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@ brian all ur feelings about Luxembourg are valid

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transboburnham  asked:

so (this isn’t a useless gay story) i have this really touchy friend and i keep telling her that the touching makes me really uncomfortable and asking her to stop and she’ll just go “i can’t im alison” and it’s really frustrating for me bc i can’t tell her that i was molested when i was seven bc then she’d know and she’d ask questions and i just don’t know what to do

wow she’s,, wow oof. the only advice I can give is to be way more firm and insistent, like the more she touches you the more you push it until she gets it. maybe put her on the spot and ask her something like “why is your desire to touch me more important than my feelings and what makes me feel safe/comfortable?” or even just straight up “what part of no, please stop touching me, don’t you understand?” and if it persists even still, I would just distance myself from her or drop her altogether, like you don’t need a friend who disregards your feelings and your safety and your comfort because “she’s Alison” as if that’s some sort of valid be-all-end-all excuse

My friend/co-worker came up to me and told me he got really into kpop from watching bts’s performance at the bbmas!! “Their stage presence is just…whoa” were his exact words

“ i don’t think ulquiorra has ever blinked in the years i’ve been here, it’s fuckin’ freaky man…” 

what’s the best free pc video game for a person who has 0 idea how to play any video games

unpopular opinion

What I am NOT here for and disappointed at:

- Andy Serkis passive-aggressively insulting the Disney versions of The Jungle Book.  Like- c’mon, man. You’re one of my favorite people in Hollywood. Why the hell do you have to slander another great piece of film making to uplift your film? 

Dawon: When are we going to practice dance? My abilities, I must enhance.

Taeyang: What

Dawon: What I just said, mind me not. It’s better if you had forgot.


Taeyang: I’m assuming someone spiked his coffee.

Jaeyoon: He lost a bet to Inseong.

Dawon: This Inseong is my greatest foe. My situation, most horrid woe.

i find it funny how dnp are essentially traveling with a bunch of their friends and yet they’re just chilling in their room alone instead of socialising at all whatsoever

anonymous asked:

Hello, I was wondering do you read VM fics? I'm just starting out and wondered if you or anyone had some good recommendations.

I do not. I just know there is an author named illstrash that apparently is like the gold standard. Other than that, I got nothing. Try AO3?

haven’t posted this here yet but drew my 妈妈 for mother’s day!!

I’m behind on my Dracula liveblog, but I just got to Jonathan saying that he “took a pleasure in disobeying” Count by sleeping outside of his room, and just…

Dracula has exercised so much control over Jonathan since he entered the castle, where he goes, when he sleeps, that Jonathan is happy to be able to claim this tiny bit of control over his own life.

hot take: you can’t respond to people being like “nb people aren’t trans!!” saying that All NB People Are Trans bc that’s just false and honestly kinda harmful to both nb and binary trans people

you ever sit back and think like… wow I really don’t eat anything healthy at all