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[IG] 180821 chany_19_9_2 (YG Crazy Dancers) with WINNER's and : "Great job everyone !!! 😍🙏🏽 "

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Do you believe in scarcity? It is hard not to in a world where the common message is that there is not enough and that it is just the natural order of things that some people have less than others because there is not enough to go around.

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BASIC, when used appropriately, is an awesome thing. The console is getting a resurgence of classic games thanks to IntyBASIC.

Smile is salt of life,together in same place with selfie,perfect color cloth,hair style I can't explain because 👌 and about shining because of , your hair and dress as well great both of Afghan culture and ❤💓😊😊

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mano, as fotos pessoais dos meninos do WINNER na turnê tão cada uma mais linda que a outra. eu não acredito que amo quatro príncipes da ilha.

이번 콘서트에서 건진거라곤 얼굴은 보이지 않지만 분위기 있어보이는 송강과 혐석이의 저 뒷모습뿐😂 ☺️역시 콘서트는 힘들어도 스탠딩☺️

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About the Moon: - Misconception: "The Moon makes its own light (the same way the Sun does)." - Reality: "The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, just as the planets do." source: Picture Source:

❤️❤️ 새롭게 올려보는 트친소💘 윈때부터 계속~❣️ 에브리웨어 서울콘 갔다왓서요🌊 당연히 올팬💝 흔적 남겨주시면 찾아가요💗

Ese caos cuando no organizas el monedero en dos días. Tiquets, monedas, billetes, tarjetas por todas partes. 😩

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i am haunted by homestuck


The idea is growing on me.

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mizu, i need to tell you and everyone else to know that i love you very much <3

Me, waking up five minutes ago:

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Me, seeing this:

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I’m still waking up so sorry if that doesn’t make sense xD