and system faiwuwe awe as woud as possibwe. I can heaw fwom the wadios panyic and commotion.

  Suddenwy it aww goes quiet. Evewything seemed to have stopped. The onwy nyoise I can heaw is the sound of the wadio and awphys panyicking. I heaw somebody ask whewe dw. gastew is…

(( @fandom-of-death ))

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Straight From New York City hairstylist to Las Vegas (at Safari Hair Beauty Extension)

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Back to animating once again. Not gonna show much, I’m just really happy with his demon arm extention. 🙌🏻 #animation #illustration #cartoon #demon #creepy #arm #extention #handdrawn #2danimation #tvpaint #newproject

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My First Oculus Rift VR Machine Build and how I Extended Cable Length by 30ft
External image

After months of research and debating on weather or not I wanted to spend the money on not just an Oculus Rift but a machine that would be capable of handling VR, I came across an ad that essentially made that choice for me so much easier. Recently, Oculus announced a summer sale in which you can purchase the Oculus Rift headset along with the touch controllers all for $399.00. So, what comes with this bundle? Here’s what you get:

  • Oculus Headset
  • A set of touch controllers
  • 2 Sensors
  • Wireless X-Box Controller (batteries and Bluetooth dongle included)
    • Note that not all of the deals out there may include the X-Box controller. Mine did, however. 
  • Oculus Remote
  • Many retailers will throw in a game or two.
    • Mine came with Eve Valkyrie, which I had zero interest in and just sold on eBay for $20.

Overall, this was a great deal…….until it came time for the PC build. I wanted something really interesting but since I am not a major gamer, I didn’t need anything really outrageous. I don’t play WoW, I don’t do Call of Duty, Battlefield, or whatever the hottest and latest thing is. So, I could get away with a 1070 graphics card without any issues. So, off to Newegg I went and began my build, which goes a little something like this:

  • Thermaltake Core V21 Black Extreme MicroATX Cube Chassis 
  • MSI B250M Bazooka OPT Boost LGA 1151 Intel B250 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard with 16 GB Intel Optane Memory included and RGB LED’s
  • MSI GeForce GTX 1070 DirectX  12 Gaming X 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCIe SLI ready Graphics card
  • Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake Quad Core 3.8 GHz Processor
  • Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650W Smart Zero Fan SLI/CrossFire Ready Continuous Power ATX 12V Plus Gold Certified Full Modular Power Supply
  • Samsung 850 EVO M.2 2280 1TB Sata III 3-D Vertical SSD
  • G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2400 RAM
    • Putting in an order for another set of these today
  • Gigabyte Model GC-WB867D-I Bluetooth 4.0/Wi-Fi Expansion Card
  • EVGA CLC 120 Liquid/Water CPU Cooler with 120mm Radiator, RGB LED, and EVGA Flow Control Software
    • This will be upgraded soon to something much more visually appealing. I am so not finished with this project. Further in the article I will discuss my future plans. 
  • Windows 10 Pro

Overall, I am pleased with the build and everything works extremely well. The PC is quite fast and with the M.2 SSD, it’s no wonder it’s lightning fast. I have ZERO lag playing any games on the Oculus, Steam, and Origin. I’ve even linked it to play games on the X-Box One that sits in my daughter’s room and still experience zero lag while playing Tekken 7. 

As you can see, there is plenty of space on the bottom for more mods, which I intend to do. I would like a custom liquid cooling kit. Since none of the drive bays are being used, I could essentially go with a kit that utilizes the drive bays as the resorvoir/pump. I’m leaning towards something like this:

Being in the IT/Network Engineering field, cable management is essential, even at home. I like things to look neat and aesthetically pleasing. With that, baseboards were removed, wires were tucked in, Keystone wall plates and connectors were ordered, and extension cables were ordered. Here is where we ran into a bit of a problem with the Oculus Rift. The Oculus headset uses both a UBS and HDMI connection. However, if you try to extend past 6 feet with any basic cable, you will never get the headset to work. After a little research, we found that the Oculus does NOT like passive cables. In order to extend your headset past the 12 ft that is standard with your headset, you need to have ACTIVE HDMI cables. Active cables have built in chips that allow for longer runs and help push the signals the signals to run farther than your standard passive cables. I completed my setup like this:

  • Active HDMI cable from HDMI on video card to a Keystone on the wall
  • Active HDMI from that Keystone through the wall to another Keystone below my 60" TV
  • Oculus Headset plugs into the HDMI jack on the wall under the TV.
  • From the 60" TV, we ran a regular HDMI cable
  • For USB, we ran SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cables from the PC to the Keystone then another Superspeed USB 3.0  through the wall to the Keystone under the TV for the 2 sensors and headset USB.

I did the same for the USB cables in order to make everything look neat and not have wires and equipment constantly in the way.

So, for those looking to take advantage of the 6 week summer Oculus deal and need some ideas, I hope this article is able to help. I know many users have had a hard time with extending the length of their headset past the 12 feet and have tried many different ways unsuccessfully. I can assure you that this is this setup works 100% and that the HDMI cables make all of the difference. 

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to chat, please feel free to comment or send me an email. 


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I’m not a fan of sew-ins and wigs and things like that. But after the time I have had….I may need to start!


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aurarora  asked:

Hey, could I please have an extension on Bianca? So sorry for the late notice! I promise to have her app be ready soon! ♡

No problem! You’ve got three extra days (until 6/3) to send in the application!


E x t e n t i o n s @great_lengths ❤️️ @liloblom @salon.f.a.z.l.i #extention #extensions #long #hair @zaralovers_ @laurag_143 (på/i FaZli - hairstylist, hairdresser & makeup artist)

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This is a really nice way to make a feature out of an extension, particularly in sandstone walls like this where patching would be impossible. Putting the architrave around the window makes it look like a picture frame through to the stairs in the living room. It’s also a great port of communication between living and dining at parties, which can be hard to get in these old buildings that aren’t designed for open plan.

Semi - Hiatus

{OOC:} I know I said I’d be back this week, but I’ve underestimated how much work I still have to do on my thesis. I will still be lurking around, but I more than likely won’t be back full force with replies until Sept 5. Wish me luck! I can’t wait to be able to stop stressing over this masters.