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Earlier today, ExPandable Celerity [3.5k] defeated ExPandable Girbon [3.5k] in Champ Camp! Well done to both teams on your first game.

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¿ o ? No olvides de brindar todos los elementos necesarios a tus para que su desempeño sea perfecto. 👨🏻‍💻

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Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.
—  Socrates

Griesnockensuppe (dialect) aka Griessknödelsuppe (standard German) is a soup that is a perfect starter for a menu for its simplicity. In Germany, soups are served before the main meal and this is a classic, involving semolina dumplings, very popular specifically in Southern Germany and Austria as well. They traditionally come in a beef broth, but vegetable broth would work as well.

For the homemade Broth: 500 g beef for the soup and 750 g beef bones - 1 large onion - 1 bay leave - 3-4 cloves - 2 carrots - black pepper corns - ½ celery root - 2 celery stalks - 1 small leek - fresh parsley, chopped. For the dumplings: 120 g semolina (Griess) - 80 g soft butter - 2 eggs - freshly ground nutmeg, to taste - salt, to taste - 1-2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

Wash bones and meat under cold water and pat dry with kitchen paper. Add about 2 liters of cold water to a large pot, place meat and bones in it, add bay leave, pin cloves into the onion and add to broth, add pepper corns. Bring to a boil then reduce heat, let simmer for 1 hours (not covered). Take of the foam that has appeared. Add the chopped greens and let simmer for another hour.

For the dumplings, add soft butter to the semolina and mix well; beat eggs and add to the semolina until you get a smooth dough, add chopped parsley, spice to taste with salt and nutmeg. When the broth is done, sieve it and bring back into the pot, spice with salt, nutmeg and black pepper to taste. Have the broth on low heat, it should be hot but not boiling. With 2 teaspoons form dumplings out of the semolina dough and place them carefully into the broth. It should not boil. Let them cook for 15 min and continue to make sure the broth is not boiling. The dumplings will fall apart otherwise. Before serving, sprinkle the broth with some fresh chopped parsley. You also can use the carrots by slicing them and adding them to the broth if they are not too soft, but traditional is just parsley. Guten Appetit!

So today I couldn’t sleep well at all and slept with Parks and Rec streaming in the background.

Woke up at 6:00am officially, changed into my new binder (which is heLL to put on cuz of the new design) and somehow made it to work 5 mins LATE (how tf?)

Anyways they didn’t count me late. My old job really really like me back and so did I. I took someone else’s shift (already) and did their 6:40am shift before my official first shift lmao

//😂 😂 think that’s so funny tbh btw yeah//

Finished my 8hours, contemplated life, got yelled at for stuff that were new regulations, and my friends all found me and we laughed the last bit off. Also met some new people.

This job never questions my gender or existence as a whole and I feel so capable I’m kind of excited to go back to working with everyone.

—> currently made it to my class on time (WHICH IS HELLA AMAZING) despite going home after work, showering, laying down on bed and skimming Instagram— and trying to put on my goddamn new binder