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Hi!! your grayson one was amazing so do you think you could write about ethan going in bare please?? 😚

you’re tumbling around, tangled in the sheets of his bed. his hairs a mess, thanks to your fingers, and his flannel is unbuttoned revealing his well sculpted torso. as for the sweatpants and boxers he was wearing, well those are long gone now. you lay beneath him, everything off of you. you make sure he matches you and bring your dainty hands up and push the green flannel off his shoulders and then pull him down so you can press you lips to his.

he smiles into the kiss, moaning softly before pulling away and setting his forehead against yours, grinning while breathlessly saying, “love your lips, but i really need to fuck you now.”

your cheeks blush, and you quickly peck hislips before laying back against the pillow, pointing to your bedside drawer, “you know where they’re at.”

he winks at you as he shuffles to open the nightstand. while waiting, you spread your thighs and bite your lip, waiting for ethan to fufill his promise. with your eyes staring at the ceiling fan going in circle, you hear ethan sigh out and close the drawer. you turn your head to the side and see him standing there, in all his glory, with his arms crossed and a disappointed look on his face.

“got anymore anywhere else?” he asks.

you close your legs and sit up, reaching over to look in the drawer yourself. there were an old pair of your glasses, little packs of advil, random pictures from elementary school, but no condoms. with groan, you shut the drawer and plop back on the bed with your arms covering your eyes.

”no, that’s where my normal stash is.” you groan, throwing your hands down on the mattress.

“woah,” ethan crawls over you, grabbing the sheet and draping it over you bodies, chuckling under his breath, “someone’s really horny.”

you stick your tongue out at him before quirking your brows up and asking hopefully, “can we just, i don’t know, postmate condoms?”

ethan throws his head back with laughter and brings his smile face back down to bury in the corner of your neck, sighing out, “nah, i’m pretty sure they don’t do that, babe.”

he kisses you neck slowly, peppering the skin with his lips before sucking a deep purple spot right above your collarbone. you moan out, grabbing his face with your hands and making him look up at you. his eyes are still full of lust, making it known that he was still turned on. it not like you couldn’t tell though, considering the fact that his massive hard on is resting, hot and heavy, against your soft thigh. you cock up an eyebrow at him and he mirrors your image.

your heart races, you wanted him so bad. wanted him so bad you would let him go raw. loved him so bad you would. making your final decision, you grind up against him and a low groan rumbles from his lips.

“baby..” he breathes out, “better stop or i’m gonna have to fuck you anyway.”

you close your eyes at his words and nod, draping your arms around his neck and whispering out desperately, “please.”

his eyes go wide as he stares down at you, lick his lips, “for real?”

“ethan,” you whine, reaching down and pumping his cock a few times, making him hiss through his teeth, “just go bare. come inside. i’ll take a pill in the morning. i just really fucking need this.”

you don’t have to tell him twice as he lines his cock up with your entrance and pushes himself inside. his jaw goes slack from the new feeling, eyes rolling back and arms shaking. he wasn’t sure if he could hold himself up anymore, you felt so soft and warm and wet. he thought he was going to melt from the feeling. your nails dig into the skin of his biceps, leaving crescent shaped behind. he pulls out, and thrusts back in, making you moan so loud it’s almost embarrassing.

ethan grins at the effect his has on you, but his smile falters when you clench around him. he sits up on his knees and grabs your hips before beginning to pound into you. your eyes clench shut and you grind your teeth, high pitch mewls tumbling past your lips. you look up at ethan with half lidded eyes, watching him watch where you two connect, panting heavily and biting his lip. you close your eyes and arch your back, bringing your hands up to play with your breasts.

ethan leans back down, thrusting harder into you and making you gasp when he hits a certain spot deep inside you. he nods, bringing his lips up to your ear, mumbling, “right there, yeah? right-“ he pulls back and slams into you making you yell out in pleasure, “-there. that’s it.”

“don’t stop, please ethan. harder.” you beg, grasping at his back, feeling the muscles flex underneath your hands.

“don’t worry baby,” he hums, kissing the shell of your ear and maintaining the speed of his thrusts, “i’m not stopping till you cum all over my cock, again, and again, and again. you like that?”

you nod quickly, gasping out, “yes!”

“‘f course you do.” he grunts before slamming in and out of you and circling your clit quickly, “course my naughty girl does.”

you wrap your legs around his waist and moan out with your head thrown back and eyes screwed shut. your so close, you felt like your head was spinning. your chest rises up and down as you pant, sweat dripping down both your bodies as you both near your highs. he feels how close you are, running the tip of his nose along yours, kissing you lightly.

“come on, y/n. let go for me. be a good girl and cum all over my cock, come on.” he whispers.

with your head thrown back and your mouth open wide, you let go. seeing white and the tips of your fingers and toes going numb, you whine out. the feeling of you pulsing around ethan pushes him over the edge, making him moan against your lips and come deep inside you. he rides out your highs, pecking your lips one more time before pulling out.

after laying beside you, he pulls you into his side and kisses the top of your hair, mumbling against your head, “‘s nice.”

you nod, humming, “mhm.”

“i love you.” he whispers.

you cuddle up closer to him, nodding once more and kissing his jaw, responding with your eyes closed, “i love you too, e.”

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Me when another fan account that I love follows me back

Originally posted by dodies-tea

I don’t think you guys understand how stressed I get when I see that gray is buying new decorations and it’s at one of the stores that are apart of the company I work for😭. Like seriously just be my boyfriend and I’ll give you my discount🤣🤣

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Omfg could you write a lil blurb about how e or g (you pick of course) would comfort you during a panic attack? I have them really really badly sometimes. They've gotten better over the last few years but I still have them like twice a month at least

hi baby! i’m so glad your panic attacks have become less and less! i struggle with anxiety and panic attacks too sometimes and it sucks :(( i try to not think about them that much, so writing this was lowkey difficult but i hope you still like it! i also couldn’t decide which twin but i chose to write about e for once lol

you’re at the farmers market, there’s a huge crowd. bryant said this location would be really nice for some good photos. usually, you roam around on your own, not constantly clinging to ethan, but you just can’t let go of his hand. you were wearing a pretty fall dress for the photo shoot, and even with it being 75° outside, you were shaking. your heart is racing as your eyes scan the strangers and their faces, trying to keep your breaths even. a loud bang comes from behind you, making you jump and turn quickly to see what the commotion was. when you can’t find out where the sound came from or what it was, you panic. your hand squeezes ethan’s tightly and you place your other hand on his shoulder.

after finishing his chat with bryant, he looks over to you and noticed your panicked presence, immediately becoming concerned. he turns to you, placing his hands on your upper arms and gently asking, “you good? tell me what’s wrong?”

“i-“ you shake your head, anxiety getting the best of you as you feel so stupid for dragging ethan into this, “i’m-“ you can’t finish and hide your face in your hands, tears pricking at your eyes.

your breathing becomes ragged and legs feel like jello. ethan knows exactly what to do. he wraps his arm around your shoulder and walks you over to a secluded bench. you fall into the seat, closing your eyes and biting your lip to stop the tears in your eyes from falling. ethan squats in front of you, but doesn’t touch you, knowing that sometimes you need physical contact during your attacks and sometimes you don’t.

“can i touch?” he calmly asks.

you nod your head, feeling him slip your hand into his, rubbing his thumb soothingly over your soft palm. he then moves to sit beside you and wraps his arm around, pulling you to his side. you rest your head on his shoulder, your eyes still closed.

“deep breaths,” he reminds you when he notices your uneven breaths, “catch your breath baby. i’m right here, ok?”

after a while, you’re able to open your eyes and then raise your head to look at ethan. he looks down at you with soft eyes, full of concern. you swallow thickly and sigh out.

“s-sorry.” you whisper.

“no,” ethan shakes his head, placing his hand on your elbow, “don’t be sorry. i’m just glad you’re ok.”

“but i ruined the shoot. i pulled you away from your pictures.” you rub your face with your hands.

“you didn’t ruin anything, y/n. listen, i’d rather check on you and make sure you’re ok than have instagram worthy photos. you’re more important.” he moves a stray strand of hair away from your face, looking at you softly.

slowly, you nod, “okay.”

“alright,” he slowly stands, holding his hand out and help you stand, “how about we go home and have a nice bath. sound good?”

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Ethan would not be able to handle a kid that’s just as stubborn as him. Never. “I don’t care, dad! I’m going to the concert!” “No you’re not! There’s gunna be drugs and alcohol there! And boys I don’t know!” “Bye dad!” “Y/N I’m gunna kill her. Please get her back in this fucking house before I explode”

OH MY GOD. dude, i feel like ethan’s child will have to be as stubborn as him; it would be the universe’s way to give his parents some payback. ethan watching his little princess who was always the spitting image of him turn stubborn as hell would definitely be his kryptonite. 


“daddy, can danny and i do a lemonade stand?” the little brunette asks, her hazel eyes wide.

“no, baby, it’s too cold out; there’s snow on the ground, see?” ethan points outside to the flurries falling from the chilly december air decorating the hard, frozen ground. danny stands by innocently his little thumb in his mouth; the poor kid was always dragged into his sister’s schemes.

“but daddy we wanna raise money for the kitty shelter! you said we could go next week and i can’t help them if i don’t have any money.” the little girl put her hands on her waist in slight frustration, her hip jutting out to the side. 

“don’t worry, clara, i’ll bring some money that you can give to the kitties–.”

“no! i wanna raise my own money for the kitties. i wanna do a lemonade stand.”

“clara, there is snow on the ground, you two are gonna catch pneumonia. wouldn’t it be better if we played store inside instead?” ethan was trying so hard to talk clara out of her idea, but he knew it was useless as soon as her hands were propped on her hips; her mind was made up and she was in it ‘til the bitter end.

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“HOLY MOTHERF- IT BIT ME!” "Ethan stop."

You tuck a piece of hair behind your ear as you look outside your window, peering at the fluffy, white snowflakes that fall to the ground below. As you watch Grayson and his wife back out of the driveway your heart can’t help but swell with excitement; you and Ethan finally get to watch Grayson’s son, Sean, for the night while the two parents went out of town. Sean is two and a half and cute as can be; in spite of his age, his hair is thick, dark, chocolaty, and curly as can be; his eyes huge and hazel eyes constantly wandering, taking in his surroundings. To put it lightly, Sean was the spitting image of his father and uncle, point blank, no questions asked.

“Babe, where are the pots?” Ethan calls from the kitchen. You can hear the opening and shutting of cabinets as your boyfriend fumbles throughout the room, searching for the proper materials to make dinner.

As you walk into the kitchen, Ethan stands there with his hands on his hips in clear annoyance, his hair mussed up from running his hands through it. You look off to the side to see Sean sitting in a high chair, his little legs kicking against his chair.

“They’re in the cabinet above the stove. Why? What are you cooking? Didn’t they give us food for him to have?” You walk over to sit next to Sean, running your nails through his curly locks.

“Well, I don’t wanna give him some lame pieces of cut up ham and turkey–I don’t what this to be his first memory of a sleepover with us,” Ethan said, reaching up to grab the pot out of the cabinet. Your heart swell at his words implying that their would be more sleepovers with Sean in the future; you and Ethan have been dating for a year now, and in spite of the fact that he made it clear on a regular basis that you weren’t going anywhere, it was still nice for him to make little comments like that regarding your future together.

“Ethan, he’s two,” you remind him, looking up at Ethan filling the pan with water.

“Still, the point is that this is our first sleepover with him and it has to be a good time for him, alright?” Ethan turns the stove on medium, and waited for the water to boil, taking out a box of mac n’ cheese in preparation.

“Want milky!” Sean exclaims, reaching out for his sippy cup that was placed on the counter. Ethan grabs the cup and walked to the refrigerator to grab some milk … and a special surprise.

As you walked over to the stove to inspect the boiling water, you see Ethan trying to sneak something out of the corner of your eye. “E, what are you doing?” Ethan freezes as he noticed your eyes on him.

“Nothing.” Ethan’s arm hangs stiffly over Sean’s sippy cup with a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup that he was halfway through pouring into the cup of milk.

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(Noun) meaning; The warmth of the sun in winter 

Summary: Ethan really adores his girlfriend who he feels is way out of his league and tries his best to plan the perfect day for her birthday. 

Word Count: 3.3k

A/N: It’s soft Sunday, did we expect anything less from me? 


Most often than not, Ethan really doesn’t understand how he was able to land a girl like her – let alone manage to keep her coming back for more - given the fact that she’s so obviously out of his league.

To put it in simplest words, Ethan’s a mess compared to her – a bumbling, clumsy, frantic boy, with the attention span of a squirrel while she sits poise and beautiful like an elegant fairy who his parents weren’t really sure existed when he first told them about her; they certainly weren’t expecting Ethan to land a girl like her.

All he knew was computers; and that’s just because he’d been so unsure of his future going into college that he’d scribbled a couple different majors that sounded interesting onto a few pieces of paper, taped them to his dart board, covered his eyes with one hand, and let the dart land where it may. Luckily, Computer Science had been interesting enough, and he did end up loving it, hoping for a job in video-game programming in the future.

Even though Ethan knew computers, and he knew them well, Y/N seemed like she knew everything; and while it amazes Ethan, it also leaves him so fucking confused all the time with the daily realization that this was his girlfriend.

Y/N knew about literature, and art, and psychology, and film, and music, and anatomy, and just the most random things people wouldn’t normally bother with.

They could be at dinner, or just cuddled up on the couch, and she’ll sit up a little straighter and turn to look at him with the cutest face he’s ever seen as her nose scrunches in her own disbelief, and then says something like, “Did you know if Pinocchio were to say ‘My nose will grow now’, it would cause a paradox?”

And Ethan will just nod encouragingly because he has no fucking clue what a paradox even is, but he loves to listen to her voice, so he’ll happily let her tell him all about the random wonders of the world which plague her brain, until she’s satisfied, and she turns back and buries herself deeper into chest to watch the rest of the movie playing.

The story about how they started dating just adds to Ethan’s personal claim that he was mess compared to her.

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kissdolans  asked:

Oh my god Kris I just watched grease and it gave me major Gray vibes when Danny is waving overly nicely but like sarcastically over at Sandy's lame new preppy "boyfriend" in the stands and she has to swat his hand back down and they giggle before leaving together 💓💓 Like can you imagine him doing this too aghh

UGH grayson as danny zuko is 💙💙💙

grayson as the “too cool” greaser is such a fantasy. i love that picture of him in the leather jacket with his hair all styled. FUCK

just imagine him going to a rumble to defend your honor against the opposite gang who disrespected you

“babe, i really don’t want you to get in a fight over me, please let it go.”

“sweetheart, i can’t have anyone talk about you; you’re my girl. i’ve gotta show them that they can’t get away with shit like that.”

“but grayson, i really don’t want you to get hurt.” 

“have a little faith in me, angel, i don’t have the reputation i have for nothin’.” grayson looks down at you as he pulls you closer by the waist, a smirk plastered across his face.

“i know, but what if they fight dirty, gray?” you ask, looking down at your shoes, his gaze too intense for you to meet. 

you hear grayson sigh; his girl was far too innocent for his dangerous lifestyle. the innocence you radiated was part of the reason why he was so attracted to you; you were the angel on his shoulder always willing him to do the right thing. however, in this case, he could not let the words that the scorpions said about you go. he refused for anyone to talk shit about you. ever.

sweetheart, don’t think like that, they usually fight fair, alright? i don’t want you to worry, okay? just let me do this for you, please.”

you sighed, reluctantly looking up from the ground. “i’ll always worry about you, gray.”

gray placed his hand on your jaw, his thumb gently stroking your cheek; grayson’s touch was so tender in spite of the rough skin of his thumb. grayson took that moment to kiss you gently; all of his feelings of overwhelming protection and love saying everything that his words couldn’t in that moment. 

okay, thank u for sending in this concept lily because i fucking love this idea holy shit wow. i didn’t know i needed protective!greaser!grayson but i guess i did


“Remember what I told you, baby? Go out there and do your best, because Dolan’s—“ 

“Dolan’s can do anything. I know, daddy!” Grayson was bent down beside his young daughter, palms resting on her little shoulders as she stood backstage at her dance recital. 

Ellie was a little pro, and had been dancing practically since she left the womb. It was no surprise when Erin and Grayson decided to throw her into competitive dance the second she could walk on her own two feet. From then on, she had been fully immersed into the dancer lifestyle, being at the studio 5/7 nights a week just to advance her already developing skills in time for competition season. 

To Erin and Grayson’s dismay, this meant many nights sitting in barren dance studios, replays of the same poppy music bumping through their brains as Ellie and her company rehearsed their numbers over and over again. 

They were dedicated and hardworking parents, and were so very proud to see their little girl doing something that she truly loved. Even if that meant that Grayson had to cough up a pretty penny just to allow her to do so. 

Grayson smiled at Ellie’s words. 

“Right. Dolan’s can do anything,” he repeated, Erin’s hand running over Grayson’s hair affectionately as she stood behind him. 

“Okay, we gotta get going. Leave her to it,” Erin reminded her husband, needing to get Ellie backstage and with her company and teachers in time for the show. 

“Okay. Good luck out there, angel. You’re going to do—“ Grayson was cut off by the sound of heeled boots slapping against the tiled floors of the performing arts centre. 

“Wait, wait, wait! I forgot the hair bow,” Emma yelled running towards the trio, pink and sparkly hair bow flapping around in her hand in order to wave them down. 

“Wow, 2 seconds later and her outfit would’ve been a disaster,” Grayson teased as he stood, Emma halting in front of them with a huff, scoffing at Grayson’s sarcasm. 

“Last piece, little one,” Emma beamed as she shook the hair bow at her niece, who’s face lit up at the addition to her costume. 

“Wow, Ellie. What do you say to Auntie Em for making your costume?” Erin smiled with wide eyes down at her daughter as Emma bent to place the bow on Ellie’s hair. 

“Thank you, Auntie Em,” Ellie grinned in a uniform tone, mimicking what her mother had asked her to say. 

“You are so very welcome, special girl,” Emma said, bending down to straight out her goddaughters costume. 

“Okay, she’s really got to get back there now. Her class is there,” Erin rushed, working to get her husband and sister-in-law out of the way to attend to the duty at hand. 

“Where’s E?” Grayson asked Emma, letting Erin start to guide Ellie towards the doors that led to the backstage dressing room areas. 

“Oh! He’s parking the car,” Emma cringed, hoping that Ellie could wait out for just another minute for her uncle to see her before she ran off with her friends. 

“Too late. She’s gotta go,” Erin called over her shoulder, walking away from the two other Dolan’s in a rush. 

“I’m here! I’m here!” Ethan exclaimed from the doors across the room, jogging over, clutching his car keys and phone in his fist as he rushed to see his goddaughter. 

“Oh my god,” Erin groaned, knowing she was going to get an earful from Ellie’s dance teachers for being backstage late on show day. 

“Where’s my favourite little girl?” Ethan was smiling ear to ear, holding something behind his back in impatience as he shifted from foot to foot in front of the group. 

“She’s right here, on her way backstage. You can wave to her from there,” Erin warned Ethan as she tried to continue to push Ellie backstage.

“Uncle E!” Ellie beamed, wiggling out of her mothers grip to get towards her favourite male in her life, barring her little brother and her father. 

“Woah! Look how cute you are,” Ethan smiled as he bent down beside his niece, passing the surprise behind his back between his fingers. 

“What’s that?” Ellie asked, noticing her uncles attempt to hide the surprise behind his back from her. 

“What? Oh, this?” Ethan pretended to not know what she was talking about, pulling the pink petalled rose in front of his torso, Ellie’s eyes widening. 

“Looks like a pretty little flower for pretty little Ellie,” Ethan hummed as he bent down to Ellie’s level, passing the rose over to her. 

The older Dolan’s all stuck a lip out in surprise at the cute gesture, Ellie’s face lit up with joy as she hugged the flower tight to her chest. 

“Aw, baby. Isn’t that nice of Uncle E?” Grayson cooed at his daughter as she continued to admire the pink petals on the delicate flower, spinning it in her hand to get a closer look. 

Ellie nodded her head shyly at Ethan, who immediately opened his arms for his favourite little girl, the one who made him want a thousand baby girls. 

“You’re gonna do great, princess,” Ethan whispered into her hair softly as Ellie crumpled herself into his chest. 

“Ethan, watch the costume,” Emma warned as she touched a gentle hand to her husbands shoulder. 

“Watch the TIME. She has to go,” Erin complained, attempting to pull Ellie from Ethan’s grip. 

“Okay, okay, you can have her back,” Ethan laughed as he stood, shoving his hands in his pockets and admiring his thoughtful gesture.

“Wait, Cam said she’s coming and—“ Grayson started to offer, leaning into Erin. 


submitted by @hmmmethan

(Super stoked cockwarming is a trend here on tumblr now hehe. Just a little something something I threw together. Is it good? No. Will you enjoy it? Probably also no. 😜)

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hmmmethan  asked:

So since I’m like super super obsessed with you and your mind and your talent, I NEED to request for you to do cockwarming with E. I’m so intrigued by it. So intimate and calming ugh

bro i’m obsessed with YOU tf??? thanks love you’re amazing i can’t believe a legend is asking me to write something omg

pulling out of you, he breathes out a sweet sigh, letting his head hang heavily. his softening dick rests against your soft thigh, making him hiss quietly from how sensitive he still was. he peers down between the two of you, watching himself leak out from you, almost making him let out a choked moan. ethan moves to rest on his elbows, careful not to rest all his weight on top of your smaller body. his eyes wander up to your bare chest, watching it rise and fall rapidly as you try to regain your breath. your eyes are closed and your brows furrowed in blissed out satisfaction.

he breathes out again, making your eyes flutter open. you watch him looking over you body. his plump lips are agape, inhaling and exhaling. the damp curls atop his head cling to his forehead, giving him a wearily cuddly look. you wonder how he isn’t exhausted and is still hovering over you, not passed out from all the work he put in. you watch as he shifts again uncomfortably on his arms.

your hands rest on his bare shoulders, pulling against him and softly saying, “lay down, baby.”

“don’t want crush you.” he mumbles back, refusing to lay on top of you as he looks up through his hair.

the side of your mouth twitches into a half smile as you pull him down on you, “you won’t.”

he rests his head against your chest, right above your heart. the rhythm lulls him halfway to sleep, but he’s still awake. there’s something missing, but he just can’t put his finger on it. he didn’t feel whole, like he needed that missing piece just so he could fall asleep. with your fingers running through his brown locks, he looks up at you in admiration.

you were the missing piece.

he hovers over you again and pushes your thoughts apart, beginning to position himself at your entrance one more. you frown place a hand on his chest to pause him.

“woah,” you breathe out, placing your other hand on the side of his jaw, “thought that was it. don’t know if i can do much more babe.”

e leans down, pressing his lips to yours in a soft kiss, whispering against your lips, “just want you to be around me. nothing else. need to be inside you.”

you pull away and gaze up at him, your look giving him permission to carry on. he places a hand on the back your neck, encouraging you to lay your head back against the pillow. as he slowly pushes into you, he mirrors the image of you biting your lip. his eyebrows knit together in concentration as his thick cock sinks deeper into you.

you can’t help the small whimper that escapes your mouth, and it causes ethan to swipe his thumb against your lower lip. his eyes are half lidded, with exhaustion and absolute pleasure. he was fucked out, but couldn’t help but literally be pulled back into you. once he’s at the hilt, he moves his arms beneath you in a cradle position and rests his face in the crook of your neck.

“so nice.” he breathes out, his hot breath leaving goosebumps in its wake.

“yeah?” you whisper back, wrapping your legs around him and resting your heels at the bottom on his back, “what so nice about it, baby?”

“warm,” he quickly replies, before adding with a murmur, “and soft, and wet, and tight. could stay here forever.”

you kiss his temple as he rests deep inside of you. in return, he kisses your shoulder, holding you closer than ever. the two of you hold each other in comfortable silence. you listen to him breathe in and out peacefully.

“i like this,” he whispers, “thank you.”

“of course baby.”

“i love you,” he says once again, so softly, “forever.”

Guilty Conscience  E.D.

You grinned down at the text on your phone. The brightness from the screen casting a soft glow over your features as you sit in your dimly lit room, the only other light coming from the lava lamp sitting on your nightstand. “I’m outside” That’s all the text said, but those two words were enough to send a rush of excitement down your spine. You hopped off your bed with eagerness and made a beeline to your bathroom. You took out your bun in front of the mirror, letting your curls fall loosely to your shoulders in a very sexy way. You applied your pina colada lip scrub and lip balm, knowing how much he loved the taste of pineapples. You were only wearing an oversized hoodie and a black lace thong along with your Fenty slippers. You shuffled your way downstairs to the front door. You swung it open and put on your sexiest smile. There he was, standing on your porch. Ethan Dolan. “Hey you!” He said as he closed the gap between the two of you, scooping you in his husky arms. You led him inside your living room and he sat down comfortably, kicking his shoes off. “Want anything to drink?” He nods. “A sparkling waters cool yeah.” You hurry into the kitchen, second later returning with the bottle. You toss it to him and he catches it with one hand before you plop down next to him, placing your legs across his lap. “So what brings you here Dolan?” You say toying with the drawstrings on your hoodie. You knew exactly why he was here, but wanted to tease him a bit.“I was in the neighborhood, thought I’d stop by.” He replied. You sat up, inching closer to him. “Oh really.” You crawled in his lap, straddling him against the couch. “And does your girlfriend know you’re here?" 

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*Coming Soon*

Simply when they turn nineteen can they finally grasp what they truly need,

The power they seek to lift the curse has always been there, never far from their universe,

A simple way to obtain the cure requires a passionate kiss from a soul so pure,

One shall undertake the task, one with a hidden desire for their savior that never did pass,

And only when the Witching hour begins can both brothers be saved from the hex within.

A/N: New fic coming soon (my edit, if used please like/reblog)

smutty shit about grayson that got me fRiCKED UP



“not yet.”

you snuggle closer to your pillow as gray leans on his elbows next you. he’s been up for a solid hour, already worked out and showered, and is now ready to begin the day. just one thing was missing: you. ethan and you were both night owls, and neither of you ever got up before seven. but grayson was always the one who managed to rise before you and end up pestering you to wake up. you weren’t really a deep sleeper, just a whiney one.

“yeah it is,” grayson chuckles, pulling back the comforter to reveal your cringing face due to the light, “it’s past nine.”

“don’t care,” you mumble, crossing your arms over your bare chest, “you kept me up way too late last night, g.”

he smirks at you, eyes wandering over your hickey covered neck and collarbones. his mind thinks back to the late night fun you both shared in bed. hands all over each other, heads thrown back, voices moaning out in pleasure. he definitely wore you out after the several rounds you two had. your legs felt like jello this morning, preventing you from standing up.

grayson places a hand on your bare hip and you place yours on top of his, snarkily adding, “got a little too carried away, didn’t you?”

“well, you certainly enjoyed it,” he says breathily with a laugh, shifting closer to you as to get a better look at your face. leaning down to press his lips on the sweet spot behind your ear, he mumbles, “were such a good girl for me too, doing exactly as i said. weren’t you baby?”

you swallow thickly, his husky voices finally making you open your eyes and turn onto your back to face him. he moves his large hand to place it over your abdomen and you set both of your hands on top of his, and as if he had no effect on you whatsoever, you flatly let out, “didn’t have much of a choice. ended up fucking me till i passed out.”

gray’s jaw clenches at your attitude. you try to pretend that you aren’t turned on at all right now, that your pussy isn’t throbbing just from the memories of last night. you hope to fake yourself out, make yourself believe that you were not in mood at all right now. but you were.

you feel yourself clench around nothing as grayson’s hand moves down to cup your heat. his warm palm against your soaked folds almost makes a shiver run up your spine. when his fingers push against you, both of your hands grip his wrist and your thighs clench around his hand. he looks up at you with lidded eyes, cocking up one eyebrow at how sensitive you still are from the overstimulation from the night before.

licking his lips, he utters one word that makes you bite your lip, “wet?”

you don’t answer, just try to desperately keep your breathing under control as he stares at you lustfully. his fingers slowly rub against you, making you frown in concentration.

don’t moan. don’t moan. don’t moan. don’t moan.

a tiny whimper slips past your lips as the pad of his thumb swipes over your sensitive nubbin, and grayson doesn’t let it go unnoticed, softly cooing out to you, “yeah? you like it?”

you couldn’t keep it together any longer, letting your head drop back into the pillows and clenching your eyes shut, slowly releasing his wrist from your grip. growling out through your teeth, you let him know, “yes, i love it.”

“my fingers?” grayson lays on his side, his hand rubbing circles over your clit under the fluffy comforter, humming out, “on your pretty little cunt?”

the dirty words he says sound so sweet falling from his lips, making you throw your hands over you face and bend your knees, sighing out, “fuck!”

his smirk grows as he pulls his bottom lip in between his teeth, staring at your mouth hanging open and your eyes screwed shut. slowly, he pushes one finger inside, making you let out a wet gasp and fist the sheets around you. he looks down at your hips bucking wildly under the blanket as you let out uncontrollable moans and whines. he looks back to you and leans down, capturing your lips with his and swallowing up your moans. grayson’s hand moves faster and he firmly presses his lips against your’s. your hands fly up to hold the sides of his face as you moan against him mouth.

you quickly pull away with a smack when he adds a second finger, yelping in surprise, “oh! shit!”

he removes his fingers from your pussy, making your whine and frown at the loss of the full feeling he was giving you from just his fingers. his hand, wet and warm from your arousal, rests over your core, slowly rubbing back and forth. your hands move to his shoulders, a pout resting on your lips.

“don’t like hearing your sweet little mouth saying those filthy words baby,” he says, leaning down and resting his forehead against yours, gazing deep into your eyes. your lips part as you pant, staring back into his as he continues, “don’t want to listen to my babygirl say those dirty words, okay?”

you can’t answer, you’ve lost your voice. your so close and all he’s doing his rubbing excruciatingly slow circles between your folds. you were about to lose your mind if he didn’t speed it up in a moment. the words get trapped in throat and you just stare at gray with wide, innocent, tear filled eyes.

he frowns, swatting your clit with his hand making your squeal and flinch from the sudden contact, “i said okay?”

“yes!” you breathe out, clenching your teeth together, “i’m sorry, sir! so sorry!”

“and you wanna cum?” he asks again, sliding his fingers back in and rubbing you fast and rough, “my naughty baby wants to cum all over my fingers? just like my cock? huh?”

“f-fu-“ you stop yourself and nod with clenched eyes, digging your nails into his bare shoulders.

“use your words, angel. c’mon. tell daddy what you need.” he says, even with your eyes closed you can hear the cocky smirk that’s resting on his face right now.

“yes,” you breathe out, moving your hands to play with your tits, making grayson groan at the sight.

“what was that?” he slams his fingers in and out of of you, now sitting up on his knees to put his other hand to use and play with your clit.

“yes!” you practically scream from the pleasure he’s making you feel, “please!”

“please who?”

“daddy!” you whine loudly, making grayson grin.

he clits your clit and taps his other hands fingers against your closed lips, “open up, look at me too.”

you open your mouth and eyes, letting grayson set his fingers on your tongue for your to suck on. your watery eyes plead him silently as you moan around his thick fingers. tears threaten to spill from the corners of your eyes. grayson dick twitches at the view before him, wishing he could somehow get a photo of this scene. your dewy eyes begging him, one hand gripping his wrist as your suck in his fingers, your other fondling your breast as he quickly rubs figure eights on your gushing pussy. his eyes almost roll back from how fucking sexy this is.

“alright,” he smugly says, smirking at you, “cum for me pretty girl.”

you let go, arching your back and letting out the loudest moan. your eyes roll back as white blurs your vision, your body feeling fuzzy like you’re floating. grayson helps you ride out your high, continuing to thrust his fingers in and out of you quickly, as you start to twitch.

“there you go, baby.” he says, leaning over your tired body, pressing his lips to your neck, “that’s a good girl.”

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Bestfriend!Ethan walking into the room you’re getting ready in on your wedding day. He sits down next to you as you sit in your silk robe and have your makeup all done. “You know he’s not right for you. And you’re too young for this, babe. You’re only 19. Please, I’m begging you. Leave him. I can take care of you.”


ethan is so reluctant to share his feelings anyway that you know that would take a lot for him to say in the first place. he would be breathing so heavy cause he would be nervous of your reaction.


“wait, just let me say this. i’ve loved you ever since you told me you understood why i’m constantly overthinking. i’ve loved you since you told me that sunset is your favorite color. i loved you ever since you told me how when you were five you punched your neighbor in the face for making fun of your dog. i love everything about you; how you sleep facedown in your covers, even though i have no idea how you breathe in there. how you ALWAYS say ‘hi how are you?’ to every customer service person we encounter with a big smile before they can even speak. how you roll your eyes at my lame jokes but laugh anyway because you know it’s solid comedy. i fuckin’ love you. i love the shit out of you, y/n. and i know i’m probably too late and leave it to me to procrastinate on confessing my love for you like a freaking idiot, but please just give me this chance, i’ve never been more sure of anything in my life; i can give you everything and more if you just let me.” his face was bright red and his chest was heaving from his rambling. after his confession his eyes immediately darted away to the floor; his heart pounding.

“fuck, ethan, why are you just telling me this now?” you muttered. you had always loved ethan, but this was such an inconvenient for him to profess his love for you. your fiancé was about to be crushed.

“i know, i’m such a dick for it, but i swear to god i’ll make it worth it. i will make this up to you for the rest of your life, i promise.” ethan’s voice was steady in spite of his shaking hands which were clasped in his lap.

“i love you.” you mumbled, immediately jumping into his lap and shaking your arms around his neck.

“so is that a yes?”

“consider that a fuck yes,” you replied, your foreheads touching.

ask away! i’m bored & grading :)))

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It’s ur choice but can you do a concept/imagine of Ethan fucking you aggressively cause y’all got in a fight and he’s angryyy

oh he would be fuming, stalking towards your bedroom. you’d be laying there, your phone in plain sight as you scroll through your laptop. his frown would deepen when you hardly acknowledge his presence, not even looking away from the screen to say hello. he felt hot, like he needed to shed away all the layers we was wearing.

“hey,” he snaps, pulling off his jacket and walking to the edge of the bed, “thanks for answering my messages.”

you close the laptop and furrow your brows at him, “what do you mean? what messages?”

he snatches your phone and hands it to you, “the ones from thirty minutes ago asking what you wanted for dinner. you know.”

you turn on your phone and sure enough, there were five unread texts from ethan asking you if he should pick something up for dinner. turning off your phone, and tossing it to the side of you. ethan glares at you, his frustration beginning to fade and his anger becoming more prominent. how could you brush something off like that?

“it’s ok e,” you smile, walking around the bed to him and placing your hands on his biceps and rubbing the muscles gently, “we can fix something here, ‘kay?”

“that’s not what i’m upset about, i’m mad because you never answered me.” he turns his face away, biting his tongue and trying to remain calm.

“i’m sorry baby but i was busy-“

“doing what? tell me what you were so busy doing y/n.”

you swallow thickly, watching his dark eyes flicker to yours and stare you down as you choke on your words, stuttering out a, “uh, i was- uh…”

he rolls his eyes, walking around you and sitting on the edge of the bed, rubbing his hand up and down his jean clad thigh, humming out, “strip down babe.”

you do so, leaving yourself in your bra and panties before him. biting his lip, he mumbles out, “everything.”

your cheeks heat as you remove the rest of your clothing. he curls his finger for your to forward and pats his thigh. you straddle it and he lets out a scoff and shakes his head, tsking at you.

“nope,” he makes you stand up, “maybe if you’re a good girl, ill let you ride my thigh after you get punished, and i fuck your brains out, sound good?”

Only Angel {e.d. au}

Summary: Ethan’s a jealous mess who’d rather not spend the night watching another guy with his hands all over the girl he’s in love with.

Word Count: 7.6

Warnings: Slightly dirty smut (okay maybe more than slight), and language 

A/N: I wrote this during a 15-hour car ride so please don’t come for me if it’s bad. I also listened to a lot of Harry Styles while writing this. Also, I know I’ve been writing a lot of Ethan lately, but there is a Grayson fic coming next :) 


“So, you dragged Lex and I out of the house at nine-thirty at night, and made us put on our Halloween costumes, just to come to some stupid fucking house party with you?”

“Not like you guys were doing anything better. Besides… Bryant invited us.”

“And? Bryant invites us to a lot of things, but we never go…. E, seriously, what the fuck are we doing here?”

“He wanted to come because Y/N’s here!”

“Wait…what the fuck? Ethan, hold up!”

Ethan feels himself being yanked back towards the sidewalk as Grayson grabs his arms and stops him from travelling up the long driveway. An annoyed huff blows from his chest when he looks at his younger brother with a clenched jaw. Then, for a brief second, he gives Lex a side-eyed glare which she shrinks under.

He shouldn’t be pissed at her for saying anything, but he is, because now he has to deal with his brother’s judgmental glare which always comes with the mention of her name.

“Is she seriously here right now?” Grayson dead-pans, a look of disappointment evident on his face.

When Ethan remains silent, Grayson turns to Lex who answers for him, bottom lip timidly bit while she tries to avoid Ethan’s glare.

“Chelsey posted a story like twenty minutes ago with her in it.”

While Grayson pans back over to his brother with a pointed expression, all of Ethan’s attention seems to suddenly fall to the Benz parked on the curb as he mumbles out a response, “S’not a big deal, Gray.”

A low groan falls from Grayson’s mouth instantly once Ethan admits his reasons behind wanting to come, and he flops his head down, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, “Dammit Ethan, are you serious right now? You’re unbelievable…”

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the second time × part one

before you begin to read, please read this!

this story has mentions of a school shooting, so please please read with caution + if you get triggered easily, please don’t read. i’m not romanticising it in any way and if you EVER get the slightest feeling that someone’s going to do something at you’re school, please tell an adult. you can never be too careful.

okay, now enjoy the first part my loves<3

@bouttogolinkurbitch @dolanswhore @starrydolan

song for this chapter: 

human right by the strike

(read with this on repeat!) 

“are you sure?” i sat on the bleachers, eating the chicken gyro the school was serving for lunch.

“yes im sure! im really worried about him co. this isn’t like him.” ethan gripped onto my shoulder before removing his hand and resting his head on the same spot. "well we can’t just sit around, e! we have to tell someone.“ i shimmied around and grabbed my trash before getting up and pulling ethan up with me.

"we can’t tell anyone! it was probably a misunderstanding. i don’t even have the picture anymore anyway.” ethan sat back down and put his head in his hands. i could hear the weeps coming from his face, but he wouldn’t dare lift up his face and show me. i run my fingers through his hair and wrap my arms around him before continuing, “look ethan, he’s your brother, i get that. but that, what he said, it’s gotta mean something. for heaven’s sake, eth. it was a gun!”

my mind was racing with thoughts, both good and bad. mostly bad, but how could i not? ethan’s my best friend, and i know a lot about him as well as his brother. grayson wasn’t always as frightening or as odd as he is now, but i guess after surviving a school shooting, things change for some people. for ethan, not much changed. i mean yeah, it took a toll on his mental health, that in turn would take years to recover from. but for people like grayson, recovery wasn’t an option.

“i know, cohen! i know. just let me talk to him, please.” tears continued to come out of his eyes and you could tell the genuine concern he had for grayson.

you thought over what he said, over and over.

“he sent me a snap. it was a picture of a gun and it said "don’t go to school tomorrow.” i’m scared cohen.“

i honestly don’t know how to react. i mean, there’s not really a correct way on how to react.

"okay, ethan. talk to him. but if he’s still acting this way we’re telling someone, no excuses. i’m not risking the lives of that many people, whether its for graysons sake or not.” i stand up and walk away from the bleachers and back towards the school with ethan to our next class. pre calc was an easy class for me, i flew threw the problems quickly and let both ethan and grayson copy my answers. ethan finished and turned to grayson.

“bro, can we talk? what was with that snap?” ethan ran his fingers through his hair. it showed that he was stressed and i rested my hand on his knee and squeezed tightly before letting go and looking up at grayson who didn’t say anything but, “tomorrow. tomorrow they’ll be sorry.”

ethan and i were both just as confused and scared as the other, but after countless attempts at trying to get him to say something else, something to help us understand what his true intentions are, we gave up.

i walked down the hallway and looked around at the many students, whom were all oblivious to what is truly going on behind these walls.

i look at the big school calendar they have hung up and sigh before turning to ethan,

“hey, whats the date today?”

“july 31st. why?”

“tomorrow’s the anniversary of the university of texas shooting.”

Who wants Just Forget the World 14 today!?

Its Dolan Twin Tuesday and because of that, I have a brand new chapter to share! Keep an eye out, itll be up before you know it!




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73 w/ ethan 😂😂😂

hi babe! I’m sorry this took legit centuries; i’m just super overwhelmed with school and grading right now! i appreciate everyone’s patience–it takes me a while to write these blurbs; i’m gonna be honest i’m not the fastest writer. but thank you so much for those who sent them in and are patiently waiting for me to write them! 💙💙💙 i love you, u lil peaches

I am not currently accepting any prompt requests at this time.

Prompt #73: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

“Excuse me, Mr. Dolan!” You called out as you walked in the front door, your purse swinging from your wrist. Your Uber had just dropped you off from your sister’s twenty first birthday party and to say you were a little tipsy would be an understatement. After downing five shots of vodka and a mixed drink, you were drunk, and decided halfway through the party that it was time to go home. Often, when you were drunk, you got emotional and that typically involved either getting really happy, or really sad, and in this case, you really missed your boyfriend, Ethan.

“Y/N?” Grayson came out of his room, running a hand through his hair in confusion. You frowned at the taller twin; he was not who you were looking for.

“Gray, where’s Ethan?” You tossed your purse on the couch, and tried to subtly lean against the wall. Whenever you were drunk Grayson usually made fun of you in the morning, so you tried to play off your inebriation as casually as possible by acting as though you were tired instead of hammered.

“He’s in the shower–you okay?” Grayson asked, eyebrows raising in suspicion. Grayson, while you were not dating him, always acted like the protective older brother you never had. Grayson was protective in a different way than Ethan, protective in the sense that he always wanted to make sure you were safe and doing ‘the right thing’.

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