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Evening, ! The is coming, have you got your trinket yet?

I love antique brooches that look like miniature framed paintings. Here are a few favourites, past and present. The castle landscape brooch is available. Others are sold.

Excited to share this item from my etsy shop: Concrete Cube Pendant. Minimalist inspired Necklace with round concrete Bead in the middle.

A small collection of necklaces in my etsy- soon to be packed up ready for festival selling!! So excited to be selling at my first one... can't wait to share pics! …

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Modern Ukrainian Hryvnia Rhinestones Coin Pendant Necklace Ukraine Kyiv Prince Volodymyr the Great Relief Handmade Jewelry
Modern Ukrainian Hryvnia Rhinestones Coin Pendant Necklace Ukraine Kyiv Prince Volodymyr the Great Relief Portrait Handmade Jewelry This beautiful pendant is handmade by me from geniune modern ukrainian coin hryvnia of light silver color metal, decorated with glass rhinestones. Diameter of coin

I have some fun news I’d like to share ☺️ June marks the 3rd birthday of LittleGears Timepiece Jewelry!! It’s almost hard to believe that 3 years have past since the idea of LittleGears was born to today. So to celebrate, I’m having a sale in my Etsy shop June 21st-June23nd! All my pieces will be 20% off and, as always, free domestic shipping! New pieces will be added along the way, so please, check out my Etsy shop (link in bio) and consider giving the gift of time. Thank you all so much for your support and getting me this far!! ❤️

My Jewellery

My jewellery is inspired by nature, the seasons, the night sky. From the blue of the sea to the dark night sky and twinkling stars, my jewellery draws in colours and evokes the feelings of the natural world.
Leaves, insects, trees, flowers, colours, animals, earth, sea, water, seasons.
I like to collect descriptive phrases and words about nature and the earth.
~~Bright Blessings~~


Kinokonoki - sterling silver 925 pendant with blackening, raw amethyst crystal and heart shaped amethyst.
Киноконоки - серебряная подвеска виде гриба или медузы, кому как больше нравится, с аметистовым сердцем и природным кристаллом
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Video of the Picturesque Fern to distinguish pendant in detail. In stock in my Etsy shop.
Вдогонку публикую видео Живописного папоротника.
Кажется, я нашла способ фокусировки на предмете во время видеосъемки! ^_^ теперь видео более четкое, или мне кажется?
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