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Shitty Life Pro Tip

Can’t afford those expensive exfoliating hand scrubs? Get your friendly neighborhood cat to do the exfoliating for you! Simply hold out your hand, and they’re sure to lick away all dead (and not) skin!


Clean Skin is Healthy Skin

By removing dead skin cells and pore-clogging congestion helps skin feel and look better, skincare products penetrate deeper and work more efficiently!

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6 Simple Ways To Practice Self Love In 2019

I truly believe that self love should be practiced by everyone. I think that if more of us chose to practice self love, our minds would be in a better space right now. Ive been doing small acts of self love everyday for a while and I can honestly say that it has benefited me in so many ways. Here is a list of simple ways to practice self love in this new year.

• Do a social media detox – whatever you surround yourself around that is what you’ll attract. If you follow a lot of sad quotes or pages then you’re constantly being exposed to that. This goes for any thing, if you’re surrounded by drama and negativity, again that is what you’ll attract. I unfollowed all accounts that were not benefiting me in a healthy way, and instead I started following positive uplifting accounts.
• Get organized- being organized looks so much nicer and really neat. It really helps to declutter your life in the physical realm as much as it does in your mind.
• Take a bath- This is something that I do every once in a while and I find that it really relaxes my mind and allows me to kind of decompress. I love to use bath salts, body oils, bath bombs and playing relaxing music while I bathe.
• Exfoliate and moisturize – I have dry skin and during these cold winter months it could get really rough. I love to exfoliate using a dry brush or a body scrub and I moisturize with a body oil and a lotion that smells really good.
• Try a face mask- using a face mask that is just right for your skin type can always be beneficial and really makes you feel pampered.
• Drink water- not only is water really good for your skin, staying hydrated is great for your well being. If you’re someone who gets headaches often it might be that you’re dehydrated. Adding lemon, cucumber and maybe some mint can also detox your body and make you feel a lot better.


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Empire State Building is saying Happy Valentines #hoboken #hobokenblond #hobokenyoga #nyc #exfoliating #skincareroutine #exfoliate #jerseycity #newportmommies #newport #jc (at The Waterfront, Jersey City)

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