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prism exfoliating glow potion

Herbivore Botanical’s PRISM Exfoliating Glow Potion is probably the first (and only!) exfoliating serum I’ve used. There are quite a few exfoliating serums out there in the market nowadays, but I’ve never dared to try chemical exfoliation previously because it sounds so intimidating. I’ve also heard tons of cautionary tales from my friends telling me that their skin sometimes gets irritated from the large dose of chemicals present in these products, so I always stuck to my favourite face scrubs for exfoliation instead.

Earlier this year, I decided to take the plunge and try PRISM because I am such a sucker for Herbivore’s packaging. I absolutely love their minimalist branding of having just clear glass bottles with fuss-free white labels. Also, PRISM feels quite lightweight and it isn’t sticky upon application - I thought that this might be a good choice for my first exfoliating serum.

I usually use PRISM after toner and before I put on any moisturiser/serum, just so I start my skincare routine on a clean and smooth canvas. Some guides advise to wait 30 minutes after applying these exfoliators and before applying moisturiser so that the product can work its magic, but I usually wait around 10 minutes and I think that is good enough. I proceed to then put my usual serum, moisturiser, and facial oil, and so far this routine has yet to irritate my skin.

Initially, I felt like it wasn’t making any significant difference to my face. But after 1-2 months of consistently using it, I can confidently say that my skin has a more noticeable glow. I love it when I have no makeup on and my skin still looks radiant and healthy throughout the day. I usually have dull and dry skin because of my bad sleeping habits, so this product was really a lifesaver.

However, one thing about PRISM that bugged me was its discolouration over time. When I first bought it, it was a clear liquid in a glass bottle. After 3 months, the product turned into a deep amber. The discolouration was misleading because I felt as though it was turning bad, but thankfully the discolouration doesn’t affect its quality.

Another thing that bugs me a little would be PRISM’s very steep price point ($62 USD, $87 SGD) when compared to other exfoliating serums like Pixi’s Overnight Glow Serum ($24 USD, $36 SGD). These two products might not necessarily serve the same target audience, but just knowing that there are cheaper alternatives out there makes it difficult for me to justify buying PRISM. But I am leaning towards repurchasing this in the future because my skin really does look better after consistent usage. I would, however, suggest buying this when there is a sale so that you can save a little bit of cash.

DIY Mint & Honey Lip Scrub

Who likes crusty lips? Nobody, right?

To make your lipstick stay longer, exfoliation is key.

Attaining soft, pink, luscious & pouty lips is easy..

Here’s what you gotta do.

What you need-

•Sugar ( preferably granulated ) ( I have mixed in borwn sugar with granulated white sugar )

•Mint Leaves ( finely chopped )


•Coconut oil ( you can use any base oil )

Now after gathering all the ingredients, lets roll…

First take some sugar & add some honey. Stir that thang well..

Then add coconut oil depending on the consistency you want.

Finally, add finely chopped mint leaves & mix it all together.

Voila, it’s ready.

Causes of dark lips include •excessive exposure to direct sunlight • an allergic reaction • use of low-quality cosmetics • chewing tobacco • excessive smoking • high caffeine intake • hormonal imbalances.

What this scrub will do -

Sugar contains glycolic acid ( AHA ) • rich in antioxidants • protect from UV damage • conditions skin

Honey is a natural humectant • keeps exfoliated skin hydrated & healthy • lighten skin tone of lips

Mint • helps cracked lips

Hope you enjoy this recipe.



My skincare routine

One thing that I love the most are facial masks. They make me feel like I have my own little spa at home.

My favorite one is the “mask of magnaminty” from Lush. The mask is made of mint which makes your face feel refreshed and glowy , it also has smashed beans that act as a exfoliant which leaves you with a smooth skin.

Before I use my mask, I will cleanse my face with the Rituals “creamy foam cleanser”, then I’ll apply my mask for 10 to 15 min. After that I’ll rinse my face with tepid water in circular motions so it exfoliates my skin. After I am done I’ll use the Biotherm “aquasource” to hydrate my skin and to give it that final natural glow.

I can highly recommend all this products, they all make your face feel refreshed and smell lovely.

Instagram : @tamaradellgado

Daily Skincare Routine
External image

Hello, Beautiful!

This has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! I have had so many people tell me that my skin looks great and want to know what I use. Well, here it is! I am going to take you step by step, product by product on what I use, when, and how. Now, this is not a complete list, there are some things that I use sometimes, but this is the important stuff that I ALWAYS use.

Step 1: Remove your makeup (PM)

Now, I have used makeup removing towelettes as well as Micellar Water and I have too say that these are the best things ever! I love that they remove waterproof makeup and use nothing more than water. I also use these to wash off masks so they are multi purpose. I have about 5 of them as of right now and I love them!

Step 2: Oil Cleanse (PM)

You don’t want to use just any oil as some of them can cause break outs. Even if you have oily skin, this can help with balancing your skins sebum production and make your skin less oily. This will help remove any left over makeup. Just take a few pumps and work it into dry skin. After a few moments, add a little water and gently work into a ‘lather’. I then use my makeup remove towels and remove the oil.

Step 3 Water Based Cleanser ( AM/ PM)

I tend to switch between cleansers, depending on what my skin needs. On a normal day, I use this Heritage Herbs Cleanser. Just take two pumps and work it into your skin. On the days where my skin is a little dry I use the Glam Glow Conditioning Cleanser. I also use a silicone sonic face brush. This is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin and will allow you to get deep into the pores where makeup and dirt can hide.

Step 4 Toner (am/pm

This toner, and it’s magical colloidal Copper has changed my skin! It helped with acne scars, pimples. texture, and the overall look of my skin!! I can’t live without it! Just a few sprays and your skin will thank you! The best part is that you can use this anywhere! I have even been using it on my legs and arm before I apply lotion, especially after I shave. Great for problem skin and dry skin, but works great on anyone!

Step 5 Serums (PM- optional)

Currently, I do not have any serums that I use regularly. I do enjoy Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shots. I use the Hydrating one when I am on the dry side, and the brightening one alot. Find a serum that works for what you are wanting. Others I recommend are The Ordinary, Farsali, and Tony Moly.

Step 6 Moisturizer (AM/PM)

There are two that I lean to regularly, though I have a few more. Neutrogena Healthy Skin is one of my newly found favorites. It has sunscreen so it’s perfect for daytime. It isn’t heavy and soaks into the skin rather quickly. I love that it has Alpha- Hydroxy acids or AHA, this is great for dark spots, skin imperfections, or aging skin. I tend to use this one more during the day. At night, I switch to my Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer. I do have acne prone skin and to help keep my skin looking great and not waking up with Mt. Vesuvius on my face.

Step 7: Face Oils (PM-Optional)

Too many oils, or the wrong oils, can make your skin worse. You want to limit yourself to a single oil. Dope Minerals Magnesium & CBD oil is the only oil I use. Most of the time, oils make me break out. This one didn’t make me break out and has helped clear redness and has kept pimples at bay. Just 2 drops in your hand and pat onto you face.

Step 8 Sleeping packs/Extra Moisture (PM)

Sleeping packs are thicker than moisturizers and can help give your skin extra oomph. On a normal day, I will use the Milk Jelly Pack. It has been one of my go to items for quite some time and I can’t live without it. Dryness? Milk Jelly Pack. Sunburn? Milk Jelly Pack. I love it! When my skin is really dry, I use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer. No, it’s not a sleeping pack, but it does give my skin an extra boost of moisture.

Sheet Masks

External image

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sheet masks, it’s all about preference. Personally, I use them atleast 3 times a week sometimes more and in the morning after I cleanse and before my toner. I have everything and I just love them. Find one that targets a specific concern that you want to tackle and go from there. The important part is to allow the serums to soak in once you remove the mask. If you are in a rush in the morning, then you want to use it at night.

Scrubs and masks

Each mask and scrub has a specific function. St Ives I love to use when my skin is breaking out or I feel like I need some exfoliation. Bubble Clay Mask is great for when I feel like my pores are clogged or my face feels heavy. And the little guy, he’s my Tako Black Head Nose scrubber. My nose is the WORST place for black heads he gets in deep and cleans all that crap out and leave my skin feeling great!

Body Care

Body is skincare too!

Sunscreen is a necessity for me. I love Heritage Herbs Zinc Sunscreen for my face! Goes on smooth and looks great under makeup. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch is one of few that don’t leave my body feeling greasy or sticky, and it smells good!

Lotion. I have to admit that I didn’t use it as much as I should have, but I do have alot of it! I decided that I would take some of my favorites like the Coco Shea and Hyaluronic Acid from Bath & Body Works and make my own! What I did was mix a few into a soap dispenser and boom custom lotion! If you aren’t sure how it will smell, mix a small amount and try it out! Great way to use all of the lotion in your stash.

The most important thing to remember, skincare has to be tailored to your skin concerns and type. What works for me, may not work for you. I hope that I have helped you get your skincare regimen going or helped you modify what you already have!

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If EXFOLIATING isn’t part of your skincare routine, it should be! 👋🏼
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