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✅ A 5 jours des élections européennes, retrouvez le projet pour l' du président de la République, Emmanuel Macron dans une interview accordée à la presse régionale 👉🏻 ⚠️ Le 26 mai, il n'y aura qu'un tour 🇪🇺

after : towards ? Glad to be part of a very interesting and timely closed-doors conversation on the outcomes of the at with Pawel Karbownik, advisor to , ,

Go vote 🇪🇺🗳 and enjoy ! 🌄🚅 we have 10 Interrail passes for young voters to go abroad and see what Europe does for them! Check the competition

after : towards ? Glad to be part of a very interesting and timely closed-doors conversation on the outcomes of the at ⁦⁩ with Pawel Karbownik, advisor to ⁦⁩ and ⁦

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Excited to announce our session one panellist to discuss, “The changing demand for transportation in ” at 2019. This will be a session you will not want to miss. Be sure to book your delegate place today!

Close to 1.8 million people are subject to alternative measures to under the supervision of agencies in , according to Council of Europe 2018 survey published today!

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Europeans vote this month for a new parlement. It is so important to vote and to participate in future of .

I cant believe that these threats are not being taken more seriously - the schoolyard bully is at it again - it only takes a spark to set this whole thing off and it will kick off in 's backyard

Les peuvent-elle sauver (le débat sur) les élections ? A découvrir, les vidéos des politistes du , pour une recherche qui décrypte et repolitise !

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  IO VOTO    bhe ne racconti di balle !! il non ha fatto fatti ?? ahahah ti confondi con lega -pd-fi - fdi-sono la stessa medaglia !! visto che lega & fdi sono con berlusca e berlusca firma col pd n5

In 2 days, over 100 delegates from throughout Europe are meeting in Sanary sur Mer - France, for `s . We wish all of them safe journey, good luck and great wisdom in representing the National and Local in !

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Bad Brains (1983)

Prognoza meteo Romania 22 Mai 2019 #Romania #vremea

Prognoza meteo Romania 22 Mai 2019 #Romania #vremea

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Prognoza meteo Romania 22 Mai 2019 #Romania #vremea.

Prognoza meteo Romania 21 Mai 2019. Romanian weather forecast for tomorrow.

Incercati si pagina noastra ce contine prognoza meteo de pana la 10 zile aici [maxbutton id=”5″ ] 

Miercuri 22 Mai 2019vremea va fi în general instabilă în regiunile vestice, nordice și centrale, precum și în zonele de munte, unde temporar înnorările vor fi accentuate…

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Great Outing Ideas for UK Families

Have you and the family been to the best places in the UK, and are looking for something just as wonderful, but different? The good news is that Europe offers a huge amount of great family vacation and weekend outing opportunities that can thrill and delight every family member.

So if you are thinking of a few places on the continent, that are amazing to visit with the wife and kids, here are two to strongly consider.

Take a Yacht Trip on the Mediterranean

If your family feels like getting out of the UK for a longer trip there is a wonderful place that is sure to please. How about chartering a yacht a cruise along the beautiful Mediterranean? This is one of the most sought after areas of Europe with great destinations that offer fun for the entire family.

You can charter a luxury yacht from Vyra which offers the widest selection of luxury yachts available. One call to the company will guarantee you that you and your family get the boat you want for your trip. If you are licensed to captain the vessel, you can do it yourself, or Vyra will provide for you a complete licensed crew. You can also request equipment for water adventures including snorkeling and scuba, and don’t forget to reserve a few jet skis.

What a wonderful trip to take the kids on, where you can spend uninterrupted time with them as you boat across the lovely Mediterranean. This is the perfect time to catch up, away from cell phones and online games. Use this opportunity to make port, stop in historical cities that line the Mediterranean, and visit some of the top museums and galleries in the world.

You can also take the family to sample different food and cultures from a variety of countries including Spain, Italy, France and Turkey. You can also stop by theme parks and waterparks for some great kid’s activities. This is the type of trip to take when you want do something special for your loved ones. The price is also surprisingly competitive when you compare it to staying in a luxury hotel. But you get so much more because you can choose where you go, and where you drop anchor.

Visit Switzerland, a Winter Wonderland

For decades, Switzerland has been one of Europe’s most beloved countries. This small country of nearly eight and one half million can be considered part of western, central and southern Europe, and shares borders with Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. There are three bigger cities that attract most visitors in the country: Zurich, Lugano and Geneva.

There are so many great reasons to bring your family to visit. First off, it is one of the most beautiful and well run countries. Trains and buses are always on time and everything in the country works. Second, it is also the safest country in Europe with the lowest crime rate. Finally there are many things for families to do including cultural undertakings like museums and events that happen in all of Switzerland’s big three cities throughout the year.

Perhaps one of the best family undertakings however is skiing and whichever city in Switzerland you visit, you can expect mountains with great powder. So come in the late fall, early spring or winter, bring the kids, and enjoy Switzerland, a winter wonderland.

These two options for UK families range the gamut from sun and yachting, to winter skiing. They both present great opportunities for wonderful family vacations. Consider either or both when you want to take the family on a great trip.

Three Characteristic Differences between the Gothic & Romanesque Churches

So, this weeks’ written assignment is to discuss the three characteristics that distinguish Gothic from Romanesque churches.

Three characteristics:

  • higher, thinner walls thanks to the pointed arch and flying buttress
  • More light allowed in due to stained glass windows
  • Ceilings were ribbed vaults where as Romanesque had barrel shaped vaults

One of the main differences the Gothic church had from a Romanesque is their verticality. Walls and windows were higher and bigger. There was an overall feeling of lightness as compared to the thick, solid walls of a Romanesque church. This was due, in part, to the flying buttress. The flying buttress absorbed the lateral thrust from the heavy vaulted ceilings and walls, allowing for the pressure to be transferred outside. And, because of this, piers and columns could now become slimmer, as opposed to the heavy, thick columns seen in a Romanesque church. With these buttresses in place, architects would be able to build taller, grander churches than was previously seen. In addition, the pointed arch of the windows also relieved the weight of the ceiling vaults by redirecting the pressure downwards.

The ribbed vault of the ceilings in a Gothic cathedral also served to make the church feel lighter and more open. These were also easier to construct than the barrel, or semi-circular, vault of the Romanesque church. They were more economical to build and lasted longer than the barrel vault. Along with the flying buttresses, it relieved the internal pressure, leaving the area to be filled with windows instead of interior supports.

Another difference is the large stained glass windows that we see in a Gothic church. Romanesque churches had small windows or none at all. When Suger rebuilt the Abbey Church of St. Denis, he believed that more light meant that you were closer to God. Therefore, he wanted his church (as well as other churches that followed) to be light and airy. To seem like a heaven on earth. Large, richly colored stained glass windows became a staple of the Gothic church. Also, often the stained glass windows would portray stories from the bible or depict the life of a saint. At a time when most Christians were illiterate, the church became a living bible to those who could not read.


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Evolución del enfoque de Regeneración Urbana en las políticas públicas 
Diferencias y similitudes del modelo Europeo y Latinoamericano, en los últimos 40 años

Seminario de Investigación
Profesora Guía Mónica Bustos Peñafiel 
Universidad de Chile - Semestre Primavera 2018
Eduardo Alberto Villagra Villegas

enero 2019