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Dinner with this beauty.

I’m gonna have you spar the new guy Oh neat! He’s gonna work defence That’s odd. Usually we let new guys do defence He’s pro; 17-2 Oh …crap

Are we just wasting our time talking about as if that's the be-all of things? It seem negative are winning from to to to melting ice in the arctic.

I’ve been on my grind all day, staying focused on the prize. Took this pic when I took a 30 minute break. but and .

Exporting artwork tonight. Wish me luck because exports are everything. 🤘🏼ALSO! Who else is feeling like total shit? I have been so drained and just sluggish this whole week! • •📸: @whos_shawn_(insta)

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So it took me far too long to wrap my brain around the fact this tweet has nothing to do with

How I feel coming out of exam after pulling an all nighter!! I hear my bed calling

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How I feel after deadlifts......liquid grip for 2nd session was still legit tho! Worked up to a set of 365 with no straps! Woot Woot!

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School is exhausting but I’m excited because I figured out what I want to do with my major 😁

So this day has been

Emotionally exhausting

I can see why the Doctor just keeps running (taking a fictional immortal time traveller as a comparison yes)

And honestly I do not think it is necessarily unhealthy. If everything has burned behind you, to go forward

At 8:55pm, I finally sat down at home after another long, torturous day. My job is not terrible or even difficult. It’s actually kind of boring and tedious. But people are stupid and exhausting and it seems like they’ve all wanted to talk to me the last two days.

Πήγε να δακρύσει..

Μα δεν είχε απομείνει κάτι να πέσει.


When did life get so fast? I need a break, I don’t enjoy what I do, I go through life like I’m on autopilot. I feel I never have the time to do what i need or want to do. Whenever there’s a second that I have to myself, instead of doing something important I need to sit down and teak a break.

I am exhausted no matter what I do. I can’t keep going like this, I know it will destroy me but I don’t know how to escape this never ending loop.

I lost all motivation. I don’t want to push myself because I know it won’t change the way I feel.

I am afraid of the future. I am afraid of not realising my dream but I am just as afraid of the consequences realising my dream could bring. And worst of all I am afraid that I am not good enough, that I will start and fail.