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supermodel | grayson dolan

summary: youre fwb with grayson and as always, it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to. this was requested. also based on “supermodel” by sza

warnings: angsty(thats just how it rolls here), cursing, mentions of sex, it’s really short and i hate the ending. this is so bad i’m so sorry dedicated to @cosmodolans bc why not

Originally posted by iloveboylove

It started off simple. You craved love, attention; you needed to be needed, even if it was only temporary. He wanted sex, release, no strings attached, just a quick fuck.

It was the perfect combination for chaos.


What had started out as simple had turned complicated very quickly.

You were in love with him, how could you not fall? Messing with people like Grayson was like walking a tightrope blindfolded, it was impossible not to fall.

He knew how you really felt, you were never one that could hide your emotions well. You wore your heart on your sleeve, ready for someone to rip it off and tear it to shreds.

And he did.

He really couldn’t care less about how you felt. You guys made a deal at the start of your “relationship”. If one got uncomfortable with how things were, then they could tell the other and end it.

But no, you wouldn’t do that. You couldn’t do that.

You craved his love too much, even if it was only temporary.

You couldn’t be by yourself, you were too insecure for that.

So you put up with it, stuck in a constant cycle of love, sex, and insecurity.


It all fell apart at Vegas.

You and the rest of the group went zip lining, while Grayson went somewhere else.

You knew where he was, you weren’t stupid. You saw the notifications on his phone, the texts from “Baby💗”. You knew it was wrong to look, to invade his privacy.

But you were right.

The hushed whispers between James and Emma didn’t help either, neither did the looks of pity.

They warned you from the start. They told you this was going to happen, they knew you too well, knew how hard and how quickly you fell.

Always for the wrong people, too.


“Why do you keep dragging her along like this, Grayson?” You heard Ethan whisper to Grayson later that night.

You were all “asleep” in the singular bed that occupied the air bnb, the group getting home and crashing long before Grayson arrived, a small smile still adorning his soft lips, still giddy from his date.

“I’m not dragging anyone along, Ethan.” Graysons tone was bitter, annoyed, tired of getting the same damn talk from everyone around him. “We made a deal, she could leave anytime she wants too.”

“It’s obvious she can’t, Gray!” Ethan hissed. “That girl is head over heels for you and you know it, and you’re taking advantage of it. You said you never wanted to be that guy, but look at you! That’s exactly what you are!”

All you heard was a hushed “fuck off” and then the slam of the sliding glass door.

You waited until Ethan was asleep in the bed before you snuck off onto the patio.


You just needed one more night, one more night of feeling loved, one more night of attention, one more night of feeling needed.

You knew this was it, you knew this was the end, but you refused to accept it.

You were holding on for dear life.

You needed him to need you back.


“That was our last time.” Grayson spoke, leaning against the edge of the hot tub.

“I know.” You murmured, looking down at the water, foam forming from the jets.

You both couldn’t have it all.

You couldn’t get your love and attention, and Grayson couldn’t get his quick fuck.

Every time he looked at your face, he just felt guilty.

Ethan was right, he became that guy, he dragged you along, he tore your heart off your sleeve, and he ripped it to shreds.

He ruined you. He took the happiest, most loving girl he had ever met, and he ruined her.

“Dont feel guilty.” You chuckled, stepping out of the hot tub and getting dressed back into your pajamas.

“I did this to myself.”

Your relationship ended with the soft click of the sliding glass door, leaving Grayson dazed and confused

15 Days~Christmas Mail~Both

A/N: I’ll probably make a part 2 for day 14! Sorry if his sucks, it’s unedited and I JUST wrote it.

Summary: Y/N sends in mail for one of their videos, what will Y/N get in return?

Warning: none

Word Count: 517

Originally posted by punishmedolans

“PO address will be linked in the description of the video! Send us some fan mail!!!”

“And Merry early Christmas!!” Grayson says.

Ethan and Grayson say there goodbyes and peace to the camera and Ethan is off to go editing.

“We are gonna get so much mail,” Grayson chuckles to Ethan.

“Dude! We should make it into a giant Christmas tree this year! Like you know how last year we made it into a castle since we’ll be posting on Christmas, let’s make it a giant Christmas tree!” Ethan offers his brilliant idea.

“Yes! Perfect!” Grayson claps.

3 days later:

You continue to watch the laptop screen in shock,

This will be the first time you send in mail to them.

You get to packing up the drawing you made of them, waiting forever to send it to them. Along with a little letter,

Dear Twins,

Merry Christmas! I’ve been waiting forever to send this drawing to you, I’d say it took me about 3 weeks to just sketch! Then watercolor took about 8 hours! I was trying to get it perfect! I really hope you enjoy!

Oh, by the way, I’m Y/N, I’m (age) and you guys are my biggest idols!

Also, my biggest wish for Christmas is to meet you guys! I really hope one day I get to meet you, and idk, maybe be friends… doubt that. Lol. Anyway, Merry Christmas and I love you!


You place the letter on top of the perfectly placed framed drawing and begin to shut the box with tape.

I hope they like it.

Christmas Day(Video):

“What’s up, guys! We’re back!” They both shout.

“Merry Christmas by the way!” Ethan adds on.

“We got a lotttttt of mail this year! Thank you all so much! We’ll open as much as we can on camera!” Grayson says.

“And, enjoy a little ‘tour’ of our GIANT Christmas tree!” Ethan says excitedly.

*The camera switches to aesthetic clips of the giant fan mail Christmas tree.*

“This one looks pretty cool!” Ethan says, grabbing your box.

“Omg! That’s my box!” You squeal to yourself.

You sit up and nervously play with your fingers while scanning the screen with your eyes to watch their reactions.

“This is incredible! Thank you….Y/N!” Ethan says, searching for your name.

“Your welcome!” You say to yourself, quickly rolling your eyes at the fact you just spoke through a screen, thinking they could hear you.

“My biggest wish is to meet you guys….” Ethan says, continuing to read your letter tot he camera.

“Well, Y/N, you’re in luck! I’m gonna send down some plane tickets for you here!” He says to the camera, Grayson looking at him shocked like he never expected that.

“Get ready!” He says!

“Alright! We tried to open as much as we could on camera! Thank you guys so much for everything, Merry Christmas, we love you, and we’ll see you next Tuesday!” Ethan shouts to the camera.

“Omg! I can’t believe he’s sending me down some tickets!!” You screech to yourself.

This is going to be the best time of my life!!!

4 Goals {G.D.}

okay so i wrote this mainly for grayson but then uncle!e had to make an appearance, so then it became kind of both of them?? anyways, enjoy!

p.s.: i didn’t really look it over or anything so sorry for any spelling and grammatical errors. also, this was supposed to be a mini blurb but that’s okay.

p.p.s: i swear this is the last daddy e or g for a bit! i just like writing soft stuff with them as dad’’s :’)

Word count: 2.2k

“E, where the fuck are you?” Grayson said exasperatedly into his phone. “Penny’s team is about to come on the ice and you know she expecting to see her Uncle in the stands sitting right next to me.”

Ethan was currently speeding to the ice rink in his Jeep, dodging in and out of lanes and around slow movers. “Gray, I’m like 1 minute aw-”

“1 minute away my ass,” Grayson laughed out as he looked out at the zamboni prepping the ice for his daughter’s last game before the holiday break. “Just… get here soon please?”

“Bro, I swear I’ll be there in 1 minute i’m parking,” Ethan said just as he pulled into the parking lot of the rink. “See you in a sec,” he said, ending the call on his steering wheel.

As soon as he was parked, he jumped right out of his car and gunned it in inside, praying that he didn’t miss his little hockey superstar get on the ice.

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mistletoe [e.d]

“i know i’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please”

mistletoeeee” ethan cooed while holding the plant above his head with puckered lips.

“you’re never gonna give this mistletoe a break, huh?” you asked with arms crossed over your chest and shaking your head, but still leaned in to kiss him.

and every few minutes he’d come back with the mistletoe over his head asking for another kiss and you knew he was doing it on purpose now.

“i know i’ve kissed you like, ten times, but like just another ten, please” he begged as he leaned down to place a kiss on your lips.

after pulling away, he got a dirty thought as he held the mistletoe against his crotch area and tapped your shoulder. putting the dish you were washing down, you turned around humming softly. he kept look at you with this smug look on his face, but you weren’t catching on till his eyes moved downward.

your eyes widened as you turned back around slowly and picking the dish back up.

y/nnn, mistletoooee

anonymous asked:

3, and Gray???


A/N: I mixed 3, 33 and 36 (out of two other requests), hope u dont mind. I’m so genuinely sorry all of these took so long, I’m trying to get back on my feet and lately I have zero inspo with Gray.


“Please don’t do this” you said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tight while talking to his ear.

You were out at a nice restaurant with your family, your long-term boyfriend Grayson and you ex Jason. Your family and you have alway had a close relationship with the boy since you two were little, and when you broke up with him before he could propose, it felt like nothing changed. He still came along to meals and some reunions and you were fine with that because you were in good terms, the problem was that you two weren’t actually in love with each other.

Grayson was never the jealous type, he knew you were with him and both of you had eyws for only the other one. But when he started noticing how Jason looked at you after he broke up with his girlfriend not too long ago, he felt all tensed up.

“Don’t do what, baby?” he was playing dumb and you knew this, you absolutely hated when people got jealous. It showed a lack of trust, and you knew Gray trusted you the most.

“You’re letting him get to you, behave please”

“What do you want me to do when he’s sitting next to your dad looking at you like a piece of meat, Y/N?”

Thank God these tables are long and they could hear your little argument.

“He’s not doing that Gray, he’s just… happy to see me, I don’t know” he inhaled air in an almost sarcastic way, and rolled his eyes. “And if he was, you know I love you and only you” he exhaled, not looking at you and you decided you had it. Letting go of his hand, you stood up and walked towards the restaurant’s little backyard, but gracefully to keep the drama between you two.

It was freezing outside, and your thin sweater wasn’t doing enough for you. You hugged yourself until you felt a heavy thing over your shoulders and turned around, being embraced by your boyfriend’s warm arms.

“Thanks” you said coldly at him, his jacket keeping you warm as well as his arms did. But you were pissed at him right now, so this wasn’t right. You grabbed his arms and detached them from your waist, making your way towards the door.

“Please don’t leave” you turned around and saw his puppy dog eyes staring back at you with nothing but guilt behind them. “I’m sorry baby, I really am. I have no reason to feel jealous and still i act like a complete jerk. Please don’t be mad, I’ll stop it” he said, reaching out for your hand and your hesitation made his heart rate pick up.

You exhaled, your breath visible before you becauae of the cold night. Your shoulders fell, and you rolled your eyes with a small smile, extending your arm towards him.

“I wish I could hate you,” he smiled and you shook your head “But you’re too perfect and I love you too much, I can’t” he hugged you, kissing you temple and you smiled more.

“You’re gonna be the best wife in the world”

“Wait, what?”

the end.

the story of us ;; ed

a/n: a v short blurb i wrote on mobile during a long ass car ride

summary: ethan shares the story of your shared future

warnings: explicit language, spelling errors, that’s about it


i can really just see ethan, lying up in bed, and tell you the story of your future. but instead he would call it “the story of us”. you’ve got him so whipped, and he knows it. he can’t help but think about a spectacular future with you though.

one particular night, neither of you can fall asleep. both of you were restless, and stayed up, talking about the most random stuff. you roll onto your side to face ethan, wrapping your arms around his bicep. he peers down at you as you cuddle closer to him.

you breathe in a sigh, before humming out a soft, “tell me the story of us.”

ethan lips twitch into a small smile, before he turns to gaze up at the ceiling. he’s practically knows the story by heart, after telling you it about a thousand times. and every so often you’ll join in with the story telling, or add a little something special to the tale. you hear him inhale and exhale deeply, getting ready to recite the story.

“well,” he would always start off, his hand winding around your waist to pull you even closer, “you, y/n,” you chuckle softly at the use of your full name, “and i, ethan grant dolan, are going to conquer the world.”

and it would take off from there. you move to rest your head on his bare chest, your palm resting right above his heart. you feel it beat rhythmically against hisncibrage. your lips press against the skin of his pec, encouraging him to continue with the tale.

“we’re gonna move back to jersey, somewhere in the country, have a small farm. lots of animals. you’ll marry me there, we’ll have a nice wedding down in front of the lake in the late spring. right when it’s starting to warm up, but not be too hot.” he says, tracing his fingers through your hair.

you nod, mumbling out, “mhm, and i’ll be this great big author of a literary magazine and you’ll be creating your amazing videos, as usual.”

“and we’ll have babies. lots of em.” he smiles, kissing the top of your head, adding on, “grayson will live right down the road from us, and every wednesday of the summer there will be a cookout and his family will come down and eat with ours.”

“we’ll have a nice house with a huge yard, maybe we’ll flip a house to live in. either way, there has to be a pool.” you say, your eyes flickering up to him.

he grins, “of course, why wouldn’t there be? a pool for me to teach all our lil’uns to swim in.”


“maybe four of them,” ethan sighs out with a sleepy smile, “two older boys, a girl, and a baby brother.”

“patrick, brice, clarice, and stanley.” you say the names aloud, knowing that ethan definetly has different ones in mind.

“or,” he starts, “mark, stone, maggie, and noah.”

“maybe,” you chuckle, “all spring birthdays except our youngest, born in october.”

ethan chuckles softly, holding you tighter. it was like he never wanted to let go, which was far from exaggeration. if ethan could hold onto you forever, he would. he’s making it a priority.

“and i’d teach the boys how to play football, and our girl would definetly do ballet.” he murmurs, kissing the top of your hair.

“but we both know she’ll quit after a few weeks to do karate instead.” you add, making ethan laugh and agree, “and we’ll watch em grow.”

“and love them every step of the way.”

you’re about to add, when you hear a sniffle come from ethan. you close your mouth and turn to look up at him. his got his free hand covering his eyes as he holds his breath, desperately trying to hold in his soft sobs. you move to sit up and pull towards you, moving his hand away from his eyes, he wrapped his arms around your torso.

“oh, ethan…” you coo, “just breathe baby. breathe.”

it got to him, the thought of the future. every once in a while it would freak him out. the thought of losing you, or making the mistake of letting you go. it frightened him, just imagining never having a future with you.

“i just-“ he hiccups, trying to steady his breaths, “i fucking love you. i never wanna let you go.”

you hold him tighter, both of your small hands rubbing up and down his large back soothingly, whispering, “then don’t.”

“i won’t.” he breathes out, squeezing you.

“have me forever, e.” you kiss the side of his head, “keep me.”

anonymous asked:

Hey I love your writings!! I was wondering if you could write something where the fans are suspicious that Ethan and the reader are dating so they finally come clean?

can i try something new with this one??

i hope you don’t mind :D


  • Ethan always talks highly about you…
  • “She’s amazing in every single way possible.”
  • “I’m lucky to have her beside me.”
  • “She’s the greatest best friend I have aside from Grayson.” Ethan’s eyes would twinkle with love and adoration.
  • not just fans but also other online stars.
  • Grayson would have the biggest smirk plastered on his face saying “YOU BOTH DESERVE ONE ANOTHER!”
  • James would be singing “This ship is sister sailing.” While the you and Ethan would be red as a tomato.
  • Other stars like Liza, Molly, David, Zane and anyone basically is screaming… “DATE ONE ANOTHER!”
  • First of all every time he was asked this question he would straight ahead deny the rumors by saying “No, Y/n deserves a lot better than me. We’re just friends.” With a small smile at the end.
  • H O W E V E R
  • When people started noticing how Ethan is being a lot happier these back few days.
  • How he mentions you in almost every videos…
  • “Y/n would like this.”
  • “Y/n would kill me for this.”
  • “Y/n, if you’re watching, you know what it means.”
  • Then every video collaboration Ethan and Y/n would be more touchy than usual…
  • His hand resting on your thighs
  • Your head on his chest
  • On his snapchat or Grayson’s… it would be like you guys are all over one another
  • Fans are becoming even more suspicious but supportive as ever…
  • tea accounts are spurting theories about you guys
  • ship accounts are rising day by day
  • Whenever Ethan was asked this question he would drifted apart from the topic and his neck would he all red..
  • Until one day… Ethan tweeted..
  • “We’re going on live this afternoon.”
  • When the time comes…
  • It wasn’t Ethan and Grayson on screen
  • It was you and Ethan
  • His arms wrapped around your waist and you smiling brightly
  • “Is this real?!”
  • “Are you guys real?!”
  • “Are you guys dating?”
  • “Spill the tea.”
  • You were biting your lips and fidgeting your fingers.
  • Ethan looked over and saw that you were being nervous.
  • He took your hands and bring it closer to his lips, pressing a small peck with a smile. Y/n shook her head, shy.
  • Everyone in the comment section..
  • “SHIT.”
  • “PERFECT.”
  • Then Ethan would glance at the camera and smiled, “So you guys have been right this whole time.”
  • You were too shy that you hid your face at the crook of his neck and Ethan chuckled.
  • Everyone in the comment section is celebrating.
  • “AHHHH”
  • “We been knew.”
  • Ethan would chuckle at the response and you would take a peek slightly…
  • “Anyway, thank you for all your support and love towards us. I really appreciate it. I’m just going to end it here because my baby is too shy and I’ll be too awkward talking by myself.” Ethan said while waving his hand lightly and ended the live video with his other hand.
  • You pulled away lightly and Ethan would smile… “We did it. We came clean.”
  • “I love you.” You whispered and Ethan would pulled you into a hug and kiss the crown of your head, “I love you too, Princess.”


hey hey hey!!

this is my first time writing this kind of thing….

i’m not even sure what to call this,, but i really hope you guys like this!!

feedbacks are always very much appreciated!!

thank you once again for reading :)) x

I messed up, I’m sorry

Ethan Dolan x reader

Summary: You had been dating for three years and on the day of your anniversary you found out he had been liying to you.

Warning: Curse words but nothing else

A/n: Felt inspired. Send request.


Today was your three year anniversary with Ethan and you wanted it to be special. The last few weeks had been hard on you ever since he met Emma. She was really sweet but he was beginning to be close with her and didn’t spend time with you anymore. Everytime, he would cancel plans you made just to be with her. They were always texting and he even had a nickname for her with hearts on his phone. Thinking about it made your eyes watered. Of course you were jealous of her, she was pretty and could always make him laugh but today was going to be your day. Ethan texted you saying he would be home in a hour so you finished setting the table and went to get dressed in something you knew he would love. You heard footstep coming from the hallway but you got surprised when you heard Emma, James and Grayson talking. You rushed in your room to cover yourself since what you were wearing was too reveling for anybody other than your boyfriend.

“Y/n, were home.”


Grayson who had been your best friend since childhood went to see you.

“I’m sorry. Seems like you had something planned.”

You tried smiling but you knew he wouldn’t believe it.

“It’s okay.”

He gave you a kiss on the forehead.

“What were you celebrating?”

You were avoiding eye contact since you knew you might start crying and didn’t want to look like you bothered.

“Three year anniversary…”

He smiled softly before bringing you into a tight hug. The others were already eating what you had prepared for the both of you. They were laughing and talking while you were just there listening.

“Why are you not eating?”

You turned to see Ethan with a plate full of the meal you had spend the afternoon making.

“Not really hungry.”

You simply respond. He raised his shoulder and left you there to go speak with Emma that was waiting for him. Tears were starting to form in your eyes and you decided to go into your bedroom instead of letting them see how hurt you were. You were in your bed crying softly into your pillow when you heard a light knock on the door.

“It’s Gray, can I come in?”

Your silent was his signal to enter the room.

“Hey sweetie are you okay?”

He went and layed on the bed next to you. He grabbed you and pulled you closer to his chest where you kept crying. He was holding you so close to him that you could hear is heartbeat which made you feel calm again.

“How can he not give a shit about me after three years.”

“Oh sweetie he cares about you he just doesn’t see that what he’s doing hurts you.”

Maybe he was right but you were still mad at your boyfriend. You fell asleep in Grayson’s arms while he was playing with your hair. You woke up because you heard screaming coming from the kitchen. When you turned to ask Gray what was going on, you found an empty space next to you. You got up and went to see what was happening. The twin brothers were arguing and you decided not to interrupt them since they looked mad. You were about to return to your room when you heard Ethan screaming your name mid argument.

“What the fuck are you trying to say Grayson? That I’m not good enough for Y/n?”

“Yeah Ethan that is exactly what I’m saying.”

You felt guilty since they were arguing because of you but proud that Grayson was defending you.

“Well you know what go fuck yourself Gray and if you think that I’m so bad for her why don’t you go and steal her. You seem so attached to her.”

“Of course I’m attached to her she’s my best friend and you know that. I would never date her she’s like a little sister to me.”

“At least I’m not the one trying to ruin a relationship.”

“Haha sure at least I’m not the one who cheated.”

You gasped after what he said and the guys heard you. There faces dropped when they turned around to see you standing there with tears falling on your cheeks. Ethan tried approaching you but you took a step backward and he knew you weren’t going to let him get close to you.

“Ethan please tell me he’s lying. Fuck Ethan say that he’s lying and what he said wasn’t true.”

Ethan look for his words but nothing came to him.

“Get the fuck out of my house, both of you.”

“But baby, listen to me.”

“Out. Now.”

“I messed up, I’m sorry.”

“Go away and never ever come back here.”

He lowered his head and quietly left the house. Grayson was still standing there not sure what to do.

“Please Grayson leave now don’t make this harder.”

“I don’t understand why you’re mad at me, he’s the one that fucked up.”

“You knew and you didn’t tell me. You’re my best friend, you’re suppose to tell me if you know something that might ruin my life. If you haven’t screamed it, I would have never known and would be here looking fucking stupid trying to win him back from her but you did nothing.”

He was looking at the ground and whispered a soft “I’m sorry”.

“Leave please Grayson.”

He nodded his head and left leaving you all alone. You fell onto the ground crying and screaming. You had lost everything tonight and nothing was going to make you fell better.

anonymous asked:

meeting the twins at coachella and hooking up w grayson

Warnings: smut + cursing

You never thought you’d find yourself in this situation when you bought the tickets for Coachella 2019. But here you were, hooking up with Grayson Dolan at a Coachella afterparty.

It all happened unexpectedly.

One moment you were running toward the stage, trying not to miss The Neighborhood set; and the next you bumped into who you thought was the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen. The collision with his built body making you stumble, but he was quick to grip your arms; stopping you from falling. You embarrassingly stared into his hazel eyes, as a smile grew on his perfectly structured face. He introduced himself and after having a little chat, he invited you to his friend’s party.

Cuando Tú Quieras played loudly through the speaker in the house, but became muffled once Grayson kicked the wooden door closed with his foot. Your legs were tightly wrapped around the younger twin’s hips, as you shared a passionate, lust filled kiss. Your hands roamed all over his upper body, tracing every dip and curve of his skin; before you lightly gripped the ends of his dark hair.

“I’ll show you a good time, baby” Grayson growled in your ear, before throwing you gently on the bed; making you squeal in surprise. He smirked an slowly walked to you while removing his white crop top; exposing his tanned, muscular chest. He crawled on top of you and brought his hands to the spaghetti straps of your yellow top, slowly pulling them down your shoulders and leaving butterfly kisses all over your naked skin, whispering sweet words in between kisses; removing your top completely.

Grayson trailed his fingers all over your body, before lowering them inside your black leather skirt; leaving you whimpering and moaning underneath him.

“Mh, look at you” He groaned gazing deeply into your lust filled eyes, “So wet and ready for me”

He then got off of you, discarding the rest of his clothes, getting back on the bed soon after; only to roll your skirt up your hips and push your panties to the side. Grayson wrapped his arms around your legs and pulled you towards him, making it easier for him to ease two thick fingers into your wet entrance at once, fingering you while keeping his eye fixed on your squirming figure. The feeling of his fingers making you moan his name softly.

“Do you like me fingering you, baby?“ He asked rhetorically and began to finger you harder and faster, curling his fingers to search for your g-spot. Curse words and moans of his name slipped from your mouth, making him grin in satisfaction.

He chuckled softly and lowered himself between your spread legs, his flattened tongue immediately rolling over your clit as you gasped and arched your back; loving the way he was pleasuring you. He began to finger and lick your clit simultaneously, feeling you getting wetter and tighter around his fingers; his shit-eating grin never leaving his face as he gradually increased the speed.

Breathy moans left your parted lips as your body stated squirming violently underneath him; feeling overwhelmed by the pleasure.

But before you could release, Grayson stopped with his actions and brought his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean and sitting up.

He pecked your lips and lined his cock to your slick entrance; sending you a quick look before pushing the tip in.

“Please, G-grayson” You whined, gazing into his eyes with an innocent look; making him groan and fully push inside of you.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so tight” He groaned loudly and lowered his head to the crook of your neck; while he began to ram his cock inside you, panting at the feeling of your walls around him. Your nails pressed into his skin as the bed began to shake and creak, the headrest occasionally bumping into the wall.

“You feel so good, Gray. So fucking good.” You gasped and clung tighter onto him, nails scratching over his back as he kept thrusting hard and fast, balls slapping against your ass, your eyes rolling back in bliss.

“Cum for me, angel.” He groaned, with a smirk still plastered on his face “Scream my name.”

Broken moans left Grayson’s parted lips at the feeling of your walls tightening around his twitching cock. “C’mon, baby” He smashed his swollen, plump lips back into yours.

With a loud scream of his name, you came around him as your body shook from the powerful orgasm.

“Fu-fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Grayson mumbled against your neck, moaning your name against your bare skin as he came inside you. The movement of his hips halted for a moment; before he collapsed on top of you, completely out of breath and energy. He rolled over and wrapped one arm around you, pulling you against his side.

“We should do this more often” You winked.

Oh, for sure angel” He chuckled.

Wecome to your tape. (a Thirteen Reasons Why inspired Dolan Twins imagine)

reader x bff!twins, reader x Ethan sorta..

Author: me, @notanotherdolantwinsblog (man, it’s been such a long time since the last time I typed that…)

Trigger warning ⚠️ typical behavioral symptoms of depression, anxiety, mental illness…

A/N: I’m going to try to finish this and post it from my phone tonight since I am feeling this and maybe.. just maybe.. I’ll feel a little better. If you’ve been here long enough, you know I posted something similar months ago and had a little “scandal”.. so AGAIN, I won’t apologize for something I didn’t force you to read/something I did warn you about.

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Taking a deep breath, hands slightly shaking from nerves, you grabbed the tape recorder and placed it close to your mouth.

“ 12. This one I’ve been dreading since I first planned this but alas, it must be done.. Number 12, you just might be the person I miss the most when I leave.. but that doesn’t excuse you from being on these tapes.. You-.. You’re the only one who’s heard all these stories before, you’re the only one who already knows everything.. Sorry, knew everything… Right, Gray? You were my best friend. And you were an angel. My angel, as I liked to call you. Grayson Dolan, welcome to your tape. This isn’t about anything you did.. Rather, this is…for what you didn’“

You paused the recording as you felt more tears coming. Damnit, you thought. Keep it together, Y/N. You can do this. You pressed the record button again, sniffling.

Grayson,” your voice cracked. “This one hurts the most.”

You started crying again but decided to keep recording.

“I know he’s your brother.. your twin brother.. but you could’ve warned me not to fall in love with him. You could’ve warned me that he’d break my heart. You could’ve warned me about Emma!-“

You paused as you felt yourself get angry. No, you must stay calm.

“You could’ve done something.. A little ‘hey, maybe don’t fall for my brother, your other best friend because he’s in love with Emma’ would’ve been nice. Or-.. or something… but you didn’t…”

You decided to end the recording there and hide the tapes quickly as you could hear footsteps coming closer. You looked in the mirror and wiped the tears away, sighing, rehearsing your infamous fake smile for the person you knew was about to knock on your room door.


WOW OMFG THIS SUUUUUCKS. I AM SO SORRY. Anyway, I cut this short as it is so delicate.. I’ll ONLY continue if you ask me for more. I hope at least someone likes this trash haha I’m just..having a little ptsd from the last time I wrote that other one…

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Nothing like us ° ED

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“Please,” I said as he was packing his stuff. He turned and looked at me with sad eyes. I had tears running down my cheeks as he spoke softly to me.

“I’m sorry, but I have to.” I cried harder than before and collapsed on the floor. I felt arms wrap around me and pull me into their lap. I gripped onto his shirt, not wanting him to go.

“What did I do?” I said while wiping my tears. He rubbed my back and kissed my temple.

“Nothing, beautiful, and no that’s no reason to leave you but I have to, I’m sorry,” he simply said with a cracked voice. I shook my head and wrapped my arms around him.

“Do you want to?” I felt him breath in a slow breath and hug me tighter.

“I’m sorry.” I closed my eyes as fresh tears spilled from my eyes. “You deserve better.”

“No I don’t, Ethan, I need you.” He pulled me away and looked at me. He wiped my tears and kissed me softly.

“There will be nobody in this world as beautiful as you but I have to.” I nodded and cried.

“There’s nothing like us baby.” He finished off as he slowly took his arms away from me and walked to the door and left me alone.

17 Days~Fire~Ethan Dolan

Summary: Ethan suggests a rather stupid idea and catches the tree on fire.

Warning: none, I think.

Word Count: 234

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“Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad of an idea. Wow, Dolan, for once, something you suggest turns out good,” you say chuckling, admiring the Christmas tree.

Ethan has insisted on placing real candles on the Christmas tree, rather than a fake one.

“I know, I’m awesome,” he says with a smug smirk.

“Eth-!” You try to yell and warn him, but his stupid snarky ass is too much of an airhead to realize what he just did.

“Ow! Ow! Ouch! Y/N! Help!” He yelps, shaking his hand aggressively after ‘accidentally’ touching the tree.

Out of nowhere, that same candle his hand had touched, had decided to topple over, the tree erupting in flames.

“I KNEW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!” You yell, jogging over to the pantry to grab the fire extinguisher.

“I’M NEVER LISTENING TO ONE OF YOUR IDEAS EVER AGAIN!” You yell, after drenching the tree with the fire extinguisher, no longer any green present, just white.

“Sorry,” he shrugs your shoulder.

“Clean this up, and I expect you to go to a Christmas tree farm and cut it down yourself,” you scold.

You smirk at a thought that came into your head,

You hold the base of the funnel on the fire extinguisher and squeeze the handle, heating the distinct sound of blowing compressed air, smelling the anti-freeze and powder; all covered on Ethan.

“Good luck washing up,” you say laughing.

“I expect a cup of hot cocoa sitting out for me once I come out of the shower,” He says with clenched teeth.

“Love you,” you smile innocently, prancing away like nothing happened, but you love him, so he’s going to get that hot cocoa.

18 Days~Sexy Christmas~Ethan Dolan

A/N: oh would you look at that? Here I go again, falling behind, procrastinating. There’s actually 17 days until Christmas, I’m just behind, 17 Days is being posted right after this. Thanks for your patience.

Summary: Ethan has one lucky, kinky surprise.

Warning: there’s no smut, but there’s definitely an imagination you can create in your head.

Word Count: 236

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The face Ethan was giving was priceless. He’s never seen this side of you that much, but he’s damn well turned on by this sight in front of him.

Seeing you dressed in red, lace lingerie; knee-high fishnet tights, black, pump heels, topped with a Santa hat; damn, it’s a sight he’s gonna want to enjoy as long as he can.

You look so sexy, yet so intimidating, holding handcuffs just with your finger, hand on one hip, a smirk so sexy plastered on your face, Christmas is the best.

“Don’t you think you’ve been a little naughtier this year Mr. Dolan,” you smirk, god, he loves it when you call him that.

“I-uh-I” Ethan stutterers, still speechless from the sight in front of his pure eyes.

“The answer is yes,” you say, opening up the handcuffs, walking, hips swaying side to side, heels clattering oh so smoothly on the wooden floor.

Ethan leans back, his head laying fully on the pillow, his hands already gripping the headboard for you to handcuff him to. He loves it when you take control.

He has no shame in submitting to you.

“Look at that, Mr. Dolan, already submitting,” you say smirking, tightening the cuffs, letting it clatter against the wooden headboard.

You lean back, admiring your handy work.

“This is going to be fun. Won’t it Mr. Dolan?”

God, he’s going to love every damn minute of this.

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Convincing Ethan Dolan to let you paint his fingernails but only if you do yours the same color so y'all can match

Authors note: I fucking love this request holY SHIT!!!!!


“C’mon E… please? It’ll be cute!” You begged, rocking back and forth in your bed as Ethan shakes his head in front of you.

“I’ll look dumb Y/N! And I don’t wanna look dumb!” His hands flew out by his his sides in a dramatic nature causing you to roll your eyes and cock your head disapprovingly. 

“You won’t look dumb babe I swear…” You place your hands on his knees, pouting your lips at him and mouthing ‘please’ over and over.

You hear him sigh, a small smile tugging on the corner of his lips as his head drops. He moves to sit more comfortably, copying your cross legged position. A grin stretches across your face as his eyes meet yours, a small squeal of joy escaping from you.

“Hey hey hey! Before your get to excited, I have one condition…” Ethan wags his finger in your face, watching your bright eyes sparkle as you nod your head quickly. “We have to match.”

“That’s it!?” You laugh, grabbing his hands from his lap and looking over the colors of nail polish in the small bag to your left. “That’s fine with me!” 

“Oh no…” 

“Were gonna look cute as fuck baby, dontcha worry you cute little head Etee!”

Late {E.D.}

oh hi, i’m back again with another little wintery/christmas concept! couldn’t help myself again lol (feel free to send any concepts if ya want!) also, i just wanted to give a shoutout to Katie ( @wordsonearth ) who earlier today wrote something kinda similar :)

Word Count: 770

Ethan was frantically running back to his car in the grocery store parking lot. He was late again; but he had promised to pick up the pillsbury sugar cookies with the elf hat on them, and Ethan didn’t break his promises.

Getting in his car, he barely waited for it to heat up before slamming on the gas. It was 6:42 pm, he said he’d be at his parent’s for 6:00 pm; there was absolutely no time for slow driving. He swerved his Jeep in and out of lanes, driving like an absolute maniac.

Finally pulling onto his parent’s street, he exceeded the speed limit immensely; but Ethan didn’t care because he was late, again. Pulling into his childhood drive, he parked his car crookedly before jumping out and running to the door, not even bothering to lock his car.

Ethan fumbled with the keys in his hands; maybe it was because of excitement, maybe it was because of nervousness, or maybe he just new she’d give him shit for being late, again. Finally, he got the door open only to see her standing there, giving him a look of complete disapproval.

“Hi sunshine,” Ethan said as he closed the front door behind him. “Good day at Grandma’s?” He gave her a sheepish smile that screamed I fucked up.

“Daddy, you were 51 minutes late!” Amelia said, crossing her arms over her chest in order to show just how serious she was - or as serious as a 5 year old wearing a princess nightgown can be.

Ethan couldn’t help but give her a toothy smile; even when she was peeved with him, she was still the cutest little button to him. Nothing could make him happier than his little girl.

Putting his keys down on the little side table, he crouched down  and opened his arms wide, ready for the usual lateness apology. “I’m sorry princess,” Ethan said, giving Amelia the sad-eye face she uses on him whenever she wants something.

Amelia turned her nose up at him, as if she were inspecting his actions and deeming whether he was worthy or not of acceptance. “Hmmm… are you really sorry daddy?” She asked, pushing her glasses up the slope of her.

“Of course I am princess! I was late because I had to stop and pick up your special requ-”

Amelia let out a gasp, “You got the cookies?!”

“Of course I did bub! You know I don’t break my promises,” Ethan smiled, arms still waiting for her to run into them.

“Yay!” Amelia screamed before running straight into her daddy’s arm to give him the biggest hug ever. “Thank you daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Her head was tucked into his shoulder and neck as he wrapped his arms around her little tiny body.

“I’m sorry I was late again, but I promise that when we go home, daddy is gonna bake the cookies AND i’ll let you have 4 while we watch Home Alone.” Ethan whispered into her brown curlyish hair as he pressed kisses to her head.

“4 cookies?” Amelia responded in disbelief that Ethan was going to let her have 4 cookies before bed.

“Is that too much? Should I only give you 2?” He said while giving her a look of fake-worry.

Amelia put her hands on her father’s cheeks, laughing at his joking expression, “No daddy! I want 4, pretty pleaseeeee!”

Smiling down at her, he placed a gentle kiss on her little button nose that she obviously got from him. All of Amelia’s features were from him, and thank God for that. He didn’t need a reminder of the woman who walked out of their lives after giving birth to such an angel. He thanked God everyday that he was blessed with Amelia, and there wasn’t a day that went by that he ever regretted keeping her.

Pushing her little wispy hairs back, he gave her a gentle smile in which she obnoxiously returned by snarling her teeth at him. “Okay, how about we go see Grandma in the kitchen and see if we can stay for supper. Then we’ll go home and make those little elf cookies you wanted sooo badly, yeah?” Ethan asked, picking up Amelia to carry her.

“Okay daddy, but one more thing…” She said while laying her head on his shoulder.

Ethan turned his head to the side to look at her, “What’s that sunshine?”

“We have to watch Home Alone 2, NOT the first one!” She said dramatically.

“Anything you want Amelia-baby,” Ethan laughed out, walking into the kitchen to find his mom.