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Today would mark the 100th of iconic and Mountainer Edmund Hillary (1st to scale Mt Everest with Tenzing Norgay), who was born in Auckland, New Zealand on July 20, 1919 (d. 2008)

ロレックス スカイドゥエラー Ref.326934 ランダム番をお売りいただきました😊付属品完備です‼️¥2,058,000円(税込)

Guess what we have?! The all new 2020 Ford Explorer is here at Waconia Ford. Stop by for your test drive or click for more info here See you soon!

Saying goodbye to some friends today😂😂😂 Good luck in Middle School and good luck to the Middle Schools there gonna need it...Ha. You’ll be missed. Once an always an Explorer!

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On July 20th 1811 James Bruce, the 8th Lord Elgin, Scottish Liberal statesman and diplomat, was born.

James Bruce was, at six feet four inches tall, an impressive figure. He was an explorer, archeologist and a brilliant linguist. In 1762 he spent six months in Italy where Batoni painted this glowing portrait. Bruce’s travels subsequently took him to North Africa, Crete, Syria, Egypt and Abyssinia. He is best known for his exploration of the sources of the Nile, reaching the headstream of the Blue Nile in 1770.

Due to a self-confidence bordering on arrogance he made many enemies, notably Samuel Johnson, who criticised his writings and cast doubt on their veracity. Very little was known about Africa at the time, and this lent credence to the claims that Bruce had embellished his account. Although he turned out to be mistaken about the source of the Nile, the descriptions of his travels in Africa have since proven largely accurate.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer tablet hands-on (video)

If you have kids and own a tablet, chances are you’ve passed it to the back seat on occasion, asking your five-year-old to help you navigate to the beach, or to beat an otherwise hopeless level in Angry Birds. Now, you can reward them with a tablet of their own. Available in green and pink, the $100 LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer includes a 5-inch, 480 x 272-pixel (16:9) touchscreen, 2GB of built-in storage, and a durable housing – but your 5-9 year old isn’t going to get caught up on specs. They will take notice to the built-in camera (with video capture), microphone, stylus, and accelerometer, however – all of which enable custom kid-friendly apps and educational games, including Disney Animation Studio, an interactive reader, and compatibility with over 100 downloadable apps and LeapFrog cartridges, which range in price from $5 to $25. There’s no wireless connectivity, so you’ll be tethering with Windows or Mac OS to download additional content, and to share your child’s creations with family and friends.%Gallery-127320%
We’re certainly far outside LeapPad’s target demographic, but we did have a chance to go hands-on with the device earlier today, and felt that the tablet was solidly built, with a well-rounded feature set and sufficient expandability options – for a kids toy, of course. Games and apps took advantage of the Pad’s features, such as Roly Poly Picnic, which uses the accelerometer to navigate through a maze, spelling out simple, three-letter words along the way (like all apps and games, Picnic is adjustable based on your little one’s age and skill level). There’s also a video player (currently limited to 4:3 content), photo, and video capture apps. Shipping August 15th, the device doesn’t have a ton of horsepower under the hood – a 400MHz processor means apps won’t launch with the speed and grace of an iPad 2 – but for a $100 toy, the LeapPad will do just fine. PR and hands-on video are after the break. Read more
LeapFrog's LeapPad Explorer tablet looks a little more durable than your iPad

Kids of all ages love tablets, but not every tablet is suitable for fingers covered in peanut butter and jelly. We’re thinking the latest from LeapFrog would handle that situation without complaint and, with its chunky construction, should make it home undamaged after show and tell. It’s the LeapPad Explorer, shipping this summer, a 5-inch color tablet will let kids draw, play games, and of course learn all about reading, writing, and arithmetic. There’s also a built-in camera and, while we’re guessing FaceTime support isn’t likely to be coming in a future update, there is an animation studio app that will let kids have fun with whatever video they record. It’s all enough to make one very jealous of Junior, and an MSRP of $99.99 doesn’t even sound that bad. Read more
Microsoft details Windows 8 Explorer tweaks, adds ribbon UI

Lots of things are getting tweaked, if not completely overhauled, for Windows 8. That includes the ever-present Windows Explorer. Just like many other Microsoft apps, the file manager will be adopting the slightly more finger-friendly ribbon interface. But don’t freak out about your precious screen real estate, the next version of Explorer will actually display more files than Windows 7 could by moving the details pane to the right-hand side and tweaking the padding. The up button has also returned and a slew of new keyboard shortcuts are being introduced. Check out the source link for more detail and a demo video. Read more
HTC Explorer now official, we go hands-on (updated)

This little soldier carries the big responsibility of extending HTC’s dominance to the budget end of the Android spectrum, and it must achieve this mission with only a bare minimum of weaponry: a 3.2-inch HVGA (480 x 320) capacitive display, 600MHz processor, 3MP camera and 512MB of expandable memory. You’ll just have to believe us when we say we had a play with a pre-release device at an HTC event recently, even though the manufacturer’s reps refused to let us take any photos or video to prove it. You’ll find publicity shots in the gallery below plus a full press release, some educated guesswork about price and availability and our initial impressions of the handset right after the break.

Update: The UK’s Three network has confirmed it will stock the device, but it hasn’t divulged the price.
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'Liberate' for the Zune HD unlocks hidden Windows CE potential

Sure, we just spent the last four or five years chiding Microsoft for its anachronistic Windows CE interface, a UI which was holding Windows Mobile back in a post-stylus world, but now that Windows Phone 7 is here we get to start feeling all nostalgic, right? The ongoing Liberate project for the Zune HD, which just hit version 1.5.1, strips away that flashy Zune veneer and boots the device to Microsoft’s stock CE 6.0 copy of explorer.exe. Notably, the latest version adds an onscreen keyboard and better right click support. Folks are using the freedom of CE to run applications like Foxit Reader, Opera Mini and Pocket Word, and with support for GDI, DirectDraw, and OpenGL ES 2.0 there’s hope of gaming ports as well.

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Meridian Explorer combines headphone amp, portable DAC and $299 price tag

Feel that? If you’re an audio purist, the sensation of your wallet tingling is probably a familiar experience. This time, you have Meridian to thank, which is aiming to help you get the most from your nice headphones. The company just debuted the Explorer: a portable, USB-powered DAC and headphone amplifier that’s priced at $299. Like all external DACs, the unit promises better sound quality than typical onboard solutions can deliver, and as a high-end touch, the Explorer offers asynchronous USB audio for greater timing precision and reduced jitter. Alongside the 3.5mm amplified headphone output, you’ll also find another 3.5mm jack that supports both analog and mini Toslink connections. Each Explorer is built in the UK and measures approximately 4.0 x 1.25 x 0.7 inches. Perhaps most importantly, though, its design doesn’t reek of something that was cobbled together in the garage.

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Google to begin inviting non-developers to become Glass Explorers

By now, all the developers who signed up to receive Glass prototypes should have the headgear in hand, so Google’s ready to move on to the next phase. Over the next few weeks, the company will begin sending invitations to successful #ifihadglass applicants. Invites will come via Google+, so you’ll need to have +Project Glass in your Circles in order to jump to the next step. Unfortunately, the Explorer program is closed, so it’s a bit too late to submit an application now. Google’s promised to keep you in the loop regarding future opportunities, though. Simply add your info at the source link below to sign up for updates.

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First UK Google Glass trial gives Parkinson's sufferers more independence

Before Glass becomes a publicly available product, Google’s quietly embarked on a campaign to get its iconic eyewear into the hands of those who can use it to tackle complex issues. After it gifted five pairs to researchers at Newcastle University, Google’s allowed its wearable to undergo its first UK medical trial, where it’s being used to support people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Researchers want to help patients live more independently, and they’re already seeing results.

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Dish Explorer for iPad steers Hopper DVRs, tells TV watchers what's trending

Dish was quick to take advantage of its Sling Media integration with remote live TV, but it hasn’t put as much of an emphasis on what happens when we’re still sitting comfortably in our living rooms. It’s filling that hole with the launch of its Explorer app for the iPad. Viewers with a Hopper DVR can control their set-top box directly from the tablet, as you’d expect, but they’ll also get a companion to whatever they’re watching, whether it’s live or recorded. Explorer catches the buzz around a show on Facebook and Twitter, including rankings if you’d like to see what shows are the hottest; it also builds in Thuuz sports stats and ratings to identify what’s likely to be the big game for the day, even as it’s happening. The app doesn’t officially reach the App Store until Monday, and there’s no word of an Android port, but we’ll be sure to share our first-hand experiences as soon as possible.

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