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me when grayson posts some cute shit

1. low key looks hot in this video. 2. I also graduated a year early and I donโ€™t remember ish. 3. proved once again heโ€™s the smarter twin. HIGHSCHOOL DROPOUTS TAKE FINALS ft Dolan Twins

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is…is he drunk?💀

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Pregnant y/n and Ethan get into a big argument over what pizza topping they want. Ethan’s just joking pulling her leg because he loves fucking with his girl but y/n gives him the silent treatment and so he goes and gets the biggest pizza he could fine and the rest of the day they just cuddle while Ethan draws little patterns on her growing belly and leaves kisses behind her ear! Brb melting ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜

🥺🥺 Ethan loves teasing her: he loves the way she pouts and crosses her arms above her tummy.

“I don’t like pineapple on pizza, Ethan,” she’s already fuming. “I want black olives.”

“But I want pineapple.”

“But I want black olives.”

These two are children. They go back and forth until Y/N finally pretends she can’t hear him.

So Ethan finally caves. Well, he knew he was going to cave all along, but he just wanted to mess with her. He makes it his mission to find the biggest, fattest pizza he can find.

He comes back with a massive box, opening it in front of her to reveal it’s half pineapple and half black olive.

“Thank youuuuu,” she coos, suddenly over their mini disagreement and digging in. “Wait, is this that dairy free crap?”

“No, babe, it’s the real deal,” Ethan chuckles. Man, this boy was so whipped he was willing to cheat on his dairy free diet.

So the two munched on pizza and cuddled under a fuzzy blanket. When they finished, he had his head on her shoulder as he traced little circles on her bump. She relaxed at his touch and let herself close her eyes.

“Mm, love you,” Ethan mumbles as he kisses her neck softly.

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Ooohhh shit!!! I wanna hear more about grayson's girl!! What's she like? How does she get him, I wanna know the secret ;)

Let’s take a moment to step away from Y/n and Ethan and discuss another very important duo in this little universe. @persistence-ofmemories really blew me away with this one when we were talking earlier and honestly? This girl guys! This girl is perfect for college frat boy fuck around Grayson Dolan.

Now let’s be realistic here please I was nowhere need ready to jump to Grayson and his girl but my aussie girl had other ideas and sent me a concept which was just too fucking good to not discuss it. But first? The origins, the background, the first meet.

So let’s discuss Vanessa, or nessa or nessy. Depends on who’s she’s talking to. Y/n’s absolute best friend. Y/n’s one and only childhood bestfriend since the 5th fade that just stuck to her like glue, which Y/n didn’t mind at all because having nessa meant she wasn’t alone. Almost like her none-identical twin.

Now the thing with Y/n is that she’s super reserved, doesn’t like drama or a lot of attention (unless it coming from Ethan, if it’s attention coming from her E she’s an attention whore) keeps to herself most of the time and try’s to stay out of trouble if she can help it. But as for her Nessa? Complete opposite, she’s Y/n’s crazy other half. Her naughty to her nice, the spice to her sugar.

You’re probably wondering “but Leah? If she’s Y/n’s best friend why haven’t we spoken about her before?” Well to answer your pressing question, Vanessa was Ivy League. She made it to the big leagues people, specifically Yale.

Nessy had the full fucking ride, we’re talking full scholarship. A talented soccer player with so much potential. She could’ve gone professional, made a career out of it and been set for life.

But unlike her Y/n? nessa just couldn’t keep her grades up high enough, couldn’t seem to get her ass to class or show up to practice on a regular basis.

She hated it, tried changing her major to reduce the stress like three times but in reality was only making it worse. She flunked, big time, and couldn’t climb her way out of the hole she put herself in. so she transferred over to where Y/n was after her and Ethan were already together. Happily and sickly engrossed with each other.

And she can’t believe that Y/N of all fucking people is doing it up with a FRAT GUY and she’s not quiet about it at all.

Now Y/n don’t tell the fraternity about nessa, only Ethan knows she floating around campus for about a week. Jonnys met her like three times because she’s in his e-commerce lecture on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays and that week he just decided to show up. Most likely trying to avoid Stacy Richardson who won’t stop blowing up his phone wanting something more serious.

It’s one of those situations where Grayson’s not like immediately attracted to her. Like hate to lovers trope sort of thing where they just don’t get along. I guess first impressions actually do mean a lot and for Nessa? Stumbling in to the Fraternity party like she fucking owns the joint, Straight past Jonny’s who’s on door duty and going straight for the fridge didn’t fly with Grayson.

Raiding Grayson’s personal beer supply before taking over the aux cord and kicking ass and taking names in the pool comp she entered herself in last minute.

Grayson? Confused, angry, annoyed that some random bitch is taking over his party. Where the fuck is Ethan anywhere? Probably upstairs with Y/n tied to the bed and how the fuck did she even get in here!?

“What do you think your doing?” Snatching HIS beer from her hand.

“Playing pool? Getting fucked up? Why who’s asking?”

“Doesn’t matter, ive been watching you, coming in here acting like you own the place? I’ve never seen you before in my life?”

“Like what you see?” She’s fiery, confident, and so funking drunk. Ooofff she’s just raising her eyebrow, looking around for Y/N or Ethan to come to her defense. And she’s scoffing.

“Back off bonehead im friends with the VP.”

“I am the VP.” Grayson’s snarling.

“Well the other one that looks just like you.”

“How’d you even fucking get in?”

She looks over at Jonny who was posted at the door.

“I have connections.”

It’s needless to say Vanessa and Grayson don’t exactly hit it off the first time round. But Y/n and Ethan saw the entire thing go down from the kitchen table where they were loving up on each other. Y/n whispering into Ethan’s ear

“I give it a year till she’s in love with grayson.” Ethan thinks she’s batshit, but Grayson finds out her opinion and quietly hopes she’s right, because holy hell that girl was beautiful.

Of course Grayson keeps fooling around but slowly and surely, Nessa starts to hate him less. But it pisses Grayson off but she never makes it known! The boys are all respectful with boundaries, especially with Y/n’s history of creeps not knowing what personal space is, so he doesn’t push.

Never questions why she kisses his cheek in passing but then she’s screaming at him to leave her alone the next. He can’t figure it out, can’t figure her out? But again he doesn’t press and secretly pines over her all while still acting like a fuck boy and getting his dick wet in anything he can, you know? Just to get his mind off the girl who’s slowly consuming his entire mind. His entire world.

It isn’t until a party at the frat house (isn’t it always) that he realises maybe she doesn’t hate him as much as he thinks. He’s drunk off his face, everyone is and is delightfully happy and tipsy. Music popping off, the smell of weed lingering in the air.

But in comes Y/n, walking into the kitchen where Grayson is standing with a girl, Abbey..? He thinks.

”Hey gray, I called it, a year exactly’ before she’s walking out, and he knows straight off the bat what’s shes talking about.

“Hey, you uh—, wanna go grab us some drinks?’ He asks Any..? And he doesn’t even have to go find nessy because there she is, drunk off her face and the saddest expression on her face.

“What’s up your ass that’s got you looking so down?” He asks leaning again the archway. She’s walking straight up to him and poking her finger into his chest. Seething from the sight she saw not moments before, Grayson trying to get into Abby’s pants. He’s not hers but fuck she wants him to be. So bad.

“I hate you ya know’ she slurs at Grayson, and he doesn’t know what the pain in his chest in but it fucking sucks.

“Why?’ he asks, so quietly he can barely hear himself, he reaches up to tuck a fallen piece of hair behind her ear.

“Because you look at me like this, like I matter to you, but you do it with your arms wrapped around another girl, who’s always someone far prettier and cooler and better than me.”

and then she’s leaving? accidentally bumping shoulders with Alice..? as she walks back into the kitchen.

“Who was that weirdo?’ Ally..? asks in a tone with far too much judgement for grays liking.

“A friend’ Before he’s leaving to go find the girl that he’s starting to think completes him all while Y/n and Ethan are watching him run after Nessa, just like Ethan wishes he had done when he watched Y/n storm out all those months ago. Holding her tight to his chest.

“I think he’s met his match babe”

“Catch up Dolan, he’s in love”

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I don't wanna be that person constantly bringing up ycswm... but when was the first time that y/n let e touch her bump after she told him the baby's his?

First of all, keep bringing up ycswm i love it and i love talking about it so don’t worry!

Now, Ethan would be so freaking nervous, and he wouldn’t want to cross any lines with her - keep in mind, they’re not back together (yet!).

So whenever he’s around, he kinda keeps his distance, offering support from an arms length away as to not upset her or confuse her.

Y/N, however, craves his touch. She doesn’t really care that they’re not together, she just kind of wants him to hug her every once in a while.

Ethan would be over at her apartment, helping her do things while she goes some work done. The two are silent, until Y/N gasps and touches her stomach.

“What? What happened?” Ethan’s at her side.

“The baby…I…I felt a kick,” she looks at him with wide eyes, and he’s speechless. He isn’t sure what to do or say - he feels like it’s her moment and not his, too.

“Oh,” his eyes trail down to her stomach.

Without a second though, she grabs his hand and places it on her stomach. There’s that familiar electric current pumping through both their veins.

Ethan’s completely speechless, his hand on her belly, feeling the life inside of her. And of course, his baby kicks once again to say hi to daddy.

“Oh my god, I felt that! I felt the kick!” Ethan’s cheering and placing both hands on her stomach.

Naturally, Y/N reaches up and runs her fingers through his hair. In the moment, it just feels so right to have his big hands on her baby bump and hers in his hair.

Ethan leans forward to place a small kiss on her stomach. He couldn’t help himself.

i changed my name hehe. why? bc i’m thaaaaat bitch lol. i used to be smiley-ddobrik (i think) lol

okay no the real reason why i changed it is bc i wanna make it clear that i’m here for the dolan’s and for dobrik!! hopefully i’ll have more people hehe

also i’m slacking in witting bc my depression hit me really bad last week, couldn’t even get out of bed and i was sobbing for like 3-4 days straight. so remember to take care of yourselves and that i’m always here for you.


Oh my god 😂

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i can imagine y/n and e would be watching tv with the door unlock and the boys just waltz in and sit on the bed, the floor anywhere they can just bc they’re bored and want to do smth buy dont want to be stupid and y/n keeps them all behaving whilst they’re sober at least

See!! @persistence-ofmemories that is exactly why Y/n keeps her tv and lounge room set up at her dorm for movies night! So Mikey can’t come in sooking like a toddler because he’s board.

“Can I come chill with you guys? m’board” jumping between them on the bed.

“No! Dickweed get out we’re ha—“

“Sure Mikey, Where are the others?” Y/n asks and before she can even turn her head 6 other frat guys are running in just bombarding them.

The bed full of grown 6ft tall men, a huffing Ethan who’s kinda pressed but also not and Y/n who just wants to finish watching Gilmore girls.

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Liv teething and Ethan freaking the FUCK out because he hates seeing his baby girl in pain

Originally posted by punishmedolans

A bright light and ringing woke Lisa up from a wonderful dream. She reached over hoping to stop the noise, but only succeeded in answering a call. The muffled sobs coming from her facetime app had her sitting up from under her covers and turning on her bedside lamp.

Ethan’s tired face appeared and he heaved a sigh of relief the moment he saw his mom’s face.  “MOM!  Thank God you’re awake!” he exclaimed, turning his camera to face Grayson holding his 6 month old niece. “She hasn’t slept in like 2 days! Do I need to take her to the hospital?”

“Oh, honey,” Lisa said soothingly as her weepy granddaughter reached out towards the phone with chubby arms.  “Is it the teething again?”  

“Looks like it,” E replied as ran a tired hand through his hair.  “Her gums are swollen and red, and she has a fever.”  

“You’ve applied the teething gel?”

“And given her a spoonful of medicine, but nothing’s working.” He replied.  “We are losing our minds over here with all the crying.”

“Poor baby,” Lisa soothed, stroking her finger on the phone screen.  Olivia whimpered and rested her curly head against her uncle’s chest, wailing loudly.

“Honestly? There’s not much else you can do baby. I think she just needs a cuddle from her Daddy before she can go to bed.”

“Hand her over Gray.” Ethan said with a tired grin as he pulled his daughter out of his twins arms, and traded him for the iphone.

“Sorry Ma,” Gray said as he lifted the phone to his face.  “We completely forgot about the time difference, you must be exhausted. Thank you for answering. We’ll figure this out.”

“Are you sure?” she said, her eyes drooping at the prospect of undisturbed sleep.  “I mean I don’t have to be up early I can chat for a little if you guys need me…”

“Hey, we got this,” Ethan said with a smile as he dropped a quick kiss on Livvy’s head.  “I just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t die from lack of sleep. I kind of like having her around.” he joked. “Love you Ma. ”

“Love you boys, maybe try a car ride? that’s the only way we could get Cameron to fall asleep as a baby.” she said with a smile, and hung up.

“Okay Gray. Why don’t you take a turn sleeping and I’ll take Livvy here for a ride.” Ethan said with a grin as he lifted Olivia and held her aloft.  “How would you like to go for a little spin?”

A few minutes later, Ethan had Livvy in her carseat as he drove around the neighborhood slowly. The street lights were the only lights on and warm summer air was blowing softly into the windows.

“Now, I know you’re having a rough time with your little teethers sweetheart,” E said as he came to a stop at a stop sign, “…but you have to try not to cry so much.  Daddy and Uncle Grayson feel helpless when you cry and there isn’t anything we can do to help you.”

Livvy’s whimpering began to die down as he spoke, the soft timbre of his voice soothing her agitation.

“We love you more than you will ever know Olivia Dolan. I’m sorry you are feeling this teething pain. I hate seeing you hurt and I hate hearing you cry. I just want to do everything to make sure you are smiling and happy always. That’s daddy’s job. To make sure you are alright.”

He kept talking gently to her, and after about half an hour her eyelids began to droop.  E turned around and headed back towards the house, and by the time he carried her inside, she had settled down and was sleeping lightly.  Quietly he carried her upstairs, pushed open her bedroom door with his foot and took her over to the crib.

“Goodnight, little ‘Livia,” he said softly as soon as he started to lower her inside. 

The moment she sensed the descent, her little face scrunched up and she started sniffling and heaving as she geared up for another round of wailing.  E sighed and lifted her up again and rested her head on his shoulder, patting her back until she quietened down.  He made a second attempt to place her in her crib, but once again she woke up and whimpered, her brown eyes filling with tears.

Ethan shook his head and smiled.  “I know what you’re doing, Livvy,” he said, trying to inject some sternness into his voice.

It didn’t work. Olivia gurgled and smiled and reached up for him, and he sighed in resignation.

“Fine. You’re such a diva,” he said as he carried her out of the room and into the hall.  “But remember – it’s just for tonight.  Otherwise Grayson will make fun of me for spoiling you.”

Olivia rested on his chest and clutched his earlobe in her tiny fist as he walked into his own bedroom.  

“Jesus, Livvy. You have me wrapped around your little finger,” he murmured sleepily as he tenderly stroked her daughter’s hair.  “I know you’re playing me, you know.” he said proudly as he set her down on his bed and slipped in beside her.  He wrapped his arm over her soft little baby belly, tracing the hearts on her onesie with his big finger,  and watched in amazement as she closed her eyes and dozed off.  “I love you so fucking much ‘Livia.”