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Sup guys I will no longer be a fan blog but instead just be using this blog as my own personal one. I understand if you want to unfollow but I just don’t have time to run a fan account blog but I still love tumblr and don’t want to delete it. I had a good time getting to know ya’ll and share our love for some goofy twins! I will only be reblogging stuff mostly now or if anyone still wants to chat we absolutely can. I just won’t be writing anymore. I appreciate all of you!


Sofia ❤️

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E: ”My body doesn’t squiggle like that…”

G: *scared*

E: “oh we’re sliding…”

G: *scared*

E: “oh I can do that!”

G: “I don’t think I can…”

E: *girls flip* “OKAY…”

G: *terrified*

Girls: “see it’s easy!”

Twins: “IT’S EASY?!?!

I loved this so much 😂😂💜💜💜💜

Ethan Dolan layouts 🐷

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When you realise it’s Dolan Twin Tuesday😝😆

I decided to start making twins haikus.

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Clouds GD

inspired by clouds - KYLE

Originally posted by punishmedolans

I looked around me and heard my alarm clock buzz with annoyance. I got up from my bed and wiped my eyes clean. I made my bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face so it can be clean from regret and selflessness. I brushed my teeth and hair to finally put my clothes and leave my home for the day.

I felt my heart sink to the heels of my feet as I stepped out from the door. It was to be me. To go through pain everyday. To be broken into pieces every night.

I walked to the park My was down looking at the lines of the sidewalk, receding into the grass. I look down so much that I forgot that the world had clouds. If I could look up and see the clouds I would him looking down at me. Looking proud at me. My brothers were always there for me as I was there for my sisters. My parents never being there for us. They tell I’m strong. But I know I can be stronger. I tell myself every night. I love myself. I love myself.

What a lie.

I looked at kids swinging on the swings so carelessly. Yet they could fall of and their parents would be by their sides in an instant. Parents. I wish someone could love me enough to make me a parent. A mom. With 2 kids. Maybe 1 girl and 1 boy. If I could just open my eyes and see my kids. Crying. Waiting for their parents, my husband and I, to come save them from pain.

But I can’t.

God doesn’t want me to be a parent.

It’s alright they said. It’ll be alright soon he said. I’ll be there soon the unknown child said. I’ll love you forever the unknown lover of mine said.

“Y/n?” I heard someone say, “you alright?”

“Soon,” I said with my hand on my stomach that once held a baby. A baby that was mine. A baby that was his. I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds. There he was. “I’ll be alright when I see you, Grayson Dolan.”

he remembers ✧ continued

exiting the bathroom, grayson’s piano was in view. walking toward it i pulled the bench out and took a seat. putting both my hands on the right keys, they felt cold beneath my fingertips.

für elise was his favorite piece to play so i decided to learn it, for him.

i would visit him at the hospital everyday and sat with him on his bed sharing the stories about a couple which was us.

“they seem like such a happy couple.”

i looked over at him and smiled.

“believe me, they are.”

the next day i got a call from ethan explaining grayson was getting released from the hospital and he’d be the one filling out the papers for his release and bringing him back home.

with much excitement, i had a big smile on my face when heading back up the stairs to our bedroom. deciding to practice one last time before he arrives, i sat myself on the bench and played the piece to perfection.

when i heard the doorbell ring, i ran down the stairs and opened the door.

“alright gray, we’ve arrived.”

grayson walked in taking a look around the house and smiled at me.

“you have such a nice house i’m happy i could stay here.”

my heart stung a little when he said that because i wanted to tell him that he wasn’t just staying here, he lived here, but instead i smiled and nodded.

“grayson, i actually want to show you something or more like play something for you.”

i grabbed his hand leading us both upstairs and into our bedroom.

“you have a piano? no way! i love playing the piano!”

i smiled and helped him take a seat on the bench before taking a seat myself.

“i’ve been practicing this piece for a long time and you don’t know how hard it was to finally reach the point where i can play it to perfection.”

i began to play and he stared down at my fingers moving along the keys in awe.

“i could have sworn i remember playing this before with you, but-“

“wait! you’re the one i was playing this to on that night the accident happened. you’re also my girlfriend, y/n!”

my eyes went wide as i looked up from the keys and frantically nodded still in shock that he finally remembered.

“you remember!”

“i remember!”

he kissed me before wrapping me in a hug.

“i remember everything.”

he whispered as we looked into each other’s eyes, foreheads touching.

he remembers.


A few things. The ship name is awful but I don’t know how I feel. Emma kind of annoys me but if Ethan’s happy then I’m happy and I feel like he did low key confirm it in the video yesterday. Honestly though the polygrapher guy said “it took his breathe away” so if it is true, talking about her literally took Ethan’s breathe away and that’s cute as fuck. But what I’m not going to do is tweet Emma, James, Ethan, or Grayson about it or bully Ethan or Emma. Some people in this fandom, maybe not on Tumblr but other social media are so abusive and toxic to the sister squad. Let Ethan be happy, face it there are a lot worse people the twins could be dating so honestly I’m low key thankful that it might be Emma.

The Dolan Twins are a blessing :)


Ok but honestly I would love to see where all of the people who bullied and made fun of the twins are now. They bullied them just because they made videos but now they are happy, successful, and have millions of people loving the shit out of them across the world for doing what they have loved for so long. Like I’m so glad Ethan and Grayson said fuck you to those people and kept going so they can make us laugh years later. I’ll never understand how people can bully those boys when they are literally so funny and never have a mean thing to say about anyone. I’m so thankful they had each other to push themselves to keep going because look at them now. They’ve had their ups and their downs but they are doing what they love while putting out stuff they are proud of all while trying to make us feel better. Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan, you both deserve the world.

Bitch, let me lick your dick 😛🍆

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It’s fun to be busy but @ times it can be a little overwhelming you know😐 like it can be nice having nothing to do too

won’t u look at that.. a two course meal 🍴🤤

imma keep it real w y’all. whenever im down i always pull up a picture of grayson and i play my ukulele and sing cant help falling in love

i know im weird, but it puts me in a happy place. lol

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Concept: Ethan Dolan in red

Hi, it’s me and I have a question. (please don’t ignore me haha)

So, I know I haven’t posted a fic for a month or so BUT I have a Grayson (kind of Ethan also) fic on the works. It’s currently at 16k+ words but it isn’t done yet. Question is: A. Will you guys prefer it if I post it by parts so I can post something today and every other day so you guys can read something while I continue it OR B. Will you be willing to wait a little bit longer and just read the whole fic in one go? Please send me you thoughts :) (or just send me a letter haha)

Here’s the summary of the fic:

You’ve always had unspoken feelings for Ethan since you were young, so it really did hurt when you found out he liked Emma, and not in a subtle way, may I add. You went to Grayson to vent but things didn’t go as you expected when Grayson told you what he really feels.