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I honestly can’t wait for the second part!!! Take your time babe

the fact that you’re excited for a second part makes ME excited to post it! but I won’t rush it, I want it to be as good as possible❤️

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Achluophobia // E.D. *

Summary: Achluophobia - fear of darkness. Y/N feared Ethan Dolan, a dark soul she once loved but doubted when he was arrested on a murder charge. Now she’s sitting in her bedroom, lights on and all alone, her eyes wide at the TV playing the news that told the breaking story of a familiar convict who recently broke out of prison.

Warnings: Mentions of graphic violence and sexual assault (not displayed by Ethan, I promise), swearing, angst, smut, and some fluff. Italic paragraphs refer to flashbacks.

The strong pitter-patter of the heavy rain was heard against the glass windows as Y/N maintained her gaze on the television screen in front of her. It was a rerun of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and she gladly had all of her lights on, unable to fathom the idea of staying in the dark alone while she was trying to wash out her mind with scenes from Insidious. Although, even without the terrifying movie penetrating her thoughts, she still wouldn’t be able to keep herself in the dark - thanks to her achluophobia. She’s had since she was five and she had thought she heard a monster under her bed, but fortunately for her nightlights existed. Y/N never boasted about her fear to anyone really, well, except to one person, but she will never talk about him again.

Y/N frowned with annoyance when the program automatically switched to a live broadcast, where a brunette newscaster stood in front of what appeared to be a prison, looking absolutely panicked. Police officers paced cautiously behind her, almost as if they were looking for something… she was beginning to have a gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

“We interrupt this program with breaking news,” the woman said into the microphone, famously known as Shannon Lewt. Her voice was shaky and her skin was pale, but she managed to remain professional. “Convicted serial killer Ethan Dolan, who was arrested last year on a single murder charge and was given fifty years in jail, has somehow escaped from his cell and is now on the loose.”

Y/N froze at her words, her stomach dropping immediately. Who cares about the dark? This was more terrifying. How the fuck did Ethan break out of prison?

What if he tries to see her?

No, that couldn’t be. She stopped visiting him months ago, even when they were broken up but he had begged for her to visit him every once in a while to keep him sane. He told her he couldn’t imagine the thought of never seeing his beloved Y/N again, but eventually she grew tired of internally fighting herself about her morality, so she just stopped seeing him altogether without a warning. He was a killer, for crying out loud! How could she love a cold-blooded murderer who sought his victims - most consisting of random older men - behind her back. Ethan had promised her, when he was arrested, that he had stopped his killings when he met her, but why would she believe him? He contained the capability to hurt her in such inhuman ways as he had done to other people.

Snapping out of her daze, Y/N fixated her mind back onto the screen. They were now showing a picture of him, of course his mugshot where he still looked dangerously handsome in. Ethan Dolan donned tattoos from the ankles up, stopping just in the middle of his neck and none of his face. She couldn’t help but feel a tug on her heart when she spotted the freckle on his cheek, the same freckle she used to run her fingers over when he held her. He was in love with her…

Stop it. He’s the definition of evil.

“We advise anybody who catches sight of him or receives information on his whereabouts to please contact the police to help get this maniac on the loose,” Shannon spoke, clutching her umbrella tightly in one hand as the rain seemed to pour harder. “And please keep you and your kids inside at night, and be safe. We’ll-”

Everything turned off. The TV, the lights, the blasting air conditioner. The fucking power went out. Y/N whimpered to herself as she quickly pulled out her phone and turned the flashlight on, removing herself from her bedroom in search of th emergency candles she kept in the kitchen cabinet. She was trying desperately hard not to go into panic mode, but that seemed impossible when the entire perimeter of her neighborhood was in a power outage and her serial killer ex-boyfriend was the loose. Once she finished setting up, Y/N went into her phone to dial 9-1-1 just in case, she absolutely doesn’t feel safe right now.

“Dammit,” Y/N mutters stupidly when her phone shuts off. Dead battery, and no why to charge it. Maybe this is a sign that she should just go to bed and wait for things to get better in the morning.

And then she heard it. The soft knocking against her front door. Her movements stopped when it continued, and she was glad that she had shut her windows so whoever was on the other side, in the pouring rain, couldn’t see into her house.

It can’t be him.

While trying to convince herself that it was probably just her next-door neighbor making sure that she was okay, Y/N jumped when the doorknob started twisting left and right, and that’s when she realized that she left a spare key under her mat - such a fucking idiot. She quickly spun on her feet and ran back upstairs to her bedroom, locking the door behind her as she could hear the front door from downstairs open and quiet footsteps walk in. Y/N opened her closet and buried herself within her plethora of clothes, shutting her eyes tightly as the invader began walking up the stairs. She swore under breath upon discovering another foolish mistake she had made, leave her portable charger downstairs in the kitchen. If she were to have it in her possession right now, she would surely call the police. When are the lights coming back on?

Y/N vividly remembers when she first met Ethan Dolan. One of her friends from her old sorority invited her to a party at some grunge club downtown, something Y/N wasn’t looking forward to but she had owed this particular friend a favor. She regretted every decision she made upon walking into the smoke-filled, alcohol wrenched building as she pushed past multiple people sporting various tattoos and piercings in places Y/N didn’t know was possible to get pierced. She followed her friend, Janet, to the back room where the “good stuff” was, whatever that meant. She was glad to be removed from the main room, as she was growing tired of the heavy metal/death metal music that was blasting into her ears.

The room Janet had taken her into was much smaller with a group of five people, all with tattoos of course, standing around and smoking. Her friend wrapped an arm around her shoulder comfortingly as she walked up to the intimidating set, a fond smile placed on her face.

“Hey guys,” Janet greets, gathering their attention - now set on Y/N, who was the odd one out. “This is my friend from college, Y/N. Y/N, these are my friends from, well, this place. Lea, Derek, Ethan, Grayson, and Tanya.”

“Nice to meet you,” Y/N shyly speaks, squirming a little underneath their curious gazes.

“Well aren’t you cute?” A woman with dark purple hair and black lipstick grins, taking a step forward towards her. “Come on, no need to be scared, we won’t bite… well, I can’t speak for Ethan.”

Then Y/N’s gaze slowly fell from the girl in front of her to a very tall and attractive man who stood patiently behind, staring intensely at her with a smirk on his face. His hair was a dark brown and his whole body was littered with tattoos - well, she assumed so considering his sleeveless shirt that exposed his muscular arms. One tattoo in particular caught her eye, and it looked to be a red snake with black stripes slithering down towards his wrist, its beady eyes staring right into her soul. It was venomous, and it wanted to taint her with poison. Y/N’s eyes raised back up to his face, and his pierced lip grew into a wider smirk. He takes a step forward and gently grabs her hand before raising it to his lips; Y/N sucked in a sharp breath at the feeling of the cool metal of his piercing pressed against the back of her hand.

“Hi,” he whispers to her - his voice deep and raspy. He was beautiful. “I’m Ethan.”

If Y/N knew what kind of person he was back then, she would have run as far as she could away from him, and never looked back. But unfortunately, Ethan Dolan contained a shield around him that prevented her from seeing who he truly is. His demonic presence came full force in her angelic life, and there wasn’t anything stopping him from staying there. She even has the mark to prove it.

The sudden knocking against her bedroom door made her jump nearly fifty feet in the air, and the tears she was desperately trying to hold back were starting to form in the corners of her eyes. Not to mention it was still incredibly dark in the house, something that never failed to disturb her 24-year-old soul that desired light 24/7. She remembers when a hurricane dusted the east coast where she resided two summers ago, where her and Ethan were beginning their romantical pursuits with each other. The power had gone out then and Y/N had a full-blown panic attack in front of him, and with desperate confusion he held her tightly in his ink-clad arms, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“The electricity will come back, Y/N,” he lovingly assures her, his fingertips rubbing smooth circles over the nape of her neck. “The hurricane’s only a category 2.”

“It’s not the electricity, or the hurricane I’m worried about Ethan,” she murmurs to him, feeling her heart pound against her chest as another clap of thunder startled her.

“Then what is it?”

“Achluophobia,” she answered, pulling away from him slightly to make eye contact - despite the near pitch-blackness of the room that has deterred thanks to the candles. “The fear of darkness. I was properly diagnosed with it when I was sixteen, but I’ve practically had it since I was born. It’s irrational, I know.”

He stays silent for a moment, then breaks out into an encouraging smile. Not one of mockery, of course, but one of comfort and understanding. “I have my irrational fears as well. A terrible case of trypophobia.”

“The fear of tiny, close together holes?”

He cringed slightly and nodded his head. “Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I can barely stand to eat strawberries.”

She giggled playfully and felt him kiss the top of her forehead, then lowered his mouth closer to her ear, “This may not be the most romantic, perfect time to tell you, angel, but I love you.”

With widened eyes, Y/N looked up at him, not having expected to hear those words. But when realizing his hazel pupils held the glimmer of pure honesty, she replied back, “I love you too, Ethan.”

He leaned in and pressed a kiss against her lips, and when he pulled away she felt the lingering feeling of his piercing pressed against her. He then spoke, “Let me your light, Y/N, and I’ll make sure you won’t be afraid anymore.”

But how could he be the light, if he was the darkest soul she knew? Why wasn’t she afraid of him during their entire time spent together? Why had her fear of the dark deteriorated every time she was with him? Why did he do those terrible things?

And why, God, why does she still fucking love him?

From inside her closet, Y/N nearly pissed herself when she heard the squeaking of her bedroom door being pulled open; the intruder somehow picked the lock. Her eyes casted down towards the small space underneath her closet door, where a pair of feet now stood, knowing the only thing that separated her and the “stranger” was that very door. She stayed still, and hoped that her presence couldn’t be felt and that the person would just walk away. She even held in her breath, but gasped when she heard his voice.

“I know you’re in there, angel,” Ethan laughs, jiggling the handles of the closet door.

Then the door bursted open, revealing the devil himself in all his glory. He was soaking wet from the rain, his orange body suit covered in dirt and grime from his adventurous journey of escaping prison. But still, he was still as handsome as ever. His hazel eyes stared down at her and his lips - still containing the piercing - curved upwards into a smirk. He rubbed a hand over his stubble growing on his jawline and Y/N had an odd urge to run her fingers over that freckle of his on his cheek… even though she should be running and screaming right now.

“Do you happen to have warmer clothes, angel?” he taunts her knowingly, motioning towards his damp and dripping clothing. “It’s raining bullets out there and I’d hate to get sick.”


Y/N blinked mindlessly, and then snapped out of it when he hand reached for her, and she quickly pushed him away and ran out - out of her bedroom and down the hallway to the bathroom. Ethan chased after her, calling out her name repeatedly as she slammed the door and locked it shut.

“Y/N, open the door!” he shouts. “Please, I want to see your beautiful face again.”

Ignoring his pleas, Y/N opens up the small window above her toilet. It’s a tight space, but if she squeezes just enough she’ll be able to fit. The jump from up there to the muddy ground was quite far, but if she positioned herself correctly a sprained ankle would be the worst injury. Anything to get away from him. By now his knockings and shouts has ceased but she wasn’t taking any chances. The moment she hits the ground she’ll run to her car and drive all the way to the police station, then she’ll continue living the rest of her life peacefully. Sucking in a deep breath, she squeezed through the rectangular edges and pushed herself, already feeling the splatters of the cold rain hit her face. She closed her eyes shut as she finally made the courageous move, falling through the air as she awaited the impact of her body against the wet earth.

But the impact never came.

Instead, she fell into a pair of strong arms, where Ethan hugged her tight to his body and cooed into her ear, “I’m always one step ahead of you, angel.”

He then proceeds to walk her shivering body back into the much warmer, yet darker household, shutting the front door behind him. He set her down on the floor when he noticed her continuous shaky movements, realizing how little clothing she was wearing. What can she say? It has been a hot day out, so all she donned for pajamas was a pair of shorts and a crop top. Attempting to ignore the lustful thoughts running through his mind, Ethan grabs the white fuzzy blanket laid out on her couch and wrapped it around her, sighing when she flinched at his touch. His remembrance of her fear dawned on him, and he slowly took a step forward and rested his hands against her shoulders.

“Why are you shaking, angel? There’s no need to be afraid of the dark, I’m right here,” he tries to relieve her, but visibly sees that it hasn’t worked.

Y/N speaks in a shaky breath, “It’s not the dark I’m afraid of, Ethan…”


“It’s you.”

Hasn’t he realized he was still wearing his prison uniform? Or the various spots of mud and dirt left by his successful escape? Or when she stopped visiting in jail altogether, ultimately ending the relationship between them? Apparently he hasn’t, because here he is with a scowl present on his face.

“You’re afraid of me?” Ethan spoke with a lump formed in his throat. “Angel, I would never hurt you. I love you.”

“How do I know that?” Y/N questioned, gaining her confidence back.

He chuckles. “That I love you? I-”

“No,” she cuts him off, “that you’d never hurt me. How do I know that you didn’t come here tonight to kill me, like the rest of them?”

His anger grew, and despite not wanting to scare her even more, he clenched his battered fists at his side. “Are you fucking serious, Y/N? I would never lay a harmful finger on you. Of course I’m not going to kill you, I came here because I love and miss you. Do you not feel the same? ‘Cause It sure as hell hurt when you stopped visiting.”

Y/N’s relentless tears blurred her vision as the officers cuffed her beloved and began to lead him out of the nearly empty courtroom. It was barely a trial; a video of him brutally murdering a man on security camera footage was just shown - ultimately confirming Ethan Dolan’s guilt. The elder judge had just sentenced him fifty years, his life away - it would have been more if Ethan hadn’t plead guilty and confessed to numerous other murders he committed.

“Y/N, I love you!” Ethan yelled across the courtroom as he thrashed around in the officer’s grip, the cuffs tightly cutting into his wrists. “I p-promise we’ll be together again someday. Wait for me, angel.”

Once he was finally removed from the courtroom, and presumably on his way to the state prison, Y/N wiped her tears away with a tissue and stood up, ready to go home. She nearly jumped out her skin when she noticed that the judge was still sitting there, watching the heartbroken girl filled with mixed emotions carefully.

“Did you know?” Judge Gunner suddenly asked.

She cleared her throat, “Excuse me?”

“Did you know that your little lover boy over there was a cold-blooded killer?” the grey-haired man clarified, folding his hands together.

“N-No, I didn’t,” Y/N answered, glancing down at the floor. “I swear to you I didn’t know he-”

“Relax, darlin’, I’m not putting you on trial or tying to accuse you of being an accomplice,” he chuckled. “I just want you to know that you’re better off without him. Your kind doesn’t belong with his.”

“My kind?”

He nodded. “The sweet and innocent kind. You don’t belong with cruel and heinous men like him, matter how many times he promised you he’d never hurt you. That’s what they all say, but it never works out well in the end. And don’t you waste a single tear on that heathen, because one day you’ll move on and live the peaceful life you deserve. I really hope you don’t waste your fifty years waiting around for a fool like him.”

“You killed people, Ethan,” Y/N told him, taking a step away from him. “You destroyed innocent lives for your own sickenly selfish gain. You ruined families-”

“Innocent?” Ethan scoffed. “The disgusting men I killed were far from innocent.”


“The club we first met, it was filled to the brim with pathetic gross men who preyed on innocent young women and pounced when they got them alone,” he explained, careful to keep their proximity at a close range. “I witnessed many men assault… and do way worse things to girls who obviously made damn sure they didn’t want them in the first place. My first killing was an accident, when I caught… when I caught my sixty-eight year old boss force himself on one of my closest friends in the back of the alleyway at the club. On an instinct I grabbed him by the neck and slammed his head against the brick wall… instantly killing him, because I never realized my own strength. Then I made my killings out of a habit, not on purpose or for some sick fantastical feeling, but because I felt like I had to.

“You think I like killing those men? I didn’t, but those filthy bastards deserved to die and they deserve to rot in jail. The worst part is, they’re everywhere, Y/N. In places where I can’t stop them. It became my duty to save those women being attacked by those monsters, and our justice system is so fucked up those assholes wouldn’t even serve a year in jail ‘cause nobody gives a shit about sexual assault, apparantly. Now I’m not saying that I’m a superhero, but I took it as my responsibility to save as many people as I can for going through such an unimaginable pain… so many women in my life has gone through that, and it fucking sucks to watch it consume their lives and ruin their souls.

“I know murder is wrong, but I figured they were bad men who’ll never face any type of consequence for their actions. It’s not justifiable… of course not, but what if it was your own child being at the hands, vulnerable, of a sick human being? But Y/N, when I met you I vowed to myself to never kill another soul again… but if I were to see some sex-ridden pathetic individual attempt to lay their hands on you… they’d be more than dead. I’m sorry for pretending to be someone I wasn’t, and not telling you… but I didn’t want to scare you off, angel. I love you with all my heart, even when you stopped visiting without a warning. I don’t blame you, though, baby, I just want you to be happy. That’s all I ever want nowadays.”

Okay. Now Y/N has lost all train of thought. Of course she concentrated on every single word of his, and it was scaring her of how much she was believing him. Since knowing Ethan, she’s managed the ability to separate the truths and the lies apart; he never lied much, only little white ones but then again his criminal background was his biggest lie to date. But when he did tell those simple lies like “no angel, I’m not tired” or “no, Grayson just pissed me off” or the classic “I’m not an asshole” she could see the slight flicker of his pupils moving to the right, his special way of trying to remove eye contact from her but not making it too obvious. It was a specific technique she taught herself that Ethan never knew about; she loved the idea of being able to know to he was bullshitting - it was like a sixth sense.

And right now, he was telling the truth.

“There are many reasons as to why I stopped visiting, one being that you were a brutal killer in my eyes and my inner guilt are away at me for loving you too much,” she began, taking a deep breath. “Another being that everybody in my life - my family and even your friends - were telling me to just stop trying to make things work with you, that you’re a horrible and dangerous toxic person who has taken lives. And lastly, I was just tired of waiting out here, in the real world for you. I hated having to drive through the prison gates, get patted down by the guards, and could only speak to you through a glass wall and a telephone with police officers keeping a close watch on you. It hurt me having to make the decision to part from you, to try and eradicate you from my memory but it has been so impossible. I mean, you’ve guided me through my achluophobia, as ridiculous as that sounds.”

“It doesn’t sound ridiculous,” Ethan shook his head. “It sounds beautiful and I’ve missed you so fucking much. I missed your touch and your kisses, you innocent eyes and your laughter. I missed the times I would leave the room in a split second to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, just to come back and find you trembling at being in the dark alone. And when I returned to bed you would immediately curl into my body and nuzzle your face into my neck, and all I could think about is it you knew what I used to do, you’d be absolutely horrified but the thought of losing you scared the shit out of me.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone why you did what you did?” she questioned.

He shrugged. “I don’t think they’d believe me… besides, they probably already knew, considering they searched up all the men I murdered and noticed one common quality they all shared - that they were all on the sex offender list. Maybe a part of me also thought I deserved serving time, certainly not fifty years but you know…”

“Well, you’re going to get more time because of your escape,” Y/N pointed out, her stomach dropping at the thought. Will she get in trouble too, for sheltering him in her home? “How did you escape, anyway?”

“You’d be surprise what a year of working out and training with other prisoners with years of experience and arms bigger than your head could do. One of the tiles in my jail cell, I noticed, was seemingly cracked so at night, I yanked it out and noticed a secret underground tunnel that led to the sewers… probably why I stink like shit right now. It was like they were asking me to escape.”

A silence enveloped the pair, and what Y/N hadn’t realized was that she was still shivering. Then, all of a sudden at the perfect moment, the lights of her house turned out which made her sigh in relief. Ethan raised an eyebrow at her and motioned towards the landline, asking, “So, are you going to call the police now?”

She thought to herself. If she were to call the police, she could finally move on from him and begin a fresh start… no she couldn’t. There was something about tonight that is surely meant to be remembered for quite a long time. But if she doesn’t call the police, then she’d be charged with harboring an escapee and it would make things more complicated.

She made her decision. “No, Ethan. I’m not going to call the police.”

His shoulders relaxed from its previous tensed position, and he spoke exasperated, “Then can I get some new clothes? I’d hate for a neighbor to walk by and see me in this orange jumpsuit.”

Y/N nodded her head, thinking back to the drawer in her bedroom dedicated to his clothing he left for whenever he spent the night.

“I should just stop being fucking lazy and move in already,” Ethan laughs to himself as he gazed at the ceiling, while his girlfriend pulled a hoodie of his from the drawer. “Most of my shit’s here anyway.”

“But then Grayson would miss you,” Y/N told him, grinning to herself as she handed him his Kid Cudi hoodie.

“I’m fucking tired of him and Janet going at it every single goddamn minute of the day. Walking in on them in the kitchen ruined my life,” he huffs as she laid beside him, resting her head on his chest. “I really doubt he’d be down on his knees begging me to continue being his roommate.”

“How loud are they?” she asked, amused by his frustration.

“Loud enough to alert the neighbors, but not enough for the police to actually be called for a complaint - they’re not us,” he wiggles his eyebrows.

She pouted her lips. “I’m not that loud!”

“Angel, you’re a screamer.”

Ethan then pushed her against the mattress and climbed on top of her, a devious glint in his eyes as he pinned her wrists together above her head. Her breathing became heavy as he spoke erotically, “I can prove it, you know.”

“Then prove it,” she challenged. “I’m quiet as a mouse.”

“Okay, wanna bet? If you win, you win,” he murmured, leaning further into her body as his tongue lightly toyed with the tip of her ear. “But if you lose you have to marry me.”

“Marry you? Are you proposing to me, E?” Y/N giggled.

“Not quite yet, but maybe after I fuck you.”

Ethan’s fingers intertwined with hers as he led them upstairs, and towards the bathroom that she escaped from less than forty minutes ago. She glanced at him quizzically before he explained, “We need to warm ourselves up, angel, and plus I’m dirty as shit and I know you live for hot showers.”

She watched as he pushed the curtain lightly to the side before turning on the shower, then spun back around to face her. He began zipping down his jumpsuit, revealing his tattooed covered body and prison-styled boxers. He felt her stare on him and he smirked, glancing up at her with the orange material in his hand. “We’ll burn this later. Need help, angel?”

Snapping out of her daze, Y/N shook her head before discarding her soaked pajamas, feeling his eyes on her as she stripped herself completely naked on him. She raised her eyebrow at him as his eyes greedily roamed her body with absolute desire - not surprising, considering he’s been locked up for an entire year without any action. Ethan gently grabbed her wrists and allowed her to step into the shower first, and she hummed in content at the feeling of the heat being sprayed upon her freezing skin. He stepped in behind her and reached over for the shampoo, first getting some for his own hair before deciding to scrub some into hers. His hands dropped from her strands to her shoulders, massaging the area slowly before he leaned in and pressed a kiss against the back of her neck. Shivers were sent down her spine at the infamous feeling of the cool metal of his lip piercing, and she wondered how the officers allowed him to keep it while he was in jail.

But God, she missed his lip piercing. She missed him.

“Angel, what are you thinking about?” Ethan whispered into her ear, his arms now wrapping around her waist while his fingers traced up and down her stomach.

“You,” Y/N admitted breathlessly. “And your lip piercing.”

“Is that so?” he hums arrogantly. “Did you miss my piercing against that sweet pussy of yours?”

She nodded her head eagerly as his fingers trailed down to her throbbing core, her mouth practically drooling when his fingertips reached her clit. She moaned softly as he played with her sensitively before delving a finger in between her wet folds, earning a squeal from her lips as he began thrusting another digit inside her. His chest was pressed against her back as he finger-fucked her, and she could feel his throbbing erection against the side of her ass. She threw her head back as various sounds ranged from her mouth, and she gasped when he suddenly grabbed her neck and forced her to look down at the motion of his fingers inside her tight walls, moving at a fast rate.

“Look at yourself cumming angel, look how fucking pretty you look when you cum for me,” Ethan growls, and those words alone were enough to let her release all over his fingers.

He removed them from her core and pulled them back towards his mouth, his tongue licking up her sweet juices. “God, I missed how much you fucking tasted. I want to fuck you in every inch of this house.”

Y/N innocently turned around in his arms, facing him and batting her eyelashes sweetly before getting down to her knees, eyes widening slightly at how red his tip was and how his cock was already dripping with pre-cum. She wrapped her arms around his length, knowing full well that he wasn’t going to last a goddamn minute as she slowly slipped him inside her sweet mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth. It’s been a while, but she managed to get into the swing of things as she took him down her throat, all the throat training they’ve done together certainly wasn’t a waist of time.

“Fucking shit, I’m gonna-” She knew it. Shots of his cum spewed down her throat as he groaned loudly, then became breathless as she removed her mouth.

Quickly, he shut the shower off and grabbing Y/N, pulling her out of the bathroom and running towards the bedroom. Y/N giggled at the excitement that fell off his body, “Ethan, you’re going to slip!”

“Then we’ll fuck on the floor,” he said, managing to avoid such a fate as they finally entered her bedroom.

Throwing her onto the bed, he slowly climbed on top of her and watched with delight as she wiggled underneath him. His fingers brushed the side of her wet face as she stared at him expectedly, wondering what his next words would be.

But instead, it was her that broke the temporary silence, “I love you, Ethan.”

She’s never stopped.

“I love you too, angel,” he spoke in adoration, absolutely in love with the woman he’s longed for in such a painfully long time. “Lights on or off?”

Lights on - I want to see your devastatingly beautiful face.

Lights off - I want the darkness, I like being afraid.

“Can you turned the nightlight on?” she quietly asked, deciding on an option that worked best.

He nodded his head and lurched forward a little to shut shut the lamp off, then flicked on the plugged in purple nightlight by her beside. Crawling back on top of her, his jaw fell slightly agape at the glow reflecting off her face, and in that present moment she truly looked like an angel - the pure epitome of one, a woman destined to go to Heaven and him a man doomed to Hell. She doesn’t deserve him - Y/N Y/L/N deserves to be loved by a man with a normal life who is able to provide her stability and comfort rather than a trigger of poor memories and an offer to escape their current situation just to live a peaceful life. She is too damn good for him, but if she’s so in love him, then does that make her equally as insane as he is?

“I’m going to fuck you nice and slow so I can savor this moment, you know, in case I get locked up in the slammer for good,” Ethan says, running a hand over her left breast and squeezing it tightly. “Sounds good, angel?”

“Yes,” she tells him, nodding her head.

He lowered his hands and spread her legs apart before sliding himself into her at such a slow rate; him grunting as he desperately tried not to cum within the first five seconds of entering her tight walls. He took a deep breath before thrusting his hips, burying his dick further into her pussy as her hands grabbed at his hair, tugging on it while she whimpered from her slow movements. Nice and slow, baby, nice and slow. He was fucking her like their first time together - he was the one who had taken her virginity, after all. He felt her walls clench around him as he quickened his pace just a bit, so he could feel her fingernails running down his bare back. He couldn’t help but lean forward and place a lingering, deep kiss upon hers as he steadied their movements, her legs now wrapped around his waist with her knees pushed upwards.

Ethan pulled away and began to quicken his pace even more as he spoke, “I want to run away with you. Leave the country, somewhere far away. Get new identities, but remain ourselves for ever. Get jobs, buy a house. Get married, have babies. Anything you want, angel, but I know I’d be taking you away from your life here-”

“Ethan,” she stopped him, “my life is your life. It was locked up when you were locked up. If I wasn’t willing to wait for you to run away, I wouldn’t been gone already the moment you were sentenced. I love you, E, as Y/N Y/L/N and whatever new name I receive when we begin our new lives.”

Ethan smiled, tears in his eyes as he decided not to hold himself back anymore. He gently repositioned himself before thrusting back in roughly, causing a nearly faint reaction from Y/N as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“Ethan!” she cried, feeling the knot form in the pit of her belly as she arched her back.

“Cum baby cum,” he encouraged while groaning. “Let’s cum together angel.”

No pun intended.

They let out one last screams - well, muffled screams on Y/N’s end by Ethan’s hand, not wanting to alert the neighbors. Once Ethan pulled out, they laid together and immediately fell asleep, consumed in their dreams while the rest of the neighborhood panicked about an escaped convict - unaware he was just down the street in the sweet and desirably innocent Y/L/N’s residence. The storm outside persisted roughly, and neither of the sleeping pair could hear the sounds of police sirens race down the streets of the town they resided, desperate to find him.

And then the power went out, and it was dark again, but she was no longer afraid.

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I’m such a liar

I know I said there would be the Dolan Twin smuts out today but I just realized what time it was and I have to pack for a trip.

so, the imagines should be out tomorrow, and, to make up for it, I’ll sprinkle in a Natalie Meriduena blurb to keep you guys reading and happy :)

too much for you || grayson dolan x reader

Summary: Everyone thought that you should date, but you were too much for him.

grayson dolan x reader

warnings: angst, mentions of drug and alcohol use. It might be triggering to some of you, so read at your own risk.

We seemed almost perfect together. Almost. So close, but while we were starting to go to two completely different paths, that’s when I had second thoughts.

I started to go to parties more, which was ok, until I did it too much. E and Gray would go with me but after a while, they slowly started to stop. I understood, seeing them working hard rather than going everywhere around LA being reckless.

Slowly we started to have different lives. I would go out with people they didn’t want to be around, doing ungodly things that my younger self would hate to see me doing. While they were making smart business choices like making their own fragrance and living their best life.

Where did it all turn upside down?

Maybe when I first moved to LA. Being the sheltered kid who wanted to do more, only 17 coming into a city full of good and bad people who you choose to be with. But it was my fault, getting too crazy and Gray was too blinded by his love for me to realize all of the things I was doing.

Ethan already stopped hanging out with me after seeing me in parties, going out and smoking with not the greatest people, all the drama I was in, and I understood. But Gray never left my side. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that I still have a real friend in my life, but I’m always wondering if I will hold him back in his career and if I’m still good for him.

We both had an ongoing fling but nothing more. It was just the type of relationship that nobody knew if it was serious or not, but still knowing not to get into either of us.

I knew that Gray was in love with me.  He told me multiple times, but I always turned him down.  We both knew that he didn’t deserve me but he still wanted to be with me.

But I had changed and I don’t want to drag him down.  It breaks my heart and it breaks Gray’s heart a million times more when I have to tell him that I can’t be with him.  But he’s still sweet enough to be my friend.


I was at a party, going outside the porch to smoke my joint in peace.  Footsteps were heard from behind me, getting louder and louder as the person came closer to me.  I looked behind me to see Grayson giving me a small smile.

“Oh god” I thought to myself.  This is going to be when he’ll tell me that he loves me.  I can never get through these, because I want to be his so badly, but I’m just too messed up at the moment.

“Hey, how are you?” He scrunches up his nose at the smell.  I know he’s always hated the stench of weed, but I keep on smoking it.

“Good, just needed some time alone.” You looked down. 

“Well, there’s something I need to tell you.” Gray sighs and looks at me. This is where the same story comes up. But I can’t handle him telling me this all the time and seeing him being torn apart again and again after rejecting him.

“It’s ok, Gray. You don’t have to tell me again.” My eyes welled up, blurring my vision when I looked down. “I’m sure you know my answer already, I don’t want to waste your time with that.” There was a silence, making me think that he understood.

After a while of me taking a few hits, he goes and speaks again. “Why? Why can’t we be together.”

“Gray, you don’t get it.” I put out the joint, not really feeling like smoking it while having this conversation.

“What don’t I get, Y/n? We’ve been at this stupid thing for almost four years and it’s going nowhere.” His voice raises after every word and I have to look up in order to not let the tears fall.

Your head whipped around to look at him. “Open your eyes, Grayson! Why can’t you see that I’m too much of a mess for you?” Your tears slowly start to go down.

“I mean, even your twin brother, Gray. Your twin brother sees!” You scoffed. “That’s a big sign for you to go away from me.”

“So you’re just doing this so you could push me away from me? I thought that you loved me, Y/n.”

“I do. Gray, trust me when I say I love you, b-“

“But what? You’re so messed up you would go sleeping around with other guys?” I can’t believe he just said that. My eyes were like waterfalls, taking short breathes between talking.

“Are you kidding me Grayson?! Out of all people, you would know that I am not like that.” I pointed him with my finger and shoved him. “Yes, I know people call me horrible things, but that’s not me.”

“And yes, I do smoke the shit that you oh so much hate because you’re too innocent to even think about it, but I do, ok? And yes, I know I go to too much parties and get really crazy, but guess what? You still decide to want me. It’s not my fault that I broke your heart multiple times, but you kept trying even when you know that my answer will never change. I mean why do you keep doing that to yourself?”

He looked straight at me with tears in his eyes. “Because I’m too much in love with you.”

My legs gave out and I was sitting on the ground and my back hit the railing of the porch. He held me close and kept on quietly repeating to me the same words “I’m too much in love with you, Y/n. I’m too much in love with you.”

After I calmed down, I sat up a bit and got the wrinkles off of my shirt. I put my hand on the side of his cheek and he leaned into my touch. He looked at me, almost as if he knew what I was going to say next. He knew me so well.

I took a deep breath.

“Gray, I love you, so much.” He nodded. “But you and I both know that I am too much for you.”

He nodded again and looked down.

“Just promise me that you’ll come back when you’re ready.”

“I can’t promise you anything G, but I’ll try.” I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on his lips, him still holding onto me after I had let go. And with that, I left. Wondering the next time I will talk to him.

Until You / e.d.

Summary: Shelly and Ethan go to a wedding. Shelly wants to smash cake in Ethan’s face and Ethan wants their wedding to be a rager.

Warnings: just a little stranger things spoiler

 A/N: this concept came to me when i saw this picture so of course at three am i had to write this dumb thing. i wasn’t sure about whether to use a name or y/n, but i really like how this turned out. i hope this isn’t garbage!!

Wordcount: 5649

It’s the perfect day for a wedding. There’s not a cloud in the sky, the breeze is cool and refreshing, and Shelly’s always been fond of the idea of a summer wedding. It’s the end of August, meaning the air is warm without being suffocating and the nights are perfect for grabbing an extra blanket and snuggling on the couch. 

Shelly’s never been huge on weddings. She’s never been the kind of girl to plan her wedding in journals, cut out pictures of dresses, or fantasize about cake tastings and flower arrangements. For the longest time, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to get married. 

But, things changed when Ethan came into the picture.

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I love your writing! doctor!ethan finding a cute way to tell him your pregnant by making a doctors app with him

Thank you so much! Also I got the ending pet a bit from friends whoops.

You and Ethan were finally in a good and stable place in your relationship. And when you found out that you were pregnant, it didn’t scare you at all. If not you were the happiest you’ve ever been.

Instead of telling him, you decided to surprise him at work. You would book an ultrasound scan a week later, when your about six weeks. You knew that Ethan would be the one there in the appointment, so you took it and told his assistant to not tell him that it’s you, considering the whole entire building knows you.

Hiding it from Ethan was hard, especially with the morning sickness. You would have to go all the way to the guest bathroom to take it all out. Anyways, time passed and E was already at work, expecting appointments and not knowing you were one of them. You got ready and headed to the waiting room after registering and waited for what felt like forever.

However, Ethan was dealing with a difficult patient and the appointment took longer than expected. But, they finally had her satisfaction and left. He asked for one of the nurses to get the next patient and set everything up before he would get in there.

You got dressed in the hospital gown and waited, the nerves finally getting to you. Ethan has been talking about kids anyways, so he wouldn’t be mad about you being pregnant. The nurse came in and smiled at you, “Ethan will be with you shortly. Also, congrats if you do have one.” And have you a thumbs up.

Five minutes passed, and the doorknob twisted. Then came in the love of your life, just realizing who he’s seeing right now. He saw you, laying down on the chair with your knees bent and up, with a huge smile on your face.

He looked at you, jaw dropped and eyes so bright it could blind you.

“NO WAY!” You laughed and nodded.

“I took about five, so I’m pretty sure this is going to happen.” He went up to you and kissed you.

He put on the cold jelly on you stomach and started. There was a moment of silence and he gasped.

“There it is! You see that?”

You got sad because you couldn’t see it. “No..” tears brimmed your eyes. Ethan got your hands and squeezed it.

“Babe, you see? It’s right there.”

“I’m such a bad mom I don’t even see my on child.” You put your hand over your mouth.

“Y/n, you see that little blob?” You nodded “that’s it!”

“Oh.. Oh my god.” You got closer looked for a few seconds. You smiled and hugged and kissed him.

He whispered “I’ll be with you. This is going to be our journey.”

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54,67,106 pweaseπŸ₯Ί

  • 54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?
  • 67. I’m afraid.
  • 106. I try my best.


She couldn’t tell him now, not when their relationship is hanging by a thread and he’s clearly distancing himself from her. She could tell his heart isn’t all in it anymore, her headache beginning ever since Emma joined their little group and inadvertently pushed her out, or so she hopes. Telling him now would only make him feel obligated to stay, the make up sex from a month ago being the last time they were intimate shouldn’t be why he stays. It would be unbearable, the fatal hit to Y/N’s pride and heart.

So, she kept it to herself, tossing the plus signed stick into the trash with her heart hammering inside her chest. If the pain of losing him was bad before, it increased tenfold with the little blob growing inside her. One thing was clear: she had to find a way to find out if Ethan cares for her at all and solve what’s between them before admitting what’s really going on. There was no way she’d ever hide it from him, deciding to give him a choice whether he wants to be a part of the baby’s life regardless of their own differences. 

That’s why she found herself shaken the next morning, running to the bathroom to relieve the overwhelming nausea that woke her up. Barely able to stand, she pushes herself back to the door, knowing Ethan must have slept through it all as he always does. But once she peered at the bed, she found it empty.

Crawling back to their shared paradise as Ethan once called it, Y/N grabbed her phone only to find no messages were left, no explanation why her boyfriend is gone at eight in the morning because he never wakes up that early on his own. Her heart nearly shattered once she found a video of him and Emma leaving soul cycle only minutes before, the lump in her throat growing until she could barely swallow without choking on her own spit. 

That wasn’t the end of her heartbreak, for moments after her vision blurred with tears, the object of her suffering waltzed into the room with a gobsmacked look on his face and a certain box she hoped would go unnoticed in the trash inside his hand.

Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?” Ethan’s question rattled them both as if he just now realized what he has in his hold. His eyes took the sight before him in: disheveled and on the floor sat in tears was the girl he considered to be fashioned of dreams, sometimes sweet and sometimes a nightmare, but one he couldn’t tear out his heart no matter how hard he tried. 

“What happened?” Ethan quickly moved toward her, taking her into his embrace like a child and instead of fighting him on contact as it seemed to be the case lately, she laid her head on his chest and grabbed a handful of his sweaty shirt.

I’m scared.” She choked out, shaking in his arms as her tears flowed freely. He had broken her heart and now her spirit, no longer giving her freedom of denying his loss of affection.

“Baby, I’m here. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Ethan tries to reassure her, his own heart clenching in agony as he cannot believe how bad things got. He wondered if the test was even positive, but whatever it showed he’d want her to count on him.

“But you’re not. Not really. You haven’t been here for months, Ethan! I try my best, but I can’t fight for this if you never let me.” She pulls his shirt roughly, her anger and bitter frustration catching up to her and he can’t blame her. He did wander off when things got hard, mostly because he refused to admit he did like someone else…but he still loved her - the incredibly stubborn, feisty, proud girlfriend who deserved better than him. She deserved better than a guy who decided to spend more time with a girl that came between them, just so he could see if they would work out…just so he could see if there’s an easier option out there for him.

“I know…I know. But I’m here now. And I’ll be here forever if I have to, because I love you. I want you…us. No matter what.” Ethan finally said the words, the same words that they both longed to hear and it set their relationship on the path of redemption.


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Here’s the deal:

I have a simple request; I just want to fall asleep in the arms of Grayson Bailey Dolan.

Imagine how protected, warm and loved you’ll feel, once you are wrapped up in those beautiful arms of his. He would leave little kisses down your neck and on your shoulder, as you are spooning. He would kiss your forehead, as you laid on his chest. He would trail his fingers up and down your arms and back, caressing you until sleep took over.

This man would never fail to let you know that he loves you, even if you’ve had an argument, as he believes that you should never let the sunlight fade before an argument is resolved.

I’m definitely not crying rn :)

daddy’s girl ii. (e.d.)

Summary: that was close. Way too close.

Pairing: Ethan Dolan xReader

WARNINGS: age gap, slight mention of masturbation, creep shit

i’m surprised that people like this lmao 💀P.S. i sprained my ankle so please send positive vibes my way! 🤧✨

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day two.

He stood behind his telescope that just-so-happened to be positioned in his window and pointed the tunnel in the direction of Cairo’s window, watching her get ready for another day at school.

He hated to brag, but Cairo was incredibly smart. Brilliant, even. She was always winning awards for her accomplishments in academics and sports; and at every ceremony, he was there.

For support, of course.

Today, though, was the day where she won an award for excelling in a math class. She’s taking AP Calculus and AP Statistics at the same time, and is the first senior in the 25-year history of her high school to consistently have an A in two AP-math classes in the same school year.

He smiles to himself. “I’m so proud.” he muttered. “So proud of you.”

She was also wearing his favorite top on her: an off-the-shoulder white top that showed off her beautiful brown skin in the most amazing of ways, and the lace hem that lay against her chest really made his mind explore and his heart pound in adoration.

She turned to the window and walked toward her desk, glancing through and looking directly at him.

He sucked in a breath, never once ceasing his invasion of her privacy.

Her eyes squinted in his direction, her head cocking to the side in the cutest way. It took everything in him not to wave at her. “Hi, baby,” he cooed to her with a smile. “I see you.”

She shrugged it off and left the room, turning off her light and shutting her door.


She later opened the front door and made her way to her mom’s car, opening one of the back doors and tossing her backpack and cheer bag in and slamming the door shut. She got into the driver’s seat and started her car, pulling out of the driveway and down the quiet street.

He was happy for her because she got lucky—it’s very rare that her parents let her drive to school. Even though they drive to work together and leave a car in the garage, they don’t let Cairo use it much for some reason. He made a mental note to ask her when he got the chance.

Meanwhile, he rushed to his car with his morning cup of coffee, pulling out of his driveway and following behind her to school.


“And the Anderson Award for oustandong academic achievement goes to… Cairo Bradley!”

The audience cheered and clapped for her as she walked confidently across the stage to receive her certificate and a gift from the superintendent of the school district. He sat in the back of the audience, whistling animatedly as she made her way back to her seat.

She laughed and joked with Janelle (he rolled his eyes when he saw who Cairo was sitting next to) during the rest of the ceremony until it was over. She got up with the rest of the seniors and was instructed to stay in the auditorium and take photos with staff, faculty, and the principal.

If he was using his brain, he would’ve had the idea to leave before she spotted him. But he didn’t. He stayed put and watched her take photos with her cohorts, his heart absolutely melting when he saw that inticing smile. She never fails to amaze him.

He couldn’t help but grin at the idea of the two of them on a beach somewhere, taking photographs and making memories that only ever consisted of her smile and her laugh. No tears, no pain.

No parents.

He respects her parents but only the slightest bit. They’re doctors—surgeons, he reminds himself—and they’re both department heads. So they’re never home. Which leaves him ample opportunity to protect and supervise their daughter while they’re out slicing people open and delivering bad news for a check.

She gathered her stuff after the pictures were done and made her way to the auditorium’s exit when her eyes looked up and landed on him. Her eyes widened in shock, then narrowed in anger and she saw him smugly turn and leave. She followed behind him as he walked briskly down the hallway toward the exit of the building, and he almost made it until she caught up to him and grabbed him by the shoulder. “Yes?” he began. “Can I help you?”

"You’re the guy from the football game! And the store! You’ve been following me!” She exclaimed.

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken, doll. Must be someone else.” he replied with a shrug wich gave off the idea that he didn’t know what she was talking about. When in reality, he felt a lot of things: pride for his girl—his brave girl. He’s proud of her that she had the balls to confront him, because Lord knows he knew she wouldn’t be able to once she caught on. But he feels anger toward himself. He let himself get distracted by her beauty and managed to get himself caught. “Because I have no idea who you are.”

"That’s not true! I saw you at the football game last week and you were watching me. And then you were at my job and you were at my register—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was not at your job, nor was I at your football game.” he feels absolutely awful for lying to her like that. And so easily! Ugh, he’ll be beating himself up later about this. “You’re being followed?” he attempted to change the subject.

Her eyes managed to soften from her harsh glare. Maybe this isn’t him, she thought as she began to second guess her instincts.

He could see her vulnerability. She’s usually so clouded by the rest of the world’s hurt against her that she doesn’t realize that her feelings are always out and in the open. Whereas someone reading his feelings was like attempting to see through a brick wall, seeing into her head was like staring through poorly-stained glass windows.

“I-I’m sorry, sir, I thought you were—”

“A stalker?” he chuckled. “Honey, no.”

She chuckled embarrassingly along with him. She couldn’t believe she just accused this man of following her. And maybe, he wasn’t following her like he said; if she’d been seeing him a lot, maybe that just means they frequent the same places. Maybe it means that she needs to stop being so paranoid. “I’m really sorry, sir.” she shook her head and walked to class in the other direction.

He almost groaned out loud. Sir?

“This girl is gonna be the death of me.” he grumbled, fumbling with his keys as he practically sprinted to his car to anxiously adjust himself before his ride home.

Cramps - G.D.

summery: mother nature has graced y/n with her presence and her loving boyfriend grayson knows exactly what to do to take care of her.

warning: fluff lots and lots of fluff

a/n: my period has graced me with her ugly face so pls enjoy this cute ass oneshot of gray and it turned out way longer than i expected but whatever hope y’all like it.

y/n was currently laying in bed, holding her stomach. glancing at the clock, she saw it read seven am. she already knew her boyfriend was awake since she felt the emptiness of their shared bed. she had gotten mother nature’s gift last night and she honestly felt horrible. the first three days were always the worst for her, she was always unable to move due to her horrible cramps and she tended to rely on her boyfriend. she had just moved in six months ago after being with grayson for almost two years, she was a little hesitant to move in as she didn’t wanna impose on ethan but the older twin reassured her he didn’t mind. he got accustomed to seeing her every day anyways so she might as well move in, she was rather close to ethan which made grayson’s heart soar - his two favorite people got along. y/n simply sat up, groaning in pain as she grabbed her phone and shot gray a text not wanting to yell knowing ethan was still asleep.

grayson soon entered their shared bedroom and pouted as he saw his girl. “awe my puffin doesn’t feel good.” he sat next to her, using the nickname he’s always called her since they first met. “fuck mother nature, okay. my cramps are so bad, gray.” she said, a few tears welling in her eyes. grayson instantly brought his girl into his arms and kissed her head softly, “i’ll be back in a half hour okay, baby?” she pouted at his words and pulled away from him. the boy simply laughed softly, kissing his girlfriend’s pouty lips. “i’m getting the essentials okay?” he simply said before getting up and walking into the bathroom. he came back in with a heating pad and some midol, y/n just smiled softly at him. god, he was perfect. “try and take a little nap, these should help your cramps a little until i’m home and also-“ he paused, walking over his dresser and taking out the favorite shirt she loved to wear and a pair of his boxers. “babe, you know i hate wearing your boxers incase i bleed out.” she said quietly.

“like i’ve said a hundred times, we have a washing machine.” gray said in a sweet, soft voice as he walked over to his beautiful girlfriend. he gently helped her stand up, knowing it was a little painful. y/n just stood there while her boyfriend undressed her. grayson couldn’t help himself, he looked her up and down and let out a groan. y/n couldn’t help but blush, even after almost two years of being together he still managed to make her blush. “you’re so beautiful, puffin.” grayson spoke softly, slipping his shirt over her head to cover her exposed chest since she loathed sleeping with a bra on. the taller male leaned down and helped her step inside his boxers, he gave her ass a gentle tap before tucking her back into bed and handing her a glass of water along with two midol pills. she took them with ease before leaning back against the pillows, gray plugged in the heating pad and gently set it on her lower stomach. a sigh of relief left the girl’s mouth once she felt the heat, “thank you, baby.” she spoke softly, as she closed her eyes she felt a kiss upon her forehead. “anything for you, puffin. i’ll be back soon okay?” grayson said and she simply just hummed a response which caused the younger twin to chuckle as she drifted to sleep.

almost an hour passed and grayson finally came back, his arms full of things for his puffin. her favorite snacks, movies and he even bought her a set of fuzzy pajamas with matching socks. she always seemed to get so cold when she was on her period, but he did get another set of pajamas which consisted of a cute tank top and some shorts. grayson always tended to spoil y/n, she hated it at first because she wasn’t used to it but now all she does is smile and give him a kiss. he walked into his bedroom and smiled when he saw his girl still happily asleep, he set everything down on his desk quietly and put away everything. a few moments later, he walked over to y/n and crawled in next to her. wrapping his arms around her, he nuzzled his face in her neck and closed his eyes and not expecting to fall asleep but he did.

y/n woke up abruptly, a massive shock of pain hitting her lower abdomen which indicated the midol pills she took earlier wore off. she felt an arm around her and looked to see her amazing, gorgeous cute boy sleeping next to her. she simply rolled over slowly and reached her hand up to gently run her fingers through his hair, “baby..” she whispered softly, leaning forward to kiss his nose. the boy just stirred, tightening his grip on her waist. she let a small, quiet giggle escape her lips before kissing his nose again. “gray wake up..” she spoke a little louder this time, “your puffin’s cramps are fucking horrible and i want chocolate.” she whined. gray soon opened his eyes and yawned a little, smiling. “i didn’t even mean to fall asleep… but hi.” he leaned forward and kissed her lips softly, “i bought some new pajamas you can wear now or after your monthly.” the brunette haired boy spoke, “you’re honestly so perfect… what did i do to deserve you.” y/n sighed happily. “you were just you.” grayson smiled lovingly at her, reaching his hand up to stroke her cheek gently with his thumb. “now why don’t we get you some more midol, cuddle, eat some chocolate and watch some movies before passing out. sound good, puffin?” he asked, his hand now resting on her hip. “sounds completely and utterly perfect.” she smiled, leaning forward and kissing him softly. “i love you.” she whispered against his lips, “i love you more, baby.” gray replied before reaching over and getting his girl her medicine before getting up himself and grabbing everything he needed.

walking back to his girlfriend, he smiled as she looked at him with a loving smile. “what?” he asked, laying out the movies for her to pick from on the bed. “you’re just amazing, gray. normal guys don’t go out of their way to comfort their girlfriends whiny ass when they have their period.” she laughed a little, deciding on mrs. doubtfire. “normal guys don’t have an angel as a girlfriend.” grayson smiled lovingly, leaning over and kissing her softly. her cheeks flushed a light shade of pink at those words, shaking her head. “oh shut up.” she covered her face, giggling a little. her giggle music to his ears, grayson simply removed her hands. “don’t hide your face from me, puffin.” he told her, turning the heating pad back on before putting the movie in. he grabbed the bag that was filled with her favorite snacks and grabbed out her favorite drink, handing it to her he grabbed his own before stripping down just his boxers and crawling in bed next to her. “ready for our relaxing day, puffin?” he asked, smiling lovingly. “absolutely.” she hummed, snuggling with her boyfriend. “i love you, y/n.” he spoke softly. “i love you too, gray. so much.”

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working with doctor!ethan and he’s super attracted to you but he has to stay professional but he see you outside of work and asks you out

This is so cute I never knew I needed this until now. Also I hope you liked it!

You were getting trained for being a doctor and you were assigned with Dr. Ethan Dolan. When he first met you, he thought that your glow radiated the whole hospital, but he knew that he had to keep it professional between you.

And same with you. He was the definition of thirty, flirty, and thriving. Besides trying to keep it professional, you knew that he would probably want someone older, considering you were in your mid- late twenties. And why would he want to be in a relationship with his trainee?

Well, he did. And after months of pining after you everyday during work, he concluded that he liked you. No. He was absolutely in love with you.

You would always sit and talk with him during your breaks and he loves the smallest things about you.

Everyday after work, he would see you in a little diner that was only a few minutes walk from the hospital, and you would always order a vanilla milkshake. Sometimes you would get fries, but very rarely. This went on a few more weeks, and Ethan finally got the courage to go inside and tell you the one thing he’s been wanting to tell you for months.

He walks up to your table and your eyes widen in surprise. “Uh h-hi doctor.”

“Hey, Y/n. And please, don’t call me doctor when we’re out.” You nodded. The check came in and he put cash in it before you could get your wallet out. “Thank you, Ethan.”

And this is where his nerves were at an all time high. He had to say it.

“Uh… There’s something I need to tell you.” Your silence tells him to go on. But he can’t. His leg is shaking from the anxiety and he has to put his head down for a second before he could speak up again. “Well, I know this might be very unprofessional for you, but uh… I really like you. Like a-a lot.” He saw the grin on your face and decided that it was a sign for him to go on. And to tell you that an ounce of anxiety just left his body was an understatement. Who knew that a doctor would be freaking out like a twelve year old girl?

“And I was wondering if you would like to go out with me.” He looked up at you and saw the smile that he loved.

“Yes. Oh my god yes”

“Ok, well. I’ll see you soon.” Ethan said while standing straight up and heading out just so he can get in his car and scream out of joy.

“Wait, do you have a day in mind?” He immediately stopped. He forgot to tell you when he was free and he did an imaginary faceplam.

“I’m sorry I just got really excited.” You laughed a bit at his words. Ethan couldn’t believe how that slipped out of his mouth.

“It’s fine, we could just stay here.” Patting the space next to you so he could sit right next to you. And through the whole time, you two couldn’t get your little smiles off of each other.

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