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Listen to Laura Quigley - Managing Director from SEA , at MMA’s AdFraud Roadshow - Jakarta at Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, on August 8th. To learn more visit -

승자예측 👾 스타크래프트 스트리머배틀 👾 카봇 모드! 7/23(화) 저녁 6시 LIVE! 🍓 딸기빙수 참여하기 👇👇 [트위치 인스타그램]

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Wir sind am kommenden Montag, 22.07. und Mittwoch 24.07. 2019 mit dabei beim 2019 in ! Kommt vorbei und bespielt am Moritzplatz alte und neue Videospiee! Details:

SKYFORGER at Taubenschlag 2019 am 22.07.2019 und 24.07.2019 auf dem Moritzplatz, Augsburg

ขอบคุณเจ้าของร้านใจดี cat on the roof และสปอนเซอร์ Bavaria ที่ให้โอกาส Harmonic Distortion ได้มาเล่นกับ Flure เป็นคืนที่สนุกมาก ร้านใ้กล้บ้านด้วย ต้องมาซ้ำ❤

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Apple sends out invitations for its September 7th iPhone event

The rumor was right on the money – Apple has sent out invitations for a media event on September 7th. The teaser is characteristically cryptic between its out-of-focus lights (which, naturally, form an Apple logo) and “see you on the 7th” slogan. However, you don’t have to read the tea leaves to have an idea of what to expect when Tim Cook and company take the stage. It’s very likely that you’ll see the next iPhone, which may ditch the conventional headphone jack, tout improved cameras and carry extra storage. There’s also a chance that you’ll see a new Apple Watch with GPS, a bigger battery and better water resistance. One thing’s for sure: we’ll be there to give you the full scoop.

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Watch Samsung's Galaxy S8 event in under nine minutes

After a 15-minute “you can still trust us” intro, endless inspired-by-your-dreams cliches and enough specs to benumb the most caffeinated tech blogger, Samsung actually unveiled two damn good phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. We wouldn’t be so cruel as to put you through the hour-plus ordeal, though, dear reader. We’ve condensed the whole thing down to nine minutes, so you can catch all the highlights – Bixby! Infinite displays! Super selfies! Flame-free! – and none of the tedium. Enjoy.

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Location: The rooftop of Ethan’s home in Fulham, Hammersmith & Fulham.
Host: Ethan Hathaway.
Date: Friday, July 19th, 2019. Times announced on the night.
Dress Code: Cocktail dresses, suits and ties.


With the latest member of the Hathaway family having returned to his roots, courtesy, reputation, and his upbringing demand that Ethan both announces his presence to London and welcomes its society with open arms into his home. He will do so, of course, with pretentious style long acquainted with the Hathaway name.

This cocktail party will offer everything the rich person’s heart so adores: expensive hors d’oeuvre, gentle live music, and an unlimited supply of (hard) liquor. Not to forget endless gossip. And Cuban cigars. And probably a dramatic scene accidentally caused by yours truly? Y’all remember the Divorcary? Because I do.

Even strangers are welcome. Ethan believes in charity and possible friendships…or at least that everyone is, in some way, useful to him. Speaking of charity: guests will be given the opportunity to acquire small antiquities which have previously been in Hathaway possession in a small auction at the end of the night. All the money will be donated to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.


For role-playing purposes, this event will be open to everyone. Expect your characters to meet and mingle, gossip and spill the tea, and collectively laugh at the Russians’ exclusion. French affiliated characters are welcome, but will be under strict surveillance. Security guards will keep a close eye on them, and misbehavior will not be tolerated. Ethan does expect shenanigans to occur, but he is determined to keep this party as civil as possible. This means that whilst drama is naturally welcome, your character might be removed from the premises if it turns into a soap opera.

Apple schedules March 9th event ahead of Watch launch

You know the drill. Apple issues an invite for an event, and tech media channels go wild with speculation. Except that we know the event in question this time, scheduled for March 9, is almost certainly about the Apple Watch. How? Well, we already know it’s slated for an April release, so there’s that. Oh and a not-so-subtle “spring forward” message the invite contains. Apple losing its cryptic touch? Maybe, but it’s not unknown for Cook and crew to throw in a few surprises (but please, no more musical “surprises”). Engadget will of course be there to find out, with a liveblog so you can follow along too. Just don’t forget to change your (non Apple) watch an hour, or you’ll miss the whole darn thing.

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We have lift off: Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos launch for record-breaking space jump, watch right here (update: done!)

Talk about building up the tension! Yep, our favorite Austrian daredevil is back out on the New Mexico desert, hoping the weather will hold, and he can finally fall into the record books. Don’t forget, you can catch up on Felix Baumgartner’s long journey to Roswell in our project overview, but if you’re just here for the jump, no problem, as you can watch right here too. Currently conditions are looking like they might just go in Baumgartner’s favor, despite some initial concerns about wind levels. But, as we found out earlier in the week, anything can change in an instant. Hold on to your hat (and your breakfast), and hop past the break to watch the events unfold live.

Update: Some spoilers lurk ahead if you didn’t get to watch live and wanted to catch the event for yourself, so switch articles if you want to catch replays later on. For everyone else: it’s a success! Despite some worries about heat going to the helmet visor that threatened the attempt, Baumgartner has at least unofficially broken records both for the highest-ever manned balloon flight and the all-important altitude record for a jump, either of which respectively occurred just over and just under 128,000 feet. Baumgartner also broke the speed record for freefall, although he was just short of Joe Kittinger’s 4-minute, 36-second freefall duration. There’s a media event still ahead that should provide more details, but for now we’d just like to welcome Felix back to Earth.

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We are happy to announce that @fyeahstingsu will be hosting our first StingSu event! The event will take place from the 2nd - 6th August:

Friday 2nd: Flowers

Saturday 3rd: Night Time

Sunday 4th: Parents

Monday 5th: Songs

Tuesday 6th: Birthday

Please make sure to mention @fyeahstingsu in your post and put #stingsu2019 in the first five tags.

We are accepting any relationship between Natsu and Sting.

Pedophilia and bashing of any ship will be NOT accepted, either.

Please tag your works with any trigger warnings or other necessary details.

We will reblog any kind of entry.

We won’t accept any pre-existing work, everything must be new and made for the purpose of the event..

You do not need to stick to the official prompts and are free to follow your own if you wish.

We will accept last entry.


Aesthetic 1 by @grayserigala

Aesthetic 2 by @oceanwaves-blog

🌹🌙All my fellow hazbin hotel oc Artists and writers may i have your attention! 🌙🌹

My First event so i hope you like anyways

#Hellsmasquerade (pls use the the hashtag to post and see your art)

The event Shall start on July 22 and ends on the 28

please try your best to be on time

Btw don’t worry about the season it’s never too early to be spooky and i really didn’t want to forget about it and work on my back which will be school and stess =w= if ya have a problem with it then go away T^T

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A mysterious letter appeared to your oc’s oh it’s a invitation to a event! Your ocs gladly attend it! What mystery’s await..



1. The clothing theme is dark colors and blacks and gold, the main flower for the event are roses mainly black and red

2. If 1-3 of your ocs have black roses a they shall appear as a vampire at the event

If with red roses they will be normal to everyone at the event

They shall wear the roses on hair or mask or suit

It’s random sooo…and shhh

And you can ask my ocs or interact with them




Originally posted by wearemadeofblood

Day 1-2: Invitations are sent! Who will attend it? And Who will they invite to join Them? As lovers? Friends? Show your oc’s receiving the Invitation or asking someone to come

Day 3: what shall they wear to the event? Show your ocs in their formal dark clothing

Day 4-5: arriving at the event! What shall they do once they get there? Enjoy the fine appetizers, drinks and interact with other ocs at the event.

Day 6: dancing the night away! Shall we dance? Show your oc’s slow dancing with their love or soon to be love in moonlight or watching

Day 7: event over! show your oc’s after the event! Maybe sleeping in? Catching on work?

I don’t know if the event would even make it maybe? 😂 sooo have fun everyone! Thank you!

Apple's iPad mini event video now available for replay

Apple decided to broadcast its event live this time around (provided you had an appropriate Apple device), but those that missed it as it happened expectedly aren’t out of luck. The company has made the video of the event available for replay at your leisure, although you’ll once again need to view it in either the new Events channel on your Apple TV or in Safari on OS X 10.6 or later (at the source link below). Of course, you can also catch up with the event courtesy of our liveblog for our own running commentary on the proceedings.

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Video of Nokia and Microsoft's Windows Phone event now available for replay

Didn’t get a chance to watch Nokia and Microsoft’s big Windows Phone event live? Well, you can still catch up on all that went down in our liveblog, or watch the event in its entirety courtesy of Nokia’s webcast, which is now available for on-demand viewing. Hit the source link below to get started.

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Apple iPad event confirmed for March 7th in San Francisco

You’ve heard all the rumors, and now Apple has finally confirmed the details of its next iPad launch event. It will take place on Wednesday, March 7th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. The company is keeping things suitably vague beyond that, of course, promising only that it has “something you really have to see. And touch.” You can be sure we’ll be there live to find out exactly what that might be.

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Watch Felix Baumgartner's space dive live right here at 9:30AM ET (update: more delays)

Weather may have delayed Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking “space dive” by another (no doubt torturous) 24 hours, but all going well, the wait is almost over. In just over an hour, proceedings will kick off, and you can watch them live, right here. The latest reports indicated that conditions remain favorable, with the team sending a weather balloon up into the stratosphere earlier this morning. The fun begins at 8:30am eastern, but all you need to do is grab a coffee then head past the break for the live feed.

Update: Pre-flight checks have postponed the set off. Earliest launch is now set for 12:30PM 1:30PM ET.

Update 2: Sorry folks, the launch has been called off due to gusty winds. The team said that tomorrow was a possibility, but until the weather gives way, Felix will remain firmly on the ground.

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HTC's Windows Phone 8 press event now available to watch online (video)

Love you some Windows Phone? Big fan of HTC? Well, then, we imagine this has been a good week for you! If you missed our coverage from New York as it happened, first of all, shame on you. But, we’ll forgive you, and as a special treat even point you to a video of the whole event online. Simply head past the break for the goods, and if you don’t want to know what happens, don’t click on any of the earlier links in this post. Too late for spoilers? Okay, they announce new phones!

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NVIDIA's CES 2013 event now available to watch online

Assuming you’ve already caught up on Samsung’s press event from yesterday, now may be a good time to see what NVIDIA unveiled at CES 2013 from the comfort of your own home, office or any other internet-connect place you might be. Naturally, you’ll catch a glimpse of all of NVIDIA’s unveilings, including that shiny new Tegra 4 processor and the company’s Project Shield gaming console. Surely there will be a few more for you to watch in the coming days, so head below to catch the chip maker’s event in its entirety and scratch that one off your list of things to watch.

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We are one away from 100 followers for TWL!! When I first started writing I never thought that anyone would even be interested, but I am so overjoyed and overwhelmed with the amount of love and patience this community has shown me. You guys are the best!!

With that being said, I would like to do something nice for you all! What would you like to see when we hit the big one hundred?

• Mood Boards

• In character asks

• Romance Promopt

• Misc

Feel free to reply here or inbox me your ideas/vote! Love you all!

Google I/O 2013 dates announced: starts May 15th, registration to open early next year

Hope your calendar’s clear for next May. Google has just announced the dates for I/O 2013, with the event kicking off on May 15th and concluding on May 17th. After setting up shop in San Francisco this June, the event will return to its traditional May time frame in 2013. The company isn’t handing out any clues on what’s to come, only noting that registration information will be coming in “early ‘13.” Meanwhile, feel free to relive the keynotes from just a few months back. My, how the time flies when you’re Nowing.

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Sprint Strategy Update coming on October 7th, significant 4G plans likely to be unveiled

Sprint’s Dan Hesse told us point-blank back in July that he was penning a “great story around 4G” for this fall, and it looks as if October 7th will be the date that it “all becomes clear.” We just received an invitation to quite the atypical event – a “strategy update” for the press to cover in New York City. All we’re told is that presentations by senior management will be on tap, with a sure-to-be-lively Q&A session to follow. ‘Course, this may all be a ploy to waste our precious time on a precious Friday in autumn, but something tells us Sprint ain’t exactly in a position to be blowing cash on a Hot Air session. So, what’s on deck? Let’s count the possibilities: more details on its side regarding the iPhone 5? A full-on acquisition of Clearwire (plus a shift to LTE-Advanced)? More details on that elusive LightSquared arrangement? A merger with AT&T&T to create the largest telecommunications provider this side of Pluto? We’ll be there to find out, but for now, hypotheses are being accepted in comments below. Read more