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if I’m dreaming, baby, please don’t wake me up

anonymous asked:

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” plz babe? You’re the bestest!

The ocean crashed gracefully around your ankles as stared at the tiny fish swimming around the water. Ethan had walked back to go get you two some drinks leaving you to quietly admire the ocean on your own. However, your peaceful moment was quickly interrupted when an unfamiliar male voice rang through your ears. “Hey.” The deep voice said as you turned to face the unknown person. 

The boy was tall, fairly tan and had a large surfboard slung under his left arm, as a matter of fact, he sort of reminded you a little bit of Ethan’s brother, Grayson. “Hi,” You said softly, trying not to sound to intrigued by his presence. 

“I just noticed you looked a little bored out here and I was going to ask if maybe you wanted to come surf with me and my buddies.” The boy smiled and pointed to a group of oddly similar looking boys all carrying boards of their own.

You shook your head and smiled, “Im actually just waiting on my boyfriend to get back, but thank for the offer.” You smiled, trying your best to be polite. 

“Really, that's a shame, we would have shown you a good time.” He chuckled, shifting his board under his arm, his biceps flexing as he did.

“Is that so?” Ethan’s voice boomed out, catching both your and the boys attention. Ethan was clearly not happy with the scene that he had arrived too and it showed. 

“Come find us if you get bored, babe.” The boy chuckled before sprinting back off to his group.

“Babe?” Ethan scoffed, his fists clenched at his side as his eyes narrowed in irritation. “What the hell did he want from you?” 

“He asked me to go surf with them.” You laughed, trying to make light of the situation, not wanting Ethan to become to upset. 

“Surf, who does he think he is some…some…stupid surfer dude or something.” Ethan struggled to come up with some kind of insult to throw at the boy and his effort was kind of amusing. “he is probably just overcompensating for something with that huge surfboard of his.” He continued to pour out insults at the boy as he stared at the group. 

You’re jealous, aren’t you.” You grinned coyly, crossing your hands over your bathing suit-clad chest. 

“What no!” He responded, finally taking his eyes off of the group of surfers. “Jealous of those dorks, really?” He jabbed his thumb in their direction as he spoke. 

“You are so jealous of them.” You teased. 

“Am not.” 

“Are too.” You turned to head back towards shore, knowing that your words were killing Ethan. 

“I am not Jealous of them,” He yelled after you, “Y/N, get back here.” He yelled watching as you took off in a sprint away from the ocean and back towards your towel. 

anonymous asked:


#23. “Is that my shirt?” I picked ethan btw

The day was long, filled with rude co-workers and your annoying boss. On top of that being stuck in traffic for almost three hours, at this point being miserable was the only option.

Either gray or e were home which was probably better for the both of them seeing they wouldn’t be on the wrong side of your sour mood. Quickly your clothes were gone leaving you in one of Ethan’s shirts and pair of underwear. Make up still dressed your face as you hit the pillow of Ethan’s bed.

The bobby pins in your hair poked against your scalp but at this point it didn’t compare to the mood you had. Finally your eyes shut, a nap seeming like an order. Right when you felt as if all your problems were lifting, mind closing off along with your eyes the door slammed shut.

The annoyed huff didn’t go unoticed as Ethan leaned against the door frame of his bedroom. “Did i wake you?”

“No i just ramdomly make sounds.” Ethan rolls his eyes at your sass while making his way to the foot of the bed. He pulls the blanket from off your body in attempt to tickle you for the unnecessary attitude being thrown his way but was stopped at the sight of you. “Is that my shirt?”

“Ethan please. It’s cold and i had a bad day.” Ethan sighs, eyes roaming over the revealed skin of his beauty. A small kiss is pressed against your knee, then right above it and above that until he left a trail of tiny kisses to the hem of his shirt.

“Bad day baby?” You only nod in response as he settles himself next to you. “Let’s cuddle then pretty girl.”

wip list (but just ideas)

which one do you guys think i should write next?

Yours (Gray fluff/angst)

  • You get pregnant with Grayson’s son shortly after he moved to LA & you choose to keep it a secret so that he can live his dream. Three years later Grayson shows up at your doorstep.

Princess (boxer!E fluff)

  • For your boyfriend’s birthday you decide to take your three year old daughter to LA to see him fight for the first time.

Flicker (Gray fluff)

  • You realize that you love Grayson for the first time, and you finally decide to tell him how much he actually means you. [Based on the song Flicker by Niall Horan]

Another Lifetime (Ethan angst)

  • You were pretty rebellious when you were young before you got pregnant. You and Ethan have been together for two years and he has become like a stepfather to your daughter, and then your ex leaks pictures from your past (tw: drug abuse, domestic violence)

Through the Dark (Gray fluff)

  • You’re shopping for your wedding dress but you’re having trouble because you can’t find anything you like with long sleeves, but you don’t want Grayson’s family to know that you used to self harm. Grayson finds out and comforts you. [Based on the song Through the Dark by One Direction]

Kiwi (Ethan smut)

  • You and Ethan are best friends and you both party hard. Two months after one of your drunken hookups, you’ve stopped coming around and Ethan starts to wonder why. [Based on the song Kiwi by Harry Styles]

AP (Gray smut)

  • Grayson is your AP US History teacher, but he’s also so much more. (tw: age gap, teacher/student AU)


Ethan: hey, Y/N, I wasn’t going to mention this, but we’re sitting under a mistletoe.

You: …no we’re not

Ethan: I was hoping you’d kiss me before you figured that out.

Eye To Eye (G.D)

Warnings : drinking, arguing, swearing

Word Count : 727

A/N : Thank you for this request! I wouldn’t have thought about writing about height, and it’s not the greatest, but I hope you enjoy! Just so you know, requests are always open! So just hit me up! (I’m just not comfortable writing smut) 

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anonymous asked:

I need protective!grayson in my life please!?!? ♥️♥️

The house was filled with loud music and stumbling, drunk college students. You were dressed in something a little more revealing then you were used to. A small jean skirt clad your legs mid thigh showing off the creamy skin of your thighs. Your top was a flowly dipping into the v line of your breast, back completely on display.

The moment you walked into the frat house you knew it was a bad idea, it was all because grayson. Stupid grayson who broke your heart once again. It was your fault entirely, grayson couldn’t be balmed for actions because he told you his intentions from the beginning. Just sex no strings attached.

“This is a bad idea.” You whisper yell at your bestfriend as your grasp the hem of your skirt to pull it down.

“No its not, you’ll look hot grayson will be drooling over you.” You didnt want grayson to be drooling over you, you wanted him to love you, realize his real feelings for you.

Last night was the last straw for you. After confessing your feelings to grayson you expected them to be returned but was devastated when he laughed it off and left soon after. No text, no calls. He just left ignoring your admiration of him.

The loud chants of drunk people singing along to the song. Almost instantly Grayson’s eyes met yours roaming over the exposed skin giving you a seductive smirk that was only answered with an eye roll.

The drink in your best friend’s hand was quickly burning your throat, eyes staying on him the whole time. The night was pretty much a blur, drink after drink and the constant reminder that grayson hasn’t bothered to talk to you once.

You giggle as the blondie next to you tells another joke, that seemed way to funny at the moment mostly because of the alcohol that clouded your judgement. The softness of his hand against your thigh made you slightly uncomfortable at the advance but you couldn’t find yourself to shoo him away. “You are so pretty.”

You smile sweetly at his compliment as he presses his hand against your cheek. “Can I kiss you love?”

It was only a small nod that gave him permission but in seconds his lips found yours but the instant the softness of his lips found yours they were ripped away by a pair of hands. Long tanned fingers matching the muscles that run along his arm the arm of grayson.

“Hey man what’s your problem?”

“You’re my problem man.” Grayson’s eyes are dark with anger that is taken out on his hair as he tugs the knots out with his fingers.

“What’s your problem grayson?”

“My problem? What is yours? At my party in my house kissing someome else!”

Despite how loud he had gotten it was drowning out to the music and voices of the people around us.

“Last time i checked grayson we are just friends.” Pressing the red solo cup against your lips with a rush to erase what you were feeling. Grayson’s hand pulls it from your lips.

“Enough! You had enough!”

“You seem awful worried about someone you don’t care about.”

Grayson growls placing each of his hand on either side of her, trapping her between the wall and himself. “I never said that.”

“You might as well. I poured my feelings out to you and you left.”

Grayson grumbles as pressing his lips against yours despite how much you fought him. “Just stop, stop fighting me.”

“No you asshole!” Unwanted tears burn against eyes slipping past eyelashes to carve a zig zagged path along your cheeks. “You don’t care about me.”

“You don’t get to say that to me!” What was most surprising of all were the tears that glossed his eyes. “I am a fuck up why can’t you understand that? Every good thing in my life i fuck up. I cant be responsible, i cant be responsible for ruining the one person i love..”

“Anyone would incredibly lucky to date you.” (Ethan)

Based off the song Singles you Up by Jordan Davis


If he ever singles you up, if he’s ever stupid enough
I’ma be the first one calling you baby


Ethan’s POV

I was out at a bar one evening, just unwinding after a hectic week, when I heard a familiar voice as the music cut out. I looked down the bar and saw an old friend of mine, (Y/N). We met in college and became super close, enough to still see each other every once in a while. I’d had a crush on her for a while, but once she started seeing another guy that we knew, Michael, who she was at the bar with, I knew that I had to push those feelings aside, no matter how badly I wished that she would be mine.

She turned my direction and I saw her eyes widened as soon as she saw me.

“Ethan!” She cheered as she walked over to me. I gave her a smile as I got up to greet her, all my feelings coming back as we hugged.

“(Y/N), hey. How have you been? It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other.” I sighed.

“I’ve been good. Work’s been keeping me busy, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. How are you doing?” She asked.

“Busy too, but I like to be kept busy. I like being productive.” I smiled. We sat there for a while, talking and catching up, telling each other things that have happened since the last time we spoke, which, at this point, had been almost two months.

“White wine? That’s not your usual.” I said as I listened to her order another drink.

“I can’t hang anymore like I used to in college. This is my second glass, and I’ll probably just switch to water or something.” She laughed.

“I don’t believe that at all. Whenever you post pictures on your girls nights, you always have a cocktail glass in your hand.”

“I don’t drink like that when I’m with Michael. I’m always the designated driver when the two of us go out. When I’m out with my girls, we order ubers.”

“He’s never the designated driver?” I asked, and she shook her head. “That’s not fair. You should be able to have fun anytime you’re out.”

I looked over at Michael who was downing another beer, laughing with the guys he was with. Personal biases aside, I’ve always thought that (Y/N) could do so much better than him. Michael and I were never close, but I never really felt like a friendship was there between us. And now that he was with (Y/N), I really didn’t want to try to be his friend.

(Y/N) and I spent hours talking, and it felt just like old times, retelling stories and reminiscing, and talking about new things. And in all that time, not once did Michael come up to us. Him and (Y/N) barely spoke to each other the entire time we were talking, nor did it really seem like they were worried about each other.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” She asked abruptly.

“Uh, not at the moment, no.” I sighed. “Like I said, I’ve just been super busy.”

“That’s no reason to keep you from seeing someone.”

“Well, if I’m being honest, I’ve had this thing, I guess, for someone that I know. But there’s no way she’d ever wanna be with me.” I stared down at my glass as I spoke, not wanting to look at (Y/N).

“Oh yeah? Tell me about her.” She said, sounding way too eager.

“Well,” I began, not really knowing what to tell her without being too specific, “we’ve been friends for a long time and we’ve always been super close. She’s great, really. She’s so funny, she’s driven, and she’s so so beautiful. But, she’s with someone else, who I think is a complete jackass, but I don’t want to come between them. She seems happy with him, and I’m happy for her, but I just wish someday she’d see that she’d be so much happier with me than him. I hate how jealous that sounds, but I really do hope that one day she’d see me and think, ‘wow, I can’t believe I ever thought of being with someone other than you.’”

“That doesn’t sound jealous. It sounds desperate, but not jealous.” She teased.

“Desperate is my middle name.” I laughed.

“Ethan, listen to me,” she began. I turned to her and she placed her hands on my cheeks. “You are a complete catch. You’re so handsome, and you’re so sweet and loving, and anyone would incredibly lucky to date you. I hope that whoever this girl is, she realizes that.” She said.

“Apparently she already does, because she is you.” I thought to myself. I just forced a smile and looked up at her, no longer knowing what to say.

“It’ll probably be sooner than you think.” She said with a smile.

“Let’s hope.” I sighed, sitting up and finishing my drink. Just then, Michael stumbled over to us and leaned against (Y/N).

“Hey hon, you remember Ethan, right?” (Y/N) said to him.

“Yeah, what’s up man? How have you been?” He slurred, barely holding his eyes open. We exchanged a quick hello before he began whining, saying he was ready to go home.

“Alright, let’s get you to the car and we’ll go home.” (Y/N) said as she stood up. She turned to me and smiled. “Ethan, it was so good seeing you. We’ve gotta see each other again soon.” She said as we hugged.

“Yes, I agree. Let’s hope our schedules agree as well.” I laughed.

“And don’t give up on that girl. She’ll come around.” She said, patting me on the back. She pressed a quick kiss to my cheek before she began to walk off. I watched as her and Michael walked out of the bar and I found myself beginning to follow them out to the parking lot.

“Hey, one more thing before you leave.” I said to (Y/N) after she helped Michael into the car.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“If he ever is crazy enough to break up with you, give me a call.” I said quietly, pressing a kiss to her cheek. She stared up at me as she began to piece together the puzzle.

“I will.” She said with a smile.

I watched as they drove off, giving (Y/N) a small wave before she got too far. I walked to my car and let out a sigh of relief. I was glad I finally told her how I felt, but I hoped that things would change soon.

Grayson: You don’t know when to stop.

Ethan: That’s not true. I know exactly when I should stop, and then I don’t.

He has a what now?! (E.D.)

Summary: An intern gets her first patient with something weird stuck in their body.

Warnings: mentions of sex…and Ethan’s ass, also one of the weirdest things I’ve ever written but it’s based on actual experiences, funny too (in a way)

Word count: ~ 1100

a/n: wrote this a while ago and thought you might like something to read until the guys upload. I kinda smiled when I saw them having technical difficulties because it’s so them and a part of their charm and I don’t even mind that I’m totally exhausted and it’s past 10 pm. Just love that they’re back.

A twelve hour shift was long enough to exhaust anyone, but I was ready to collapse into a coma at this point. With only half an hour left on the clock, I began to count down seconds as they passed, hoping no one would come in at the last moment.

“Y/L/N, there’s a patient in bed 8 with a nail up his ass. Go get it out.” My attendee is completely serious, looking over the rest of the ER for any other cases while I gawk at him. 

“He has a what now in his ass?” I whisper shout, eyes still wide in both shock and disgust.

“A nail. He has a nail stuck up his…don’t make me say it twice.” He sighs, pointing me to a curtain closed bed at the end with tired eyes matching my own.

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Polaroids of you

Chapter Five

Summary: Falling in love was hard due to your rocky upbringing, but when you and your best friend, Emma Chamberlain moved to the big city of L.A to further your online careers, you meet someone that could quite possibly change the way you saw Love forever.

Warnings: Talk of emotional abuse, swearing, angst 

Pairing: Ethan Dolan X Reader

A/N: Dream/ Flashback is in italics. 

“Just get the hell out! Your mom screamed as she shoved at your dad’s chest. “You son of a bitch get out!” She yelled once more, shoving him harder. You wanted to stop them, to stop the yelling to stop the violence, but you were only twelve, what were you supposed to do. 

“I hate you too, slut!” Your dad yelled back, doing his best to defend himself with merely his words

Their screams filled your ears as you sat in your room, tears streaming down your face, heart pounding in your chest. You family was falling apart and it was all because he cheated. 

Your eyes sprung open, stairing at the white ceiling of the apartment as your mind revisited the memory of the day your dad left. You could still hear the words they spoke to each other like it had just happened yesterday. Was that how your relationships were bound to end, in screaming matches and Adultery? 

You rolled over on the bed, your covers shifting as you did. With a sleepy grunt, you reached over and grabbed the book filled with pictures, polaroids from when your parents still loved each other. 

You couldn't help but smile as you flipped through the pages, seeing them happy made you happy, but you quickly had to remind yourself that their happiness was short lived. 

The buzzing of your phone shook you from your train of thought. The screen lit up and sure enough, Ethan’s name was spread across it. It was 7 A.M what was he doing awake? According to his brother, he slept in till at least noon. “Hello?” You croaked, your voice still thick with sleep.  

“I didn't wake you up did I?” He asked right away. He didn't sound tired, he must have woken up super early for once. 

“No, no…I was just…” You paused, not quite wanting to tell him exactly why you had woken up, at least not yet. “I have been up for a while.” You lied. 

“Good,” He stopped taking, probably thinking about what it was exactly that he called for. “I have been meaning to ask you something for a few days now.” 

He had gotten your attention with that one sentence. Was he wanting to film another video? 

“Would you maybe want to go out sometime?” You were taken aback by his question and if he had been there in person your face probably would have scared him. You blinked hard, trying to process what had just happened. Did Ethan Dolan just ask you to go on a date with him? 

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i’ve had this blog for a year now AND i’m almost at 1k…wtf thank you to each and every one of you, words can’t even describe how grateful i am for this past year💙

anonymous asked:

OOOH Grayson dating a thicc girl and just baking and cuddling and being a domestic couple would be so cute!!

I’m so sorry I took so long to answer this school has been piling up and I haven’t had time to write but I hope this makes up for it!

-So I’d imagine after a long week of work Grayson calls you and asks if you’re free for him to come over and have a lazy weekend with him

- You say yes and he says he’ll be at your apartment bright and early the next morning

- What you didn’t expect was to hear the doorbell ring at 7:30 am

-You groggily get up and answer the door, seeing your boyfriend all perky and smiling while you squinted at him, still half-asleep

- But he brought you McDonalds so you forgave him for waking you up

-You both eat and head right back to bed and take a long nap

- You wake up much later from Grayson’s snoring and look up at his peaceful face, you know he’s worked super hard this week and you couldn’t be more proud of him

- You gently cupped you hand around his face, rubbing your thumb tenderly on his cheekbone as more snores escaped his soft parted lips

- You couldn’t help yourself and gave him a few pecks on the lips, stirring him awake and he tightens his arms around your waist

-“You know, I was having a really pleasant slumber until you woke me up”

- “Will you forgive me if I make you cookies?”

-“Perhaps… But not before I get a little revenge”

-Before you could say something he begins tickling your exposed tummy and nuzzles his face in your neck giving you soft kisses

- “Ahahaha, okay! Mercy, mercy!”

- As you’re baking Grayson comes up from behind and places one hand around your waist and the other on your wrist, helping you stir the bowl of cookie dough you made

- You had to scold him for taking a piece, mumbling something about salmonella

- As you start putting the dough in the baking sheet, Grayson tries to make a few cute animal shapes, but they end up looking like weird blobs

- While the cookies bake you two cuddle on the couch while watching a baking show on Netflix

- “I bet I could make that! It looks so easy!”

- “Grayson baby, I love you but I’m not gonna let you burn either of our homes down…”

- After the cookies are done and cooled off, you pile em all on a plate and head back to the couch, binge watching baking shows for the rest of the day

I really hope you liked this, soft domestic Grayson concepts are my favorite!!!

Fall Down. (e.d.) (BLURB)

Summary Noelle had a bit of an accident and her Daddy is there to fix it.

WARNINGS: none besides bad writing

Just a lil blurb so no one forgets about me lmao i’m debating on making this a full fic but idk yet (this is MAD short sorry)



Admittedly, Ethan didn’t go to inspect what fell when it did, because his little girl drops everything she puts in her little caramel arms. Toys, books, shoes–everything happens with a fall on the floor first. So when he heard the abnormal shriek of his little girl following the fall, that’s when he sprinted down the hallway.


He pushed the door open and found her cradling her foot as she rocked on the floor. Tears streamed down her chubby cheeks while the four-year-old sobbed and sobbed. He sat down next to her and pulled her into his lap. “What happened, sweetie?”

“I w-wanted a b-book, a-a-and I d-dropped it o-on m-me!” She sniffled, choking on her words. “D-Daddy it h-hurts!”

He gently moved her hand away from her injured foot. “Lemme see.” He mumbled. He noticed a bit of swelling but was massively relieved when he didn’t see any blood. 

Because blood means the hospital.

The hospital means that Ethan would have to tell his wife. 

And what she doesn’t know won’t kill her, right?

“Daddy, do we go to the doctor?” She asked, laying against his chest.

“Mm.” He hummed. “I don’t think so. You’re not bleeding so I don’t think we’ll need to. Why?”

Her brown eyes peered into his. “My foot has a heartbeat.” She replied in concern.

He chuckled. “I think that’s normal.”


“How about we get some ice for that foot and some cookie dough? Would you like that?”

“Yes!” She grinned, almost completely forgetting about her foot’s heartbeat.

He held her in his muscular arms bridal style and carried her out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. “You have to promise me something, though, Ellie.” He said on their short journey.


“You can’t tell Mommy, alright?”