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Whether it's a , or an on your house are the guys for you. 🤸‍♂️👩‍💻👨‍💻 🏡 Contact us on 01273 839491 📞☀️👷‍♂️

We are enjoying a bit of SUNday afternoon reading today - '10 reasons for considering timber frame' - a great article from ☀️

This now finished 90 degree moving corner post 4 door meeting a 3 door bi-fold. modernising a this portsmouth home. creating an opening that invites natural light into the room.

A electric opening skylight and a traditional skylight side by side on this newly built extension. All our skylights internally are frameless!

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A three door bifold installed today, finished in black with colour matched hinges and gaskets, a perfect blend with the new kitchen extension!

Our French doors can be designed with no external furniture for added security, the finish on the doors gives a clean and simplistic finish.

More Oak, another listed building, another green belt extension. Great progress on site

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H00кup with Georgia thаt l0vе suскing с0ск! Frее rеgistrаti0n! 0nlу t0dау! Cliск 0n tехt!

I have so much respect for people who can learn other languages. It blows my mind just how common it is for people to be multilingual.

Languages I have put a real, concentrated effort into trying to learn:

  • German
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

Languages I can speak:

  • English

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is this you asking me to call you ma pêche? ma carotte? mon aubergine? as a nickname on adore une SEULE légende and that is you

my peach? my carrot? my eggplant? as a nickname we love one single legend and that is you

skdjfsjkdhskd my favourite is pomme de terre (potato). like!!!!!!! IT’S SO CUTE!!!!! the french are so literal!!!!! 

pomme de terre=apple of earth!!!!!!!!

it is an apple of the earth!!!!!!!!! god i’m just,,,,,,i have three favourite things in french and this is one of them 

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Haven't been able to really follow the whole Aya is a book thing but - Aya is the book. Atsushi(and Aku?) are her guardians protecting her from using it/her. Chuuya and Dazai are misinformed thinking that Atsu and Aku stole her and shouldn't have her so try to get her back so THEY can protect her - but from Atsu and Akus view they're trying to steal her. So both sides are fighting for what they think is Ayas best interest, thinking the other party is bad. (This made more sense in my head lol)

Aya as the Book AU

No, no, this is actually really interesting!!

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Thanks for the tag, @theouterdark!

Rules: Shuffle your playlist and list the first ten songs that come on.

  1. Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle & Sebastian
  2. Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
  3. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
  4. Forever - The Beach Boys
  5. Modern Day Cain - IDKHBTFM
  6. The Promise - Sturgill Simpson
  7. Night Changes - One Direction
  8. Angel Eyes - ABBA
  9. My Least Favorite Life - Lera Lynn
  10. Eternal Flame - The Bangles

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dumb character elitism under the cut dont reblog please

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