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When results speak for themselves!

VALUES AND LEADERSHIP: Utilize an overall conceptual framework to guide our exploration of and Leadership: The Encompassing (Modes of Being) and associated Systems and styles - Competency-Based Learning – Online 24/7

Attend to hear keynote speaker Stefan Passantino reflect upon his tenure within President Trump’s White House and the challenges of promoting an within a rapidly-changing environment. Learn more here:

I am delighted to have served for many years now as an & alternative. This , they have announced that in 2018 they raised £1m to . Total given so far- £4m, transforming over 270,000 lives worldwide - BRILLIANT

The Best Gifts for Babies: 10 High Quality, Ideas. Our latest collection has beautifully crafted accessories that can be passed down and gender neutral organic clothing that can survive growth spurts to name a few!

It’s spring! But with the warmer weather and melting snow comes increased risk of flood. Is your property ready? Are you? Download our bulletins and make sure you’re flood smart!

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Its Day 22 of and today’s all about what you're proud of. We are particularly proud of our recent ethical award - making us the first yoga shop to be judged officially ethical. Read our story

We are a digital marketing agency helping businesses change the world. We do this by helping them reach more customers, grow their sales and grow their revenue. We work with businesses with , people-friendly and/or animal-friendly causes at their heart.

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Today is #WorldWaterDay. 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water worldwide, which is something everyone on the planet should have access to. Our ethical charity pick for the day is Charity: Water, a non-profit group that gives 100% of their donations towards help to provide clean water to those in developing countries. If you’re looking for a charity to donate to for World Water Day, then these are one of the best. If you can’t afford to make a donation, then a share is just as greatly appreciated. Actions, no matter how small, all help to provide support to others across the planet. 🌎 🌿

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Here’s my Valentine’s Day @lushcosmetics Haul, including the items graciously gifted to me by Lush from the box 📦✨💗 see anything that catches your eye?? 👀
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for those spring days. when the sun begins to bring in his warmth but the cold breeze of winter is still flowing through… ✨ this is an one of a kind poncho made with natural fibers + love to keep you cosy through the transition of the seasons. it’s available on my etsy:

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Second day!! Thank u so much to those who reblogged and liked my first day post I would have probably written this off if I didn’t have that encouragement (we run on validation in this household). Pics are a dear letter from a dear friend and the v cute sticker that all Lucy and Yak clothes come with (check out their stuff they’re both ethical and sustainable!!)

Today I’ve managed to:

  • Sort out my bujo
  • Write a letter back to my lovely pal who sent me the seeds of endurance!! How cute are they
  • Written only 200 words of my diss but the night is still young
  • Made decent headway on a marine management system case study (I’m doing St. Lucia!!)

I didn’t get up very early today bc I forgot to set my alarm but tomorrow I will be On It!! 7:00am get up time here we come
Is There Really Such a Thing as “Ethical Consumerism”?
Maya Singer has let go of her belief that we can shop our way to progress.

This hierarchy is based on the unnecessary purchasing of fashion- we as consumers feel we ‘need’ to buy new products from the constant fashion advertisements, trends and content.  When in reality- we don’t need to over purchase and over consume.

‘USE WHAT YOU HAVE’- will be the most important factor in my fashion revolution PR campaign. Changing consumer mindsets to use their own wardrobes and style their current clothing into different outfits / trends instead of purchasing more and more fast fashion.