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can i get an imagine where y/n and the twins are going out for the day but their thing the twins are always holding her hand or just being clingy, like as they walk along one of them holds her hand. or another hugs her from behind as she is looking at things. very clingy boys

“ethan, i swear to god if you don’t move…”

“gray, let go in trying to look at this.”

“very nice ethan. yes i see it. i know, yes, thank you, yes-“

“grayson can you please get off?”

“you two are driving me crazy.”

“what?” the twins say in unison as they look at, bras hanging from their chests.

ethan smirks, wiggling his brows at you as he shakes his imaginary breasts while gray looks down at his D-cup bra. his hands come up and squeeze the material before looking back up at you with a goofy grin as he snorts with laughter. you shove ethan’s shoulder softly to get him to stop and walk over to gray and take the bra off of him. they both send you pouts as a response to your foul mood, wondering why you were so upset.

“heyyyyyy,” ethan rubs his arm as if it actually hurt him before slipping off his bra and placing it back in the clearance bin.

grayson shrugs before intertwining his fingers with yours and resting his head on your shoulder. you pay no attention to it, looking up at the different lacey undergarments. ethan comes to your opposite side and does the same thing, taking your other hand, leaving you handless. when you go to grab the bra you want, neither of the boys let go. they both cling onto you like children with their mother.

“you’re testing me.” you sigh, blowing some hair away from your face and flicking your head to the side in an effort for the strand to stop tickling your cheek.

“here,” ethan hums, moving the hair away from your face, “let me get that for you.”

you roll your eyes, glancing at him and mumbling, “at least your good for something here.”

ethan grins cheekily, pressing a slobbery kiss to your cheek making you shove him off of you. he laughs before turning to find something else to do for a little while before he decides to come back and annoy you some more. you remove graysons hand from your own and when you do he just decides to wrap his arms around your waste from behind.

“gray,” you huff, grabbing the bra whilst trying to wriggle away from his grasp.

“what’s wrong?” he presses his cheek against your shoulder and squeezes you tighter, “not a fan of hugs?”

you turn to look at him before saying bluntly, “not a fan of being annoyed.”

he backs away, watching you turn the bra over in your hands before saying, “we’re just really clingy today.”

you send him a look from the corner of your eye before nodding and scoffing, “i can tell.”

“probably because we’re gonna be gone for a while soon.”

shit. your heart sank when you realized what day it was. in about three days your favorite boys would be leaving for a month and a half for a trip in europe. and as much as you were so excited for them, you knew you would miss the shit out of them. you set the bra down and turn to face him completely. ethan was back standing next to grayson when you walk towards them and pull them both into a hug.

“i’m sorry. please don’t be upset. i don’t mind your clinginess. i like it. i don’t want you to leave. please don’t stop hugging me.” you ramble as they hug you back.

ethan chuckles, rubbing up and down your back before replying, “thought you were annoyed?”

you shake your head, “not anymore.”

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The Late Night Double-Feature Picture Show

Summary: Ethan asks his long time friend out on a first date and takes her to the drive-in. 

Word Count: 7k

A/N: Someone asked me once what my ideal date with Ethan would be, and I said double-feature at the drive-in. So then I wrote about it because I needed to get my romantic frustrations out somehow, and this was the result!! Also, this is the first fic I’ve written in a different POV and that makes me anxious. Okay, bye, enjoy!! 


With head buried deep in your locker, searching for that purple mechanical pencil you knew had been thrown in there carelessly last week, you had clearly heard Mara far before seeing her as she shuffled in a speed-walk down the tile floor.

“Y/N… Y/N… Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” your name was coming out quicker the closer she got, but you still hadn’t pulled your head from your locker, very determined to find this pencil that had suddenly been deemed your favorite.

It wasn’t until Mara had finally stumbled up next to you - slapping her palm flat against Jenna Tooley’s locker, making you jump from the echoed noise and slam your head atop the coat hanger inside - that you pulled your head out to scowl at her.

“Y/N!” she shouted one last time, not fully aware that she’d already gotten your attention. Her big smile was blinding as she giddily jumped on the balls of her feet in anticipation for you to acknowledge her presence.  

“Christ, Mars, what?!”, you snapped, rubbing at the small bump that was starting to form on the top of your head.

Her smile doesn’t falter at your sour mood, if anything, she’s only grown more excited at the invitation to share her very important news, “You are never going to believe who asked me to wear his jersey for tomorrow’s game.”

You roll your eyes, fully aware of who the mystery boy could be, but play into Mara’s fairy tale anyways because she was still your best friend, and this was all she ever talked about.

“Who?” you ask with as much excitement – even though the bump on your head was starting to form its own pulse.  

Mara pauses before leaning in and letting her important news spill, “Gray-son. Dol-an” she says slowly, enunciating each syllable in his name as if he hadn’t been a solid member of your friend group all through high school.

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Requested: no

Summary: Y/N is inspired by Ethan’s prank on Grayson and decides to give it a shot

Warnings: swearing, (fake and real) blood, (fake) attacker, brief descriptions of fighting

Originally posted by grethandolana

As soon as Ethan told her about his idea for the prank on Grayson, the wheels in Y/N’s head started turning, formulating ideas for a new prank.

See, Y/N is no stranger to FX makeup, for was an FX artist herself. She did her own gore and body paints for halloween in the past, and each year she got loads of compliments on it. However, the twins knew you were an artist, but not of what kind or to what extent.

She waited until about 3 months after Ethan executed his prank on Grayson, which was a success. Her prank started somewhat similarly to Ethan’s, her being alone in her apartment, filming the process of her makeup.

Two and a half hours, some scab blood, and a lot of latex and shredded cotton balls later, she begins making her costume, which would consist of a ripped up tee shirt and some equally ripped up jeans. She flicked some more fluid blood across the clothing pieces, coating the area around the cuts more than the surrounding areas. After they dry some, she puts them on, pairing a pair of dirty, old converse with the outfit. After getting dressed, she grabs an apple, a bag with change of clothes and the supplies she would need to remove all of her makeups, and her keys and heads out the door to meet her accomplice.

Let’s introduce the accomplice, shall we? His name is Jordan, he had been Y/N’s friend since she had moved to California. He lived next door to her, helped her move in, and ordered her pizza her first night in the apartment, so it was only natural that they become friends, right? That’s what Y/N thought, anyway.

Jordan had been eager to help Y/N with her prank. He had heard a lot about the dramatic twins, for when Y/N wasn’t with Jordan, she was with them. Needless to say, he was bound to hear about them and was eager to meet them.

When she had arrived, he already had all of his props ready and his costume on. Her eyes meet his after reviewing his costume, making sure it looks okay. She seems satisfied, as she just asks, “Ready, bub?”

He nods, grabs his prop and keys, and they head out to her car to the twins‘ house.

On the way, the game plan is discussed. First of all, they are going to park a little ways out from the house, enough that they aren’t seen from any of the property. Next, Y/N is to run into the driveway yelling for either of the twins, knowing both of them will probably come out. She will fall to the ground right as they come to her rescue. After they run to her and bombard her with questions and she gets back up, Jordan will come out of the bushes with a fake knife and chase Y/N around. After a while, when either of them got tired, they would just hug it out and confuse the hell out of the Dolan boys.

Knowing the guys, at least one of them will probably try to take down the attacker (although she had never seen either of them violent), which is yet another reason she chose Jordan to help her; he was a linebacker in high school and college football, so he definitely was not a small guy and wouldn’t break if either of the twins actually succeeded to take him down. Of course, she warned him that they might get a little defensive, and he still agreed to his position in the prank.

After a while, they stop the car on the street and begin phase one of the prank. They make sure their cameras are rolling, and trust that Bryant had turned on the cameras that Y/N had placed the night (more like early morning, since it was actually around 3:30am) before like she had asked him to. After confirming that everything worked and dripping some last minute fake blood in and around her mouth (a great idea from the accomplice), she began running down the driveway, yelling and flailing the whole way.

Meanwhile, the boys were in the middle of filming some challenge video, so they were being kind of loud. They didn’t hear her first few shrieks, but Ethan was the first to hear his name fall from the lips of his friend, so he shuts his mouth mid sentence to see if his ears were deceiving him. The shriek that followed from outside was shrill and pain-filled. He stopped everything and ran for his driveway, Grayson following not far behind, Bryant following behind him with a small camera that wouldn’t be noticed as much as one of the bigger ones.

Y/N falls at Ethan’s feet, sputtering the blood on the pavement, chest heaving frantically. Ethan crouches next to her, putting a hand over a puddle of blood on the shirt, the look on his face a cocktail of fear, shock, anger, and confusion. The first thing that falls from his mouth is, “Y/N, oh my god, what happened? Let’s go inside, I’ll-“

Grayson appears over him and looks equally frazzled, “Y/N? Wh-oh my god what happened, I’ll call for help, hang on-“

At that, Jordan runs from the bushes, and Y/N scrambles to her feet and makes a break for it. Before either of the boys can react, they are already running to the backyard. Both boys break into a full sprint after their friend and her attacker. Ethan catches up to Jordan and, before anyone could blink, both boys were on the ground and punches were being thrown Jordan’s way.

Quickly, Y/N goes into action, running to him, “Ethan, stop! It was a prank, E, I promise!”

She moves in front of him and pushes him back off of Jordan. Ethan’s hands grab hold of her forearms pulling her into his lap as he falls to the ground, the fake bruises that she put there earlier now smudged; his eyes move up her body to meet her gaze. His pupils are blown and his irises are at least 3 shades darker than she’s ever seen them before. His breaths are short and uneven, probably from the copious amounts of adrenaline running through his system.

Grayson was with Jordan, now that he knew that he wasn’t actually trying to hurt anyone. He had gotten the first aid kit from inside and began tending to his wounds. Ethan had split his lip, broken his nose, and administered a couple more small abrasions to his face. They were making small talk, mainly about the prank gone bad and how Ethan doesn’t usually freak out like that on people.

Bryant came out of the house to this scene, filming on a bigger camera now. He pans from Grayson taking care of Jordan to Y/N basically straddling Ethan, him holding her to his chest, now knowing that she’s okay. First, he moves to Grayson and Jordan, seeing their reactions better.

When he moves to Ethan and Y/N, they are already deep in conversation.

After the initial shock of Y/N pushing him off of Jordan, he asks, “Are you okay? He didn’t touch you, did he? I swear I’ll-“ he stops mid sentence as her words are registered in his brain, breathing a heavy sigh of relief, looking over the details of her makeup, “Holy shit, who did your makeup? This is fucking awesome, can I touch it?”

She giggled, nodding. His hands leave her arms and move to the large latex and cotton gash on her cheekbone, fingertips gingerly petting the spot as if it were a real wound. He made a face and sound of distaste, making Y/N laugh loudly, and pulled his hand back and inspected her fake bruises once more, still thoroughly smudged from earlier. His thumb runs over one of them, smudging it further as she speaks, “I did the makeup, dipshit. I’m an FX artist. I have an Instagram just for my makeups, I’m surprised no one pointed it out to you.”

“No, I didn’t know that! I thought you were like a regular artist! Like paints or some shit, not face art! This is so good, though! How did you do this?” His fingers run over another cut on her neck.

“I’ll show you another day, how about that?” She gets off of him, holding a hand out to him to help him up.

By now, Grayson had Jordan pretty much taken care of. He had straightened his nose, cleaned and bandaged his cuts, and given him an ice pack to bring down some of the swelling and that was bound to follow.

The group moves into the house to film the ending portion of the video; reactions, final thoughts, and, of course, the promise of a revenge prank.

After the cameras are turned off and gathered, Y/N ran to the bathroom to shower and take off her makeup pieces, and Ethan approached Jordan, shoulders slightly rolled forward, gaze cast downwards, and playing with his hands. He tells him, “Dude, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were her friend, I actually thought you were trying to hurt her. I hope we can still be friends after this.”

“Seriously, I probably would have done the same thing. It’s totally cool. Y/N even warned me that someone would probably get aggressive, I just wasn’t expecting you to go that hard,” Jordan laughed.

A few hours later, Jordan and Bryant decide that they’re tired and want to go home. As Y/N gets up to leave with Jordan, since they did ride together and live in the same building, Ethan offers to take her home later if she wants to stay, which, of course, she accepts. Grayson gets up to find a snack and decides to go to his room with it, for he knows that Ethan would probably appreciate the alone time with Y/N.

You see, Ethan was quite infatuated with his dear friend Y/N, even though he didn’t want to admit it to himself most days. What he didn’t know is that she felt the same towards him as he did to her.

As it got later, neither of the two wanted to leave the house, so Y/N and Ethan decided that she would sleep in his bed with him and she could just use his clothes as pajamas. She had done it may times before, so it wasn’t a shock when this was suggested, but this time, it made Ethan nervous. Why? He wasn’t totally sure yet.

Maybe it was that every time he saw her in his shirts, his heart fluttered and his breath caught in his throat. Maybe it was because he was just a little jealous, now that he knew that the other guy that she talked about was actually as cool as she portrayed him; just thinking that she could like this boy and not him made his stomach turn. Maybe it was-

“You coming?” She interrupted his train of thought. By the time that he reacted, she was already halfway to the hall that lead to the boys” bedrooms. He smiles and nods, getting up and walking to her, flinging her on his shoulder, which makes her let out a squeal, and running to his room.

As soon as they entered, he closed the door and flopped her on the bed, face up, hair flung all around her head. He couldn’t help but think that she belonged there, in his bed; preferably with him, though.

As he stared, she began to blush and pulled him down with her, quickly rolling out from underneath where he would fall. She cackled, throwing her head back as her laugh surrounded them both, making him smile. As her laughing dies down, she gets up to go find her pajamas for the night. Her moving from the bed piqued his interest, so he lifted his head up and rested it on his fist, questioning, “What you doing, bub?”

She pulls out a drawer that she knows he keeps his shirts in, looks back, and says, “Getting pajamas? That okay?”

He nods, “Your favorite pajama shirt is in the laundry, I wore it yesterday.”

She gives him a pout from across the room, turning back to the drawer. She settles on a white cut off shirt and her own underwear, since he’s seen her in less (AKA her bikini when they went to the beach. Poor Ethan had to hide his boner all day). Ethan flops his face back into the bed when she looks back at him, grunting on impact. She giggles, turning around for good measure, and starts undressing. As she pulled her shirt over her head and her shorts off, Ethan asks, “Are you done yet?”

“I’m still covered, but barely. Gimme like 2 seconds to throw the shirt on,” she says, quickly pulling the shirt over her head. He lifts his head up right at 2 seconds later, as she pulls the shirt over her stomach. She unbuckles her bra and takes it off through the armholes of the shirt before turning around and jumping back onto the bed, also face down. Ethan throws an arm around her waist and pulls her a little closer into his side, just enough that their hips touch. Their eyes meet and he asks, “Netflix?”

“You read my mind,” she grins as he gets up to get his laptop. When he comes back, she is already in her “prime Netflix position”; back against pillows against headboard, legs covered up to her hips with blankets, legs crossed. He presses play on a random movie that they hadn’t seen before so that they could watch it and, afterwards, go to sleep.

Physically, he was watching, but his mind was wandering to scenarios that could have happened, had her prank not been one. She could have been hospitalized, killed, even. Ethan doesn’t want to imagine his life like that, without her in it.

About 20 minutes in, Ethan pauses the movie and breaks the silence between them, “Y/N?”

She turns to him, giving him her full attention.

He is nervous. He’s finally decided that it’s time to tell her how he feels. He takes a deep breath before choosing his next words carefully, “I honestly can’t imagine what I would have done to Jordan if you hadn’t yanked me off of the kid. I was just so full of anger that I literally saw red. It was so scary, but the thought of living a life without you next to me makes me even more terrified than right then. I’m rambling, so I’m just going to say it: I like you, Y/N, and I don’t want to be just friends anymore, I-“

As soon as she heard the words falling from his lips, she grabbed his face and smashed her lips to his. It wasn’t pretty, teeth smashing and heavy breathing very prevalent. However, it was full of more emotions than either of the two knew they could feel.

By the end of this kiss, when both were too short of breath to continue further, she was straddling his thighs with her hands in his hair and his hands were on her hips underneath the edges of his shirt.

“I like you too, Ethan, but let’s finish the movie before this gets out of hand,” she says, settling back into her seat, this time, her head on Ethan’s chest and her arms around his torso.

“Good call,” he smiles as he wraps an arm around her shoulders, continuing the movie.

Promise {G.D}

Summary: A summer fling with Grayson takes a turn in the wrong direction.

Word Count: 2.6 K

Warnings: angst, angst, and more angst, with a side of fluff.

A/N: So, I know I promised part 1 to my Grayson series for last Friday, buuuut school really packed on and I didn’t get the opportunity to finish. I felt really bad, so I decided to produce this little thing, which was originally meant to be a blurb, but I ended up getting carried away lol. That being said, any constructive criticism is appreciated! Enjoy!

Originally posted by punishmedolans

That little pink plus sign was so unholy.

It was just staring at you straight in the face, mocking you. 

You didn’t really know how to feel. Were you happy? Sad? Angry? Disappointed? You honestly had no clue.

You don’t even understand how you ended up here, sitting alone on the floor of a dirty Walgreen’s bathroom in Los Angeles.

Out of all the times you had sex, only once did you not wear protection. Once. But isn’t that all it takes? One time and bam, you’re put in a compromising position.

You weren’t even together. Hell, you just met him about a month and a half ago. He made it clear that he wasn’t looking for a relationship, and you knew he was talking to other girls. He would tell you about all of his dates when you were both just lying side-by-side in bed naked after an intense session. 

You’d be lying if it said it didn’t hurt. At first, there weren’t any feelings from your side. You were also looking for a quick fuck for the summer, so why not get involved with someone as hot as Grayson, especially when he wanted the same exact thing as you. But of course, one person always catches feelings, and that person happened to be you. You didn’t love him, no, but you did have feelings for him.

You were going to tell him about those feelings, but decided against it, feeling as though it would be best if you were to ignore it for a little while longer just to see if they were truly real.

You were supposed to go back home in one week’s time, but now here you were, an 18-year-old who got pregnant on her summer trip to LA. The worst part is that your parents trusted you to go on this trip alone with your best friend. They thought you were mature enough to handle living and traveling on your own. Of course, you just had to go and prove them wrong.

Your head snapped up at the sound of the door-handle jiggling. Getting up from your spot on the floor, you shoved the stick into your purse and proceeded to go and wash your hands. Looking up at the mirror, you noticed how pale you were. All the colour had drained from your face and you looked like you were on the verge of dying.

Splashing water on to your face, you quickly gathered up your purse and exited the washroom. Once you were back in the main store, you just stood there, lost.

You didn’t know what to do. Do you head back to your airbnb to sleep? Or do you tell your best friend what happened right away, hoping she could give you a solution? Do you go to Grayson and tell him everything? Do you text him before going over? For the first time ever, you were unsure of yourself. 

Ding. Ding.

You took your phone out of your purse, to see who texted you only to feel an overwhelming amount of emotions take over.

Grayson Dolan:

hey e’s out for the day and i was wondering if u wanted to come over???

sent @ 11:32 a.m.

Ding. Ding.

Grayson Dolan:

u leave soon… i gotta get as much of u as i can before ur gone forever

sent @ 11:33 a.m.

Oh fuck. You just stared at your phone. If you ignored him, he’ll know something’s up because you always respond. If you responded and said no, he’d also know something was up because just a couple of days ago you had talked about how little time you had left together.

“Don’t worry Y/N. We’ll see each other a couple of more times before you leave, I promise.”

Weighing in all your options, you realized you only had one you could actually go through with. The only moral option.


ill be there soon.

sent @ 11:37 p.m.

The moment you got into the Uber, it felt like your heart was in your throat. What would you say? How do you say it? Do you just pull the stick out and give it to him? Do you fuck and then tell him? Do you not tell him?

All of these thoughts and questions were running through your head that you didn’t even realize the Uber had pulled into their driveway. Getting out, you let out a shaky thank you. Your legs felt like jelly as you started walking towards the front door.

Before you even had a chance to ring, Grayson had opened the door. He was already shirtless, a big shit-eating grin plastered on his face as he looked at you with the desire of just eating you right up.

“Hey you,” he said as he pulled you in by your waist, planting a kiss on the corner of your lips.

You whispered a hey before he kissed you again, this time on your lips. It was a deep kiss, at least from Grayson it was. You, on the other hand, were barely kissing him back, making Grayson pull away.

“You good Y/N?” He questioned, looking into your eyes to see if he could find what was wrong.

No, I’m not good. You got me pregnant. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

He pulled you into the house, closing the door behind you before starting to drag you off to the bedroom. Once you were inside his quarters, he sat down on the bed gesturing for you to come over. You dropped your purse on the floor before crawling on top of him and straddling his lap. You wanted nothing more right now than for him to hold you like this, but obviously he had different plans.

Grayson started to kiss your neck, nipping at it hoping to leave a mark in its place. He moved from your neck to your lips, as you caressed him on his arms and back. He slipped his tongue into your mouth before moving his hands down to your chest, eliciting a moan from you. He smirked into the kiss before continuing to move his hands to your jean shorts. He started to unbutton them, but your emotions began to get the best of you. What the hell were you doing.

“Grayson, stop.” You teared his hands away from you, getting up off his lap.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” You just stared at him. “You’re really not into it today and it’s kinda pissing me off cause it’s wasting my time.” He replied running his hands through his hair and letting out a big sigh.

That hurt. “I’m sorry Grayson,”

“It’s fine, but like if you’re not into it just, like, don’t come over. I have other girls who I can ask, I just thought maybe you wanted to because you’re leaving soon.”

You started tearing up, unable to hold back the tears anymore. Grayson saw this and let out another big sigh before putting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. “Look I’m sorry. That was really douchey of me to say, I’ve just been stressed these past couple days and was hoping you could help me relieve it…”

“I’m sorry.”

“Will you stop saying sorry please? It’s fine, I get it you’re just not down today.”

You finally broke down into sobs. Grayson looked up at you, lost as to what to do. He got up and put his hands on your shoulders, “Y/N. What’s wrong? You’re scaring me,” but your cries continued as you put your hands over your face to try and muffle them. “Please, tell me what I can do to help. Please,” He begged, genuine concern present in his eyes.

You looked him in the eyes and said, “Nothing. There’s nothing we can do that will make this any better.”

“What do you mean ‘we’?”

You removed his hands from your shoulder, holding them in yours. “I-I-” you stuttered, “I’m pregnant.” You barely said it, letting it role off your tongue quietly.

Grayson stared at you in disbelief, as though he misheard what you said, “W-W-What?”

“I’m sorry Grayson,” you said as a new set of fresh tears started to roll down your face.

He removed his hands from yours, taking a seat down on the bed with his head in his hands. No one spoke. It was just pure silence for what felt like an eternity.

“Are you sure?” He asked, breaking the silence that had settled in the room. His voice sounded thick and shaky.

“Yes Grayson.”

“Are you sure it’s mine?” He asked, voice raised a bit more than before.

You couldn’t even believe he would ask that question, but then again, this wasn’t an exclusive thing and he was seeing other people besides you. “Y-Yes,” you stuttered.

“Fuck,” he yelled, causing you to jump. More tears began to roll down your face, faster than before. He didn’t say another word to you before going into his bathroom and slamming the door shut, leaving you all alone. Just you and your baby.

You took his exit as a sign that you weren’t wanted there anymore, so you picked up your purse and headed towards his front door. Even though it probably went down in one of the worst ways possible, you did feel a huge relief settle over you for telling him the truth. But still, your tears continued to fall down your face as you began to put your shoes back on. Your were just about to open the door when you heard his voice.

“Where are you going?”

You turned around slowly, pushing your purse up your shoulder in the process. You looked at him. His eyes were red and puffy, like he had just finished crying. He looked more sad than upset, which took you by surprise.

“I took your reaction as a sign that I was not wanted here anymore.” You replied, trying to sound as though you are strong enough to go through this without him.

“Please stay,” he barely whispered before walking over to you and wrapping you up in his arms, putting his head on top of yours.

Once again, you broke down into his arms, harder than all the times before. You felt the top of your head beginning to get wet as well as Grayson started to silently cry.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. So, so, sorry.” He shushed into your head, as he sniffled.

You stood like that until you both started to calm down. Grayson peeled away from you by just an inch to look into your eyes. “We should probably talk about what we’re going to do,” he said, wiping the stray tears under your eyes.


“You go and take a shower, it’ll calm you down some more. I’ll make us lunch, okay?” He rubbed at your shoulders before continuing, “We’ll be okay Y/N, I promise.” He planted a kiss on top of your head, before you peeled away to go and shower.

To say that your morning was an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement. You stood under the shower head, thinking of everything that had happened. You still didn’t know Grayson’s stance on whether or not he wants to keep the baby. Hell, you didn’t even know what you wanted to do. All of the options ran through your mind, making you feel dizzy.

You glanced down at your stomach. Slowly, but surely, you placed a hand on top of your abdomen. You left it there as you stood in silence, just staring down. 

A knock at the door caused you to jump, making you quickly pull your hand away from your stomach.

“Hey, I, um left you some of my clothes on the bed so you can change…” Grayson said through the small crack he made in the door way.

“Um, okay, thanks. I’ll be out in a second.”

Shutting off the water, you quickly got out and dried off. Exiting out of the bathroom, you noticed Grayson’s sweater laying on the bed with a pair of his sweats. You got changed, combing through your hair with your hands fast before making your way to the kitchen area.

You padded quietly over, stopping in the doorway when you see Grayson sitting by his dinning room table, staring at the pregnancy test in his hand.

“Hey,” you said softly, trying not to scare him.

“Oh um, hey.” he responded, giving you a little smile before realizing he was holding the test, “I, uh, I didn’t go through your purse I promise! It fell out I guess when you dropped your bag down, and um, I went to pick it up. I would never do that- go through your purse I mean.”

You giggled at his nervousness, making him feel more at ease. “Don’t worry about it.”

You take a seat next to him, beginning to eat right away. You didn’t even realize how hungry you were until you saw the food sitting on the table. You both ate in silence, Grayson making subtle glances in your direction every now and then.

You pushed your plate away and started softly rubbing at your stomach, “It was very good, thanks Gray.” You said, using his nickname for the first time in what felt like forever.

“Anytime,” he responded, another wave of awkwardness taking over. Grayson was quick to break it though, as he pushed his plate back as well.

“So, um, we should probably talk about what we want to do about this whole thing…”

You just nodded, sipping at your glass of orange juice.

“What do you want to do? I mean it is your body an-” 

You cut off his rambling quickly, “Grayson I’m going to be honest with you…” You start, “I know we promised no feelings, but I like you. I’ve liked you for awhile now, but I never said anything because I know you don’t feel the same way, and I understand that.” You sighed, closing your eyes before you continued,”And, um, I thinkIwannakeepthebaby.” You said that last part so fast, you’d be surprised if he even heard you.

He didn’t respond right away, leaving you a little bit on edge. You opened your eyes and saw that he was staring at you. 

“Y/N, I-I-, I appreciate your honesty,” he said, pausing at the end, “But, I don’t like you in that way. Please, don’t take this the wrong way though! You’re a beautiful girl, amazing really, and you have such a kind heart, but I just don’t think that we’d work well together.” 

Of course, tears began to produce in your waterline. You quickly wiped at them, before letting out a laugh, “No, it’s fine don’t worry. I completely understand!” You laughed again, “Sorry, I don’t mean to cry, it’s just the hormones.”

Grayson laughed, before grabbing onto your hands. “But if you want to keep this baby, then I will be with you every step of the way and I will support you. I promise you this Y/N. I will be a father to our baby and love him or her every second of my life.” 

Tears started falling all over again as he pulled you up and into his arms. “I promise Y/N. I promise.”

You pulled away and caressed the side of his face with your hands, “Thank you Grayson.”

“I mean, it does take two to tango, so…” he laughs, making you giggle as well. 

You slowly take one of his hands from your waist and bring it to place on your not-yet-existent bump. “So, we’re really doing this?” he asked smiling.

You nodded your head, “Yeah, we’re doing this.”

I saw this and I honestly don’t know what to say

dialogue prompts :

  1. “on a scale of one to australia, how dangerous are we talking?”
  2. “if we get arrested it’s your fault.”
  3. “if we get caught, i’m deaf and you don’t know [preferred language].”
  4. “i remember kissing you. why do i remember kissing you?”
  5. “so.. um. i king of noticed you’re naked. is that intentional, or…?”
  6. “ i love you from the bottom of my heart but i don’t trust your cooking. stay out of my kitchen.”
  7. “ your existence gives me a headache. go stand over there.”
  8. “ y’know. this isn’t what an apology sounds like.” “bite me.”
  9. “ you look…” “beautiful, i know. can we move on?”
  10. “ listen. i absolutely fucking hate her, but i can try to work something out for you.”
  11. “ fuck you, fuck you, and, oh. fuck you.”
  12. “ i hate all of you.”
  13. “ god, please kill me. or give me something to choke myself with. i can’t stand this anymore.”
  14. “shut the fuck up for once. damn.”
  15. “ abso- fucking -lutely. if your head wasn’t in [his/her/it/their] ass, you would notice!”

i got most of these from the internet by the way so credit to who made them. please tell me who they are from so i can credit the correct source.

i feel so bad for being inactive :((( sorry you all!! maybe we should have a blurb night!!! send in your thoughts or ideas and let’s chat about em!! <3333

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  3. Disclaimer: requests can be anon or not but either way I won’t be putting your name I’ll be using y/n. So please say “can the reader…”
  4. It makes it easier for me
  5. Can be headcannon

Find your self 5

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24 hours 47mins and 10 seconds

That’s how long it has been since y/n posted her video, that’s how long it had been since Ethan picked her so quickly . That’s how long it had been since fans had to zoom in right before the Snapchat cut off to make assumptions. The video that Ethan posted on social media cut out right before his lips collided with hers, so no one really knew if they kissed… but y/n did. 24hours 47 mins and 10seconds since she had said anything to either of her best friends .


Y/n sat at her desk editing some photos when she heard the loud yelling of the twins she didn’t even get up as usual she just put her head phones on and turned up the volume. She wasn’t mad of course she just had so much to do and this whole Ethan situation was driving her insane, she didn’t know how to act around him now. After about three songs and one finished edit her headphones were pulled off as she flinched “what the fu-“ she was cut off by a laugh as sh looked over her shoulder expecting gray or Ethan to be behind her but it was James(Charles duh) he grinned and rose a perfect brow at her “hey kitty girl … I get it the whole 24 hour social media cleanse but not texting any of us in the group chat or leaving your room is a whole other level “ he smirked as he looked st the time on his phone and back to her “and you only have about 15 minutes to get ready for this second half of the sister collab “ he said leaning in the desk and taking in her appearance “did you even sleep ?”


Y/n could hear the others In the house as James left her to get ready. She had to face them and stop being a little bitch. They already did the twins video and James video it was only her and Emma left , and for once Emma had an idea and y/n did not. She sighed to herself as she let her hair out of its ponytail and fluffed it up . Walking to her closet she sighed and looked down at her feet she grabbed a boyfriend jean, a vintage tee and a belt. She settled for a pair of converse this time and stepped out looking at her nails but jumped again when she saw Ethan on her bed “hey” he said looking up from his phone as he sat up to sitting position. Y/n bit at her lip and nodded “hey “ she replied back and sat beside him to pull her shoes on “gray said I should check on you “ he mumbled setting his phone down she nodded as she tied the laces and watched him “ well you could’ve came to that conclusion yesterday “ she laughed a bit and nudged his shoulder as he sher ok out his hair “yeah well you kinda locked yourself in here and last time this happened you threw a shoe at my head when I came in “ he shot back as she stood up “yeah well … you weren’t my boyfriend then “ she teased sarcastically.

Ethan grinned as he ruffled her hair “sorry about yesterday “ he said bitting at his thumb while his other hand stayed at the back of her head . Y/n shrugged as she turned to him “it’s fine Ethan it has to happen “ she said and took his hand away from his mouth as she held it in hers. The two of them stayed like that for a moment before her door opened and Grayson stood there “let’s go live birds James is starting to sing again “ he said shooting a wink toward y/n as he nodded towards the door


Y/n sat in the front seat with Ethan as she looked down at her phone “this video was the worst idea ever “ she mumbled as she looked in the back seat at all the bags “it was fun “ he said to reassure her “best friends controlling your day “ he grinned as she adjusted the camera “Ethan I just doesn’t so much money “ she whined and looked at the designer labelled bags again as she looked at her phone “and now Emma said we have to go get food … vegetarian and I have to change “ she said showing the text message to the camera “then I have to takes photos according to gray “ she groaned “Ethan if you make me play video games I’m going to kill you “ she said laying back against the seat as he chuckled parking the car and grabbed the camera “only cause I know how bad you are at them I won’t “

As they both got out of the car y/n gripped Ethan’s hand as they approach their group of friends, the group looked up as y/n rose her brow at the group waiting for the two to sit . She sat first beside Emma and looked st the menu “I hate everything here “ she mumbled and poured as Ethan sat beside James “okay girl we need to get you out of those clothes” .


Y/n left with Emma and James to change quickly “are you good y/n/n” Emma asked quietly as James went to grab the bags y/n squeezed her friends hand and smiled “of Cours “ she laughed “this video of you guys controlling my day was just stupid ..” she smiled as she walked hand in hand with Emma to the washroom James following, the three of them fixed y/no hair into two French braids , a bright yellow tube top some rubbed up skinny jeans , Gucci heels fanny pack and some Smokey eye makeup. Y/n stepped out of the stall and huffed “James this is insane “ she mumbled and pulled at the top “I look so weird “ she said looking up at Emma and James staring at her as she looked around “what ? …guys what you’re freaking me out “ she laughed “y:n what the fuck … you’re so hot “ Emma nearly yelled as she walked over and James smiled “the twins are going to lose their shit “ he squeezed her hand and went to the door with Emma “wait for us to text you “


Y/n held the blog camera to face the mirror and looked at her appearance “guys my top says baby on it … my jeans or so tight …. I’m gonna have a nip slipgor sure “ she sighed as she looked down at her phone James had texted her to come out because the boys were tired of waiting the fifty minutes it took her . She looked over and took a few steps heels echoing as she opened the door and made her way to the table both James and Emma recording James in his phone and Emma with a camera. Grayson looked up first and did a double take choking on his water and wheezing as y/n got closer Ethan laughed and pat his back “bro what the heck “ he laughed and looked over he too did a double take as Emma and James giggled “y/n what the …” he slid back in his chair and rubbed his chin as he stood up and walked over forgetting about git stein as y/n held out her hands “so ?” She blushed as he approached and his hands found hers he was mesmerized “this look … wow “ he knew people were staring as he blushed too and stared at James and Emma then back again as y/n laughed and leaned into Ethan wrapping her arms around him and pecking his cheek. Ethan placed his hands back on her hips as kissed her again on the lips and she blushed harder “omg!! “ James yelled as the two went back to the table .


After the food and the outfit change and Ethan’s constant touching and affection they all set off in the car again this tim to take photos Grayson idea for the day, James and Emma left to get ready for Emma’s video as the twins and y/n sat at the boys house y/n went into Grayson’s room while Ethan napped “I already picked out Ethan’s clothes to match with me so you’re next “ she said with a laugh as Grayson too laid on his bed “ she went into his closet grabbing a white shirt and black jeans throwing them at him . She looked at the top shelf and tried o reach his yellow converse failing as she stumbled and groaned finally reaching them “here “ she said huffing and she undid the heels “I hate this outfit “ she said looking at her reflection as gray pulled off his hoodie and laughed “you look hot tho “ he said casually as she shrugged “but it’s not…” “you “ he inished for her “no I like your jeans and vans best “ she smiled and watched him change his shirt and pull on his jeans and and shoes with his own Gucci belt bag he smiled “this is just for fun “ he joked pulling her pigtails as she slapped his hands away “go get Bryant so we can do this and I can change “ she laughed grabbing her heels as she felt gray give her a once over again “you really do look hot “ he grinned as she flipped him off and made her way across the hall “Ethan “ she said opening the door to a shirtless Ethan as he pulled on his yellow shirt and smile and her ad she shut the door “I like you better in sneakers too “ he said pointing to the gucci heels “these are so not you “ he said as he watched her slip them back on “they hurt too “ she laughed as she faced him. The both of them stood staring at each other as Ethan broke the gaze to shove her shoulder “fo I look okay “ he asked as she nodded and rolled the sleeves of his yellow tee a bit making his arms look bigger she fixed his necklace over the fabric and reached down tucking a bit so his belt buckle was shown , Ethan got goose bumps as he turned her to face the mirror and pulled out his phone y/n automatically crouched down giving the hang ten sign as did Ethan and he laughed “it’s a video “ he yelled as she went wide eyed and he crouched behind her “behind the scenes photo shoot !” He said just as y/n stumbled and laughed a bit.


The photo shoot was fun the sun was going down the t in’s yard looked amazing as they posed together with some props Bryant brought . Y/n posed with the twins as well laughing with some sparklers , doing some pos s here and there “I feel like this is a Gucci ad” she laughed as she leaned h t elbow in Grayson shoulder as she pulled a face to look less serious . The two posed for a few but they ended up laughing any way. Y/n took off her jacket as she watched Bryant take pictures of Ethan and Grayson separately Grayson walked over to her as she took off her heels slipping on the vans she had brought out just in case and smiled as she watched Ethan mess around in the skat board she leaned on Grayson again as they watched videos and Ethan came over holding his hand out “our turn “ y/n looked confused and laughed “no way “ Bryant shrugged and laughed “it’s what the fans want !” He grinned as she looked at Grayson and who was no help as he laughed knowing she hated couple photos.

Ethan stood awkwardly beside her as she crossed her arms and gray laughed “you’re supposed to love each other “ he sang out as Ethan flipped him off . Y/n sighed “come on E “ she said rolling her shoulders and gripping his as she easily jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist Bryant capturing the moments . As the two laughed and touched foreheads . They fooled around again with the skateboard before y/n got ballsy and started on her own she wasn’t terrible but she was the rubble at controlling her speed . Grayson filmed the three friends as he laughed “y/n is gonna eat shit “ he said as he turned the camera from him self to the girl

Y/n laughed as she went around but slowly panic started to hit her as she hit the edge of her patio bracing her self for her fall but it never happened instead she looked down and saw Ethan’s foot on the board and his arm wrapped around her waste , Grayson ran over next camera in hand laughing “y/n every time “ she laughed as she looked at him “ calm down wheezy “ she shot back as he frowned and she laughed nervously “thanks “ she said to Ethan as he nodded “gotta be carful baby girl “ he smirked as he let go of her .

The four friends decided to go back inside they had 6 hours to pack and get ready for Emma’s video. They parted handing y/n back her cameras to export the footage and so Bryant could edit . As she packed and listened to music she heard a knock on her door knowing it was Grayson since he was the only one who ever knocked she walked over and smiled “hey “ she said as she pulled up her freshly changed boyfriend jeans because she didn’t put on a belt yet “hey , so we didn’t do Ethan’s part of your video and we just called and they have time now if you want to go ?” He smiled and leaned in the door” I just figured to get it over with “ y/n nodded and grabbed her belt from the table and her blog camera “yeah sure … is he going to tell me what it is “ she asked as gray shook his head with a smile “ no but you’ll love it “ he said taking her hand as she glared “that means I’ll hate it “


Grayson drove this time , he had y/n in the front seat blindfolded and listening to music with Bryant to make sure she didn’t peak . He and Ethan stood outside with a smile

-video POV-

The twins stood in front of the tattoo shop with their tattoo artist “hey guys the Dolan twins here , as you know y/n has been our best friend for a long time now … and we all got a chance to control her day from 6am-11pm “ Grayson started “so we made her work out , get new clothes , eat vegetarian , do a photoshoot, and have no coffee “ he chuckled and looked at Romeo and Ethan “do we asked our friend Romeo if he would be down to do some surprise tattoos “ Ethan nodded and continued where Grayson left off “he has tattoo both of us and has done all four of y/ns tattoos she has , so we decided the last thing is to get a tattoo with out knowing what it is “ he grinned as Romeo clapped loving the idea . They all lead y/n in and sat her in a chair as the twins took out her head phones she tenseness “where did you take me “ she asked gripping Ethan’s wrist “am I at the dentist “ she said in shock as she heard Romeo laugh and turned again “wait … no no no “ she said pulling down the blind gold with a smile so huge as the twins laughed “ this is exciting I have so many ideas “ she said sitting upbut Grayson gripped her shoulder “we picked for you “ he said as she frowned “ uh “ she froze and shrugged “okay” .

Ethan furrowed his brows “okay ? No arguing no protesting “ he laughed “you trust us that much ?” Y/n held up her hand “I trust Grayson to not let you put anything stupid on me babe “ she smirked as Ethan tied her blindfold on again “I would never “ he laughed as Grayson looked at him “you suggested your twitter handle “ he said flatly . With that Romeo got to work placing a stencil on y/js ankle


cut scene to all three sitting on the chair

Y/n held a towel draped on her wrist as the boys looked at her smiling she grinned as she looked at the camera “so tatto number five and I had no say, and Ethan ran away so I couldn’t hold his hand. … I had to hold Bryant’s if you saw “ she laughed a bit as looked st the boys and Romeo counted down sliding the towel off her ankle . There on the inside she saw a small detailed drawing of a thimble she furrowed her brows and laughed “a thimble ?” She shook her head “it’s cute I like the design and the flowers but why a thimble “ she asked as the boys looked at her both bringing up their own ankles and showing off two acorns . Y/n looked at both of them Grayson’s in colour with leaves and Ethan’s in black and white more sketch like . She opened and closed her mouth as tears pricked her eyes “no way “ she sniffles as Grayson hugged her to his side “so those who don’t know y/me fave movie is Peter Pan , Wendy and him give a thimble and an acorn to each other as a kiss “ he said as y/n wiped her eyes Ethan smiled and looked at her “she is very important to us and we figured she is like the Wendy to our lost boys … “ he said and rolled his eyes . Y/n turned to Ethan and hugged him “you guys .. this I can’t believe you got them too “

Y/n turned to the camera “the boys will always have this special place in my heart and now I feel this bond is stronger you know like family like this small tattoo is our love for each other they’re all different as we are but they all go together a certain way “ she said crying again “and I don’t think I would be here without them “ she said as Grayson is seen wiping under his own eye before leaning his head on hers. They all hugged it out before Ethan smiled “ I have one more thing he said showing his calve a bit y/n looked down and furrowed her brows as she looked at gray “you & me “ was in small lettering in the back of his calve something the two said to each other before something life changing was going to happen . All the fans knew it so when she saw it in red ink too her favourite colour y/n geared up again as Grayson smiled at the two . Ethan reached over placing a kiss to her forehead and whispering to her “is it too much “ he asked as she shook her head covering her face to stop the crying “it’s perfect “ she whimpered back as she leaned in pecking him lightly “enough with the mushy!” Grayson groaned and y/n laughed

“Sorry guys this is all happy tears “ she said as all three of them had red puffy eyes and sniffles . She hugged hem both again “this was the best friends controlling my day challenge, go follow Emma , James , Ethan and Grayson on social media linked below . Check out my social media for behind the scenes and remember I love you “she held up her hang ten sign as did the boys “ bye babes “ they said in unison as Grayson tackled them into the chair

Continued next week

headcanon ( e.d )

about: boyfriend Ethan

warnings: a lot of fluff. cringey as shit.

requested: nope

A/N: This is my first, so I hope it’s okay. Also this gif give me heart palpitations.

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  • Let me begin by saying this boy would be head over heals for you
  • and he would make sure you knew it too
  • ‘Did I tell you I love you today?’ yes ethan, eight times’
  • !video games!
  • Wether you knew how to play them or not, he’d always have you playing them with him.
  • skateboarding lessons
  • ‘Ethan what if I fall?’ ‘I don’t trust you to catch me in time, Eth.’
  • n i c k n a m e s
  • baby, babe, love, princess when he made his stupid dirty jokes.
  • but you secretly loved his dirty jokes because they were part of his personality.
  • cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles.
  • after sex cuddles, before sex cuddles, ‘I’ve had a long day at work’ cuddles. Any of the ones you can think of.
  • lots of sex
  • showing you off was like a hobby to him. constantly putting pictures of you on his Snapchat and captioning it something cheesy like ‘wow I’m so lucky’
  • PDA wasn’t a big thing, but when you were alone that was a different story.
  • being bestfriends with gray
  • teaming up with gray to prank Ethan
  • He’d pretend to be mad for around two minutes before he’d be back to loving you with every fibre of his being.
  • gray teasing your relationship
  • ‘do you guys have to kiss right in front of me?’ ‘NO KISSING AT THE DINNER TABLE’
  • At the end of the day, you were bestfriends and lovers. You wouldn’t want it any other way.

anonymous asked:

Ok I just read the request where gray picks out your tattoo and I thought of a smuttier imagine for that. You decide to get a surprise tattoo and it’s right above your vagina that says something cheesy but sexy like “eat me or lucky you” and gray is just watching you get the tattoo with your legs spread and Romeo leaning over you doing the tattoo. Gray has hooded eyes and you can see his jaw clenching and after watching he’s so turned on and I JUST NEED THIS HELP ME PLEASE

shiiiiiiiiiit. i can see this happening fr. like you’ve brought it up to gray, telling him how you’ve always wanted a tattoo right below your underwear line. he’d help you look for one that would be good to get, but nothing too cheesy. finally you’d settle on a small four leaf clover, deciding that it’d get the message across that whoever got to see your tat was lucky. then you wouldn’t know where to go to get such an intimate tattoo, you didn’t want just anyone to do it.

“why not romeo? you guys know each other and he’s a good friend of mine.” gray suggests as you pace back and forth in his kitchen.

you stop to look at him and turn the idea over in your head before saying, “ya think? like it won’t be too weird will it?”

grayson shakes his head, standing up and walking towards you, resting his hands low on your hips and murmuring, “yeah, as long as he keeps his hands to himself which he will because i’ll be there.”

you chuckle, capturing his lips in a sweet kiss, “then let’s give him a call.”

but the day of the tattoo you’d be hella nervous because though you knew romeo, you weren’t sure how ready you were for him to get to know you a little more. walking in with the design pulled up on your phone, romeo walks over to you two, enveloping you in a hug. you smile, automatically feeling better and more confident about what was about to happen. grayson protectively places his hand on your lower back when you pull away.

“so i got the picture you sent and i really like the design,” romeo says over his shoulder as he leads you towards the chairs, “and the spot? where do you want it again?”

“um,” you stutter, nervously chuckling and placing a hand over your pelvic bone, “like right here, maybe a little bit towards my hip.”

“oh.” romeo nods as if it’s no big deal, grabbing his supplies and sitting in his spiny chair, “alright so you’ll probably have to like, move your shorts down a little but it’s not like you’ll have to take them off, ya know?”

“okay, cool.” you smile, sitting on the table in front of him, watching him trace the design.

your legs swing back and forth, patiently waiting to begin the tattoo process. as you wait, your eyes flicker up to grayson who’s watching romeo, his jaw clenched. you reach over and grab his hand, bringing it up to your lips and pressing a kiss to it. grayson looks at you smiles gently, pulling you into his side as you sit. when romeo finishes tracing, he has you lay back on the table and show him exactly where you want your tattoo. when he touches your skin you get goosebumps from the cold gloves.

“alright,” he sends you smile, “ya ready?”

“hell yeah,” you smile back, laying back down, “let’s do this.”

romeo chuckles, saying over the whir of the needle, “that’s the spirit.”

you bite your lip at the sting and look up at gray who is standing at the end of the table, his hand resting on your ankle as he stares at romeo starting your tattoo. he was beyond jealous right now, seeing romeo so close to what belonged to him. his gaze would be hard, his nostrils flaring and jaw clenching as romeo would lean closer to your skin. his hooded eyes would flicker up to your face, watching your eyebrows tilt upwards and your lower lip tucked in between your teeth.

“fuck.” you hiss under your breath.

romeo looks up at you, “you alright?”

you nod, looking down and him working on the ink. he moves your black panties to the side a little to get at a better angle. it doesn’t phase you, but it does effect grayson. his hand squeezing your ankle gently as he watches romeo do so. you press the tip of your shoe against grayson’s thigh to get his attention. he looks at you and you cock up and eyebrow and lean your head to the side, as to silently ask him “what’s wrong”. he doesn’t respond, just looks back at romeo who was finishing up your fresh ink.

you grin when he finishes, snapping a picture of the tattoo before he bandages it. when your clothes are situated and your standing, you pull romeo into a big hug, thanking him over and over again. before you leave, grayson and romeo do one of those handshake hugs. you smile, knowing that romeo would never make grayson mad no matter what. you intertwine your fingers with grayson’s as you two walk outside and towards his car. he opens the door for you and closes it before getting in on his side. when his door is shut he leans across the console, pressing his palm against your heat, making you gasp at the sudden contact.

you look at grayson who’s staring you down with hard eyes as he says through gritted teeth, “remind me who this pussy belongs to.”

your jaw goes slack at how dominant and possessive grayson was being. you knew he was definitely the jealous type, but you didn’t realize how jealous he was tonight. you don’t respond, just stare at him with raised brows and wide eyes, getting wetter by the second.

when you don’t answer, he cups your pussy tighter causing you to whimper, leaning closer so his forehead is against yours, “do i need to remind you, babygirl?”

“no, daddy.” you shake your head, staring deep at him with wide eyes.

“tell me now.” he demands softly, pressing his fingers against your clothed core.

“you,” you whisper breathily, “only you.”

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Hey dude!!! Willing to do a little blurb or imagine about you being really good at back scratches and after a long day you and gray see each other and he wants a back scratch and he accidentally gets turned on and he’s kinda embarrassed but you decide to go down on him and suck his... u know.... LUV UR WRITING!!!!!

“higher… higher… yes. oh my god right there, y/n.” grayson groans, feeling your nails scratch against his back, “don’t stop.”

“you’re so weird, grayson.” you chuckle, scratching him a little harder, making him let out another groan. you shake your head at him, saying, “you’re like a dog getting scratched behind it’s ear.”

as you say that grayson starts to bounce his leg up and down, turning to send you a playful snarl, “ruff ruff.”

you smile, rolling your eyes and moving your hands up to his hair, rubbing your nails through the brown locks. grayson closes his eyes and leans his head back, loving the feeling of your hands in his hair. you tug at the roots softly and scratch at his scalp. your hands move back down to his shoulders to rub at the tense muscles along where his neck meets his shoulders. he lets out a deep sigh full of satisfaction. your lips twitch into a smirk as you lean down to pepper kisses long his neck.

“okay okay,” grayson stands up quickly, spinning around to face your frowning expression, “if you keeping doing that i’ll lose my mind.”

you fold arms across your chest, eying him up and down, your focus landing the tent in his shorts. you scoff, smiling at him before taking a few steps towards him, “looks like you’ve already got an issue.”

grayson palms at his growing erection, staring at you with hard eyes, “thanks to you.”

you chuckle, draping your arms on his shoulders, pressing yourself against him and resting your forehead against his, whispering, “you want me to help you?”

he swallows hard, clenching his jaw while staring deep into your eyes. you bite your lip as he sets both his hands on your ass. your own hands wonder down his chest to his belt loops. you playful tug on them before moving your fingertips to the button on his pants. you pop it open, unzipping them and playing with the top of his underwear. you smirk, your fingers tracing the skin underneath his clothing. you look up at grayson who is desperately trying to keep himself together. his eyes are clenched shut and his nostrils flared, taking deep breaths as you slowly tease him. you move your hands up to hold his face, ghosting your lips over his. clearly having enough of your teasing, he swats against your bum causing you to let out a yelp.

grayson smirks at your reaction, bringing you closer to him and grinding his hips against yours, sucking against your neck and mumbling, “you gonna tease me all evening? after i had such a long and stressful day? that’s not very nice of you, baby.”

you sigh softly, breathily saying in his ear, “if you’re just little more patient, you’ll get exactly what you want.”

you pull away, getting on your knees and roughly pulling down grayson’s shorts. he sits on the chair behind him, cupping the side of your face with his palm. your finger traces the outline of grayson’s hard on, causing a shiver to crawl up his spine. you lean down and press a kiss to him through his calvin klein’s. grayson leans his head back, letting a groan emit from the back of his throat. he sighs when you finally free his cock, letting it spring up and stand harder than ever.

you lick your palm before wrapping your dainty hand around him, pumping him a few times and pressing another gentle kiss to the head of his dick. gray grips the arms of the chair tightly, your warm lips finally landing on his hard cock making his head spin. you look up at him, he’s biting his lip and his eyebrows are tilted upwards, watching you intently, eyes are dark, full of lust. you lock your eyes with his and lick a strip up his cock.

grayson closes his eyes, bring his hands up to run through his hair and moan out, “fuck, yes.”

you smirk, wrapping your lips around his head and sucking lightly, tasting his salty precum. you hear him breathe in quickly when you take more of him, swirling your tongue around the head and taking more. your tongue feels every vein and ridge of his huge cock. tears prick at the corners of your eyes when he hits the back of your throat. your hands pump the rest of him that you can’t fit.

he grabs your hair and pulls at it, grunting softly when you suck harder, groaning, “there you go, babe. that’s it, you’re so good.”

you hum around him in response, causing him to let out a soft whimper. one of your hands moves down to cup his balls and squeeze them gently. grayson moans out loudly, pulling your hair harder. after a while, you remove your mouth from him and lick up and down his shaft, watching his face contort in bliss every so often.

your hand pumps him as you mummer softly, “daddy’s gonna come, huh? you’re gonna come all in my mouth. yeah?”

grayson bucks his hip up, whispering breathlessly, “yes, shit i’m so close.”

you nod, wrapping your mouth back around him and sucking harder. you felt him twitch in your mouth, letting your know that he was about to orgasm. grayson places both his hands on the back of your head before fucking up into your mouth. tears stream down your face as he takes control. you place both of your hands on his thick, tattoo covered thighs, scratching your nails down them roughly, knowing how mouth he loves that.

“fuck fuck fuck!” grayson moans loudly before holding your head and coming. you feel his thick strings of come down your throat, swallowing it all.

after he comes down you remove your mouth from his dick with a pop, breathing deeply. you sit back on your feet, your heel being pressed up against your heat. you have to admit, after that you were very turned on. your wide eyes stare up at grayson, all sweaty and breathing heavily. he looks back down at you, automatically noticing how horny you were.

he stretches and sits up straight, smirking at how turned on you were, waving you towards him and patting his thigh, “c’mon pretty girl, let’s see you ride my thigh like the good girl you are. you deserve it.”

so I might be posting the first part to a series revolving around Grayson tonight… it’s loosely based off of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before so yea that’s exciting as heck

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hot bitch

rid of it ;; ed

request: Hi love! Your imagines are so freaking cute. I was wondering if you be down to write one about Ethan and losing your virginity to him? Thanks a bunch!

a/n: this is my first smut i am so fucking sorry, i went all in it’s crazy i’m not really even in ethan’s lane but goddamn. um so yeah please let me know what you think i’m so scared to post this holy shit hahahahaha uhhhhh GIVE ME THE VALIDATION I BEG YOU

warnings: ugh unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it homies), daddy kink, curse words, it’s smut if you couldn’t tell alright


“i just want to get rid of it.”

you weren’t scared as much as you were nervous. you could never be scared of ethan. he was always so sweet and gentle and kind towards you. that’s exactly why he’s the guy you go to ask for this favor. it seemed so small and minuscule to you, like what you were asking for would be an easy “yes” or “no” answer.

but ethan stares at you, puzzled, only saying, “what?”

you step back from where he’s sitting at the kitchen island, clasping you hands behind you back, “what do you mean? can you just, ya know…”

“nah, y/n,” ethan rubs his hands over his face before looking away, “i cant be your first.”

“e,” you whine, tugging on his shirt so he’ll face you again, “please. i just want to get it over with, with a guy i trust and know. so when, like, the occasion comes i know what it’ll be like.”

ethan’s heart drops. he would obliged in a heartbeat to have sex with you, but deep down he knew it would mean nothing to you. for so long he’s tried not to get too attached to you or fall for you, and he’s convinced himself he hasn’t. but it’s so obvious he has. he thinks about you all the time, always wants to hang out and talk with you. sometimes not even talk, just listen to you talk about anything. he loved that, when you’d call around three in the afternoon and just tell him about you day at work and what happened. he could listen to you for hours.

he would do anything for you, but this just wasn’t it.

“i don’t know.” he stands up, grabbing his cereal bowl and washing it out at the sink. you push his stool in for him as he continues, “it would be weird, don’t you think?”

you huff as you go and stand next to him, “plenty of men would die to have sex with a virgin, you know.”

ethan sets his bowl in the dish washer before turning to you, “then why don’t you find one of those men?”

you groan, running a hand through your hair, walking to the doorway, “gross! the only reason why i’m asking you is because-“ you stop yourself and lean against the door frame.

“because…?” ethan waves you on as he walks over to you, crossing his arms and biting his lip.

you avoid looking into his warm, brown eyes as you scratch your arm nervously, saying, “nothing. i’ll just go and ask gray instead.”

ethan frowns as you turn to walk away. there was something you weren’t telling him, something that you need to say. he jogs up to you and stops you by standing in front of you. you roll your eyes as he places his hands on your shoulders.

“what?” he whispers, his thumbs rubbing back and forth against the material of your t-shirt.

you sigh, tucking a hair behind your ear as you finally meet his gentle gaze, “i guess it would be nice to, i don’t know, have a guy you really like,” you heavily breathe, licking your lips, “ya know, fuck you?”

ethan chuckles as you grow more and more embarrassed. your cheeks turn a bright red while you push his hands off of you and head for the door. he stops you again by grabbing your hand and turn you to face him. you stare up at him, your eyebrows furrowed and your lips in a small pout. you looks back down at you, his eyes soft and kind, almost reassuring you.

“okay,” he says, showing you a small smile, “i know this means a lot to you and i’m the one you chose so, i’ll do it.”

“really?” you whisper, your brows tilting upwards.

ethan nods, “yeah,” and then looks around, “so do you wanna do this now or?”

you start to feel butterflies in your stomach as you realize that this was happening. this was finally happening. you didn’t know what to say or even do. you didn’t want embarass yourself in front of ethan either. maybe you should’ve waited a little while long to ask him.

in a wavering voice, you stutter, “y-yeah.”

he noticed how nervous you are and it makes him smile sadly. he pulls you into his arms and gives you a warm hug, swaying side to side. you take deep breaths into his shirt, hugging him back tightly. he kisses the top of your head before pulling back. he holds your hand and leads you back to his room, closing the door behind the two of you. you go to sit on the edge of his bed and he follows and sits beside you.

“i don’t know what to do.” you blurt out, staring at the wall in front of you.

ethan smiles and softly chuckles, “that’s alright, i’ll guide you, okay?”

you nod as he slowly leans in, brushing your hair away from your neck and begins slowly placing kisses along the skin there. you don’t know where to place your hands, so you place them on his shoulders. you sigh out as he trails his lips against your jawline, beginning to feel more calm. he moves his lips to your cheeks and nose before placing them on top of your own. you’re hesitant at first, not sure how to react. but you begin to melt into the kiss and kiss him back. ethan leans you back against the pillows and crawls over top of you, continuing to kiss your lips softly.

“you’re a good kisser.” you breathe out when he pulls away for a moment.

he leans back down and captures your lips in another kisses, playfully mumbling, “you’re not so bad.”

you spread your legs, letting ethan between them as he tugs off his shirt. you’ve seen him shirtless a thousand times, but seeing him like this now made you feel, different. you swallow thickly when he tosses his shirt to the side and places his hands back on your waist. your hands wander down to the hem of your own shirt as you twist and play with the fabric.

ethan smirks, his fingers grabbing your t-shirt and moving it up to reveal your stomach. you bite your lip as he says, “let’s get rid of this, yeah?”

you nod, sitting up and letting him slip it off your body. when it’s off, his fingers brush up your arms and playfully push your bra straps off your shoulders, leaving goosebumps in their wake. you giggle softly, grabbing his hands with your own and guide them to the clasp behind your back. he watches you, his soft eyes boring into your own when he touches your back. slowly, he takes the clasp in his fingers and undos it, watching the material slip from your body. his eyes leave your gaze and move to stare at your exposed breasts. suddenly you feel a little less confident than earlier and vulnerable. you involuntarily cover up your chest with your arms. ethan’s brows furrow slightly as he looks up at you, confusion written across his features. you avoid his eyes, glancing around his dimly lit room.

“hey,” he says, his voice barely above a whisper, bring his hands up to cup your elbows. you bring your attention back to him, biting the inside of your cheek as he speaks softly, “you’re beautiful. don’t cover yourself up.”

your lips twitch into a smile which reflects onto ethan’s face. his words calm you down and help get rid of some of your jitters, so you slowly remove your hands and place them on his shoulders. he grins before wrapping his arms behind your back to cradle you and leaning down to kiss you passionately. your lips move in perfect sync with ethan’s as your fingertips play with his hair. he pulls away from your mouth and trails kisses down your neck to the valley of your breasts. you watch with your mouth agape as ethan wraps his lips around one of your nipples. a wet gasp leaves your lips as you arch your back and ethan grinds his hips against your own. he switches to your other nipple, causing a soft whine to escape your throat.

he smirks at the sounds he’s causing you to make, his cock giving a small twitch as you whisper breathlessly, “god, e…”

he removes his mouth from your breast and moves further down, sponging kisses against the soft skin of your stomach to right above your shorts. he glances at you for permission and you bite your lip, trying to regain your breath while he unbuttons your bottoms. he pulls the shorts down your legs, revealing your delicate panties underneath, decorated with a small bow. he tosses your bottoms onto the floor, leaning down and pressing a wet kiss to each of your hips. just the feeling of his warm breath against your skin causes you to clench your thighs together.

ethan looks up at you, his eyes much darker than earlier, and places his palms on your knees to open your legs wide. he situates himself between your thighs, his face inches from your heat. he swallows thickly, noticing the large wet patch on your baby pink panties, before bringing his lips to your inner thigh and mumbling against the skin, “have i always had this effect on you, babygirl?”

you sigh at the pet name, leaning your head back against the pillows, “god yes, everyday ethan.”

you feel his lips smirk against your thigh as he moves his hands to hook his fingers in your underwear and slowly remove it from your body, humming out a satisfied, “good.”

you feel so exposed in front of ethan when he tosses the panties, but it felt so natural. it felt so right. laying bare on his bed with ethan’s head between your thighs. you can’t remember what it felt like with him before this intimate moment. you don’t want to. your body twitches when he blows air against your core, you almost close your thighs around his head when he does so. he does it again, this time your hips lift off the bed, begging to get some sort of contact. ethan tsks, placing one of his large hands on your tummy to hold you down against the mattress.

he presses his lips everywhere but where you needed them most, making you whine desperately, making him chuckle out, “fuck, y/n, your so wet.”

“yeah,” you breathe out, “please, ethan. please.”

“easy now, baby.” he mumbles, leaning closer to your pussy, “this is your first time now, don’t you remember?”

you begin to grow impatient as your sigh and roll your eyes, “i know but-“ you cut yourself off, inhaling sharp breath, looking down at him as he licks a long stripe up between your folds, “shit.”

your hands fly to his hair, tugging at the roots causing him to moan against your heat as he practically devours you. he flattens his tongue against you, getting every drip of you. you bite your lip, trying to suppress your moans as ethan sends you higher and higher. you clench your eyes shut and hold your breath, trying so hard not to moan out in pure bliss.

“taste so good, babe. so sweet.” he mummers, the vibrations from his voice making your jaw drop. he looks up at you through his eyelashes, “come on, be a good girl and let everyone know how ‘m making you feel right now.”

“but,” you swallow, whimpering softly, “what about grayson?”

“what about him?” ethan asks, wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking hard.

you can’t help it then as you grip his bedsheets and moan out his name so loud the whole block could have heard you. your cheeks burn, from both embrassment and the fact that ethan was making you feel so good. pleased with your reaction, he smirks and brings his thumb to your clit, rubbing fast, rough circles against the sensitive bud. you cry out again while ethan removes his lips from your lower ones. he kneels in between your legs, grinning at your blissed out state. you watch him bring his first and middle finger up to your mouth and tap gently against your lips, signaling you to open.

you open your mouth wide, grabbing his wrist and putting the fingers in your mouth, sucking against them. you look up at ethan, your eyes wide, swirling your tongue around his thick digits, almost desperately. he pulls his fingers away, bringing them back to your pussy. his fingers rub between your folds roughly, making you mewl outloud shamelessly. he slows down, locking eyes with you. his finger traces your hole, making you gasp aloud. gently, he pushes his first finger into you. your jaw goes slack and you fist the sheets around you, his fingers felt way better than yours. it’s much more satisfying actually having his hands on you than pretending they are.

soon he’s pushing his one finger in and out of you. you wondered how crazy you looked right now, feeling so high even with just one of his fingers. the thought leaves your mind as ethan curls his finger inside your tight heat, making you sigh out a moan. his free hand comes up to knead your breast as he adds another finger, leaning down and sucking on your collar bone.

“oh my-“ you shiver, moving your head to the side, allowing him to attack your neck his his lips, leaving purple splotches behind, “fuck, eth.”

“how does it feel princess? use your words for me.” he whispers, speeding up his fingers, angling his wrist to hit a different spot inside of you.

you whimper in his ear, nibbling against his ear lobe. you swivel your hips hands his palm, wrapping your arms around his back tighter. your nails bite crescents into the skin of his back. your teeth take hold of your bottom lip and you nibble on it, holding in yet another moan.

“huh? let daddy know how good he makes you feel, can’t you do that baby?” ethan groans as you claw at his shoulders instead of responding, “you like being quiet now? alright.”

you frown, looking at ethan and wondering what he was going to do. your body gives a jolt when you suddenly feel the pad of his thumb rub at your clit, making you moan out, “ethan! yes!”

“how good is,” ethan thrusts his fingers into you rougher, “daddy making you feel now?”


ethan swats at your clit, making you yelp in surprise. you look up at him, his hair his hanging in his face, but you can still see his dark, lust-filled eyes. you breathe in and out, keeping eye contact and bringing your hand up to cup his jaw, before you close your eyes tight, your tummy twisting as your toes tingle.

“fucking- so good daddy!” you yell, feeling the coil in your stomach start to come undone, your thighs start to shake uncontrollably.

“you ready to come babygirl? all over daddy’s fingers?” he chuckles, pushing some of your loose hairs away from your face, “come on. come all over my fingers. there you go, atta girl. my good girl.”

you let out a moan, gritting your teeth as your come hard. your body twitches as you orgasm. ethan watches you, bewildered by your sexual state. he rides out your orgasm with his fingers until your loud moans die down to quiet whimpers. he pull his hand away from your pussy, bringing his soaked fingers up to his mouth and licking them clean. if you thought you were turned on earlier, you were even more now. he takes out his fingers from his mouth with a pop.

you place your hands on the back of his neck and bring him down to press your lips to his in a hard kiss. a messy kiss, with teeth clashing and tongues fighting for dominance. you whimper into his mouth, wrapping your legs around his waist and grinding against him. he moans back while you trail your fingers to his sweatpants, pulling against the drawerstring.

ethan pulls away and pushes down his pants along with his boxers. your eyes go wide and your jaw drops at his size. then your butterflies came back and you were more nervous than ever. you can’t keep your eyes off his dick, you were too busy sizing him up. you can’t help but wonder how in the hell that will fit inside you.

“don’t worry,” ethan smirks, giving himself a few strokes, “it’ll fit.”

you blush hard, realizing you had just spoke your thoughts aloud, “sorry, i’m just, kind of nervous.”

ethan’s gaze softens as he leans down to capture your lips in a sweet kiss. a kiss much different than earlier. this one let you know that he will be gentle and soft, that you can trust him. you kiss him back in return, letting him know that you were ready. he pulls away and looks down, lining himself up with you. you bite your lip, anticipating the pain. ethan looks up at you and smiles reassuringly.

then he slowly pushes the head in. you exhale loudly, laying your head back against the pillows. you feel ethan’s hand come up to yours and intertwine his fingers with yours. he pushes himself in more inch by inching, stretching you out slowly and softly. you grimace at the strange but oddly nice feeling. your frown, closing your eyes as they begin to water slightly at the corners. you turn your head to the side, gazing at your hand in ethan’s.

ethan pauses, staying still. you look down at him, noticing he was halfway inside you. you sigh out, looking at his face, breathing out, “more.”

“slow, baby.” he groans when he feels you clench around his thick cock, “gotta be gentle.”

“please,” you whine when leans and pecks the corner of your mouth with his lips, “i want more. i want it all.”

ethan gazes at you, your body glistening with sweat. he watches your chest rise and fall, your face red, your neck littered with dark marks. his eyes catch yours, noticing how badly you wanted him. you almost looked like you were pleading, begging him to fill you all the way. he swallows thickly, closing his eyes and continuing to push into you further. you pull him down to you, pressing his chest against yours and burying your face into the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent. he kisses your shoulder until he bottoms out, groaning loudly.

“fuck.” he hisses once he’s at the hilt, all the way inside of you, “holy shit, you’re so fucking tight.”

he lets you adjust, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. you regain your breath whilst playing with his hair before you nudge his cheek with your nose. he looks to you, running his hand through his tangled locks. you give him a small nod, licking your lips, signaling that you were ready.

ethan pulls out and slowly pushes back in, letting you get used to the feeling. you didn’t think you ever would get used to how good it felt. you place your hands on his shoulders as you thrusts in and out of you, your throat bubbles with soft moans. ethan grunts, the feeling of your warm walls around his dick was so amazing, if he could stay like that forever he would. you could feel every ridge of his cock, every vein and bump. it only intensified the pleasure.

“faster, god go faster.” you sigh, arching your back.

“you’re just a beginner baby.” ethan coo’s teasingly, “gotta be easy, remember.”

ethan catches you roll your eyes, annoyed with how much he was teasing you. you’re about to shoot something back until he started to give you slow, hard thrusts. your eyes roll back and you drop your hands from his body, letting them lay above your head. ethan watches you hungrily, eying your perky tits as they bounce with every thrust he gives you. he sits up on his knees and grabs your hips, making you meet his thrusts. your grab your boobs, squeezing them as he fucks you, biting his lip roughly, almost drawing blood.

“shit!” you cry out when the head of his cock nudges a particular corner inside of you. you whimper quietly as ethan’s eyes flicker up towards you.

“you liked that, hmm?” he smirks, leaning forward and thrusting up into you again, hitting the same spot. you let out a moan so loud it would put a pornstar to shame, blushing madly afterwards. ethan nods and hovers over your small body, pulling out, “right there? that’s the spot huh?”

after that he’s relentlessly pounding deep into you, hitting the spot with every thrust. you cry out loud, pulling at his hair and kissing him roughly. you feel like you’re floating, the pleasure ethan is giving you feeling otherworldly.

“f-fuck..” ethan stutters as you clench spastically around his dick. he almost comes right then and there from the feeling and the fucked out look on your face, “do that again and i won’t last for more than two minutes, y/n.”

“what?” you hum as he continues you to thrust into you. you clench around him once again, causing him to grunt as you grin up at him, “that? daddy likes my tight pussy around his thick c-“

ethan can’t take no more, starting to slam into you, tracing figure eights over your clit. you choke on your words, groaning at how good he could make you feel. you were so close and so was he. you look up at ethan, your eyes begging him. you didn’t know what for, but you were begging him to do something, to do anything that would make you feel even better.

“you’re gonna come again?” he breathes out calmly, he thrusts growing sloppy. you nod, whimpering quietly under your breath. ethan grins at how innocent you look, lifting one of your legs to place it on his shoulder, hitting you even deeper, “yeah you are. gonna feel so fucking good. you like it, yeah? you like being fucked so hard you’ll hardly remember your name. like being fucked so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

you nod, taking hold of his wrist and guiding it to your clit, as you let out soft “uh”’s with every thrust he gives you.

he chuckles out loud, circling your clit, “such a dirty girl, you like being fucked like this. hard and fast, being so loud the neighbors can hear. you like that? tell me princess, tell daddy how you like it.”

“just like that, daddy.” you whisper, “even faster.”

ethan raises his eyebrows high, shocked by your response. his open mouth twists into a goofy grin as he pants, lifting your other leg over his shoulder, mumbling, “alright then.”

you can’t help the loud moans tumbling past your lips, as he drills into you relentlessly. you feel like you’re on another planet. profanities spew from your mouth as the warm feeling in your stomach spreads. you know it’s gonna happen, that you’re gonna come again. you look up at ethan and try to tell him, but nothing comes out from your mouth, just moan after moan. but you don’t even have to tell ethan, he already knows. from the look in your eyes, he can tell that you’re about to come all over his cock. he speeds up his fingers and thrusts, making you arch your back high, pushing your chest up. ethan suckles at your tits, hoping that’ll stimulate your orgasm.

“fuck, e,” you cry out, clawing at his shoulders, “i’m gonna- gonna-“

“that’s it, there you go good girl. come all over me. let go baby,” he mummers, speeding his thrusts up, “show daddy how good of a girl you are and come all over his cock.”

your eyes roll back when he slaps your pussy, thrusting into you roughly. you let go, clenching your eyes tight and curling your toes, wrapping your legs around his waist tight as he fucks you into oblivion. he watches you come undone, and rides you through your orgasm, getting to his own. he yells out when he comes, messily thrusting inside of you before pulling out and collapsing beside you. you try and catch your breath, looking over at ethan who’s closing his eyes and panting heavily.

you smile, staring at the ceiling in your fucked out state before reaching and grabbing a ethan’s hand, bringing it up to your lips and kissing it, mumbling against the back of his hand, “one more time, daddy?”


Featuring: Ethan + reader

Warnings: mention of smut, it’s super short??

Summary: Months after the night you had with Grayson, Ethan is still fuming with jealousy. There’s one thing that changes everything.

Author’s Note: it’s super duper crazy short but I couldn’t think of anything else to add??? This is gonna be the end of the Alpha/Omega series because I really need to work on some other stuff lol. Let me know if I should do a new a/b/o fic with Gray as the main alpha 👀



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Ever since the night you had to spend with Grayson, you could sense tension in the boys’ house. The only problem is you knew it was one-sided. Grayson didn’t want you and you didn’t want Grayson, but Ethan still felt jealous seeing you and Gray getting along so well. He never had a problem with it until he found you with your mouth wrapped around his brother’s cock. Even though he gave both of you explicit permission to do what needed to be done, he still found himself clenching his jaw and holding you a little tighter whenever Grayson was in the room. To your delight, he also made sure to fuck you a little harder and a little louder just to make absolutely sure there was no one else on your mind. Everything in your relationship was going swimmingly, mostly because you two had been friends for years before finally getting together, but maybe being friends first made his jealousy stronger. After all, you were still best friends with Grayson.

You did what you could to assure Ethan nothing was going on between you and Gray, but he mostly hated knowing his brother had seen you at your most vulnerable. So he made sure to scent you every time his scent on you started to fade.

Until eight weeks later.

You had just stepped out of the shower when Ethan first noticed it. Your scent was always strongest after a shower or sex, so he wasn’t surprised at how strong you smelled… but your scent had changed. Your usual smell of vanilla and strawberries seemed sweeter than normal. Ethan didn’t think much of it. He just assumed it was from the shower - that, of course, happened after hours of sex.

Just like any other night, you cuddled up to Ethan and practically laid on top of him, not that he minded. Having your weight resting on top of him helped ease his anxiety and reminded him exactly where you were. You nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck and nearly fell asleep at the soft touch of Ethan’s fingertips running up and down your bare arms.

“You smell nice,” he said quietly.

“I always smell like this,” you murmured with a muffled laugh.

Ethan just hummed in response, knowing damn well you smelled different.

It wasn’t until two more weeks that he finally realized what was going on.

Ethan walked into your apartment and immediately saw you curled up on the couch with blankets and pillows surrounding you. December in LA meant it was easily in the 50s, but that still didn’t seem cold enough for a thick comforter to be swaddled around you and pillows from your hallway closet piled up around you.

“Are you making a fort?” Ethan laughed, kicking off his shoes and moving to - somehow - join you on the couch.

“Hmm, maybe,” you hummed quietly. The second Ethan was within arm’s reach, you made grabby-hands at him until he pushed some of the extra fluff to the side and wrapped his arms around you to pull you onto his lap.

“How’ve you been?” he asked. “I haven’t seen you in a few days.”

“Yeah, and it sucked,” you whined. “All I wanted to do was cuddle but you’ve been so busy.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Gray and I have been working on a lot of new stuff lately. I’d rather be here with you anyway. At least you smell good,” he chuckled.

You nuzzled into his chest and hummed in contentment, your arms wrapping around his torso as you rested your head right beneath his chin.

“You do smell amazing, by the way,” Ethan added, leaning forward closer to your scent gland. He inhaled deeply and realization hit him like a train.

The blankets.

The cuddling.

The neediness.

The scent.

“Omega.” The sound of Ethan using your title instead of your name made you perk up on his lap, turning to face him directly. His pupils were blown wide as he looked down at you. You shivered as one of his hands slid up your back to rest between your shoulder blades, the other moving from your thigh to your stomach.

He didn’t need to say another word. At that point, you both knew.

“I’m…” you started, unable to continue as tears pricked your eyes. You choked out a laugh at the smile on Ethan’s face. He rested his forehead against yours, his eyes closed as he breathed in deeply again, just to make sure.


☞Taking requests again.☜

Heyyy bitchesss lol jk hey lovelies 💜 Since I’ll have more time for blurbs, imagines, etc. now, I’m going to slowly ease back into posting them and accepting requests…

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Human - Ethan Dolan


anyways,, i wanna dedicate this post to @notanotherdolantwinsblog for getting her degree and just being such an amazing human being…

i apologize if this is not good,, BUT,, i really hope you guys like it :))

Summary: It’s Ethan and Y/n against the universe.

Word count: 5k+

Warning: i don’t think there’s any, if anyone is not fond of blood… don’t read :D ++ i think it’s really fast paced. but i wanted to post something… it’s not the absolute best so please be nice to me xD

The night sky was filled with dazzling stars above. It was a beautiful sight, if you leave out the pungent smell of metal. Blame it on the rainy season, all the metals on the streets are turning rusty. Especially living in a place where the government doesn’t really care. What could you expect?

Legend says that this place used to be heart of the town. Every now and then, people would held a party for everyone in town to be invited. Everyone was so friendly to each other and everyone knew one another. Genuine smiles would be passed to one another on a daily basis.

It all changed after an incident at the famous masquerade ball. Young girls were being kidnapped one by one after the party. The number of missing girls grew and soon after a month of searching, pile of dead bodies would be scattered here, the heart of the town. The place where Y/n is standing right now. From that moment, suspicion grew from neighbour to neighbour. The air that used to be filled with ease and excitement turns to tension and hostility.

That was the turning point, when a mom accused a young boy for all this massacre and the whole town was divided into two. The town was conflicted so were the people. Whether to defend the mom, who have lost three daughters from that incident or the teenage young boy, who claimed to be innocent and had no proofs against him but merely from his quirky antics.

The case was never solved and so was the tension at the town until now. Everyone couldn’t stand looking at each other and that was the downfall of this town. No more smiles and no more gatherings, everyone in town lives on with its tragedy.

This event happened when Y/n was only four. However, this event didn’t affect Y/n that much. She was still as sweet as honey. She wears her heart on her sleeves. She’s the sweetest and kindest of them all in the town.

She loves wearing bright coloured pastel outfits. If her hair was getting out of control, a scrunchie she would always carry on her wrist could always do some help. Not to mention that the scrunchie would match her outfit. A total sweetheart is what she is.

She works at a local flower shop, helping her mom to manage the shop. The shop used to have long lines queuing for flowers but not anymore. As flowers used to symbolized love, there was no more love around.

It didn’t matter to Y/n, though. She would always water the plants with care. She would even talk to the plants and complimenting them. She believes the plants needed all the love she could offer to grow well, she read it somewhere on the internet.

Y/n was walking back home after delivering a flower to a house that passed by the dark forest. The dark forest was always the ones with most mysteries going on. Every now and then there would be news about “A child found dead.” Or “Animals going wild.” Or something that would be gory and sad. One thing everyone in town has in common is that everyone would tune it to the news, even Y/n.

Which led Y/n, running faster back home before the sun dawned. She was running so fast, focusing on her legs so she won’t trip and fall. It was then she crashed into a wall or more like someone.

She looked up and her jaw dropped. He was ridiculously gorgeous. His dark brown hair was swept neatly to the left. His eyes were the shade of blue and green combined. A broad shoulder and – “What are you doing here?” He asked with his deep voice. He definitely has the hottest voice she has ever heard.

She was star struck until she realised she was still on the ground so she stood up. She looked around and the person in front of her grunted. “What are you doing here?” He asked now even more irritated.

Y/n was confused. Why was he being so rude? “I’m just jogging back home.” She muttered, looking down at her yellow dress and dusted some dirt.

“You better hurry and go back.” He said while rolling his eyes.  Y/n shrugged her shoulders and nodded softly.

“You better hurry or else you’ll regret it.” He glowered and all Y/n’s thought about him being with her was vanished.

The man standing in front could feel the nervousness and a glint of fear radiating from her. Which made him smile inwardly. He looked at Y/n’s face that slightly paled and gave her a final warning glare. In return, Y/n pursed her lips and nodded softly.

“Hope you’re having a great day.” She said while pulling her coat closer and walked a tad faster.

As she was walking faster she could hear him mumbling, “Humans.” And she could feel him shaking his head. When she turned around to look at the man, he was gone.

“Darling, I’m leaving the store with you. See you soon, stay safe.” Her mom kissed Y/n’s forehead and Y/n gave her the sweetest smile. “Will do, mom.”

When her mother left, she took her book out and started reading. She was startled when she heard the bell on the door rings, indicating there’s a customer. She looked up just to see someone limping.

She shot straight up and went to the stranger with broad shoulder. “Hey, Hey, Hey, You okay?” She asked as she rushed towards the stranger. She put her hand on his shoulder but he hissed.

“Get off me.” He said while pushing her hand off him. “Are you okay?” She asked once more trying to get a look of his voice.

“Go away. I’m fine.” He grumbled, not looking at her face at all. As he slides over the wall closest to him. “You don’t look fine, is there anything I can do?” She asked softly as she watched him winced for the third time after he sat down.

“You’re the man at the dark forest!” She exclaimed while covering her mouth with her small hands. The man’s eyes shot up and looked back at the girl.

When he looked up, he was different from the first time she saw him. His eyes looked lifeless, his lips were chapped and he was pale as white. “Goodness, you need something to eat.” She stated as she went back to grab her lunch to offer it to him. Her lunch was a bar of chocolate and a cup of milk she packed from home.

“I’m sorry, there’s no real food but I have a bar of chocolate.” Y/n smiled softly and she waved the chocolate bar at him. “Are you lactose intolerant? I only have milk.” She said as she bend down to put her cup on his hand. She ignored the chilly feelings she got when their skins touched.

The stranger’s eyes was half-closed when Y/n put the cup over his lips, helping him to drink. Her eyes was so focused on his lips that she didn’t realise he took a whiff.

“W-what’s smell is that?” He asked with his hoarse voice.

“Milk?” Y/n scrunched her nose, confused.

“Something sweet.” He said while looking at the girl kneeling in front of him. Her eyes looked back at his and nodded, “Ahh, chocolate?”

The stranger weakly shook his head. “You really want to help me?” Y/n stared back at the helpless man and nodded her head vigorously.

“Sit on my lap.” He demanded and Y/n’s eyes bulged out. “I’m sorry, what?”

The stranger shook his head and Y/n stayed frozen. He parted his leg and motioned Y/n to sit in between with her back facing him. Y/n had no idea what was going on but followed his command, anyways.

He grabbed her hand and his lips ghosting on her right wrist. “You sure?” He asked with his voice getting deeper. Y/n nodded her head, feeling unsure. He started planting soft kisses on her knuckles and Y/n closed her eyes feeling tense.

His other hand weakly went over her shoulder, “Relax for me.” He cooed and all Y/n could do was nodding her head. She took a deep breath and melted against him.

It was time, he was peppering her wrist with kisses until he sunk his teeth deep inside. Y/n jolted in surprise but his hand was strong enough to keep her still. Y/n screamed but his other hand moved to cover her mouth and muffled her scream.

When he felt Y/n’s head slowly leaning on to his neck, he knew it was time to stop. Her screams died down and his hand went over her waist to keep her steady as she was slipping down. His lips however was still latched on her wrist.

Y/n woke up with the sunlight blinding her. She looked around and she was back at home. Her head was throbbing and she looked over to her wrist. There was no mark, everything was fine.

“Sweetheart, you okay?” Her mom walked in with a bowl of soup and a bottle of water. “What happened?” Y/n asked with her voice slightly groggy.

“I came back to the store to see a note saying that you passed out. Luckily, there was a kind young man that saw you passed out and carried you back home.” Her mother explained with relief.

“How did he even know our house?” Y/n asked and slightly closing her eyes.

“It’s a small town Y/n, everyone knows everyone.” Her mother sat on her bed and gave her a hug. Her mom gave the bottle and fed her with her favourite homemade soup. She felt a lot better.

The night was still young when Y/n’s mom told her to deliver the flower to a house nearby. There was rarely a delivery especially this big amount of flowers. She pulled the white rose basket closer to her chest and she strides forward the dark alley.

When she felt a gush of wind, she shuddered at the thought she had. She ignored it with a smile and walked a tad faster. Suddenly she was grabbed by the waist and was trapped between two hands near her face.

It was the same lifeless eyes that met hers. It was different this time, there was more colour to it that she can’t even decide his eye colour. His lips were not chapped but rather red and plump. He was not pale but he seems healthy and his face was glowing.

“It was you.” She breathed out and looked straight into his eyes in daze. His lips curled into a smirk and nodded. “Who are you?” She asked while tilting her head to the side.

“Dolan, Ethan Dolan.” He said with a smirk still plastered on his face. Y/n wasn’t sure why she was standing still trapped between him and the wall. But she couldn’t move, she felt her limps grow heavy.

Dolan. Dolan. Dolan. The name rings a bell on her head. She snapped her head towards his and her eyes widened. “You’re from the Founding Family?”

Ethan’s smirked went deeper and nodded, impressed. “You listened well during your History class.” He said while tugging a piece of her hair back.

The Founding Family was the first group of people that found this town. They made the rules and all. To keep it short, they’re like the royalty in this town. They were known to be polite, smart and kind. He’s nowhere above those characteristics.

“What happened to me?” She asked with her small voice looking down. Ethan put his fingers on her chin and held it up for him to see her enchanting eyes.

“Y/n Y/l/n, you taste incredibly sweet.” He murmured with his face inches apart from hers. She sucked a breath in and he smirked.

“Can I taste you, one more time?” He whispered as he took her knuckles and pressed it closer to his lips.

Y/n’s mind went hazy and nodded. She had no idea why did she nod. She thought that maybe he was compelling her to do so. Although deep down, she knew she enjoyed that feeling more than she should.

This time he curled his hand onto her neck. He tugged her neck to the side and his lips dived on to the spot of her neck connecting with her shoulder.

He parted his lips and Y/n could feel the wet and hot breath of Ethan. He gently bite and sucked on it, repeatedly and Y/n couldn’t help but moaned out loud. She could feel him smiling as his teeth grazed her neck.

It was when a stinging pain went course through her that she screamed and this time he let her. As loud as she could, she didn’t hold back neither did him. It wasn’t long until she melted into his arms and his lips detached itself from her.

“Angel, wake up.” Ethan patted Y/n’s back lightly. Y/n groaned and slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes went wide for a second and her tongue tied down. She couldn’t speak anything.

“I know you’re confused. Relax, breathe for me Angel.” He said while rubbing her back soothingly.

“W-what are you?” Y/n closed her eyes and asked. Before Ethan was about to reply, “You’re definitely not human. You’re not.” Y/n cut him off and shook her head.

“I’m not.” Ethan looked straight into her eyes and he felt her body tensed from hearing that. Upon knowing that Ethan wasn’t human deep down inside her heart, her blood turned cold hearing him admitting so.

“You can ask me any questions, later, Angel.” He said while caressing her cheek. Without knowing him for that long amount of time, Y/n felt incredibly safe and comfortable even knowing that she passed out twice from meeting him twice.

She leaned into his palm and nodded softly, Ethan smiled for the first time and Y/n swore her heart skipped a beat. “What do you remember?” Ethan asked seriously.

“Y-you.” Y/n stuttered, feeling warm blood rushed over her cheeks. “You gave me a hickey.” Y/n said which sounded more like a question and Ethan slightly chuckled. “I didn’t give you a hickey, Angel. I fed on you.” He said while subconsciously licking his lips.

“Fed on me?” Y/n scrunched her nose like she always does when she’s confused. Ethan nodded his head, “I drank your blood and you lost consciousness then I gave you my blood to heal so there will be no wound but you passed out.” Ethan rambled as if it was no big deal. It took a lot of Y/n’s power to put a finger on his plump lips cutting him off.

“So, you’re a vampire?” Y/n asked once more and with her brows furrowed. Ethan smiled amused, “Humans and the way they think, so fascinating.” He hummed quietly.

“So, what are you?” Her voice laced with pure curiosity. It was surprising that this girl wasn’t scared of him. She wasn’t whimpering or shuddering by his hand on her back.

“It doesn’t matter what I am. I can be the man of your dreams. Your worst nightmare.” He sneered but Y/n was unfazed. So, he’s not human and Y/n felt safe because if he wanted to kill her, he would have done it by now. But he hasn’t and she’s still alive and well.

Ethan shook his head and smiling back at her, amused. “Your blood tastes absolutely delicious. So, I’m proposing an idea.” He said calmly while tugging a piece of hair that covered half of her face.

She furrowed her eyebrows and her lips were pinched together. Y/n thought it was better to listen to him rather than asking more questions. “I’ll feed on you and you can get anything that you want.” He said nonchalantly.

“Feed on me?” She asked in disbelieve.

Ethan closed his eyes and nodded. “You’ll get anything you wish for.” He said once more. “Anything?” She asked and he just nodded vigorously, desperate for her to agree with him.

“Okay.” She whispered leaning to his palm that’s cradling her small head. She wasn’t sure what was inside her that made her agree but looking at Ethan’s eyes full of desperation softened her heart.

Ethan grinned widely and patted her cheek a few time. “Rest well, Angel.”  He said before he stood up and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead and leave.

Y/n’s eyes widened in surprise as soon as she stepped out from the shower wrapped in a thick yellow towel. She saw Ethan standing over her drawer while picking up a racy lingerie. “I never knew a sweet and innocent angel would enjoy this sexy lingerie.” Ethan smirked

Y/n’s face flushed red and Ethan was howling in laughter. “That was not nice.” She said while grabbing back her lingerie and shove it back to her drawer. She grabbed her oversized t-shirt and shorts and walked back to the shower.

“Oh no, am I not getting a show?” Ethan mocked while jutting his lower lip out. “Shut up, you’re embarrassing people, it’s not nice.” As she closed the door.

The relationship between the two grew so fast. They became closer and closer day by day as Ethan visits her house every day. Y/n considers him as a close friend and so does he.

She walked out and Ethan was already at her bed, sitting very comfortably. “It didn’t work the first time but I’ll try again.” He said while softly shrugging his shoulder.

“Angel, do you want to sit on my lap?” He asked while looking at her earnestly. “It’ll be easier for me to hold you.” He said while Y/n was walking towards him.

Y/n was naturally a shy person so she looked down and nodded softly. Ethan smirked and grabbed her waist and helped her positioning herself on his thighs.

Ethan swept her hair to the left side and peppering her neck with soft kisses and she giggled. Ethan smiled, revealing two sharp canines. He slowly sinking his teeth to her neck and Y/n winced softly.

Ethan stopped and Y/n murmured, “Just go for it.” And Ethan did. Y/n was slowly feeling like she’s floating. The more that they have done it the more that Y/n found a sense of pleasure from it.

“You’re enjoying this way more than you’re supposed to, aren’t you?” He kissed the open small wounds softly as he heard her moaned softly. She absentmindedly nodded her head, embarrassed.

Ethan chuckled and tucked her in to bed. He fluffed the pillow and softly offering his open wrist for her to drink some of his blood.

Y/n shook her head, “I’m not drinking your blood.” She mumbled as she shook her head. “You have to. It’ll heal the open wounds faster.” He argued and put his wrist closer to her mouth.

“I’m not.” She answered stubbornly.

“You have to.” He answered merely a second away.

She shook her head and said, “Uh-uh.”

“Please, Angel, it’s for your own good.” He said softly while caressing her cheek. And who was she to resist the soft look on Ethan’s face.

She sighed and lightly sucked on his wrist and immediately she felt stronger. She smiled at his wrist and said, “I’m just like you.” She said playfully.

It melted Ethan’s strong cold heart but he lightly chuckled and shook his head, “You’re not. You’re an angel and I’m a monster.”

Y/n frowned and said “You’re not a monster, E.” She said while lightly pecking his wrist. Ethan hummed and tucked her in more. Ethan felt his heart beating abnormally faster than usual and he was scared.

“I’ll go now, rest well, Angel.” He stood up and bending lower to kiss her forehead. Y/n closed her eyes contently with Ethan’s lip meeting her forehead. As soon as she opened her eyes, he was already gone.

It’s been weeks since Ethan showed up. Y/n’s life went back to normal. She would spend her time with her mother at their flower store. Sometimes, everything felt normal to Y/n, until she felt like something was missing. More likely, someone.

The amount of time that Y/n and Ethan spend together was all nice. He made her feel special. She made him feel different. She reminds him of something that became foreign for him. She showed affection to him and so did he. She remembered one time when Ethan fed on her weeks ago. She was all feeling like she’s in cloud nine.

“Angel, come back to me.” Ethan cooed and his hand held her waist and the other caressed her cheek. “You’ve been so good to me, come back.” Ethan whispered as he laid her down on your bed with a soft thud.

“Ethan?” She whined with her eyes still closed. Ethan nodded softly and said, “Yeah.” While nuzzling slowly to the crook of her neck. Although it was torture to him, Y/n felt safe. It was all that mattered to Ethan.

“You’ve been such a good girl to me, I’ll have to reward you.” He nudged her cheeks with his nose. “Reward?” She asked with her eyes slowly fluttering open.

“Yeah, anything that you want.” Ethan smiled when he saw her lips twitched into a smile.

“I want food! I want to eat together with you.” Y/n said while smoothing some of his hard. Ethan chuckled, “Angel, if you wanted a date with me you could have just said it.”

Y/n pouted and Ethan chuckled even more, he thought Y/n was the most adorable thing his eyes landed on. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow, how does that sound?”

Y/n nodded excitedly and replied, “Really nice.” Ethan kissed her cheek and said, “Rest well, Angel.” With that Y/n drifted to a peaceful slumber.

During the date, everything went well. Ethan brought Y/n to a classic diner. The both of them talked to one another and had heart to heart conversation. They learned their similarities and appreciated their differences.

“Okay, okay, I have a question.” Y/n said while pointing her index finger to the sky. Ethan laughed and nodded his head, “Okay, shoot.”

“Why were you so rude to me when we met at the Dark Forest?” Y/n asked while raising her eyebrow and crossed her arms jokingly.

Ethan smiled and shook his head lightly, “Well, you wouldn’t want a sweet and beautiful girl to wander around the Dark Forest.” He smirked and Y/n blushed slightly.

“You didn’t answer my question there, Mr. Dolan.” Y/n said while pointing her finger at him.

“Okay, truthfully. I don’t know. I was looking for a food and then I saw you. I wanted to feed on you but there’s something that’s holding me back. Maybe it was your yellow pastel dress, I don’t know and I just wanted you to be out of the forest and get back home safely.” He rambled and if Y/n’s heart didn’t swell, it did swell now.

Y/n knew it was trouble when she saw his left eye dropped into a wink and her heart skipped a beat. She’s falling for him and she doesn’t know which way is up.

“You’re such charmer.” Y/n playfully rolled her eyes and Ethan laughed. They had a good time.

It was after the date when Ethan dropped her back into her house. The first time they kissed.

“So, no good night kiss?” Ethan pouted as he stretched his arms out for Y/n. Y/n’s eyes went wide and she recovered by walking closer to him.

Ethan smirked and his arms snaked around her waist. “May I?” He asked and Y/n nodded her head softly. She closed her eyes as she felt his hand cupped her cheeks and leaned in softly.

His lips touched hers and it was warm and wet. She went to lightly peck his lips and Ethan smiled against their kiss. Y/n felt like there were butterflies at her stomach doing flips.

Ethan has never felt more alive than kissing Y/n before. They pulled away to reach their breath and they smiled to each other. “Good night.” Y/n kissed the corner of his lip and walked away. Until Ethan grabbed her back and kissed her back on her lips.

This kiss was more desperate and passionate compare to just now. Ethan pinched Y/n lightly which in respond she opened her mouth and Ethan took the chance to slipped his tongue in. It was desperate, slow and sensual. It was like Ethan pouring all his affection towards Y/n.

When they were out of breath once again, Y/n was speechless and Ethan looked at Y/n. Her face looked flushed and her lips were swollen red. Ethan pecked her lips and whispered, “Good night.”

It was exactly three weeks since that night. Everything else went back to normal but her. She was unsure.

She started questioning more about life and everything. It became frustrating to her.

Is Ethan a vampire?

Why did he leave?

Was the date that bad? Was the food horrible?

Did he not have a great time?

Did he leave because of the kiss?

Why did he leave? Did he leave because of me?

These questions were clouding her mind and burning her heart every seconds of every day. Whenever the old door handle creaks, whenever her mother pull a wrap paper that made a noise, whenever someone was walking behind her. She hoped that it was Ethan.

It was night time when she was at her bed. She was lying down and eyes staring at her white ceiling. When suddenly she felt someone dipped her bed and she jolted out. She saw Ethan wearing all black is now laying down on her bed with a smirk on his face.

“You scared me.” She said while holding her hand to her chest. “I didn’t mean to, Angel.” He said, jutting his bottom lip out. She rolled her eyes and smoothed her crinkled oversized t-shirt.

“Do you need to be fed again?” She asked curtly while sitting down on the edge of her bed and not looking over Ethan.

Ethan raised his eyebrows, surprised by her cold tone and impassive expression. He asked, “Why did you say that?”

“You came when you need something for me. You left when I gave it to you. Simple.” Y/n pursed her lips and shrugged her shoulders.

“Angel, I came by because I missed you.” His velvety voice made it sounds like music to her ear.

“You sure? You could have easily see me the past few weeks, if you actually miss me.” Y/n replied curtly while rolling her eyes.

“Oh, is Angel getting mad? You look cute babe.” He said while winking. Y/n groaned in frustration and Ethan sighed.

He moved forward and grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him. “I had to go for few weeks because I needed to visit my father.” He said putting his finger on her cheek and directed her face to his.

Y/n pushed his hands away from her and wriggled her way out. She stood up walked further back. She knew she can’t be trusted around him. He stood up and followed her.

He can see all the doubts and anxiety was radiating from her body. “I don’t miss your blood, baby. I miss you. You as a person.” He said while slowly palming her wrist.

He kissed her knuckles and Y/n melted. “If I knew, you actually miss me as well, I would have come sooner.” He mumbled against her palm.

“Who said I missed you?” Y/n said taking back her hand from him.

“You don’t have to, Angel. I know.” He smirked while pulling her closer to him. Y/n rolled her eyes and he lightly kissed her cheeks. “You’re too cute for your own good, Angel.”

Y/n blushed and said, “I’m still mad at you.”

“You can be mad at me, Angel. You look cute like this.” He said while propping himself on her bed. She groaned in frustration.

“Shhh, I feel like my face is burning.” She said while covering her face with her free hands. He took her hand and said, “Never.” He chuckled and said softly this time, “Close your eyes now and rest.”

“And you’re not supposed to be here.” Y/n said while staring back at him. He was about to say something when Y/n held her hand up.

“Why did you go for such a long time?” Her eyes watered slightly and Ethan took a step forward while she took three steps back. “Did you leave because of me?” She continued with her voice cracked at the end.

Ethan shook his head and closed the distance between the two. Y/n’s back was against her bedroom door and Ethan was just inches apart.

“I was gone for a while because I visited my father. That’s the truth.” Ethan said while rubbing her arm in a soothing manner. Y/n closed her eyes and whimpered lowly. Her tears rolled down because deep down she knew he was lying.

“Okay, that’s not the whole truth. I was scared.” He wiped her tears away and forced her to look up to him.

“I felt alive when I’m with you. It’s not supposed to happen but it did. You’re human and I’m not. It’s against the law of the universe for the both of us to be together. Without a doubt I would die for you. You make me feel weak. With one snap of your fingers you could shatter my heart. I didn’t want to give that power to you. I was scared. But no more.” He said while looking at her deeply. She swallowed an invisible lump.

“And l-look at me, you’re an angel and I’m far from it. Y/n, we’re not meant to be but I’m willing to take our chances. It’ll be us against the universe. I’ll do it.” He said while holding her hands tight and he brought it closer to the both of them.

Y/n felt like her heart swelled a thousand time and she felt happy. She was grinning from ear to ear and nodded her head. “I’ll take our chances.” She whispered softly.

Ethan kissed her knuckles and said, “It’s us against the universe, baby.”

“Us against the universe.” She confirmed with her lips sealed to his.

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Find yourself 4

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Let’s go

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It has been two full days since the video addressing rumours went live. The twins had been silent on Twitter besides the few likes here and there and y/n post poned her video for the week. She didn’t know what to post or where to even start ,but when she woke up to Grayson flopping on her bed Thursday morning she shotup and shielded her chest groggily “what !? What’s wrong ?” She said in a shock with a sigh realizing it was nothing. Grayson laughed as he pulled at her messy braid “we’re going to the wearhouse … and you’re going to film “ he said standing up and grabbing her makeup bag from her desk and her laptop in the other hand “come on Ethan’s already up its 9:45” she knew he was right about filming but it didn’t help she didn’t want to film , she didn’t want to start this fake relationship just to save her reputation … all their reputations .

Y/n watched as he walked out of her room giving her no time to protest. Standing she headed to her closet and pulled on her skinny jeans with rips and her bra, she looked over her appearance and groaned at her puffy eyes ,letting her braidout taming it a bit she pulled it half up on top of her head and nodded at the mirror , at least her hair wasnt wild roday .Walking out of her room she went directly across the hall into Ethan’s room where he laid on his stomach “and you ruined it cause your naked “ he yelled as he looked at the playback of the Snapchat he had taken before posting it any way thinking it was funny how she scurried out of frame .Y/n smirked while holding up the middle finger as she headed to his closet before coming out in one of his shirts “that’s Grayson’s “ he commented as she groaned and grabbed one from the bed “also Grayson “ he laughed as she stood with her hands on her hips looking at the nicki minage too he was wearing “hand it over “ she ordered peeling off the pink shirt she had on and motioning for him to trade Ethan laughed but obliged pulling off his merch shirt. y/n bit her lip as his head was down but shook the thoughts in her head away as he looked at her with his raises brow “what?” He mumbled as they traded shirts . After pulling the long sleeve on She tied the side and looked at him with a smile “let’s go “ she said skipping out of his room unaware that Ethan was a blushing mess seeing her in his clothes


On the way to the wearhouse they all decided that they had to go out in public drop a little more for the fans. Y/n and Ethan stood beside each other as Grayson snap chatted them “guys it’s so hot and y/n won’t stop complaining but look at her all black outfit “ he yelled as y/n rolled her eyes at him making a face “you look good tho“ Ethan chimes in as Grayson finishes the video . They all walked around the small shopping area, joking and having small talk before heading into a Starbucks .the line was kind of long as y/n and Grayson stood waiting ,Ethan gone to find a bathroom “so how are you holding up “ he asked as she perched her sunglasses on her head with a shrug “I mean … all we really have done is switch clothing and called each other cute I can’t complain “ she laughed as she swayed onher heels “we will see in a few days “ she smirked as Grayson rolled his eyes “you’re gonna have to address him as your boyfriend in public “ he chuckled “kinda embarrassing “ he teased .

The two had hardly moved when y/n looked at her Instagram and frowned as she showed Grayson the photos of them tagged just standing in line “these girls are quick “ she whispered as he nodded and shot a text to Ethan “of course this is when he chooses to take five years “ as if on cue Ethan came to meet then in line as he slipped his phone in his pocket and stood behind them looking around assessing the people before he pulled y/n ‘s hair lightly and smirked as she swatted his hand not catching on to what was happening thinking he was just annoying her but as he did it again this time he caught her hand and turned her to him making a face “you’re so oblivious “ he chuckled as he stared at her and moved in front of her his hand holding hers for a few seconds more before letting go and moving to the barista ordering the threes drinks . As they moved to wait for the drinks to be made Grayson left to go wait in the car complaining about waiting and it being crowded so he was going to pull the car around. Leaving y/n and Ethan alone .y/n sat on the only free bar stool looking at the girls obviously snap chatting the two or something as she smiled and reached out to Ethan who stood with his back to her pulling His shoulders so his back hit her chest, stood between her legs and y/n looked at his phone laughing at a meme he was reading, she rested her chin on his shoulder as he butted her head with his temple lightly “they’re still taking pictures “ she whispered as he turned to look past them out the window with a nod he put his free hand up and rubbed the back of her head . Y/n wrapped her arms around him and smiled as they stayed silent for a few moments before his name was called and they got their drinks.


Walking out of the Starbucks proved to be a difficult task as they were approached for a very few photo ops Ethan of course the centre of attention as y/n held the tray of drinks and waited , after 15 mins if chatting Ethan smiled “okay guys we gotta go …y/n/n “ he called as she made her way into the crowd she said a few heys and waved as Ethan grabbed her waving hand into his and intertwined his fingers in hers “bye “ he said one last time and guided them out the door

“Jesus took long enough “Grayson groaned as he grabbed his latte and Ethan laughed “well maybe don’t order a hot drink next time he shot back “ as Grayson started driving and looked at y/n in the mirror noticing the look of fear on his friends face “Ethan take her phone before she panics “ he yelled out as Ethan tried to grab the phone “y/n come on hand it over “ he groaned as she held her hand away “no I’ll stop looking !” She yelled as Ethan undid his belt and awkwardly climbed in the back almost causing Grayson to swerve but he got the phone and cheered as he shoved it in his jeans pocket with a smirk and did up his own belt in the back now with a smirk “you don’t get it back until you film for at least an hour “


At the wear house y/n applied her makeup and sat for a moment just thinking what to do while the twins set up the lights and her backdrop she had there; a brick wall and her little white couch . She came out applying her lipstick as she looked around “guys I don’t even know what we are filming “ she said as Grayson smirked and held up his phone and Ethan his lap top with her first vine open on grays and her twitter on Ethan’s she went wide eyed “no … “ she groaned as Grayson laughed “oh yes try not to cringe “ he yelled in unison with Ethan . Y/n shook her head as she moved to the couch “you guys have to play too “ Ethan shook his head and laughed “nope you are cringe enough for the three of us “ y/n shoved him as she cantered her self “fine “


(From the viewers perspective)

Y/n cleared her throat as she sat on the couch and “hey …” she laughed and shook her head “sorry again “ she said and rubbed her head “ hey babes ! It’s me” she yelled and waved “and today we are doing the worst thing …I have avoided for months but some annoying fan boys are making me “ she shot as she laughed “so to cut it short here they are …Grayson “ she snapped as he appeared on the couch and held up the peace sign before doing his little hand shake with y/n “and Ethan “ she snapped but he didn’t show up “and Ethan she tried again eyeing Grayson who just shrugged confused and nothing “Ethan !” She yelled as he popped up from behind the couch and pecked her cheek before hopping the back. Y/n rolled her eyes as Grayson explained that y/n had to watch vines and video edits without cringing and if she did the twins made her a delicious smoothie to drink as punishment “okay but can I get like a few chances “she pouted as the boys looked at each other and nodded “3 tried “ they said together as the rounds staters “the easy stuff “ Grayson said with a grin and played a vine that y/n rolled her eyes . She lasted theee vines before she broke and cringed into the couch “nooo turn it off I’m singing “ she yelled and threw the phone “y/n!” Grayson yelled as she laughed “my turn … edits “ Ethan chimes in as he played the first video of her yelling and she cringed theee times “four in one video “he said pumping the air as she groaned Ethan pulled up the last one of her and Grayson and she cringed right into Ethan’s chest as he held her head and Grayson yelled “brooooooo “ he groaned “no it’s never gonna happen “ Ethan wheezed as y/n frowned “my shoulders ate my ears I need to leave “ she yelled as she sat back and pouted .

Grayson grinned at the camera as did Ethan and y/n frowned “so y/n is a loser “ gray chuckled “and that means she has to drink the smoothie “

Cutting to the area infront of the ramp they all stood at the folding table with a cup of muck “what’s in it she frowned “anchovies , peanut butter . Vinaigrette, hot sauce , jalapeños, fish oil , tomato paste, m&ms , paprika and kale “ Grayson smiled “oh and some ghost peppers of course and soy milk “ Ethan chimes in as he crossed his arms and the girl frowned deeper “guys … I’m going to throw up “ she said seriously uncomfortable and shook her head “and then die “ she mumbled “do it or I post the singing video of you on my instagram and Ethan posts the screen shots on his snap of your morning face “ Grayson said as he only option. The girl went wide eyed and took the cup as Grayson held a blog camera and the girl chugged a bit before gulping for air and dry heaving “oh my god “ she yelled and stuck out her tongue “it’s so spicy “ she yelled but drank more as the boys wheezing in laughter echoing on the walls caused them to shake and struggled to record . She got half way threw but shook her head “get me the bin “ she yelled as she gagged and a bunch of smoothie dropped on her tank top clad chest as Ethan placed the bin in front of her and she threw up a bit as she shook her head and did it again. She finished as she stood but tears formed in her eyes as Grayson blog turned to himself “oh no … y/n is crying “ he said ashamed of the dare . Y/n sniffles as she rubbed her neck “this is burning my skin “ she whined as tears fell and Ethan rushed over with a cloth “it’s okay “ he mumbled and pushed her hair back as she then vomited in the bucket again “y/n nooo “ he whined as she looked down. Grayson continued to film as Ethan rubbed her back and pulled her into his chest as she cried quietly in discomfort and kissed her head a few times “stop crying it’s okay “ he said and looked at his brother “gray ! Stop filming !” He yelled and flicked some muck at him seriously as he shielded y/n infronr of him

after a cut y/n was still r d and puffy as Grayson laughed and Ethan pecked her temple “now that we have broke y/n “ he stated as she waved “I’m never doing a dolan dare again “ she whined as Ethan pulled her into his chest “that was the cringe challenge feature the Dolan twins “ grays shot up the hang ten sign as did Ethan y/n held up hers as her outro song played “come back next Wednesday when I destroy the twins “ she grinned as she fell back into to the couch “ baby’s out “ they yelled .


Y/n rinsed her moth out again for the third time as she looked at Ethan and Grayson frowned “can you guys post on Instagram stories that you’re in my video “ she asked as Grayson grinned “I mean I did get you to throw up so I guess “ and walked over to the Couch and crouched by y/n with Ethan and snapped a picture of them all looking tired and posted . Y/n held her phone out after “guys I’m in the ware house go watch the new video where I cringe “ she yelled as Ethan waved “he is in it “ Grayson held the hang ten sign “so is he “ she laughed as Ethan showed her neck pulling at her shirt “she gets burnt and cries “ he yelled and and put his cheek against hers “watch it so she isn’t a lil bitch anymore “ he laughed

Ethan was last and he was going big he walked around and teased with a. Few photos of y/n and Grayson skateboring before he got Grayson to film him skateboarding “check out y/na video guys … it’s great because I’m in it “ he grinned as he stopped beside the sitting y/n “she watches her cringe vines “ he laughs as he watches her cringe and Grayson motions to wrap it up . With that Ethan grins “but we still like her “ he laughs and leans in pecking her on the lips leaving y/n and gray in shock.

Fears - Ethan Dolan

Warnings: none

Summery: you and Grayson are hanging out when Ethan is doing the prank and you actually get really scared.

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Y/n pov

I sat along with Grayson on his bed as we laughed at one of his stupid jokes. There was a knock on the door and we waited for Bryant to get but we heard the shower on so Grayson got up to get the door instead.

Once he came back we was a little weirded out, is what it looks like.

“You good?” I asked as I sat up, all he did was nod and sat on his chair and turned on his computer. I went on my phone and scrolled through my Instagram feed.

“What the fuck!?” I sat up immediately as I heard Grayson scream in pure fear. I looked at him as if he was crazy.

“What?” He only got up and walked towards the backyard, that’s when I saw a weird looking man stalking in our backyard. I stepped back immediately and ran into mine and Ethan’s room and crawled into our closet to hide.

One of my worst fears are stalkers. They creep me out and make me feel unsafe. Unknown tears started to roll down my face as I thought of the stalker hurting Grayson, me and Bryant. I heard laughter in the background of the house and immediately got up because it came to my head, someone pranked us.

“Bro, ew!” I heard Grayson say and I heard Emma’s laughter. I poked my head out and saw Ethan, not really with his “costume on.” I sniffled and their heads immediately went towards me. Ethan’s eyes immediately went to regret once his eyes saw my state.

Bloodshot swollen eyes is what he saw. I just turned around and went back to our room because I didnt really want to look at him.

A few hours later I heard the door open to our room and sigh. I poked my head out from the covers after watching a movie, and saw Ethan, not the Ethan that pranked us, my Ethan. He sat down on the edge of the bed keeping our distance because he know I’m still mad.

“I’m sorry baby.” He said laying down on his pillow and looking at me with regret and worry.

“I totally forgot you were going to be home at the time and forgot to tell you.” He said bringing his hand up to brush some hair away from my face. I just closed my eyes not liking that he forgot that it was my worst fear.

“Forgetting something else?” I said looking up at him as he furrowed his eyebrows. He was about to shake his head when he immediately shot and brought me into a huge hug and rocked us back and fourth.

“Fuck baby I forgot!” He said now realizing when he forgot.

“It’s okay.” I said as he kissed my forehead.

“I won’t do it again I promise!” I nodded knowing he stays true to his words. I pulled away from him and kissed his lips softly.

“I love you.”

“I love you too baby girl.”