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Happy tuesday!!!! WHAT TIME IS IT?! ITS DOLAN TWINS TUESDAY! (Imagine this with high school musical music k?) - - - -

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I feel like the twin’s girlfriend/wife is going to have to be the better female version of the other twin. I don’t think that they could mix well with other “normal” people. Our boys are hella weird and stupid and their s.o. just has to be be weird and stupid as well.

Ethan’s significant other

Has be hella funny and hyper! But because of Ethan she’s going have HAVE to be smart and know when to stop. They would probably meet each other from a mutual friend and she’d probably say a very funny joke that made them laugh their asses off. Ethan would act as if he doesn’t like her (even though it’s very obvious) so she ask him out. He acts all cool about it even though he wants a parade! They’d annoy the fuck out of Grayson but sometimes she’ll get Ethan back for him 😂 She’d come up with a lot of cool things for them that will cause chaos. She’d expose him any day of the week, make fun of the things he did wrong but help him fix it, tell him to go to bed earlier but he still won’t. And after years and years of having to eat Grayson’s “nasty food” she’d persuade him to learn how to cook and clean. They’d have beautiful and meaningful conversations while steering right at each other. She’d know the real Ethan. Not the one that acts “emo” and “cool” the real one. She’d use her words, voice, and eyes to open him up and make him easily vulnerable when the moment’s right. She’d find a way to make him express his emotions without having to hurt himself or others. Create an intimate atmosphere for them to live in. Unlike what most people say I think he’d be very gentle during sex. He’d save up all of his most precious emotions on her and praise her mind, body, and soul. He would come up with the sweetest birthday and anniversary ideas with the help of Grayson. “Grant pick up the phone” “oh sorry”

Grayson’s significant other

Is weird creative and always has something interesting to talk about. Idk why but I feel like she’d be a good singer or painter. She’d probably complement his “Man On The Moon” tattoos and he’d instantly fall in love. “You listen to Kid Cudi?” “Yeah he’s the best! I love Pursuit Of Happiness a lot!” “Omg that’s my favorite song of his” and Ethan would interrupt them and be like “Grayson it’s your turn to order” and he’d quickly ask for her number. She’d keep Grayson up all night doing the funniest shit ever. Late night dates, walks, or swimming. (2 AM summer nights) (omg she’d call him “Bailey” and he’d answer in a matter of seconds) I bet she’d be claustrophobic af and germaphobic af. She would be cleaning up his room before he gets home to unfortunately get messy again because of Grayson’s clumsy hands. But he’d find cool gems in his room. Cute little picture she drew of him in his drawer. Heart warming poems she wrote for him under his pillows. He’d have a cover of her singing his favorite song as his ringtone and alarm. (Omg this is so cute) I feel like she would only know how to expres her feelings through her art which isn’t enough for Grayson. He’d want her to say them to him which she doesn’t know how to do. She isn’t comfortable doing that even in front of Grayson. So he’d do anything and everything he possibly can to make her open up.



you pause outside the bathroom door, peering inside to watch ethan and your daughter, jacklyn, in the mirror. sheets sitting on her knees on the vanity, watching her dad closely as he runs the razor against his cream covered jawline. her brows are furrowed, making your lips twist into a gentle smile. e rinses off the razor before setting it down and turning to jacklyn.

“yeah, why you got whip cream all over you, daddy?” she says, placing her hands on his shirt and sitting up to get a closer look.

he chuckles gently, his eyes crinkling at the corners before answering sweetly, “well, daddy has to get rid of the hairs on his chin so he can give you smooth kisses, right?”

she places her thumb in mouth before nodding and humming around her thumb, “mhm.”

“so, the cream helps me take off the hairs. that’s why i look so silly.” he says, before making a goofy face to show off his silliness.

“very silly, daddy.” she sends him a toothy grin, her thumb still in her mouth and she giggles as he sets her down on the ground and watches her run off.

ethan turns to see you standing in the doorway with your small smile. he smiles back and walks forward leaning against the doorframe.

“you look silly.” you chuckle, reaching up to fix a strand of his hair that was sticking out.

“yeah, but i know you love smooth kisses,” he says, lowering his voice a notch and looking at you with lidded eyes, “especially smooth kisses between your thighs, isn’t that right?”

your face goes red and you softly slap ethan’s chest before stepping back and grinning, “oh hush.”

his lips twitch into a smirk and his eyebrow cocks up before he lets out a breath and pulls you closer, “gimme a kiss.”

you wriggle in his grasp, straining to get away from him so you wouldn’t get shaving cream on your face but he’s too quick and his quickly pecks his lips against yours, grinning all the while. you wipe the cream off your chin and wipe it on his shirt, playfully sticking your tongue out before turning away and walking off to find jack.

“i’ll repay you with lots of smooth kisses everywhere, later!” ethan says, you could practically hear the smirk on his voice.

you roll your eyes, mumbling under your breath, “he’s crazy.”

Guess Who’s Back. . . Back Again

So I know I make a “Sorry I’ve been sooooo inactive lately!” post like once a month, but I’m back on my bullshit once again! This time, it’s just because basketball has started again (finally!) and ya girl has a bigger role this year as captain of varsity! 

But anyway, I want to get back into writing like I used to, and I have a bunch of ideas flowing through my brain. Only thing is, I don’t have enough time to execute all of them. So here’s what I’m gonna do:

I’ll make a list of my prompts/ideas and the people/characters they go with in my brain and you lovely guys, gals, and non-binary pals can slide into my ask box and tell me what you want most! I will choose the three most popular and come up with a posting schedule that I will hopefully be able to stick to. Here are the lists!

Ethan Dolan
Grayson Dolan
Noah Centineo
Jesus Foster (As portrayed by NC)
Peter Kavinsky
Tom Holland
Peter Parker (As portrayed by TH)

ED - “Out of Our Comfort Zones” Starter Status on a Varsity basketball team
ED - “   “ Becoming a professional theater actor (Not screen actor. Big dif)
GD - ^ Basketball thingy
GD - OOOCZ Becoming pro musicians
NC - Intern on set of TATBILB
NC - Co-stars that hate each other
JF - Temporarily moving in with the Adams Fosters
JF - Mandatory Tutor
PK - Neighbors AU
PK - ‘Take a Drunk Girl Home by Chris Janson’ inspo
TH - Photographer on set of Infinity War
TH - Zendaya’s PA in Homecoming
PP - Parent works at Avengers Tower, OC doesn’t know about Peter
PP - Mandatory Tutor

Cramps - G.D (Blurb)

Summary: It’s that time of the month again and you couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend than Grayson to help you get through it. 

Warnings: cursing?

You’re laying in your bed and suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your lower abdomen. “Ahhhhhhhhh fuck!” It’s that time of the month again. The time every girl hates. Periods. You’ve had your period since last night and the cramps just really started to kick in. It literally feels like someone is stabbing your stomach a million times. Distracting you from the pain, your phone dings and you see that it’s a message from your boyfriend Grayson. 

*Ugh, what did I do to deserve Grayson?* You thought to yourself. He honestly was the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Whenever you were on your period he was so sweet and caring. Around 15 minutes later you hear a knock on the door. You open the door to see your handsome boyfriend standing there with 2 plastic bags. He immediately locks you into his arms and gives you a kiss. 

“My poor baby, are you okay? I bought so many things for you, I hope it helps”, he says after kissing you. You could only smile in response and you both walked up to your room. 

“I got you tampons, ice cream, chips, cookies, popcorn and pain killers.”, he says while unpacking the bags. “Usually you crave more than just ice cream haha”. “Oh! How could I forget, I’m going to make you some tea and a hot water bottle”, he adds. 

You couldn’t stop smiling and staring at him wondering what you did to deserve this man. You turn on the TV to watch Netflix and he comes back with the tea and hot water bottle. “Thanks so much baby”, you say and give him a kiss. He wraps his arms around you and places the hot water bottle on your stomach. Just his presence already makes you feel better. He kisses you once again, this time a bit longer than before. You both stare at each other and smile. “The pain will be over soon and meanwhile I’m here for you babe”, he tells you. 

“I love you so much Grayson”

“I love you more Y/N”. 

And just like that you both fall asleep in each others arms. 

Clean (E.D)

A/N: so I’m still working on this but heres some of what I already have finished. Hopefully someone likes this, I’m still not sure how I feel about it but let me know what you guys think :)

Summary: James longtime childhood friend moves in with him after moving from New York after having a rough past couple of months and she meets his friends who are going to change her life whether shes ready or not

Ethan Dolan came into your life suddenly and all at once, and he left it the same way. You had just moved in with your best friend James and he hadn’t told you he had invited a few friends to help you set up your furniture since he said he never wanted to put together another ikea dresser in his life after having to do his own. You had been upstairs trying to put together your stupid furniture when you decided to go downstairs and try and find Ian to help you. Ian loved you like a sister and as much as he hated putting his furniture together, you were sure you convince him to at least help you with yours. You heard someone down in the kitchen and you assumed it was Ian but when you walked in the only thing you saw was a guy you didnt know looking through the cabinets and you freaked out.

“Ian!” You knew that realistically calling out for James would be useless, knowing he would be equally freaked out as you were. Just as you heard who you thought was Ian coming up behind you, you were pulled to the side by some other guy you didnt know.

“Are you okay? Gray, what did you to her?” He was still holding you and you didnt know what to do. At this point, you started to call out for James hoping he would be some help here.

“Ethan, dude let go of her.” Ian finally showed up, moving you behind him. James finally came down the stairs, clearly having just woken up.

“Oh hey guys, Y/N-” He finally took a look at you and saw that you were not only confused as to what was happening, but you still looked kind of scared. “Oh my god, I forgot to tell you, I am so sorry! I asked them to come over and help with your stuff.” He went to give you a hug but you moved yourself into Ian’s arms and pressed your head into his chest, slightly pissed that your best friend didnt tell you there was going to be two random guys you didnt know in the house.

“I told you two text me when you were on your way, what did you two do to her?” James turned to his friends. Grayson, never liking a pissed off James, was quick to throw his brother under the bus.

“I was just here, but then she started screaming and Ethan came in and grabbed her and it freaked her out even more and thats when you two showed up.”

“Ethan, you grabbed her?” James turned to him and Ethan didn’t really have a good explanation for this situation.

“I- uh.. I didn’t mean to..?”

“Oh my god no wonder she freaked out. Well? Don’t be fucking rude, at least say sorry to her.” Just as he was about to speak, you moved away from Ian and faced them both.

“It’s okay, I just didn’t think anyone else was going to be here. I’m just a little pissed someone else didnt warn me.” You looked at James letting him know he was partly at blame here.

“And I apologized. There, we’re all okay now. So, to make it up to you, I have two friends who will help you put together your furniture so I don’t have to.” James smiled at you as he went and wrapped his arms around the twins.

“As nice as that sounds, I think youre the one being fucking rude for not introducing the people youre forcing to build furniture.” Your response seemed to shock both boys, they weren’t used to other people talking like that to James. Ethan already liked that about you.

“I’m Ethan and thats Grayson,” he held out his hand to you, but you instead moved and gave them hugs instead as you introduced yourself. You were a touchy person, it was just who you were. You hugged Ethan last, but there was something about him that interested you and you couldnt quite figure it out yet.

“Okay well you four have fun doing that, I’m going to order us some food so get going.”

Rolling your eyes at James, you started walking back towards the stairs.

“Ian, will you carry me please? I don’t wanna walk.” Not wanting you to mention how you had somehow managed to carry the over six foot boy around the house one time to his brothers friends, he sighed and crouched down so you could jump on his back. Both twins followed behind you two, giving other questioning glances. Were you dating Ian? They didnt think you were considering there was an almost 4 year age difference between you two, but who were they to judge.

A few hours in to still trying to build one dresser, both Ian and Grayson had left saying they needed a break. You were sitting on the floor trying to understand the directions that no one seemed to understand and thats when Ethan really took a moment to look at you. Your hair was falling out of the bun it was in, and your purple pajama shorts were peeking out from what seemed to be one of Ians shirts. He wasn’t sure why that seemed to bother him so much.

“So… are you and Ian…?” You looked up from the papers in front you and started at him shock.

“What? Ew, no gross. That’s disgusting. Just.. no.” Shaking your head you tried to get rid of that image. “Sure I love that kid, he’s like a little brother to me, but I’m pretty sure we would have killed each other by now if we were left alone for more than a few hours at a time.” Seeing Ethan look at you with disbelief and saw that he glanced down to your top, you decided to elaborate some more. “I steal his shirts because guys shirts are more comfortable to sleep in and James doesn’t exactly have loose enough shirts that are good to sleep in.” Nodding, Ethan went back to trying to fit pieces together again.

“Do you really not know who we are?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.

“I just know youre James’ friends. I know he did your Halloween makeup, which was really cool by the way. He would talk to me about you two a lot. I dont know much after that, these past months I’ve been kinda… busy I guess? Why? Is there something I’m supposed to know about?” You were curious about who he was supposed to be.

“No, I just thought-”

“Y/N stop flirting and come eat before you get mad there isnt food left!” Ian yelled at you from downstairs. Rolling your eyes, you got up and glanced at Ethan and saw that he had seemed to look a little red. Smiling, you thought this could be fun and reached out your hand to him.

“Wanna put on a little show?” He looked at you confused but was intrigued by the look in your eyes. “Relax, I wont do anything creepy, just go along with it.” Messing up your hair a bit more and wrinkling your shirt, you did the same to him before you grabbed his hand and headed downstairs, pulling him along with you. As you reached the kitchen, you watched as Grayson choked on his drink and both James and Ian looked completely shocked.

Smiling, you let go of his hand and went over and grabbed a piece of pizza before going over and hitting Ian in the arm. “You couldnt have given us a few more minutes, really?”

A/N: okay i know, not a whole lot of plot yet, but I had to start somewhere. Part 2 coming soon

Bite (G.D Imagine)

Summary : Your boyfriend, Grayson, showing his affection by biting you all the time.

Grayson was the best boyfriend ever. He was always spoiling you and he treated you like a gem. He always knew how to make you smile on your worst days and even on your best days, he still managed to make you happier.

Grayson was a very affectionate boyfriend, not that you minded at all, but he had a weird way of showing his affection sometimes. The thing would Grayson was that he always bite you whenever you were together.

The first time seemed to be regular. You were watching a movie and you felt soft kisses trialing down your jawline to the base of your neck. You tried to ignore it but then you felt soft nips as he tugged your skin, sucking the bruise that was starting to form.

“Gray, you’re gonna leave a mark”, you say slightly pushing him away. Your relationship wasn’t public yet, although many fans suspected you were dating, you hadn’t confirmed it yet. “I don’t care”, he said pushing you down on the couch, hovering over you and dipping his head down to bite at your neck once again.

You tried to fight it but you couldn’t help yourself as your fingers got tangled in his chocolate locks. “This is gonna be a pain to cover up in the morning”, you breathed out as he bit down on your sweet spot causing you to gasp and bit your lip to prevent you from moaning.

Ever since then, Grayson takes any chance he can get to bite you. Like one morning when you were still asleep when Grayson got back from his work out. Seeing you in his bed, with his shirt on that was riding up slightly to expose your lacy underwear, made him wanna melt.

He crawled into bed and pulled down the blanket from your lower body and began placing kisses on your legs. Biting into your clean shaved legs now and again. You stir abit but Grayson keeps going. He makes his way up to your ass, one of his favourite parts of your body, and places a few kisses before biting down on it.

“hmmmm Gray”, you mumble as you begin to wake up. “Yeah baby”, he mumbles against your skin and grabs a handful of your ass. “What are you doing?”, your hands reach down to his hair and you massage his head slightly. “You drive me crazy”, he groans as he separates your legs and starts kissing them. He bites on your inner thigh causing you to clench your thighs against his head. You feel him smirk against you, he knows the effect he has on you and he’d be lying if he said that you didn’t have the same effect on him.

He can be cheeky even when he’s sick. He woke up with a sore throat and a headache so you got up and got him some pain medication. “Can you cuddle me?”, he asked pulling you towards him weakly. You smiled in response and adjusted yourself so he could place his head on your chest.

He snuggled into your boobs and just when you thought he was asleep, you feel kisses on the top of your chest. “Gray, you’re supposed to be resting” “But I can’t help it, they’re just so comfy and kissable. And bitable”, the last part of his sentence was muffled due to him pushing his head further into your boobs and biting on them. “You’re supposed to be sick”, you giggled as his hair tickled your neck. “I’m never too sick to show my peach some affection”, he sucked on the last hickey he had given you and you both fell asleep.

You feel off to sleep thinking about your crazy boyfriend and his weird ways. But you were lucky to have him and you don’t think you could go a day without him biting you. Seems crazy but the biting has grown on you. It was now a daily activity in your relationship.

A/N : I find myself switching lanes a lot so lemme know if I should write something about Ethan in the future ❤✌

Beach Boy- (Grayson Dolan x Reader) SMUT

Summary: It wasn’t the first time that my eyes met with the bright hazel pupils of the boy with the conspicuous chiseled features dispersed in perfect areas of his body. I had caught a glimpse of him every time I visited the beach, as if it was fate pulling us together with impeccable timing. After a near unfortune event took place at what seemed to be our place, I began to genuinely question. Was it fate constantly putting us in each others paths? Or was he simply just a random beach boy?

Warnings: Cursing, fluff, slight angst, dirty ass (FORGIVE ME LORD FOR I HAVE SINNED) SMUT. I got it all bitch.

A/N: This is something that I’ve been working on for a minute now. I really wanted to take my time with it, rather than rush it because I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. Please, please, please let me know what you think about this, it would be greatly appreciated. I love you guys and I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye!

[Y/N/N]- [Your Nickname]

Word Count: 4,284

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“Come on, [Y/N]. It’s a beautiful day out,” my friend, Lana, stated while laying her back against my bedroom floor, tossing a small rubber ball into the air and catching it before it had the chance to come into contact with her face. 

All morning, ever since she came over, she had been pestering me about taking a trip to beach while the sun was still out, repeatedly resorting to the argument that I ‘never leave the house’, every time I rejected the offer. 

Instead of replying to her repeated requests to take a short-lived vacation, I continued scrolling away on my phone, hoping to ignore her enough to let the idea slip from her mind. But, of course, my plan was unsuccessful. Or else, there wouldn’t have been a story to tell.

“Oh, c’mon. I brought my bikini and everything,” Lana pouts, sitting up, resting her body on her hip. 

“What if I end up not going with you?,” I ask, chuckling at her stubbornness.

“Then, I don’t know, I’m probably gonna shower with it on. Either way, this bikini is getting wet today,” she declares, taking the skimpy material out of her small handbag. 

“What?,” I questioned her, squinting my eyes at her in confusion at her bizarre declaration. 

“Can you please just come to the beach with me? It might rain all week after today.”

“Fine! If I say yes, will you stop asking?,” I remarked, throwing my phone to my side, lifting my body off of the bed to begin getting ready. I watched as Lana clasped her hands together in excitement and triumph, smiling brightly. “Yay, this is going to be so fun!”

I search through my dresser, rummaging through each drawer finding jeans, shirts, sweaters, anything that wasn’t a swimsuit. Before my eyes can identify the specific article of clothing, my fingers rub against the thin material, my hands instantly lifting it up into view at the feeling of the polyester. 

After hurriedly shoving the black one piece into my beach bag, along with a tall bottle of sunscreen and beach towel, I look over to Lana who’s pulling the straps of her handbag into her grasp, and announce, “Alright, let’s go.”

Making our way out of the front door of my quaint apartment, Lana and I carry our bags by our sides, beginning to descend down to stairs to the main parking area that all of the apartment complex residents shared. As I open the front door to the car, Lana throws both of our bags onto the backseat and joins me in the front. 

“I hope we see some cute boys,” she more to herself than directed to me, as she buckles her seatbelt in the passengers side. I pause my movements as a thought crosses my mind. “Is that what you forced me out of the house for?,” I ask, resting my hands on the steering wheel. “Cute boys? Really?”

“Nooo,” she drags, giving the single syllable phrase, multiple instead. She nervously tugs on her fastened seatbelt, locking her gaze outside the window, though there wasn’t anything to witness except the other stationary cars in the lot. 

“Lana, if you want to meet a ‘cute boy’ so bad, go on Tinder!,” I exclaim, reaching down to unbuckle my seatbelt, but her hand stops mine before I could undo the tight safety precaution. “Oh, come on [Y/N]. You know you want to,” she says, poking my side, giggling at my serious expression that was soon turning into a goofy one at the expense of my ticklishness. 

“You’re lucky you’re my best friend. I would’ve walked out the car a long time ago,” I retort, turning the key to the ignition and pulling out of the parking space. 

Lana rolls down her window, letting the quick wind blow throughout the car, as she connects her phone to the auxiliary cord before starting the playlist that held all of the songs that we both enjoyed. She turned the volume all the way up as we approached the highway towards the beach.

I quietly sing along to the music, that was almost drowned out by Lana’s voice basically screaming the lyrics. I tap my fingers along the steering wheel, matching the beat of the song, zoning out of reality, but maintaining enough attention to the road to avoid an accident. 

My eyes divert to a sign on the right side of the highway, indicating an exit to Leo Carrillo Beach. As I pull the steering wheel to the right direction, my mind slowly diverts back to a camouflaged thought that I’ve kept concealed from Lana, since she pitched the idea of taking a drive down to sandy, mini paradise, earlier today. 

For not much longer than a month, each time I found myself down by the island-like area (which was actually quite often), I’ve “coincidentally” crossed paths with this boy

But not just any boy.

He was a towering, perfectly sculpted, young adult with dark hair and light brown highlights. From what I could tell, he had light brown eyes, almost hazel when his eyes would reflect the sun’s bright light. He had what appeared to be a twin brother and though the twin was equally attractive, I found myself drawn closer to him for some reason that, even to me, was unknown. 

I wasn’t as reluctant to take the journey, as I was almost excited to test my luck in seeing ‘beach boy’ again. And as I drive through the parking lot, I spot his distinct appearance in the distance, the lower half of his body disappearing underneath the light blue sheet of the ocean. 

My mind sketches a small smile across my lips, that I do my utmost to conceal from Lana’s view. I remove the key to the car, and turn off the engine before receiving a question from Lana that I tried my best to avoid. 

“What are you smiling about?,” Lana asked, sending a confused look my way. I mentally scold myself for believing that I was able to suppress my visual evidence of delight, though I knew that I was too much of an emotional person to hide my true feelings. 

“Oh, uh, nothing,” I say, quickly redirecting my consciousness to my fingers that were fumbling with the seatbelt, attempting to both physically and mentally free myself from the situation. “Dude, you’re a horrible liar. Just tell me why you were smiling,” Lana says again, forcing an answer out of me with her persistence. 

“Damn Lana, I can’t just be a happy person?” I retort, giggling almost silently. Lana doesn’t accept my weak rebuttals for an answer as she gives me a knowing look, silently nudging me to give her a truthful response to her frequent question.

Feeling as though there was nowhere for me to escape her prying eyes, I chose to reveal the secret that I didn’t have the chance to hold onto for too long. “Ok, fine!,” I exclaim, beginning my confession. 

“There’s this guy that I always see when I come down here. He’s really fucking cute. I even came up with a nickname for him. I call him Beach Boy,” I say, feeling exhilarated after finally acquiring the satisfying feeling of speaking about my new crush. “Well, why the hell haven’t you told me?!,” Lana asks and exclaims simultaneously, softly pushing my shoulder.

“I don’t know! I mean, there really isn’t much to tell. I just saw him one day and kept seeing him ever since then and…I don’t know,” I trail off as my face begins to heat up in embarrassment. 

Suddenly, I hear Lana’s seatbelt unbuckle, and I look over at her in question. “Where are you going? We can’t go out there yet!,” I protest, reaching across her body to lock the passenger door to keep her inside, “[Y/N], what’re you doing? You gotta go meet your future husband eventually,” she refutes, as if she were making an obvious statement. 

“But Lana, I always see him and I’m pretty sure he’s seen me too. What if he thinks I’m some kind of stalker?,” I panic, wanting so desperately to restart the car and drive back home in agitation. “Well considering you basically just told me that you only drove us down here to come see him, I’m pretty sure that makes you a stalker,” she says, whispering the final words of her statement, in sarcasm. 

“Oh, god,” I breath out, feeling sick to my stomach at the realization. “But don’t worry, seeing as though he’s always here, he’s probably stalking you too,” she responds, giving her own conspiracy that she hoped would ease my worries. “A match made in heaven,” I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

“Are you ready?,” she asks.

“Yeah,” I sigh, slowly opening the door to exit the compact vehicle.

Grabbing my beach bag from the rear passenger seat, I internally encourage myself for the seemingly millionth time in the short time frame since telling Lana about my new possible unrequited love. As I give myself a speedy pep talk, Lana’s voice ropes me out of my thoughts. 

“Is that him?,” she asks, as my heart begins beating even quicker than it has before, though the possibility of it being someone else entirely, still lingered. 

“No,” I breath out, disappointed. “Where’d he go? I just saw-,” my words are cut short when I witness his large stature walking along the boundary between the grainy material covering the unknown ground beneath and the allegedly never-ending body of water. 

I tap harshly at Lana’s forearm, using my other arm to point hurriedly in his direction. “Lana, Lana that’s him,” I sigh, dreamily and in relief simultaneously. Lana swiftly snaps her head in the direction of my shaking hand, and instantly widens her eyes, just like I did mine when I initially spotted his beauty. 

“Damn [Y/N/N]. You two would make such gorgeous babies,” she states, with bright eyes. I almost stop for a minute to blush at her genuine compliment before she begins yanking my arm, pulling her body along with mine toward the area in which he was stationed. Panic ensues all over again at the thought of my wildest dreams being crushed once I finally introduce myself to him. 

“What if I say something dumb?,” I whisper to myself. 

“You’ll do great,” Lana responds, surprising me with her apparent excellent hearing ability. 

“What if he really does think I’m stalking him?” 

“That doesn’t make sense, [Y/N]. If he thought you were stalking him, he would’ve stopped coming here.”

That’s true,” I think to myself. 

“But, what if he thinks I’m ugly?” 

“[Y/N], you look amazing.” 

“God, I should’ve picked a better-,” I begin before she halts her actions, stopping us both in place.

“Ugh, [Y/N] come on!,” Lana exasperates, laughing out of disbelief. “I’m so sick of you being too scared to talk to guys that you like. You’re a gorgeous, smart, funny, loveable woman. Any guy would be lucky as hell to get a girl like you. And if some douchebag can’t see you for the queen everyone knows you are, then to hell with them. They don’t deserve your time or energy. Now suck it up, and go talk to him.”

As I listened to Lana’s words, I began to discern that everything she was saying was true. It wasn’t crucial for me to have success in meeting Beach Boy. All that mattered was the fact that I tried, and if he didn’t appreciate my advances then, he wasn’t worth it.

“You’re right. Thanks, L,” I express, smiling. “Let’s go. I got this.”

Once again, we begin to make our way to him, the anxiousness that my body and mind once embraced, now fading away with each step I took. 

Approaching him, his eyes shift up from his feet to my pupils before I feel a pang in my chest as if my heart stopped for a split second at the sight of him being in close proximity. As I part my lips to start speaking, I feel Lana’s hand slip from mine as she walks away to give the two of us time to ourselves.

“H-Hi. I’m [Y/N]. I don’t know if you’ve seen me before but I’ve seen yo- never mind, that sounds creepy. But, yeah, hi,” I say, fiddling with the small rings wrapped snug around my fingers. He gives me a small smile which seems to have brighten his eyes. 

It was adorable.

“No, you don’t sound creepy at all. I’ve seen you around here a lot too, but I was kind of too nervous to talk to you. But, before I start rambling, it’s really nice to meet you, I’m Grayson,” he says, extending his right arm in the direction of my own right one, in which I kindly accept.

“So what brings you to the beach so often?,” I ask, silently hoping that my question wasn’t considered prying. He pushes both his lips to the side of his face, as if to think about his answer. “I don’t know really. I guess it’s just like a second home. I always find myself here. Even if I’m in a bad mood,” he answers, smiling at the thought, shrugging his shoulder slightly. “What about you?”

“Well, just like you said, it’s like a second home. I come here whenever I need to think, relax, or just get away from everything, even if it’s only for a short amount of time, I just really love it here,” I respond, truthfully. He smiles brightly at me and I could’ve sworn that I felt my heart melt into a huge puddle. “I feel like I’ve met you before,” he says, furrowing his eyebrows in question.

“Well, I mean, we have been seeing each other for a good month now,” I retort, lightly chucking. 

“No, I mean-”

Before he could continue, we both hear Lana’s voice in a raised voice as if she was yelling at someone. “Leave me the hell alone,” she says in thunderous tone, directed to a guy that looked to be harassing her. “Isn’t that the girl you came here with?,” he questions, pointing a thumb back in her direction. As soon as a quick confirmation passes my lips, Grayson charges toward her in her defense, before I had my own chance to. 

“What’s the problem here?,” Grayson asks, facing the tall man that was standing on the opposite side of Lana, stationing his body in between her and him. “Just trying to talk to a cute girl, what’s the problem with you?,” he responds, getting closer to Grayson’s face. 

“Well, she obviously doesn’t want to talk, or be involved with you, so I’d suggest you walk the fuck away before you really piss me off,” Grayson growls, roughly shoving him backwards, intimidating him. He hesitantly walks off defeated, keeping his gaze on the three of us before fully turning his body around to walk back over to his friends. 

“Are you okay?,” Grayson asks Lana, having a slight worried expression etched across his features. “Yeah, I’m okay. That guy just wouldn’t leave me alone, ruined my whole day. I think that’s enough of the beach for the day, I wanna go home,” she says, folding her towel so that it’d fit easier in her beach bag. 

Soon after she finishes her sentence, I feel disappointment rake through my body, as I felt myself beginning to get comfortable with Grayson. Though I wanted desperately to stay, I didn’t need to be selfish and keep her here if she obviously didn’t want to. 

As if she read my mind like the true best friend she was, she looks to Grayson and says, “Are you okay with keeping her company? I don’t wanna cut her trip short. I’ll just take an Uber home.”

“Sure, no problem. I think it’s time that I start getting to know your friend,” Grayson says to her, but smiling at me as he spoke. I maintain my gaze on him while I see through my peripheral vision Lana grinning at us. She gives my arm a slight squeeze as a goodbye before she begins to walk back to the parking area. 

[4 Hours Later]

“I can’t believe we’ve been talking for so long,” I say, giggling as I check the time on my phone seeing that multiple hours has elapsed since we’ve been left to each other’s company. 

“Damn, I know,” he responds, playing with my fingers, looking up at the dark sky. “What time is it?”

“Almost 9.”

It was now dark out, the stars beginning to make an obvious appearance. Grayson and I had laid flat against the bed of his pick up truck, gazing at the small balls of light above as we spoke. The beach had now become deserted, the only thing to hear being the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and our low voices.

“I don’t think I ever thanked you for helping out Lana today. If it were just me and her trying to get rid of him, he probably would’ve been way more aggressive. I’m just really glad you were here,” I mention, locking my eyes up above. Grayson squeezes my hand, that he was now holding, gently, as a way of letting me know that he appreciated hearing what I had to say. 

He slowly turns his head to observe my features as he runs a hand along my arm, resulting in me to return his gaze. His eyes quickly veer to my lips, as he licks and softly bites at his own, and returns his eyes back to mine. “You’re really beautiful,” he whispers, leaning closer to me, stopping his actions barely a second before our lips could touch. 

“Can I?,” he requests, placing a light hand on my hip. I nod quickly, our lips brushing against each other at the simple movement, making the both of us realize just how close we truly were. Moving his head, less than a millimeter closer to mine, our lips collide, meshing together in perfect synchronization. 

He pulls away for a short amount of time, as if to wait for a protest, but soon pulls me closer to him by my hips and presses his lips against mine even harder than the last time. He removes his hand from my waist to my neck, gently caressing the skin. He swipes his tongue along my bottom lip before I open my mouth against his to give our tongues room to dance around each other.

As if his hand was restless, not being able to find a comfortable spot to lay, he once again relocates his fingers to a warm spot underneath my shirt. His lips leave mine and venture to my neck harshly sucking and nibbling at the sensitive skin. I moan softly at the sudden euphoria. Seeming as though my small noise triggered a switch in his mind, he pulls at the area even harder, leaving no doubts in my mind that a dark mark would be left behind.

Grayson grabs my leg and swings it around his lap, so that I’m straddling his waist and he’s laying flat on his back. “Are you okay with this?,” he asks, squinting his eyes as if to examine my face for any signs of rejection. “Yeah,” I sigh, feeling his growing erection poking into my crotch. He sits up, leaning closer to me as he removes his tank top and presses another kiss to my lips. 

I run my fingers from his chest down to his pelvic area, lightly scratching him with my nails. The heat in between my legs begins to further flourish as I peel his sweatpants off his legs, after delicately palming his length through the thin material. To my surprise his length springs from underneath his clothing, as I expected to see yet another restricting article of clothing. I slide my body further down his legs, my face coming into contact with his shaft.

I open my mouth slightly and use my tongue to lick a solid line up his length as I listen his breath get caught in his throat at the intercourse. Using his reaction as motivation, I wrap my lips around the head of his erection and suck at the sensitive tip, making use of my hand by fisting his shaft and moving it up and down, along the length. He moans loudly as he plants a firm hand on the back of my head, pushing it further down to take in every inch.

“Fuck, just like that, [Y/N],” he moans, as I bob my head, without the assistance of his hand. I pause momentarily when the tip of my nose hits his lower stomach. I swallow around his shaft that was stopped in my throat as I once again rely on my hand to rub at his balls so that nothing in his area was left unattended to. “Oh shit,” he groans while I twirl and swirl my tongue around his full length and moving my head up and down simultaneously. 

“I’m about to cum,” he breaths out, gently pulling my head away from his hips. He pushes me back gently against the bed of the truck, being cautious of me not hurting myself. 

He quickly crawls on top of me, once again attacking my neck with new hickeys, as if the ones he drew onto my neck earlier, weren’t enough. He licks over the now hot skin and lowers a light kiss over its sensitivity. I hum quietly from the bliss and play with the small hairs growing from the back of his neck. 

Grayson pulls my shirt over my head, exposing my naked chest before he peppers wet kisses from the bridge between my breasts, all around my stomach, he then finally arrives directly above my aroused core. He uses his right hand to push away my left thigh, spreading my legs. He unbuttons my shorts and hurriedly pulls them down my ankles and throws them to a vacant area in our small space. He plants a rough kiss against my clothed middle, as I let out a loud moan upon contact. 

He tucks the thin fabric in between his two rows of teeth and tugs it down, maintaining eye contact with me. I utilize my teeth by biting down at my bottom lip to hold back my heavy breathing that came with the anticipation. 

But, my method fails me when he licks up at my folds, brushing over my sensitive nub causing me to exert a loud moan. He swirls his tongue around, not missing even the smallest area. “You’re so fucking wet,” he groans against me, sending vibrations straight through my core, giving me chills. 

He runs his finger from my clit to my hole, inserting his digit deep inside. I move my up hips in pleasure as I feel his long fingers far inside my arousal. He pushes another finger into me, before he proceeds to use his tongue to flick at my swollen bundle of nerves. “Oh, Grayson,” I breath out, realizing that I had been holding onto my breath the whole time. I run my thin fingers through his soft hair, tugging at the ends. 

He thrusts his fingers even faster, swirling his snake-like tongue in all the nooks and crannies of my sex. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I moan uncontrollably, pressing his dome harder into my core. “Not yet, mama,” he responds, leaving my arousal feeling abandoned. He grabs my hips and flips my body over so that I’m now laying on my front. He pulls my waist up to meet his, changing my horizontal position to one on all fours. 

I feel him once again separating my legs, creating space to position himself in between them. He takes ahold of his length and runs the tip from my nub to the very end of my core, causing the both of us to moan lightly at the feeling. After teasing the both of us for a while longer, he pushes his shaft into my wet heat. I listen as he lets out a gravelly sigh while he starts to roughly move his hips back and forth, his hips repeatedly hitting against my butt.

My eyes roll to the back of my head as I let out loud moans of pleasure, while he continued to pound into me. “You like that, baby?,” he asks, edging me closer to my release as he reaches around my leg to flick and toy at my clit. “Fuck, yes, Gray,” I moan, as my arms go weak and I rest my head against the cold platform below us. I clench my walls around his erection as I feel my orgasm nearing. 

“Oh shit, you’re so fucking tight,” he growls, ramming into me faster than earlier, perfectly hitting my g-spot with each thrust he gave. “Yes, Grayson, right there,” I breath out. “I’m cumming,” I whimper, as my body begins to shake from the excessive arousal.

“I’m about to cum,” Grayson groans, before he pulls his shaft out of my core and rubs against his length while ejaculating all over hand. I lick his fingers clean from his warm fluid, closing my eyes. He lets go of his softening erection and turns my body back over, laying me down on top of him, our sweaty bodies resting against each other. 

He moves his finger around in light circles on the back of my neck, soothing my body. “Hey,” he says, earning my attention. “Yeah?,” I respond. 

“Will you go on a date with me?,” he asks. 

“I’d love to. Where?”

“I think you already know.”

9 Long Years (G.D.)

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Author’s Note: Little blurb thing I whipped up cause I was bored. I didn’t check for typos or spelling or anything so sorry if there’s mistakes. Enjoy!!!

Requested: No

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: SMUT

Prompt: 9 years of friendship is celebrated in a steamy way. 


Saturday afternoon, you had just woken up. Your parents were helping your brother move into his college dorm, so you had the house to yourself for the next two days.

So you were just walking around the house in nothing but your underwear and a shirt you stole from Grayson. He gave it to you as a coverup one day from the pool, but you somehow never got to give it back to him.

Dang it.

You were just laying on the couch, binge watching your favorite show on Netflix before your front door opened. You snapped your head around, only to find Grayson walking in.

“Hey.” You said, resuming your show.

“Hey. Nice shirt.” He smirked. You looked at him and rolled your eyes, your attention focusing back to the TV. He sat next to you, and you lifted up your head before laying it back down in Graysons lap.

‘Flirty much?’ You may be wondering. And the answer is yes. You two had never shared a kiss before, but you were definitely handsy with each other. You couldn’t describe it, but everyone was able to feel the sexual tension between you two. It’s never been cut yet.

“Where’s E?” You asked, wondering where the other twin who usually trails with Grayson is.

“He’s at home with Emma and my parents,” he said, a hint of resentment being thrown. It was awkward with Ethan, Emma and Grayson to say the least. But that was all Grayson had to say and you dropped the topic.

You watched your show as Grayson scrolled through his phone aimlessly, not caring about the show you had on. Your heard a ding to your phone indicating someone texted you, and you held your hand out for Grayson to pass you your phone. Instead though, he took your phone to look at the text.

“What the fuck Y/N?” He asked, angry.

“What?” You asked, wondering what the hell got him so mad.

Are you coming over tomorrow for another dick appointment?” He read from your phone and looked at you. You sat up and started laughing, but stopped when he wasn’t laughing with you.

“Will you relax. I fuck people Grayson it’s not a big deal.” You got up and walked to the kitchen, Grayson hot on your heels.

“Not a big deal? I don’t want to picture anyone fucking you.” He said, a hint of jealousy.

“Why, cause you want it to be you?” You snorted. But Grayson didn’t answer you, and you turned around to look at him.

He had a sly smirk on his face.

“Well when you’re in front of me with just panties and my t-shirt on you don’t make it any easier. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?” He asked.

“Well I was supposed to,” you referred to the text you got, “but clearly not anymore.”

“Good. Because I need to fuck the shit out of you.” Your eyes widened as you heard the words that came out of his mouth.


He quickly cut you off by kissing you, roughing. You wasted no time and kissed him back, matching his aggressiveness. Your tongues easily slid into each others mouth as his hands went to your upper thighs, lifting you up as your legs wrapped around his back. He lifted you onto the island and you pulled back.

“God I just wanna taste you.” He went to take off the black lace panties, eager to say the least. You lay back on the empty kitchen island table, not ready for what was about to happen next.

Grayson took off your panties and threw them on the floor. Once he got a sight of your pussy, slightly dripping from the effect he had on you, he knew he was going to ruin you.

You couldn’t help but to slightly chuckle in your mind. You had a crush on Grayson for god knows how long and you had dreams of him and you in bed. And now you’re here, and it was about to happen.

Your thoughts were interrupted as Grayson held nothing back, shoving his face into your pussy. His arms wrapped around your thighs so you couldn’t move. Your back immediately arched off of the table as a moan escaped your mouth. Grayson looked up, his eyes piercing into your soul, and you could have came right there.

Little did you know, he dreamed of this moment too. Probably more than you. He imagined fucking you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. He imagined fucking you in the shower, your slippery bodies sliding off each other. And he imagined how fucking good you must taste, but you were better than he expected. He sighed into your pussy, he was so content.

His tongue traced every letter in the alphabet before going to your clit, flicking back and forth making your leg start to shake.

“Grayson- oh my god.” You nearly screamed as he added two fingers into the equation. His fingers pumping in you as his tongue was on you was too much for you to handle. You felt your toes curl and your back arched way off the table as your first orgasm hit hard.

He pulled away from your pussy and his face was dripping from your juices, which still dripped from your pussy. He smirked before going back in, sucking up every drop he could. Even though more kept coming, he kept going.

Eventually he pulled away and wiped his mouth, and flashing you his million dollar smile. You just shook your head, your breath trying to regain normality.

“My turn.” You said, going to get up but Grayson pushed you back down.

“I’m not done princess.” You nearly felt yourself get more wet as he said that, and you looked up on your elbows to see what else he had planned.

He put two fingers in, and started pumping them in and out before curling them, really trying to hit the spot. You threw your head back and moaned as he smirked. He knew exactly what he was doing. After all, he’s been imagining this for years.

His fingers started to become soaking with your cum as he went faster. He suddenly pulled his fingers out and you almost frowned before they worked on your clit. He rubbed your clit so fast your eyes went to the back of your head. You felt the build up in your stomach, and your toes curling. You felt your stomach become tighter by the second.

You moaned louder than you ever have before, and liquid started pouring out of you. You squirted all over Grayson’s fingers but he still didn’t stop. He didn’t know he could get harder than he already was, but seeing you squirt everywhere only made him stir more in his shorts.

“Grayson please,” you had to beg for him to stop. He finally stopped and took his fingers in his mouth, sucking you off before smiling.

“Delicious.” You did nothing but lay there to catch your breath. Once you were good you got off the sticky table and were face to face with Grayson again. He connected your lips into a kiss before moving your head aside to kiss your neck.

“As much as I want you to suck my dick, I need to fuck you,” he said against your skin. You sighed as he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his back once again, reconnecting your lips. He led you to your room the best he could remember before separating the space between you two as he threw you onto the bed.

He quickly removed the space between you two, crashing his body into yours as his lips found yours. He pulled back for a moment as he took the opportunity to grab the back of his neck and remove his shirt, revealing his sculpted body. You also took the chance to remove your- well his- shirt.

As much as he wanted to see you in his shirt longer, he couldn’t help but to stare. You were simply gorgeous to him, whether you were in the baggiest sweatpants of your life or naked in front of him.

“You’re fucking beautiful.” That’s all he needed to say before kissing down your neck, biting down to make sure to mark his territory. He trailed down your collarbones, to your tits. He visited each one with his tongue before going down your stomach.

“Gray.” You breathed out. He knew. He knew you just wanted you in him already. He knew you were becoming inpatient. He knew.

“Yes baby girl?” He asked. You rolled your eyes.

“Plan on doing anything anytime soon?” You sneered. He chuckled.

“Turn around. Face down ass up.” You happily obliged, following his instructions. You shook your ass in the air, teasing him. His large hands rubbed your ass before grabbing it. You didn’t know how much he thought about your ass, how it’d feel- or better yet how it would look at a certain angle.

You felt him tease you, putting his tip right on your folds and moving it up and down. You sharply inhaled as you felt him push his way inside of you.

You always knew he was big. Well technically you didn’t know, you always assumed, but you could definitely confirm it now. He was in fact, huge.

He wasn’t even half way in before he suddenly rammed into you, your whole body jerking forward. You let out a moan as he kept pulling almost all the way out before going back in consistently and forcefully.

He kept a hard, steady pace going, not backing down at all. His thick dick was filling you up so much, every space was occupied. The sound of skin slapping each other and the cream starting to fill could be heard.

He pushed you further against the bed while keeping your ass in the air still, hitting the spot at the perfect angle.

“You like that baby girl?”he grunted.

You wanted to scream yes, moan, do something. But you physically couldn’t bring yourself to say anything, you felt him in your stomach and it knocked the wind out of you.

“Answer me when I talk to you.” He said, grabbing your hair and pulling you towards him more, not stopping his thrusts.

“Yes daddy.” You said, a slight smirk forming as you said it.

You swore you heard Grayson practically growl as he shoved your face into the mattress, climbing on top of you more before pulling almost all the way out to ram right back in. You let out almost a cry as every single emotion he’s ever felt towards you was released, literally throwing your back out.

You felt your stomach tie up into that knot, where your breath hitched and you felt your toes curl. Suddenly, Grayson pulled out and flipped you over into your back. He spread your legs, swiping a finger though your pussy before inserting himself again.

Almost every single time he thrust he hit the spot, your back arching off the mattress and pushing up against his skin. He stopped for a second before taking your legs and pushed them above, his arms stopping them in the air.

He went faster and harder and you moaned as the knot in your stomach grew more by the second and your toes curled. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as your second orgasm hit even harder than the first. He still didn’t stop, keeping the same fast and hard pace as you clenched around him.

“Fuck.” He said, letting out a small moan covered with a grunt as he pulled out, finishing on your stomach. He left you on the bed for a moment as he went to get a wash rag from your bathroom to clean you off. He wiped his cum off your stomach before flashing you a smile.

“You keep making that stupid smile.” You said as he went to put the wash rag in the laundry basket.

“Can you blame me?” He asked. “I just fucked the one person I’ve been wanting to for the past 9 years.”

“9 years?” You asked, almost laughing.

“9 years.” He kissed you before picking you up and bringing you to the shower.

He’s showered at your house plenty of times, enough to know how to work the shower himself instead of awkwardly asking your friends.

You got in the shower and your legs almost gave out, but Grayson was right there and held you up before you could fall. He snickered, clearly proud of his accomplishments.

“Shut up,” you said. Grayson got into the shower and kissed the back of your neck before embracing you in a hug from behind.

“I love you.” He said.

You turned around and threw your arms around his neck as he pulled you closer to him

“I love you more.” You kissed him and he pushed you back, the warm shower water dripping over the both of you.

You continued making out in the shower and you both smiled against each other’s lips.

How crazy it was to think that you both watched each other grow up, secretly in love with each other but didn’t say anything. Now you’ll grow old together, in love with each other and saying your vows.

But it took 9 long years.

the second time × part one

before you begin to read, please read this!

this story has mentions of a school shooting, so please please read with caution + if you get triggered easily, please don’t read. i’m not romanticising it in any way and if you EVER get the slightest feeling that someone’s going to do something at you’re school, please tell an adult. you can never be too careful.

okay, now enjoy the first part my loves<3

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song for this chapter: 

human right by the strike

(read with this on repeat!) 

“are you sure?” i sat on the bleachers, eating the chicken gyro the school was serving for lunch.

“yes im sure! im really worried about him co. this isn’t like him.” ethan gripped onto my shoulder before removing his hand and resting his head on the same spot. "well we can’t just sit around, e! we have to tell someone.“ i shimmied around and grabbed my trash before getting up and pulling ethan up with me.

"we can’t tell anyone! it was probably a misunderstanding. i don’t even have the picture anymore anyway.” ethan sat back down and put his head in his hands. i could hear the weeps coming from his face, but he wouldn’t dare lift up his face and show me. i run my fingers through his hair and wrap my arms around him before continuing, “look ethan, he’s your brother, i get that. but that, what he said, it’s gotta mean something. for heaven’s sake, eth. it was a gun!”

my mind was racing with thoughts, both good and bad. mostly bad, but how could i not? ethan’s my best friend, and i know a lot about him as well as his brother. grayson wasn’t always as frightening or as odd as he is now, but i guess after surviving a school shooting, things change for some people. for ethan, not much changed. i mean yeah, it took a toll on his mental health, that in turn would take years to recover from. but for people like grayson, recovery wasn’t an option.

“i know, cohen! i know. just let me talk to him, please.” tears continued to come out of his eyes and you could tell the genuine concern he had for grayson.

you thought over what he said, over and over.

“he sent me a snap. it was a picture of a gun and it said "don’t go to school tomorrow.” i’m scared cohen.“

i honestly don’t know how to react. i mean, there’s not really a correct way on how to react.

"okay, ethan. talk to him. but if he’s still acting this way we’re telling someone, no excuses. i’m not risking the lives of that many people, whether its for graysons sake or not.” i stand up and walk away from the bleachers and back towards the school with ethan to our next class. pre calc was an easy class for me, i flew threw the problems quickly and let both ethan and grayson copy my answers. ethan finished and turned to grayson.

“bro, can we talk? what was with that snap?” ethan ran his fingers through his hair. it showed that he was stressed and i rested my hand on his knee and squeezed tightly before letting go and looking up at grayson who didn’t say anything but, “tomorrow. tomorrow they’ll be sorry.”

ethan and i were both just as confused and scared as the other, but after countless attempts at trying to get him to say something else, something to help us understand what his true intentions are, we gave up.

i walked down the hallway and looked around at the many students, whom were all oblivious to what is truly going on behind these walls.

i look at the big school calendar they have hung up and sigh before turning to ethan,

“hey, whats the date today?”

“july 31st. why?”

“tomorrow’s the anniversary of the university of texas shooting.”

Sup guys I will no longer be a fan blog but instead just be using this blog as my own personal one. I understand if you want to unfollow but I just don’t have time to run a fan account blog but I still love tumblr and don’t want to delete it. I had a good time getting to know ya’ll and share our love for some goofy twins! I will only be reblogging stuff mostly now or if anyone still wants to chat we absolutely can. I just won’t be writing anymore. I appreciate all of you!


Sofia ❤️

“We forgot her birthday.”

Requested by anonymous: “an imagine where y/n is dating Grayson. He forgets y/n’s birthday but she doesn’t tell them and they all go to Ellie Thumann’s surprise party thrown by Emma. At the party y/n is really upset and salty and Grayson gets really annoyed at her for ruining Ellie’s party. Then they have an argument and he figures it out.”


“Hey, are you doing anything this weekend?” Grayson asked you.

“No, why?” You asked. Your birthday was this Saturday, so you were hoping this was his way of dropping hints that he had something planned for you.

“Emma is throwing a surprise party for Ellie and she wanted to know if we wanted to go.” He explained. You’d forgotten you and Ellie shared a birthday.

“Oh. Yeah, sure. That’ll be fun.” You said quietly.

* * *

Saturday evening rolled around and you and the twins were getting ready for Ellie’s party. You got as dressed up as you could, because you really didn’t want to go, but you also didn’t want to half ass an outfit. The three of you were ready to go and you headed out. As you made your way to the party, you began to get more upset because you still couldn’t believe, that after four years of friendship, and two years of your being with Grayson, him and Ethan had both forgotten your birthday,

“Whatever, I’m not even gonna think about it. I’m gonna try to have a good night.” You thought to yourself as you made your way inside. You immediately got yourself a drink and mingled with everyone, not even wanting to be anywhere near either of the twins.

“(Y/N)! Hey! I’m so glad you could make it. Happy birthday to you, by the way. I figured you would’ve had something planned for yourself tonight.” Emma said as she walked up to you, pulling you in for a hug.

“No, I was as free as a bird tonight. This is some party you put together here.” You said, taking in all the decorations.

“Well, I can’t take all the credit. I had a ton of help, Ethan, Grayson, Hannah, and Bryant all helped me out.” She said, which upset you even more, knowing the twins helped with this party, but probably didn’t even think about doing anything for you. “Hey, I know it’ll be after the fact, but let me take you out to lunch sometime next week for your birthday.”

“Sure, I’d like that.” You said with a forced smile. You and her exchanged some more small talk before she had to take care of some party things. You found Ellie in the middle of the crowd and walked up to her.

“Ellie! Happy birthday, babe.” You said as you hugged her.

“(Y/N)! Happy birthday to you too. I’m so glad you could make it!” She said with a smile.

“Yeah, this party has been a lot of fun. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” You said. You said a quick goodbye and made your way over to one of the sofas and sat down, people watching for a while, trying to take your mind off the twins. You were pissed that they’d not only forgotten about your birthday, but also helped Emma plan this party. You tried not to seem jealous, but you were upset that not even your boyfriend would’ve remembered your birthday.

You sat on the sofa for a while, not wanting to talk to anyone or do anything.

“Hey, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you. I feel like I haven’t seen you since we got here.” Grayson said as he sat next to you.

“Yeah, I talked to Emma and Ellie for a little bit, then found this sofa and have been here ever since.” You said, not looking up from the floor.

“You’ve been sitting here all night?” Grayson asked, kind of irritated.

“Yeah. I’m not really in a party mood. I thought I would be, but I guess not.” You said.

“Then why did you even agree to come? If you were gonna sit and be pissy all night, then you could’ve stayed home.” Grayson said.

“I’m sorry, what did I say to upset you? I’m not stopping you from enjoying your night.” You said.

“Well, no, but it’s the least you could do to help celebrate our friend’s birthday.” He spat.

“That’s really funny coming from you.” You said.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“What’s today’s date?” You asked.

“The 20th.”

“Right. And who’s birthday is today?”

“Ellie’s birthday is today.”

“And?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at him. You watched as he stared at you as he tried to figure things out. Once everything finally clicked, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“Oh my god. I am so sorry.” He said softly, going in for a hug.

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it.” You said, getting up from the sofa.

“(Y/N), please wait.” He said as he began following you. You made your way through the building and all the way outside before he caught up to you, Ethan following closely behind him.

“Are you two okay?” Ethan asked.

“Y'know, I thought that after four years of friendship between the three of us, that would’ve warranted me some kind of celebration, regardless how big or small. You didn’t offer to take me to dinner last night, you didn’t offer to take me out to tomorrow. You didn’t even give me a fucking text or cheesy Instagram post.” You said.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asked Grayson.

“We forgot her birthday.” Grayson said quietly.

“Oh fuck. (Y/N), we’re so sorry. We got caught up with helping Emma with this party, it must have just slipped our minds.” Ethan said.

“I don’t even want to talk about this anymore. I’m going home. Enjoy your party.” You said, turning away from them.

“But we came together.” Grayson sighed.

“I already ordered an uber. I’ll see you to later.” You said as your car pulled up. You slid in the back seat and watched the twins disappear as you pulled off. You stared out the window and let out a small sniffle as you began crying.

“You alright?” Your driver asked.

“Yeah, it’s just been a crappy night. I’m ready for it to be over.” You sighed as the car pulled into the driveway of the twins’ house.

“Hey, keep your head up. It’s only one night, I’m sure tomorrow will be better.” The driver said as you got out.

“Thank you.” You said softly. You hopped out of the car and waved as it left, walking back into the house and flopping down into Grayson’s bed. You lied there and cried for a while before you fell asleep, sleeping for the rest of the night.

You woke up the next morning to an empty bed.

“Gray?” You said quietly as you sat up. You looked around the room and found nothing but a bouquet of your favorite flowers sitting on the nightstand. You pulled the card off and read it to yourself.

“Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Join us for breakfast when you get up.”

You glanced at the flowers again and smiled to yourself. You walked out to the kitchen and found the twins standing in the kitchen, making plates and setting the table.

“She’s gonna be up any second, bro. We’ve got a lot to do to make up for last night.” Grayson said as he finished piling pancakes on the dining room table.

“Does she take cream and sugar with her coffee?” Ethan asked.

“More like coffee with her cream and sugar.” Grayson laughed as he made you a cup of coffee. He set it down at what you assumed was your plate at the table and looked up and saw you in the doorway. A small smile appeared across his face as he walked over to you. “Morning sweetheart.” He said, pressing a kiss to your lips.

“(Y/N), good morning.” Ethan said as he gave you a hug. The led you over to the table and sat you down in front of a plate full of your favorite breakfast foods and the three of you began to eat.

Over breakfast, Ethan and Grayson exchanged quiet whispers about everything they had planned for the rest of the day.

“Alright, now that you’re done, go get ready for the day. We’ve a lot planned for you.” Grayson said with a smile as he took your empty plate.

“How should I dress?” You asked.

“Casual is fine, comfortable sneakers for a day full of walking.” Ethan said. You nodded and got ready.

Throughout the rest of the day, the twins had tons of things planned for you. They took you shopping, they took you out to your favorite restaurant for lunch, they took you to the movies and did all kinds of things that you wanted to do.

“I’m starting to get tired. Can we go home now?” You asked through a yawn.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, we can head home now. Of course, if that’s what you want.” Grayson said, checking the time on your phone.

“Yes, I’m ready to head home.” You laughed. The three of you made your way back home and you unloaded all your purchases from your shopping spree.

“You can just put all your stuff in my closet.” Grayson said, handing you the bags he had. You nodded and took them to his room, setting them up in his closet so they weren’t in the way of anything. You walked back out to the kitchen where the table was now covered with plates, balloons and a cake in your favorite flavor, number candles lit on the top.

“Happy birthday (Y/N).” They both said quietly as you sat down at the table.

“Awe, you guys.” You said with a smile.

“(Y/N), please believe us when we say how incredibly sorry we are about everything that’s happened, regarding us forgetting your birthday.” Grayson began.

“Us helping plan Ellie’s party isn’t a valid excuse for forgetting your birthday. It’s the same day as hers and it was shitty on our part, especially since you’ve been our best friend for four years.” Ethan said. “Grayson has it a bit worse than I do, since he’s your boyfriend, but that’s besides the point.” He joked.

“Please accept our apology. We really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but we do accept full responsibility.” Grayson said.

“Everything you two have done for me today has made up for yesterday, plus some. I would’ve been fine with just going out to lunch or something, but of course you two went above and beyond, as usual. I’m so lucky to be able to have such good friends like you two. But, I’ll only accept your apology on one condition.” You said.

“What?” They asked in unison.

“You have to help me eat this cake.” You said with a smile.

“Well, you have to make a wish first.” Ethan laughed pushing the cake closer to you.

“But I already have everything I could ever wish for.” You laughed before blowing out the candles. “Thank you two, for everything. I love you two so much.” You said, kissing Grayson and pressing a kiss to Ethan’s cheek.

anonymous asked:

hiii babydoll you asked for angsty requests and i have arrived!! ok so here it is: gray is going through a hard time mentally and feels like his behavior is v toxic for Y/N so he tries to break up w her but she ain’t having it (idk if this has been done before) (but even if it has you are one of my FAVE writers and i want it from you) I LOVE YOU.

LOVEBUG OMG MY HEART I LOVE YOU TOO WOW seriously my heart exploded <3 hope this is good and I’m sorry for errors ☺️💘

“Baby, can we talk?” Grayson asked as he rolled over in bed. I nodded as I laid my phone on the nightstand before I looked at him. Really looked, and I didn’t like what I saw. Deep bags hung under his eyes, wrinkles engraved on his forehead, a harsh five o’clock shadow adorned his jaw and chin, and his body seemed to sag in place as he sat up in bed.

I quickly followed his position, sitting shoulder to shoulder, before I turned and took his hand in mine. “Anything, Gray. What’s goin’ on in that pretty head of yours?” I asked, rubbing my thumb up and down his knuckles.

A sight came before me I didn’t know I never wanted to see, Grayson started crying. And I mean full, body heaving sobs. I wove my arms around his shoulders as I crawled into his lap, keeping his head by my chest so he could hear my heart beat for him, only for him.

“Gray?” I whispered before I pushed him back slightly and ran my thumbs across his blunt cheekbones. His dark lashes tangled with the salty tears as he lurched forward, head digging into my chest, as he tried to bury his sobs against my bones. And I let him.

My fingers pushed through his chocolate locks before I kissed his forehead. “Speak when you’re ready, Gray. No rush.” I said softly and he nodded before he sighed.

“Y/N, I think we should break up.” His first words since he broke down in my arms made me freeze. My blood felt icy in my veins as I looked at him, his face showing no hint of a joke. I moved back a bit and dropped my arms at my sides.

“You what?” I whispered and his eyes met mine. His knuckles dug into his eye sockets as he scrubbed them vigorously, trying to remove the tears.

“I said I think we should break up. Not because of you, but because of me.” Graysons said, his voice coming out raspy and scratchy. Usually that would drive me crazy, but this time my heart felt numb. I scoffed before I moved off his lap. “That sounded so bad, Y/N! But I mean it. It’s all me. I’m such a fuck up.” My head turned at that and I quickly shook my head.

“Don’t you dare talk like that, Grayson Bailey. You don’t ever speak about yourself like that .” I pointed my finger at him and I paused before I moved towards him. “You don’t get to do that to me, to hurt me like that, when you need me. You cannot push me away.” I said softly and I took his hands in mine.

“See? You do shit like this for me when I’m being such an ass! You should get out while you can.” He said softly, his chin dropping to his chest.

“If I wanted out Grayson, I would’ve left on my own accord. You don’t get to decide for me when I’ve had enough of our relationship. And I hate to break it to you,” he looked up and raised his brow before I smiled, “I’m really in love with you, and I’m not going anywhere.”