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While one software used pounds to 0px; " tag="ulate force, another software used Newtons, which caused the mismatch.

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Baby sends heart to fans ❤️


What They Found Hidden Beneath the Waves… Lost Ancient Underwater Ruins.

Fascinating! Dwellings of all our many, many previous lives…


During the age of transoceanic exploration, nocturnals were specifically intended to establish local sidereal time at night within the northern hemisphere.

Astrolabes (or backstaffs) were used to take daytime readings, and the far simpler nocturnal for readings after dark, especially to determine the timing of high and low tides. Neither device worked when the skies were obscured by cloud or fog.
Skyward, Boy's Edition, Richard E. Byrd, Hardcover, Illustrated, 1931
Skyward: Mans Mastery of the Air as Shown by the Brilliant Flights of Americas Leading Air Explorer. His Life, His Thrilling Adventures by Richard Evelyn Byrd ILLUSTRATED Publisher: Blue Ribbon Books, New York Copyright: 1931 Condition: This book is in good condition. Hardcover. Blue cloth boards

Honestly, you da true,
Body talk when you move..


Crossing over the Cairngorm Mountain’s - Part 1 (Winter Solo Hiking & Ca…

I set out on a solo winter hiking and camping trip to try and cross from one side of the Cairngorm mountains to the other side while attempting to summit the second highest mountain in the UK, Ben Macdui. I will have no phone signal when I’m in the mountain so I will have to tread carefully and try my best to stay dry as when night falls the temperatures in the mountains fall to below zero and hypothermia is not my idea of fun! I’ll start my wild camping adventure in Aviemore, heading through Rothiemurchus forest and to Glenmore where I will reach the edge of the mountain range. From there I hike up and into the heart of the mountains and find a rather unorthodox place to stay the night. Then I climb up and over the mountains to make my way down to the forest of Mar on the other side and out through the Mar estate to reach the end of my winter expedition in Braemar. #SubscribeToTheOutdoors


Narrative Of A Journey To The Shores Of The Polar Sea
In The Years 1819-20-21-22.
By John Franklin, Captain, R. N., F. R. S., M. W. S.
Second Edition in Two Volumes


Publisher: John Murray, London
Copyright: 1824

Franklin traveled by Hudson Bay, Cumberland House to Fort Chipewyan and explored the upper Coppermine River, wintered at Fort Enterprise, descended the Coppermine and explored eastward by canoe. The narrative includes a detailed description of travel conditions, hardships, lack of food, the topography, and meetings with various native tribes.