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do I exfoliate and do yoga or do yoga then exfoliate


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Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

You’ve probably heard a million times that great skin leads to great makeup. Exfoliating your face once or twice a week will help remove dead skin cells from your face and helps unclog pores. Piling makeup on top of dead, dry skin will make your face look flaky and makeup appear patchy.

Aspirin and honey is a great exfoliant for any skin type. I like to wash my face with a gentle cleanser and then get to work! You have to have uncoated aspirin or powder aspirin. Take 3 tablet in your hand and a couple drops of water to get the tablets to dissolve. Once they are dissolved add a drop of honey, mix together with your finger, and massage into the skin with your finger tips.

This is a cheap way to exfoliate your skin and add moisture back to it with the honey. I’ve been doing this for 2 years and always come back to it no matter what other product I try. I hope this was helpful!

How I Wash My Face & Take Off Makeup

In my last text post, I told you the appearance and feel of each different skin type, and some ways to take care of them. This post is about how I take makeup off, and what motions and techniques I use, instead of products. If you have any suggestions for this post, please feel free to message me.

Always start by washing your hands. Does no good to add grime and germs as your trying to take it off.

To wash your face:

Take a clean cotton wash cloth, put a face cleanser suitable for your skin type on the cloth, and wet it. Start at your chin, and move upwards towards the temples using gentle circular motions. Clean from the top of your nose out to your cheek bones, still using gentle circular motions. Don’t forget to gently wipe off your eyelids, starting at the inside corner of your eye, next to your nose, and sweeping outwards. Repeat the process, folding the towel, until no more makeup or dirt comes off.

To take mascara off/clean your eyelashes:

Place a clean wash cloth, or cotton pad underneath your bottom lashes, and close your eye. With a q-tip dipped in eye-safe makeup remover, rub the lashes downward to remove mascara. Alternatively, you could get two q-tips, dip one in eye-safe makeup remover, and then you put one on the bottom of your lashes, and one on top, and gently press and roll, moving the q-tips sideways one hop at a time, pressing and rolling in each section, until no more mascara comes off.

To exfoliate your lips/take off lipstick:

Remove as much lipstick as possible with a tissue. Next, put Blistex or another Chapstick on, and wipe away with a tissue. Then, get a clean soft bristled toothbrush that has never been used before, or you have only ever used it for this, and gently brush your lips in a circular motion.

* Please remember that I am a student, and this blog is meant for us to learn together. If there are any errors in this post, please tell me in my ask box. Also, you can message me with any other comments, concerns, questions, and suggestions for posts.

I would love to hear from you guys: What do you do to clean your face/take off your makeup?