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245: vs 10:00Pm ET#

Nog nooit mee naar gekeken als m’n jongens aan het spelen zijn, tot nu, best wel lachen 😂

We’re licensed for ceremonies in all of our incredible spaces. From small and intimate in our Bench Apartments to a marquee for over 700 guests, we have it all.

Guy’s Hill get ready for the cucumber 🥒 Queen on December 14 for Shellings Boss Birthday bash start Annex Plaza!!! 🥒

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anonymous asked:

you see a shining gem up ahead

Shin Mao: finally, this horrible curse will be broken at least-


Shin Mao: …why…?

M!A: 11/19(?)


OH NO! I forgot to turn aging off! Looks like the Insecta household had a couple birthdays.

Bee, lovely as ever. Look at those lil’ wrinkles.

Katy…looking…weird? Okay I can’t take her seriously with the hair.

maomaodedicatedrebloggerthemain  asked:

how does everyone feel about being puff balls....heheheh

Shin Mao: I hate every single second of it!

Badgerclops: you and me both dude.

Coby: It doesn’t make sense! I had scales for crying out loud!

Momma Mao: …I am also not a fan.

Adorabat: I can’t fly with all this fluff!

“Witch Bitch”: I’m sure everyone’s unanimous on their thoughts on this magic.

M!A: 7/15(?)

anonymous asked:

*puts everyone on a big maze for chinchillas* let's play a game: there's a "magic gem" at the end of the maze that will make you normal again, but there's also another one alike that will make you more fluffier and cute for others 4 asks. Who finds the correct one, well, you already know ;) Oh, btw, you're at your own

“Witch Bitch”: well at least we don’t have to worry about father and Swordsman starting round 2 of ‘the game’ anymore…

Tanya: Why are you doing this?

Ratarang: I thinks we already know ‘why’.

M!A: 6/15(?)

anonymous asked:

Momma Mao, it seems there are pests in the vents, you should put some poison to weed them out or turn up the heating

Momma Mao: That is a very rude way to talk about my husband and I expect you to apologise to him immediately!

Momma Mao: And while I do strongly disapprove of Swordsman’s antics, I have never met him so I don’t know his full story. But I still expect you to apologise to him too for trying to get me to kill him!

Her stern ‘Mom voice’ would probably be more effective if she was not a tiny fluffy creature that could fit in the palm of your hand.

M!A: 4/15

anonymous asked:

Wow. Shin Mao's worried for once.

Shin Mao: …

Shin Mao: Do you think that I’m not worried about him on a daily basis just because I don’t say it out loud?! I. am. worried. about. him. OKAY?! For several years he’s been wandering the world with no clue who he was doing god knows what to survive and now he’s a part of a group of wanted criminals! I know that this is partially my fault, but I don’t know how to fix this giant mess!

Shin Mao: I’m going in after him.

“Witch Bitch”: FATHER, DO NOT GO INTO THE AIR VENTS! …and he’s already in the air vents, lovely.

M!A: 3/15



MY GIRL DJ ALYA IS COMING TO ROCK WIT YA’ … 21st DEC 19 —> Prive Gastro Lounge 🎉


Supported by : DJ MASH AKA “MASHBOY”

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