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London commuters were invited by to experience their new product launch through a unique shaving and gaming experience, check out what created!

La era da paso a la de transformación: el exterior implica un viaje interior. 🌐Implicación en el destino 💆🏽‍♀️Desarrollo personal 🌲Conciencia sostenible Vía

La con una genera hasta un 300% más de notoriedad y hasta un 1000% en asociación a atributos clave.

Agency Spotlight: This month we shine the light on emc3London find out all about them here our spotlight series is kindly supported by print experts MacroArtUK

Agency Spotlight: This month we shine the light on find out all about them here our spotlight series is kindly supported by print experts

La forma de conocer nuevos sitios está en continuo cambio y consciente de ello, también ha ido modificando el concepto de como mero alojamiento sumándose a la imparable transformación del turismo

RT : El programa “La Aventura del Saber” de visita a para conocer el proyecto educativo y su metodología

El programa “La Aventura del Saber” de visita a para conocer el proyecto educativo y su metodología

A cool collab with / Agence Stay Tuned w/ Carol Becker & Frédérique Mestres Favro

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Shall I compare your love to nothing?

For nothing sustains my homeostasis
As do tangible visions of spectral dragons I sense but can’t perceive.

Perhaps there is just nothing comparable!

Absence is as fickle as reality:
Numbed feet cause trips to be
Too often taken but never completed.

Shall I compare your lips to slumber?

Milky white skin beautifully culminating in
Pink edges begging for pressure
But history is etched into bed sheets.

Perhaps I am the one asleep!

Waking visions of traps and police
And brawls and fiesty gremlins
That sneak in through the crawl space.

Shall I compare your breasts to everest?

Majestic from afar and insurmountable in person
They house my future
Grave when settled snow becomes enthralled.

Perhaps I am a mountain too!

Looming in the distance and covered in crags,
Desperately trying to provide immovable
Views and permanence.

Shall I compare your hands to vice grips?

They soothe and stem my bleeding
And rake new grooves in flesh in turn;
My habits tend to make a mess.

Perhaps I am a savage too!

My taste for flesh is real but waning,
My mood is made of intuition
And my stomach guides my face.

Time to buy some roller skates.


Jason Bruges Studio’s intervention @ York Cathedral is stunning.


Chicago’s magic piano

It’s time for some more Christmas cheer, this time from Amtrak in Chicago. The magic piano, sat in the centre of a busy station responds in real-time to the passers-by. What’s really cool is how people interact with the piano, many taking time to play a duet, or even have a little dance. It’s a nice Christmas feel-good piece of content and another great example of how a brand can create something truly engaging and shareable during the festive period.

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Adidas - Jump with Derrick Rose

Sometimes a great idea doesn’t need to be powered by technology. This new campaign from Adidas UK keeps it analogue, but is more the more enjoyable for it. A special pop-up store got punters to head down and challenge themselves to jump higher than D Rose. A shelf built at the height of his jump got participants to jump to that height to grab some limited edition sneaks. It’s so simple, but the content is great and you can imagine people going nuts to have a crack at it.

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The Canadian Beer Fridge

How do you take a massive Canadian Beer brand to Europe and make a splash? Well, you use the very people that are enjoying your brand everyday, Canadians. Molson Beer created a fridge that they toured around European cities. The cool part? The fridge only opened its doors when a Canadian scanned their passport, allowing the person to share the beers with the crowd around them. It’s a pretty inventive use of the technology within each and every passport. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw more use of this in the future. Nice work.

Experiential learning’s: … Don’t talk too much when you’re mad … you might say things you don’t mean to say… Making a decision takes time, don’t rush…Life is like chess … one wrong move and your game is all messed up… Finally …Never let your PRIDE ruin everything . . it’s better to lose your pride than to lose someone because of your pride. – live well! . .

Tiger Beer | Know the Not Known
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