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You:Ethan can you put your stuff in my box please, thanks.

Ethan:That’s inappropriate (Y/N).

You:Ethan,oh my g- you know I didn’t mean it like that.

Ethan:I could go for a quickie right now though. 😉

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Grayson: Life is weird.                

Ethan: Yeah…                

You: That’s because you guys do weird shit all the time.                

Ethan: We weren’t complaining!                

Ethan: A romantic poem for you:

           Hella cute

           Hella fine

           Be my hella valentine

You: how are you single     

Focus (G.D.)

i just wrote this in like 30 mins on my phone so i’m sorry if it’s trash!

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All three of your rowdy children were settled down for a nap in the middle of the day which in your home, almost never happened. And now that you had a moment of peace your brilliant husband Grayson had suggested a quickie while you were loading the washer.

“Really? Right now Gray?” you questioned, blowing your hair out of your face. “Yeah why not? The kids are sleeping so no interruptions.” he said, his voice low and gravelly. You couldn’t deny the fact that he was sexy as all hell making those bedroom eyes at you. So you agreed and you two started to go at it right there in the laundry room.

About fifteen minutes in Grayson realized, midstroke, that you weren’t as responsive to his actions as usual. “Babe you okay?” he asked. “Hmm? Me? Oh yeah! Loving it! Having a great time! Keep goin’ sweetie!” you said, distracted. Grayson stilled inside you and his brows furrowed together.

“What could you POSSIBLY be thinking about while I’m balls deep inside you?” he asked, clearly growing annoyed. You began to list the things on your mind “Gray I literally have so many things to do. I have to do the laundry, the dishes, meal prep for the kids, grocery shopping, and don’t get me started on this whole carpool thing with Karen- OH!” In the middle of your speech Grayson had grown even more annoyed and had slammed his dick directly into your g-spot in an attempt to shut you up. “Jesus christ Gray warn a girl next time!” you hissed.

Grayson’s hand snaked up around your throat and his put his mouth against your ear. “See here is how this is gonna go. I’m gonna stuff your panties in your mouth to keep your from talking. Then I’m gonna flip you over and tie your hands together with this extension cord.” he pointed to the cord sitting on the shelf next to you. “And once you’re good and bound for me just how I like, I’m going to pound this pussy until you’re begging me to stop. And you my dear, are going to take everything I give you like the good little cockslut you are. Okay?” he growled through clenched teeth. At this point all your worries and tasks that were previously running through your brain, came to a complete stop. All you could do was nod and let out a quiet moan of approval as you waited for him to move.

Grayson pulled out of you and reached down to the floor to grab your discarded panties. He tapped your lips before whispering “Open up peach.” Your lower jaw dropped open and he gently shoved the wadded up fabric into your mouth. “Moan for me sweet thing.” He demanded while reaching down to rub your clit. You moaned and the sound was muffled. “Mmm so good. Sound so pretty when your gagged for me.” Grayson said with a wicked grin. He then grabbed your hips and flipped you over so you were bent over the washing machine. Reaching up he grabbed the cord from the shelf and tied a nice knot around your wrists, giving them a quick tug to make sure you couldn’t break free. “Perfect. You ready for me baby?” He asked. Since you couldn’t speak, you nodded excitedly. Satisfied with your answer, he lined up with your entrance and slammed home.

You attempted to cry out but the sound was blocked by the panties in your mouth. Grayson was pistoning his hips so quickly that the washer began to rock a bit. “Yeah? You like that huh? You like just being used don’t you? My pretty little fucktoy. God how’d get so lucky to marry the sweetest little submissive?” Grayson groaned, continuing his assault on your g-spot. Your eyes had rolled back in your head and you were whining as best you could. “That’s right. Keep making those cute little sounds. You love Daddy’s cock don’t you?” He hissed from behind you. You tried to answer but it was a garbled mess. You were so close to your orgasm and Grayson knew it from the almost painful way your walls clenched around him. “You need a little something to help you over the edge babygirl? Don’t worry. I got ya.” He said with a dark chuckle.

Grayson slammed his hand down on the ‘start’ button of the washing machine and it began to rumble. Your clit was pressed to the cool metal and you could feel every vibration. The tears in your eyes spilled over at the immense pleasure and Grayson could hear you sniffle. “Aww are you crying baby? Is my dick that good? Yeah it is. Keep taking it. You don’t cum until I say. You know the rules.” He reminded you before delivering a harsh slap to your ass. The pleasure was overwhelming. He hadn’t fucked you this hard in a long time and it felt so good. You wanted to cum so bad but knew his punishment would be ruthless if you broke the rules.

“Fuck you’re squeezing me so tight sweetheart. AGH! Yes yes yes yes. So close.” Grayson moaned, still hammering away. “Alright baby we’re gonna come together. You ready? FUCK. Now! Cum now baby.” He commanded and you finally stopped holding your orgasm at bay. You exploded around him and fell limp against the washer as Grayson painted your insides with his hot seed.

After you both came down from your highs, he untied your hands and removed the panties from your mouth. He turned you around and lifted you up to sit you on the washer. He brushed the stray tears off your cheeks and brought your lips to his for a slow passionate kiss. “So good for me yeah? Been a long time since we’ve done that huh?” Grayson huffed with a laugh, leaning his forehead against yours. You giggled before responding with “Yeah. Felt good. Missed that. Thank you Daddy.” He tucked your hair behind your ear and kissed your forehead. “Well now I have to be the other kind of Daddy and go wake the kids up for lunch. But first let me run you a bath okay angel?” He lifted you off the washer, preparing to carry you to the bathroom. “Mmm sounds nice baby. Maybe we can have your mom take the kids this weekend. I need more of what just happened.” You rested your head on his shoulder as Grayson began the trek upstairs to the bathroom.

“Anything for you peach.”


Pretty Boys and Espresso, E.D.


WARNINGS: Cute baristas and good coffee.

A/N: Finally this is done! I’m surprised it isn’t longer, but I think I managed to include everything I wanted in this short but sweet fic. (Also, Barista!Ethan is such a concept. Too bad he can only make vanilla lattes.)

You took a deep breath in, the aroma of fresh coffee awakening your senses. The café was busy as usual, with some people stumbling in and out the door, and others hiding away in a corner to type away at their laptops. Hurried side conversations could be heard, the baristas calling out an order every few minutes. There was a buzzing energy about the place that you just thrived off of.

It was no wonder you came here so often. Every morning, you’d walk in, (attempt to) make conversation with some stranger in line with you, and then order one thing:


No creamer, no syrup, no questionable amount of sugar — just espresso.

Then you’d take yourself to a booth at the back of the store, one next to a window with a fine view of the palm trees, away from all the loud discussion at the front, and enjoy your coffee. You’d sit there for a while, enough time for the sweet undertones to come out from the bitter coffee, and then be on your way.

This was your everyday routine, and it had been for as long as you could remember. Every day was indifferent from the last, down to the second you entered and left the shop.

Until this morning.

You had entered the café as usual, stood in line, immersed yourself into a conversation between a mother and daughter, checked the time on your phone a few times, and when it was finally your turn, stood at the front of the line to give your order.

Without a glance at the menu, you stated, “Three shots of espresso, one cup, please.”

“I’m sorry, Miss, our espresso machine isn’t working at the moment. Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Taking a look at the barista, you froze. All memory stored in your brain was just wiped clean, because this boy’s face demanded all of your attention. His hair was chocolate brown, parted at the side and like a wave atop his head, with little wings peeking out from behind his pierced ears. He had a jawline so sharp, you swore you would cut your finger if you even brushed against it. A mole was placed right in the middle of his right cheek, quite the attractive feature, and you swooned at his plump, pink lips forming a disgruntled frown —

You suddenly snapped out of your trance, blinking cluelessly before blurting out, “What?”

He let out a long sigh, probably for the hundredth time that day, before repeating himself, “I said, our espresso machine is down. Would you like anything else?”

Your cheeks flushed with embarrassment, and to save yourself from further humiliation, you gave a quick, “No, thank you.”

And with that, you left.

The next day, you were still so red-faced from your encounter yesterday that you almost skipped your daily trip to the café. The only thing that pulled you out of bed that morning was your thirst for good coffee. You just hoped he wouldn’t be working today.

So, pushing your dignity aside, you beelined out the door and into your favorite coffee shop once more. As the familiar aroma of coffee hit you, the weights were lifted from your shoulders, and you were once again the ray of sunshine everyone knew and loved (or avoided, you were a bit too lively for some).

But life has a way of smacking you in the face, and when you reached the front of the line, you were met with the same golden-boy from yesterday.

Flustered, you attempted to give him your order, but nothing came out, your mouth opening and closing like a fish’s.

What is wrong with you, Y/N, you’ve had the same order since freshman year. Spit it out, you trout.

“Express?” What?

You looked down at your feet, your shoes all of a sudden more worthy of your attention than Mr. Pretty-Brown-Eyes. That’s a lie, you’d be happy to give him all 24 hours of the day.

A deep chuckle brought your head back up.

“You mean espresso, sweetheart?”

Your lips parted, before nodding your head rhythmically.

“Sorry, Miss. Still broken.”

It had been a week since your last encounter with pretty boy. In an attempt to salvage the last scraps of your dignity, you had avoided him and the café all-together.

All of a sudden, your routine had gone from enjoying a few shots of espresso every morning at the coffee shop to staying home an extra hour and settling for a cup of bland coffee. And you were sick of it.

As a college student and overall coffee fanatic, caffeine was a priority, and keurig just wasn’t cutting it.

Soon enough, you were doomed to do your walk of shame to the café.

Only this time, he wasn’t there.

The barista taking your order had on a confused expression, probably at your face of utter disappointment.

Didn’t you just get done avoiding him, for like, a week?

“Can I get you anything?”

You chewed on your bottom lip nervously, before deciding you might as well ask while you were here, “Yeah, um… I was wondering… that boy, the pretty one, with the mole on his cheek? Is he here?”

A smirk grew on the employees face, “Pretty, huh? You must be talking about Ethan. I just saw him head out, not sure if he’s done for the day, though.”


You felt a harsh shove, before the disgruntled man behind you yelled out, “You’re holding up the line!” A series of huffs and complaints followed.

“I’ll have three shots of espresso in a cup, please.”

As if your day couldn’t get any worse, your usual booth was being occupied by an elderly couple, and the only seat available had a stubborn view of the back parking lot.

At least the espresso machine is finally working.

You let out a sigh, resting your cheek on your open palm as you stirred your hot coffee. The steam came up out of the paper cup, nearly blocking your line of sight.

You just happened to make out a mop of hair that caught your attention.

Waving away the steam from your face, your assumption was correct. There he was, pretty boy (or Ethan, you supposed, though your nickname was much more suitable) leaning against a wall, hand combing through his full head of hair as he spoke into the phone at his ear.

Without a second thought, you rushed out the back door (which was an emergency exit, but you were too immersed in the moment to care) and into his field of view. He took one look at you, before mumbling a rushed, “I’ll talk later, Gray,” into the phone and hanging up. You walked closer, hips swaying and confidence booming.

“Hey, Pretty Boy. What do you say you make me some coffee?”

He chuckled, that deep, raspy sound, and tooks a few steps towards you, until you were only a breath away from each other. The height difference was comical, and he had to crane his neck down to give you his signature smirk.

“Let me guess, espresso?”

A grin made its way across your face, “You remembered.”

“You don’t just forget a face like yours,” you felt the blood rush to your cheeks, “I’ve never seen one the same shade of red.”

You gasped, slapping his bicep, “Hey!”

He gave you a soft smile, before gently placing a hand on your elbow, guiding you to the door, “I’m only kidding, sweetheart. How much creamer was that, again?”


“Of course.”

After that day, it was safe to say that Ethan had earned himself a place in your heart, right next to your love for good espresso.

Guess WHAT! Just Forget The World! (E.D.)

I know I’ve been MIA (small old story…work work and more work) BUT I’M WRITING THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!! Keep an eye out for what happens next! Currently writing in Ethans POV! So thats something to look forward to!

Hope to have a sneak peek up in the next couple of days! (if not sooner)


concept (e.d.)

for @lilac-dolans , who was having a bad day and just wanted ethan to rub her back. sis, ya got a lil more than a back rub. i got carried away. hope this makes up for ur shitty day.

summary: sis gets her pussy ate on an island

warnings: fluff, worshiping, oral, swearing

a/n: this started as a concept and turned more into formal writing as i went. excuse the beginning lmao. the whole thing is actually kind of shit, plus the tense is weird, but its my first ethan fic and it was pretty in my head please dont roast me for this

You’re on an island, staying in a pretty house on the water. You’ve just come in from a long day exploring the island. You get into you and Ethan’s bedroom and start undressing. The room is mostly white, with a view of green palms and the ocean from your large windows. The sun is setting, and it almost like golden hour in your room. Everything looks surreal as it is, especially your man. You just want to get comfy and enjoy being with him. You ask Ethan to unzip your sundress. You step out of it, and he goes for the ties of your bikini top, watching it drop from your chest. 

You feel his flattened palms running gently over the expanse of your shoulders, down your arms and to your hands. Your arms cross around yourself with his. His fingers wrap around yours and rub gentle circles into your skin. He kisses at the skin beneath your ear, exposed by the mess of saltwater hair that you’d put up into a bun after it dried in the sun. You sigh and he hums, moving his hands from covering yours to run up your bare sides, gliding effortlessly over your soft, tanned skin.

“So pretty,” he praises, his hands gliding down over your hips and back up over your ass, squeezing playfully over the bottoms still hung there by their strings. A giggle of surprise left your lips before his hands found your waist again turning you to face him. He kissed your lips softly, moving from your mouth, to your jaw, your jaw to your neck, neck to collarbones and collarbones to the swells of your breasts, pulling little purrs and gasps from you as he went.

“Let me love on you, babe,” he insisted, coaxing you down onto the bed with him. You rolled over onto your stomach beside him and resting your head on your arm, hair splayed about the pillows with a smile that told him there was no place else you’d rather be in the world than with him. He returned that smile, taking in the details of your figure in that moment.

The sun freckles on your cheeks, and then dimples that reside nearby. The curve of your lips and the color deepened from being in the sun. The red beneath your eyes and over the bridge of your nose, your eyebrows, your eyelashes, your eyes. The way they sparkled with excitement and something he couldn’t quite place, something past love, he thought.

He lets a finger trace down your cheek as he lay next you, pushing the stray strands of hair from covering his view before letting his thumb brush over the apple of your smile.

He continued to take you in, his fingers following his eyes now to curve of your shoulder, also reddened by the sun and decorated with the same sorts of freckles as your cheeks. His touch was soft, and delicate, almost tickling you as he went. From there he followed the dip of your spine down your lower back and up again before flattening his hand on your shoulder and beginning to rub up and down. The warmth of his hand against your skin was so comforting. You feel your body relax and your breathing slow a bit as his touch soothes you.

“Feels good, E” you sigh.

He just hums in response, still entranced by you.

“M’so lucky to have you,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss your shoulder, allowing his lips to linger, worshiping you more. He kisses along the line of your shoulder and down over your shoulder blade, to the dip of your spine that he’d traced moments before. He was hovering above you now, kissing down your spine until he reached the curve of your ass, fingers playing with the strings of your bottoms. You lift your hips up a bit, hoping he’ll get the message, and on cue he slowly pulls at the ties, watching, mesmerized, as the bottoms lose some of their shape, falling halfway from your body. He makes another low sound of appreciation, pressing more kisses over your ass cheeks as he tugs your bottoms out from under you. When he reaches your thighs, his hands grip them, pushing you up so that your back end is propped up on your knees in front of him, putting your pussy on full display. He continues his kisses, down each thigh, dangerously close to where you know he’ll inevitably reach, making your breathing falter and your body hot.

“Ethan,” you sigh when his lips brush your clit, threatening to give you what you needed. He blows air on it instead, groaning when you visibly clench in need of him. He keeps at his teasing, bringing his fingers into play, massaging at your thighs, and then your ass, still dropping occasional kisses, until, to his satisfaction, you’re dripping down to your clit.

Its then that he comes back in with his mouth, blowing cool air over your wet pussy. You were so ready for him.

“E, please,” you plead, and he wants to give his baby girl what she wants. What she deserves.

With that, his hands are squeezing harshly at your ass to expose you further and his tongue is at your entrance, teasing at your hole before he pushes in slowly, fucking you with it before he even touches your clit. This provided a strange kind of release. One that both relieved pressure and created more of it all at the same time.

“Oh, Ethan,” you whine, pushing back on his face as he fucks you with his tongue. You feel yourself clench again and he growls lowly, pulling back to suck at your hole before licking at it, finally allowing his tongue to dip further into your folds until it reaches your clit. You jolt then with a high whine, thighs tensing momentarily by his face and he breathes a chuckle against you, making you whimper. His tongue draws deep circles around your clit at first, before switching to flick lightly over the small nub, alternating between the two methods for a few minutes before he’s satisfied with the way your body is writhing with his touch.

He pulls back from you then, a near sob escaping you at your severe lack of his tongue. Your back arches further in an attempt to pull him back in. But he had already been planning on it.

Within seconds, the bed sinks down with his weight, and you turn your head around to watch him, only to find that he’s laid on his back, hands reaching up for a firm grasp on your thighs before tugging you toward him so that your pussy is positioned right above his face. You yelp at the sudden movement, and he chuckles again.

“I’ve got you angel,” he promised. “Just relax.”

His lips latch onto your clit this time, sucking harshly at you while his fingers tease at your entrance.

“God, yes baby,” you whine, trying your best not to buck against him. But he has other plans as his fingers leave your pussy to squeeze your hips and pull you flush against his tongue, pushing and pulling at your hips to grind your pussy into his mouth. He growls now, loving the pretty moans that fell from your lips when he sucked at you this way.

You were an absolute mess, whining and whimpering, your hips rocking against his mouth independently now when his fingers came back to tease at your hole, wasting little time in pressing into you and curling against your g-spot.

“Ethan, Ethan, E, baby, I’m gonna cum,” you gasp, his tongue flicking faster, fingers fucking deeper as he feels you tighten around them.

“Cum, angel. All on my tongue, baby. Let me taste you,” he encourages, using his free hand to rub at your clit as he spoke before going back in with his mouth. Not seconds after his words, you were doing just that, one hand gripping at his hair to let him know just how good you were feeling as your legs shook above him. His hands went to grip the underside of your thighs, steadying you as your rode out your high on his tongue.

“Oh my god, that was so fucking good baby,” you sigh, head dropping to the comforter in front of you as he sits up on the edge of the bed, sucking you from his fingers and looking at you with darkened eyes.

Feeling his gaze on you, you sit up, turning around to crawl towards him, pulling at his wrist to take his fingers from his mouth and put them into yours. His brow furrows and his lips fall open when you begin sucking, and swirling your soft tongue around his digits, making sure to clean every bit of yourself from him as you purr happily. Releasing them with a soft pop, you smile at him, moving off the bed to kneel, naked, between his knees.

“Time for me to pay you back, baby boy,” you tease, palming him over his swim trunks with a smirk.

“Let me make you feel good.”

anonymous asked:

how would ethan react if you had a pregnancy scare? like you thought you were pregnant and then you weren’t?

this man would freak the fuck out. like actually lose his shit. he’d be stressing so hard, pulling at the ends of his hair and pacing back and forth as you sat in bed watching him.

“when was your last period? when did we even last fuck? oh shit, last night. are you sure you’re pregnant?”

“eth,” you hiss, glancing at his open bedroom door, “why don’t you yell louder for your brother to hear?”

he walks towards his door, closing it softly and then walking back and sitting across from you in bed, “how do you even know?”

“first off, i don’t, i just said that maybe i should get a test because i’m late.” you shrug, reaching for his hand, “no big deal.”

he scoffs before snapping at you, “yeah, you might just give birth in nine months, no biggie.” you flinch at his harsh words as he takes pause, looking around and biting his lip, before frowning and turning back to you, “when did i even take you raw last?”

“wow,” you roll your eyes, letting go of his hand and falling back into his sheets, “this is so romantic.”

a little later, after telling grayson you both were going out to “grab a bite to eat”, you sneak to the nearest cvs. sitting in the parking lot, the two of you try to decide who is going to go inside.

“i don’t want to be seen by someone who knows who i am buying a pregnancy test.” he sighs, running a hand through his hair.

“yeah, well, if they ask you can just say it’s for a skit in an upcoming video. there’s your excuse.” you wave your hand in annoyance, your voice sour and full of irritation.

ethan looks at you, your body language and facial expression definitely telling him how you were feeling. you looked scared. terrified at the least. and though ethan was also a little scared at the fact that he might have gotten his girlfriend knocked up, he felt bad for you as well.

he knew this must have been so much more stressful for you. if you were actually pregnant, your body would go through so many changes as well as your mental state. the least he could do was be as supportive as possible.

with a soft sigh, ethan grabs his wallet and phone, reaching over the console to kiss your cheek and mumbling, “i’ll be back in a second, baby.”

you wait nervously in the car, your leg bouncing wildly with anxiety. you lick you lips and then look around, thinking about your possibility of being pregnant.

you loved ethan, a lot. more than anything. and of course you would love to be a mother someday, but today? you were just so scared that you would mess everything up. one day ethan will be a wonderful father though, you could just tell. and hopefully you’ll be there with him.

your thoughts are interrupted by ethan opening his car door and handing you a bag full of much more than a pregnancy test. he gets settled and starts the car, putting his seatbelt on and starting to pull out of the small parking lot.

you chuckle, “did you get everything except the test?”

he smiles softly, placing his free hand on your thigh as the two of you start your way back home, “nah, just bought you a few extra gifts.”

you peek inside, goldfish crackers, candy, a sprite and a bottle of water. amidst all at the junk food is the bright pink box holding the scariest test you will ever take, and then underneath is a blue one.

“you got two tests?” you frown, turning to look at him.

he shrugs, softly rubbing his thumb against your thigh, “to double check, ya know?”

finally, you make it home. the two of you walk inside, not having to worry about grayson because his car wasn’t in the driveway so he must have been out somewhere. sighing, you set the bag on ethan’s bed and go straight to work.

you grab the water and down it in seconds, waiting a few minutes before deciding you’re too impatient. you had to know right away. so, you snatch the boxes and walk into ethan’s bathroom and taking them both one after another. with a sigh, you set them on the counter and set a timer on your phone for five minutes.

you swallow thickly, turning around and walking back to ethan. he sits in his desk chair, spinning with a concentrated look on his. when you catch his eye, he stops immediately, eyes wide as he looks at you. you look back, all of this catching up to you making you realize what is going on.

“what if i’m actually pregnant?” you blurt, eyes widening, all the color fading from your face, heartbeat racing.

“whoa,” ethan abruptly stands up, his chair almost falling over as he does so, his face softening as he holds your forearms in his hands, “don’t freak out, everything’s going to be alright.”

“no, i can’t have- we can’t have a child, ethan. i mean, we’re practically children.” you breathe out, looking at ethan with panic in your eyes, “and, like, fuck giving birth man, i can’t do that shit.”

ethan chuckles breathily, slowly moving his arms wider to envelop you softly in his grasp, “listen,” he bites his lip, thinking hard before saying, “we got this. and, i’m here for you always, y/n. if you’re pregnant and have this baby, i’m gonna stick with you every step of the way, no matter what.”


“you can’t stop me y/n. i love you, so much, and i’m not gonna let you go through this alone.” he holds you close, rubbing your back in soothing circles.

you sniffle, trying to hold back the tears stinging your eyes, “i just- i don’t want to ruin your reputation.”

“i don’t care-“ he laughs sympathetically at your tears eyes, his own eyes gleaming with an optimistic shine, “i don’t care about my reputation. this is more important than what people think about me.”

he was telling the truth, none of it was a single lie. you could tell, the way he looked you in the eye and didn’t look away, the sincerity in his voice. it made you choke up even more, realizing you have a guy who will always be there for you.

“don’t cry.” he chuckles, pulling you against his body, letting you rest your head against his chest just as the alarm goes off.

you peer up at ethan and he looks down at you, smiling. butterflies were in your stomach and your heart was thumping so loudly you were pretty sure ethan could hear it to. he lets go of you and grabs your hand, walking together towards his bathroom. you breathe a deep breath as you walk towards the vanity and carefully pick up one of the sticks. then, quickly grab the other before happy tears escape your eyes.

“negative,” an airy chuckle leaves your lips, “not pregnant. i’m not pregnant.”

ethan hugs you from behind kissing your cheek and grinning, “no need to get all wound up now, right? no big deal.”

you turn and peck ethan’s lips with a sweet kiss, “thanks.”

he smiles sadly, shrugging, “kind of wanted to be a dad, not gonna lie. wanted to take on the challenge.”

you shake your head at him, smirking, “later. much much later.”

anonymous asked:

if ur still doing smut prompts - 40 w gray plzzzz๐Ÿ˜˜

prompt: you taste like fucking candy

Kinda short sorry

You moaned loudly, tangling your finger up in his hair trying to pull him closer, but Grayson wouldn’t give up so easily. He continued kissing and nipping at your thighs, still away from where you wanted him, needed him to be. He smirked at your neediness. ‘Impatient wont get you anywhere peach,’ he hissed and went back to worshipping your thighs. You grunted in frustration, plopping your head back. And that’s when he grabbed your hips and latched on to your clit. You wriggled beneath him overcome with the euphoric feeling. He moaned while licking and biting your clit, swirling it around with his tongue. He moved down deeper and licked your folds, getting sloppier with it. ‘You taste like fucking candy,’ he moaned, your juices still coating his stubble. He continued suckling and slurping at you, as if he hadn’t been fed. That coil in your stomach was building up quite deliciously and before you knew it you were cumming. ‘Gray, Gray fuck don’t stop,’ you mumbled at he helped you ride through your high. He licked at your sensitive nub, as you tried to catch your breath. ‘God you’re good at this,’ you whispered. Grayson grinned cockily still between your legs. ‘I know,’

Grayson: Why aren’t you picking up??

Ethan: Sorry, I was sleeping

Grayson: You literally gave me 3 heart attacks

Grayson: Who sleeps for 13 hours straight?

Emma: This is my lucky scrunchie.  It helped me pass Spanish.

James: You passed Spanish because you gave the professor a lap dance after the final.

Emma: Yeah. Luckily.

beach house | e.d

a/n: so i got my period yesterday and i’m already stuck in bed bc moving hurts too much and I realized (again) how single I am and how bad I want someone to take care of me like this so here we have this lmao (don’t panic y'all, PYLM part two with Gray is coming soon; also i know not everyone’s period is the same, this is just fiction and my personal experience)

summary: you are on the worst time of the month, and your boyfriend tries to ease the suffering just a little bit.

warning: fluffy fluff and make out session on bed, just a tiny bit of angst (almost nothing), tears, mentions of pain, period and blood of course (it’s just natural, not really a warning), and bc pills.

The summer evening looked lovely, the blue sky was shining bright thanks to the sun and the green grass of your beautiful beach house’s front yard had just been fixed, giving the place a fresh setting. Gorgeous gray and orange birds were singing and chirping from the tall threes by your side, the breeze blowing lighty some of your hairs and making goosebumps form on your skin, forcing you to pull down your big blue hoodie sleeves, just leaving your fingers out to keep holding the book you were devouring for almost two hours, now. A colorful Paraguayan hammock was rocking you from side to side while you read the novel, feeling your heart beating fiercely while your favorite character seemed to be about to do something stupid, risking his life; the truth was that you had decided to go outside and distract yourself a few hours ago because that day you started feeling weird and a bit tired. You had started the white hormone-free pills, meaning you could get your period anytime from that moment, and your body had already alarmed you by sending some light but painful signs towards your ovaries and breasts.

“Babe, I’m going to the grocery store, wanna come?” your boyfriend came out of the house and proposed, taking your mind out of the pages with his presence. You set your book down and attention on him now, looking at his gorgeous hazel green-ish eyes framed by his black and thick lashes, his dark hair styled but still messy and a casual summer outfit which consisted on some black jogging shorts and an orange hoodie.

“Sorry, I’m waiting for mom to pick me up and go drink some coffee” his face expression indicated that he remembered you had mentioned the plan with your mom earlier and he walked towards you, closing the white door behind him. You smiled up at him from the hammock and his soft fingers messaged your scalp for a few seconds. before releasing and bending down his torso to peck your forehead. Ethan didn’t know about the pain you had gotten earlier because you decided it wasn’t that big of a deal, yet.

“Don’t worry, see you later, princess” he winked with a small smile, still bent over you, and gave you fast and small kisses on the lips, making you smile like a fool.

“Bye” you watched him cross the white fence and walk down the sand-filled street.

After some time reading, a sharp pain hit you and then you knew today was the day you were getting your period but after checking, you were still clean. Someone knocked on the door and you opened it, hugging your mom with a big smile on your face: you haven’t seen her in a month because you were on vacation with Ethan, but she decided to drive there to see you a few hours and then go back to the beach where she was staying at with her partner.

“I missed you so much, my baby” she took your hand and lead you to the center, where the main street was full of coffee shops and small boutiques. You decided to settle in one of them called «Havanna», and a waitress approached you two with the menu on her hand, the dark green apron complimented her beautiful blonde hair held up in a bun.

“Hi! I’ll leave you two to decide, if you need anything I’m Laura” she raved politely and you smiled widely, thanking her.

The options seemed to be infinite, but you decided to order a fruit frappé with some pastries and your mom asked for coffee and a piece of lemon pie. You chatted and updated each other about the crazy things you did on vacation, settling a date to share dinner all together in your beach house.

Suddenly, a gasp left your lungs when an agonizing pain ran through your lower stomach, startling your mom who had her eyes set on you.

“Are you okay?” she held your hand and you nodded, a breath of relief making it way out of her mouth.

“Just gimme a sec. I’ll be right back” you stood up, grabbing your black small backpack and asked Laura for the bathroom, her hand signaling towards the back of the shop.

When you found the door only there, you read the small sign that indicated «toilette» and entered, finding it empty. Your shorts fell to your ankles and your butt touched the cold and white surface, while you looked down to your underwear. You were definitely on your period now, and the whine escaped your lips almost unintentionally; the zipper that kept closed your backpack to the right was now situated to the left, leaving your personal belongings to the sight, and that’s how you spotted the pads inside your holographic hygiene bag. When you were done, you grabbed a small round container which had your pain pills inside, and you took one into your hand after washing them and coming out of the bathroom.

“I’m back, I just got my period” you sighed and your mom pouted, knowing you were suffering from PMS already and how hard periods were on you. You swallowed the pill almost instantly when the waitress brought you your drink and after an hour chatting, you felt just a little bit better. But the pain was almost unbearable, still.

“Let’s get going, hun. I don’t wanna keep you up much longer, you need to rest and get some heat” she was right, inside the coffee shop it was freezing because of the extreme air conditioner temperature, and your legs were shaking. It wasn’t a really warm summer day, either.

When you got home, the pain was worse and you hugged your mom, waving her goodbye while she got in the car and drove back to her house. Your legs were weak and all your body felt almost numb, exhausted and dirty; you fumbled with the keys until you got inside the house, not even noticing the fact that the lights were on. Step by step, you were literally dragging your feet through the living room to the kitchen, to get yourself some camomile tea and water. A sudden thump made you turn around slowly, making you think that if the person stepping out of your room right now wasn’t your boyfriend, you wouldn’t even have an ounce of energy to run away or hit them with a pan and call the police; lucky you, Ethan stood there with his hair pointing to different directions and the big headset handing from his neck, probably from playing some video games.

The boy’s eyes were set on you, his heart pounding in worry when he saw you grabbing onto the counter top to steady yourself, eyes lazy and half closed and a hand stroking your belly with your face scrunched up in pain. He walked to you, the grin on his face after seeing you fell a little, but he still was happy to see you again.

“Oh, Y/N. What hapened, baby?” he approached you with a big hug and you looked down to bury your head on his chest, letting yourself shred the tears you had suppressed all that time. Your shoulders shook when you choked up with your sobs, and Ethan’s hand traced circular motions on your lower back. “Don’t cry, baby girl, it’s gonna be alright” you sniffled, and unsticked your face from his hoodie, his thumbs wiping your tears away.

“I’m on my period E, and it fucking hurts, so much” you sniffled again, now blowing your nose with a paper towel. His eyes looked right back at yours with love and care, while his left hand rested on your hip and traced small circles with his thumb, and his right hand caressed your cheek.

“Let’s go to bed, yeah?” you nodded and he picked you uo bridal-style, and let you go gently over the comfy mattress. He searched for your loose pants and favorite pj shirt, and helped you out of your current clothes to chamge into those. He accommodated your pillows and fixed the sheets, tucking you in just like you liked it, with two blankets on top; when he heard the electric kettle finish, he went back to the kitchen to make you the tea you wanted before.

You bent to the side, curling up in fetal position because of the pain that hammered your insides. The mug made a light sound when two strong hands placed it on your bedside table, and then the same pair of hands placed a heating pad beside you.

“You need to wait for it to heat up, just a minute or two” he instructed, and even if you already knew that like the back of you hand, you couldn’t help but feel the love jump out of your body. He was sitting down beside you and your arms wrapped themselves around his toes, engulfing him in a warm embrace, which he enjoyed deeply and used as an excuse to spoon with you. Your back side was pressing down onto his front, strong arms around you and fingers holding the heating pad against your belly, while you held his arms with your hands; his legs were tangled with yours even with the pillow between them to ease the pain.

You woke up to a sharp pain hitting your lower abdomen and you hissed, letting go of the arms around you to curl up again with your face contorted in an awful frown of torment. Ethan rubbed your arms up and down to comfort you, he felt really sad when there was nothing he could do to make you happy and pain-free.

“It’s been like fifteen minutes, you can drink the tea now” you drank, holding your stomach to keep the warmth in place. “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to make it better” his hand felt warm when you held it in yours.

Ethan Grant Dolan, stop it right there” his sad eyes twinkled and you chuckled, shaking your head. “Thanks to you I’m surviving this shit, so please shut the fuck up and keep being the lovely and pretty boyfriend you are” it was his turn to chuckle now, your reassurance returning his confidence back.

“Okay” he blushed and you kissed his lips hungrily, your period sucked but on top of it all, the lust always increased, and Ethan drove you crazy.

Your lips smashed with his every time you pulled away and leaned in, stealing all the air of both of your lungs and feeling like when you were just a bit younger and had just met him. Running your hands up and down his sweet abs, you threw one leg around his waist and he grabbed it, settling in on the other side to have you straddling him on the king sized bed without brealing the lustful and passionate exchange. His hands roamed your back and started traveling south, until he reached your ass giving it a light squeeze and making your mouth let out a small moan that you were holding, which surprised him in a nice way, a smirk forming on his face; Ethan knew you used to get like this with your period hormones, even though you wouldn’t fuck because it made you uncomfortable and he understood, but the completely enjoyed the heated make-out sessions.

Your ache seemed to hurt less thanks to your boyfriend’s pampering and right now, his hot body underneath yours, which you appreciated more than he knew you did: so you grounded on him an it was his turn to groan in pleasure and frustration, your hands lightly tugging that silky and messy hair, and your teeth capturing his bottom lip and tugging from it too, to reveal the tattoo you loved. His hands held your hips gently against his, and ge wanted to turn you around so bad and be on top himself, but Ethan knew better and wanted to make the pain you were feeling subside, that’s why he kept loving you in that position.

“I love you, so so much” he said, tucking a piece of you hair behind your ear and kissing you again, taking his time. You supported yourself on his chest and when you pulled away, you smiled down, pecking his lips once more.

“I love you more, thanks for taking care of me” he nodded and kept kissing you until you decided it was time for dinner and a pout formed on your lips.

“I’ll be quick babe, just let me get your food” the boy stood up, the warmth instantly leaving your body, and went to the bathroom to fix his hair and his problem, thanks to you. Then, he grabbed the car keys from the counter top and drove to your favorite place when you went on vacation there, ordering take away of your food and then some ice cream in case you wanted some.

Your cramps got sharper without Ethan by your side, and you felt some tears that you didn’t want to spill run down your cheeks, cursing under your breath. You went to the small bathroom, changing your pad before you leaked, and going back to bed with Ethan’s hoodie now embracing you and keeping you a little bit warmer, the chilly night was too much for your weak body. The front door unlocked and opened, and a familiar smell traveled your way, not only food but Ethan came through that door, and you tried to get up but hissed and layed back down. After a few minutes, a trey with food and water, followed by a handsome boy, made it way towards the bed: you sat down with a smile, your back now against the pillows and you noticed the delighting aroma of your favorite beach food in front of you, those amazing gnocchi with sauce.

“You know, you are the best Ethan in the world” you stated and he chuckled, inviting you to eat with a gesture.

“Not the best boyfriend?” you nodded but kept talking.

“Yes, but there are a lot of boyfriends in the world, there’s only one Ethan Dolan” you smiled, knowing that the lack of rest might be getting to you but you made your point, and he kissed your forehead in response, sitting beside you.

“Okay, then you are the best Y/N Y/L/N in the world. Love you” he said while you almost choked with food, your stomach almost yelling for a meal.

“Love you too” you managed to say, after swallowing and running your thumb around his hand tattoo.

“You are my one and only, I’m screwed” he laughed and you did too, blowing a kiss.

“I promise to be the best girlfriend forever” he made a face, like he was confused and thinking, and then he grabbed you hand. It might seem like the wrong time and place, but it wasn’t for you, he coukd have done. it wherever and still get the same reaction out of you.

“I think you’ve proven to be the best one yet, maybe the best wife will top it for now?”

cool new blog (awesome, fun, lonely)

okay so, I’m making this kind of as an establishing post? not expecting much but, I would like something to be here before I start posting.

as a quick intro for anyone who decides to follow or something I’m going to be a new writer for the dolan twins (applause) and my first fic is probably going to be uploaded mid February, but who knows, maybe it will be different.

again I’m not expecting to explode in activity from this little ‘hello’ post but that’s always fun if I do. maybe I will post a spoiler or two if I get.. say… twelve followers or something in that ballpark.

I don’t really know what else to say, I’ll probably reblog some twins content but for the most part, I am dormant until my fic is posted. so follow if you want. stay a minute. I don’t have a lot to offer but company is better than nothing (sometimes)

Can we talk about how Oscar Casas could be a Dolan triplet??????

This is something I think about too much


Ethan: Why can’t you just wash the damn dishes?!

You: Cause I don’t want to, and what about it?

*silence and a quick game of try not to blink,( you win btw)*

You: Haha, touché motherfucker, have fun with the dishes!

Ethan: Haha, it’s graysons day!

You: Your the worst brother ever,🥰

so when yall showing up at sean’s funeral, what are you telling your parents? and what are they saying? cause if a child of mine wanted to show up at an unknown persons funeral, just so see some twins they don’t know  im taking your ass to counseling. 

get you heads out of your asses and come back to reality. their father is dead and the last thing they want is some crazed fan asking for a useless photo. imagine being proud of accomplishing that- 

this isn’t some shitty fanfic on tumblr or wattpad. their just as human as you. show respect, they don’t ask for much. 

My nightmare healer

(My first fanfic so go easy on me)

You were laying in bed under your boyfriends warm grey sheets when you were awoken from a bad dream. In your dream you were being held hostage and Ethan was being taken away from you. You jolted up, but quickly covered yourself with the blanket in fear that something would come out from the dark.

“Ethan..” you whispered

Getting no reply you decided to touch his warm chest and play with his hair.

“Ethan, please wake up. I need you,”

You gently ran your fingers through his hair but all you got in return was a slight moan. Maybe if I was more aggressive you thought. You grabbed his cheeks, squeezed them as tight as you could so his lips would pucker.

“Daddy, I need you,” You whispered in a seductive voice.

“Daddy? Please wake up,” Getting no response again, you decided to sit on top of him and kiss his plump lips. Moving your mouth all over his jaw and neck sucking hard and long. Finally Ethan replied.

“Y/N, not now babe okay,” he groaned

Slightly grinning, proud that you could wake him you replied with,

“I know Ethan, I had a bad dream, a-and I just wanted to talk to you but you weren’t waking up,”

Tears began to well up in your eyes once you began to address the nightmare once more.

“Hey, hey baby don’t cry,” he said beginning to wipe the tears that fell from your eyes.

“I’m awake now we can talk,” he said smiling at your glowing skin. He was so surprised how even in the dark your skin glowed.

“Your so beautiful, Y/N,”he said with awe in his eyes.

You began to think that you were bothering him even if he called you beautiful.

“You know what, I’ll let you go back to bed I can just sleep in the living room or something, You started to get off of his lap and stand on the ground.

Ethan was quick to stop you, he grabbed your hips and pulled you back on to his lap.

“Y/N, just stop, I love you and you know that, why would you think your bothering me?” Ethan replied with what seemed like pain in his eyes.

“Sorry, I know you love me it’s just that I woke you up and obviously your tired, I ho-,”

You were cut off when Ethan’s lips smashed into yours and all of a sudden it seemed like all your fear just wiped away. You pulled away and layer down on his chest.

“Your so warm Ethan, and so sweet and funny, I love you Ethan,”

Tears began to well up again as you said that feeling so lucky that you have someone like Ethan.

Ethan brushed his hands through your soft hair and down your back all the way to your butt, his favourite part of your beautiful body. He kissed your forehead and whispered to you,

“Sh Y/N, don’t cry I’m here, I love you too, your my sweet bean”

You began to smile and go to sleep as your legs intertwined, his fingers kept playing with your hair and going up and down your back.

•Hopefully this was good, I’ve been wanting to write so bad this was from a thought I had while daydreaming at school. Please send me other ideas cause I need some and if you like it please tell me. Bye xoxo ⚡️💛

Grayson: Go to bed now or else you’ll hate yourself in the morning

Emma: jokes on you, i will hate myself no matter what

Playboy 2.0, you guys loved the grayson one so here is an e appreciation post  

A letter to my Angel.

It had been almost a year since she had seen him but that didn’t mean he had stopped trying to find her.

Y/n and Grayson. That phrase itself should’ve been trade marked. They had been best friends for years, nearly inseparable. But that all changed when y/n got her first serious boyfriend. He was tall with tattoos everywhere and a total asshole, just her type regrettably. Gray tried his best to bite his tongue whenever he’d see them argue or see how manipulative he could be with her. But you were so stubborn, always telling Gray to butt out, making him feel helpless and unwanted. The girl he once knew like the back of his hand was now pushing him away, treating him like he was a complete stranger. He knew you were unhappy but what was he to do? He couldn’t take you from him although he so desperately wished he could. As months went by the emptiness came along with it. It was then that you both realized how much you needed each other. How much you loved one another. You had finally managed to free yourself of your toxic relationship and started to mourn the loss of the real one you had with Gray. You felt so ashamed for letting yourself treat him so badly. You couldn’t even bare to look at him in his warm hazel eyes to apologize. So you did what you do best and just suppressed it all. You felt as though he deserved better than the tainted love you could provide and you wanted more for him. Gray on the other hand was losing his mind without you. You had blocked him from everything and wouldn’t even let him come see you on the occasion that he would stop by. At his wits end he decided to write you a letter like those old black and white movies he knew you loved so much. You had just come home from work, completely exhausted from the day, grabbed you mail from the p.o box and made your way up to your flat. It was then on the elevator you noticed it. The thick, baby blue envelope, his name written on the front left corner. Your eyes began to to well up, in complete disbelief. You quickly made your way into your apartment, plopping down right on the kitchen floor, not even bothering to reach the couch only a few feet away. Quickly tearing it open, you read it with tear stained cheeks.

To my Angel” a nickname he had given you during the course of your friendship. He said no matter what he was going through or how he was feeling, you always knew just what to do or exactly what to say to change his emotions for the better. So he called you his angel, his guardian angel. 

To my Angel,

You’ve made it clear that you no longer want me around and I promise to respect your wishes but I cant completely walk out of your life before telling you how I feel first. 5 years ago today, E and I moved to LA and we met you.  This fiery, intelligent, beautiful and funny girl we came to know as our bestfriend. And everyday since then has been the best adventure of my life. I could never even imagine waking up a single day and not sharing it with you. And then he came. He was this force of nature that had left you completely sprung. I watched you go from being the stubborn, head strong girl I once knew to bending over backwards for some dude who didn’t give a shit about you. And before I knew it you were gone, taken from me just like that. I was so jealous and angry, I couldn’t even figure out why. Yes I always knew I loved you and wanted to protect you from anything I thought wasn’t in you best interest but it wasn’t until you cut me off that I realized I didn’t just love you but I was in love with you. I know it may come as a shock and you probably won’t even care but I just had to let you know. These past few months have been absolute hell for me, y/n. There’s nothing that brings me the same joy that picking you up from school and hearing about your day once did or going on midnight froyo runs with you. I miss you angel and I’m not afraid to say it like I was before. I love you and I want to be with you for as long as you’ll let me, so please let me.

                                     Love, Gray

Your chest was heaving and you could barely see through all your tears but you reached for your phone and called him. And before it ever had the chance to ring twice, he picked up just as breathless as you were.

A/N: Hi guys im not really sure what this is but I’ve just been super soft for gray lately and all i really wanna do is pick up the phone and call him but alas… Anyhoo I hope this isn’t too shitty, its just been on my mind. I would’ve loved to make it longer but I’ve just been really busy and didnt wanna have it sitting in my drafts forever like all my other fics. Either way I hope you guys liked it. Lemme know what you think! I’d love to keep making more of these short little blurby things.