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Reposting @lt_outdoors72: The good ole KastKing sharky is everywhere!!

We sang, we danced, we donated and I can say that I am fired up for legislation that supports Action is the answer!

A beautiful passing of the torch at Grateful to be under the leadership of such brilliant, inclusive, and welcoming people! The opportunity for a pic with both and Susan Stone could not be missed ;)

We are a distributor/installer for ChargePoint chargers. Commercial or residential installation, maintenance and repair

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Get ready! The number one compliment I get from new and old fans is that I’m ! First podcast then TV show so let’s go! Thank you for believing in me. ❤️🙋🏽‍♀️📸@greysegments

Yeah summer days are great....unless you’re eating a popsicle outside.

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  • Gryffindor: Do everything safely-
  • Slytherin: When there are cops around.
  • Gryffindor: When there are cops around, exactly.

Courier: S o…………

Verus: So.

Courier: …. about the dress.

Verus: Honestly? Comfy as shit. Don’t mind it as a concept.

Courier: Y'all look ridiculous.

Verus: Well yeah I mean Ave Caesar or whatever but that fool went for the red dress statement and failed to commit halfway through.

Courier: Commit–?

Verus: It looks like a oversized pillowcase. We goin’ into battle in our Saturday morning frumpy clothes. Fuckin’ lazy.


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ur boi tried to do his makeup for the first time today, and, well… it could be worse (he/they)

Life stuff

I haven’t rambled in awhile so here’s some rambles.

-The plant I got some time ago (that I cleverly named jihyun hehe) has finally been doing better. He had a nasy incident with my dog and just hasn’t been doing well since. He was shriveling up but now fully open! So yay on that.

-Despite working I’ve kept up with my sketches and trying to improve my style. I started using actual text instead of writing words out, and keeping the lineart as clean as possible. Also super simplified my coloring…less is more I think.

-Andddddd attempting to cut out bad habits such as smoking and energy drinks. Smoking is on its way out, I only have 2 a day…not really worth the cancer 🙄 energy drinks are a bit harder to quit, they just taste so damn good! If only there was a drink that tasted the same minus the caffeine/chemicals.

-Tbh I still cannot wait for a new update on the ssum mannn. I’m the most patient person on the planet but it would be nice to hear a tiny bit on what the progress of the game is. It’s only been a little over a month I think….but but butttt :’( *crawls into a corner and plays otome games that aren’t the Ssum).

Have a nice day everyone. Sending rainbows, sparkles, and smiles your way <3

guttersniper  asked:

‘ that’s what you get for picking fights. ’ (he’s saying this sarcastically alsnkdhd; a sorta ‘tell me about it’ vibe)

            ❛   HEY   !!   i could have   taken him down   had his   ‘   friends   ‘   not gotten up to rescue his   BITCH ASS   !!   three   grown men   against one   little lady   is not a   fair fight.   ❜   the back of her hand brushes against the   tip of her nose,   unintentionally smearing a   heavy crimson   across her cheek.   ❛   you should have   seen it,   mutt.   i think i might have   knocked out   a few teeth.   ❜   turning to the other,   she stifles her laugh.   ❛   i think he was crying    ——   ❜

hurt prompts,   accepting   !!