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He’s Cruel, You’re Cool // E.D. *

Summary: Y/N and her boyfriend Grayson had a perfect relationship - at least, she thought she did. But she wasn’t the only victim in a heartless betrayal.

Warnings: Angst, a bit of smut, swearing, fluff, and cheating. Also just wanted to add that I am not portraying Grayson in a negative context in real life as this is a work of fiction :)

Y/N was truly in the happiest moments of her life. She had a stable career, a cozy apartment near said job, wonderful friends and a very loving boyfriend. She met Grayson two years ago at a mutual friend’s party and ever since then, they were inseparable. It didn’t take long for Y/N to fall for his charm and genuine kind personality, and Grayson was just so obsessed with her. However, lately things have been hectic at Y/N’s job (she’s an editor for a very popular magazine), so she’s been a bit too busy to plan dates and hang out with him. But he’s been very understanding and doesn’t seem to mind - in fact, it’s almost like he’s a bit happy that she hasn’t been able to make time for him. But maybe he’s just thrilled that she’s making large strides in her workplace. That has to be it.

Y/N is currently driving to her boyfriend’s house, who he shares with his twin brother (she’s also pretty close friends with Ethan, but wouldn’t label them as “best friends”). She whips out her phone and sends him a quick text to let him know she was on her way over.

Y/N: Hey babe I’m almost there xx

She waited on the side of the busy road to see his response. Ten minutes passed and there was nothing - which was odd for Grayson, since he always sends a text back almost immediately, especially on his days off like today. When she thinks about it, he hasn’t replied to her texts at all today, nor has she gotten any read receipts. Y/N decided not to worry too much so she texted Ethan, hoping he was there with him.

Y/N: Hey Ethan… Grayson hasn’t been responding to my texts today, are you guys home?

Ethan: I’m not home but Gray should be… he’s not texting me back either and neither is Stacy. I’m coming home in a bit though

Stacy is Ethan’s girlfriend and one of the sweetest people Y/N has ever met. She’s been dating Ethan for a little over a year now and they’re perfect together. Her and Y/N have really bonded and become close friends since the time they’ve been introduced to each other. She truly makes Ethan happy, just as happy as Grayson makes her.

Y/N sighs and decides to drive to the twins’ house anyway. She pulls in and surely there was Grayson’s car, and Ethan wasn’t there yet. Stacy’s car was also there, but Y/N didn’t think too much of it. Her and Grayson were friends too; maybe they were watching a good movie and haven’t been able to check their phones.

Though, a deep and sickening feeling is telling Y/N otherwise.

She walks into the house using the spare key she was given, and sees no one in sight. However, she does spot Stacy’s familiar black Chanel bag laying on the couch along with a pair of her red bottoms. Why was she wearing red bottoms on a casual Sunday, and why has she taken them off?

“Gray?” Y/N decides to call out, but earned no response. She starts walking closer to his bedroom down the hallway, but slows her pace once she hears the sound of low grunting mixed with… a feminine voice.

Y/N’s heart dropped and her stomach twisted into a knot. No… he couldn’t have… Although she desperately wanted to run away and pretend that everything was fine, she knew she had to find out what was going on. Maybe he was watching porn without headphones on?

Grayson wouldn’t dream of cheating on her.

But Y/N’s suspicions were unfortunately raised when she leaned her head against the door and heard the very familiar voice of Grayson’s… as well as Stacy’s.

“Oh, Grayson!” Stacy belted out, nauseating Y/N.

“Fuck Stace… shit,” she heard Grayson huff as the sound of slapping skin was practically echoing off the walls. “I fucking love you.”

That’s the last thing that completely shattered Y/N; tears instantly swam down her cheeks as she couldn’t contain keeping herself hidden anymore. She twisted the doorknob and opened the door widely; of course the bastard hadn’t locked it. He always locked it when they were having sex… did he want her to catch him cheating on her?

“Grayson!” Y/N managed to shout, catching the sight of the two naked individuals on Grayson’s messy bed. He was currently buried into her, doggy style… a position he would always refuse to do with Y/N because he didn’t want to “hurt” her. She felt absolute disgust when Grayson’s shocked expression met hers.

“Y/N, w-what are you doing here?” Grayson sputtered nervously against a frozen Stacy, who looked incredibly embarrassed and ashamed. “I thought you had work today…”

“That doesn’t fucking justify you cheating on me, you dick!” Y/N snapped angrily, wanting nothing more than to slap that shit out of her now ex-boyfriend. “For your information, I got off early and decided to surprise you. What a huge fucking mistake that was.”


“No! You are not about to explain yourself… especially when you’re still inside of her!” Y/N was screaming now. “Stacy, of all people? That’s what hurts the most… Oh my God, what about Ethan? How the fuck could you do this to your own twin brother?!”

“What’s going on?” she heard Ethan’s voice from behind her, causing her to jump. “I heard yelling- WHAT THE FUCK?!”

Y/N’s body was shaking now, and she just couldn’t take it anymore. Ethan was furiously glaring at the two betrayers as Y/N ripped off the gold necklace with Grayson’s name on it and flung it at his face, making him flinch. She then pushed past Ethan and ran out of the house, ignoring the loud screams and curses flying from Ethan’s mouth. She quickly got into her car and drove off, refusing to cry until she was at least safe and at home.

And that’s exactly what happened. The moment she stepped into her doorway is when she bursted into full on sobs. She crawled into her bed, the same bed where she spent many nights with her so-called loving and loyal boyfriend, but now it was ruined. She wanted to burn every single little thing that reminded her of Grayson; the bedsheets, the t-shirts and hoodies, the teddy bears he won for her at state fairs… everything.

God, Y/N was so in love with him… how could he do this? Why did he do this? It seemed so unnatural of him… Grayson has always promised that he’d never hurt Y/N in a million years since the day he met her. But I guess that promise quickly broke when he unintentionally confessed his love for Stacy in front of her.

Y/N has finally stopped crying at around nine o’clock at night, six hours since the incident. She checked her phone and saw that she had multiple texts from both Grayson and Stacy, both begging for either forgiveness or the ability to explain what happened. She decided to ignore those texts after briefly reading them, and was about to shut her phone off until she noticed a text from the other Dolan twin.

Ethan: Hey Y/N… can I come over? I really need someone right now and I thought since we’re in the same boat…

Ethan: but I’d understand if you don’t want to see me… you know… because of that asshole

Ethan was right. Y/N wasn’t in the mood to see anybody, not just him. A part of her feared that once she saw Ethan, his face would remind her of him despite their obvious differences in physicality and personality. However, at the same time, she also didn’t want to turn Ethan away… knowing his heart was just as broken as hers, if not more. He was betrayed by his own goddamn brother, the person he loved most in the world. Y/N couldn’t let him be by himself.

Y/N: you can come over, e…

Ethan: thank you.

Surprisingly, after five minutes, Y/N heard a knock on her door which confused her. It couldn’t be Ethan, could it? Oh God, what if it was Grayson… or Stacy, trying to beg for a chance for her to hear them out. Y/N looked through the peephole and sighed in relief at the sight of Ethan, and she quickly opened the door. His eyes were bloodshot red and his cheeks were stained with tears… he looked just as messy as she does right now. He walks inside and immediately engulfs her into a tight hug.

“You got here fast,” she commented into the crook of his neck.

“I’ve been sitting in your parking lot for over an hour,” he explained, rubbing her back in circles. “I have nowhere else to go…”

“Nowhere else to go?” Y/N stupidly asked.

Ethan sniffled and pulled apart from Y/N, “I packed up all of my shit and left, even when Grayson tried to stop me. I couldn’t be there with… with…”

Y/N pulled him back into a tight hug as he sobbed into her shoulder, and it only took a couple of seconds for her to cry along with him. What did these two broken souls ever do to deserve this? What prompted Grayson to hook up with his twin brother’s girlfriend, while he had a girlfriend himself? No matter what explanation those two traitors provided, there was nothing to justify the type of pain that they brought upon the close-knit group. Now everything was going to be different and it was all their faults, ruining what was a really great thing.

And no matter how hard Y/N tried, she just couldn’t let Ethan go. And Ethan wasn’t able to let her go either. They both were currently having a similar thought process in which they’d be helpful in recovering one another’s shattered hearts. Sure, Ethan was Grayson’s brother, but he was also a victim in all of this.

“If you don’t have anywhere to go, E…” Y/N croaked, lifting her head up to meet his tear-filled gaze. “…Maybe you could stay here with me for a little while? Only if you’re comfortable with it, of course.”

“Are you sure, Y/N?” Ethan questioned, though he initially wanted to accept her offer right away. “Wouldn’t you uncomfortable knowing I’m related to the backstabbing shithead who broke your heart?”

She shook her head, and patted his shoulder assuringly. “You’re not like him, Ethan, I know you’re not. Besides, he broke your heart too, and I don’t think neither of us should be alone.”

Ethan smiled fainted, grateful for Y/N’s relentless kindness despite the situation. “Thank you, Y/N. You were the only person I wanted to see right now, anyway.”

The pair then proceeded to go down and unload Ethan’s car. He still had some stuff back at the house, but he certainly wasn’t in the mood to go back and get them at the moment. When he was finished cursing out his ex-girlfriend and shitty twin brother, he then went and started packing up his shit in his room, unable to stand being under the same roof where the love of his life fucked his brother. A half-dressed Grayson tried to prevent him from leaving, claiming that he hadn’t meant to have him or Y/N find out that way, but Ethan refused to listen to his pathetic defense. Stacy was also stupidly standing around with Grayson’s sheets wrapped around her naked body, profusely apologizing to Ethan about what he had seen and claiming that she never wanted to hurt him. Too fucking late, is what he told her.

Ethan ended up punching his brother square in the jaw, which was kind of an accident but also kind of not, as Grayson was provoking his burning anger and was crowding his face. He then threatened the asshole to stay away from him for a while, finished packing up his car, and drove away… the first place in mind being Y/N’s apartment. Her broken expression he saw on her face when she fled the twins’ house was a permanent stain on his face, and he was tempted to drive right back around and beat Grayson’s ass even more for doing such a terrible thing for a sweet girl.

Ethan always liked Y/N (not in that way, of course). When a giddy Grayson introduced her to him two years ago, he couldn’t help but respect Grayson for having a great taste in such a sweet, beautiful and intelligent girl. He was almost jealous of their amazing relationship until he met Stacy, who he immediately fell in love with. God… if only he could turn back time…

Ethan met Stacy about a year and a half ago when he and Grayson were doing a modeling shoot for a magazine cover, and she was one of the photographers working with him. They hit it off pretty quickly after being introduced to each other, and Ethan couldn’t help but feel charmed by her excessive beauty and slight sassy attitude the girl contained. Their relationship blossomed naturally and he was absolutely obsessed with her… now? Not so much. He wants the she-devil as far away from him as possible, despite his previous thoughts of marrying her and having as many kids as possible. Of course, those thoughts and promises future was destroyed now, but it still fucked with his mind that he used to falsely see her as this perfect angel who could do no harm. Clearly, she could do a lot of harm.

And now Grayson Bailey Dolan. This is what makes everything worse… when his own twin brother was involved and betrayed his trust. Despite this shitty action that he committed, Ethan couldn’t help but still love his brother… although he just cannot envision himself ever forgiving him or things going back to the way it was ever again. In the past, Grayson has made jokes of “stealing” Ethan’s girls, but this… this was obviously just too far. It wasn’t a joke anymore, it was a cruel reality that Ethan was now drowning in. He could forget about Stacy, even though it’ll be difficult since he’s still in love with her, but she’s just another girl. Grayson? Grayson is his blood relative, his twin brother. They shared the same womb together. They stuck together throughout high school when they were being teased and messed around with by other students. They were each other’s wingmen and helped each other out when they were down. They make videos together that have gained them plenty of devoted fans. They have fucking matching tattoos together. They are each other’s halves, and have promised each other to never let a girl get between them.

Why the hell did his stupid brother have to ruin everything?

Ethan couldn’t sleep that night in Y/N’s guest bedroom, though he was so appreciative of her being as accommodating as possible. His mind was racing with thoughts as he tossed and turned in his blankets. What was going to happen now? Ethan and Grayson’s relationship aside, which he doesn’t fathom how it will be mended, but what about the fans? They’ll be crushed and infuriated if they found out what Grayson did. His career would be ruined. What about the videos? They currently have a few pre-recorded and edited videos planned to go up in the coming weeks, but what happens after that? Do they separate? If they separate, would they have to make a video together explaining why? Ethan couldn’t imagine himself making a YouTube channel entitled Ethan Dolan. It was too painful to think about. His creativity relied on his twin; they just worked so well together despite their differences.

Ethan’s mind was eased to a sudden stop when he heard a loud sob coming from across the hallway. Y/N was certainly awake too, and before Ethan knew it, he had gotten out of bed and walked over to her bedroom. He opened the door to find her laying in bed, curled up in a ball with her face pressed against her pillow. He hesitantly walked over, feeling like he was the last thing she needed, and sat down beside her on her bed. Feeling the bed sink down beside her, she lifted her head up to see an empathetic Ethan, who was now rubbing her back in soft, slow circles.

“Ethan?” she whispered, her voice breaking.

He shook his head, urging her to not say anything. Instead, Ethan laid down beside her and wrapped a tight arm around her waist, spooning her. He then spoke in a fearful tone, “Is this okay?”

Y/N thought to herself, thinking back to how her and Grayson cuddled… well, they rarely did - only after sex. And even then, they never actually spooned each other. Grayson would always blamed it on his claustrophobia… which now had her wondering if that was a lie too. Did he ever cuddle with Stacy? Brought back to reality a bit, Y/N brushed her hand along Ethan’s arm and sighed at the feeling of his warm breath hitting her neck. She let the words flow out of her mouth, “More than okay.”

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since that dreaded day and Y/N and Ethan have been getting better since. They’ve gotten a lot closer to each other, spending all of their time watching movies, going out to eat and ordering in, laughing and going shopping, et cetera. They had a lot more in common than they thought, they were just consumed in their blinding love lives to realize it. Neither have them have been in contact with Grayson and Stacy, both of which were doing God knows what - not like they cared. Nowadays they rarely thought about them - only on Tuesdays when Ethan uploaded a video to the channel without even mentioning it to Grayson. They pretended like everything was normal even though things were far from it… until the third week mark came and there wasn’t anymore Dolan Twins videos to upload.

Y/N sat in her bedroom as she heard Ethan speak on his Instagram story, “Hey guys, so there isn’t going to be a video today… actually, there won’t be one for a while. Due to personal reasons, we’re taking a break from the channel. I’m not sure how long it’ll be, but I encourage you guys to be patient for this process. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed, I am too, but some things in life you can’t control. Thanks for understanding and always being supportive… love you guys.”

So, the Dolan Twins fans aren’t oblivious as to what’s going on. They knew something was happening when they noticed that Grayson and Ethan barely posted on their stories and weren’t seen together in public. They weren’t posting Snapchat stories together urging fans to check out the new video; and through a little digging, they also noticed that Y/N (her and Gray’s relationship was never publicly confirmed but it was obvious that they were together) had unfollowed Grayson and Stacy (her and E’s relationship was somewhat public). Y/N had also deleted pictures she had which she had taken with Grayson alone (innocent pictures, like them simply standing side by side together but it still sent shippers crazy). And now here’s Ethan’s Instagram story, in which fans noticed that his smile seemed fake and his bags under his eyes increased - it also looked as though he was in someone else’s apartment.

Y/N was lost in thought when Ethan walked into her room and sat beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder to shake her out of her momentary daze. She snapped out of it and giggled softly before asking, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I just know rumors are going to fly and fans are going to try to figure everything out,” he sighed heavily. “I know what they did was fucking awful but I don’t want Grayson being sent tons of hate and his career demolished…”

Y/N flinched slightly at the mention of her ex but nodded nonetheless. “I understand. I hate him right now but I wouldn’t want anyone sending him death threats, you know?”

“You know what we should do?” Ethan changed the subject quickly. “We should go on a road trip.”

“A road trip?” Y/N questioned.

“To get our minds off of this shit. If we go somewhere at a reasonable distance from… them… maybe it’ll help us,” he explained. “You’ve also been working a shit ton and you need a break, you work-a-holic.”

Y/N rolled her eyes but grinned excitedly. “Well, where will we be going?”

“I was thinking Vegas? You’ve mentioned before that you’ve never been and I think you should go,” he suggested.

Grayson had always promised to take Y/N to Las Vegas, though he never acted on it. He always claimed one day but at most times, he said he was just too busy.

“Let’s go to Vegas then,” Y/N agreed, realizing that she was in desperate need of a vacation.

So she took the rest of the week off and her and Ethan drove off to Vegas in his Jeep. Ethan had managed to book quite a lovely luxurious hotel and defended it by saying it was part of the “Vegas experience.” They were both excited to not be too cooped up in her slightly small apartment anymore, though Y/N feared that fans would spot them and confront Ethan about what happened… would he be able to tell the truth?

Ethan managed to convince Y/N in going to the ziplining place with him, despite her fear of heights. It was the first thing they went to when they arrived to Vegas, and since it was nighttime he told her that the view would be much more beautiful. He was right, of course, but Y/N’s chest tightened when she realized how high they truly were, nearly as high as the tall buildings of the city. Ethan noticed her nerves and grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers together. She looked over at him and he smiled, “It’s okay, I got you.”

She returned his smile and gazed around at the millions of city lights, her fear diminishing as she admired the view. “Wow… it’s beautiful.”

Ethan was unknowingly staring at Y/N, though. Her hair was flowing through the wind as she stared in awe at the sights around her. God, how could he have not realized how beautiful she really is? Grayson really lucked out… and fucked up but not appreciating what he truly had. If his brother would have seen this lovely girl underneath the lights with her hair through the wind, hundreds of feet in the air - he wouldn’t have ever dared to consider being unfaithful to her. And though it was grossly cliché, Ethan couldn’t help but let the words blurt from his mouth, “Yeah, you really are…”

Y/N whipped her head around and gave him a puzzled look. “What?”

“I-I was talking about the view, not that y-you aren’t - I mean, fuck,” Ethan sputtered nervously, unable to cover his hilarious slip up. “Fuck it, you’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

Her mouth fell agape as she hadn’t expected the compliment from him. The difference in his words from his twin brother struck her almost immediately; Grayson would always tell her that she looked beautiful… but here Ethan was saying she is beautiful… Was she overreacting or is there a certain meaningfulness to this language?

Because looking beautiful and being beautiful are completely different terms.

When the zipline ride was over, Y/N’s adrenaline was rushing. She jumped on her feet and spoke excitedly, “That was so fun! Let’s do something else - like skydiving! Let’s go skydiving.”

Ethan chuckled, swinging an arm around Y/N’s shoulder as they walked back to his car. “Most of the places here are closed already, but we can come back tomorrow… that’s if you’re adrenaline hasn’t washed out yet.”

He shot her a knowing smirk to which she stuck her tongue out in response. They eventually drove back to the hotel and around a quarter to eleven, they decided to chill out on the balcony as they were on the fiftieth floor. They sat in the chairs and just stared at the stars, both lost in the sky until Ethan noticed Y/N shivering.

“Cold?” he asked, laughing as Y/N hugged herself for warmth.

“No,” she denied, shaking her head. Ethan rolled his eyes at her stubbornness and stood up, pulling off his hoodie to give it to her. She refused and tried to say she was fine, but he wasn’t having it - he ended up forcing her inside his oversized Kid Cudi hoodie, her scowling in defeat as he donned a proud grin.

He sat back down, and Y/N mumbled a quiet “thank you.” Secretly, she was glad that he had given her his hoodie, though now her heart was racing a mile a minute, just as it had when he called her beautiful. Did he mean anything by it? Probably not, and she knew better than to jump to conclusions. The scent of Ethan’s cologne was strong, though, but Y/N adored it. She very much preferred it to Grayson’s natural scent-

No, she wasn’t going to compare them. She couldn’t do that to her mind. She had to let Grayson go, despite hanging around his twin brother. If she had to be honest with herself, the time she has been spending with Ethan has been ten times more fun than the few, sparring times she had spent with her ex. Maybe it was the spontaneity of it all, or the fact that they were using this to get a lot of shit off their minds, but Y/N was having fun and she wasn’t going to let her cheating and lying ex ruin it.

That is, until she got a notification on her phone. In fact, it was multiple notifications. Her Twitter and Instagram was blowing up, many fans encouraging her to check out a video upload to YouTube on the Dolan Twins channel. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion; she thought Ethan hadn’t uploaded anything? She then discovered that #GraysonDolan was trending number one on the Twitter page, as well as #GraysonDolanisOverParty underneath. A sickening feeling overwhelmed Y/N when she clicked on the hashtag, not expecting to see a candid picture of Grayson kissing Stacy on the lips in front of a Starbucks. She glanced over at Ethan, who was giving her a peculiar look and was wondering as to why she probably looked constipated right now.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked, concern evident in his tone.

She couldn’t show him the picture, she couldn’t let it tear him up inside. Before she knew it, she sprinted into the hotel room with Ethan closely following her - but she managed to lock herself in the bathroom. He repeatedly knocked on the door but she ignored it, clicking on the YouTube app on her phone. Instantly a video from the Dolan Twins popped up from her subscriptions box, entitled, I Made A Huge Mistake… with Grayson’s face as the thumbnail. It had nearly ten million views already, and with a lump in her throat she decided to click on the ten-minute long video.

Grayson sat in front of the camera of his bedroom, the same place Y/N caught him… the mere thought made her want to click off the video, but she stopped herself. Grayson took a deep breath and she tried not to notice the redness in his eyes and his tear-stained cheeks.

“Hey guys. So you’re probably wondering what’s been going on lately, and Ethan and I haven’t been posting together or hanging out,” he began, sniffling a little. “Well, I didn’t want to make this video because I wanted to handle this situation privately but a picture was leaked onto Twitter, so I guess I’ll just say it now: Ethan and I had a major falling out, and it’s all my fault.”

Grayson took a short pause before continuing, “No, this isn’t a prank. I fucked up… I really fucked up. I hurt the two people in my life I cared about the most in the world, just for a good time. So let me begin…”

Y/N scoffed at his words, then realized that Ethan had stopped banging on the door. Her focus was brought back to her phone when she heard Grayson speaking again, “Y/N and I started dating about two years ago and I fell in love with her… I’m still madly in love with her, despite the fact that we’re broken up now because of me. I took advantage of her kindness, and you’ll find out soon enough. Anyway, Ethan started dating Stacy about a year ago, and everything was all perfectly fine until about six months ago, when Stacy and I were left in the house alone and she started flirting with me.

“It was innocent at first, and I thought it was all a joke until her flirtations… started getting a little more physical. I was uncomfortable with it because I had a girlfriend - and she was dating my brother - so I confronted her and told her to stop. Then she started blackmailing me… she had taken some scandalous and intimate videos of Y/N and I when we thought we were alone, and told me that if I didn’t hook up with her she would release them to the public and ruin our lives. At the moment I should have told Y/N and Ethan, as well as authorities… but I was blinded by fear so I did it. Then we continued hooking up for the next few months to prevent her from leaking those videos…”

Grayson shedded a few tears and while Y/N wondered if they were real, she also felt completely and utterly disgusted. Her breathing hitched as the boy on the screen took another deep breath and started to continue his story, “For some time now, Y/N was really busy with work and we barely saw each other… not that I’m blaming her, of course. We grew distant and I used my need for comfort with Stacy, who I developed some feelings for but had ignored them. I used her as a way to distract myself from my poor relationship and was having fun, I’ll admit… until Y/N and Ethan caught us, and it all went downhill from there.

“I ripped both of their hearts to shreds and I know that they hate me now, and they’ll never forgive me. Ethan moved out and neither of them are talking to me, which I completely understand. I just want them to know that I am extremely sorry for what I’ve done, and there’s no possible way I could fix the pain they’re feeling right now. I disappointed my fans, my family, and even myself. I decided to break it off with Stacy and she promised not to release the videos if I gave her one last goodbye kiss, which was obviously caught on camera. I’m not sure what future entails for this channel, just know that we will be taking times for ourselves to figure out this mess that I’ve created.

“Y/N, if you’re watching this, I just want you to know that I’m sorry for breaking your heart and I love you. There’s no way you’ll ever take me back and that’s okay. You were the most perfect girlfriend and you made me really happy, and you don’t deserve the way I treated you. You deserve so much better. And Ethan… my best friend, I’ve betrayed you in the worst way a brother could ever do. I will regret hurting you for the rest of my life… I know you want nothing to do with me, which I completely get, but I can’t picture my life without you. You’re my family, my everything, my favorite person in the whole world… I love you so much, and I hope one day we can patch things up. It’ll take time, I know, but I promise I’m sincere and I’m not taking my responsibilities for the views or attention… but because it’s the right thing to do and I’m ready to face whatever consequences that are coming to me. Okay, that’s it… bye, I guess.”

The video ends there, leaving Y/N in a sobbing mess on the hotel bathroom floor. Her stomach churns and she feels so disgusted that she ends up crawling over to the toilet and throws up the remnants of food she had that day. She hears a sudden click of the locked door that is now pushed open to reveal a crying Ethan, who gasped at the sight of Y/N. He had used a card to slide through the locked door after watching the video himself. He quickly walks over and flushes the toilet, picking a shaking Y/N up and carrying her out. He rests her on the king-sized bed and asked softly, “Are you sick?”

She shook her head, and even then Ethan placed a hand on her forehead to see if she felt warm. “No… No… I just feel worse, even after that video. It’s been going on for months, and Stacy had videos of me… and him… oh God.”

Ethan pulls her into her arms in an attempt to calm her down. “Hey, hey… You don’t know that. Grayson could be lying…”

A part of Ethan couldn’t believe that Stacy would be capable of doing such a horrendous thing - blackmailing someone - but another part of him was convinced that it was the truth. Yes, he was in a tough situation with his brother, but he knew whether or not his brother was lying… and in that video, Ethan could feel that he was telling the truth. And Grayson is certainly not a decent actor.

“He’s not lying, I could tell,” Y/N spoke, clearing her scratchy throat. “It just hurts to feel like you weren’t good enough for someone, and they tell you that you are, but this still end up betraying you anyway.”

“You were more than good enough for Grayson, Y/N. You’re the best girlfriend he’s ever had and the biggest loss he’ll ever face…” Ethan says assuringly, grabbing onto her hand and squeezing it tightly. He then grabs her face with his hands and caresses her damp cheeks gently, smoothing over the dry tears with his thumbs. “When you look at me, do you see that monster? Does my face turn to his face? If so, would you still want to hang out with me? I’d understand if you-”

“No, Ethan, I don’t see his face when I look at you. I see you’re face, and in fact, he’s completely forgotten when I look into your eyes,” Y/N tells him honestly. “You’re a completely different person, you know that right? He’s cruel… and you’re cool. You’re the coolest person I know, E, and you’ve really helped me these past few weeks.”

“You’ve helped me, too,” he mumbled, casting his eyes into her own as he rubbed the back of her neck. His eyes then moved towards her lips, and his heart thudded in his chest. They looked so soft… so needy… “We should help each other out even more…”

Y/N detected the desire in his eyes and she felt it as well. She whispered his name before closing the gap between them, locking their lips together in a sealed and greedy kiss. His tongue ran across her bottom lip as she ran a hand through his fluffy dark brown hair, her legs straddling his hips as she pushed herself on top of him, his back meeting the mattress. The adrenaline she had felt a few hours earlier had returned, igniting a fire inside of her. This abrupt and rushed sensation was something she has never felt before, not even with he who shall not be named.

Ethan grabbed Y/N by the shoulders and flipped them around so that he was now on top, there kiss had not broken just yet. He was hypnotized by the way her lips moved with ease against his, as if it were truly meant to be. Before they knew it, all of their clothing has been tossed to the floor and he was now pounding her into the bed, no foreplay required. She trailed her nails down her bare back as he thrusted into her wet core repetitively, their moans syncing together like a beautiful harmony. He spread her legs further apart so he could go in deeper, slamming the headboard against the wall without caring that it would disturb the guests next door.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Ethan groaned, his hands wrapped around her wrists that were held besides both sides of her head as his chests slammed against each other’s.

Y/N threw her head back at the immense amount of pleasure, knowing she was bound to reach her climax very soon. “Ethan!”

They came together, and Ethan rested him beside her warm and panting body, his forehead coated in sweat. He pressed a sweet kiss to her cheek as she stared up at the ceiling; neither of the pair realized that they just opened a door to something they would never be able to close.

And so they continued their sexual rendezvous for the next couple of weeks. Whenever the strong pull of loneliness overwhelmed either one of them, one quick text and their needs were satisfied. While it seemed like a “friends with benefits” type of situation, they both saw it as something more but weren’t quite ready to make it official. However, they did agree to be exclusive to one another, deeming each other the best sex they’ve ever had. Y/N’s lingering sadness over the previous traumatizing events were finally beginning to fade away - she wasn’t in the process to forgive Grayson, but she no longer felt ill-will towards him. She shed no more tears over the boy that once made her heart flutter but now she feels absolutely nothing for. And no, she didn’t consider Ethan as her rebound - he was much more than that. As for Ethan, Stacy was completely rid from his mind, he forgotten what he ever saw in that twisted woman. The only woman that filled his thoughts nowadays was Y/N. He had a desperate urge to take care of her and act as a loving boyfriend would, but he needed she needed time. They both needed time. Not only for themselves, but for those around him, because thanks to Grayson the whole situation was now public. Fans came through with love and support, but Y/N and Ethan didn’t bother to make a response video or post. Stacy did, however, try to defend herself and deny the “accusations” but it ultimately failed when she was exposed by Grayson with receipts from his texts.

Currently Ethan and Y/N were engaged in yet another spout of intimacy when she could have sworn she heard the front door open. Something she should have remembered earlier was that Grayson has a spare key to her apartment, which in retrospect she should have taken when she stormed out of his house that terrible day. Her and Ethan were in the very position they found their ex-lovers in, doggy-style with Ethan’s large hand wrapped around her throat as he fucked into her. Both of their heads snapped up when they heard Y/N’s bedroom door open to see and shocked and disturbed Grayson with a bouquet of roses in his hands.

“What the fuck?” he spat, but his anger and annoyance only fueled Ethan’s arrogance because he continued his movements into his brother’s ex-girlfriend.

“What can I say?” grunted Ethan, wiggling his eyebrows in amusement. “What goes around comes around, bro.”

Dorm room masterlist

Find all of @persistence-ofmemories and my Frat!Ethan blurbs here. We will keep this update as much as possible

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Video edit ~ frat!E (credit where credit is due, not our original work)


At first sight: Y/n’s running late and Ethan just has to be in her way as she books it across campus.

Library likings: Y/n is in shock horror when Ethan finally makes his way to the Library.

Liquor lips: Ethan can’t stop the word vomit from leaving his mouth and ends up losing Y/n for a while. The longest while if you ask Ethan.

Oh Finny boy: Ethan’s Fraternity brother Finn has an opinion which may have forced Ethan to man up?

Drunken confession: Ethan finally admits he’s got it bad for Y/n after a heated fight.

Hungover hugs: Ethan recovers from his hangover but his fraternity brothers have other ideas. Y/n makes an unexpected visit.

Doctor Dolan: Y/n’s been MIA for a week & Ethan things she’s doing a runner. But when he finds he curled up in her dorm sick? All this worries are pushed to the side.

Hijacked dinner date: Eddy Caplin shoots his shot with Y/n. That definitely doesn’t sit well with Ethan who’s still struggling to make his move to go official.

Cherry popper part one: cherry popper part two: Ethan & Y/n get there rocks off.

All bets are off: the fraternity goes into chaos one morning when Y/n is found curled up in Ethan’s bed, after months of betting when Ethan would finally pop her cherry.

Wingman disaster: Ethan plays wingman but to the untrained eye it looks like something more sinister.

Love me, love me nots: we talk about how Y/n fits into the Fraternity house and the relationships She shares with the guys that occupy it.

Ethan’s jealously: Ethan finds out what it’s like to be jealous in a nuclear level.

Rohypnol part one: part two: Y/n’s drink is spiked and it doesn’t go down so well.

Red river: Y/n gets her period one morning and Ethan just don’t know what to do.

Return of the creeper: Drink spiking Rohypnol using bitch boy is back

Polaroids: Ethan’s secret shoe box

Ivy League: Grayson and his dysfunctional opinionated girl.


Love is the furthest thing on Ethan’s mind.


Sadie’s big decision

Jello & cows: drunken antics with E&G



Mike (aka Mikey) Jonny, Jake & Alex.

Power bill epidemic.

Y/n’s spammed phone

Mikey looks at Y/n’s ass

Unconventional Meetings (g.d)

A/N- Hi! So this is my first work for the Dolan Twins and I’m so excited but hella nervous to post this😂. I hope it’s good. I would be so grateful to get some constructive criticism and maybe even some requests to keep me busy?? Ok I’m done rambling. Enjoy!

Notice***- I relocated this from my other blog @daddydolansbaby. (Don’t worry, I’m not stealing haha) I won’t be posting anymore there so all my DT stuff will be posted here now!

Warnings- language, some drug use (marijuana)

Summary- Grayson and his getaway Porsche save the day

Everything was a blur. One minute you were in your car, jamming out to the radio by the side of the road, maybe just smoking a little weed, and the next you were running for your life down the sidewalk filled with people.

You looked behind your shoulder and squealed, surprised at how fast the police were gaining on you. You sped up, shoving people as you went.

“Hey! Watch yourself!”

“What the hell asshole?!”

“Watch it!”

You didn’t care to apologize, knowing that your freedom was more important than being courteous.

You were starting to get very tired and you were losing your breath. Just as you thought that you were going to have to give up and let the police take you, you saw a guy get into his flashy baby blue Porsche and start it a few feet ahead of you. Making a bold mood, you decided to use the last of your running energy to speed ahead and jump into his car just as he was about to drive off.

“What the fu-”

“Just drive!” You yelled at the man and slammed the door. He stared at you for a second,  confused as to what was happening. “Dude please, for the sake of me NOT getting arrested, DRIVE!” In an instant he pulled out of his parking spot and sped down the street.

“It’s Grayson actually, not dude! And who the fuck are you?” He asked, his voice loud but not aggressive.

“Y/N.” You said and looked behind you to see the cops in the middle of the street watching you drive away. Relieved, you sunk into the leather seat and sighed. You looked over and saw he didn’t look amused with what was happening.

“Well Y/N, you probably just got me in a fuck ton of trouble! You know this car isn’t very discreet!” He exclaimed and continued speeding down the road.

“Well my apologies. It was either this or get arrested, and I am not really in the mood to go to jail today.” You said, not wanting to yell at the guy who just saved you from the popo.

It was quiet for a couple minutes before he spoke again. “I’m dropping you off at the next stop sign.” He said, keeping his hazel eyes trained on the road.

“Could you possibly drop me off at my apartment?” You asked and kicked your sandal covered feet up on the dash. The movement caught his attention and he quickly moved to push your feet off.

“Seriously? Don’t put your feet up there!” He exclaimed. You snorted in amusement but did as he asked none the less.

“So, my apartment?” You asked again. He scoffed and shook his head making his floppy brown hair bounce around.

“Next stop sign.” He said and sped up a bit.

“But I literally have no clue where I am. What if I get lost? What if I get mugged or kidnapped?” You wined and jut out your lower lip. “Pwease Gwayson?”

He looked at you and studied your pouty look for a second before chuckling to himself.

“Where do you live?” He sighed. You straightened up, pretty shocked he was agreeing. You told him your address and watched him skillfully type it in his phone’s GPS.

“Wait really?” You genuinely thought he was messing with you.

“What, would you rather be dropped off at the stop sign? Because that can still happen.” He said and took a right turn.

“No, no. Just surprised.” You muttered and opened the glove compartment. Grayson groaned as you dug through his things.

“Are you high or something? What’s your problem?” He asked, glancing at you.

“Yeah.” You said simply. No need to lie to the poor boy right?

“Seriously?” He snorted and stopped at a red light.

“Mhm, that’s why the cops were after me. They caught me smoking some weed and decided that they didn’t have anything better to do than to chase me down.” Grayson hummed in understanding and looked over at you still snooping. He looked away to check the light but was distracted by your laugh. He glanced over to see you holding up two condom packages. “Ooh, who’s the lucky lady?” You giggled as he snatched them away from you and shut the glove compartment.

“Would you stop going through my shit please?” His voice was loud and aggravated. You put your hands up in surrender and sat back in the seat, a snicker sneaking past your lips. He turned and gave you an annoyed look.

“Sorry.” You said and cleared your throat, resisting the urge to laugh. He ran his hand through his hair and rested his head on the back of his seat. An awkward silence hung in the air which had to be fixed right away. So you decided to do a little sucking up to your knight in a shining baby blue Porsche. “Thank you for being my getaway car by the way. You literally saved my ass.” You said and watched his jaw unclench and his shoulders relax. The light turned green and he accelerated the car forward.

“Well, it’s not like you really gave me much of a choice.” He mumbled and made a left turn.

You chuckled and ran a hand through your hair. “Yeah, sorry about that.”

“Eh, it’s fine. At least you haven’t been boring company.” He sighed. You laughed and shrugged.

“Well, I’m glad I’ve been good entertainment for you.” You said and dramatically bowed as best you could. He laughed and turned down your street. You felt a little sad that your time with Grayson was about to come to an end. You found him to be quite enjoyable.

As he pulled up to your apartment building, you decided to be bold one more time that day. “Hey Grayson?” You asked as he put the car in park.

“Yeah?” He said and looked over at you. You took a deep breath in and gave him a sweet smile.

“Would you maybe wanna do something sometime? Like when I’m not high or running from the law?” You bit your lip, hoping that he wouldn’t reject you. He raised an eyebrow and smirked. “I mean unless you’re like tied down then forget I asked.” You rushed out, remembering the condom incident a few minutes prior.

“What were you thinking?” He asked, the cocky smirk still present. You let out a breath and shrugged.

“I was thinking we could stray from society’s tradition and I could take you out. A proper thank you for helping me not be in a jail cell right now.” You smiled and unbuckled your seat belt. He chuckled at your idea and nodded.

“Why not? What’s your number?”

“Really?” You asked and pulled out your phone, him doing the same.

“Yeah, I mean your fun and it’d be a shame to not see you again.” He said and handed you his phone to type your number in to. You handed him yours and then exchanged them back when contacts were in.

“Awesome. I’ll text you when I’m sober enough to think of plans.” You laughed and opened the door to exit.

“Sounds good Y/N.” He chuckled and watched you get out of his car.

“Till next time then Grayson.” You said and bent down enough to see him.

“Till next time.” He said and waved. You shut the car door and stepped back. You waved as he pulled away and drove down the street. You smiled to yourself and laughed.

As you turned to go inside, the only thing you could think was ‘wow, I got a date with my hot getaway driver.’

Thanks for reading!!

ahhh okay so an anon sent me a concept only tumblr published it before i was ready so i deleted it like an idiot 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

the concept was something like: “grayson has been giving me such frat!grayson vibes lately. imagine grayson’s fwb seeing her flirt with someone else & maybe she needs to get punished.

•A/N: also, i know this is kind of choppy it was supposed to just be a concept but i got carried away. i’m trying to get back into writing so pls don’t roast me. i hope you guys like it anyways 🤦🏻‍♀️

first of all, hi anonny💙 (i hope you see this btw) i actually wrote something similar to this!! i have a blurb of frat!gray punching a hole in the wall when he sees his girl who’s not his girl with someone else & i have a fic called make it nasty where frat!gray gets super jealous of his best friend/crush dancing with someone else.

now to the concept: the whole thing started because grayson was flirting with a girl from ADPi who he has previously hooked up with. frat!gray is a natural flirt with hooded eyes, and gentle touches, always down to make a girl feel a little bit special whether it’s for some clout or to have them come dance with him. however, he really likes his fwb; that’s his girl. although, he definitely has a double standard when it comes to her; he doesn’t like when she flirts or dances with other people at fucking all and she knows that, but he does it all the time and it infuriates her.

• you would walk in to the party, immediately looking for grayson, since he’s the one who invited you to this party in the first place. you’re in a sorority but your sorority isn’t super close with his—your sorority, Alpha Phi, hangs out with Sigma Chi, while Grayson’s frat, Sigma Pi, usually hangs out with the girls from ADPi. you were friends with a few of the girls from ADPi, but not nearly as close with them as you were with your sorority sisters.

• eventually, you found grayson in the kitchen, a hand stroking callie mchenry’s hip as he whispered in her ear. her dazzling smile and blushing cheeks confirmed your worries and your heart sank to your stomach.

• you immediately rushed over to the counter nearest grayson, scooping some punch out of the sink, making sure your heels clicked loudly as you made your way next to him. “‘scuse me,” you snarled as you walked past the two who were huddled closely near the doorway. graysons could feel his heart start to race; he was both excited that you were here, but annoyed that you had caught him flirting. “you’re here? when did you get here? you were supposed to text me.” callie’s smile slipped off her face at the diversion of grayson’s attention.

“gray, we were in the middle of a conversation—,” callie tries, placing her hand on his forearm.

grayson looks at her with boredom in his eyes, slight annoyance tracing his features, “i’ll find you later, cal, okay?” grayson places his hand on her back in an attempt to scoot her out of there and y/n’s rage only grows. who the fuck did grayson think he was trying to control girls the way he did? you knew he was bad news, but god if he didn’t just make your heart race in the most intimate of ways. he was enraging, and enticing, and enamoring. however, clearly he didn’t feel the same way since when you had hooked up yesterday, he told you he was thinking about you two being exclusive rather than just being the standard booty call. you felt like the biggest idiot.

• callie left the room with a sigh, her head hung a little low. you felt bad, especially since you related on a multitude of levels, but right now you were pissed. you took a long swig of your drink, the liquor burning down your throat much how your stomach burned with anger.

• “when did you get here?” grayson repeated as he leaned back on the counter, his heartbeat picking up. he can’t believe you saw that; just his luck. he would make a step toward committing, drunkenly flirt and get fucking caught. his flirting wasn’t even because he wanted callie either—you were late. well, you were a little late, and grayson was drunk and panicked. panicked that you got freaked out at his desire to be exclusive. panicked that you found someone better, someone who was smarter, and more mature. panicked that you left him.

• you promptly ignored him, surveying the room before taking another sip of your drink. grayson rolled his eyes, “you’re really gonna ignore me? what are you? five?”

• you could feel your own jaw clench, “me? i’m the five year old? yesterday you told me you wanted to be exclusive and today you’re over here groping another girl. i think we both know who the real five year old is.”

• grayson’s jaw clenched, “you’re the one who’s late! i thought you were ditching me—christ, y/n. also, for the third time, why didn’t you text me when you were here?”

• “i did, asshole. look at your phone,” you bit back, hands on your hips indignantly.

• grayson pulled out his phone from his back pocket to see three missed texts from you. his phone on do not disturb. his face grew hot and his stomach started to churn; he had fucked up.

• “y/n—,” grayson began, his hazel eyes pleading.

“save it, i’m so sick of this. fuck being exclusive, honestly. you can’t even keep your hands off another girl when i’m not in the same room as you. i’m all set, dolan,” you snapped, your eyes burning a bit. you weren’t sure if it was the bright lights, the alcohol, or the smoke filled room, but you would drop dead before you let grayson dolan saw you cry over him. you hated yourself for the pure fact that you said that you were all set with him because you knew in your heart you’d be back with him eventually. he was like a jello shot; cute, delicious, and so, so easy to drink, but dangerous when consumed in copious amounts.

• “c’mon, y/n, you know i wanna be exclusive, don’t be like this,” he pressed on, holding onto your wrist. you looked at the floor throwing your head back from a second to blink back tears before your eyes shot daggers at him. “don’t tell me not to ‘be like this,’ grayson. you can’t even keep it in your pants when i’m five minutes late to a goddamn house party. what makes you think i’d wanna be exclusive now? come find me when you’ve matured a bit.”

• an hour later after downing several shots of fireball with a few girls from ADPi who were in your environmental science class you were definitely drunk and definitely looking for somebody to dance with. you left the girls to go to the bathroom and when you came out you stumbled into a body. “whoops, my bad,” they apologized taking a moment to steady you. you looked up at them; blue eyes, dark brown hair, with freckles across the bridge of his nose. this boy was very pretty, and would make an incredible distraction.

• you discovered his name was drew, and after many soft touches, in addition to some lingering stares, you two eventually made it out onto the dance floor. the bass of an a$ap ferg some reverberated throughout the house, and with the alcohol coursing through your veins you felt even more daring than usual. you wanted grayson to see you, let him know you were already over whatever games he was playing, so you made sure you two stopped right in front of the speakers, where you knew, ethan, grayson’s brother was usually posted up.

just as you anticipated, ethan was in charge of the playlist. with phone in hand, he was slightly distracted as a pretty girl with long blonde hair had her hands wrapped around his neck, her fingers intertwined through the ends as she whispered in his ear. as soon as the song was about to come to an end, you made sure to turn you two around so you were facing the table with the speakers. your ass was pressed tightly to drew’s front, your arms swung carelessly around his neck, his mouth attached to your neck.

• grayson could see you from the top of the stairs and he could feel his face growing hot with rage. he knew it was hypocritical, but fuck did he hate this. he hated the idea of someone else’s hands, lips, or body touching you. it made his skin crawl, his jaw sore from clenching it and his stomach feel sick. he had never felt like this over any girl and the fact that he was the cause of a.) catching feelings and b.) driving you away was beyond frustrating.

• with a clenched jaw grayson glared at you, willing you to look up. after a few minutes with no luck he stomped down the stairs, drink sloshing in his hand as some of it spilled over the side. as he made his way closer his mouth fell open. it would be drew anderson who was dancing with you; the guy was constantly living in his shadow, running for VP of Sig Pi and losing to him, constantly challenging him to drinking games and losing, anything he could to one-up him. leave it drew to be the one to go for his girl.

• grayson walked over immediately, liquid courage charging his rage and causing him to bump into drew’s back. in surprise drew flew forward, sending you flying. to ensure you didn’t fall, drew held tighter to you, his neck craning around to confront the offender. “what the fuck, dolan? you good?” drew snapped, his hands resting on y/n’s waist. grayson could feel himself grow sicker by the second.

“i’m pretty fucking good, anderson. how are you?” grayson sneered, looking you in the eyes the whole time. you refused to break eye contact; this wasn’t fair. he couldn’t just have his hands all over someone else and then act like a brat when you did the same thing.

“uh, good?” drew replied awkwardly. with a bright smile, drew turned to you, pulling you in closer to his side, “this is—.”

“y/n,” grayson interrupted. “yeah, i know, and you know i know, so let’s cut the bullshit, anderson. go find someone else’s shadow to chase, would ya? always crawling up my ass, trying to be me or something—just fuck off and find someone else’s girl to hang all over.”

drew stiffened, and he immediately let go of you as his hands drew into fists, “excuse me? who the fuck do you think you are?”

• you eventually ended up pulling grayson away, his chest heaving, sweat beading on his forehead with rage and tears of frustrating brewing. he was drunk, he was hurt and he was pissed.

“gray, what’s your problem? you’re the one who was flirting with someone else in the first place but as soon as i do it, you act like i fucked the whole frat. stop being such a goddamn brat.”

“i’m the brat?! i’m the brat? i’m the one who’s been trying to apologize to you the whole damn night and you’ve been out talking to other dudes. christ, whos the hypocrite now? two wrongs don’t make a right.”

you rolled your eyes so hard you could only see the white or your eyes for a brief second.

“oh shut the fuck up, because you’re so angelic. i’m not in the wrong here—you are. now either commit or don’t grayson but i’m sick of playing games.”

“commit? why the fuck would i wanna commit to you when all you do is bitch at me and run around with my frat brothers? christ, you’re exhausting.” your mouth fell open as your stomach dropped. he didn’t want to commit anymore? you’d taken this too far, you should’ve shut your mouth when you had the chance. but at the same time, did you really deserve to be treated like this?

“i’m done. call me when you grow the fuck up, grayson.” you turned on your heel, and that was when impulse took over his body. he pulled you towards him and kissed you hard. almost like a magnet, your hands were immediately drawn into his hair, your mouth granting his tongue access. grayson’s hands we’re wrapped around your waist as his fingers traced lines that burned your torso up and down, his touch making your hairs stand on end.

you broke apart, out of breath and pupils dilated. “i’m done—just wanna be yours, y/n. i’m sorry—i know you’re not gonna believe me, but watching you with someone else tonight hurt. hurt so bad.” grayson took a deep breath to steady himself, and you placed your hands on his chest reassuringly. “i’m insecure, alright? shit, you’re stunning, and funny, and charismatic and so fucking smart and i could never hold a candle to you. when i didn’t get your text, i freaked out—i thought you’d changed your mind and i wanted to get my mind off you.” grayson’s gaze diverted to the floor, the emotions he was unleashing almost pouring out of his eyes. “i wanna be exclusive. i wanna be exclusive so bad, but i’m fucking scared. i know you’re too good for me and it’s terrifying, i feel so much for you it scares me.”

“really? me?” grayson nodded, his eyes slowly picking up from the floor.

“grayson, i am not too good for you, holy shit. but we gotta stop these games, it’s so stupid and i can’t keep doing it. you crush my heart when you fuck around with other girls,” you admitted honestly, biting your nail nervously at his response.

grayson nodded sadly, acknowledging his mistakes. “i know—and i’m so fucking sorry. so, so sorry. i’ll spend the rest of the night and this week, this month, hell, this year making it up to you. i can’t let you go.”

mirroring his actions, you nodded, “well, we can be exclusive, but on one condition.”


“you take me upstairs right now and show me just how sorry you are,” you purred, hand slithering down his chest.

grayson’s face lit up with a smirk, as he leaned over to murmur in your ear, “can’t wait to get you in my bed, gorgeous. you better scram like a good girl, so everybody in this party knows you’re fuckin’ mine, and nobody else’s.”

a shiver ran up your spine as you nodded, and grayson grinned, turning to lead you two to the stairs, his hand squeezing your ass every so often as you two climbed up towards a night full of apologies, intimacy, and love marks.


I finally got around to making a master list!! 




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Jason Momoa-

He Teaches You How To Snowboard


Too Real



Pregnant 💥



Best Friend part 1 part 2✨💥

I Don’t Like Sharing


Arthur Curry-

If Only You Listened part 1 part 2💥

The Dhampir and the Atlantean✨🍒

Lost and Found✨💥

First Time✨🍒

Witch Love

Little King

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Unconventional Meetings🚬

There will be more to come!

Αιώνια αγάπη (DT. AU) pt.2

02: Pledge

Summary: Getting to know her Kappa sisters, Y/N is silently suffering as the world around her changes, unaware of two brothers who are preparing to enter a race of a lifetime - a race to win her heart.

Warnings: angst

Word count: 2500

Αιώνια αγάπη (DT Modern Greek god/frat! AU) MASTERLIST  

Thank you for being in the story: @graysons-thumb as Perry, @daddygraysonsbitch as Sara Howell, and @mutuallynotmutualas Alyssa!

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Safety First

Originally posted by dolantwinsappreciation

A/N: I suck at titles, summaries, and writing as a whole, but here’s this unedited piece of…something. Thanks for the request, love!

Warning(s): None :)

Words: 1,351

Summary: Y/N tended to worry about the ones she loved…a lot. Usually, it was endearing. This time, however, her tendencies are the reason for a not so pleasant argument between herself and her boyfriend, Ethan. Can they move past it?

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Aligned Stars (Floridian Baby) // E.D. *

Summary: Ethan and Grayson are doing another “a week apart from each other” video again, but this time Ethan meets a girl who he cannot help but fall in love with.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff, smut.

It was a rainy day in Florida when a man about Y/N’s age rushed into the lobby of the hotel, drenched from the storm. She held back a giggle as the boy slowly padded his feet towards the desk, where she stood behind, in a desperate attempt to not slip on the shiny hardwood floors. He ran a hand through his dampened hair and as his approach got closer, she couldn’t help but notice how attractive he looked.

“Reservation for Ethan Dolan?” he pants breathlessly from the exhaustion of running in the rain.

She nodded her head and typed into the computer, surely enough his name popped up on the screen and she proceeded to check him in. She handed him his room key and said in a polite, welcoming tone, “Your room is on the third floor, and the elevators are right around the corner. Enjoy your stay!”

“Thank you…” Ethan’s eyes narrowed in on her name tag pinned right below her right shoulder, “Y/N. Wow, what a beautiful name.”

Y/N felt her face heat up as he winked at her, then sighed as he walked away towards the elevators. She never flirted with the guests, although there have been occasional times where she was hit on… typically from older gentlemen she had absolutely no interest in. But based on physical attraction, she would deem Ethan as someone who is her type. However, she shouldn’t get too attached, considering he’s only staying there for a week and the information on the computer screen indicated that he was from California - all the way across the country.

A sudden thought bursted into her head, as his very familiar name repeated in her mind. She quickly typed it in the search engine and many results popped up, labeling the same man she just interacted with as an “internet sensation” on YouTube with his twin brother, Grayson Dolan.

“The Dolan Twins,” Y/N mumbled to herself, feeling stupid for not realizing sooner.

Of course the cute boy is famous. Now she really knows that there isn’t a chance between him - not that she was going to shoot her shot, anyway.

Y/N’s shift soon passed and it was now midnight, and she hadn’t seen Ethan again that night. She sighed in relief as she grabbed her bag and stepped away from the desk she’s been sitting in all day, her legs feeling sore. Just as she headed towards the sliding doors of the hotel exit, she heard the sudden ding! of the elevators that echoed off the empty lobby walls. She continued her way until she heard a masculine shout after her.

“Excuse me, Y/N?” It was Ethan. She stopped and turned to him as he walked closer, a sheepish expression on his face. “Is the hotel restaurant closed already?”

Y/N nodded. “Yes, it closes around eleven o’clock and opens at seven in the morning. But the snack bar is twenty-four seven.”

“I was actually craving a bigger meal… but I guess I overslept,” Ethan chuckled, running a hand through his messy dark hair. “Do you know any opened places nearby?”

“Well there is a pretty decent diner about a few blocks away,” she informed him. “It’s a twenty minute walk though, you know, since the buses aren’t available at the moment.”

Ethan nodded his head and thought to himself, and she took this as a sign that the conversation was over. But before she could leave through the exit, Ethan stopped her again. “Wait! Are you done with your job for the night?”

Y/N gulped, hoping he wasn’t insinuating what she thought he was about to insinuate. “Um, yeah, just finished a few minutes ago.”

“Are you hungry?” At his words, the pair listened to the sound of her stomach growling, and he laughed. “Well, I guess you are. Can I propose something?”

“That depends,” she smiled.

“Can you take me to that diner you recommended? I’ll pay you for the inconvenience,” he spoke, hope evident in his tone.

“You’re not inconveniencing me,” she giggled, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder. “But sure, I’ll be happy to take you to Mike’s Diner.”

He beamed and followed her to her car. Most would say that this was quite unprofessional of Y/N, considering she’s an employee and he’s technically a customer. But she promised herself mentally that this was simply a platonic, kind gesture that wouldn’t happen again. Besides, Ethan was there for a week, how much trouble could he possibly get her into?

“So, Y/N, tell me about yourself?” Ethan asked, trying to make conversation as they sat in the car.

“There’s not much to tell,” she shrugged. “I’m nineteen, a hotel employee born and raised in the heart of Florida, I go to school and study business… that’s just the gist of it.”

“Are you single?” he blushed. “I don’t want some big and bad boyfriend going after me for taking his cute girlfriend out.”

Y/N desperately tried to ignore the “cute” part and she chuckled, “Technically I’m taking you out. And no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

She could have sworn she heard him whisper “good” underneath his breath but she shrugged it off, blaming it on her imagination. She pulled into the slight busy parking lot of Mike’s Diner and the pair jumped out, both excited to finally be getting some food in their system. At the moment, the Florida rain has ceased and the dark skies showcased its beautiful glowing stars. If they weren’t going to a diner and if they weren’t complete strangers, Y/N would deem this as romantic.

“You know who I am, right?” Ethan asked and they were seated at a booth next to the window, where they could still see the stars in the sky.

“Of course, I’m not a die-hard fan but I watch you and your brother’s videos from time to time,” she answered, her eyes momentarily glancing away from the menu. “You guys are talented.”

“Thanks,” he replied. “We have a lot of fun making those videos.”

“Where is your brother, by the way?” Y/N questioned. “Out of curiosity, since twins always seemed to be attached by the hip.”

Ethan grinned. “Oh, we’re doing another “week without each other” video where we go to different locations and cut off communication from each other. Hence the vlog camera.”

Y/N glanced over at the camera laid upon the table, something she hadn’t noticed before. She asked, “How did you guys choose your locations?”

“A map and two darts,” he tells her. “I got Florida, obviously, the poor bastard got Idaho. He’s probably bored as fuck right now.”

“Are you bored?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Hm… well, the moment I got into my hotel room I fell asleep, which is why I missed dinner hours. It was interesting to run in the rain as California barely gets any. Plus, I’m talking to my beautiful hotel receptionist so…” he trailed off, wiggling his eyebrows at her, “…I’m definitely not bored.”

Y/N felt her heart flutter at the not-so-subtle compliment he had just given her, and this time she couldn’t just shake off the feeling. “Are you flirting with me, Dolan?”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” Ethan smirked. “Is that a bad thing?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess it’s just a little weird. I’m your hotel receptionist.”

“Not for long,” he pointed out.

“Plus I’m pretty boring,” she stated.

He scoffed. “You are definitely not boring. A boring person wouldn’t have agreed to take a stranger to a cool retro diner at midnight; if you were boring you wouldn’t have spared me a single glance.”

The two then proceeded to talk about each other’s lives, including families, hobbies, music, et cerera. They soon discovered that, although they have quite different lifestyles, they also have a lot of things in common. This little known fact helped increase the level of attraction they had for each other, as well as the close bond they quickly developed together. Ethan and Y/N talked until about two in the morning when the diner’s manager practically had to kick them out, and Y/N rushed to drop Ethan off back to the hotel so she could go home herself and get some sleep before she starts her shift tomorrow. Y/N couldn’t forget the feeling of Ethan’s lips pressed against her soft cheek when he bade her goodbye, right before shooting her a suggestive wink as he walked backwards towards the hotel lobby.

Y/N feared that this would become more than just a stupid crush and/or soon-to-be hookup.

The next day Y/N’s managed walked towards her at the desk, and she internally panicked, wondering if her boss had found out about her rendezvous with the handsome hotel guest. Instead, Mr. Quilton presented her with a proud smile.

“Miss Y/L/N, I must praise you for your extraordinary excellence in making the guests feel welcome,” he told her with high authority, though it was nothing threatening. “Mr. Dolan emailed me this morning to send you his praises. I’ve been made aware that your particular service is making his experience special.”

Y/N’s eyes widened but she kept her composure, “Oh, thank you, sir. A guest’s comfort is always my top priority.”

“You know what, Miss Y/L/N? It’s a beautiful day outside, and our pool lifeguard has taken a sick day,” Mr. Quilton said. “Why don’t you get your lifeguard gear and spend your day at the pool? I’ll take on your job from here.”

It was a rare occurrence that Y/N was allowed to be a lifeguard for the day. She was trained in the job, and had originally applied for the job at this hotel, but was given the receptionist position instead. She thanked her boss once again and went to get changed into the extra lifeguard swimsuit they always kept for in case, and she quickly headed towards the pool area where dozens of squealing and excited children were already running around while their parents lounged around. Light vacation music played in the background as she sat in the lifeguard chair, whistling every now and then as some kids broke the rule of “no diving.”

Then she saw him. A shirtless Ethan walked into the area, carrying a towel, and he took a seat closest to where she sat. She pried her eyes away from his glowing chest and toned abs, and proceeded to take a sip of her ice cold water to wash away the sudden extra heat she was feeling. She wanted to blame the intense warm weather on Florida’s climate, but she knew that wasn’t the case.

Y/N broke out of her gaze when she spotted a toddler accidentally falling into the deep end of the pool, the little girl’s parents screaming with fear. Y/N quickly jumped out of her chair and into the pool, swimming rapidly to grab the poor girl who was struggling underwater. Luckily the girl hadn’t been under too long and was still conscious, so she didn’t have to perform CPR. The girl coughed out the chlorine water as Y/N handed her back to the frightened parents, who thanked the temporary lifeguard gratefully.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” she asked the small child, who just smiled and nodded, not realizing that she could’ve gotten really hurt. “Well, be careful next time.”

Y/N walked back to her post where Ethan now stood against, his eyes staring at her body. She raised her eyebrow as a small smile creeped up on his face, and she greeted, “Good morning, Dolan.”

“Good morning, princess,” he grins, his eyes now trained on her face. “You’re a pretty damn good lifeguard.”

“Thanks,” she gushed, then noticed his eyes were staring at something other than her face. “What are you looking at?”

“Your bathing suit fits you good,” he flirts, his smirk growing wider. “You should wear it more often.”

“I don’t think it would be appropriate to wear when greeting guests in the lobby,” Y/N said, rolling her eyes.

“I wasn’t talking about on the job.”

She quietly gasped at his words as he turned away from her, walking towards the pool. She watched as he slowly got into the water, abiding the “no diving” rule. She sat back down in her seat and watched as many other guests were slowly leaving the pool area, due to lunch time rolling around. At one moment it left Ethan and Y/N alone together, the blazing heat on her skin as she tried not to focus her attention too hard on him. Suddenly, she heard his voice wailing.

“Ah, cramp! I can’t swim!” Ethan belted out, flailing his arms around as he struggled to keep his head afloat.

Y/N quickly jumped off her seat and into the pool, swimming towards him. She grabbed him by under his arms and pulled him towards the ledge of the pool, a bit difficult due to his large and heavier frame. He relaxed in her arms and she asked, “Oh my God, are you okay?”

He snickered and nodded his head, a mischievous grin now on his face. “Oh, I’m fine. At least, now I am.”

“I-I thought you had a cramp?” Y/N asked, confused. “You said you couldn’t swim.”

“I lied,” he chuckled, his body slowly pressing itself against hers as her back hit the wall of the pool. “I’ve had this fantasy of you saving me in the swimsuit for the past ten minutes.”

Holy shit. She glared at him and grumbled, “Asshole.”

His large hands reached forward and caressed her face and her breathing hitched as his face leaned in closer, and she could feel his minty breath hitting her face. “What was that, princess?”

His lips teasingly kissed her cheek and trailed down to her neck, where his teeth slowly grazed her wet skin. She could feel his crotch pressed against hers and felt what she detected to be a boner. She hummed out his name and spoke, “Y-You’re going to leave a mark.”

“So?” He continued to kiss her skin, his lips threatening to suck to leave purplish lovemarks.

“I didn’t bring my concealer with me, and I don’t think I can play it off as a bruise,” Y/N laughed. “If you want to leave a hickey, leave it somewhere where no one- oh my.”

She gasped when he suddenly pulled down the top part of her one-piece bathing suit, exposing her left breast, and sunk his teeth into her sensitive skin. She quietly moaned as he pulled away, grinning at the dark mark on the area near her boob. Ethan pulled himself away and climbed out of the pool, “See you later, princess.”

He walked away and Y/N quickly readjusted her bathing suit so that her mark and breast was no longer visible, and climbed out of the pool. Fortunately for her, the area was still empty and there were no security cameras permitted around the pool area.

But even as she continued her shift as a lifeguard, she could still feel his soft lips moving against her skin and sucking hickeys onto her body, a mark that will probably last until he left the resort.

Now it was closer to midnight and Y/N was getting ready to go home, when she passed by the receptionist desk and the phone was ringing, but no one was there to answer it. Though her shift was technically over and all of the other employees have gone home, she decided to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hi, Y/N,” she heard Ethan’s raspy voice speak. “It seems that I’ve run out of shampoo. I know you’re probably closed, but is it possible that you can bring me up some more?”

Y/N gulped and breathed out, “Of course, I’ll be right there.”

She hung up the phone and went into the back, grabbing a handful of shampoo bottles. She walked towards the elevators and went to the third floor, remembering his room number clearly. She knocked on the door and waited, wondering why Ethan hadn’t bothering to come down and get it himself. Then he opened the door and understood exactly why.

He was practically naked, a towel wrapped around his waist very lowly, threatening to expose himself. Y/N could see the outline of his seemingly large length, and Ethan smirked at the sight of the woman checking him out.

Y/N shook herself out of her daze and handed him the shampoo, “Here you go, um… enjoy your shower.”

Ethan chuckled darkly, opening his door a little wider. “Leaving so soon? I thought you’d like to enjoy the show.”

Y/N felt her face heat up as Ethan practically dragged her into the room, pulling her into a tight hug. His face was pressed into her hair and he mumbled, “Hm, you smell like chlorine. Maybe you should join me in the shower.”

Not sure whether or not to be insulted or turned on (she was ultimately still turned on), a burst of confidence exploded within Y/N, though it was quite small, “Maybe I should.”

She followed Ethan into the bathroom where the hot water was running. She quickly pulled off her shirt and bra and his eyes went right to the mark near her breast. He licked his lips once she pulled off the rest of her clothing, and he swore, “Fuck, you’re so hot.”

He pulled off the towel and Y/N barely had any time to gape at his large erection as he pulled into the shower with him. He picked her shorter form up and pressed her against the glass wall, his lips soon meeting hers. Their first kiss was much comparable to an explosion of fire, as cheesy as it sounds. It may, in part, have been caused by how hot Ethan had set the water, but Y/N paid no mind as his tongue slipped her mouth and his hand caressed her breast.

“I fucking need you now,” he growled, moving his lips towards the crook of her neck. “Fuck, I don’t have any condoms.”

“I-I’m on birth control,” Y/N assured him through moans.

A giddy Ethan groaned at the thought of going in her raw, so he spread her legs at a certain angle and slipped his hardened dick between her wet folds. Both of their moans were mixed together as her tight walls clenched around his length, and his hands held her waist to prevent her from falling.

“Harder,” Y/N hummed, pulling on his hair.

“Are you fucking sure?” he breathed, and she nodded her head eagerly.

Suddenly, he pulled himself out of her and spun her around, so now her face and breasts were pressed against the glass shower wall as her ass face him. He slammed his dick into her again and fucked her at a quick, rougher rate, erupting a scream from Y/N’s mouth. His hands grabbed her hair and he pulled her head back so he could whisper into her ear, “You’re mine.”

Ethan then pressed her face back against the glass and continued his pace, feeling his cock twitch with the urge to come all over her wet ass.

Smushed against the cold glass wall, Y/N continued to moan as Ethan’s hand fell from her head and down to her ass, smacking her right cheek a couple times.

“O-Oh, God, I’m gonna-” Y/N yelped as she suddenly came, and Ethan followed suit with a grunt.

Pulling himself out of her, he helped her stand straight up as he grabbed a bar of soap. She felt him rub the soap along almost ever inch of her body, washing away the remnants as he gave her soft kisses every now and then. He then grabbed the shampoo and rubbed into her chlorine-reeked hair, whispering soothing and sweet nothings into her ear as her breathing began to normalize into its regular state.

“I really like you, Y/N,” Ethan told her as he scrubbed her hair with his long fingers. “Don’t think this is a one night stand or some meaningless hookup because it’s not. I want to take you on a date.”

“A date?” she spoke softly, her eyes shutting in pure bliss as the feeling of his gentle hands in her hair.

“Yes,” he replied, now washing the shampoo away. “Are you free tomorrow.”

Y/N thought for a moment, though it was difficult with his close proximity. “Well, I start my shift pretty early tomorrow and I get out at six o’clock at night, does that work for you?”

“Tomorrow at six it is,” he smiled, then reached over to grab the conditioner. He was really a man of after care.

“Wait, I get out at six - I need time to get ready,” she told him, not keen on going on an official date in her hotel uniform.

“Nonsense. You’re beautiful no matter what you wear or how you do your hair,” he told her. “Besides, whatever you’re wearing is going to end up on the floor anyway.”

She giggled and leaned into his touch, pressing her back against his hard chest. Once done with the shower, they dried themselves off and Ethan insisted that she spend the night rather than drive home alone and feel like they were just a minuscule hookup (because that surely would happen had she left to go home). He gave her a pair of boxers and a large t-shirt of his to wear to bed. Y/N hadn’t realized how tired she was until she crawled into the hotel bed and immediately dozed off. Ethan smiled at the sleeping girl, and he proceeded to throw his pajamas on and take her hotel uniform to the laundry room to wash it for her. Surely she wouldn’t like to go to work tomorrow (and on the date) feeling dirty.

The next morning, Y/N woke up in the hotel room instead of her apartment bedroom. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and soon noticed her uniform folded on the edge of the bed with a more resting on top of it.

Y/N, last night you fell asleep pretty quickly so I washed your uniform for you :) I had to leave kinda early to film for my channel as I hadn’t done much and my bro would kill me if I didn’t film at all (you’ve taken all my attention away with your pretty face!) See you later for our date… - Ethan

Her heart pounded in her chest, feeling highly appreciative at the kind gesture of washing her clothes and leaving a note so she didn’t wake up to an empty room confused and completely alone. Y/N got up and checked the time, glad she wasn’t late for work - Well, technically she was early considering she was already at work. She proceeded to quickly get ready but dreaded to go back down to the front desk, having to pretend that she didn’t get fucked by a hotel guest.

Her day went on pretty slow and boring until it was six o’clock and Ethan entered the front lobby doors with a picnic basket in his hands. He approached the desk with a smile and spoke, “Are you ready, Y/N?”

“Sure, let me just go to the bathroom and fix myself up a-”

He quickly interrupted her by grabbing her wrist, “No, no ‘fixing yourself’ up. You’re beautiful just the way you are.”

She gave him a puzzled expression, glancing down at her uniform. “I’m not sure if this is ‘picnic’ attire.”

Ethan leaned in over the desk and cooed in her ear, “You’re beautiful in anything you wear, and in everything you do. Never forget that, princess.”

She shyly nodded and followed him out of the hotel doors. He asked for her car keys and she lent it to him as they walked towards her car. She continuously asked him about their date, to which he refused to provide more information about other than the fact that it involves eating food. They drove for about thirty minutes until they arrived at a pretty deserted beach, as if it were meant to be a private property. Y/N quickly took her short black heels off and allowed her bare feet to touch the warm sand, her hand intertwined with Ethan’s as they walked closer towards the ocean. He soon dropped the picnic basket once he found a perfect spot that was not too far from the water but not too close. He then pulled out a light blue soft blanket and laid it out, urging her to sit down. She giggled as he began to get everything settled - dinner plates, a variety of sandwich options, candles, and what looked to be champagne glasses.

“It’s apple cider,” he assured her with a light laugh.

They talked as they ate, both enjoying each other’s presence as they embraced the romantic setting. The sun was beginning to set, allowing the sky to display a mixture of colors including orange, yellow, and red. Once they were finished eating, Y/N leaned against Ethan’s shoulder as they sat in comfortable silence, watching the waves roughly hit the shore. Then her thoughts started spinning as she realized that she wanted to live in this moment forever, but that simply couldn’t happen as Ethan would soon depart from her in a few days with a doubtful promise that he’d return. They both live completely separate lives with a great distance between each other, It’s highly unlikely that this could ever work out. It’s not like Y/N would dare to up and go to California with him, and he would never settle down in Florida for her, especially with his lifestyle. He’s a famous man with millions of fans - many of whom would despise simply because she’s associated with him.

The stars were just not aligned for them.

She felt Ethan tug on the ends of her hair and she looked at him with a questioning look. He spoke, “Hey, this is a date, why do you look so sad?”

“I’m not sad,” she sighed. “I just… I don’t want you to leave.”

“I don’t want to leave either,” he admitted, pulling her closer to him. “This is the most fun I’ve had with someone who wasn’t Grayson. You know, I’m not missing him as much as I thought I would. It takes a pretty special person to do that to me.”

“What will happen when you do leave?” she asked, her voice soft and afraid - she nearly sounded like a child.

“We’ll work it out. We’ll text, FaceTime, call - Hell, I’ll even fly out as many times as I can to see you,” he tells her. “I really want to be with you, Y/N.”

“I want to be with you too, but you’re so busy,” she pointed out. “I’m just worried that you’ll forget about me.”

“How could I ever possibly forget you?”

“Everyone does.” Growing up, Y/N felt invisible. She was the middle child, barely acknowledged, and a loner in school, always ignored. No one ever spared her a second glance as she wasn’t that interesting to look at. She never felt physically appealing, but no one really ever got the chance to really know her. She’s only started blossoming in college, but then again, she’s only been at it for a year. She’s had one boyfriend but he lasted for a month, only wanting sex that didn’t even satisfy him.

How could someone like Ethan Dolan like her?

“How could I like you?” Shit, she said that out loud. “Well, you’re sweet, intelligent, and incredibly hilarious. Your shyness is quite but you have a devotion and determination that is quite admirable. You truly care for the people around you, and you never expect anything in return. Not to mention you’re absolutely stunning, and anytime I’m around I just feel nothing but happiness.”

She feels him start to unbutton her blouse, revealing her white lacy bra. He pressed soft kisses against her warm neck as he pulled her top off. Y/N felt herself being pushed back to lay upon the blanket as Ethan climbed over her, kissing her practically everywhere. He fiddled with the zipper of her pants but stopped to look at her with pure fascination, as if she was the light he revolved around. He then leaned forward and pressed a passionate kiss against her sweet lips, his hands trailing all over her body. Soon the pair were both completely naked and he had his head between her legs, his tongue pressed against her wet core. Her hands gripped the blanket tightly as he ate her out at a regular pace, taking his time with her so delicately. When she was sharing her doubts, she looked like she wanted to disappear.

He didn’t want his Floridian baby to disappear.

Y/N soon released into his mouth and he licked her all up. He continued to kiss her thighs, speaking in a low tone, “I want to show you how beautiful you really are.”

He crawled back on top of her and kissed her again, his dick getting harder each second he pressed himself against her. She let out low, pleasured sounds and soon he slipped himself inside of her, his hips moving slowly against hers. He wanted to go slow, and so did she. They wanted to last forever underneath the colorful sky and the sounds of waves in the background. As the continued to make love they could feel bits of sand around their bare bodies, but they paid no mind. They were in complete bliss, no thinking about the future anymore.

The rest of the week went just like this, with amazing and breathtaking moments of romantic gestures and long talks. Y/N and Ethan were absolutely enamored with each other, never wanting to leave each other’s side despite her working her job.

The last day was pretty sad, though. Y/N had tears in her eyes as she checked Ethan out, who had a flight back home in a few hours. Was he supposed to pretend to be happy to see his twin brother after a week, when he was desperately missing this wonderful girl from Florida? He loves Grayson, he really does - but he doesn’t want to face reality just yet. He wishes that they could’ve spent two weeks away from each other so he could really get to know Y/N Y/L/N.

But Ethan has another thing to look forward to - telling Grayson all about this girl he met in his location who he truly believed is his soulmate. He’s going to tell his brother that the stars allowed his dart to land on the state of Florida, that the stars found him the lovely hotel Y/N worked at, that the stars brought him into a sudden world of love with this girl…

…This same girl he completely forgot to give his number to before he left her.


A/N: sooooo I REALLY wanna do a part 2, but I also want to do a Grayson spin-off where he fell in love himself??? but idk, let me know!!

classyhumanoidbananascissors  asked:

hey love! could you write a ethan x reader where he has a nightmare and y/n comforts him?? 💜💜

This is my first ever lil concept ask so I’m incredibly excited!

Ethan’s been stressed out for weeks now. Work has been incredibly hectic, hislife seems to be revolving around meetings and paperwork and filming sessions. Making time for y/n has become scheduled appointments rather than the effortless rendez-vous. They’ve had to arrange things, which feels unnatural and wrong because it is. Their relationship is too structured for them, but both are too scared to admit it.

Y/n has never felt like she has to walk on eggshells with her boyfriend, they’ve always been open with one another. But she knows that voicing her concerns about their distance would hurt him. She knows Ethan’s trying his best, he’s been doting on her since they met one another, none of this separation is on his terms. Y/n understands that there’s nothing he can do to stop his work, his life is running at five hundred miles per hour and if she has to slot herself into his timetable in order to spend time with him - that’s fine.

It’s a Thursday night. Y/n has drifted off to sleep halfway through a Parks and Rec binge session, her laptop discarded on her bedroom floor. She’s been up to her eyes in school work recently, having summative essays to finish in time for their deadlines. She’s woken by the vibrating of her phone on her bedside table. Blindly, she reaches for the device, knocking over her chapstick in the process.

“Hello?” she croaks having accepted the call.

“Y/n? You awake?” her boyfriend sounds frantic.

“Ethan,” she sighs, “you okay, bub?”

“I didn’t mean to wake you, y/n. I just needed to hear your voice. It’s not too much, is it? I know you hate clinginess but I-”

“Slow down,” she chuckles breathily, rolling onto her back, “what’s going on, E?”

Ethan exhales on the other side of the line. She can see him running his hands through his hair or dragging a palm across the skin of his cheek. He’s been doing that a lot recently.

“I had this dream, but it was kinda more of a nightmare now that I think about it. Basically, we ended.”


“Yeah and I woke up convinced it was real.”

“You know that’s not gonna happen any time soon, yeah?” she tries her best to comfort him, unsure of exactly what to say.

“I know it’s just everything recently has been so insane, and not in a good way. I haven’t seen you in over a week, baby. I hate not being with you and I just thought maybe you’d had enough of me not being around and-”

Y/n wants to cry. It’s bad enough seeing her boyfriend stressed out on regular occasions, but stressed out because of her? That’s a whole other level of heartache. She loves him with everything she has, he’s so attentive and funny and he just gets her. The same way she just gets him.

“Ethan, breathe,” she almost coos, “I’m not going anywhere. Not until you tell me to leave, okay? I’m here for the long run, regardless of how busy you are.”

She hears him sigh in relief.

“How quickly can you get here?” he mumbles.

“As quick as I can, Dolan.”


This was so rushed and panic-y so I hope it was what you were after, sweetheart! My inbox is always open! x

Extremely wicked & shockingly evil - part 3

53 Sundays:

Summary: Y/n doesn’t remember how she ended up in the hospital… or does she? Ethan leaves the fragrance awards to see Y/n and things begin to move rather quickly between the two.  

warnings: Cheating, violence. 

word count: 2.3k

tag list:

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A/N: I’m sorry for the recent absence but I’ve been under a lot of stress and I appreciate everybody being so patient with me 

Brake failure.

That’s the explanation you received from Mitch when you had asked how and why you ended up in hospital.

“No matter what I tried it just seemed to never slow down babe, I tried everything I could to stop it.” Is what Mitch had sobbed to you as he held your hand to his face, peppering small soft kisses you to hand.

He helped you shower soon after, helping you out of bed and grabbing your forearm crutches to help you walk.. you see, although you could feel your legs something just wasn’t right. They felt tingly and weak, they felt as if they weren’t your own. A dancer’s worst nightmare.

Showering felt uncomfortable, being completely venerable in front of someone who you had spent the past three years with seemed almost foreign all of a sudden, like you hardly knew the man who’s eyes burned into every inch of your exposed body with what felt like hunger. You weren’t comfortable, but you thanked him sheepishly anyway as he washed your hair and cleaned your skin of the dried blood, dirt, and grime.

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reputation part two

“Here’s to y/n, New York’s new Carrie Bradshaw!”
“To y/n!” the three young women chorus, clinking their frosted glasses together. Y/n flushes and bows her head graciously, mumbling a thank you to her friends. They sip on their cocktails, humming in delight at the syrupy sweetness.
“Let’s be honest, I’m not quite Carrie,” she laughs.
“No! You’re a proper journalist, a fully-fledged writing powerhouse!” Lily, her oldest and closest friend cheers, placing a palm on y/n’s bare shoulder and giving it a slight shake.
“Totally! I’m so proud of you,” says Charlotte, her grin dazzling.
“As am I,” Diana chimes in, “I keep telling everyone I meet that I’m friends with the y/n y/l/n!”

The bar they’ve chosen for their celebratory drinks is one of the fanciest in town. Lily had reserved them a booth at Delevigne’s as soon as y/n had called to let her know that the article is now LIFE Magazine’s most read. Y/n couldn’t quite believe it then and she’s having a little trouble comprehending it now. Her last-minute waffle about the award-winning manipulator that is Ethan Dolan is the magazine’s most famous article. 26 million reads within the first twenty-four hours of publication, including online readers of course. It’s astounding, unfathomable and the figures have only climbed, it’s been a week since it hit the press and it seems to be getting more popular by the second.
It makes her wonder if the response would be the same if they’d printed her original piece. The world does love a scandal, anything juicy and shocking is bound to attract some attention. New York doesn’t seem to like praise, as far as she’s concerned, but this is definitely an exception.

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A/N: There’s no plot, I just needed an outlet to let my frustrations out and what better way than to write? I didn’t edit and there’s really no point to this lmao. Also, I made up a word because it fit and I think I’m Shakespeare. Hecticity: the quality of being hectic.

Summary: After a particularly bad day at work, Y/N wanted nothing more than to cuddle up with her boyfriend and de-stress. However, things don’t exactly go as planned and her day seemingly gets worse. Can she catch a break?

Warnings: Language. Minor angst or just severe complaining lol.

Words: 1,476

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Sad Fic Masterlist

I wanted to put something together because I feel like it’s hard to find the emotional sad fics when you are just quickly looking at titles and things so I decided to make a master list for them. It will have vlog squad, Dolan twins, and maybe a few others. None of these except one are mine and credit goes to everyone who wrote them! Also, credit to the queen of master lists @jeffswinky for inspiring me to make them lol. Also be advised that all of these have trigger warnings and those will be listed next to the name.

Warnings include: (A) for Abuse (SA) for Sexual Abuse/ Harassment (I) For Insecurities (ED) for Eating disorders or weight insecurities (AN) for Angst (B) for Breakup sad stuff © for Cheating (F) for Fighting/ Arguing

David Dobrik:

I Like That You’re Broken, Broken Like Me (A)

Fall Apart (B) (AN)

Trust Me © (AN)

Don’t Even Bother (AN) (B)

Excuses (AN) (F)

c a l l m e  © (AN) (F)

You’re Okay (SA) (AN)

Stay and Lie (B) (AN) (F)

Help (AN) (SA)

Better Alone (B) (AN)

Jeff Wittek:

Face Down Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (A) (AN)

Feelings Fade (B) (AN)

Beautiful (I) (ED)

Scott Sire:

Bullshit (I) (AN)

Ethan Dolan:

Ghost of Things Forgotten (SA)

Grayson Dolan:

Heres what I have so far and I’ll be updating it soon, please lmk if there are any more you want me to add


Y/n writes something that Ethan doesn’t like


“This is preposterous! Totally and utterly absurd! It’s almost laughable!”
“Mr Dolan, I’m terribly sorry-”
“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Howard! This is my entire reputation we’re talking about here. This is slander!”
“Again, Mr Dolan, if there’s anything I can do-”
“Don’t publish the damn article, Howard!”

Ethan Dolan slams a tight fist onto the desk in front of him before pushing himself out of the worn leather chair. He grunts in frustration when his eyes meet his brother’s, sending him a look of warning. Rage pulses through him; he feels his forehead pound with stress. Ethan likes to think he’s untouchable, but this article might just be his downfall.

“I’m afraid, Mr Dolan, that the decision of whether or not the article should be published lies in the hands of its author,” Howard Benson, editor in chief of LIFE Magazine says calmly.
Ethan takes a deep breath and walks past his brother towards the floor length window of the office, his eyes scanning the skyscrapers and seemingly tiny reflective pieces of glass. He chuckles in incredulity, knowing that if push comes to shove he could end the publication entirely. But he doesn’t want to destroy them just yet.
“Forgive me, Howard, but aren’t you in charge of the final draft of the magazine? Surely this is all under your control?”
“I wish I could do something about it, Mr Dolan. LIFE Magazine puts all responsibility in the hands of our journalists, that’s what makes us so unique.”

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demurekind  asked:

A concept where y/n devoted her life to studying and even after finishing college a little faster (because she's hardworking), she doesn't accept the fact that there's something beside studies. But a twin tries his best to convince her otherwise because he low-key likes her and doesn't want her to be overwhelmed

y/n here would be exactly like my real life best friend. she is nose deep in studying and i think everyone around her, including me is trying to convince her that it’s not :))

i changed it slightly, hope you dont mind bub.. 


Y/n has never been the number one choice of everything. She’s got a sister and her sister beats her in every aspects of life, at least that how she thinks.

She’s always the last on to be picked during sports. She’s always given the sloppy second or used toys and clothes from her sisters.

She was never prioritized. She was never first.

At least it all changed when started burying herself in books, closing the world of by having her nose deep down in textbooks. She never knew that all these readings would give her a first place in academics.

As young as in elementary year, Y/n knew she wasn’t smart and she needed to study harder than most people and she did. She beat all the odds and came first place in competitions and school.

She swept all through the awards offered by school. In junior high, she started becoming the president of the student council and acing all the AP classes.

She finished high schools with trophies, awards, medals and a valedictorian for a straight whole year of high school.

These awards and the smiles from her parents motivate her more to study and fall in love with these logarithm, algebra, organic compounds, and all those stuff that are incredibly hard to understand. She takes pride in learning and mastering them, in a way of consoling herself for never being the first pick of everyone in anything, except academically.

It wasn’t hard to get in to the Ivy leagues or anything, name any university and Y/n would 100% get in with ease.

It was one day when she was late night in the library. Call it destiny, fate or maybe an accident.

Someone opened the door and stupidly enough locked the two inside. Y/n was scared. Really she was, afraid that it might be a serial killer on the loose or a pervert at night.

“Holy shit.” He cursed when he saw a back under the silhouette of the big window. When she turned her head around, there, her heart stuttered for a second.

What she didn’t expect was to meet a guy, so incredibly good looking that he could pass becoming a Calvin Klein model.

He lightly scratched the back of his head, “Hi,” as he hand out his hand.

Y/n is a part of the student body so she knew legit everyone in school and she never saw him before.

She cocked her head to the left, “You’re not around here, are you?”

He smiled sheepishly and took his hand back while shaking his head.

Y/n pulled her eyebrows together and the guy infront of her grinned awkwardly before nodding his head. “I’m Ethan Dolan, by the way.”

“Y/n, Y/n Y/l/n.” She replied with her head nodding slightly.

Ethan, on the other hand, was surprised. Not to sound cocky and egoistic, there’s legit no one in the world around her age and species would not know who the Dolan Twins are.

This girl infront of him was not freaking out, was not screaming in front of his face, shoving phones or paper for him to take picture with and sign.

This girl was so normal that it didn’t fit to his usual life. She’s different.

They spent their night talking, Ethan was talking about how he was recording a video with his twin brother.

Their video idea was about hide and seek but in a bigger scale. So Ethan hid in one of the universities’s library and somehow locked himself in with a new girl.

Y/n was confused, why would people be doing this late at night? But nevertheless Ethan made Y/n laugh, a lot.

Which was a rare moment because Y/n doesn’t really connect with the outside world, per say.

Ethan even showed his videos to Y/n through her laptop and she was just watching through his old videos. While Ethan was just staring at her, amused. His lips would slightly twitch when she laughed at his jokes.

When she was about to subscribe, her eyes widened at the huge amount of following. “You didn’t say you’re famous?”

“I’m not, really.” He shook his head while Y/n just laughed.

“Just liked it when you’re treating me like a normal person not an internet celebrity.” He continued.

“Trust me, I’ll treat you as normal as I would treat a human.” She shook her head while laughing.

When morning arrived and the library doors were opened, they exchanged numbers and a hug before separating.

That night not only did Ethan gained a new subscriber, he gained a new friend.


“Y/n, let’s hang out.” Ethan whined through his phone.

While Y/n has her phone on loudspeaker as she’s jotting down and double checking her flash cards.

When Y/n didn’t answer, Ethan continued, “Y/n?”

Y/n hummed and Ethan asked again, “Hang out?”

“I can’t, I have finals coming up.” She reasoned out while writing through her flash cards.

“Y/n, you’ve been studying for the last 24/7.” Ethan groaned and Y/n chuckled, imagining Ethan rolled over his bed. 

“I can’t, this one would be very crucial.” Y/n said while adding some more words on the cards. 

“FIne, study well.” Ethan bid his goodbye and Y/n could just hummed before pressing end call.

Y/n sighed as she looked around her organized pile of books and notes around them all. She nodded her head and convinced herself that this is the only thing she should learn if she wants to get the first place.

She needs to or she would be back to sloppy second.


Ethan reached her dorm room and Y/n was bundled in her blankets. Her eyes have dark circles underneath and her eyes red. Her nose is really red and blotchy cheeks. 

“Bub, you okay?” He breathed out as he walked closer and locked the door. 

Y/n saw Ethan’s worried face and she broke down completely. She shook her head and soon enough it triggers her waterwork as it’s flowing fast. Ethan rushed to her side and pulled her into a tight hug.

“You’re okay.” He cooed as he traced her back and patted on the slightly. Y/n shook her head. Her tears smearing on to Ethan’s clothes and she leaned back words.

“Your clothes.” She croaked and Ethan just shook his head and brought her back into his arms. 

“Wanna talk about it?” He asked softly while bringing Y/n closer towards his lap.

“I failed.” She cried out loud and Ethan looked at her.He turned his head towards her nigthstand and saw a paper with 95/100. 

“Y/n, you got 95.” Ethan was so proud and confused. While would she be crying over such a good result?

As soon as she heard her score number, she cried harder and shook her head. “Lucy got 100.” 

Ethan would just have to pretend that he knows who Lucy is. He remembered Y/n talking about her as the rival. Someone who is on her tail to get back at Y/n or a higher score than her. 

Ethan really wanted to ask her, why? what’s wrong with losing to Lucy? 95 is still such a high number. But he held himself back, knowing that if Y/n needs someone to talk to, she could always turn to him. 

He gave her the time. 

He wrapped his arms tighter around her as she cried harder around him.

“I tried so hard, so hard.” Y/n said exasperatedly. Her eyes were weary and her hands moving violently.

“Y/n.” Ethan called for her name while standing in front of her. While she was breaking down.

Y/n shook her head murmuring, “No, No,” with her hand grabbing the side of her head.

“Y/n.” Ethan called her more sternly and Y/n halted her movement.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she shook her head and let all her guards down, “I can’t.” She whimpered.

Ethan sighed as he wrapped his arms tightly around the girl of his dreams. They stood there silently while Y/n is messing up her makeups and smearing tears on his shirt.

A small hiccups here and there and gentle “It’s okay.” Every now and then and somehow it calmed both of them down.

When Y/n was already calm, Ethan motioned her to his couch. He brought out blankets and wrapped them around her.

He walked in to the kitchen and preared a chamomile tea for the two of them, remembering that Y/n adores the tea.

“Wanna tell me now?” He asked silently and yet there’s a strong determination that is unwavering there. Somehow that made Y/n wanna tell him everything.

Y/n took a deep breath before ranting out all her frustration. All her fears and insecurities.

How she’s always second to her sister.

How she’s never the best in her family.

How she’s always nicknamed sloppy second by her cousins.

How she tried so hard and never once succeeded.

One of the many reasons why it molded Y/n to be the person who she is right now.

As she started spilling out her worries, Ethan somehow understood. Ethan has a twin and when the world is so carelessly comparing the two, he knows the feeling of becoming second.

He understood but he couldn’t put to words and comfort her because he knew, he knows that no words could comfort her mind and heart for being broken for so long.

“Y/n, I know it’s annoying when people say this,” He put the falling hair behind her face fram and smiled softly. Y/n’s puffy eyes looking back at him.

“You’ll always be my first choice, okay?” He whispered.

And goodness knows that Y/n hates cheesy stuff but somehow Ethan’s words stirred up feelings in her chest

Maybe it’s the way his gentle eyes looking back at her with adoration and sincerity. Maybe it’s the way his calloused hands softy tracing random patterns on her back and fingers playing her hair.

Maybe it’s because it’s just Ethan and her heart soars for him. She believed him.

She believes him.

She smiled softly and Ethan’s heart tutted and her sincere smile. He promised himself that day to keep that smile on for the rest of his lives.

Ethan leaned forward and pressed his lips on top of her head. “You’re my priority.” As he leaned back at stared at her, he continued, “Always.”

Extremely wicked & shockingly evil - part 2

Love is Madness  

Summary: We discover how Y/n met Mitch while Ethan deals with the demons that have haunted him for the past three days since the accident. what happens when Ethan goes to visit a comatose Y/n in hospital.

warnings: um? nothing I can think of this time guys 

word count: 2.1k

tag list: 

@graydolan12 @daddygraysonsbitch @thearachna-kid @persistence-ofmemories @dolandrabbles @dolanshellyes @ceejay1163 @yslbailey @dolansficsandpics @godlydolans @knee-deep-in-feels @grayson-bailey 

@dxlansfxck @softethan @grx1-a @polyvoreblogsomethings

A/N:  pretty much just a filler capture with some background and details that will be handy going forward in future chapters. also unedited so don’t @ me 

It was playing in your head on repeat, like a scene being rehearsed over and over and over again. The first time you had laid eyes on the man who was meant to treasure you. Like your mind was stuck in a time loop – forced to relive the same memory over again.

“Hi, I’m Y/n Y/l/n, I’m a principal dancer with the New York City ballet and this is my daily foot routine” you said happily into the camera, sitting on the ground with one leg out stretching your hamstring as you spoke. It wasn’t an odd feeling being in front of a camera, but it surely was uncharted territory looking at the handsome man that was pointing the camera right at you. his smile so bright it was almost blinding in its ability to make you lose your train of thought. He was hypnotic in the charming aura he radiated into the world.

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They have the best aesthetic

Extremely wicked & shockingly evil Masterlist

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(GIF credit @palmtreedolan)


Ethan’s gut feeling elaboration:

Part one: A moment of pure madness: Y/n finds herself in a situation that causes her to consider she may have had a lapse in judgment when her supposed ‘soulmate’ has a moment of madness while driving.

Part two: Love is Madness: we discover how Y/n met Mitch while Ethan details with the Desmond that have haunted him for the past three days since the accident. What happens when Ethan goes to visit a comatose Y/n in hospital?

Part three: 53 Sundays:  Y/n doesn’t remember how she ended up in the hospital… or does she? Ethan leaves the fragrance awards to see Y/n and things begin to move rather quickly between the two.  

Extremely wicked & shockingly evil ~ part 1

A moment of pure madness.

summary: Y/n finds herself in a situation that causes her to consider she may have had a lapse in judgment when her supposed ‘soulmate’ has a moment of madness while driving.

warnings: Car accident - (may be sensitive to readers who have experienced an accident) 

word count: 2k

tag list: @graydolan12  @daddygraysonsbitch  @thearachna-kid


A soulmate. Do you define them as a best friend, but more? the only person in the world that knows you better than anyone else? Someone who makes you a better person, well, actually they don’t make you a better person…you do that yourself because they inspire you? Is a soulmate someone who you carry with you forever? A person who knows you accepts you and believes in you before anyone else did or when no one else would? And no matter what happens. You’ll always love them?

 Are they potentially defined as a person with whom your soul connects with on a level so deep that it is completely unexplainable until experienced? And people might think you are freaks of nature, but they will never understand your love and connection.

 Or maybe, just maybe? You could define a soulmate as someone you share an intense and unexplainable connection with. your soulmate will understand you better than anyone else in the world can because you share the same mind heart and soul hence the term soulmate. you trust each other immensely and make it feel like all prior loves were irrelevant. when you aren’t together you feel like a part of you is missing and when you’re together you connect on every level.

 What do you define a soulmate as? How do you define with such certainty in your voice that the person who’s sitting so casually beside you holding your hand comfortably tight on the center console is your soulmate? His deep hazel orbs drinking in every inch of you ~ not exactly looking where he was meant the be…. the road.

Unlike his deep chocolate and hazels orbs that seem to be burning into your skin as you drove down an old backroad, something always drew you back. Drew you back to familiarity. You could never quite put your finger on it ~ but something about this pull was strong, inevitably always winning over what could be in other cities, even countries! The pull just too powerful. It always brings you back to the place you feel most yourself, back to the place you find solitude and solace. The place you call home, New Jersey.

“Maybe you should look at the road?” You mumbled, smiling softly as you stroked they stray hair that had fallen across you face behind your ear. Watching as the car started to slowly yet surely veer its course, sending a quick look of worried over to where he sat so many times before this moment, this terrifyingly surreal moment.

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