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Golden Ray of Hope by OzMoses Track #11 on the Question Reality Album NOW on Spotify (Album Link Below) Spotify: Instagram:

Just try it,Taste and see. Its very Natural and Healthy. No wonder I also love it . .

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Meet Bob, our friendly household . Ever since we read @jimbutcherauthor book series The Dresden Files, every skull we see is Bob. Life = complete, we have Bob.

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You will always be & Mr. Spinney you put your but Mostly your Hand into each Character You brought Joy to the World for Millions of Kids I hope you and your Debbie your Wife get to Visit a lot more now

Before any more people try to spread the lies that marijuana is as dangerous as alcohol, please do a little research and you may learn something.

For our friends: Pls donate to or join a mtn bike ride this Sunday, 10/21, on Mt Tamalpais For supporters elsewhere, organize your own event to bring to

When a gluten free cookie says it’s “soft baked”

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Good times. #arcticmonkeys #am #alexturner #hotness #perfection #perfectman #need #wednesday #wednesdaynight #hollywood #californialove #papus #everywhere #bye (at Hollywood Bowl)

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Andhadun was amazing

Andhadhun was amazing. Yes. really. I mean to say, amazing. It was witty, dark and left me speechless at times. The entire plotline was incredible. Honestly, the ending had me speculating. Was the whole story made up? Or did he make up some elaborate story just so Sophie (Radhika Apte’s character) could feel sorry for him (and excuse him for sleeping with Simi)??