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Bitter like Honey (e.d)

s o n g : crush culture - conan gray

a / n : happy valentines from yours truly! everyone’s kinda iffy about today, but this is anti valentine for the most part! also didn’t know what to title it but as always constructive criticism is appreciated :)

w o r d. c o u n t : 1.7k

Originally posted by punishmedolans

February 13

It was officially February, and the discussions and decorations for the overrated day of “love” were promoted more than ever.

Everywhere in the halls, you were bombarded with couples gripped in the deadly clutches of their other half, nausea-inducing red thorny roses, and sucking their faces off like there was more air to breathe in their own mouths.

Speaking of the halls, streamers hung from the ceilings that created a suffocating atmosphere what with them already being so packed and small. Little hearts made of construction paper stuck to each of the lockers with an agonizingly cute pickup line like “bee my honey” with the joyful bug doodled under. Honey is also extremely overrated as it is always being used to describe something sweet when you thought it tasted more the opposite.

You huffed in exasperation once you reached your own locker. You squinted rather hard to read the chicken scratch in blue ink. All you could make out was a minuscule cupcake with a crooked smiley face when you figured it was going in the trash anyway.

After getting whatever you needed, you slammed your locker shut before ripping the heart off your locker, crumpling the brash pink paper and throwing it away while walking to your next class.


After a long day of treading through the suffocating love in air, it was finally the sacred moment that you were able to go home. If there was anybody absolutely dreaded today, you would definitely take first place.

‘Just need to walk through the halls one more time and you’re free.’ You thought to yourself. The plan was to speed walk with your head low and heading straight for the door with no stops in between. Until of course, you were stopped.

“Hey, y/n! Did you like your heart?”

Ethan Dolan beamed at you sweetly as he strut beside you in all his teenage boy glory. He was the type of guy you vowed to get as little involved with as possible.

It’s not really a topic you like to go into, but ever since the sophomore incident, you promised yourself that you wouldn’t start dating again until after you graduated because high school boys were deemed idiotic and immature. Especially if they’re boys like Ethan Dolan who was treasured as one of the school’s star athletes and the student body Vice President. He oozed trouble through his messy hair and his boy charm, and you were 100% not willing to listen.

“You know, I would’ve if the handwriting was so illegible. I had no idea what it said and, frankly, I didn’t and still don’t really care.” You said cynically and began to walk to faster, hoping that he would get the message and leave you alone. You were quite disappointed when he picked up his own pace to be in front of you and quickly, but cautiously, walked backwards.

“It said ‘you bake me crazy’. I thought the cupcake was a nice obvious touch.” He paused to ponder upon whether or not it was really his writing - which he swears is as neat as can be - or if it was the dark ink. Maybe your eyesight just wasn’t that great at the moment?

He shook himself out of his thoughts to see you pass by him with a quicker pace and once again, he mimicked your actions.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you’d wanna hang out tomorrow? Maybe go get froyo and pizza - maybe watch a movie?” He held tightly onto his backpack straps as to give him that extra sense of confidence which he thought he lacked.

Ethan was rather confident in himself when it came to girls, especially because he easily conformed to what each girl wants and that’s usually a cute date with some red roses and an old romance movie. He figured you were the same. Boy, was he wrong.

You immediately stopped and scoffed before crossing your arms and trying to exude as much cold energy as possible. “Listen,” You started slowly, almost in a condescending way, “I’m flattered, but I’ll pass.”

He sighed and scratched the back of his neck, “Why not? Do I have to streak or something? I’ll do it, i got nothing to hide.” A devious smirk revealed itself and you scoffed. This conversation was getting more ridiculous by the second and you were just trying to get home.

“Oh no doubt.” You rolled your eyes before finally getting outside and turning to him. “Look, don’t take this personally, but Valentine’s Day really isn’t my thing. I’d rather live without all that hype for one lousy obnoxious day. I’m sure there are plenty of girls just waiting to get their hands on you though.” You smiled sarcastically before proceeding to walk down the sidewalk and leaving him defeated.

He watched you walk away and he kicked the ground. He tucked his tongue into his cheek before a lightbulb went off in his head. If it’s romantic gestures you hate, unromantic gestures you shall receive.


February 14

You helplessly scrolled through your feed filled with appreciation posts and cute valentines day pictures and your mood plummeted lower than you would’ve liked to admit. Sure you were a cold-hearted mess, but it hurt every now and then to see the innocent love thriving while you were stuck at home eating cold pizza and watching reruns of old shows you’ve seen one too many times.

Then again, you’d much rather be comfy and alone than spending the night with someone who will make romantic gestures today and completely forget your existence the next day.

Your head sunk lower into your pillow as you shut your eyes and let the meaningless mumbling words of the cartoons stumble into your ears. It would’ve eventually lulled you to sleep if it weren’t abruptly interrupted by a crack coming from the balcony door.

“Shit!” He hissed before timidly grasping onto his messy hair and falling back onto the makeshift wooden swing that hung off the huge oak tree that sat in the middle of the grass.

You swung the door open to see him holding a fist to his mouth and nibbling on his pinky nail in anxiousness and guilt. “What the hell?!” You groaned after taking a peek at the bold new crack on the glass due to a rock he threw just a bit too forcefully. He jolted up and walked closer to where you stood a few feet higher.

“It was an accident, I swear! It looked really tiny when I had it in my hand!” You lazily threw your head in your hands as you wanted to cry out in frustration. What is this kids deal?

“Just—whatever. What on earth are you doing in my backyard? How do you even know where I live?!”

He went to grab the mystery object before jumping up to the ledge and climbing over the rail to stand under the yellow light. He licked his lips out of anxiousness and said, “Not important.” before extending a small heart shaped box. You frowned as you read it contained an assortment of chocolates inside and you looked up to see him wearing a devilish grin. You were extremely disappointed to say the least, but what did you expect?

“You can keep them.” You shoved it back in his direction and he put his hands behind his back before shaking his head. “I will not take no for an answer this time.”

“Ethan, i don’t know what you want me to tell you. I told you I don’t like these kinds of things and—”

He walked over to your side and gently said, “Will you just trust me and open it, please?” You bit your lip and slouched in annoyance before sighing in defeat.

“Fine, whatever tickles your pickle.” You popped the lid off the box, unamused. However, that didn’t last long when you just saw a folded piece of paper and nothing more. You held up and tilted your head and he nodded, encouraging you to open whatever it was.

“Ethan, it’s literally an empty box of chocolates and a receipt for flowers.”

“Yep!” He smiled widely and rocked back and forth from his toes to his heels. You stood plainly and stared at him waiting to be handed a bunch of flowers that would die in a week. But he simply stared back. Nowhere did you see any bouquet of flowers.

“Well…where are they?”

“Oh those nasty old things? I threw them away.” You looked over to him in disbelief and he nodded. He pointed to the black trash bin across the street where, if you squinted enough, you could see red and pink flowers peeking out from beneath the lid. “You said you hated all that romantic stuff so I did some research on what the least romantic gifts were and it was an empty box of chocolates, a receipt for flowers, but not actually having any, and an inappropriate joke about sex somewhere in between.”

You bit back the smile that threatened to grow as you lovingly stared at the boy with messy hair, baggy sweats, and an equally baggy hoodie. You were quite amazed. You swore to yourself never again would you fall for a high school boy and you would stick to that no matter what. Right?

“If I do say so myself, I think I nailed your challenge from the ba—” You threw your arms around his neck and a chuckle rumbled from his chest. Ethan hugged you tightly and that’s when you began to think it might not be so bad to be in someone’s embrace.

“I’m guessing my gestures worked, then?” He smiled and gently traced tiny circles on your hips with his thumbs. You pulled away slightly and returned a smile. Your fingers played with the hair on the nape of his neck and his tongue jut out to quickly wet his lips. “So, how ‘bout some froyo?” He stumbled at and foolishly raised his eyebrows.

“Hmm,” you looked up towards the sky and pursed your lips, “I’ll think about it.”

For the first time in a long time, you found yourself enjoying the sweetness that came along with being someone on Valentine’s Day. The time the one and only Ethan Dolan had finally convinced you, over an not-so-ideal froyo topping, that honey was in fact a lot sweeter. You just needed the right kind.

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Grayson: Ethan ran through the sliding glass door because he thought he heard the ice cream truck

Ethan: I like ice cream, ok?

anonymous asked:

Please can u do a blurb or something where it’s graysons first time and reader is very experienced and he’s just a moaning mess and is all nervous at First. I really need this right now thanks hun 🖤

Warnings: smut

“I- i’ve never done this before” Grayson mumbled as he laid on his back on top of his bedsheets. Your hands rubbed up and down his chest as you straddled his lap; you giggled and began grinding your hips against his, feeling his cock grow. “It’s okay, baby, I’ll take care of you” You whispered seductively into his ear, making him groan and lick his lips. His hands flying to your waist— motioning you to continue.

“You like that baby?” You asked, smirking when his adams apple bobbed up and down as he threw his head back in pleasure. A broken moan of your name fell from his lips, his eyed fluttering closed.

“What, baby? Tell me,” You placed your lips on top of his broad shoulders. “What do you want me to do next?” You giggled, getting off of him and standing on your knees in between his spread legs, palming him through his sweatpants.

“I- i need your mouth, angel” Grayson stuttered, his chest rising up and down— causing you to chuckle and shake your head.

“Beg” You simply muttered against his plump lips. “Please” He whispered, desperate to receive your touch, “Please baby”

You giggled innocently, “only because you asked so nicely, gray” You pulled down his sweatpants along with his underwear, and immediately grabbed his hardened cock.

His breath hitched in his throat at the delicate touch of your hand on him; causing him to groan afterwards.

You slowly licked a stripe up the underside of him, feeling him shudder under your touch. You then liked around his red tip, teasing him to the point where he almost can’t take it anymore.

“Stop teasing me,” Grayson growled, making you let out a laugh before you finally took him into your mouth, sucking as much as you can fit while pumping the base with your hand.

You looked up at him, bashing your eyelashes, causing him to throw his head back again and let out a small moan— the sight and your mouth feeling almost overwhelming.

His calloused hands found their way to your head, and he tangled his fingers in your hair, gently pushing you down to take more of him into your mouth.

You spat on his cock, and reattached your lips on the leaking tip while you pumped the rest with your hands. “Mmh, you’re so hard” you hummed, “Why’s that baby?”

“Fucking shit, yo-it’s because of you” He groaned, biting his lower lip as he watched you bobbing your head up and down, taking everything you could in your mouth.

Grayson’s low groans and gagging sounds filled the room, which only fueled the sexual tension and lust between the two of you.

A even louder sound fell fell from his swollen lips as he involuntarily bucked his hips up and making you gag slightly. He abruptly stopped and looked at you with wide eyes.

“Shit, are you okay? I’m so sorry I-” But you cut him off by taking him all the way in once again— this time on purpose.

His tip hit the back of your throat.

“I-I’m gonna c-“ He whimpered, immediately cumming, shooting his semen down your throat; before you licked him clean and let go of him with a low ‘pop’ sound. He are throbbing hard, red and fully erect.

You quickly stood up and undressed yourself, before crawling back on top of him— your pussy hovering over his cock and causing him to feel all of your warm juices.

Grayson let out a low guttural groan at the sight before he reached his hand out to touch you, but unsure of what to do really.

“Feel me.” You said, taking his hand in yours and encouraging him to do something before you might have had exploded.

He run his middle finger all the way down your slit, feeling how wet you truly were.

You could still see and feel his cock twitching when he touched you.

“Is this right?” He asked carefully.

“Y… yes, Gray.” You whimpered, making him smirk. He continued rubbing you a few times, before he eventually told you to sit up and lay on the bed as he took your previous position.

“I want to, i- return the favor” Grayson muttered, before gently digging his fingers into the soft skin of your thighs, spreading your legs open. “Can I?”

You nodded eagerly and kept your body up with two elbows, so you could watch what he was doing to you.

He watched straight into your eyes for reassurance for a moment, before he ran a few fingers over your folds, touching and spreading your juices around.

Grayson brought his tongue to your clit and began to caress it- his wet muscle sending shocks over your whole body.

And it felt amazing.

“Fuck, gr-grayson” You moaned and tugged at his hair, what made him hum and began to push his tongue inside of your soaking entrance.

“Fingers, baby, use your fingers” You whimpered, instructing him. Grayson slowly and gently pushed one of his thick digits in; smirking when he saw the way your body was reacting to his touch.

Your eyes rolled back and another scream left your mouth as you started squirming from the intense pleasure— not expecting him to be that good.

The tight knot in your stomach began to get tighter and tighter until you felt like you couldn’t hold yourself back anymore.

“Stop, stop! Don’t want to cum yet” You stammered and reluctantly pushed his head away— a second away from your well awaited orgasm.

But he didn’t budge.

The sweet taste of you got him obsessed, and he would have eaten you out for days if he could.

He hummed, the vibrations immediately vibrating on your clit, what made you cry out in pleasure again. He flattened his tongue so he could run it all over, taking in as much of you as he possibly could.

The combination of his fingers, tongue and sounds send you straight to heaven, and with a loud moan of his name you came around his digits and mouth.

Once you calmed down and your breath became slower, a small innocent smile took over your face.

You rolled your bodies over and grabbed his length, lining him up at your entrance. You slowly sunk down on it, allowing him to stretch you out as you got used to his size; letting out a moan once he was completely inside of you.

His eyes traveled up and down your body, lips parted as his hands reached to grab and squeeze your boobs, causing you to arch your back more into him when you began to ride him— grinding your hips and slightly bouncing.

He sat up and attach his lips on your nipple, circling his tongue around it and gently nibbling at the sensitive skin; before you began to move faster as your moans mixed in the air.

“Oh baby, I’m so close" Grayson moaned, holding onto your hips, his fingertips pressing into your skin- making you cry out in pleasure.

Then he did something unexpected.

He grabbed your ass, and thrusted in and out of you, bouncing you on his length at the speed he pleased- helping you to go faster to reach your highs.

“Oh, oh fuck… you’re so tight” He groaned when you clenched your walls around him, causing him to shoot his load in you.

Grayson panted and collapsed on the bed, breathing unstable while he tried his best to calm himself down as his body seemed to fall more and more into an euphoric state.

And he just needed some time to enjoy his second orgasm of the day.

“I didn’t make you cum, did I?” He panicked, knowing that he didn’t send you over the edge because of how inexperienced he was— making him feel slightly more insecure. When he watched your face, he saw the way you bit your lip and shook your head no, giving him the answer that he dreaded to head.

“T’s okay, you were amazing” You smiled, brushing his flushed cheek with the pad of your thumb.

He pulled you closer to him, chests pressed up together while he stroked your hair softly. “‘m sorry, i didn’t make you cum” Grayson mumbled, tucking his head in the crook of your neck, leaving butterfly kisses behind, “Let me make it up to you”

And with a new-found dominance and confidence, he flipped you over and made you his properly.

Pretty Boys and Espresso, E.D.


WARNINGS: Cute baristas and good coffee.

A/N: Finally this is done! I’m surprised it isn’t longer, but I think I managed to include everything I wanted in this short but sweet fic. (Also, Barista!Ethan is such a concept. Too bad he can only make vanilla lattes.)

You took a deep breath in, the aroma of fresh coffee awakening your senses. The café was busy as usual, with some people stumbling in and out the door, and others hiding away in a corner to type away at their laptops. Hurried side conversations could be heard, the baristas calling out an order every few minutes. There was a buzzing energy about the place that you just thrived off of.

It was no wonder you came here so often. Every morning, you’d walk in, (attempt to) make conversation with some stranger in line with you, and then order one thing:


No creamer, no syrup, no questionable amount of sugar — just espresso.

Then you’d take yourself to a booth at the back of the store, one next to a window with a fine view of the palm trees, away from all the loud discussion at the front, and enjoy your coffee. You’d sit there for a while, enough time for the sweet undertones to come out from the bitter coffee, and then be on your way.

This was your everyday routine, and it had been for as long as you could remember. Every day was indifferent from the last, down to the second you entered and left the shop.

Until this morning.

You had entered the café as usual, stood in line, immersed yourself into a conversation between a mother and daughter, checked the time on your phone a few times, and when it was finally your turn, stood at the front of the line to give your order.

Without a glance at the menu, you stated, “Three shots of espresso, one cup, please.”

“I’m sorry, Miss, our espresso machine isn’t working at the moment. Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Taking a look at the barista, you froze. All memory stored in your brain was just wiped clean, because this boy’s face demanded all of your attention. His hair was chocolate brown, parted at the side and like a wave atop his head, with little wings peeking out from behind his pierced ears. He had a jawline so sharp, you swore you would cut your finger if you even brushed against it. A mole was placed right in the middle of his right cheek, quite the attractive feature, and you swooned at his plump, pink lips forming a disgruntled frown —

You suddenly snapped out of your trance, blinking cluelessly before blurting out, “What?”

He let out a long sigh, probably for the hundredth time that day, before repeating himself, “I said, our espresso machine is down. Would you like anything else?”

Your cheeks flushed with embarrassment, and to save yourself from further humiliation, you gave a quick, “No, thank you.”

And with that, you left.

The next day, you were still so red-faced from your encounter yesterday that you almost skipped your daily trip to the café. The only thing that pulled you out of bed that morning was your thirst for good coffee. You just hoped he wouldn’t be working today.

So, pushing your dignity aside, you beelined out the door and into your favorite coffee shop once more. As the familiar aroma of coffee hit you, the weights were lifted from your shoulders, and you were once again the ray of sunshine everyone knew and loved (or avoided, you were a bit too lively for some).

But life has a way of smacking you in the face, and when you reached the front of the line, you were met with the same golden-boy from yesterday.

Flustered, you attempted to give him your order, but nothing came out, your mouth opening and closing like a fish’s.

What is wrong with you, Y/N, you’ve had the same order since freshman year. Spit it out, you trout.

“Express?” What?

You looked down at your feet, your shoes all of a sudden more worthy of your attention than Mr. Pretty-Brown-Eyes. That’s a lie, you’d be happy to give him all 24 hours of the day.

A deep chuckle brought your head back up.

“You mean espresso, sweetheart?”

Your lips parted, before nodding your head rhythmically.

“Sorry, Miss. Still broken.”

It had been a week since your last encounter with pretty boy. In an attempt to salvage the last scraps of your dignity, you had avoided him and the café all-together.

All of a sudden, your routine had gone from enjoying a few shots of espresso every morning at the coffee shop to staying home an extra hour and settling for a cup of bland coffee. And you were sick of it.

As a college student and overall coffee fanatic, caffeine was a priority, and keurig just wasn’t cutting it.

Soon enough, you were doomed to do your walk of shame to the café.

Only this time, he wasn’t there.

The barista taking your order had on a confused expression, probably at your face of utter disappointment.

Didn’t you just get done avoiding him, for like, a week?

“Can I get you anything?”

You chewed on your bottom lip nervously, before deciding you might as well ask while you were here, “Yeah, um… I was wondering… that boy, the pretty one, with the mole on his cheek? Is he here?”

A smirk grew on the employees face, “Pretty, huh? You must be talking about Ethan. I just saw him head out, not sure if he’s done for the day, though.”


You felt a harsh shove, before the disgruntled man behind you yelled out, “You’re holding up the line!” A series of huffs and complaints followed.

“I’ll have three shots of espresso in a cup, please.”

As if your day couldn’t get any worse, your usual booth was being occupied by an elderly couple, and the only seat available had a stubborn view of the back parking lot.

At least the espresso machine is finally working.

You let out a sigh, resting your cheek on your open palm as you stirred your hot coffee. The steam came up out of the paper cup, nearly blocking your line of sight.

You just happened to make out a mop of hair that caught your attention.

Waving away the steam from your face, your assumption was correct. There he was, pretty boy (or Ethan, you supposed, though your nickname was much more suitable) leaning against a wall, hand combing through his full head of hair as he spoke into the phone at his ear.

Without a second thought, you rushed out the back door (which was an emergency exit, but you were too immersed in the moment to care) and into his field of view. He took one look at you, before mumbling a rushed, “I’ll talk later, Gray,” into the phone and hanging up. You walked closer, hips swaying and confidence booming.

“Hey, Pretty Boy. What do you say you make me some coffee?”

He chuckled, that deep, raspy sound, and tooks a few steps towards you, until you were only a breath away from each other. The height difference was comical, and he had to crane his neck down to give you his signature smirk.

“Let me guess, espresso?”

A grin made its way across your face, “You remembered.”

“You don’t just forget a face like yours,” you felt the blood rush to your cheeks, “I’ve never seen one the same shade of red.”

You gasped, slapping his bicep, “Hey!”

He gave you a soft smile, before gently placing a hand on your elbow, guiding you to the door, “I’m only kidding, sweetheart. How much creamer was that, again?”


“Of course.”

After that day, it was safe to say that Ethan had earned himself a place in your heart, right next to your love for good espresso.

Emma: I’m supposed to be this responsible young adult right now

Emma: but tbh

Emma: Idk how to adult

Emma: I just want to drink chocolate milk and find Pokemon

anonymous asked:

Omg I need a blurb with the Grayson wanting to eat his girl out and she’s insecure pleaaaaaaaase

Warnings: smut

A/N: this basically was a collab with @jellyfishdolan so shoutout to the love of my life 💛💛💛

The morning light filtered through the thin curtain of Grayson’s room, shining directly in his eyes and causing him to wake up.

He squinted and rubbed the sleep off his eyes before looking to his left, only to find you sitting up, a soft pillow behind your back as you focused on the book in your hands.

You looked like a real like angel— your skin glistening, hair disheveled, your lips swollen and parted as little huffs fell from them and filled the quiet room. The sight only made Grayson smile and chuckle lightly, feeling like he was falling in love all over again.

Though, his innocent thoughts were quickly replaced by filthy ones when you closed the novel and squirmed, causing your - or rather his - baggy shirt to ride up your thighs and expose your lacy baby pink panties.

Memories from the night prior filled his brain, turning him on. And when you gazed at him, laying beside you in his shirtless glory - showing off his gorgeous muscular tanned skin that made him look like a Greek God more than ever - an almost inaudible moan escaped your lips; causing him to get even more aroused if possible.

In a swift motion, Grayson rolled over and got on top of you, his fingers trailing down your sides and to the edge of your underwear, almost about to pull them down when you pushed him away. He stopped trying, wanting to respect your wishes of not going any further; but you were conflicted because you wanted him. So badly.

“I-I really want to Grayson… i-it’s just that, ugh never mind it sounds stupid,” You sighed out, bringing your hand up to cover your reddening face.

You couldn’t even believe that you managed to score Grayson Dolan and become his girlfriend. For practically your whole life, you constantly put yourself down and thought that a girl like you would never get a guy like him; and even now that you have, you feel like you’re not good enough for him considering all the girls he’s been with before were models.

Grayson moved and laid again beside you with his head propped up on his arm, one of his arms temporarily wrapped around your waist to pull you a bit closer to his warm body.

He was looking at you with what seemed like pure lust and love; and it was exactly how he felt whenever he looked at you. From the moment you met, it felt like his body was on fire; all warm from the sight of you and the thought of you being his.

Even if you had only been dating for a month, he was completely smitten and in love with you.

He brought his free hand to remove your’s from your face, wanting to see the cute little embarrassing blush that was spreading. Interlocking a hand with one of your’s, he spoke up quietly while holding your gaze, “I promise you, babe, that I won’t find it stupid.”

Feeling your heart swell with warmth, you pursed your lips and wiggled to sit against the headboard. “I am really… insecure,” you sighed out shakily, “I’m insecure about… my body. Always have been, probably always will be.”

“And I’ve just… never had anybody go down on me before because of that.” You paused, letting an awkward silence fill his room before continuing your explanation. “I guess all the guys I’ve been with before were just assholes, and I never really asked them to do it; I was always the one giving head. I-I’m scared of it… well not scared, but I guess just insecure…” You whispered out, closing your eyes to avoid seeing the look on his face— an unreadable expression that made you feel nauseous.

You knew it. You weren’t confident enough for him. And you felt like you were gonna cry right there, but then a hand came up to cup your face. “Hey,” Grayson whispered out, bringing his thumb to the corner of your eye to try and peel them open. When you finally looked at him again, he had a gentle smile on his face as he watched you.

He was rubbing your cheek with the pad of his thumb, just staring into your beautiful face that he loved oh so much. “All those guys that you’ve been with before don’t know any better; you’re the most attractive girl I have ever seen in my life. I’d be honoured to even have the chance to go down on you, and I wouldn’t even want anything from you in return; except maybe your love, if you’re willing to give me that…”

Pressing a kiss to your cheek, he managed to bring his arms around your waist and roll around— hovering over you again.

“You’re the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my entire life… every time I see you it feels like a billion fireworks are being set off at the same time.” You felt your heartbeat pick up at this, causing you to once again turn all red, which made Grayson’s heart flutter even harder than it was a second ago.

“Can I?” He whispered, bringing one hand up to cup your face, while the other tugged lightly on your underwear. He studied all of your features: your cloud-like lips that were just the prettiest shade of pink, your perfect nose and your eyes that were like a window to your soul, showing every single emotion in them.

You nodded frantically, no words coming out of your mouth; still shocked because of Grayson’s nice words and actions.

“Lucky guy i am,” He muttered, before smashing his lips against yours, where you both fit together like a puzzle piece.

Grayson disconnected from the kiss and began to move downwards, peppering your neck with kisses and whispering sweet nothings in the shell of your ear.

He curled his fingers around the flimsy material of your shirt, pulling it up and off your chest; leaving you in your panties, looking so vulnerable and innocent— causing him to smile and peck your lips softly. He then proceeded to make his way down your body, kissing every inch of your skin while muttering everything he loved about you.

He trailed his fingers down your upper body, brushing them over your hardened nipples and making you shiver; before he moves downward— letting his fingertips dance over your stomach and trace the elastic band of your panties teasingly.

“Please, Gray” You whimpered. You were already incredibly wet and he hadn’t even touched you yet. Grayson could just see how wet you were by the little stain in your panties and by your delicious juices running down your perfect thighs. You bit on your bottom lip when he laid down, his face now close to your heat.

“You sure?” You smiled, and without any more spoken words, he ripped the lacy material and began to lick you- directly going for your clit.

“Gray!” You moaned out and he smirked to himself, satisfied with himself for making you scream his name. He continued to pleasure you— his tongue running up and down your pussy, using his best tricks to make you cum undone harder and faster.

“You taste wonderful, baby” Grayson moaned against you, sending vibrations through your whole body as you grabbed a handful of his tousled mop of hair, tugging at it in the pleasured state you was currently in, “So sweet, just like cherries”

Your moans filled the silence of the room besides the ticking of the clock that you heard.

But none of you were interested in something but each other.

“Fuck me, please. Please, i really need you” You begged with a small whine.

He knew you were ready for him, but wanted to lick you clean, be the first to make you scream just with his mouth.

He pulled back from your dripping core for a moment, using his fingers to pleasure you as he held intense eye contact with you.

“’m gonna make you feel even better now” He spoke confidentially and pushed two fingers into you, in search for your G spot. A moan left your mouth and he just smirked widely, yet wickedly before he brought his tongue to your clit again— starting to lick, suck and nibble it, sending shocks over your whole body. And it felt amazing.

“Fuck, G-g-gray” You moaned and tugged at his hair, what made those beautiful groans of his fall from his mouth. He hummed and began sucking while thrusting his fingers in and out of you, curling them.

There was the spot that he suddenly hit, that had you screaming, feeling nothing but absolute pleasure running through your body.

“Found it.” Grayson smirked and began to thrust his fingers harder inside of your pussy while licking and nibbling at your clit. You eyes rolled back and another scream left your mouth as he continued. The tight knot in your stomach began to get tighter and tighter until you couldn’t hold yourself back anymore- and Grayson noticed by the way your walls clenched around his long and thick fingers.

“So good, Gray” You whimpered, hands leaving his hair and moving to the bedsheet, fisting them tightly, “i- i’m going to cum”

“Cum for me, baby. Let me see what a good girl you can be for me.” He spoke and pulled his mouth away, only to rub your clit with his fingers as he finger fucked you harder and faster.

You couldn’t take this much longer. The pleasure almost reached the point of making you release so hard that you couldn’t stop shaking.

“Cum for me, baby ! Let me taste you” He groaned and that was exactly the last push that you needed to come undone- with a loud, high pitched scream of his name as you spasmed on top of the thick white duvet.

Grayson licked from your entrance to your clit one last time before kissing all around your center and lower stomach. He moved around and positioned himself on his knee in between your soread legs, his hands on your thighs, caressing the soft skin.

“How was that, beautiful? Did i make it worth the wait?”

“You’re amazing,” You mumbled, bringing him down for a kiss, “i’ll never understand what i did to deserve you”

“You’re different than the others. You’re original, funny, and completely open minded, creative, smart, and not to forget absolutely gorgeous.” He curled his fingers around your chin, making you look directly into his honey-like eyes, “and i know you don’t see that, but i’ll help always be by your side, reminding you of your beauty and worth”

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Ethan and ass play? A CONCEPT

Are you reading mine and @richdolan’s messages? Omg we were seriously just talking about this okay here we go. Am I getting carried away? Yes maybe but I can’t help it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ethan’s eyes were trained on your ass bouncing rhythmically over his lap, one hand behind his head, sweat dripping from both your bodies and his other hand rubbing up and down your back, the gentle touch causing your spine to curve.

Moans and whimpers of his name along with curse words fell melodically from your lips, your shaky hands leaving his thighs so you can place them on the bed between his spread legs, bending down so he can get an even better view of your pussy slicking his thick cock.

He was so deep in this position, his cock slipping up into your stomach when you went all the way down to his balls. Ethan groaned and smacked a hand against your ass when you clenched your muscles around him, squeezing his member.

Your second hole looked so tempting to him, so tight and wet, almost begging to be played with. One look of your eyes over your shoulder and Ethan was all in, sitting up a little and licking the pad of his index finger, rubbing it around the puckering hole and you gasped, the feeling not foreign but unexpected.

“You like that?” You continued riding him slowly, going up to his tip before squeezing and going back down, his finger following you every step of the way.

“Yeah, fuck, don’t stop.” He nodded and ran the finger down to your clit to collect more moisture, bringing it back up before slowly beginning to ease his finger inside. He got in to the knuckle, your whimpers of pleasure sent into overdrive at this point. You were now riding his dick and his finger and the combo felt delicious.

“Good girl. Taking me so well. All of me.”

“Move it please.” You whined, wiggling your hips back in forth, moving in a circle over his lap as Ethan slid his finger in and out, curling every so often and the action made you both cry out for each other. If the air in the room wasn’t hot it definitely was now.

So Ethan amped it up and slipped a second into your relaxed hole, your body jerking away at the suddenness but he was quick to pull you back against him, your entire lower body shaking. “Don’t run baby, don’t run.” You nodded and bit down on your lip, slowing to a soft grind now as he pumped two fingers.

“That’s it. Such a naughty little girl for me.” Ethan sat up fully now, bending you over just a little and still slowly drilling his fingers in and out, his cock close to exploding from how intense this moment was.

“You like my fingers in this tight little ass?” He wrapped your hair around his free fist, tugging on it and your nails grabbed at the sheets, throwing your hips back a little harder causing his fingers to sheathe in a little deeper, the both of you moaning.

“Yes! Feels so good E. I’m gonna fucking cum.”

“Cum with me baby. Go on let it go.” Bringing your hand down to your clit for that extra nudge, you were able to cum fast, Ethan right behind you and moaning into your ear from releasing such a huge load. He removed his fingers and his dick at the same time, the full feeling now gone and you were craving more.

He spun you around and pulled you on top again, lying back down and kissing you passionately, your tongues intertwining lazily. “If you can handle my fingers then maybe next time you can handle my dick. Think so angel?” With a shy nod you went back to kissing him, pussy clenching just thinking about it.


you just couldn’t keep your hands to yourself, one thing led to another and that’s how you both ended up here. with you straddling his lap, hands running through his hair messing it all up, making out in his jeep still parked in your driveway.

“ethan, we’re supposed to be at the restaurant right now. we-“ you were cut off by a moan as he bit down on your neck hands trailing down your back to your ass cupping it with both hands.

“we made reservations” you continued your hair all over your face, but moving it to one side and pulling his face away from your neck to kiss him again.

“fuck the reservations we made, tonight i’m gonna have all of you. gonna fuck you really really good” his hands bunched your dress up to your waist and slipped a finger into your underwear “see? you’re practically dripping you don’t wanna go out to eat, you wanna get fucked”

you smirked getting off his lap and moving to the backseat. laying across it with your legs spread out as best as you could. you moved your dress up higher and took your underwear off all while he looked at you with his head turned back from the driver’s seat.

“why don’t you get in between my legs and show me what a good fucking is” you winked

“well you’re in for it now, baby this is a valentine’s day you’re not gonna forget”

Kidnapper: We have kidnapped your son.

Grayson: I don’t have a son?

Kidnapper: Then who just asked us for warm milk and made us cut the crust off his pb&j?

Grayson: Dear God, you have Ethan.            

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What about an angsty one where you've been distant lately. Work had been piling up do much to the point where you physically literally couldn't meet anyone. You were surrounded by books and your 5th cup of coffee. You stretched and turned on your phone, so many pings going off. Mainly from one person only. E. But you didnt have time and turned your phone off again. "Thank the lords" you slammed down your book. You noticed Ethan car pull up and he didn't look too happy. -💫

The door bursts open and in walks a very upset looking Ethan. You look up from the book you were currently closing and find your sulking boyfriend just standing at the doorway with his arms crossed and pouty lips.

One look at him and you know he’s gonna need an apology. You sigh, abandoning the books and your laptop and walking over to him, “Baby, I’m so sorry.”

You try to wrap your arms around him but your stubborn man isn’t having any of that. “No.” He simply shakes his head and steps away from you, arms still crossed.

“But I said I’m sorry!” You protest, walking over to him again.

“I called you a thousand times and you didn’t pick up!” Ethan complains, his eyebrows are furrowed and he’s glaring down at you. “And then you go and switch off your phone! Great way of showing me you’re sorry for ignoring me!”

“I was not ignoring you!” You look up at him from under your lashes, looking cute as hell but Ethan would not cave so easily. “I was trying to finish all this work soon so I could have all the tie in the world to spend with you, without all those paperworks nagging me.”

“You could picked up the phone and told me that. Hell, even a text would have been fine, Y/N and I wouldn’t have bothered you anymore. I always pick up from calls even when we’re in the middle of filming, even when I know Gray’s gonna chew my head off for it, I still pick up your calls! How would you feel if I stop answering your calls and texts for hours? Especially when I haven’t seen you in forever? Do you even remember you have a boyfriend or are you planning to marry your books instead?”

He lectures and lectures and lectures, you listen and listen and listen. You feel like you’re being scolded by one of your parents after you stole some cookies from the cookie jar. It’s not a familiar feeling because it’s usually you who is scolding Ethan after does something crazy and he’s the one who listens with his head bowed down.

Today, the rolls have reversed.

You slowly lift your head up when Ethan stops talking, thinking the storm has passed. He’s looking down at you, still wearing that stern expression on his gorgeous face.

You pout.

He sighs.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I deserved the yelling.” You press your lips together. His eyes soften at your words and he finally cracks a smile. It’s small, but it’s there.

“I wasn’t scolding you, it’s just that I was a little worried when you didn’t pick up the phone and then it switched off. Anyone’s gonna assume the worst.” Ethan explains, pulling you into his welcoming arms. You sigh in contentment once you’re wrapped into his warmth.

“Aww, did I scare Mr. Ethan?” You tease, hoping you get a laugh out of his so he can relax his tensed shoulders.

Ethan chuckles at your silliness, placing his chin on top of your head as you snuggle deeper into him. “Shut up. It’s not funny.”

You poke his rock hard abs, “Than why did you laugh?”

“Because!” Ethan exclaims, his go-to response when he doesn’t have a snarky remark to respond with. “Did you finish your work?” He asks once his eyes land on the pile of books thrown around your table.

“Yeah.” Your shoulders sag while still being held in his arms. The mention of work reminds you how tired you actually are and how much you’re craving your bed. “I’m finally done and as a reward, I want you to cuddle me in bed.”

That’s all you have to say before Ethan is lifting you up bridal style and already walking up the stairs in the direction to your room.

“Say no more, princess! Your wish is my command.”

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«39. A: Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart. B: That’s my right boob though. A: Babe.» with Ethan but in a very cute imagine with no smut or anything. He is with a tiny girl and looks huge next to her ❤️😊

#39: A: Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart.

B: That’s my right boob, though.

A: Babe.

Your favorite days with Ethan were the days that the two of you just lazed around his house, usually just sitting in his room. You didn’t need to be constantly going out, didn’t need a classic date. You loved running errands with him, loved sitting with him while he edited, and loved laying on his bed lazily while he played Fortnite a few feet away. Which you were doing right now.

There was just something about his aura that you liked being around. His company was soothing to you. So even if you were by yourself, you liked to be with him, as weird as that sounded. Alone together, your favorite oxymoron.

Ethan was playing Fortnite loudly while you scrolled through twitter for a while. As he started getting louder, you could tell the game was getting increasingly more difficult, and eventually, he was cheering about a victory royale. He spun around in his chair, a bright smile across his face. Always his cheerleader, you clapped for him before resuming your scrolling.

He turned the game off, happily jumping onto his bed, landing on his stomach. He shuffled over to where you were laying, resting his head happily against your chest. He was so much larger than you, when he laid like this your feet barely reached his waist.

Your toes reached out and tickled his waist, making him giggle before he trapped both your legs under one of his. He watched you scroll down your timeline, watching you like and retweet while he traced circles into the skin on your tummy. He would often kiss your chest, the affectionate action leading you to hold your phone in one hand while you played with his hair with the other.

His hand trailed up to your breasts, giving the right one a playful squeeze. You giggle at the action, tugging softly on his hair as a form of mock-scolding. He chuckled back, looking up at you.

“Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart,” he explained, feigning a look of innocence.

You let out a wheezy laugh, your eyes momentarily closing as you did so. He laughed back, squeezing it again. “That’s my right boob, though,” you pointed out.

Babe,” he said, exasperated. You fell into a fit of giggles at his tone and insistance that he wasn’t a horny little boy but actually a loving boyfriend.

“Okay, whatever you say, lover boy,” you snorted, your fingers still running through his hair.

He was silent for a moment, and you just went back to looking through your social media, thinking the two of you were just moving forward from the joke.

But a moment later, he spoke softly, nuzzling futher into your chest. “I like that.”

“What? Me playing with your hair?”

“No — well, yes, but no. When you called me ‘lover boy,’” he explained, still snuggled deep into your chest, as though he was being shy about it.

“Are you embarrassed to admit that?” you asked gently, kissing his forehead.

He nodded a little bit, still not looking up at you. “There’s no need to be, lover boy,” you assured, putting your phone aside as you placed a hand softly under his chin. He allowed you to move his head upward so his eyes met yours.

“Still…” he trailed off, a beautiful blush spreading across his cheeks. “Can we keep it between us?”

“Anything for my lover boy,” you giggled, and he smiled, teeth and all. Your heart, in that moment, was beating for him.

You shuffled down so you were eye level with him, tangling your legs with his as you pressed your forehead against his. With eyes crossed, you gazed into each other’s eyes. You leaned in, placing a quick his to his lips, just meant to be a small peck. But when you retreated, he chased after you, attaching his lips to yours again, in a passionate, soft kiss that released a kaleidoscope of butterflies in your stomach in chest. In all the time you’d been with him, they never stopped fluttering.

A few moments passed full of kisses, and slowly, your lips stopped moving, just pressed against his. “Nap?” you asked simply, feeling the calming atmosphere getting to you.

He nodded, pulling the blanket around the two of you before pulling you in to his chest. He ran his fingers along your spine and you peppered kisses along his chest. “Night, lover boy,” you whispered, a little smile playing on your lips.

He chuckled, “Night, princess.”

Please don’t use the twins Dad as a prompt.

I feel sick to even have to say this. I just saw a story using the twin’s fathers situation for a story. You guys please don’t do this. It’s disrespectful. You don’t know the twins mental state. I can safely say they probably don’t want to hear about their father’s tragic fate in a fictional story piece. It’s beyond disrespectful and potentially harmful. If you have already done this please take it down. We don’t need to send that vibe out there. Please don’t be that person. I know the twins seem okay and they’re slowly coming back but it infuriates me that they might come across a story like that. So please no matter if you didn’t mean harm please don’t. In the unfortunate case that you did please delete it. It’s never okay to take something tragic and twist it in for a “better” or more “real” story. Please don’t try to benefit off a heartbreaking situation.

wet dreams ethan dolan (part one)

i was listening to wet dreamz by j cole so like recommend listening to that🥴 also idk how i long i wanna make this so we’ll see might be more than one smut scene, aLso it’s my first time doing it from the twin’s pov so bear with me lmao, tELL ME IF YOU WANT A PART TWO!

(lil dt to my mother @lilac-dolans since she’s in ethan’s lane🥵 and a dt to my actual daddy @grungegrant)

summary: ethan is incredibly attracted to the new girl in his math class and what started out as innocent flirting soon progressed in something much more

warnings: cursing, suggestive language, mentions of smut, and yeah


i was currently in the hall talking with my friends talking about random shit like we usually did. the school bell rang signaling it was time for class so we quickly finished up,

“alright,” i walked backwards and pointed at them, “I’ll see you guys after class”

With a chuckle i turned back around smoothly draping my bookbag over my shoulder and chewing the gum in my mouth. Walking into my first class of the day, mathematics, i went to the very back to my main seat hanging my bookbag on the back of the chair. Not caring to pay attention to my surroundings as nothing ever changed. i reached into the side of my bookbag, grabbing a pencil and faced the front of the class still obnoxiously chewing my gum whilst tapping my foot.

“Can you please stop chewing so loud” i heard a voice speak beside me,

I quickly turned my head furrowing my eyebrows at the person my mouth gently falling open and the gum nearly falling out from the sight in front of me. she was gorgeous, long hair, beautiful soft caramel skin and the prettiest doe eyes i’ve ever seen. i just stared at her for a few minutes before i realized how weird i probably looked,

“Oh yeah my bad” i smirked beginning to chew my gum once again, this time quieter not daring to break eye contact

She sent me a quick nod and looked back to the front of the classroom where the teacher was sorting through papers. I carefully ran my eyes over her body licking my lips in the process before i snapped back into reality,

“Hey you gotta pencil i could borrow, forgot mine” i whispered with a slight grin

I tucked my own pencil into the sleeve of my sweater my eyes locking on her as she nodded. She gave me a look before she bent down to reach into her bag. My eyes quickly ran down her body once more, instantly landing on her ass, her perky fat ass. i bite my lower lip those leggings of hers giving little to no imagination. I cleared my throat as she leaned back up and turned to me, a soft smile placed on her lips,

“Here you go” Her angelic voice spoke

As she outstretched her arm i took the pencil from her my fingers grazing upon her skin as i did so, soft.

“Thanks. i’m Ethan by the way” i slowly licked my lips

“y/n” She smiled before turning back to the front of the class as the teacher began speaking

Math class just for a whole lot more fun.

* * * *

Math class ended and I closed my notebook and stuffed it into my bag along with my pencil. Quickly I stood up going to exit wanting to catch up with the girl to try and catch her number. I left the room and glanced around at all the kids and groaned as she was no where to be seen. I rolled my eyes and turned on my heels heading to my next class of the day, bummed out.

Still chewing that gum obnoxiously in my mouth as i pushed the door open to my next class. Walking in i plopped down in the front sitting next to my brother, Grayson. I kept my eyes locked on the board in front of me the only thing in my mind being her. More importantly the things i could do to he-

“Yo E”

My head snapped over to the voice knowing it belonged to my brother, obviously. Clearing my throat, i shifted a bit in my seat and sat up straighter my attention diverting to him,

“What’s up man?” i whispered with a raised eyebrow

Grayson leaned over but not before glancing around making sure no eyes were on us. A cocky smirk grew on his lips as patted my shoulder,

“I don’t know,” he glanced down, “You tell me bro”

My eyes quickly widened as i shot him a glare, my hand reaching down to pull my sweater down as best as i could. Using my other hand i shoved him away from me as a scoff fell from my lips as he laughed as quietly as possible,

“Shut up you fucking idiot” clenching my jaw i divert my attention back to the front of the class

I glance down at the notebook in front of me that currently has nothing written down, fuck. Licking my lips i sat up a bit straighter and began copying everything off the board word for word, trying my best to catch up before the bell rang.

* * * a week later * * *

I was currently on my way to school, my brother driving cause my mind was far too distracted. y/n and i had gotten a lot closer recently. Well we haven’t talked much out of class but during we can barely shut up to the point where we’ve started passing notes. There’s also been a lot of flirting going on. Quickly i got knocked out of my trance as my brother shut the car off and hopped on out. Licking my lips i stuffed my phone into the pocket of my hoodie i quickly got out as well. I was incredibly anxious to see her again even though it was only a day. I entered the school building giving my brother a quick nod before i quickly made way for math class. As i made it to the door i walked in and to my seat, she wasnt here yet. With a soft sigh i dropped my bag down and sat down with my pencil in hand tapping it along the desk.

My eyes quickly looked up as i heard that beautiful laugh that i’ve luckily been able to grow used to. Sitting up i bit my lip as i took in her appearance. She was talking to a student leaning against the door and i just watched the way her incredibly plump lips glided against one another, the lip gloss spread across them highlighting them ever more. Biting my lip a bit harder as she started walking to her seat, my eyes scanned down her body more she was wearing skinny jeans that perfectly sculpted her ass and them thighs, god them thick ass thighs that i wish could just be wrapped around my hea-

“Hey Ethan” she smiled at me

Quickly i locked eyes with her my lip popping out from between my teeth as i flashed her the most innocent smile i could manage. Completely trying to hide the fact that i was just having those thoughts.

“Hey y/n, looking beautiful today as always” i shot her a playful wink as she sat down

She giggled softly causing my heart to flutter in the slightest before she looked away but not before i caught onto the slight blush that had rose to her cheeks.

“Oh shut up” she looked back over to me tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear

Her hair was currently in its natural curly straight and it suited her so beautifully, she was beautiful. Leaning my elbows on the desk a bit i proceeded to ask her how her morning was. Which quickly led to some small talk before we rudely got interrupted by the teacher shushing is. Rolling my eyes at them i shot her another smile before we both diverted our attention back to the teacher and their pointless words. About halfway through the lesson i had grown bored and glanced over at y/n, only to catch her writing down on a small piece of paper. My eyes glanced to her face seeing her shoot me a playful look as she crumbled up the piece of paper and casually dropped it on the floor with a soft smirk. Glancing back up at the teacher i stretched my arms casually and shifted to lean down and ‘tie my shoe’ grabbing the paper. I sat back leaning back a bit and carefully began to open it, not wanting to rip the thin paper. Once i successfully opened it, my eyes widened at the words written upon it,

“you over have sex before?”

Clearing my throat slyly i felt my palms start to get sweaty. Where did this come from so suddenly? I bit my lower lip deciding to play it cool, looking over at her i shot her smirk and licked my lips, ripping off a piece of paper from my notebook myself. Quickly i picked my pencil back up, i began writing,

“Of course i had sex before”

knowing i was fronting..

“i’m like pro baby”

knowing i was stunting..

Quickly folding the piece of paper, i stretched my arms out once more casually dropping the paper successfully into her lap. Feeling my heartbeat continue to pick up pace. But i couldn’t tell her the truth, i haven’t been in pussy since the day i came out one, but she didn’t need to know that. Biting my lip i watched her closely as she read the note, picking up on the noticeable blush that arose onto her cheeks. The anticipation killing me as she began writing on the back of the same piece of paper, slyly handing it over to me this time, hoping she didn’t notice how clammy my hands were. I anxiously opened the piece of paper feeling myself more alert then i have ever been before,

“Oh you a pro baby? well i want you to show me, my mom’s gone for the weekend.”

Feeling my heart rate pick up even more as i clenched my jaw slightly. I bit my lip for the hundredth time today as i got another small piece of paper and began writing my response. My mind wandering all over the place as i did so just beginning to imagine everything. I began thinking about how her body looked naked while she laid on the bed. I mentally groaned as i shifted a bit in my seat, fixing my shirt over my bulge that became more prominent as my thoughts progressed. I glanced up at the teacher seeing he was calling on students now to come to the board, oh god please don’t make me stand up. I gripped my pencil in my hand and quickly wrote my response,

“yeah baby sounds like a plan”

Tried to play it cool, sound like the man. I slyly gave the note back to her watching closely once again as she read it. she went to respond i saw but the bell ringing beat us to it. I shot her a quick wink as i stood up and grabbed my bookbag walking out as calmly as i could. As I made it to my locker i calmed down a bit and slouched against it, wondering how this was going to work.

Knowing damn well i was a virgin..

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how would ethan react if you had a pregnancy scare? like you thought you were pregnant and then you weren’t?

this man would freak the fuck out. like actually lose his shit. he’d be stressing so hard, pulling at the ends of his hair and pacing back and forth as you sat in bed watching him.

“when was your last period? when did we even last fuck? oh shit, last night. are you sure you’re pregnant?”

“eth,” you hiss, glancing at his open bedroom door, “why don’t you yell louder for your brother to hear?”

he walks towards his door, closing it softly and then walking back and sitting across from you in bed, “how do you even know?”

“first off, i don’t, i just said that maybe i should get a test because i’m late.” you shrug, reaching for his hand, “no big deal.”

he scoffs before snapping at you, “yeah, you might just give birth in nine months, no biggie.” you flinch at his harsh words as he takes pause, looking around and biting his lip, before frowning and turning back to you, “when did i even take you raw last?”

“wow,” you roll your eyes, letting go of his hand and falling back into his sheets, “this is so romantic.”

a little later, after telling grayson you both were going out to “grab a bite to eat”, you sneak to the nearest cvs. sitting in the parking lot, the two of you try to decide who is going to go inside.

“i don’t want to be seen by someone who knows who i am buying a pregnancy test.” he sighs, running a hand through his hair.

“yeah, well, if they ask you can just say it’s for a skit in an upcoming video. there’s your excuse.” you wave your hand in annoyance, your voice sour and full of irritation.

ethan looks at you, your body language and facial expression definitely telling him how you were feeling. you looked scared. terrified at the least. and though ethan was also a little scared at the fact that he might have gotten his girlfriend knocked up, he felt bad for you as well.

he knew this must have been so much more stressful for you. if you were actually pregnant, your body would go through so many changes as well as your mental state. the least he could do was be as supportive as possible.

with a soft sigh, ethan grabs his wallet and phone, reaching over the console to kiss your cheek and mumbling, “i’ll be back in a second, baby.”

you wait nervously in the car, your leg bouncing wildly with anxiety. you lick you lips and then look around, thinking about your possibility of being pregnant.

you loved ethan, a lot. more than anything. and of course you would love to be a mother someday, but today? you were just so scared that you would mess everything up. one day ethan will be a wonderful father though, you could just tell. and hopefully you’ll be there with him.

your thoughts are interrupted by ethan opening his car door and handing you a bag full of much more than a pregnancy test. he gets settled and starts the car, putting his seatbelt on and starting to pull out of the small parking lot.

you chuckle, “did you get everything except the test?”

he smiles softly, placing his free hand on your thigh as the two of you start your way back home, “nah, just bought you a few extra gifts.”

you peek inside, goldfish crackers, candy, a sprite and a bottle of water. amidst all at the junk food is the bright pink box holding the scariest test you will ever take, and then underneath is a blue one.

“you got two tests?” you frown, turning to look at him.

he shrugs, softly rubbing his thumb against your thigh, “to double check, ya know?”

finally, you make it home. the two of you walk inside, not having to worry about grayson because his car wasn’t in the driveway so he must have been out somewhere. sighing, you set the bag on ethan’s bed and go straight to work.

you grab the water and down it in seconds, waiting a few minutes before deciding you’re too impatient. you had to know right away. so, you snatch the boxes and walk into ethan’s bathroom and taking them both one after another. with a sigh, you set them on the counter and set a timer on your phone for five minutes.

you swallow thickly, turning around and walking back to ethan. he sits in his desk chair, spinning with a concentrated look on his. when you catch his eye, he stops immediately, eyes wide as he looks at you. you look back, all of this catching up to you making you realize what is going on.

“what if i’m actually pregnant?” you blurt, eyes widening, all the color fading from your face, heartbeat racing.

“whoa,” ethan abruptly stands up, his chair almost falling over as he does so, his face softening as he holds your forearms in his hands, “don’t freak out, everything’s going to be alright.”

“no, i can’t have- we can’t have a child, ethan. i mean, we’re practically children.” you breathe out, looking at ethan with panic in your eyes, “and, like, fuck giving birth man, i can’t do that shit.”

ethan chuckles breathily, slowly moving his arms wider to envelop you softly in his grasp, “listen,” he bites his lip, thinking hard before saying, “we got this. and, i’m here for you always, y/n. if you’re pregnant and have this baby, i’m gonna stick with you every step of the way, no matter what.”


“you can’t stop me y/n. i love you, so much, and i’m not gonna let you go through this alone.” he holds you close, rubbing your back in soothing circles.

you sniffle, trying to hold back the tears stinging your eyes, “i just- i don’t want to ruin your reputation.”

“i don’t care-“ he laughs sympathetically at your tears eyes, his own eyes gleaming with an optimistic shine, “i don’t care about my reputation. this is more important than what people think about me.”

he was telling the truth, none of it was a single lie. you could tell, the way he looked you in the eye and didn’t look away, the sincerity in his voice. it made you choke up even more, realizing you have a guy who will always be there for you.

“don’t cry.” he chuckles, pulling you against his body, letting you rest your head against his chest just as the alarm goes off.

you peer up at ethan and he looks down at you, smiling. butterflies were in your stomach and your heart was thumping so loudly you were pretty sure ethan could hear it to. he lets go of you and grabs your hand, walking together towards his bathroom. you breathe a deep breath as you walk towards the vanity and carefully pick up one of the sticks. then, quickly grab the other before happy tears escape your eyes.

“negative,” an airy chuckle leaves your lips, “not pregnant. i’m not pregnant.”

ethan hugs you from behind kissing your cheek and grinning, “no need to get all wound up now, right? no big deal.”

you turn and peck ethan’s lips with a sweet kiss, “thanks.”

he smiles sadly, shrugging, “kind of wanted to be a dad, not gonna lie. wanted to take on the challenge.”

you shake your head at him, smirking, “later. much much later.”

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E when he waiting for you to come home after you had a girls night out.

Missing you :(

You receive a text from Ethan while you’re in the middle of your dinner. He has been busy for the majority of the week, leaving you no choice but to spend time alone while he was away with Grayson and his other friends on a road trip for work.

During that time, you just stayed at home being surrounded by books and your laptop, completing all the projects your Professors had dumped on you. You wanted to finish most of your college projects and assignments before Ethan’s return so you would have all the free time to spend with him.

But then, the day that he came back is also your friend, Lena’s last day in the country as she will be leaving tomorrow for Germany for her studies and you have to be here with her instead of being at home where your boyfriend is.

You haven’t seen him in what feels like more than a week and now that he’s finally back at home, you are out with your friends. He’s definitely not happy about that. Ethan had thought he’d find you at the door, waiting for him with a happy grin on your face, instead, he was welcomed by an empty, cold house.

Ethan, I’ll be back soon.

The text you send back makes him release a sigh as he falls on his side of the bed, gloomily reaching for your pillow and cuddling up to it. It smells like you and lays like that, face smushed into the pillow until he hears your car pull up in the garage.

The sound of engine cutting off makes him bounce back on his feet and he all but runs to the door, not even bothering to put on his flip flops in his haste of wanting to greet you at the door.

But before he can reach it, you are already opening the door and coming in. You look up and the first thing you see is your gorgeous man approaching you with the biggest smile on his face. A grin appears on your own face as you throw your arms around him as he leans in to capture your lips with his.

It feels amazing to be back in his arms, to be feeling his lips on yours again. You are so happy to have Ethan back and he’s only been away for a week! It blows your mind how much his absence affects you, one week away felt like a month. It’s crazy to think of a time when you didn’t know Ethan, when you weren’t aware of each other’s existence, because now, you don’t think you can go a day without talking to him and that fact is a little scary.

“Damn, you look so beautiful.” Ethan compliments you when he pulls away from the hug he had you in. Taking in your appearance, Ethan can’t help but wonder how you always manage to outdo yourself in the beauty department. It feels like every single time he lays his eyes on you, you manage to look more breathtaking than the last time he saw you. Ethan takes your hand and twirls you around, admiring the black dress you have on.

You laugh when you hear him whistle once you’ve completed your twirl. “You’re acting like you’re seeing me after a year or something.” You giggle as he pulls you back into his arms.

“Its crazy how it’s only been a week but it feels like it’s been much longer, right?”

You nod, nuzzling more into him as your shoulders relax at what he said. At least you’re not the only one who feels like that.

Grayson: Why aren’t you picking up??

Ethan: Sorry, I was sleeping

Grayson: You literally gave me 3 heart attacks

Grayson: Who sleeps for 13 hours straight?

Emma: This is my lucky scrunchie.  It helped me pass Spanish.

James: You passed Spanish because you gave the professor a lap dance after the final.

Emma: Yeah. Luckily.

a/n: shout out to my mf BABY @fairlyukulele for this concept n many of the concepts that are currently in the works, love u the MOST 

summary: ethan sucks at watching movies, and sometimes it puts the people he loves in literal danger.

watching movies with ethan was impossible, and no one could tell you different. it didn’t matter what kind of movie you decided to put on, he could not sit through the whole thing.

the first movie you’d ever tried to watch with him was something corny and romantic, like the new Beauty and the Beast, or Everything, Everything. you dragged him to the movies on a day that neither of you were doing much, and you were so excited. ethan, on the other hand, was hesitant to walk into the movies to begin with, knowing he would hate whatever movie you forced him into watching. but he couldn’t say no to his girl, so he dragged his feet through the theater doors with the giant bucket of popcorn in one hand and your fingers laced through the others. you’d get nice and comfy in your seat, kicking your shoes off and basking in the glory of how ethan’s thumb felt stroking patterns into your thigh while he scrolled through his phone beside you.

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Tell me what your perfect way to meet the twins for the first time will be! Give me some concepts, it can be mini imagines in my asks too!! 💙


you turned your body to look at who was coming into your bedroom and turned back around when you saw it was just grayson. he sighed as he shut the door and removed his shirt his jeans joining along.

“hey baby” you mumbled while flipping through a magazine and listening to music that was playing lowly on the speaker.

“hey” he yawned and stretched before getting into bed, but not on his side, he got into bed and placed his head on your ass and placed an arm on top of your thighs while the other was on your lower back.

you looked over your shoulder and smiled then turned your attention back onto your magazine again.

“your ass is really comfortable”

“oh really?”

“mhm” he moved the hand that was on your lower back to slip his hand into your leggings and give your ass a squeeze.