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Happy Tuesday everyone , don’t forget to spread love and positivity and make people happy and smile and help everyone in need ❤️ and don’t forget that this is the best fandom ever lyll

made this for my insta too and ik its not my best but it did take me like 20 mins to get their fur gyre in front and almost perfect which i i did not succeed but hey

I’m so upset and the only thing that help me in this hard situation is to watch your videos. Thanks for all the hard work and passion that you put together for making us feel better and motivated 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #ethan#grayson#dolans#dolantwin

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I always think about “What if I was Grayson’s or Ethan’s girlfriend? “Wouldn’t that be Funny,Fantastic,Amazing,Adventurous,Lovely,Perfect and Great? 😍😊 😁

I’m literally crying because I know when I get older I’m not gonna get a so handsome and sweet boyfriend like and I love you guys so much that I can’t describe it 😘

It's Tuesday bitches. And y'all know what that means ; more selfies from me-im sorry. can't wait for the video, proud of y'all tons!!

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So I made this, I already know that it’s not super good but at least I tried and it took me 2 days. Please tag Ethan. Love you! 💛 //Maya -

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I am so sorry I haven't been active! I got logged out of this account but I'm back😂Please tag and it would mean so much❤

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BEFORE AND AFTER TAG THE TWINS ❤️❤️ have an awesome day/ night , you're strong you're beautiful and guess what I LOVE YOU ❤️

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Y’all I didn’t see the VMAs but I know mi papi chulo, amor hermoso Shawn looked like a freaking full course meal holy frick que calor he looks beautiful in the pictures

Repost if you agree

And btw if anyone can send me a link where I can watch it, that would be great. Gracias

ps we’re still getting married

get the word out haha


but seriously thank you!! I don’t know why tbh, I literally only reblog shit and complain but w.e ya know ?????? you guys literally always make my day and you guys are the most wholesome and relatable people ever and it’s kinda scary how much I relate to all of ya but it’s fine. thank you for helping me get off my ass and start loving myself, thank you for appreciating me, and thanks for like not sending my stupid ass some hate, really appreciate it man. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart💖💗💗💓🧡💞💝💝💗💞💕💞💕💕💙💕💕💖❤️💓💞💕💝💘💕💕💖💓💕💝💞💕🧡❤️😤🤧🤧🤪🤪👌👌🤪💯💯🙏🙏🙏💓💕💕💘💖💖🧡💕👌💞💕💙💓💕💞💕💖❤️💘

I kinda wanna do something to celebrate this ?? Like maybe some ships ? or blurbs (like I’d reblog a blurb list and you’d send them in?) or a full on one shot ?? idk guys lmk please 🤧🤧

Silent Treatment ➸ E.D.

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 E would be soooo upset, knowing you only did this when you were really mad at him

❥ usually when he’d cancel on you, or forget one of your dates because he was too occupied

❥ but at first he’d realized you weren’t answering him after a while but just figured you fell asleep

❥ it was weird not having the ‘Goodmorning babe I love you, text me when you’re done fimling’ with a kissy emoji and it seemed like he couldn’t start his day without it

❥ his head would hit his bed frame in a loud sigh, “I’m a fucking idiot.”

❥ he ditched you for the third time this week (totally accidentally) being so preoccupied 24/7 stuff always slipped his mind

❥ Home boy would so be so upset, he’d literally only think about how upset you were

❥ most importantly that he was the reason you were upset

❥ he try anything:  calling you, getting your fav foods, making jokes, even try to annoy you, just trying to get you to answer him

❥  Calls you at least 75 times before you answer

❥  Literally letting out a small squeal of happiness after you finally allow him to come over, an when he did, you were still ignoring him the moment he came inside

❥ his hands would always find yours, slipping in between fingers, “please talk to me sweetheart, I’m sorry. I’m an idiot and i don’t deserve you. I cant make you happy and it hurts me. You deserve to be happy ”

❥ finally you would talk, “you do make me happy when ever you’re around”


❥ “ik I suck.” He’ll mumble in a joking way, “I promise today and tomorrow just me and you nothing else.”

❥ “dont make promises you cant keep”

❥ “swear on my heart, which is you”

❥ only getting you to talk because of his sweet talking. Not being able to stay mad at that face

Ethan to you

❥ Ethan either got mad at you for a serious reason or a really really stupid reason and there’s no in between

❥ one day he’ll just see that you liked this dude pic on insta, and he’s salty for the rest of the day

❥ He would sass you 24/7, “Go talk to your boyfriend.” “Go tell your boyfriend that.” “No, but your boyfriend wants a kiss.”

❥ hes very lowkey insecure and thinks for some reason to one ever wants him 

❥ always thinking you’ll find someone better then him, better looking, taller and someone who isn’t as pre occupied, and comes with 2 people instead of one (which you don’t mind, you love gray like he’s your brother)

❥ ethan would be eating something for lunch, eyes focusing on the blue waves in the pool outside

❥ “hey sweetie.” You say, giving him a big smile, that soon disappeared with a small grumble from him.

❥ “Don’t sweetie me.” You would roll your eyes wrapping you arms around his broad shoulders, pressing a kiss to his temple. “Too bad you are my sweetie.”

❥  “Yo E did you see (pic you liked) Picture? He looks ripped.” E would almost choke on his pizza

❥  “Oh come on you too?!”“

❥  You couldn’t help but laugh, earning the biggest glare ever from Ethan, and gray would just be all confused but give up and walk away

❥  Finally it would be night time, the both of you laying down, and Ethan would turn to face you, “I’m sorry I over reacted.”

❥  “Yah you did.”

❥  Then come the puppy eyes and pout, arms open awaiting the hug (which he hoped would mean you forgiving him) and moving his finger forward

❥  of course you would hug him, who cares about that stupid pic, as long as you were here in his arms he knew there was no reason

Thank God Ethan is okay…

Now that it has been a few weeks and I have had the time to get my thoughts and feelings in order, I am beyond happy that Ethan is okay. I’m happy he was able to walk away from an accident and continue life as normal. I literally cannot express how losing him would have felt. Being a fan of the twins for a few years now, I have found that they seem more like family than famous kids on the internet. I have found comfort and entertainment in watching them do crazy challenges and living their fearless, “dare-devil” lifestyle. I was drawn to these two boys because they reminded me so much of my brother.

Growing up, he was always able to find a rail to skate on, a platform do flips off of, or a dirt ramp to jump his dirtbike off of. Being the older sister, I was supposed to be braver and more daring. I got “double-dog dared” more times I can count, resulting in me visiting the Emergency Room a time or two.

Over the years, he got pretty good at riding a dirtbike, and finally convinced my mom to let him compete in motocross competitions. He was a perfectionist, so his technique and form were things he took pride in. The summer after he started competing, my brother was struck by another bike in the middle of a run. After completing a routine jump, the other rider lost control of his bike, hit my brother and threw him off his bike. He was not as lucky as Ethan. My brother died when I was 15 and he was 13, almost 14.

I know exactly how Grayson was feeling. As soon as I saw his tweet, I felt the emotions from 5 years ago take over my body. My stomach sunk and I wished I had a way to comfort G during a situation that I would never wish upon my worst enemy.

Had Ethan not been as lucky as he was, the trauma of losing another person who seems to be as close as family to me would have been unbearable. I know it sounds dramatic and annoying, but I find an indescribable comfort in seeing those two boys live lives that I imagine would be similar to how my brother would be. Nothing but Love for Ethan 💙, and I hope this acts as a learning experience, but doesn’t stop them from being “silly little goofballs”.

Pancake. (g.d.) 🥞🥓

in which (Y/N), Grayson, and baby GiGi have breakfast. What’s for breakfast in the Dolan household? Pancake.

Pairing: Grayson DolanxReader


much love to @boujeebailey for being the baddest biddie and for reading this and assuring me that my writing isn’t trash. also thanks so much to @rockstardolan for this concept idea.

love you both! 🤧💘


(photos aren’t mine)

(pictured: Yara Shahidi)



Grayson smacked my arm from next to me with his eyes still closed. “She wants you.” He grunted, quickly falling back asleep. 

I stretched my tired body, wriggling out of my husband’s grasp and walking into our daughter’s Lion King themed bedroom. “Mama, mama!” she whined, standing up in her crib with her hands wrapped around the white railing. 

“Good morning, pretty girl!” I cooed to her, scooping her up in my arms and cradling her to me and kissing her chubby cheeks. 

“Hi, mama.” she grinned happily.

“Hi, baby.” I kissed her forehead. “How are you today?”

“Good.” she mumbled, resting her head on my shoulder. “Wanna see Daddy.” 

“You wanna see Daddy?” she nodded against me as we walked back into my room. “Well, Daddy’s sleeping.”

“Daddy need get up.” 

I shushed her, setting her down on Grayson and I’s bed and laying back down. “You have to be quiet, G. You don’t wanna wake Daddy, do you?”

She gigged into her hand, “Yuh-huh, Mama. I wake Daddy.” She crawled across our bed over to Grayson’s sleeping figure and laid on his back while he rested on his stomach. “Daddy.” 

“What?” he grumbled without a stir.

“Get up, I wanna play.”

“Just play with Mama.”

She sat up. “Nooooooo, Daddy. Wanna play wit’ you.”

He groaned and pushed himself up, turning over with a dramatic thud. “C’mere.” He opened his arms to her and she laid her head on his bare chest. He picked her up and laid her back down on him. 

“Mama.” GiGi mumbled with heavy eyes. “Eat.”

“You ready to eat, baby?” I pushed her curly mane from her face. “What do you wanna eat?”


Grayson snickered. “That’s my girl.”

“Honey, we had pancake yesterday. You don’t want anything different today?”

“No, Mama.” she yawned. “I eat pancake.”

“Daddy, what do you think? Pancakes?” I looked to my husband. 

“Pancakes sound like a great idea. Let’s see– GiGi, chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes?”


He laughed then nodded. “Alright then, cookie. We’ll have “burbelly” pancakes, with bacon.”

“Okay! I gotta go potty.” she said to her dad. “Potty, Daddy, potty!”

He hopped out of bed, holding her at arms’ length and walking quickly to the bathroom. “C’mon, cookie, let’s go potty.”

“Gray,” I called into the restroom, “I’m gonna go downstairs and start breakfast. Can you wash her up?”

“Got it!”


“Where’s Mama?” She asked from Grayson’s grip on her ankles as he held her upside down. 

“She’s making your pancake.” The two children (one of them being my husband) entered the kitchen and immediately interrupted my few moments of silence.

It was fun while it lasted, right?

“Mama!” GiGi exclaimed as Grayson put her in her highchair. “I eat pancake now.”

I made she and Grayson’s plates, making sure to cut up her pancake in small bits so she could eat it. I set Grayson’s plate in front of him and I sat close to her highchair. “You want syrup, cookie?”

“Yes, Mama.”

I put a sea of maple syrup over her pancakes, coating as much of the pancake as I possibly could; because, as Grayson’s daughter, she’s weird

And as part of this weirdness, she won’t eat pancakes without syrup but will eat waffles dry.

I got her Dora fork and scooped up some bits of pancake on it and put it to her mouth. “Here you go, cookie.”

She ate her pancake and hummed. “Mmmmmm. It’s yummy, Mama.”

“Baby,” Grayson mumbled with a full mouth. “what do you have planned today?”

“Nothin’. What about you?” 

“Nothin’. Do you wanna take her out to p-l-a-y in the p-o-o-l?”

I chuckled as I continued to feed GiGi her pancake. “Yeah we can do that.”

“Mama,” GiGi patted my arm that rested on her highchair. “want juice “peas”, Mama.”

I elbowed Gray, making him choke a bit on his coffee. “Your turn.” I looked at him sweetly. 

“Nuh-uh! I had potty duty!” He retorted defensively. 

“And I made all of us breakfast.”

“Well, I–” I shot him a look and he paused, scooting his chair back and going to the refrigerator, taking out the apple juice and filled GiGi’s slippy cup. He set it down in front of her. “Here you go, sweetie.”

“Tanks, Daddy.”



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how do u think the twins would act if they had a girlfriend younger than them maybe 3-4 years

well since that’s illegal because a girl 3 years younger then them would be 15, I’m going to do a life fast foward and do this headcanon if they were 21 and the girl 18. HAHA FBI NICE TRY (lol)


  • Would be your daddy;
  • I’m talking in bed and also in life;
  • Extremely protective and possessive;
  • 100% a sugar daddy;
  • He would take you to Victoria’s Secret and let you buy whatever you want;
  • I can see him definitely surprising you with a lingerie and a note that says: for my baby girl;
  • I can see him spoiling the shit out of you;
  • If you get sick Gray would be so worried and literally do anything for you;
  • Giving you baths;
  • IF you were a virgin he would make sure your first time was super romantic;
  • Lots and lots of candles, romantic music;
  • Just some passionate first time sex;
  • “I’m gonna make sure this will be the best night of your life”
  • “Does it feel good, baby girl?”
  • “God, you’re so beautiful taking my cock.”


  • IDK why, but I see Ethan not really caring about the fact you’re younger;
  • He would take you to a lot of new places so you could explore the world;
  • He would make sure you have the best experiences of your life;
  • I’m talking about traveling, exploring, romantic and sexual experiences, everything;
  • Also super protective;
  • Like, he would put his arm around your shoulder 24/7;
  • Not being that much of a sugar daddy because I think he would teach you to be independent;
  • But still spoiling you;
  • Being a complete gentleman;
  • Teasing you by funny names like: child LOL;
  • But his favorite pet name would be 10/10 kitten;
  • “For such a young girl your mouth can do pretty much everything, huh, kitten”
  • Young Girls by Bruno Mars would be your guys’ song;
  • I can see Ethan not making the relationship public because since you’re young he would like to keep you away from hate and bullshit;
  • I can also see him being less mature than you sometimes because c’mon, it’s Ethan;
  • But just because of the title because it’s a nice aesthetic.

So…. Shawn Mendes and I, we’re getting married.

He don’t know it yet but we’re getting married, don’t worry about it. Y’all are invited.

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