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but seriously thank you!! I don’t know why tbh, I literally only reblog shit and complain but w.e ya know ?????? you guys literally always make my day and you guys are the most wholesome and relatable people ever and it’s kinda scary how much I relate to all of ya but it’s fine. thank you for helping me get off my ass and start loving myself, thank you for appreciating me, and thanks for like not sending my stupid ass some hate, really appreciate it man. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heartπŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ§‘πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ§‘β€οΈπŸ˜€πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€ͺπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ§‘πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’˜

I kinda wanna do something to celebrate this ?? Like maybe some ships ? or blurbs (like I’d reblog a blurb list and you’d send them in?) or a full on one shot ?? idk guys lmk please 🀧🀧

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Fetus babies. When you knew which one was which but wasn’t sure.

Ethan: What’s this?

Grayson: Oh, it’s my to-do list.

Ethan: Im so glad you’re finally starting to be organiz-

Ethan: This just says “(Y/n)”

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You: *holding back tears*

Ethan: Hey, are you-

You: *holds up hand* Pleas- please, don’t question it. If anyone acknowledges it, it’ll just get worse.


Ethan: *holds out arms* Come here.

You: *breaks down and falls into his arms*

Ethan: *stroking your hair*

You: Sorry. I’m not a pretty crier.


Ethan: *Taking your face in his hands*

Ethan: You’re a pretty everything.

And I can’t help falling in love with you 💛


Prove it (E.D-G.D) [Part 2]

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So this was requested and also I really wanted to do this because I loved part 1. So here it is. And it’s a long one. Smut, swearing, threesome.

Ethan’s stare doesn’t falter however, as he sighs, “Not good enough. I want to see you with him, all the way. I want him to know that he’ll never be able to fuck you as good as I do. That even when you’re riding him you’ll be screaming my name. I want him to know you’re mine.”

What? I’m sorry, what? You almost can’t believe what you’re hearing, you’re frozen in your tracks, heart racing. He really must be drunk. Why-wasn’t that weird to him, it’s so wrong. Never had you even imagined doing anything like that with Grayson, and why would you, you were happily in a couple with his twin brother for Christ’s sake!

After a long, uncomfortable silence, it seems Gray finally gets his voice back, and he projects your thoughts exactly, “What the fuck? No! I’m not going to have sex with your girlfriend Ethan!”

E raises a brow, “Embarrassed about your ability little brother?”

That’s when you feel Gray tense, fists clenching. He’s trying to provoke him. Ethan doesn’t stop however, continuing to push him, “It’s really nothing to be ashamed of bro…guess that’s why Y/N chose me over you then.”

Before he even stops speaking, two large hands roughly grab you by your waist and Grays lips are once again pressed to yours. But this time, the kiss isn’t awkward and short, it’s long, passionate, hot. You gasp into his mouth as the younger twin gropes at your ass, fondling you, and you can’t help the heat that rushes through your body at the sensation.

Tongues clash together now, fighting for dominance. You want to pull away but he keeps your body firmly in place, letting you move only when he physically can’t breathe anymore. His face is red, caramel eyes darkening with anger mingled with desire as he takes in your body. It’s a side of Gray you’d never seen before.

“Well done!” Ethan claps from beside you, a wicked grin on his face, “Suppose you’re not chicken after all. Now, are you going to put your….performance, to the test?”

He’s answered with a glare from his brother. Satisfied, your boyfriend switches his attention to you, “How about you? Bet you’re just soaked at the thought of taking him,” he forces his hand between your legs and cups you roughly, fingers stroking you in the best way. You buck into his hand, biting your lip to hold back a moan, and Ethan chuckles, “That’s what I thought. Now go on, put on a show for me, prove he can’t make you feel like I do.”

And that’s when your body speaks for you, not the person inside screaming about how bad this idea is, but your soaked panties from just the thought of Ethan watching. There’s something so dirty about it, it makes your clit throb in want. Drunk on lust, you nod your head slowly.

“Come here” Ethan demands, instantly pressing his fingers into your waist and connecting your lips. The familiar feeling comes back, making a moan escape your lips. Your tongues collide with ease, tracing each other with the occasional moan causing them to vibrate. He pulls away and you whimper at the loss of contact.

“Kiss him, hard.” E guides you towards his brother, pressing the small of my back. You stagger towards to Gray and are surprised when he grabs your cheeks and pushes you so your back is pressed to the wall. You groan and his lips instantly mould with yours, mixing his sweet pineapple with the bitter taste of the alcohol E had consumed. You hold a moan, but it escapes when he presses himself against you, releasing some pleasure but adding to the need burning inside you.

“Enough,” Ethan grunts from behind you, forcing you and Gray to disconnect and pushing you over to the bed where Ethan is still standing next. “Strip. And lean back.”

You obey, shrugging away the last of your inhibitions and quickly pulling off E’s shirt, exposing your bare chest and panties. For a split second, you contemplate covering up because of Gray’s lingering eyes but decide you’re too far gone to end this now. You bend your knees slightly and wait for your boyfriend’s next order.

“Make her come. Only her.” his order is vague, but gives Gray enough instruction to crawl over and slowly spread your legs. His rough hands are cold on your warm skin, and you tremble.

He runs a finger over your slit, collecting wetness and teasing you by dipping in your entrance just long enough to gain a small moan. He presses the finger to his lips, smirking and licking clean the evidence, causing a shiver to run down your spine.

Who knew sweet charming Grayson could be so hot? You gulp but then shudder slightly when he roughly grabs your thighs and presses his tongue and lips against your bundle of nerves.

Every circlur motion of his tongue increases the feeling in the pit of your stomach, almost until you feel you’re going to explode all over him. He presses his tongue flatly against you, slowly dipping into your entrance, making your thighs shake around his head. You arch your back but he stops and uses one palm to pin you back down.

You throw your head back, crying back as your legs start to shake, and hear Ethan tut before you feel the bed dip. He’s raggedly whispering in your ear, “Open those eyes babe, wouldn’t want Grayson to think you’re picturing someone else.”

Your eyes flutter open, and you look down at your boyfriend’s brother. Face flushed, lips wet, eyes darkened with lust, you can’t deny how attractive he looks right now. It’s an almost familiar sight, them being twins and all, but an entirely unfamiliar feeling altogether, Grayson roughly assaulting your clit in order to prove himself. You’d been holding back, but you can’t stop the low moan that leaves your mouth at the sight and sensation of Gray lapping away at you, “Grayson! Fuck…!”

Ethan seems to be pissed now, and he roughly grabs your jaw, tilting your head to face him, and he’s somehow disregarded his boxers somewhere, because you come face to face…well, face to dick, with his length. He’s almost painfully hard, bulbous head oozing with precum already.

So he’d been getting turned on from this?

Ethan brings himself to your mouth as soon as they’re parted, heatedly thrusting all of himself in till you feel him touch the back of your throat and gag around him. Unbeknown to you, Gray’s eyes narrow at his twin, and he doesn’t give you any notice before slamming three fingers into you, pumping through the discomfort to you lurching forward in pleasure and choking on Ethan.

You force yourself to breathe through your nose, and bob your head, taking as much as you can. Both of the twins moan at the same time, instantly causing you to reach your high around Gray’s fingers, which are slightly longer than E’s, and almost choking around E. Grayson pumps his fingers, riding out your high as E pulls away, moving to pinch your nipples instead.

“God!” you pant, struggling for breath when Gray finally stops his assault.

The brunet just smirks, glancing to E before cocking an eyebrow at me, “Guess I am a God, Y/N.”

“Now fuck her,” Ethan demands to Gray, clearly not impressed with his little comment. Gray’s eyes widen as he slowly removes his clothing till his thick length stands at your entrance.

“Are you ready baby?” Gray asks you seductively when his lip presses against your clit again, teasing you. You mewl in pleasure, and nod, unable to speak. He removes his tongue from you, stands and slowly presses into you, filling you to the brim with pleasure.

Ethan lifts your head, whispering in your ear as Gray picks up the pace, “Is that good babe?”

You bite down on your lip to stop the moans and you gasp in response to E’s question.

“Use your words,” he demands, pressing his lips shortly against yours, more possessively than lovingly.

“Y-yes!” you drag out, answering truthfully because you’re in too much pleasure to wonder what answer he wants.

Ethan’s voice sends vibrations down your spine from this dominant control that contrasts the sweet sound of his voice, “Better than me?”

“N-no” you shake your head and taste the tangy copper of blood from biting your lip too hard as Grayson tries to prove to that he’s better by practically slamming into your fragile body.

A husky, throaty moan echoes through the room from Gray, causing wetness to pool even more around him. Your clit quivers at the sound and your nails rake at his back desperately. His eyes are trained on you, taking in your expressions and reactions as he forces himself to increase the speed of his thrusts, almost sending your body into overdrive.

Grayson grabs your legs and puts them on his shoulders, making your back arch at the new deeper position. Your legs shake, sliding off his shoulder slightly from the orgasm rippling through your body from the pit of your stomach.

“God Gray! Don’t stop!” you moan through gritted teeth, digging your nails into the sheets.

You come again, toes curling in pleasure. Skin prickling, breath hitching, stars in your eyes, you feel your body burn with desire and exhaustion when Gray pulls away, placing a sweet kiss to your lips.

“In her mouth now,” Ethan practically pushes his brother’s lips from yours, making Gray’s expression falter but lighten again when you wrap your palm around him, which is wet with yourself. You slide your tongue up and down his slit, collecting his salty seed and smile as he lets out a deep, throaty moan.

Your lips tightly wrap around him, tasting yourself with every swift move of your tongue. It’s oddly erotic and you whimper around him as you feel E’s fingers slide between your folds. You take as much of Gray as you can, feeling him hit the back of your throat repeatedly.

“Shit!” Gray moans, gripping your hair with his fist as you bob my head in a past pace. Though you stop suddenly when Ethan fills you, stretching you a little more than Grayson.

And that’s when it’s all too much.

You’re too sensitive it almost hurts and you place your palm against Ethan’s chest, tears pricking your eyes, and you choke out, “I can’t.”

He’s smiling mockingly now, “You can’t fuck me, but you can fuck my brother. My my, I guess you really do wish you were with him instead, don’t you?”

“No,” you croak out, whining loudly as he strokes your clit softly.

“Then you’ll fuck me,” his palms grip your hips, pushing himself as deep as possible into you, then quickening his pace so fast that your vision becomes blurred. You can barely think straight, only trying to move back into a rhythm with Gray, but it’s impossible. The pleasure you’re getting is all you can focus on.

You choke out as Ethan pounds into you, rocking your body back and forth, hitting your g-spot with very powerful thrust.

You decide to get Grayson off with your hand now, and move in the same pace of E’s thrusts, making Grayson throw his head back with his tongue peeking out of his lips. Both of you moan in sync while Ethan attaches his lips around your nipple, nipping and sucking harder as he gets closer and closer to the edge.

You suddenly feel some hot liquid cover your hand and land on your right boob. You drag your eyes from Ethan’s sweaty hair that’s sticking to his forehead to Grayson, who’s breathing heavily with his head facing the ceiling.

You gasp as the sight and try not to look so aroused just by the sight of Grayson with flushed cheeks and cum all over himself and you.

“Eyes on me,” you hear Ethan hiss, slapping his palm lightly against your cheek. You snap your head to him after he catches your attention, and he pulls all the way out before slamming back into you again.

His palms cups your cheeks, pressing your lips together in a sloppy kiss but makes you move your trembling hands to his back, dragging your nails down to just above his waist. You spread your legs even further to feel more of him but gasp when his thumb moves to roughly circle your clit, back arching from the intense pleasure.

“Let go Y/N,” E mumbles against your lips. You come around him, clenching until he fills you entirely. Legs shaking around his waist, your nails dig even harder into his red hot skin. He moans into your ear one last time before collapsing, pulling out and flopping down beside you.

Both of you pant with your eyes clenched shut, focusing on the blood pumping through your veins.

After a couple of moments of you both laying there, you hear the bedroom door shut, making you remember just how awkward the outcome all of this was going to be. You’re dreading having to face Gray again, but at least he apparently has the same concerns.

You feel some wet sweaty hair lay on your chest after a towel cleans you over while you’re laying, too exhausted to move.

“I knew only I can make you feel this good.”

Grayson: You spelled that word wrong.

Ethan: Okay. Then how do you spell it?

Grayson: I don’t know.

Ethan: then how do you know it’s wrong?

Grayson: Because that’s obviously not the way it’s spelled!!!

greenlight ✧ ethan dolan

i do my makeup in somebody else’s car

we order different drinks at the same bar

applying the last bit of my lipstick, i place it back into my makeup bag before opening the driver’s seat door and slamming it shut. placing my bag on my shoulder, i pulled out my ID before being let into the bar. but this wasn’t any bar, this was the bar where he and i met.

“what’s a pretty girl like you doing sitting here all alone?”

i turned my head to see the most gorgeous looking man take a seat on the stool next to where i was sat.

i blushed as i looked down at my drink, stirring it around with my straw.

“nothing much,”

i thought about what i was going to say next thinking that maybe i should hold back incase he’s not single, but decided to say it anyway.

“what’s a handsome man like you doing here? you don’t really look like the type to be hanging around here.”

“i come here all the time to just sit back and unwind.”

i furrowed my eyebrows before asking,

“going through something?”

“a divorce, actually.”

letting out a soft ‘oh’, i nodded my head before turning back to look down at my drink.

“let me buy you another drink, pretty one. looks like your glass’ going dry.”

i rolled my eyes as i recalled the memory before walking over to the stools to order myself a drink. i was in heavy need of one anyway.

as i was walking over, my heart dropped to my stomach as i saw who else was here. i didn’t think he’d be here too and he wasn’t alone.

he was sat on the red velvet L couch right next to the bar and a blonde straddling his lap. i was relieved because then he wouldn’t be able to notice me walking by.

i quickly sat on the stool, my back facing them both as i ordered myself a drink.

“bartender, hit me up with a drink for this pretty lady and myself.”

i turned my head to see his arm around her shoulder while she held onto his hand, both looking up at each other as they leaned in for a kiss.

i looked away just as their lips touched and took my phone out to occupy myself and avoid looking at them.

did it frighten you

how we kissed when we danced on the light up floor?

after a few drinks, i was feeling a little tipsy but still well aware of my actions. getting off the stool, i walked over to the dance floor which was lit up with changing colored lights and decided why not make the best of this night and just dance?

i danced by myself for a while before getting bored and looking for a random person to dance with. coming across a guy, i grabbed his hand pulling him away from his group of friends as they all cheered when they saw me.

putting my arms on his shoulders while his were on my hips, we both danced to the booming music coming through the speakers.

too into the moment, i didn’t realize my lips were pressed against the random stranger’s, fully making out now. i felt how his hands began to move lower and felt a hand tug on my wrist, pulling me away.

looking around confused, i came face to face with ethan, who stood eyeing the guy up and down with fury in his eyes, my wrist still being held by his hand.

“we’re leaving”

he tried pulling me away from the dance floor but i tugged my wrist away from his grip, refusing to leave with him.

“what makes you think i’d be going anywhere with you? if you don’t remember, we didn’t come here together.”

“y/n, please, just let me take you home.”

“no! answer my question, what makes you think i’d be going anywhere with you?”

“you’re not being aware of your actions! you’re drunk! what if he tried taking advantage of you, what would you have done?”

“so now you care about me, huh? where was this energy while we were together? why don’t you just go back to your little blonde girlfriend and leave me alone.”

he sighed, looking down before looking back at me again.

“y/n, i don’t want to do this. not here.”

“fuck you, ethan dolan! i don’t need you to take me home.”

i shoved past him and left the bar.

i’m waiting for it, that greenlight, i want it

how much longer till i will allow myself to move past all this?

with my arms wrapped around myself, i couldn’t help but wonder why i was holding on to something that’s dead and gone.

when will i get the closure i need?

all i can do is desperately wait for that greenlight indicating i can finally move on.

four bros chillin in a hot tub, squished together cause they have no other friends

Hey Daddy 🤤😏

Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree / ethan dolan

Word Count: 1269

Warnings? i mean slight smut but i stopped myself before it got too dirty lmao

tags: @bouttogolinkurbitch @starrydolan @dolayn @kara-dolan @notanotherdolantwinsblog @boujeebailey @dimply-dolan @doltishdolans @chasedolan @chaaandlaah @mortalkingss @cherryxdolan22 @castledolan @olivia-m-dolan @lonestarhazel @dolan2510 @demurekind @mintdolans @ethansbbyg @sisterdolan @heathendolan @dolandreaminn @bb-dolan

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He captivated her. His scent, his touch, his warmth. The way his hands and his fingertips would gently glide across her bare thigh as she lied asleep on the silk bed sheets. The way he genuinely cared about her, her innocence shining through and the naughty side only coming out for him. And him only. She put out this innocent front but everyone knew she was his.

He was wrapped around her little finger, but neither of them had realized it. He was dominant, but he was her baby, her man. They held eachother together like glue and it was hard to ever see one without the other. Ethan’s arm was always wrapped over her shoulder and she was constantly staying by his side.
He glared at any guy that would ever try to seduce you. He didn’t want anyone to ever forget who he is and who you belong to.
The purple marks that covered your skin almost daily made most of the guys realize that you were obviously taken, but some didn’t seem to realize it.
“You’re mine, isn’t that right babe.” Ethan looked up at your face that had been red from the impact of his scruff against your inner thighs, his lips and tongue causing you to quiver from beneath him. “Y-yes. All yours, E.”
The markings laced your body from the neck down to your thighs, some darker than others, some large, some small. But it was enough for Ethan to be satisfied.
But when she was without him she felt lost. As if her entire life was in his hands and without him she had no idea what to do. As if she went colorblind without him and her day turned completely gray. He was your color, he brought the brightness you needed, even when the darkness and lust were clearly showing as he had you pinned down on his bed. The colors would always be there if he was around. Nobody would change that.
She let her hair fall down over her shoulders, her bare back covered in small water droplets. The shower just about melting away the darkness she needed to overcome. Sometimes, even just the slightest reminder that Ethan was hers would be enough to get rid of the darkness. The large black and slightly ripped t-shirt had covered her torso, just above her upper thigh. It smelled of Ethan, and she loved that. It reminded her that no matter what there was a part of him with her.
“Here, put this on. Quick.” Ethan tossed you his t-shirt and you threw it on quickly before Grayson would walk into Ethan’s room and see you sitting there underneath Ethan, vulnerable. “He probably already heard us, Ethan.” You say, putting your arms through the sleeves and over your head. “That doesn’t mean he should see you. Only I get to.”
You watched as your parent’s love for eachother began to become less real and more of a show they put on for you to stay happy. You watched as your grandparents’ health slowly began declining and they deteriorated on the thin hospital bed mattresses. You watched as your family got torn apart - which of your siblings you would stay with and who would go with the other parent.
It all hurt. It all caused you to lose the color you had seen as a child: the purples, blues, greens, reds, pinks, oranges - all slowly losing the vibrancy they had when you were young.
You rolled onto your stomach while your body had still been wet and wrapped in a towel, your hair soaking your pillow sheet. “Come here bub.” You motioned Ethan to come to sit on the bed beside you, your index finger curling in towards you. Ethan basically jumped onto the bed. He’d been wearing the same thing he does almost every week, the black shirt and red shorts. He sighed as he looked over at you, admiring the way your face had looked with no makeup, and just a few water droplets slowly making their way down your forehead. You crossed your legs, causing the towel to slip down which left your thigh exposed, the bare skin getting chills once it met the cold air. “You have goosebumps babe.” Ethan rested his hand on your thigh which caused you to warm up a bit more, the goosebumps going away.
You watched as he slowly began lacing his fingertips around your thigh, tracing small circles among the small area. Your eyes slipped shut and you jumped up when he had finally let himself really touch you. His calloused fingers slipped underneath the towel and made their way to your exposed self. “Wet for me already I see.”
He pulled his fingers out from underneath the towel and rolled himself so he hovered over you. You let out this huge puff of air before he began slowly but surely lifting the towel up in order to expose your legs better.
Ethan is the reason you’re so happy nowadays. Even when he isn’t physically around, he’s still around. He’d always be there, in your heart. “You good, y/n?”
Ethan walked beside you on the sidewalk, the two of you wandering the many streetside shops and getting a few things. “I’m good, just thinking.” You looked up at him and smiled as you pulled at his arm into a small shop you had seen. “Thinking about what? And what the hell is a singing bowl?”
You lifted the bowl and took the small mallet out. “You. Now follow my lead E.” You tapped the rim of the bowl and spun the mallet around the bowl, causing it to make the noise it considers ‘singing.’ Ethan tried to do the same but he hadn’t quite gotten it to work. “Okay, when you tap it you have to let it bounce. Like this-” You proceeded to show him the process again and put your bowl down before grabbing his wrist and leading his hand to get it just right. “You think you got it now?”
He nodded and did it again, finally able to get it to sing just right, causing the shop to get loud quite quickly.
“What’s a chakra?” Ethan picked up the small stone and admired it closely before setting it back down. “I’m not exactly sure, it’s got something to do with your spiritual energy though.” You picked up the same pink stone he had held and looked at it closely before placing it back down.
The next shop you had wandered into was owned by the sweetest old man, he grew small lemon trees and always offered lemonade for anyone who walked in. Ethan and you visited him often and he was always there to give us lemonade.
“Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree” The sign above the shop read, lit up with white lights surrounding the letters.
“Ethan, y/n! Glad you guys stopped by today! This is my daughter Juliana. Juliana, these two are my best customers.” He introduced us and we both just smiled and waved before he offered us some lemonade.
As I sipped at the lemonade and took a seat at one of the benches that had been inside the small greenhouse, Ethan was still chatting it up with Mr. Ruiz.
“Ethan, if you ever need a lemon tree you know my cell.” Mr. Ruiz laughed at himself before sitting beside me on the wooden bench.

Sometimes even the slightest reminder of something could help someone through the darkest times of their life. Whenever I come here, I’m always reminded of Ethan, even if he isn’t with me.


Ethan Dolan 💙


Ethan Dolan 💙

happy tuesday my beautiful babies!

here is a picture of me from the other day trying on clothes and actually liking how I look in them! My face isn’t at its best, and it’s not serious by any means, but this picture is from a very special day for me :). I actually enjoyed shopping that day and didn’t cry once. I know that sounds sad or foolish but it’s a big accomplishment for me. I’ve been working on my body positivity since then and it’s definitely not where I want to be, but I’m getting there. Baby steps. I can’t wait to find love for myself on this never ending journey of body positivity. go out and spread the love babiesπŸ’™β˜οΈ.

this was so corny and i just realized that this never posted, but hi here we are now.


i would sleep with him anywhere


God damn he makes me so happy