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His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani took the oath as Qatar's Prime Minister and Minister of Interior at the Amiri Diwan yesterday.

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the that is all around you. Allow it to become your inner compass. with its infinite wisdom, and reach for what is within. The of vibrate with a powerful frequency. ⁠ ⁠ “Look into your heart. Follow your nature.” 🙏

🛳️✈️🏖️😎Best in Travel - Top 10 Countries for 2020. The best destinations overlooked by most travellers that have unique experiences and ‘wow’ factor.

"Changing your changes your ." Partnering up with and expanding your , let your company in many ways than you . Loons Lab shared their experience after partnering up with AIESEC.

Thank you all for making it a success! A big shout out to all the people who attended it and everyone who helped in organizing this session.

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15 Second Thoughts

If you are going to boast competitive wages I’d recommend not just being competitive with the minimum wage because that’s not competitive but be competitive with in your industry and possibly even outside of it!


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[Kelompok-Culture-Tawang-’s-Maquette on Last WEX]

(WARNING! I will try to write it in my bad english, so-)

Won’t tell too much about it but I have so much fun when making this with my team *fire* *fire* We couldn’t make design of new building that has height more than 2-3 floor cause it’s heritage site that having regulation for it. The problem is with that regulation, how can we make people know our building if it’s surrounded by high old-styled building in a large and dense area? Well that time was so frustating to search for answers, and there was still other problems hoho, but alhamdulillah at least we could come with our solutions, finished it and I’m satisfied enough with the results (thankyou guys for the hard work!)

I love the colour and material all of our team maquettes! (yeah, we have all team sharing the same materials, or we can say it uniformed(?)(?)). I like how this maquette is more finished and completed then all of my previous individual studio maquettes hh (yea, it has people(s) model and so much trees and landscapes and bublled(?) texture of the water hoho) (previous? yeah I hope that I can make better model for my last studio project huhu)

(Ok, it’s not that much, right?)

this one time, i had a dude message me bc of one of my hypersexual posts, and even through saying i have a boyfriend, he had the nerve to try to force me to masturbate with him, just because we had being hypersexual in common.

for one, who goes up to a stranger, someone they haven’t even talked to previously, and tries to get them to do that with them, just because they’re hypersexual like them, and second, who just waltzes over the fact someone has a partner already, to try and force them to do it?


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(at Chalises Heavenly Inspired by Adrienne)

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The Good Days by Courtney Istre

The good days are my favorite.
They are sunshine, shorts, and smiles.
They happen when I least expect it.
I get so happy when they come to visit.

Most days I feel restless.
I feel like I am never doing enough.
The feeling persists in an unfathomable way.
I tap my foot. I walk. I turn in my chair.

Most days I feel a twinge of sadness.
I feel like there is always something to be sad about.
The feeling inches its way around in my chest.
I watch funny videos. I make jokes. I force a smile.

Most days I feel paranoid.
I feel worried.
The feeling makes me overthink any situation.
I try to make conversation. I move around. I tell myself it’s alright.

But, the good days.
They bring emotions I long to feel.
They make me feel like I could do anything.
I get so happy when they come to visit.

Every once in a while I feel relaxed.
I feel like I can sit back and breathe.
The feeling allows me to become one with the earth.
I do yoga. I empty my mind. I can fall asleep.

Every once in awhile I feel happy.
I feel like everything has beauty in it.
The feeling allows me to smile at anything.
I enjoy the sunshine. I laugh harder than normal. I am whole.

Every once in a while I am confident.
I feel like I don’t need anyone.
The feeling allows me to not second guess myself.
I can take part in social events. I can use my voice. I am free.

The good days are the best.
They remind me that I am valid, and the choices I’ve made are good ones.
They remind me that I am going to be ok.
I get so happy when they come to visit.

Most days I feel rejected.
I feel like everyone is judging me.
The feeling makes me picture different scenarios, for different encounters.
I worry. I keep to myself. I plan.

Most days I feel like an awful friend.
I feel like I have lost every friend I know.
The feeling reminds me that I don’t know how to interact with people.
I don’t call. I don’t text. I keep to myself.

Most days I feel alone.
I feel like I have no one to talk to.
The feeling causes me to feel even emptier than before.
I don’t talk. I talk to myself. I wander.

But, the good days.
They remind me that my family is always there for me.
They are brief.
I get so happy when they come to visit.

Every once in a while I feel inspired.
I feel like I can write an amazing song.
The feeling allows me to play my guitar better than ever.
I sing. I dance. I write.

Every once in a while I feel energized.
I feel like I can run, and never get tired.
The feeling allows me to do what I’ve been meaning to.
I run. I clean. I give.

Every once in a while I feel complete.
I feel like I have everything I need in life.
The feeling comes with my family and a stranger’s kindness.
I can forgive. I can forget. I make friends.

This is only a peek at what the good days are.
They are the light that reveals the darkness.
They allow me to let go of the past.
I can’t wait for them to visit again.

I Know Someone by Courtney Istre

I know a girl named Envy.

She isn’t pretty, and she isn’t ugly.

She isn’t nice, but she isn’t mean.

She follows me and likes to be followed.

She was once my best friend.

I knew her all my life, until one day she left.

She decided I wasn’t worth her friendship.

She went off to a college I thought about going to.

She got a job at a place I applied to.

She still follows me on social media.

I knew her before she made her own friends.

She would hang out with my friends at her house.

She gave them things when all I could give them are promises.

She enticed them with fake kindness and pretty pictures.

She got them to abandon me.

I know many people who left me alone.

I know many people who don’t know me.

I know many people who forget where they belong.

I know a boy named Crush.

He loves me, and he doesn’t like me at all.

He strings me along and pretends it’s all in my head.

He loves keeping me around.

He loves me so much, he dated all my friends.

I knew him before he had his heartbroken.

He asked me to be his friend and walked with me in the halls.

He would smile at me and say nice things.

He liked me more than his girlfriend.

He didn’t like to show how much he preferred me.

I knew him before he knew who he was.

He always needed to be the center of attention.

He put my name on a list.

He never even touched me, except for a dance.

He and I are the only ones who know the truth about how he feels.

I know many people who loved me.

I know many people who didn’t tell me.

I know many people who didn’t take that chance.

I know a girl named Courage.

She isn’t afraid, and she isn’t brave.

She wants to do so much with her life.

She is stuck in the same place.

She left to pursue new things and to repair.

I knew her before she became damaged.

She battled and conquered.

She doesn’t change her habits, even though she wants to.

She keeps around toxic people.

She trusts them, she loves them, yet she hates them.

I listen, though, I don’t think anyone else is.

She shares the inner workings of her life with everyone.

She posts her opinion for everyone to see.

She thinks the world can hear her scream.

She doesn’t know that everyone doesn’t care.

I know many people who can’t fight like me.

I know many people who can’t change like me.

I know many people who can’t be good friends.

I know a boy named Addict.

He is different to everyone.

He comes in the form of good and bad things.

He can be kinder than anyone I know.

He was someone who saved me when no one else would.

I knew him in a way no one ever knew him before.

He sang “Wake me up in September.” at the top of his lungs.

He laughed louder, and his eyes shone bright with mine.

He wanted to be saved but pushed away from the only hero.

He loved me, even though I hated myself.

He left me when I needed him most.

I know many people like Addict.

I know many people who can’t be saved.

I know many people who pushed me away.

I know a girl.

She loves living and smiling.

She sometimes thought of eternal sleep.

She looked in the mirror and said negative things.

She lost every friend she had.

I knew her before she lost things.

She smiled brightly and laughed out loud, even when it wasn’t appropriate.

She would speak her mind.

She was confident in herself.

She never felt alone, or truly afraid.

I knew her before she got hurt.

She was used for her kindness.

She was told she was nothing, by more than herself.

She decided that she wasn’t going to be nice anymore.

I am Courtney.

I know that I am not a hero.

I know that I can’t get the guy.

I know I am alone.

Peace in California by Courtney Istre

As I board the plane back home.
I promise I’ll be back.
For nothing’s more undying than the want to overcome my past.
I waved goodbye to the ocean.
I picked up some wants that I didn’t know I needed.
I tell myself I will come back home.
Then, I found places I wanted to go to.
I swear I will dare to travel to places unknown.

Last night I dreamt my ex boyfriend.

It was kinda strange, I didn’t have my “memories of what happened between us (?), like a rewind of all our relationship trapped in few sequences of “life”.

At first it was all okay, we were together in my house, we were cuddling and chilling happily. Everything was just the same, and I remember how joyful we were.

But then, it all went dark. Problems, argues, pain suddenly came out, we started questioning our relationship and how was probably better to stop it, due to some episodes (happened in real life).

I was crying,

I couldn’t stop crying.

In that moment I felt the oblivion on my skin, that sense of emptiness, the fear that everything would fallen apart. The idea of losing, of being alone, without the person I considered my guide and love, put me in a real state of shock, where I still can’t get myself out of despite the time and my love for him passing.

All that I’ve been through still affects my current life, I am very sick so this was probably the main reason I dreamt about him. He gave me love, self confidence and always pushed me to get through, but he also hurt me, in a terrible way.

Get up from dreams like this, is as intense as a kick right to your stomach.

I woke up in tears this morning, I immediately realized what happened and how things are very much different now and, even though time flies, still hurts fucking the same.

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neon the hegehog funeral music:


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Coda Falconry, Essex is an award winning bird of prey centre based within the Lee Valley Park Farm in Essex. Providing Falconry services & experience days.

18-08-19 - Bob’s Half Day Coda Falconry Experience {65th Belated Birthday Pressie} (at Coda Falconry)

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Baby, I am not able to digest all what happened with you or I say , you made it happened to you..

I am frustrated by this story…you said it was a love story .. it was just lust & hate..from the beginning….

All the situation,of your colleague that put you in trouble , than you became friends with him, your pear started joining your names..all that is ok , it happens . Being friends you roam around to places ..being opposite sex , I can understand that you might start liking each other too.

But as you said, you were not sure in beginning is it love ? How could he be in love? You asked him what made you felt that you are in love? Bcz u wasnt in love at that time..

So why just bcz some else love you or faking to love you , you didn’t got it . Why.

How do you say this.. how would I know he faked it..

The first incidence was why don’t you understand..He went to his home for holidays .. you both had no contact except fb.., he had your pics ..while you were roaming around , that time you was bulky , except him & your friends & family who knows all this .. tell me .

She said none.

Okay .

Than all of a sudden you received a msg ..on ur fb.. when some unknown fellow..said you elephant & you said..Who was that person..his relative .. yes..isn’t it’s enough that he shared your pics with that fellow & made fun of you & your looks..

& that fellow msgd you … You told him about this..

than..he told you he had fight with that fellow..on that note.

That time how could you believed him, why didn’t you used your mind & senses ..that it’s the beginning of a hell..

Atleast now you know . He lied on that day even, as he was a story maker ..he just lied to you all the time, just to use you..

Why… you made your life hell..

From the 1st instance he wasn’t a reliable fellow..why did you moved further with him,..than idiot , dumb, accepted this fellows frndrqst on fb shrd whsatsap no… How u need applause for it..

What should I do with u, a fellow who made fun of you without knowing you, ohk sorry as per your ex bf deeds , he did that earlier & u…

Than he msgd u emojis of alcohol & wine.. even after you said your ex won’t like if he saw it, that fellow say he is my relative , I know him, he won’t..

But the time you told your ex about it, he didn’t did anything.. than & there ..

He waited.. for a perfect you said he yelled at that fellow , but when he was at your home, between your family members..

He was a player .. he planned everything, he was aware , if he didn’t scold him, you will question him a day or other, but if he do it.. at your will stop him, as you won’t want to create a scene in front of your family..

Babes.. what is wrong with you, why .. you didn’t saw.. what I can see ..even now.. were you so dumb..or blind

Hmm.. correct.. I wasn’t able to sense all this bull shit.. because at that time , when that guy was playing..

I was in love… For him I might be just another girl , like he used to had 2 or 3 girls were there in his life.. before he told me..

He was first in my life.. so he was aware of how to play.. & use girls

But being new to this world.. I wasn’t planning or playing..I only loved thats why he was able to play so easily.. & I lost the game without playing ..

When he told me about other girl who attempted sucide bcz of him, according to his story he never loved , only that girl loved him..when he said no.she attempted sucide..

He said. What a liar..applause ..& You must have believed this story of him even. She said yes I did.he said you should be announced as the worlds dumbest girl after it…

I don’t curse him now even, I don’t want anything bad to happen with him..for him I don’t think want to share past thats why I shared it, other wise.. my past is that bad song ..that I don’t want to remember even..

I just want a peaceful life with you..

Y pasa que un día ya no tienes ganas, sólo quieres dormir hasta que el día termine, que las ganas de llorar vienen, que la soledad se vuelve tu vida, que las películas no te causan ninguna emoción, que te arde el alma y los recuerdos te matan, te pasa que el amor es de lo que más huyes y el final es lo que mas esperas, pero no llega y te cansas de esperarlo, pasa la vida y con ella las oportunidades, pasan los sueños y con ellos las ganas de seguir y tu sigues cayendo cada día más hasta que estas muy en el fondo para empezar de nuevo.

Miriam Aguilar.

Neither religious rituals nor spiritual detachment, neither aversion nor indulgence, neither accumulation nor renunciation could ensure a healthy experience of human life on earth. When the profound philosophical idealism failed to establish the humane behavior, what do we expect from materialism?
—  #anandmantra

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I’m dreaming but mostly I’m feeling behind

Song of the photograph: Tomorrow will beautifull by Flo Morrissey

I am in a relationship right now. Yes it’s beautifull and ı feel s happy when ı’m around him. It’s tough to write here, cause ı am alone ı’ve been alone for this whole life time and ı used to write things about it but now ı’m with the love of my life it is unbeliveble. But we were both passed trough hard times. And he’s got an ex-boyfriend and he is a succesful photographer. And ı’m a junior photographer too. I don’t know why but ı’m so jelous of him. Becasue of the life that he gave to Ozan (that ı couldn’t and ever gave to him). I’m asking myself why have he chosen me and ı can’t find an answer. He want’s to be with me till the first day that we met. He didn’t even get to know me. I’m afraid that Ozan is missing something in his life and he trying to fill the gap with me. I can’t help ı feel like a place holder. I feel like he’s gonna leave me someday. I don’t wanna go back to streets. Even tough it’s summer it is colder than everything. I don’t want to own Ozan like a bird in the cage. I’ve been the bird in the cage before ı don’t want to do that to anyone. In the end is he gonna feel guilty because ı’m stray again.

It can be a sweet dream or a beautifull nightmare.

I Don’t Want It To Be End.