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The from your cast a up on my back, and it me I go written by

The bad news... -22. The good news is the amazing sunrise!

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Me each week listening to - by as I deposit an extra $1.25 into my secret Savings account

When your son now decides he wants to have a crack at feeding himself with the spoon

Like wildflowers You must allow Yourself to grow In all the place People thought You never would

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I look for you everywhere

I hate it

Sometimes I don’t even mean to

And there you are

In the song I’m listening to

In the poem I’m reading

You’re always there

And sometimes,

You’re not

And I hate that too

I question how we got here



I don’t know

I’m tired of thinking of it

And I imagine,

You don’t feel the same

You don’t think the same

And I hate myself

Which is stupid

I look for you everywhere

And I find you

But I don’t