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He’s Cruel, You’re Cool // E.D. *

Summary: Y/N and her boyfriend Grayson had a perfect relationship - at least, she thought she did. But she wasn’t the only victim in a heartless betrayal.

Warnings: Angst, a bit of smut, swearing, fluff, and cheating. Also just wanted to add that I am not portraying Grayson in a negative context in real life as this is a work of fiction :)

Y/N was truly in the happiest moments of her life. She had a stable career, a cozy apartment near said job, wonderful friends and a very loving boyfriend. She met Grayson two years ago at a mutual friend’s party and ever since then, they were inseparable. It didn’t take long for Y/N to fall for his charm and genuine kind personality, and Grayson was just so obsessed with her. However, lately things have been hectic at Y/N’s job (she’s an editor for a very popular magazine), so she’s been a bit too busy to plan dates and hang out with him. But he’s been very understanding and doesn’t seem to mind - in fact, it’s almost like he’s a bit happy that she hasn’t been able to make time for him. But maybe he’s just thrilled that she’s making large strides in her workplace. That has to be it.

Y/N is currently driving to her boyfriend’s house, who he shares with his twin brother (she’s also pretty close friends with Ethan, but wouldn’t label them as “best friends”). She whips out her phone and sends him a quick text to let him know she was on her way over.

Y/N: Hey babe I’m almost there xx

She waited on the side of the busy road to see his response. Ten minutes passed and there was nothing - which was odd for Grayson, since he always sends a text back almost immediately, especially on his days off like today. When she thinks about it, he hasn’t replied to her texts at all today, nor has she gotten any read receipts. Y/N decided not to worry too much so she texted Ethan, hoping he was there with him.

Y/N: Hey Ethan… Grayson hasn’t been responding to my texts today, are you guys home?

Ethan: I’m not home but Gray should be… he’s not texting me back either and neither is Stacy. I’m coming home in a bit though

Stacy is Ethan’s girlfriend and one of the sweetest people Y/N has ever met. She’s been dating Ethan for a little over a year now and they’re perfect together. Her and Y/N have really bonded and become close friends since the time they’ve been introduced to each other. She truly makes Ethan happy, just as happy as Grayson makes her.

Y/N sighs and decides to drive to the twins’ house anyway. She pulls in and surely there was Grayson’s car, and Ethan wasn’t there yet. Stacy’s car was also there, but Y/N didn’t think too much of it. Her and Grayson were friends too; maybe they were watching a good movie and haven’t been able to check their phones.

Though, a deep and sickening feeling is telling Y/N otherwise.

She walks into the house using the spare key she was given, and sees no one in sight. However, she does spot Stacy’s familiar black Chanel bag laying on the couch along with a pair of her red bottoms. Why was she wearing red bottoms on a casual Sunday, and why has she taken them off?

“Gray?” Y/N decides to call out, but earned no response. She starts walking closer to his bedroom down the hallway, but slows her pace once she hears the sound of low grunting mixed with… a feminine voice.

Y/N’s heart dropped and her stomach twisted into a knot. No… he couldn’t have… Although she desperately wanted to run away and pretend that everything was fine, she knew she had to find out what was going on. Maybe he was watching porn without headphones on?

Grayson wouldn’t dream of cheating on her.

But Y/N’s suspicions were unfortunately raised when she leaned her head against the door and heard the very familiar voice of Grayson’s… as well as Stacy’s.

“Oh, Grayson!” Stacy belted out, nauseating Y/N.

“Fuck Stace… shit,” she heard Grayson huff as the sound of slapping skin was practically echoing off the walls. “I fucking love you.”

That’s the last thing that completely shattered Y/N; tears instantly swam down her cheeks as she couldn’t contain keeping herself hidden anymore. She twisted the doorknob and opened the door widely; of course the bastard hadn’t locked it. He always locked it when they were having sex… did he want her to catch him cheating on her?

“Grayson!” Y/N managed to shout, catching the sight of the two naked individuals on Grayson’s messy bed. He was currently buried into her, doggy style… a position he would always refuse to do with Y/N because he didn’t want to “hurt” her. She felt absolute disgust when Grayson’s shocked expression met hers.

“Y/N, w-what are you doing here?” Grayson sputtered nervously against a frozen Stacy, who looked incredibly embarrassed and ashamed. “I thought you had work today…”

“That doesn’t fucking justify you cheating on me, you dick!” Y/N snapped angrily, wanting nothing more than to slap that shit out of her now ex-boyfriend. “For your information, I got off early and decided to surprise you. What a huge fucking mistake that was.”


“No! You are not about to explain yourself… especially when you’re still inside of her!” Y/N was screaming now. “Stacy, of all people? That’s what hurts the most… Oh my God, what about Ethan? How the fuck could you do this to your own twin brother?!”

“What’s going on?” she heard Ethan’s voice from behind her, causing her to jump. “I heard yelling- WHAT THE FUCK?!”

Y/N’s body was shaking now, and she just couldn’t take it anymore. Ethan was furiously glaring at the two betrayers as Y/N ripped off the gold necklace with Grayson’s name on it and flung it at his face, making him flinch. She then pushed past Ethan and ran out of the house, ignoring the loud screams and curses flying from Ethan’s mouth. She quickly got into her car and drove off, refusing to cry until she was at least safe and at home.

And that’s exactly what happened. The moment she stepped into her doorway is when she bursted into full on sobs. She crawled into her bed, the same bed where she spent many nights with her so-called loving and loyal boyfriend, but now it was ruined. She wanted to burn every single little thing that reminded her of Grayson; the bedsheets, the t-shirts and hoodies, the teddy bears he won for her at state fairs… everything.

God, Y/N was so in love with him… how could he do this? Why did he do this? It seemed so unnatural of him… Grayson has always promised that he’d never hurt Y/N in a million years since the day he met her. But I guess that promise quickly broke when he unintentionally confessed his love for Stacy in front of her.

Y/N has finally stopped crying at around nine o’clock at night, six hours since the incident. She checked her phone and saw that she had multiple texts from both Grayson and Stacy, both begging for either forgiveness or the ability to explain what happened. She decided to ignore those texts after briefly reading them, and was about to shut her phone off until she noticed a text from the other Dolan twin.

Ethan: Hey Y/N… can I come over? I really need someone right now and I thought since we’re in the same boat…

Ethan: but I’d understand if you don’t want to see me… you know… because of that asshole

Ethan was right. Y/N wasn’t in the mood to see anybody, not just him. A part of her feared that once she saw Ethan, his face would remind her of him despite their obvious differences in physicality and personality. However, at the same time, she also didn’t want to turn Ethan away… knowing his heart was just as broken as hers, if not more. He was betrayed by his own goddamn brother, the person he loved most in the world. Y/N couldn’t let him be by himself.

Y/N: you can come over, e…

Ethan: thank you.

Surprisingly, after five minutes, Y/N heard a knock on her door which confused her. It couldn’t be Ethan, could it? Oh God, what if it was Grayson… or Stacy, trying to beg for a chance for her to hear them out. Y/N looked through the peephole and sighed in relief at the sight of Ethan, and she quickly opened the door. His eyes were bloodshot red and his cheeks were stained with tears… he looked just as messy as she does right now. He walks inside and immediately engulfs her into a tight hug.

“You got here fast,” she commented into the crook of his neck.

“I’ve been sitting in your parking lot for over an hour,” he explained, rubbing her back in circles. “I have nowhere else to go…”

“Nowhere else to go?” Y/N stupidly asked.

Ethan sniffled and pulled apart from Y/N, “I packed up all of my shit and left, even when Grayson tried to stop me. I couldn’t be there with… with…”

Y/N pulled him back into a tight hug as he sobbed into her shoulder, and it only took a couple of seconds for her to cry along with him. What did these two broken souls ever do to deserve this? What prompted Grayson to hook up with his twin brother’s girlfriend, while he had a girlfriend himself? No matter what explanation those two traitors provided, there was nothing to justify the type of pain that they brought upon the close-knit group. Now everything was going to be different and it was all their faults, ruining what was a really great thing.

And no matter how hard Y/N tried, she just couldn’t let Ethan go. And Ethan wasn’t able to let her go either. They both were currently having a similar thought process in which they’d be helpful in recovering one another’s shattered hearts. Sure, Ethan was Grayson’s brother, but he was also a victim in all of this.

“If you don’t have anywhere to go, E…” Y/N croaked, lifting her head up to meet his tear-filled gaze. “…Maybe you could stay here with me for a little while? Only if you’re comfortable with it, of course.”

“Are you sure, Y/N?” Ethan questioned, though he initially wanted to accept her offer right away. “Wouldn’t you uncomfortable knowing I’m related to the backstabbing shithead who broke your heart?”

She shook her head, and patted his shoulder assuringly. “You’re not like him, Ethan, I know you’re not. Besides, he broke your heart too, and I don’t think neither of us should be alone.”

Ethan smiled fainted, grateful for Y/N’s relentless kindness despite the situation. “Thank you, Y/N. You were the only person I wanted to see right now, anyway.”

The pair then proceeded to go down and unload Ethan’s car. He still had some stuff back at the house, but he certainly wasn’t in the mood to go back and get them at the moment. When he was finished cursing out his ex-girlfriend and shitty twin brother, he then went and started packing up his shit in his room, unable to stand being under the same roof where the love of his life fucked his brother. A half-dressed Grayson tried to prevent him from leaving, claiming that he hadn’t meant to have him or Y/N find out that way, but Ethan refused to listen to his pathetic defense. Stacy was also stupidly standing around with Grayson’s sheets wrapped around her naked body, profusely apologizing to Ethan about what he had seen and claiming that she never wanted to hurt him. Too fucking late, is what he told her.

Ethan ended up punching his brother square in the jaw, which was kind of an accident but also kind of not, as Grayson was provoking his burning anger and was crowding his face. He then threatened the asshole to stay away from him for a while, finished packing up his car, and drove away… the first place in mind being Y/N’s apartment. Her broken expression he saw on her face when she fled the twins’ house was a permanent stain on his face, and he was tempted to drive right back around and beat Grayson’s ass even more for doing such a terrible thing for a sweet girl.

Ethan always liked Y/N (not in that way, of course). When a giddy Grayson introduced her to him two years ago, he couldn’t help but respect Grayson for having a great taste in such a sweet, beautiful and intelligent girl. He was almost jealous of their amazing relationship until he met Stacy, who he immediately fell in love with. God… if only he could turn back time…

Ethan met Stacy about a year and a half ago when he and Grayson were doing a modeling shoot for a magazine cover, and she was one of the photographers working with him. They hit it off pretty quickly after being introduced to each other, and Ethan couldn’t help but feel charmed by her excessive beauty and slight sassy attitude the girl contained. Their relationship blossomed naturally and he was absolutely obsessed with her… now? Not so much. He wants the she-devil as far away from him as possible, despite his previous thoughts of marrying her and having as many kids as possible. Of course, those thoughts and promises future was destroyed now, but it still fucked with his mind that he used to falsely see her as this perfect angel who could do no harm. Clearly, she could do a lot of harm.

And now Grayson Bailey Dolan. This is what makes everything worse… when his own twin brother was involved and betrayed his trust. Despite this shitty action that he committed, Ethan couldn’t help but still love his brother… although he just cannot envision himself ever forgiving him or things going back to the way it was ever again. In the past, Grayson has made jokes of “stealing” Ethan’s girls, but this… this was obviously just too far. It wasn’t a joke anymore, it was a cruel reality that Ethan was now drowning in. He could forget about Stacy, even though it’ll be difficult since he’s still in love with her, but she’s just another girl. Grayson? Grayson is his blood relative, his twin brother. They shared the same womb together. They stuck together throughout high school when they were being teased and messed around with by other students. They were each other’s wingmen and helped each other out when they were down. They make videos together that have gained them plenty of devoted fans. They have fucking matching tattoos together. They are each other’s halves, and have promised each other to never let a girl get between them.

Why the hell did his stupid brother have to ruin everything?

Ethan couldn’t sleep that night in Y/N’s guest bedroom, though he was so appreciative of her being as accommodating as possible. His mind was racing with thoughts as he tossed and turned in his blankets. What was going to happen now? Ethan and Grayson’s relationship aside, which he doesn’t fathom how it will be mended, but what about the fans? They’ll be crushed and infuriated if they found out what Grayson did. His career would be ruined. What about the videos? They currently have a few pre-recorded and edited videos planned to go up in the coming weeks, but what happens after that? Do they separate? If they separate, would they have to make a video together explaining why? Ethan couldn’t imagine himself making a YouTube channel entitled Ethan Dolan. It was too painful to think about. His creativity relied on his twin; they just worked so well together despite their differences.

Ethan’s mind was eased to a sudden stop when he heard a loud sob coming from across the hallway. Y/N was certainly awake too, and before Ethan knew it, he had gotten out of bed and walked over to her bedroom. He opened the door to find her laying in bed, curled up in a ball with her face pressed against her pillow. He hesitantly walked over, feeling like he was the last thing she needed, and sat down beside her on her bed. Feeling the bed sink down beside her, she lifted her head up to see an empathetic Ethan, who was now rubbing her back in soft, slow circles.

“Ethan?” she whispered, her voice breaking.

He shook his head, urging her to not say anything. Instead, Ethan laid down beside her and wrapped a tight arm around her waist, spooning her. He then spoke in a fearful tone, “Is this okay?”

Y/N thought to herself, thinking back to how her and Grayson cuddled… well, they rarely did - only after sex. And even then, they never actually spooned each other. Grayson would always blamed it on his claustrophobia… which now had her wondering if that was a lie too. Did he ever cuddle with Stacy? Brought back to reality a bit, Y/N brushed her hand along Ethan’s arm and sighed at the feeling of his warm breath hitting her neck. She let the words flow out of her mouth, “More than okay.”

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since that dreaded day and Y/N and Ethan have been getting better since. They’ve gotten a lot closer to each other, spending all of their time watching movies, going out to eat and ordering in, laughing and going shopping, et cetera. They had a lot more in common than they thought, they were just consumed in their blinding love lives to realize it. Neither have them have been in contact with Grayson and Stacy, both of which were doing God knows what - not like they cared. Nowadays they rarely thought about them - only on Tuesdays when Ethan uploaded a video to the channel without even mentioning it to Grayson. They pretended like everything was normal even though things were far from it… until the third week mark came and there wasn’t anymore Dolan Twins videos to upload.

Y/N sat in her bedroom as she heard Ethan speak on his Instagram story, “Hey guys, so there isn’t going to be a video today… actually, there won’t be one for a while. Due to personal reasons, we’re taking a break from the channel. I’m not sure how long it’ll be, but I encourage you guys to be patient for this process. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed, I am too, but some things in life you can’t control. Thanks for understanding and always being supportive… love you guys.”

So, the Dolan Twins fans aren’t oblivious as to what’s going on. They knew something was happening when they noticed that Grayson and Ethan barely posted on their stories and weren’t seen together in public. They weren’t posting Snapchat stories together urging fans to check out the new video; and through a little digging, they also noticed that Y/N (her and Gray’s relationship was never publicly confirmed but it was obvious that they were together) had unfollowed Grayson and Stacy (her and E’s relationship was somewhat public). Y/N had also deleted pictures she had which she had taken with Grayson alone (innocent pictures, like them simply standing side by side together but it still sent shippers crazy). And now here’s Ethan’s Instagram story, in which fans noticed that his smile seemed fake and his bags under his eyes increased - it also looked as though he was in someone else’s apartment.

Y/N was lost in thought when Ethan walked into her room and sat beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder to shake her out of her momentary daze. She snapped out of it and giggled softly before asking, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I just know rumors are going to fly and fans are going to try to figure everything out,” he sighed heavily. “I know what they did was fucking awful but I don’t want Grayson being sent tons of hate and his career demolished…”

Y/N flinched slightly at the mention of her ex but nodded nonetheless. “I understand. I hate him right now but I wouldn’t want anyone sending him death threats, you know?”

“You know what we should do?” Ethan changed the subject quickly. “We should go on a road trip.”

“A road trip?” Y/N questioned.

“To get our minds off of this shit. If we go somewhere at a reasonable distance from… them… maybe it’ll help us,” he explained. “You’ve also been working a shit ton and you need a break, you work-a-holic.”

Y/N rolled her eyes but grinned excitedly. “Well, where will we be going?”

“I was thinking Vegas? You’ve mentioned before that you’ve never been and I think you should go,” he suggested.

Grayson had always promised to take Y/N to Las Vegas, though he never acted on it. He always claimed one day but at most times, he said he was just too busy.

“Let’s go to Vegas then,” Y/N agreed, realizing that she was in desperate need of a vacation.

So she took the rest of the week off and her and Ethan drove off to Vegas in his Jeep. Ethan had managed to book quite a lovely luxurious hotel and defended it by saying it was part of the “Vegas experience.” They were both excited to not be too cooped up in her slightly small apartment anymore, though Y/N feared that fans would spot them and confront Ethan about what happened… would he be able to tell the truth?

Ethan managed to convince Y/N in going to the ziplining place with him, despite her fear of heights. It was the first thing they went to when they arrived to Vegas, and since it was nighttime he told her that the view would be much more beautiful. He was right, of course, but Y/N’s chest tightened when she realized how high they truly were, nearly as high as the tall buildings of the city. Ethan noticed her nerves and grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers together. She looked over at him and he smiled, “It’s okay, I got you.”

She returned his smile and gazed around at the millions of city lights, her fear diminishing as she admired the view. “Wow… it’s beautiful.”

Ethan was unknowingly staring at Y/N, though. Her hair was flowing through the wind as she stared in awe at the sights around her. God, how could he have not realized how beautiful she really is? Grayson really lucked out… and fucked up but not appreciating what he truly had. If his brother would have seen this lovely girl underneath the lights with her hair through the wind, hundreds of feet in the air - he wouldn’t have ever dared to consider being unfaithful to her. And though it was grossly cliché, Ethan couldn’t help but let the words blurt from his mouth, “Yeah, you really are…”

Y/N whipped her head around and gave him a puzzled look. “What?”

“I-I was talking about the view, not that y-you aren’t - I mean, fuck,” Ethan sputtered nervously, unable to cover his hilarious slip up. “Fuck it, you’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

Her mouth fell agape as she hadn’t expected the compliment from him. The difference in his words from his twin brother struck her almost immediately; Grayson would always tell her that she looked beautiful… but here Ethan was saying she is beautiful… Was she overreacting or is there a certain meaningfulness to this language?

Because looking beautiful and being beautiful are completely different terms.

When the zipline ride was over, Y/N’s adrenaline was rushing. She jumped on her feet and spoke excitedly, “That was so fun! Let’s do something else - like skydiving! Let’s go skydiving.”

Ethan chuckled, swinging an arm around Y/N’s shoulder as they walked back to his car. “Most of the places here are closed already, but we can come back tomorrow… that’s if you’re adrenaline hasn’t washed out yet.”

He shot her a knowing smirk to which she stuck her tongue out in response. They eventually drove back to the hotel and around a quarter to eleven, they decided to chill out on the balcony as they were on the fiftieth floor. They sat in the chairs and just stared at the stars, both lost in the sky until Ethan noticed Y/N shivering.

“Cold?” he asked, laughing as Y/N hugged herself for warmth.

“No,” she denied, shaking her head. Ethan rolled his eyes at her stubbornness and stood up, pulling off his hoodie to give it to her. She refused and tried to say she was fine, but he wasn’t having it - he ended up forcing her inside his oversized Kid Cudi hoodie, her scowling in defeat as he donned a proud grin.

He sat back down, and Y/N mumbled a quiet “thank you.” Secretly, she was glad that he had given her his hoodie, though now her heart was racing a mile a minute, just as it had when he called her beautiful. Did he mean anything by it? Probably not, and she knew better than to jump to conclusions. The scent of Ethan’s cologne was strong, though, but Y/N adored it. She very much preferred it to Grayson’s natural scent-

No, she wasn’t going to compare them. She couldn’t do that to her mind. She had to let Grayson go, despite hanging around his twin brother. If she had to be honest with herself, the time she has been spending with Ethan has been ten times more fun than the few, sparring times she had spent with her ex. Maybe it was the spontaneity of it all, or the fact that they were using this to get a lot of shit off their minds, but Y/N was having fun and she wasn’t going to let her cheating and lying ex ruin it.

That is, until she got a notification on her phone. In fact, it was multiple notifications. Her Twitter and Instagram was blowing up, many fans encouraging her to check out a video upload to YouTube on the Dolan Twins channel. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion; she thought Ethan hadn’t uploaded anything? She then discovered that #GraysonDolan was trending number one on the Twitter page, as well as #GraysonDolanisOverParty underneath. A sickening feeling overwhelmed Y/N when she clicked on the hashtag, not expecting to see a candid picture of Grayson kissing Stacy on the lips in front of a Starbucks. She glanced over at Ethan, who was giving her a peculiar look and was wondering as to why she probably looked constipated right now.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked, concern evident in his tone.

She couldn’t show him the picture, she couldn’t let it tear him up inside. Before she knew it, she sprinted into the hotel room with Ethan closely following her - but she managed to lock herself in the bathroom. He repeatedly knocked on the door but she ignored it, clicking on the YouTube app on her phone. Instantly a video from the Dolan Twins popped up from her subscriptions box, entitled, I Made A Huge Mistake… with Grayson’s face as the thumbnail. It had nearly ten million views already, and with a lump in her throat she decided to click on the ten-minute long video.

Grayson sat in front of the camera of his bedroom, the same place Y/N caught him… the mere thought made her want to click off the video, but she stopped herself. Grayson took a deep breath and she tried not to notice the redness in his eyes and his tear-stained cheeks.

“Hey guys. So you’re probably wondering what’s been going on lately, and Ethan and I haven’t been posting together or hanging out,” he began, sniffling a little. “Well, I didn’t want to make this video because I wanted to handle this situation privately but a picture was leaked onto Twitter, so I guess I’ll just say it now: Ethan and I had a major falling out, and it’s all my fault.”

Grayson took a short pause before continuing, “No, this isn’t a prank. I fucked up… I really fucked up. I hurt the two people in my life I cared about the most in the world, just for a good time. So let me begin…”

Y/N scoffed at his words, then realized that Ethan had stopped banging on the door. Her focus was brought back to her phone when she heard Grayson speaking again, “Y/N and I started dating about two years ago and I fell in love with her… I’m still madly in love with her, despite the fact that we’re broken up now because of me. I took advantage of her kindness, and you’ll find out soon enough. Anyway, Ethan started dating Stacy about a year ago, and everything was all perfectly fine until about six months ago, when Stacy and I were left in the house alone and she started flirting with me.

“It was innocent at first, and I thought it was all a joke until her flirtations… started getting a little more physical. I was uncomfortable with it because I had a girlfriend - and she was dating my brother - so I confronted her and told her to stop. Then she started blackmailing me… she had taken some scandalous and intimate videos of Y/N and I when we thought we were alone, and told me that if I didn’t hook up with her she would release them to the public and ruin our lives. At the moment I should have told Y/N and Ethan, as well as authorities… but I was blinded by fear so I did it. Then we continued hooking up for the next few months to prevent her from leaking those videos…”

Grayson shedded a few tears and while Y/N wondered if they were real, she also felt completely and utterly disgusted. Her breathing hitched as the boy on the screen took another deep breath and started to continue his story, “For some time now, Y/N was really busy with work and we barely saw each other… not that I’m blaming her, of course. We grew distant and I used my need for comfort with Stacy, who I developed some feelings for but had ignored them. I used her as a way to distract myself from my poor relationship and was having fun, I’ll admit… until Y/N and Ethan caught us, and it all went downhill from there.

“I ripped both of their hearts to shreds and I know that they hate me now, and they’ll never forgive me. Ethan moved out and neither of them are talking to me, which I completely understand. I just want them to know that I am extremely sorry for what I’ve done, and there’s no possible way I could fix the pain they’re feeling right now. I disappointed my fans, my family, and even myself. I decided to break it off with Stacy and she promised not to release the videos if I gave her one last goodbye kiss, which was obviously caught on camera. I’m not sure what future entails for this channel, just know that we will be taking times for ourselves to figure out this mess that I’ve created.

“Y/N, if you’re watching this, I just want you to know that I’m sorry for breaking your heart and I love you. There’s no way you’ll ever take me back and that’s okay. You were the most perfect girlfriend and you made me really happy, and you don’t deserve the way I treated you. You deserve so much better. And Ethan… my best friend, I’ve betrayed you in the worst way a brother could ever do. I will regret hurting you for the rest of my life… I know you want nothing to do with me, which I completely get, but I can’t picture my life without you. You’re my family, my everything, my favorite person in the whole world… I love you so much, and I hope one day we can patch things up. It’ll take time, I know, but I promise I’m sincere and I’m not taking my responsibilities for the views or attention… but because it’s the right thing to do and I’m ready to face whatever consequences that are coming to me. Okay, that’s it… bye, I guess.”

The video ends there, leaving Y/N in a sobbing mess on the hotel bathroom floor. Her stomach churns and she feels so disgusted that she ends up crawling over to the toilet and throws up the remnants of food she had that day. She hears a sudden click of the locked door that is now pushed open to reveal a crying Ethan, who gasped at the sight of Y/N. He had used a card to slide through the locked door after watching the video himself. He quickly walks over and flushes the toilet, picking a shaking Y/N up and carrying her out. He rests her on the king-sized bed and asked softly, “Are you sick?”

She shook her head, and even then Ethan placed a hand on her forehead to see if she felt warm. “No… No… I just feel worse, even after that video. It’s been going on for months, and Stacy had videos of me… and him… oh God.”

Ethan pulls her into her arms in an attempt to calm her down. “Hey, hey… You don’t know that. Grayson could be lying…”

A part of Ethan couldn’t believe that Stacy would be capable of doing such a horrendous thing - blackmailing someone - but another part of him was convinced that it was the truth. Yes, he was in a tough situation with his brother, but he knew whether or not his brother was lying… and in that video, Ethan could feel that he was telling the truth. And Grayson is certainly not a decent actor.

“He’s not lying, I could tell,” Y/N spoke, clearing her scratchy throat. “It just hurts to feel like you weren’t good enough for someone, and they tell you that you are, but this still end up betraying you anyway.”

“You were more than good enough for Grayson, Y/N. You’re the best girlfriend he’s ever had and the biggest loss he’ll ever face…” Ethan says assuringly, grabbing onto her hand and squeezing it tightly. He then grabs her face with his hands and caresses her damp cheeks gently, smoothing over the dry tears with his thumbs. “When you look at me, do you see that monster? Does my face turn to his face? If so, would you still want to hang out with me? I’d understand if you-”

“No, Ethan, I don’t see his face when I look at you. I see you’re face, and in fact, he’s completely forgotten when I look into your eyes,” Y/N tells him honestly. “You’re a completely different person, you know that right? He’s cruel… and you’re cool. You’re the coolest person I know, E, and you’ve really helped me these past few weeks.”

“You’ve helped me, too,” he mumbled, casting his eyes into her own as he rubbed the back of her neck. His eyes then moved towards her lips, and his heart thudded in his chest. They looked so soft… so needy… “We should help each other out even more…”

Y/N detected the desire in his eyes and she felt it as well. She whispered his name before closing the gap between them, locking their lips together in a sealed and greedy kiss. His tongue ran across her bottom lip as she ran a hand through his fluffy dark brown hair, her legs straddling his hips as she pushed herself on top of him, his back meeting the mattress. The adrenaline she had felt a few hours earlier had returned, igniting a fire inside of her. This abrupt and rushed sensation was something she has never felt before, not even with he who shall not be named.

Ethan grabbed Y/N by the shoulders and flipped them around so that he was now on top, there kiss had not broken just yet. He was hypnotized by the way her lips moved with ease against his, as if it were truly meant to be. Before they knew it, all of their clothing has been tossed to the floor and he was now pounding her into the bed, no foreplay required. She trailed her nails down her bare back as he thrusted into her wet core repetitively, their moans syncing together like a beautiful harmony. He spread her legs further apart so he could go in deeper, slamming the headboard against the wall without caring that it would disturb the guests next door.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Ethan groaned, his hands wrapped around her wrists that were held besides both sides of her head as his chests slammed against each other’s.

Y/N threw her head back at the immense amount of pleasure, knowing she was bound to reach her climax very soon. “Ethan!”

They came together, and Ethan rested him beside her warm and panting body, his forehead coated in sweat. He pressed a sweet kiss to her cheek as she stared up at the ceiling; neither of the pair realized that they just opened a door to something they would never be able to close.

And so they continued their sexual rendezvous for the next couple of weeks. Whenever the strong pull of loneliness overwhelmed either one of them, one quick text and their needs were satisfied. While it seemed like a “friends with benefits” type of situation, they both saw it as something more but weren’t quite ready to make it official. However, they did agree to be exclusive to one another, deeming each other the best sex they’ve ever had. Y/N’s lingering sadness over the previous traumatizing events were finally beginning to fade away - she wasn’t in the process to forgive Grayson, but she no longer felt ill-will towards him. She shed no more tears over the boy that once made her heart flutter but now she feels absolutely nothing for. And no, she didn’t consider Ethan as her rebound - he was much more than that. As for Ethan, Stacy was completely rid from his mind, he forgotten what he ever saw in that twisted woman. The only woman that filled his thoughts nowadays was Y/N. He had a desperate urge to take care of her and act as a loving boyfriend would, but he needed she needed time. They both needed time. Not only for themselves, but for those around him, because thanks to Grayson the whole situation was now public. Fans came through with love and support, but Y/N and Ethan didn’t bother to make a response video or post. Stacy did, however, try to defend herself and deny the “accusations” but it ultimately failed when she was exposed by Grayson with receipts from his texts.

Currently Ethan and Y/N were engaged in yet another spout of intimacy when she could have sworn she heard the front door open. Something she should have remembered earlier was that Grayson has a spare key to her apartment, which in retrospect she should have taken when she stormed out of his house that terrible day. Her and Ethan were in the very position they found their ex-lovers in, doggy-style with Ethan’s large hand wrapped around her throat as he fucked into her. Both of their heads snapped up when they heard Y/N’s bedroom door open to see and shocked and disturbed Grayson with a bouquet of roses in his hands.

“What the fuck?” he spat, but his anger and annoyance only fueled Ethan’s arrogance because he continued his movements into his brother’s ex-girlfriend.

“What can I say?” grunted Ethan, wiggling his eyebrows in amusement. “What goes around comes around, bro.”

graysonsoulmate  asked:

i got a concept for you: grayson or ethan hyping the shit out of their thick girlfriend’s when they know how insecure they are. for example, telling them how beautiful they look without any clothes on or how good they look in a bikini. 🥺 i want this.

oof this got me🥺

They would be the most genuine & sincere boyfriend to their thick girlfriend, especially knowing that she’s not that confident in her body at times.

Except for the fact that he loved her curvy body & how she was different from every other girl he met. He loved the way you dressed, how your jeans fit in all the right places, especially your ass, his favorite place to grab, smack, & caress whenever he’s in the mood, or just anytime.

He loved your cute stomach & the stretch marks that decorated your smooth, silky skin. He never understood how you didn’t love your body, but he did. He loved the way your hips would swing as you walked, especially as you walked in front of him. 

He would run his big hands down your curvy, creamy sides as you would unravel under the touch of his lips kissing your neck. He loved squeezing your thighs, as he would trace his plumps lips, down to your warm, wet pussy. That’s his favorite meal. He loved your curvy body, so he taught you how to love it yourself.

You Can Stay With Me (g.d./e.d.) - Epilogue

Epilogue - Conundrum 

A/N: Here’s the long awaited epilogue to my first ever fic. Thank you to everyone who’s read it, and thank you to everyone for giving such positive feedback. This may be the end of You Can Stay With Me, but it’s also the beginning of Ethan and Y/N’s life as parents! So don’t worry, more is to come :) 

Summary: Y/N struggles to balance her new career and her broken relationship as she tries to figure out how to handle a pregnancy. 

Read The Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Warnings: language, angst

Word Count: ~2.3k


As August rolled around, there was something different about your skin and your body. And you knew something just wasn’t right.

There you were, sitting on the tile floor in your tight, square bathroom, staring at the double lines on a home pregnancy test. 

You stared at the name on the dimly lit screen, hesitating before clicking it and hearing the line ring. The sound was distant, despite the phone being pressed against your ear.

“Hello? Y/N?” Grayson’s familiar, husky voice came through the speaker.

“How fast can you get to New York?”


August, 2021

Grayson laid beside you, a hand rubbing your belly gently. He laid on his side, sitting up on his elbow as he watched you stare up at the ceiling, eyes bloodshot from all the tears you shed. The two of you laid in silence, the only noises were coming from the open window. The sounds of the city that never sleeps went in one ear and out the other as you watched the ceiling spin above you. 

“Talk to me,” he begged, desperate to get a look at the inner workings of your mind in a time of pure chaos. He was at a loss, of course, considering he was caught between two of the most important people in his life.

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ahhh okay so an anon sent me a concept only tumblr published it before i was ready so i deleted it like an idiot 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

the concept was something like: “grayson has been giving me such frat!grayson vibes lately. imagine grayson’s fwb seeing her flirt with someone else & maybe she needs to get punished.

•A/N: also, i know this is kind of choppy it was supposed to just be a concept but i got carried away. i’m trying to get back into writing so pls don’t roast me. i hope you guys like it anyways 🤦🏻‍♀️

first of all, hi anonny💙 (i hope you see this btw) i actually wrote something similar to this!! i have a blurb of frat!gray punching a hole in the wall when he sees his girl who’s not his girl with someone else & i have a fic called make it nasty where frat!gray gets super jealous of his best friend/crush dancing with someone else.

now to the concept: the whole thing started because grayson was flirting with a girl from ADPi who he has previously hooked up with. frat!gray is a natural flirt with hooded eyes, and gentle touches, always down to make a girl feel a little bit special whether it’s for some clout or to have them come dance with him. however, he really likes his fwb; that’s his girl. although, he definitely has a double standard when it comes to her; he doesn’t like when she flirts or dances with other people at fucking all and she knows that, but he does it all the time and it infuriates her.

• you would walk in to the party, immediately looking for grayson, since he’s the one who invited you to this party in the first place. you’re in a sorority but your sorority isn’t super close with his—your sorority, Alpha Phi, hangs out with Sigma Chi, while Grayson’s frat, Sigma Pi, usually hangs out with the girls from ADPi. you were friends with a few of the girls from ADPi, but not nearly as close with them as you were with your sorority sisters.

• eventually, you found grayson in the kitchen, a hand stroking callie mchenry’s hip as he whispered in her ear. her dazzling smile and blushing cheeks confirmed your worries and your heart sank to your stomach.

• you immediately rushed over to the counter nearest grayson, scooping some punch out of the sink, making sure your heels clicked loudly as you made your way next to him. “‘scuse me,” you snarled as you walked past the two who were huddled closely near the doorway. graysons could feel his heart start to race; he was both excited that you were here, but annoyed that you had caught him flirting. “you’re here? when did you get here? you were supposed to text me.” callie’s smile slipped off her face at the diversion of grayson’s attention.

“gray, we were in the middle of a conversation—,” callie tries, placing her hand on his forearm.

grayson looks at her with boredom in his eyes, slight annoyance tracing his features, “i’ll find you later, cal, okay?” grayson places his hand on her back in an attempt to scoot her out of there and y/n’s rage only grows. who the fuck did grayson think he was trying to control girls the way he did? you knew he was bad news, but god if he didn’t just make your heart race in the most intimate of ways. he was enraging, and enticing, and enamoring. however, clearly he didn’t feel the same way since when you had hooked up yesterday, he told you he was thinking about you two being exclusive rather than just being the standard booty call. you felt like the biggest idiot.

• callie left the room with a sigh, her head hung a little low. you felt bad, especially since you related on a multitude of levels, but right now you were pissed. you took a long swig of your drink, the liquor burning down your throat much how your stomach burned with anger.

• “when did you get here?” grayson repeated as he leaned back on the counter, his heartbeat picking up. he can’t believe you saw that; just his luck. he would make a step toward committing, drunkenly flirt and get fucking caught. his flirting wasn’t even because he wanted callie either—you were late. well, you were a little late, and grayson was drunk and panicked. panicked that you got freaked out at his desire to be exclusive. panicked that you found someone better, someone who was smarter, and more mature. panicked that you left him.

• you promptly ignored him, surveying the room before taking another sip of your drink. grayson rolled his eyes, “you’re really gonna ignore me? what are you? five?”

• you could feel your own jaw clench, “me? i’m the five year old? yesterday you told me you wanted to be exclusive and today you’re over here groping another girl. i think we both know who the real five year old is.”

• grayson’s jaw clenched, “you’re the one who’s late! i thought you were ditching me—christ, y/n. also, for the third time, why didn’t you text me when you were here?”

• “i did, asshole. look at your phone,” you bit back, hands on your hips indignantly.

• grayson pulled out his phone from his back pocket to see three missed texts from you. his phone on do not disturb. his face grew hot and his stomach started to churn; he had fucked up.

• “y/n—,” grayson began, his hazel eyes pleading.

“save it, i’m so sick of this. fuck being exclusive, honestly. you can’t even keep your hands off another girl when i’m not in the same room as you. i’m all set, dolan,” you snapped, your eyes burning a bit. you weren’t sure if it was the bright lights, the alcohol, or the smoke filled room, but you would drop dead before you let grayson dolan saw you cry over him. you hated yourself for the pure fact that you said that you were all set with him because you knew in your heart you’d be back with him eventually. he was like a jello shot; cute, delicious, and so, so easy to drink, but dangerous when consumed in copious amounts.

• “c’mon, y/n, you know i wanna be exclusive, don’t be like this,” he pressed on, holding onto your wrist. you looked at the floor throwing your head back from a second to blink back tears before your eyes shot daggers at him. “don’t tell me not to ‘be like this,’ grayson. you can’t even keep it in your pants when i’m five minutes late to a goddamn house party. what makes you think i’d wanna be exclusive now? come find me when you’ve matured a bit.”

• an hour later after downing several shots of fireball with a few girls from ADPi who were in your environmental science class you were definitely drunk and definitely looking for somebody to dance with. you left the girls to go to the bathroom and when you came out you stumbled into a body. “whoops, my bad,” they apologized taking a moment to steady you. you looked up at them; blue eyes, dark brown hair, with freckles across the bridge of his nose. this boy was very pretty, and would make an incredible distraction.

• you discovered his name was drew, and after many soft touches, in addition to some lingering stares, you two eventually made it out onto the dance floor. the bass of an a$ap ferg some reverberated throughout the house, and with the alcohol coursing through your veins you felt even more daring than usual. you wanted grayson to see you, let him know you were already over whatever games he was playing, so you made sure you two stopped right in front of the speakers, where you knew, ethan, grayson’s brother was usually posted up.

just as you anticipated, ethan was in charge of the playlist. with phone in hand, he was slightly distracted as a pretty girl with long blonde hair had her hands wrapped around his neck, her fingers intertwined through the ends as she whispered in his ear. as soon as the song was about to come to an end, you made sure to turn you two around so you were facing the table with the speakers. your ass was pressed tightly to drew’s front, your arms swung carelessly around his neck, his mouth attached to your neck.

• grayson could see you from the top of the stairs and he could feel his face growing hot with rage. he knew it was hypocritical, but fuck did he hate this. he hated the idea of someone else’s hands, lips, or body touching you. it made his skin crawl, his jaw sore from clenching it and his stomach feel sick. he had never felt like this over any girl and the fact that he was the cause of a.) catching feelings and b.) driving you away was beyond frustrating.

• with a clenched jaw grayson glared at you, willing you to look up. after a few minutes with no luck he stomped down the stairs, drink sloshing in his hand as some of it spilled over the side. as he made his way closer his mouth fell open. it would be drew anderson who was dancing with you; the guy was constantly living in his shadow, running for VP of Sig Pi and losing to him, constantly challenging him to drinking games and losing, anything he could to one-up him. leave it drew to be the one to go for his girl.

• grayson walked over immediately, liquid courage charging his rage and causing him to bump into drew’s back. in surprise drew flew forward, sending you flying. to ensure you didn’t fall, drew held tighter to you, his neck craning around to confront the offender. “what the fuck, dolan? you good?” drew snapped, his hands resting on y/n’s waist. grayson could feel himself grow sicker by the second.

“i’m pretty fucking good, anderson. how are you?” grayson sneered, looking you in the eyes the whole time. you refused to break eye contact; this wasn’t fair. he couldn’t just have his hands all over someone else and then act like a brat when you did the same thing.

“uh, good?” drew replied awkwardly. with a bright smile, drew turned to you, pulling you in closer to his side, “this is—.”

“y/n,” grayson interrupted. “yeah, i know, and you know i know, so let’s cut the bullshit, anderson. go find someone else’s shadow to chase, would ya? always crawling up my ass, trying to be me or something—just fuck off and find someone else’s girl to hang all over.”

drew stiffened, and he immediately let go of you as his hands drew into fists, “excuse me? who the fuck do you think you are?”

• you eventually ended up pulling grayson away, his chest heaving, sweat beading on his forehead with rage and tears of frustrating brewing. he was drunk, he was hurt and he was pissed.

“gray, what’s your problem? you’re the one who was flirting with someone else in the first place but as soon as i do it, you act like i fucked the whole frat. stop being such a goddamn brat.”

“i’m the brat?! i’m the brat? i’m the one who’s been trying to apologize to you the whole damn night and you’ve been out talking to other dudes. christ, whos the hypocrite now? two wrongs don’t make a right.”

you rolled your eyes so hard you could only see the white or your eyes for a brief second.

“oh shut the fuck up, because you’re so angelic. i’m not in the wrong here—you are. now either commit or don’t grayson but i’m sick of playing games.”

“commit? why the fuck would i wanna commit to you when all you do is bitch at me and run around with my frat brothers? christ, you’re exhausting.” your mouth fell open as your stomach dropped. he didn’t want to commit anymore? you’d taken this too far, you should’ve shut your mouth when you had the chance. but at the same time, did you really deserve to be treated like this?

“i’m done. call me when you grow the fuck up, grayson.” you turned on your heel, and that was when impulse took over his body. he pulled you towards him and kissed you hard. almost like a magnet, your hands were immediately drawn into his hair, your mouth granting his tongue access. grayson’s hands we’re wrapped around your waist as his fingers traced lines that burned your torso up and down, his touch making your hairs stand on end.

you broke apart, out of breath and pupils dilated. “i’m done—just wanna be yours, y/n. i’m sorry—i know you’re not gonna believe me, but watching you with someone else tonight hurt. hurt so bad.” grayson took a deep breath to steady himself, and you placed your hands on his chest reassuringly. “i’m insecure, alright? shit, you’re stunning, and funny, and charismatic and so fucking smart and i could never hold a candle to you. when i didn’t get your text, i freaked out—i thought you’d changed your mind and i wanted to get my mind off you.” grayson’s gaze diverted to the floor, the emotions he was unleashing almost pouring out of his eyes. “i wanna be exclusive. i wanna be exclusive so bad, but i’m fucking scared. i know you’re too good for me and it’s terrifying, i feel so much for you it scares me.”

“really? me?” grayson nodded, his eyes slowly picking up from the floor.

“grayson, i am not too good for you, holy shit. but we gotta stop these games, it’s so stupid and i can’t keep doing it. you crush my heart when you fuck around with other girls,” you admitted honestly, biting your nail nervously at his response.

grayson nodded sadly, acknowledging his mistakes. “i know—and i’m so fucking sorry. so, so sorry. i’ll spend the rest of the night and this week, this month, hell, this year making it up to you. i can’t let you go.”

mirroring his actions, you nodded, “well, we can be exclusive, but on one condition.”


“you take me upstairs right now and show me just how sorry you are,” you purred, hand slithering down his chest.

grayson’s face lit up with a smirk, as he leaned over to murmur in your ear, “can’t wait to get you in my bed, gorgeous. you better scram like a good girl, so everybody in this party knows you’re fuckin’ mine, and nobody else’s.”

a shiver ran up your spine as you nodded, and grayson grinned, turning to lead you two to the stairs, his hand squeezing your ass every so often as you two climbed up towards a night full of apologies, intimacy, and love marks.

Doctor Dolan ↯ G.D.

Summary: Grayson is trying to study for his upcoming biology exam, but he fails to do so when he gives in to your temptation.

Warnings: smut, role play i guess ?

Word Count: 4.2k

A/N: this is badly written and dirty so please don’t hate me and stuff

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anonymous asked:

Omg can you write one last part to the fwb concept where ethan confesses his feelings for her at the dinner with his grandparents?? Only if you want, no pressure! I love your writing ❤️

Thank you babes! Love that this turned into a mini series💕 Y’all can check out parts one, two, and three ❤️

“It’s so good to see you, again,” Y/N greeted Ethan’s grandparents respectfully, giving them each a hug. They adored her. They raved about how kind and beautiful she was. 

Ethan pulled out the chair for her to sit, being the gentleman he is. Only, there was something most definitely off between the two so-called lovebirds. The affection they presented at that wedding dissolved into awkward glances and fake smiles. Ever since Y/N’s confession, the two couldn’t figure out how to get back on track. 

“What’s going on between you two? Come on,” Ethan’s grandmother couldn’t stand to see the lack of affection, the lack of love. She adored seeing the way they looked at each other, the way they held each other, the way they fit so perfectly. But now, they were nothing like she remembered them to be.

“Oh, nothing, I think we’re both just tired, busy week,” Y/N brushed it off, telling herself to put on a better show for them. So she took Ethan’s hand and gave him a small smile. 

Ethan sighed. He couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Actually, I have something to say,” Ethan furrowed his eyebrows in thought, trying to collect the right words to say. Now was his chance. 

Y/N’s eyes widened. She didn’t want him to reveal the truth. The truth that they weren’t a couple and they’ve been lying this whole time. That would be so embarrassing. 

“Y/N and I aren’t dating,” Ethan finally comes clean, earning a gasp from his grandparents. The sentence lingered between the four. 

“Well, would you care to explain?” His grandpa leaned forward, trying to make sense of the whole situation. 

“It’s a long story,” Ethan chuckled softly, biting his lip and shaking his head. “But I just didn’t want to pretend anymore.” 

“Ethan-” Y/N began. 

“Before you say anything, I was a jerk for not saying anything the other night,” Ethan looked at her and referred to her confession. His grandparents sat in silence as they tried to understand what the hell was going on. “I’m falling for you, too, seriously, literally, no doubt about it. And I don’t want to pretend anymore because I want this,” he pointed between the two of them, “to be real.” 

Y/N sat there, her jaw dropped and her eyes wide. She was confused and shocked at the very least, but she was also overjoyed. She hadn’t made a fool of herself for confessing her feelings. 



anonymous asked:

ahh could you write something where fwb ethan takes y/n as his date to a family wedding and asks her to fake date him for the weekend that they’re there so his family gets off his ass about being single?

This got kind of long I got carried away oops lol hope y’all like it😊

“Just this one time, I promise I’ll make it up to you,” Ethan begged her to be his plus one. He didn’t want to hear his relatives make comments about how single he was. Spending a weekend with family wasn’t always the easiest. They liked to be involved in his business, and they liked to try and set him up with other girls. He was sick of it.

“Fine, you owe me,” Y/N pretended she didn’t want to go, but deep down, she was thrilled he asked her. They’ve been fooling around for quite some time, and she didn’t know how to take their relationship to a different level.

The night of the reception, she wore a red dress, Ethan’s favorite. She knew it would drive him crazy the whole night.

“You look…amazing,” he said breathlessly when he first laid his eyes on her. “Uh, Let’s get going shall we?” He chuckled softly, linking their arms together like the gentleman he is.

Y/N expected the night to be awkward. She wasn’t really sure how to pretend to be his girlfriend without crossing an invisible line.

“This is my…girlfriend, Y/N,” Ethan introduced her to relatives, moving his hand to her back which sent chills up her spine.

“Finally! It’s so nice to meet you!”

“Oh, Ethan, she’s definitely a keeper!”

“How long have you been together?”

“So is it serious?”

The compliments and the questions flooded in the entire night, which Y/N admits, was super overwhelming. She wished they rehearsed their relationship beforehand.

“Ethan, ask your girl to dance! Come on man,” one of his uncles would nudge him as a slow song blared through the reception hall.

“Uh, yeah,” Ethan hesitated before standing up and offering her his hand. “Dance with me?” He bit his lip and prayed this wasn’t too awkward for her.

Luckily for him, she took his hand and followed him to the dance floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his found their way to her hips. They swayed to the rhythm of the music, getting lost in the crowd of people slow dancing under the glittering chandelier.

“This is…nice,” Ethan states quietly. His heart pounded with every step. His relatives watched them dance, raving about how great of a couple they were together.

Y/N looked up at him, praying this moment wouldn’t make their sleeping arrangements any different. If she couldn’t be in a real relationship with him, she was okay with it. As long as he found himself calling her in the middle of the night, she was content. She didn’t mind if all he wanted was sex because it meant she got to have him, all of him, even just for a few hours.

“Kiss me,” she whispered so softly, he almost didn’t hear her.


“I mean, we’re a couple aren’t we?” She chuckled softly and glanced at the figures standing around and staring at them. “We have to make it believable…”

Ethan reaches up and placed a hand on her cheek. Naturally, she leaned into his hand while staring into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her softly. It was a kiss that went unmatched to their usual hungry kisses before getting into bed. It was a kiss that had both of their hearts fluttering with desire.

The Fallout 2

Summary: You’ve got the chance of a lifetime. Directing the Broadway premiere of an original script. But your two lead actors throw you for a loop. Especially when Ethan Dolan shows up and just about makes your knees go weak. Professional integrity and family drama? What could go wrong?

Warnings: None really. Mention of an impure thought and some family trauma. Not graphic!

A/N: Okay so! Part two! Sorry it took so long. My personal/professional life got a bit hectic this past week! I hope you enjoy it. As always thank you so much for reading!

Part one 

Lunch with the Dolan crew was every bit as stressful as you expected it to be. Edith and Parker insist upon sandwiches from the shop down the street; much to Ethan’s dismay, who not so subtly hints on several occasions that pizza sounds good. He asks you what your favorite place to eat around here is, which makes you cringe. You usually didn’t leave the theatre for lunch. It gets so busy and everyone has questions to ask you. By the time you finish notes and the first round of actors and designers with questions back off, the ones that had gone to lunch and then come back early to talk to you are already arriving. On a typical day your assistant picks you something up from wherever. If you even ate lunch that day. So going out with the two youngest in your show was refreshing, not to mention getting to spend time with their extremely good looking uncle who had allowed you along for the ride. Ethan had declared a ‘no work garble,’ rule, mainly so the kids and yourself actually had a break.

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Late night cravings {G.D}

Summary: Y/N is heavily pregnant and really just wants cookies and cream ice cream, okay?

A/N: hello, I’m Caitlin! I’m Not new to writing but am new to writing for the Dolan twins. This is just a sweet little imagine idea I had.. I’m nervous to post, any feedback would be appreciated! And I’ll be taking requests if anybody likes my writing enough to shoot some my way 💜


You were wide awake again, eyes staring at the ceiling that was only faintly illuminated by the soft glow of the moon that seeped through bedroom curtains, letting you know it was way too early to be restless and hungry. You tried to ignore it, but the growl of your stomach was persistent and unrelenting, as it usually was nowadays. You sighed as you looked over to your alarm clock that was perched up on your nightstand, moving your hand to cradle your 7 month bump when you read 3:36 a.m. it wasn’t your fault you were up; if the baby hadn’t kicked you right in the rib you’d still be asleep, blissfully unaware of your craving.

Grayson slept ignorantly unaware next to you, laying flat on his back, hand behind his head, his lips parted just the slighted bit. You rolled your eyes, it wasn’t fair that he could sleep in any position he pleased, while your bump had mostly limited you to sleeping on your right side, and often times even that was uncomfortable. You tried really hard not to wake him up to complain, tried really hard just to go back to sleep, but then your stomach growled again and you thought fuck it, he’s the reason you had an eggplant sized baby inside of you that seemed to have no mercy on your sleeping schedule.

“Gray,” you tapped him, but he only slightly stirred.

You tried again, this time in a whine, “baby…” Still nothing.

“Grayson!” You shouted, probably too loudly and selfishly, considering he had been dead asleep. His arm shot up, followed by his body, eyes wide as he serched your face as best he could in the darkness. “What? What?! What’s wrong?”

“Your daughter woke me up and now we want ice cream,” you said, pouting out your bottom lip that had become fuller as you reached your third trimester.

Grayson sighed, flopping back down onto his back like a bag of rocks. His hand reached for your swollen belly, instantly moving under your shirt to grasp the underside of the ever growing bump. He closed his eyes again, snuggling into his pillow and tugging your towards him, “there’s ice cream in the fridge, momma.”

“No there isn’t… I ate it all after dinner.”

Your husbands eyes fluttered back open, eyebrows unmistakably furrowing even in the darkness. “I just bought that tub two days ago.”

You gasped, half mockingly and half embarrassed at yourself for the eating hadits you had adopted over the course of your pregnancy. “Don’t judge me when I’m seven months into carrying your kid.”

Grayson only chuckled, turning onto his side seemingly drifting back to sleep. You probably should have left it, tried to go back to sleep too; you both had to be up early for a doctors appointment and then work. But damnit, you wanted that ice cream so bad it almost hurt.

You bit your lip, turning to your side so you could litter your husbands necks with soft kisses. When he let out a small groan, you spoke again, thinking you had him right where you wanted him, “Walmart is twenty four now.. can you go get us cookies and cream?”

“Y/N, I’ll get you whatever you want in the morning.”

“Fine, then I’ll drag my big bump and swollen ankles to Walmart by myself at four in the morning.” That sure got his attention; he grabbed you by the hip as you went to ungracefully swing your legs out of the bed.

“You really want it that bad?”

“Yes, we really do.”

“Fine.” Works every time. You smiled to yourself before placing a chaste kiss to his plump lips.

“You’re the best husband in the whole wooooorld,” there was exaggeration to it, but in your heart you knew it to be true. He was always so caring, considerate and actively striving to be the best man he could be. That all only increased by tenfold when you told him you were pregnant by putting together a scavenger hunt that lead to a handful of positive tests on the very outlook he’d asked you to marry him on. Ethan always teased him about being whipped, but to see him now was something else entirely. Once the words pregnant left your mouth the man would put your socks on for you if you asked, even when you were only nine weeks along and had no bump to show for it. He was obsessed with your pregnant body and more protective than you knew was possible.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m only doing this because you’re starting to waddle now.”

You laughed, kicking him lightly in the back as he climbed out of bed. “Ha, ha, so funny! If you don’t stop making fun of me this is the only child you’re gonna get.”


thirty minutes later you were waddling with too much pep in your step down the hall, once you had heard the unmistakable sound of Grayson’s car pulling up into the drive. You met him in the kitchen, instantly approaching him with grabby hands, snatching the plastic bag from his grip. He beamed at the excitement on your face, and knew that the 4am ice cream haul had been well worth it just to see you look so happy.

“I see how it is. Right for the ice cream, not even a kiss or anything.” Grayson threw his hands up in exaggeration, before settling himself against the marble island to watch as you tore through the bag.

He was just about to mumble something about going to bed, but before he could you were interrupting him, “what the hell is this?”

You had pulled out the ice cream one by one. There was an impressive array of flavors; pistachio, red velvet, mint chocolate, rocky road, but absolutely no cookies and cream.

“Oh, they didn’t have any of what you asked for, so I just grabbed a bunch of different flavors.” Grayson smiled, obviously proud of himself.

“How do they not have cookies and cream, it’s Walmart?..”

“I don’t know, maybe I just didn’t see it.”

What Grayson had failed to catch onto was the emotion laced in your voice, how your bottom lip started to wobble and your eyes brimmed with tears. You knew it was stupid, knew it was irrational, but the fact that there wasn’t the flavor of ice cream you craved sat in front of you ready to be devoured had you absolutely heartbroken. All the other flavors made your stomach churn and you were revolted at the sound of them.

You sniffled and that’s when Grayson grabbed you by the arm and spun you around to look at him. His face was scrunched up with worry, his hand moving down to wipe away at your wet cheeks. “Hey, hey, hey. What’s wrong?” He asked, soothing his hands up and down your bare arms.

“Everything!” You yelled. “I can’t sleep, I’m always hungry, I miss sleeping on my stomach! And most importantly, now I have all this ice cream but none of it is cookies and cream, and I just really wanted cookies and cream, Grayson!”

Grayson was mortified, jaw left hanging as he stumbled for what to say. If he had known this would make you this upset he would have gone to a different store. He would of gone to a hundred different stores. “Okay, okay,” he soothed. “I’ll go to a different store, yeah? I’ll get it for you, don’t cry, please.”

You groaned, moving away from his grasp and starting back for your shared bedroom. “Just forget it,” you called back to him.

You went back to bed, flopping onto your back and sobbed. Sobbed because you weren’t eating ice cream and sobbed because you felt ridiculous for sobbing over it. Your husband didn’t follow you back into the room, probably running for the hills at your extreme reaction.


Somehow you feel asleep between sniffles and hiccuping, only waking up when you heard Grayson creep back into the room, tub of cookies and cream and spoon in hand.

He handed it over to you and you grabbed it, wiping at your red face that had been dried by your pillow. Between sniffles you opened it and shoved some into your mouth, groaning at the sweet taste. “I’m sorry.. for crying and being crazy. And making you go to two stores. I hope our baby doesn’t end up with my brain.”

Grayson only shushed you, moving his hand to rub soothingly over your bump yet again. And yet again, for probably the millionth time since you first met him, you felt you didn’t desvere him.

“You’re pregnant, babe. This is all normal… all the books say so, even the doctor, remember?”

You nodded, but it still didn’t feel good to be so out of control of your emotions, especially when everything was changing.

“Cameron’s husband told me one time she cried because he wouldn’t let her dip pickes in butter when she was pregnant.”

You wheezed out a laugh, all but spitting your ice cream out at the imagine of your sister in law, hand falling to your stomach because the sudden movement had the baby moving again. That sure made you feel better, to know this wasn’t only happening to you. And at least you could say you hadn’t craved something as disgusting as butter and pickles. And it made you feel even better how Grayson dipped his head to your stomach to kiss at it, once he caught wind that the baby was active. “You’re making momma crazy, huh? It’s okay, we still love her anyway.”

You set your ice cream aside so you could run your hand through Grayson’s hair, smiling as your baby girl reacted even more to her daddy’s voice, kicking hard enough to make your belly contort slightly. “She loves your voice, Gray.. If you keep talking she’ll be up the rest of the night.” You giggled, not really minding in the slightest if it meant you got to watch him coo at your tummy for a while longer.

You feel asleep to those soft coos, perfectly content because you knew all the crying and pain and cravings would be worth it when you got to see your baby girl in the arms of her loving father.

And when you woke up you were met with another large bowl of cookies and cream, sat next to a note that said ‘can’t have you crying over this stuff again. Love you. Thank you for taking care of our girl. - Gray’

makethanproud  asked:

concept: getting ready to go to dinner w E in but you get too caught up dancing around in ur underwear together and end up missing ur reservation :P

Listen sav I know you want that smut but also —

Ethan puts Flower Boy by Tyler, The Creator on and turns on the lighting in his room. You’re bouncing along in the bathroom, haphazardly curling your hair while humming along. He’s stepping into the room, a pair of dress pants resting low on his hips and still unbuttoned. Ethan’s shirtless, smirking at the sight of you in the mirror.

There’s firm hands on your sides now, waiting (impatiently) for you to finish your current curl before leaning in to press a kiss against your bare shoulder. “You look beautiful.” You’re giggling, the simple statement causing you to roll your eyes. “Hair half curled and half dressed? You’re just saying that because you can see my ass.”

He’s laughing now, low and bright in your ear before his hands slide to grip your ass. “Just one of the reasons.” The song changes to See You Again and Ethan’s stepping back, extending his hands out to you. You bite your lip for a moment before nodding and turning to put your hands in his.

Ethan’s dramatically singing along while dancing you around his room. He’s twirling you, pulling you in against his chest, anything inbetween. You can feel his chest rumbling against your body with each word.

The song comes to an end and you reach over to grab his phone off the bed. “E, wait. Remember this?”

It keeps going until you’re halfway through a Spotify playlist filled with memories a an hour later. Which would be fine except for the fact your reservations were for a half an hour again.

Yet as the two of you fall back into the bed, Ethan handing you his phone with Uber Eats already loaded, you don’t really mind the change in plans.

Only Love.

In which Ethan is dismissive, and is much more proud of his friend.


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anonymous asked:

imagine staying at Ethans for the night and the next morning you’re up before e so you go to the kitchen and Grays there and you have a food fight with gray. After a while e comes out and sees you and realises how much he loves you bc of ur relationship with gray

Ethan’s always sleeping late, meaning you’re up before him to join Grayson for breakfast nearly every time you stay over. You didn’t mind, of course, because it meant you got to bond with Grayson, who soon became one of your closest friends.

You’d both make breakfast together and chat about whatever came to mind. But one morning, you were both feeling extra silly.

“Alright, here are the rules, no throwing hard foods, and no aiming for the face,” Grayson stated as the two of you stood on opposite sides of the kitchen, ingredients ready in hand to be thrown.

“Ready…go!” You yelled out and the two of you started throwing any foods you can find at one another. You’re ducking and trying to block the mess that was coming your way, all while cracking up.

Your laughs and screams finally wake up your sleeping boyfriend. Ethan trudges out of his room, rubbing his puffy eyes to see the sight of you and Grayson playing with food like children.

Normally, Ethan would have been annoyed at the mess, but when he saw the way you laughed and saw the way you and Grayson were together, he didn’t care about anything else.

All Ethan knew was you were the one, and he loved you 100x more if it was even possible.

You Can Stay With Me (g.d./e.d.) - pt. 5

Chapter 5: Nothing Gold Can Stay 

A/N: Hi everyone! I want to thank you all for waiting so patiently for this chapter! This will be the final chapter of YCSWM, but Ethan’s and Y/N’s story lives on in the many concepts I’ve written and will continue to write. There will also be an epilogue. Thank you all for reading and loving this story as much as I do! Also, to avoid any confusion, this chapter takes place two years into Ethan and Y/N’s relationship, so there is a time jump. 

Depending on the reactions this chapter and the epilogue get, there may possibly be a sequel! 

Summary: Y/N gets a great opportunity, but it puts a strain on her and Ethan’s relationship. 

Read The Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Warnings: language, angst

Word Count: ~3.1k


Will you just let me talk?” Ethan was suddenly firm, gripping your hand. “I know I never asked you out or asked you to be my girlfriend, that’s on me. I didn’t want to fuck this up,” he gestured between the two of you, “by putting a label on it or putting unnecessary pressure on it.” 

You watched him, unsure what to say next. He took your silence as an opportunity to continue. 

“I’ll take you on a million dates, a billion dates, if that’s what you want. And I’ll tell the world your my girlfriend, if that’s what you want,” Ethan placed a hand on your cheek, hoping he was saying all the right things to make you stay with him. 

“What do you want, E?” you squeaked. He was so worried about pleasing you, he forgot all about himself. “It doesn’t matter what I want, if you don’t want the same things.” 

“Y/N, I’m in this for the long haul.” 


“So I have big news,” you looked around the table at your four favorite people: Ethan, Grayson, and Claire. You invited them to dinner, each of you dressed to the nines as the lights dimmed in the restaurant and soft music from the piano played in the distance.

You held Ethan’s hand on the table, squeezing it gently. You and Ethan have been together for nearly a year now, both of you still falling more and more in love with each other as the days go by.

It didn’t feel like you’ve been together for two years, it felt more like a lifetime. You and Ethan nearly spent every waking hour together, and when you were apart he was on FaceTime keeping you company.

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classyhumanoidbananascissors  asked:

Can you maybe write about ethan x reader where they have a fight, and it ends with a lot of fluff? Love your page!!! 😘

Thank you for the kind words lovely! ♥️ I’m trying to change the usual swing of my writing with this one. I was inspired by 5SOS’s song “Who Do You Love?” I’ve been listening to it frequently, and the lyrics are so powerful!

I’m trying something new with requests, keeping them fairly short but still trying to provide some comfort with the way the words flow and the plot, rather than the length. I’ve been struggling getting back into writing but am trying my best. I have countless drafts I start and go back to but I still want to share what I can.

I hope you all enjoy!


“Did you sleep with her?” He thought she was asleep. He thought that when he came home, he could sneak right into bed next to her, and pretend like he hadn’t spent the last few hours with another woman. He thought that they could continue to live under the same roof, as long as he barely looked her way. He thought that he wouldn’t miss her voice, her skin, her scent, her laugh, and her warmth. 

Yet when she raised the question, her voice laced with fear, he suddenly missed her. She’d been here all along, but at once he felt he had missed out on loving her. He had forgotten who she was, and what she meant to him.

Thick tension sits heavily in the air. He’s afraid to look at her. He feels disgust in himself, dirty and wants to tear out his skin and hair. She watches him carefully, eyes brimming with tears. She’s laying on the couch, the only light source the lamp she lit. For weeks something in her heart told her things weren’t right. They’d drifted apart, that she was aware of, but what was once a few stolen glances and shared morning kisses had become into a game of who will break the silence first. For weeks he hadn’t kissed her, touched her, or even spoken more than a few words to her. He left in the morning and came home late at night. She knew his work didn’t last all day. Very seldom did he come in time for dinner. Most nights she reheated the plates she left for him every night the next night, watching the door anxiously for his arrival. But he never came. Till later at night, when she’d pretend to be asleep and she could smell the Chanel off him. 

She never wore Chanel. 

Nor did he ever hide it when he thinks of it. Never did he think What if she finds out? He always thought she knew in way, and that for some unexplainable reasons they would never have to face it. It really made no sense.  But what was making sense the past few weeks?

He gathers what little courage he has and finally looks at her. When was the last time he really looked at her? For a few seconds silence passes, and he examines her face. He knows every blemish, every curve, every angle but tonight the face he see’s is different. She’s frail, drained out by complexion, her lively eyes are dull and brimmed with tears, lips are a shade lighter and there are bags under her eyes.

Her appearance tells him a story of what he’s done to her. He’s frozen and can’t seem to move from his place at the door. He breaks their gaze, looking down on the floor, ears burning red. He can hear her shuffling. She tears the blanket off herself and stands slowly. When he looks at her again she’s wearing a sundress, one that he loves, and recalls all the times he’d spent admiring her in that pretty little pink thing. She gulps, tucking her hair behind her ears. He has an urge to reach out and do it for her. He’s forgotten how her hair felt. Wearily she steps closer to him, her hands joined together and pushes them against her lips, refraining from crying out. 

Why isn’t he answering?

“I’ve been finding cigarettes in your coats lately, and …” she’s exactly two steps from falling into his arms. She stops to breath, unable to hold in her tears. “And I know you don’t smoke” his heart breaks and he wants to yell at himself. Shame on you Ethan, shame on you. “Ethan please …” words are coming out of her mouth, tears are falling out of her orbs and he can’t. He just can’t. This is escalating far to quickly and he needs to face her. But he cant look at the pain he’s caused. He fears owning up to hurting the girl he promised he’d never hurt.

“Please just tell me” this voice doesn’t belong to her. It’s broken and weak. A voice he hasn’t heard from within in her in all the years he’s had her. This voice is new and it’s hers, and it’s because of him. He watches with a clenched jaw and teary eyes as she breaks before him. She’s crying for him, asking for answers she deserves. He has them, he just can’t speak. He looks down at her legs, trembling, and shoves his hands in his pockets.

“You can’t even look me in the eyes” she exclaims, shaking him, and for the first time in forever she’s actually touched him. The leather feels cold against her skin, and she’s shaking him for answers. He just looks up to the ceiling with a heartbroken expression on his face. She releases him, stepping back. Why isn’t he answering? Confused and torn she turns, beginning to fold the blanket on the couch. He takes this time to speak, because he’s been cruel to her. 

She hears him walking behind her and she freezes in her spot. The hair at the back of her neck stands upright. Its quiet, except for her soft broken cries. She hugs the folded blanket to her stomach. Please Ethan please … 

“I never slept with anyone” she closes her eyes at the sound of his voice. Taking in the melody and harmony of each word. His words are firm. “I kissed her a few times …” She nods, tears falling down her face. Go on, she thinks. Please go on. She imagines her kisses taste like cigarettes and some pungent taste that leaves Ethan craving more. She imagines a beautiful tall woman, with captivating eyes and a gorgeous smile. She imagines her sitting on Ethan’s lap kissing him senseless like they did before. She imagines him taking her to his secret places. She imagines him looking at her with a look she only knew. 

He takes a deep breath, his heart racing. He takes another step, and she flinches as his front collides softly with her back. He wants to wrap his arm around her waist, but he can’t. Not right now. With his tall figure and her shorter one he can see her face. A faraway look in her eyes and pain. “When we started falling apart, I was out one night. At a bar, drinking away the pain.”

She gulps, waiting for him to say that whoever she was had come in and saved him. “She came to me, approached me. I wanted to be alone. But she wouldn’t leave.” He watches as her eyes fall, tears following. “She told me she could tell I was hurting. She told me everything would be alright.”

“But then …” His voice cracks, his heart pounds faster if possible. “Something inside me wanted more of her. I kissed her.” He watches as she shakes her head, biting onto bottom lip. “I regretted it then and there. We kept kissing and it felt so wrong but right …” he remembers the night he kissed her, tasting like scotch and cigarettes from her end. 

“When I got home that night I felt disgusted. You were asleep. We drifted further and further apart, and I missed you. But I didn’t realize that. Instead I sought something with another woman. I told her about you” He watches as her shoulders tense up even more, and he’s met with her front in a matter of seconds. “I told her …” he pauses, allowing a few tears to slip down his cheek. With a shaky hand he presses his palm against her cheek and he feels her retreat back, but he doesn’t let go. 

“I promise you, nothing but a few kisses. I told her I would never sleep with her. And I never did” She doesn’t know how to react. She’s looking into his eyes, knowing very well he’s speaking the truth. “I’m sorry” he whispers, breaking into tears before her. “I am so sorry” She lets him cry for a few seconds. Unable to move. When he looks at her again she searches for more. She wants to ask him what else did they do? But she knows. She was the one who made him smile, laugh, and held him when he needed someone to hold him. She didn’t have to ask to know that. 

“It all ends now” he tells her. “I promise it all ends now” 

He’s telling the truth.

She pulls away with force and he misses her within his reach. He feels empty on the inside, but the only way to feel whole again is with her. He has to give her time. So he watches as she walks away to the kitchen, pulling a cardigan around her body, shielding herself from the cold and him. 

Later that night he’s in the shower, washing away all remnants of his mistakes. The hot water burns his skin but he cant help but feel dirty. Angry at himself, he breaks loss, crying under the shower head as hot water burns through his skin. 

When he walks into the bedroom he’s surprised to find her there. She’s perched atop her vanity he remembers assembling months back when they first moved into their home. She isn’t crying any longer, and her eyes seem warm, yet distant. The sleeves of her cardigan are pulled over her hands and the fabric slouches at her sternum. The bedroom lamps cast a golden hue on her. Her hair as always is tucked behind her ears. 

He misses noticing the little details about her. She’s beautiful.

With long strands, but slowly he walks towards her. He’s warm from his shower she can practically feel the heat radiating off of him. He smells like himself. She notices his clothes from before thrown into a plastic bag behind him, ready for disposal. He gazes at her intently, waiting for her to say anything. “I believe you” it’s three words that come out so faintly he almost misses it. For the first time in forever she reaches for him, her hands trembling. He engulfs them in his bigger ones. Her breath is shaky as she pulls him closer. Slowly her legs untangle and he sets himself between them. His palms rest around her head against the mirror. They’re so close, it feels surreal. She nervous, just like she was the first time he kissed her, but this time is nervous with fear. Will it be the same?

There’s a look in his eyes she knew all too well, one that was made for her. Her insides tingle and she’s craving him. It seems surreal to them both. He wants to kiss her, hold her, feel her. He wants to feel the way he did before, a way that no one but her caused. Cautiously she places her palms around his cheeks. She closes his eyes, leaning into her. She can feel the scruff against her skin. 

Is it right to give them a second chance? Is it right for her to let him back in? 

She still loves him. Always has and always will. She can’t control that.

When they’re eyes meet again he asks her ever so gently “Can I kiss you?” 

She hesitates for a few seconds, wondering if he’ll taste like the other woman, or if he’ll hate the taste of you. But she nods slowly, tears brimming in her eyes. Because finally.

No strains of cigarettes, no strains of Chanel. His lips mold softly with hers and he’s so gentle, as if she’ll wither away before him. He tastes her cherry Chapstick and that feeling he’s subconsciously missed is back. He runs his arms down her back and around her waist and she shivers. He aspires to feel her skin but they’ll take it slow. She kisses him back with equal impatience. Her heart flutters against her chest, her insides warming at lengths she’s missed. She feels dizzy. And she loves every minute of it. 

When she pulls back breathless, he admires the girl before him. His girl. Her head rests against the vanity mirror and her tired eyes tell him she would like to give their love story another try. “I want this” she tells him. “I want to be with you, but I want you all to myself.” The last part is a stab to his heart but he knows its justified. “I promise” he responds. She pull herself off the vanity and down onto her feet before him. He looks down on her and she looks up at him. Its only a matter of time before she pushes herself against him, wrapping herself around him. He holds onto her tight, kissing the top of her head. 

For now they’ll sway back and forth in each others arms. I love you, they think to themselves. 

“It’s Just For Show Right?”// G.D Imagine Pt. III

So this one’s kind of a filler but still interesting-ish? The next one though is definitely going to be juicy so keep an eye out for that one (; 

If you would like to be tagged in this mini-series please lmk and I will gladly tag you! 


Pt. I , Pt. II 

Hope you like it xx 

Ethan was sitting beside you on the couch. You had your feet pulled up to your chest as he ran a comforting hand down your back. You basically repeat what you say in the long instagram video to him but don’t hold back on your emotions. You lay everything out on the table: the anger, the pain, the sadness, and the jealousy. You were jealous that he was getting off easy with the fans. He wasn’t being called a bitch or a lying slut from hundreds and thousands of people. Instead he was getting comforted and supported while you were shown that no one really has your back. Ethan listens to every single thing you say. He nods his head or says a quiet “mmh” when he finds it appropriate to let you know that he was listening to you.

When you finish you wipe your nose with a tissue and bury your face in the crook of your elbows.

“I just want the pain to go away you know?” You whisper as you really didn’t want for him to hear but he does hear you. You hear him let out a sad sigh and wrap his arms around your body providing a warmth you didn’t know you were craving.

You bury your face into his chest and inhale his scent. You almost choke up as it was the same scent Grayson wore all the time. In your mind you try to imagine Grayson’s arms around you but you can’t.

Ethan felt different. 

Ethan felt warm and safe. Grayson made you feel happy and content, but never safe like you did right now. You shake the thought away and know that it was probably just because Ethan was there when no one else was. He was comforting you because of the mistake his own brother made. In that moment you rethink your decision and decide not to go through with it. 

“He’s not worth your tears. I know he’s my brother but what he did was super messed up and what I’m doing right now is probably messed up in many people’s eyes but I just had to make sure you were okay. If I knew what he was up to I wouldn’t have let him do it. I swear to you that I would have told him to stop and made sure you knew about it before things got out of hand. I don’t know what overcame him to do this to someone, let alone you. You are the sweetest girl ever and don’t deserve this. No one does.” Ethan confesses. 

You sniffle and look up at him. His eyes meet yours and you can see the sincerity in them. You smile and thank him before resting your head back on his chest. You could hear his soft and steady heartbeat and feel how his chest rises up and down. You feel so peaceful that you just forgot about Grayson for a few seconds. 

That was until Ethan’s phone rang pulling the two of you out of the comfortable silence that settled between the two of you. 

“Hello?-Yeah-I’ll let him know-Love you too Ma.” Ethan hangs up the short conversation and lets out a sigh. 

“I have to go my mom just called me to tell me that she’s going to fly down here tonight with my sister. Call me or text me if you need someone to talk to. I hope what my brother did to you doesn’t ruin our friendship.” Ethan says as you lean back on the couch away from him. 

“I will thank you for being my only friend and coming over to check on me.” You smile while leaning up to give him a tight hug. Ethan soon leaves and you are left alone with your thoughts again. You knew that tomorrow was going to be a busy day with press. You had pre-scheduled interviews that you couldn’t get out of. Your manager was already pissed for having to cancel a few today but yet came to understand that you needed time to process everything. 


The next day was just as hectic as the last, if not more. You were currently in hair and make-up getting ready for an interview with Zach Sang. You were scrolling through your phone texting back your parent when you got a text from Ethan. A smile rose to your face and your hair stylist also noticed this. 

“Who’s got you all smiles?” She asks while adding more sea salt spray to your wavy hair. 

“My friend. He’s been a great support through these past few days.” You admit but keep his identity a secret as you knew that it got out that Ethan was talking to you things would get crazier than they already were. 

“He must be one good friend because your face brightened up when his message came through. Just be very cautious with your heart sweetheart. I’ve known you since you were a small bean in the business and I know you have a heart of gold. Don’t let any boy come in and easily take it.” She smiles while patting your shoulder before letting you know that you were done. 

Soon you found yourself sitting on a comfy couch with headphones on your head. You greet Zach as he walks in and give him a quick hug. He introduces you to the audience as he gets his queue to start. You respond with a quick hello and start the interview. At first he asks you small typical questions about you and the album alongside some fan questions. You were kind of happy that he wasn’t asking you any questions about the break-up but you knew that a good interviewer always brings up the current drama in a celebrities life. You knew that question was going to come up at any moment and as the interview grew closer to end he gives you a soft look and you knew it was coming. 

“So last night you uploaded a video explaining your situation with your ex-boyfriend and Youtube sensation Grayson Dolan. Many fans are wondering what your thoughts are on Grayson basically denying everything you said in the video?” He asks you. You give him a slightly confused look as you purse your lips trying to figure out what to say next. 

“Well….I think that if he was man enough he would admit to his mistakes. He knows what he did is wrong, or at least I hope he does. I have been used before for my fame and have been cheated on. He knew how badly those things affected me and you know I thought he was different. I thought finally I found someone that is right for me, who isn’t a cheat, or a liar but that was just changed in the span of a year. I haven’t been on social media so if he has said anything in the form of denying what I said that he is fucking liar. Excuse my language.” You apologize as the curse word slips your lips forgetting that you were on the radio. Zach dismisses it with a wave of his hands before asking you another question. 

“You haven’t seen his twitter?” 

“No I haven’t. I’ve been off my phone since I posted the video.” You confess. 

“Well last night after your video Grayson tweeted out and I quote, ‘People do anything to bring others down to their level. I am bigger than that please be kind to everyone.’ and then laster on he tweeted out, ‘I have never been unfaithful to anyone in my life. I have nothing but love towards her and wish her nothing but the best.’ What are your thoughts on that?” He asks you. As you listen to what he says you can’t help but let the anger inside of you bubble up. 

“Bull. That’s what I’m thinking. Bullshit. He won’t own up to his mistake because he knows damn well that he will lose so many followers. He wants you guys to believe that he’s this nice, goody-two shoe guy when in reality he’s a manipulative piece of crap. He wants to be that way then you know what fine with me. He can be that way but I know my truth and I know what I saw that night.” You angrily say. 

“What did you see?” He asks testing the waters to see if you would spill out a little more. 

“He was having sex with this actress. I caught him in the act. He can deny all he wants but I saw it and that’s what made me realize that he was just the same as my ex’s, a piece of crap.” 

“You mention Ethan Dolan, his brother, in your video and explain how he wasn’t apart of it. Can you elaborate more and explain what he did and didn’t know?” 

“Ethan didn’t know about the entire situation at all. He’s the type of person that if he knows something wrong is going on he is going to put an end to it. Ethan is a really great guy and if anything I will continue to support his dreams and all his achievements. Ethan was and is a great friend in my mind. He didn’t know what was going on. He was just as blindsided as I was.” You explain not wanting Ethan to get pulled under the rug for something that his brother did. 

The interview soon came to and end and you were off to another interview. All the interviews basically went down the same way. You explained the entire situation and defended Ethan. Everyone wanted to know more but everything you had said was all you had. There wasn’t more to your story yet but you knew this was only the beginning. 

When you finally got home you took your heels off and rubbed your aching feet. Your cheeks were sore from having to fake smile at all the cameras and interviewers that you were around. Your face felt dry from the foundation so the first thing you did was go and wipe it all off. You take your outfit off and change into an oversized t-shirt. You let yourself fall on your bed and close your eyes for a few seconds. You inhale and exhale deeply before opening them up again and reaching over for your phone. 

Ethan has been checking up on you through out the day as he knew that you didn’t really have many close friends. All your close friends were back home and they couldn’t exactly fly over to be with you right now. Having friends in the industry was hard for you as you have been played one to many times and felt like it was just a toxic situation to be around. 

Opening your snapchat you take a selfie with your hand over your face and caption it “long day :/” Then you go onto twitter and go to look at your twitter mentions. Many were talking about your interviews today and how they were upset with Grayson and many more were talking about how they were upset that you kept trying to bring Grayson down. You of course chuckle at that and decide to just get out of the app before you get sad. 

As you throw your phone on your bed you turn your head to the side and spot one of Grayson’s sweaters the seat you have by the window. Getting up from bed you walk towards it and pick up the soft material. Your twiddle with the material between your fingers and bring it up to your nose. His familiar scent fills your nose and you can’t help but choke up. You miss him like crazy despite him hurting you the way he did. 

You were so in love with him that it almost hurt. You felt stupid for allowing your heart to open up that way but you knew that in the moment you were doing what any person would do, fall for him. He was this picture perfect boyfriend who did everything every girl dreams of. Yet when things got real for him and you they just vanished. He grew cold and almost mean towards you. He broke you more than anyone has ever broken you. 

He was your person, or at least that’s what you thought he was. Now he was a distant memory that will forever haunt you. 

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classyhumanoidbananascissors  asked:

Heyy can you maybe write a ethan x reader where she is scared something might happen to him and he gets mad about being over protective and it ends in a lot of fluff?? Sorry for my bad english 😅 luv ur page!!! 😘

“Hey, E.?!” She called out for him, not really sure where her boyfriend disappeared in the middle of the woods while she took her eyes off him for a minute to pee.

He’s been talking about taking her to his favorite spots since the day he asked her to be his and suddenly he’s nowhere to be found.

Until she stumbled upon him and Grayson doing flips on rocks at the edge of a cliff.

“Ethan!” She shouted, her heart caught in her throat when she saw Grayson land safely, but Ethan didn’t quite get a proper footing and nearly flung himself off the cliff.

Luckily, Grayson managed to grab a hold of his brother, which oddly enough didn’t phase them much.

Y/N on the other hand nearly lost her mind. Hands tangled in her hair as she pulled at it, mouth and eyes wide open in shock, knees wobbly and her heart in her ass. That’s what he did to her in daily bases with his irresponsible behavior and she’s just about had it.

She’s very happy he’s okay, but she’s a lot more angrier at the laughing idiot she calls her love.

“Ethan Fucking Dolan!” She exclaimed so loudly the sound echoed around them and he finally turned to her, hearing the rage in her voice.

“You survived, but you’re a dead man now.” Grayson whispered, covering it up with a cough.

Ethan stood in his spot, watching her stomp her way toward him, finger pointed at his chest.

“You left me alone in the woods calling for you because I thought I was lost and then you fucking almost kill yourself?! If that’s your idea of a vacation, I’m fucking done!” She raised both her hands in surrender, her voice cracking at the end and it doesn’t take a mind reader to see she’s just scared. Angry, but scared.

Ethan quickly wraps his arms around her, giving her a bone crushing hug he knows she needs and loves. She always said it isn’t a real hug unless someone is struggling to breathe.

“I’m sorry and you’re right. Won’t do it again.” He mumbles into her hair, leaving a kiss atop her head as he watches Grayson raise an eyebrow at him.

“Which part?” Y/N looks up, eyebrow raised just as Grayson’s.

“The leaving you part. I can’t abandon the second cause loving the two of you puts my life at risk every day.” Ethan chuckled shamelessly, enjoying the eye rolls from his favorite people in the world.

“Gimme a kiss.” Ethan mussed, resting his forehead on hers, enjoying the sweet taste that follows.

classyhumanoidbananascissors  asked:

Can you maybe write a ethan x reader, where she has a nightmare and she can stay with ethan? I love ur page!!! ❤️❤️

thank you love here you go :) kinda changed it a bit

Ethan’s convinced you to sleepover at theirs, since you all have a beach trip the next morning. You said yes, of course, because how can you resist saying no to Ethan? And then you insisted on staying in the guest bedroom but Ethan said it looked too sad there, too empty, so he convinced you to stay at his room instead, and he’ll sleep at Grayson’s. You said yes again, without a doubt, because you didn’t have it in you to say no to Ethan. You loved seeing his eyes light up in happiness, his smile so wide it would turn into a laugh, his nose crinkling just so. You loved the way he would touch you, the innocent, simple but sweet touches here and there–a hand on your lower back to guide you, an arm around your shoulders to protect you from crowds, fingers touching your hips to get your attention. 

That was Ethan, your best friend, who you had a big crush on. And you knew for a fact he liked you as well, everyone knew you liked each other, but for some reason things were always left unsaid. You two had some unspoken rule that you were each others, but that was it. 

So now you were in Ethan’s bed, alone, staring up at the ceiling because you couldn’t sleep. You kept having nightmares for some reason and now you were too afraid to go back to sleep.

Ethan’s whole room just smelled like him and it felt weird that he wasn’t there. You were craving for his comfort–for anything, really, to help you lull back to sleep. You tossed and turned for what felt like an hour, grasping his sheets and holding it close to you, in some weak attempt to make it feel like he was there with you.

You didn’t know what time it was but you knew it was late in the night. You weren’t surprised when Ethan walked in the room–it was like you were expecting him to pop in at any time because you two felt like magnets always gravitating towards each other at any time, any place–parties, dinners, and whatnot. 

“Hey,” you said as you sat up.

“Shit!” he shouted and blindly looked for the light switch. The lights turned on and you locked eyes with his. His hand was on his chest and he was panting. “I just needed to get something. Thought you were asleep,” he breathed out.

You shrugged. “Can’t sleep.”

“Nightmares?” he asked, and you noticed how his voice softened.

“Yeah…” You looked down and fumbled with your fingers, not wanting to say anything else. You knew he would offer to–

“I can sleep with you,” he said in a rush. “Only– Only if you want.” 

You looked up at him slowly and his face broke into a smile. How could you say no to that? You found yourself nodding, a smile on your face as well.

“I’ll just–” He pointed to the lights and you nodded again, too afraid to speak, too afraid to ruin anything. You wanted to live in this moment of just you and him. He turned off the lights leaving you with minimal vision, just the moonlight peeking through the blinds giving you a bit of light. You felt him make his way to the bed, under the sheets, and now lying down beside you. You both were staring up at the ceiling, hands on your sides and both afraid to move. There was an inch or so between you too and you could feel the heat radiating off of him.

“Goodnight,” you whispered and turned to your side.

“No– Hey–” Ethan said suddenly and reached out to hold your arm. “C’mere,” he said so softly you almost didn’t hear. He pulled you towards him and you laid your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around you tightly. Slowly, you wrapped your arm around his torso. You felt the lightest kiss as his lips touched your forehead. “Goodnight.”

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Y/N and the twins have a movie night and fall asleep. She wakes up to a twin sleeping on her and using her boobs as a pillow

“ethan. get the fuck off my tits.”

this kid is so out of it, the credits are rolling up the screen and here ethan is laying right on your boobs. you didn’t want to admit it was cute, because it was so damn adorable. his soft snores and fluffy hair, your heart was about to melt at the sight. you would have been all heart eyes if it weren’t for the fact that your boobs are so sore from your period and your shirt has a small patch of drool.

“alright, off. off.” you start nudging his shoulder, desperately trying to wake him up.

you hear a sniffle beside you, making you frown and glance to the side at grayson. he’s sitting there, wiping his eyes and beneath his nose gently.

cocking your head to the side, you ask, “grayson? are you crying?”

he looks at you, “what no. i mean-“

“you’re fucking crying?”

“you never said that ‘me before you’ was that fucking sad.” he frowns, eyes puffy and red from the wiping.

“okay well, your brother is crushing my boobs and if you both want me to have some tits to sport so you all can stare at while you think i don’t notice, you better get him off of me.” you huff, shoving ethan’s shoulder as he lays on you like a dead body.

“you-“ he frowns, glancing around the room, “what do you mean you notice?”

“get him off!”

“okay, okay.” he sighs, getting up and walking towards you and ethan, leaning down and softly blowing into ethan’s ear.

and just like that, ethan’s tensed and awake, swatting at grayson’s face to get him to stop, before cuddling closer to your breasts, “fuckin- stop gray.”

“dude, get your big head off y/n’s tits so they don’t get flattened and i can still have some nice tits to look at when we go swimming.” grayson deadpans, crossing his arms and straightening his back.

ethan opens his eyes and slowly raises his head from your chest, glancing at you, quietly muttering out, “okay then,” before laying his head back down against your shoulder instead, “nice to look at and lay on.”

classyhumanoidbananascissors  asked:

Can you maybe write a ethan x reader, where she has a nightmare and she can stay with ethan? I love ur page!!! ❤️❤️

ahh of course!! thank you so much ❤️ and I love this concept :) I hope you like it!

You woke up abruptly at about three in the morning - sweat coated on your forehead as you panted for breath. Tears blurred your vision as you blinked your eyes rapidly in an attempt to stop yourself from crying.

Sitting up in bed, you moved your shaking body to turn the light on, the darkness of the room had been making you more afraid. This nightmare was real bad this time, and it involved a certain brunette twin who had stolen your heart months ago. Before you knew it, you reached for your phone and dialed his number, hoping he was still awake.

Who are you kidding? It’s Ethan Dolan, of course he’s still awake.

He answers on the second ring, his voice in a soft tone due to the early hours of the mornings. “Hey, Y/N, what’s up?”

“E-Ethan, I had another nightmare,” You stuttered, leaning against the bedroom wall for support. “It’s real bad this time. I don’t think I can control my breathing…”

Ethan was much more already now, and from the other end of the line you could hear him shuffling around in his bedroom. “Okay, Y/N, take a deep breath for me baby. Everything is going to be alright.”

Your heart fluttered at the word “baby” Ethan tends to call you. You guys weren’t official - hell, you haven’t even revealed your feelings to each other yet. But whenever you guys hung out together, there was always this tension that made you feel as though you guys were so much more than friends… You weren’t sure if his feelings were reciprocated, and that scared you the most.

“Ethan,” you sighed, taking a deep breath. His voice helped you a little, but it wasn’t enough.

“Do you want to stay the night with me?” He questioned, and you could hear the jingling of car keys on his side of the phone.

You gulped, your heart pounding against your chest. “Yes, but I don’t want to be a burden, E-”

“I’m coming to pick you up. I’ll be there in ten minutes, max,” he said, then hung up the phone. He would have stayed on the line with you until he got to your place, but he knew your obsession with safe driving and how you wouldn’t feel much better if your knew you were taking his attention away from the road.

You counted the minutes. You counted up to eight when you heard the knocking on your front door. As soon as you opened the door, you were engulfed in a tight hug by no other than Ethan Dolan. His face burrowed in the crook of your neck as he rocked your bodies back and forth in the empty and quiet hallway of your apartment building.

“Come on, Y/N, let’s go,” he cooes into your ear, leading you out of your apartment.

He held your hand tightly the entire ride back to his house. You guys had to tiptoe to his bedroom to prevent waking Grayson up, and once you got there, Ethan picked you up and laid you gently on your bed. He laid beside you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close to your body. The scent of his cologne calmed your nerves and you sighed, resting your head against his chest.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, running his hands through your hair.

“We were on a boat, you and I,” you began with a sniffle, haunted by the memory. “The boat began to sink and in the nightmare you weren’t able to swim, and I wasn’t able to save you… and then I lost you… I was so terrified Ethan, I know it’s stupid.”

“It’s not stupid, Y/N,” he tells you, pressing a soft kiss against your forehead. “I’ve had countless nightmares of you dying and it scared the shit out of me. But you have to remember it’s not real and I’m alive… and I’m a pretty damn good swimmer.”

You giggled and nodded your head. “Thank you, E, I… I love you.”

You told Ethan you loved him all the time, but this time the words sounded different in your mouth. It held much more affection and admiration for the tattoo cladded man, and his eyes widened while his face flushed. Slowly, and unexpectedly, Ethan closed the gap between the two of you and kissed your soft, puckering lips. You nearly gasped but refrained. kissing him back. He held on to you as if his life depended on it.

He pulled away and replied, “I love you, too.”

From then on, Ethan would help you through all of your nightmares, but as so much more than a friend.