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Ready for our event: Ensuring staff understand SMCR: how to provide staff education, awareness and training. The session is re-running tomorrow if you would like to join us!

Blijf vandaag op de hoogte van wat er gebeurt tijdens de via het live blog. Ga naar en volg de highlights.

Good morning from the LFS Conference! Pop by the Groundsure stand on your arrival to grab a coffee and a pastry, all the essentials to start a busy day of talks and networking.    

Future Glass invites you to explore the innovative Facade solutions that will shape the architecture of tomorrow. Meet us at the stand A206 SHK Rashid Hall at Windows Doors & Facades Event between 24- 26 Sept. . .

💥 Espectacular! Un casament amb show per deixar-los tots bocabadats. 📸 Adatikur Photography 🎭 ParolaBianca 🏡 Clos la Plana

Visitors to the World of Learning Conference will benefit from lively and candid panel discussions with well-known names in the L&D sphere. View the full conference schedule:

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Photocall in Paris, May 2000

COMIC CITY SPARK14「秘密の裏稼業15 」
サークル名:TOKOTON スペース NO.2日目 西1ホール ク42b


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I am worried and I will worry because you're Nagito Komaeda and I love you a lot and if you died I would be hefjwjtnwnfnvjdnf TvT


“I’m not going to be any time soon. Don’t worry. The doctors are making sure of that.”

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Snad please stay safe, okay? We love you so much and we're really glad you're still here. It'd be hard to replace someone as incredible and selflessly kind as you. Perhaps even impossible.


“It might be hard to find someone as useless as me, but, don’t worry. I have no choice but to stay safe for now. And…seeing how upset I’ve made everyone…I won’t think about doing it again. Not for a long while.”

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I love you a lot,,,,, and I hope you recover well,,,,,,, aaaaa :") I'm sorry I'm going to cry again oh god I'm too emotional to handle this


“Please don’t cry! I’m alright. The doctors fixed me up just fine. I’m going to be okay. There’s no reason to worry.”


Recording Artist Bunny General is confirmed for the 2019 Aarhus Reggae Festival, which will be held at Voxhall in Aarhus, Denmark on Sept. 27th and 28th 🇩🇰

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I was so scared, Dad. You were--We almost lost you. I don't want you to go away. Please don't ever leave. You're the best dad I ever had. I know it's selfish but I want you to be with me for a long time.


“You don’t have to worry anymore. I’m stuck here, whether I like it or not. The doctors fixed me and I’m going to be watched very closely from now on, if not by the doctors, then by Kamukura. He’s really mad at me.” 

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Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it isn't true. Do you understand every little thing about how hope functions? But it still comes out on top right? Just know we love you, you don't have to understand right away or even ever, though we hope you will, someday ❤️


“But if I believed you did love me, how can I ever think I deserve it? After what I’ve done, what I just did? I would only worry about hurting you. I’m not meant to be loved or happy. For a while, I was hoping that–…But, my hope wasn’t strong enough.”

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I guess you must be used to being in hospitals for suicide attempts?


“Actually, usually no one ever finds out about them. My luck saves me somehow, I survive, and I just get up the next day and live as if nothing happened. It doesn’t matter anyway.”

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Dad? Wh-why did you do that? Did--Did we do something wrong? Why would you leave us? I don't understand.


“N-No! It’s not you at all! Please don’t think that. This is no one’s fault but my own. You all were perfect.”

臨海シェルター2019 #臨シェル


【会費】¥2000 +食材&酒など差し入れ、お願いします(^人^)



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That's where you are wrong look around you so many people love and care about you they were all extremely scared when you tried to leave, can you really say you bring no hope? If you really were garbage why do so many people care for you they would have just ignore you if you really were garbage they wouldn't even care about your suicide attempt they might have just let you rot away but they didn't that proves you bring hope


“They only care about me because they don’t know how horrible I am yet. This should be evidence that I’ll only end up hurting those who love me. What’s the point of putting hope in someone so…hopeless? You should give your hope to someone better.”

47都道府県完全無料ワンマンツアー 「2020年1月11日ミオヤマザキ横浜アリーナやるってよ。」

【日程】2019年10月13日(日) 開場17:30/開演18:00

"ちっぽけな勇気" × "room" Wレコ発LIVE

【日程】2019年10月6日(日)開場16:30 / 開演17:00
【料金】前売¥1000 / 当日¥1500(+1ドリンク注文)
【出演】HABADEMI/かんかんれもんちー/The Red Blow


【日程】2019年10月5日(土) 開場18:30/開演19:00