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Extend your kitchen for more space and light with inspiration from the 5 best kitchen trends of 2018 #2018

#11 Allez ! Aujourd'hui on prend tous 5 minutes pour faire quelques exercices au travail en suivant ces photos : 💪 🌞

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Went for check-up. Surgeon extremely happy. He also reckons that my and is probably the best it will be. I don't think so.

İl Müdürlüğümüz ve Batı Akdeniz Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü tarafindan 2018 yılında yapılacak eğitim ve yayım çalışmaları ile enstitü proje sonuçlarının çiftçiyle buluşturulması ile ilgili yol haritasi detaylarıyla ele alındı.

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What part of the Pacific northwest are we talkin here, the continental bit (alaska until mid california) or the us mainland bit (washington to mid california)?

i haven’t caught up on that much jpn concert stuff bc im tired as hell but this vn focus trauma fancam is doing a number on me… he’s such a good hypeman he does all these fun lil adlibs and stuff which don’t distract from everyone else but DO make each live performance different and interesting. plus he can harmonise! he really has a good ear and a way with music and *lucas voice* i like that

Reddit Anonymity: To what extent can one be anonymous here?

I would like to know how much information Reddit logs about your activities (IP, log-in and log-out times, etc.) and to what extent is it possible to have throwaway accounts be linked by the highest site admins?

Say I use a VPN and create 3 separate accounts, is it possible for Reddit to find out that those accounts belong to the same person?

And if so, how to avoid/bypass this.

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Just a reminder that I love this song and that I had this on repeat at least 30 times

The Other Side from the Greatest Showman


After an overnight stay in St Quentin, where we were assaulted by weeds causing shallow depth, we continued on along the Canal St Quentin, which fortunately doesn’t end at St Quentin. We were greeted by a bloody freezing mate, but very pretty, morning which included an almost-but-not-quite hoar frost (as above). With the canal almost to ourselves, we paused at a lock to send Mum off to search for bread. This culminated in her daring leap onto a moving boat as we gently headed out of the lock. We considered pausing several times before eventually making our minds up to head to Chauny, having travelled the exhausting distance of 40km. Chauny is charming, if a little limited on the tourist front. Fortunately, the port de plaisance is excellent, including the best internet we’ve had to far (as resulting in these posts). 

“Jedi Night” was the equivalent of that part in Clone Wars where the two Jedi are locking blades with Grievous and then he just narrows his eyes and reveals that he has two more arms and has been holding back this entire time and then just massacres them, and Dave Filoni is Grievous in this metaphor.

In fantasy stories involving a person from our world falling into another, they tend to always end up fighting alongside the “good guys” and becoming a hero or aiding the hero in some way, but to be perfectly honest, if you plopped me down in a fantasy world like in the LOTR series or Narnia, I would probably end up going off to explore their architecture and plant life.

Like, “We have to save the kingdom!” “

“Right, right, you guys go do that, I’m going to stay here and marvel at how this fortress is made up of trees and intricate stone carvings made to look like roots and flowers… Please tell me who built all of this, I think I’m in love.”

“The king has been kidnapped!”

“That’s a shame, but I can’t fight.”

“The enemies’ castle has a sunken garden!”

“So which way are we going?”

“You should bring a weapon.”

“That would be rude, I want to be invited inside, not stabbed.”

“But the king-”

“Is probably enjoying a splendid view from his cell of those amazing tea roses.”

Suffice to say I’d either die really quickly, or just confuse the hell out of people.

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Hello you seem boarded again saw you are looking at some rather interesting positions. Perhaps McHanzo could be interesting.

Never actually drawn porn of them. I will gleefully look at porn of them (for science, of course) but I’ve always thought it was more fun to draw them being doofuses together? Idk. I might.

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"So why do good girls like bad guys? I've had this question for a really long time. I've been a bad boy and it's plain to see. So why do good girls fall in love with me?" Haru

|| @noctispostmortem ||

“Well, it’s probably your face! You definitely look cute, but I think a better question is ‘Why don’t Good Boys typically like Bad Girls?’ Oh! Or even better! How could someone be so stupid enough to allow themselves to be so easily tricked by light flirtation and a pretty face?”

People often fail to account for how situations impact actions. The result in this is expecting the best of ourselves when we may be at our worst. Consequently they apply this to the characters they are exposed to in the media they consume and judge them with little thought on the outside circumstances.

In Danganronpa this happens often among fans who view a character as unsympathetic do to their actions. This ignores the fact that the situation is heavily impacting the psychological wellbeing of the characters. Increased stress brought on by a situation that is “kill or be killed” activates the fight or flight component. When a character commits murder or attempts to their actions are often framed as being fundamentally evil.

Regardless of the acknowledgement of a motive, the situation they are placed in is solidly to blame. It is not uncommon for a human to contemplate killing another, but sociatal standards and circumstances normally prevent this occurance. In Danganronpa the circumstances are set up to encourage the murdering of eachother. Fear and confusion provide the perfect foundation for the murderous actions.

Additionally to the setting being dangerous for a mentally stable individual, those with mental illness or a history of abuse will be at an increased risk from the high stress enviorment. Several characters fall into these categories, which heighten the levels of fear and effect fear has on their actions.

It is also of note that coping mechanisms are different for each individual. Some people will simply deny the world around them, some will isolate themselves, some will result to humor, others will convince themselves that they are okay with the new reality, among many other possible methods to handle and process the situation in which they are experiencing.

Even a previously well balanced individual would need to use coping mechanisms to process the stress of the situation. The rules of life and society they had lived by are thrown into the air and being rewritten. Two choices exist in this circumstance, accept the new rules, or deny them and shut yourself off from the world. The latter provides little benefit and can lead to ones own death so acceptance is the likely action to be taken.

Human nature is adaptable, its why we survived as a species. We adapt to the enviorments around us. This would be no different. Fear and anxiety provide a beneficial component in high stress enviorments by keeping oneself alert. The situation is perfectly crafted to take advantage of natural human instincts for survival and highten the levels of anxiety enough to cause people to snap and go against previous hard wired morals.

It is important to remember expirements like the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment which illustrate the ways in which humans will readily torture eachother when circumstances are properly arranged. In the studies the responsibility of actions were removed from the participants. The perception of a mastermind acts in a similar fashion, they are forced to play the game by another party who is viewed then as bearing the true responsibility of the circumstances.

This is why the first murder and trial is so important. Not only does it serve to cement the reality of the situation, and get the game started, but it severs the ties to the rules of the old world. It serves as the first proof of the game, by taking this step that situation is cemented as a new reality. Further for anyone still questioning their place, the trial drives home a new truth that will keep the participants playing the game, they are either equally responsible for a conviction and death, or the mastermind is to blame.

It is hard to imagine ones own actions in a comparable situation. This is then a source of bias used upon judging a characters actions. We like to assume the best of ourselves and will often deny the possibility that we would ever go against our own moral compasses. This is dangerous. If placed in such a situation one stubbornly refuses to accept the new rules of life they become an easy target. It is in acceptance that the most security is offered. Once one accepts the new rules of the mutual killing life they have become official players and all actions taken hence forth no longer reflect previous morals, nor can they be judged fairly based on moral truths outside of the game.