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Hi sisters!! I'm here to say have a good and fresh Dolan Twin Tuesday, kitty girls!! ❤💚❤💚

💜Happy Early Tuesday💜 I just want to say that my 💜 and🙏go to the people that are being effected by the wild fires! Thank to for always making me smile! I can’t wait to see the new video! ILYSM 💜💜💜

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🎃 Happy Early Tuesday🎃 “The Scariest Monsters are the ones that Lurk within Our Souls” Allen Poe I hope everyone has a Spooky day and I can’t wait to see what new professional Job video they will be doing!!

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Congrats to my babies!!!!!!! 💜💜💜 It's been a wonderful year since I subscribed to u guys and I just wanna say I love you guys so much and this family has changed my life so shout outs to everyone 😘

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💜Happy Tuesday 💜 “On Tuesday we wear Purple “ I can’t wait to meet the Dolan Family today!! I Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and ILYSM 💜💜💜

Happy Tuesday everyone , don’t forget to spread love and positivity and make people happy and smile and help everyone in need ❤️ and don’t forget that this is the best fandom ever lyll

made this for my insta too and ik its not my best but it did take me like 20 mins to get their fur gyre in front and almost perfect which i i did not succeed but hey

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I’m so upset and the only thing that help me in this hard situation is to watch your videos. Thanks for all the hard work and passion that you put together for making us feel better and motivated 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #ethan#grayson#dolans#dolantwin

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I always think about “What if I was Grayson’s or Ethan’s girlfriend? “Wouldn’t that be Funny,Fantastic,Amazing,Adventurous,Lovely,Perfect and Great? 😍😊 😁

I’m literally crying because I know when I get older I’m not gonna get a so handsome and sweet boyfriend like and I love you guys so much that I can’t describe it 😘

It's Tuesday bitches. And y'all know what that means ; more selfies from me-im sorry. can't wait for the video, proud of y'all tons!!

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Falling asleep on a Monday is great bcuz when you wake up…it’s Tuesday!!!😁

supermodel | grayson dolan

summary: youre fwb with grayson and as always, it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to. this was requested. also based on “supermodel” by sza

warnings: angsty(thats just how it rolls here), cursing, mentions of sex, it’s really short and i hate the ending. this is so bad i’m so sorry dedicated to @cosmodolans bc why not

Originally posted by iloveboylove

It started off simple. You craved love, attention; you needed to be needed, even if it was only temporary. He wanted sex, release, no strings attached, just a quick fuck.

It was the perfect combination for chaos.


What had started out as simple had turned complicated very quickly.

You were in love with him, how could you not fall? Messing with people like Grayson was like walking a tightrope blindfolded, it was impossible not to fall.

He knew how you really felt, you were never one that could hide your emotions well. You wore your heart on your sleeve, ready for someone to rip it off and tear it to shreds.

And he did.

He really couldn’t care less about how you felt. You guys made a deal at the start of your “relationship”. If one got uncomfortable with how things were, then they could tell the other and end it.

But no, you wouldn’t do that. You couldn’t do that.

You craved his love too much, even if it was only temporary.

You couldn’t be by yourself, you were too insecure for that.

So you put up with it, stuck in a constant cycle of love, sex, and insecurity.


It all fell apart at Vegas.

You and the rest of the group went zip lining, while Grayson went somewhere else.

You knew where he was, you weren’t stupid. You saw the notifications on his phone, the texts from “Baby💗”. You knew it was wrong to look, to invade his privacy.

But you were right.

The hushed whispers between James and Emma didn’t help either, neither did the looks of pity.

They warned you from the start. They told you this was going to happen, they knew you too well, knew how hard and how quickly you fell.

Always for the wrong people, too.


“Why do you keep dragging her along like this, Grayson?” You heard Ethan whisper to Grayson later that night.

You were all “asleep” in the singular bed that occupied the air bnb, the group getting home and crashing long before Grayson arrived, a small smile still adorning his soft lips, still giddy from his date.

“I’m not dragging anyone along, Ethan.” Graysons tone was bitter, annoyed, tired of getting the same damn talk from everyone around him. “We made a deal, she could leave anytime she wants too.”

“It’s obvious she can’t, Gray!” Ethan hissed. “That girl is head over heels for you and you know it, and you’re taking advantage of it. You said you never wanted to be that guy, but look at you! That’s exactly what you are!”

All you heard was a hushed “fuck off” and then the slam of the sliding glass door.

You waited until Ethan was asleep in the bed before you snuck off onto the patio.


You just needed one more night, one more night of feeling loved, one more night of attention, one more night of feeling needed.

You knew this was it, you knew this was the end, but you refused to accept it.

You were holding on for dear life.

You needed him to need you back.


“That was our last time.” Grayson spoke, leaning against the edge of the hot tub.

“I know.” You murmured, looking down at the water, foam forming from the jets.

You both couldn’t have it all.

You couldn’t get your love and attention, and Grayson couldn’t get his quick fuck.

Every time he looked at your face, he just felt guilty.

Ethan was right, he became that guy, he dragged you along, he tore your heart off your sleeve, and he ripped it to shreds.

He ruined you. He took the happiest, most loving girl he had ever met, and he ruined her.

“Dont feel guilty.” You chuckled, stepping out of the hot tub and getting dressed back into your pajamas.

“I did this to myself.”

Your relationship ended with the soft click of the sliding glass door, leaving Grayson dazed and confused

the story of us ;; ed

a/n: a v short blurb i wrote on mobile during a long ass car ride

summary: ethan shares the story of your shared future

warnings: explicit language, spelling errors, that’s about it


i can really just see ethan, lying up in bed, and tell you the story of your future. but instead he would call it “the story of us”. you’ve got him so whipped, and he knows it. he can’t help but think about a spectacular future with you though.

one particular night, neither of you can fall asleep. both of you were restless, and stayed up, talking about the most random stuff. you roll onto your side to face ethan, wrapping your arms around his bicep. he peers down at you as you cuddle closer to him.

you breathe in a sigh, before humming out a soft, “tell me the story of us.”

ethan lips twitch into a small smile, before he turns to gaze up at the ceiling. he’s practically knows the story by heart, after telling you it about a thousand times. and every so often you’ll join in with the story telling, or add a little something special to the tale. you hear him inhale and exhale deeply, getting ready to recite the story.

“well,” he would always start off, his hand winding around your waist to pull you even closer, “you, y/n,” you chuckle softly at the use of your full name, “and i, ethan grant dolan, are going to conquer the world.”

and it would take off from there. you move to rest your head on his bare chest, your palm resting right above his heart. you feel it beat rhythmically against hisncibrage. your lips press against the skin of his pec, encouraging him to continue with the tale.

“we’re gonna move back to jersey, somewhere in the country, have a small farm. lots of animals. you’ll marry me there, we’ll have a nice wedding down in front of the lake in the late spring. right when it’s starting to warm up, but not be too hot.” he says, tracing his fingers through your hair.

you nod, mumbling out, “mhm, and i’ll be this great big author of a literary magazine and you’ll be creating your amazing videos, as usual.”

“and we’ll have babies. lots of em.” he smiles, kissing the top of your head, adding on, “grayson will live right down the road from us, and every wednesday of the summer there will be a cookout and his family will come down and eat with ours.”

“we’ll have a nice house with a huge yard, maybe we’ll flip a house to live in. either way, there has to be a pool.” you say, your eyes flickering up to him.

he grins, “of course, why wouldn’t there be? a pool for me to teach all our lil’uns to swim in.”


“maybe four of them,” ethan sighs out with a sleepy smile, “two older boys, a girl, and a baby brother.”

“patrick, brice, clarice, and stanley.” you say the names aloud, knowing that ethan definetly has different ones in mind.

“or,” he starts, “mark, stone, maggie, and noah.”

“maybe,” you chuckle, “all spring birthdays except our youngest, born in october.”

ethan chuckles softly, holding you tighter. it was like he never wanted to let go, which was far from exaggeration. if ethan could hold onto you forever, he would. he’s making it a priority.

“and i’d teach the boys how to play football, and our girl would definetly do ballet.” he murmurs, kissing the top of your hair.

“but we both know she’ll quit after a few weeks to do karate instead.” you add, making ethan laugh and agree, “and we’ll watch em grow.”

“and love them every step of the way.”

you’re about to add, when you hear a sniffle come from ethan. you close your mouth and turn to look up at him. his got his free hand covering his eyes as he holds his breath, desperately trying to hold in his soft sobs. you move to sit up and pull towards you, moving his hand away from his eyes, he wrapped his arms around your torso.

“oh, ethan…” you coo, “just breathe baby. breathe.”

it got to him, the thought of the future. every once in a while it would freak him out. the thought of losing you, or making the mistake of letting you go. it frightened him, just imagining never having a future with you.

“i just-“ he hiccups, trying to steady his breaths, “i fucking love you. i never wanna let you go.”

you hold him tighter, both of your small hands rubbing up and down his large back soothingly, whispering, “then don’t.”

“i won’t.” he breathes out, squeezing you.

“have me forever, e.” you kiss the side of his head, “keep me.”

Two Little Peaches~A Grayson Dolan Imagine

Here’s an idea for a prompt: in the handcuff video e said something like “why do you have a body pillow?” So Y/N is far along in her pregnancy so gray explains to Ethan how it helps Y/N sleep and be comfortable. And Gray is super cute knowing these things about pregnancy. And e ends up saying something like you are so whipped. Thanks! Your writing is fabulous! ❤️❤️❤️

A/N: Ok so a little bit of insight. The first paragraph of this is like foreshadowing (the bolded part) then the rest of it up until it says present day is in the past (italicized words) then the regular font is present time. Thank you to whoever sent this in.  We are going to pretend this video happens a few years in the future. I also made a few twists to the request but kept the same idea!

Warnings: swearing, fluff, daddy! grayson, uncle! E, mentions of anxiety/anxiety attack

Word Count: 5,886


3rd Person POV

“Grayson, why do you have a body pillow?” Ethan asked. “My leg is hanging off the bed” Grayson sassed. Ethan moves over, and they finally get comfortable. “Ok, but you never answered my question,” Ethan said. “What question?” Grayson asks annoyed. “Why do you have a body pillow?” he asked. “It’s not mine, it’s Y/N’s,” he said. “Why does she need one?” he asked. “She’s eight months pregnant with twins, E. Her body hurts all the time. Her back cramps, her hands, ankles, and feet are swollen, she’s gained 40 pounds, and she has not only one but two of them kicking and punching her at all hours of the night” Grayson explained to his older brother who was not anywhere ready for kids of his own.

Grayson has been married for a year now. They didn’t waste much time on kids because we all know Grayson loves children. His and E’s YouTube channel is still flourishing so Grayson and his wife, Y/N thought it would be a good time for kids but before they actually started trying, they consulted with Ethan and he was extremely excited to have a niece or nephew. Hell, they’d make their videos more interesting. Grayson nor Ethan wanted their kids in every video, but they knew the fans would love to see them. They agreed long ago that having their future children in videos every so often was not exploiting them in any way just giving them some time to do things they loved with their little ones while making the fans happy all at the same time. Well, the joke is on them. Y/N and Grayson started trying right after their wedding. A few months later, it happened. Y/N peed on a little stick and after the three agonizing minutes, the test read: pregnant. She couldn’t wait to tell Grayson and his family as well as her own. Y/N decided she was going to surprise Grayson with a photo shoot while they were visiting his family in NJ. A good friend of theirs was having a deal on mini sessions so she decided that’s how she would tell them, during the photo session. This way she would have beautiful pictures of Grayson finding out that he will be a dad in a few short months. They dressed in color-coordinated outfits. She asked the photographer to bring chalkboards so they could write on them. She told Grayson she wanted to get a head start on Christmas cards even though it was only June, Grayson being the oblivious man he is thought nothing of it. They’d taken a few shots in a couple different places. They were in an open field when the photographer suggested the idea. “I have so many couples do this. Write down the thing you love most about the other person. A lot have people told me when they fight with their significant other, they look at this picture and remember why they married him. It’s very sweet” she explained. Grayson nod and Y/N smiled. They turned around and wrote what they wanted. Grayson could not decide what he should write, he loved everything about Y/N. After a few seconds, he decided writing “You love me for me” was a good way to spin it whereas Y/N wrote, “You are going to be a daddy!”. The photographer asked if they were done and they both said “yes”. “Ok on the count of three both of you turn around and read what the other person wrote” she explained, and the couple nodded. “3,2,1” she said as Grayson turned to face his wife…

Grayson’s POV

I turn around to see my wife. I look down at the chalkboard in my wife’s hand placed in front of her. I read the words once, then twice, and finally on the third time it clicks. Tears start to stream down my face as I look into her eyes. “Really?” I choked out tears pricking at the back of my eyes. “Really” she smiled, and I immediately lunged towards her and wrapped her up in my arms. I spun around as we laughed. “I can’t believe you’re pregnant already” I whispered. “Me either” she smiled up to me. We paid the photographer and asked her a few questions before heading our separate ways. Once we were in the car I realized something. “I can’t keep something like this from Ethan,” I said to my wife. “Trust me, babe. We can tell your parents tonight at our dinner before we fly back to LA tomorrow and we can stop by E’s after dinner” she explained to me and I nodded. I grabbed Y/N’s hand and intertwined our fingers. I kissed the top of her hand then I continued to drive thinking of becoming a dad.



A few hours later we had arrived at Lisa and Sean’s. Cameron’s family would be here but there are on vacation as summer just started here in Jersey. Grayson stayed relatively quiet all night to ensure that he didn’t spill the beans. We had finished our spaghetti dinner after the dishes had been cleaned, I decided to speak up. “As you may have noticed Grayson has been awful quiet this evening. We have a surprise that Grayson didn’t want to give away. We got you guys something” I said and Lisa looked at me with confusion while Sean looked intrigued. I handed them their gift as they ripped through the wrapping paper. In front of them sat a sign that read “The best parents get promoted to grandparents”. Lisa gasped, and Sean smiled. “You’re pregnant?” Lisa whispered, and I nodded. “When did you find out?” Sean asked. “I find out a few days ago but I just told Grayson today. I planned a photo shoot and during the photo shoot, we had chalkboards. We were supposed to write what we loved most about each other but I wrote you’re going to be a daddy instead” I explained. “That’s adorable” Lisa exclaimed. “What did Grayson write?” Sean asked. “I don’t know, I was too focused on his reaction,” I said looking up to my husband waiting for an answer. “I wrote that you love me for me” he smiled. “Yes, I do,” I said as he pecked my lips one time as his parents were right in front of us. “I know exactly where I can hang this up at!” Lisa said excitedly. “You’d think this is her first grandkid” Sean chuckled. “It’s because I’m her favorite” Grayson snickered. “You’re only saying that because your brother and sister aren’t here,” I said. “It’s true whether they are here or not,” he said with cockiness in his voice. “I can hear you and I love you, your brother, and your sister equally so shush it,” Lisa said to Grayson and he grinned. This goofball. “So, when are you due?” Sean asked. “We’re not sure. I called my doctor in LA to schedule an appointment while we’re there” I answered. “How exciting! Be sure to let us know” Lisa said. “You’ll be the first one we call” I promised. “Ok, well we need to head out. It’s killing me not being able to tell Ethan so we’re going to stop by and tell them” Grayson said as we hugged them bye.

We headed to Ethan and Brooke’s which isn’t that far from us of our way seems how we share our property with them. When we got engaged the twins decided it would be a good time for Grayson and me to move out so the found land big enough to build two separate houses in New Jersey. They bought land, had two separate houses built how we wanted them to be. Meanwhile, in LA we still shared a house because we weren’t there often enough to have two separate houses. The home in LA had four rooms. One for Grayson and I, one for Ethan and Brooke, and two guest rooms but by the looks of it, one of them will be a nursery before too long. We arrived at Brooke and Ethan’s. We knocked on the door and were greeted by a shirtless Ethan. Perfect I have just the thing to fix that. “So, what’s up?” E asked. “Well we have exciting news,” I said. “Oh yeah?” he asked. “Here, open this, bro” Grayson instructed handing him a small box. He ripped it open as Brooke came in the room. “What’s going on?” she asked. “You’ll see,” I said, and she gave me a look. Ethan finally found the shirt and unfolded it. I could see his eyes scanning the shirt. “Only the best brothers get promoted to uncle” he read out loud then smiled. “So, you’re pregnant?” he asked. “I am” I smiled. “How far along are you?” Brooke asked. “I have an appointment next week in LA so I’m not sure” I explained. “When did you find out?” Ethan asked. “A few days ago,” I answered. We spent the rest of the night discussing how excited we were to have another baby in the family. Around 10 we decided to leave because we had a 10 am flight for all four of us back to LA and I was beat.


A week later I am sitting in the doctor’s office with Grayson beside me waiting to be called back so we can see our little bean. A few minutes go by and my thoughts are interrupted by a nurse calling “Y/N Dolan”. Gray and I get up and follow the nurse. They take my vitals and bring me into an office. She asks a few questions then asks me to pee in a cup. I walked into the small bathroom and did just that. I handed it to the nurse as she walked out of the room. I sat back down next to Grayson. “I hate doing that. Guys have it is easy. They just stick it in and let it flow” I griped. “I think sticking it in is the reason we’re sitting here in the first place” Grayson joked, and I laughed. “And Ethan thinks you aren’t funny” I chuckled. “Thanks, babe,” he says as the door opens and the doctor walks in. “Well, congrats you are in fact pregnant! So, let’s get to looking at a sonogram to see how far along you are” he says bring the machine closer to me. “Lift your shirt just passed your stomach” he advised, and I did as asked. I saw Grayson clench his jaw being the protective husband he is. He reaches for my hand and I squeezed it to let him know it was ok. The doctor squeezed the cool jelly on my stomach then I heard a swishing sound. “Well were you trying for a baby?” he asked. “We were” I admitted. “Well you tried too hard because you are pregnant with twins” he explained to us. Grayson and I’s jaws hit the floor. “Do twins not run in the family?” he asked. “Oh, they do. My husband has an identical twin. I thought it skipped generations?” I asked. “Not always. It looks to be that you are about 8 weeks along which means your due date is January 1st!” he tells us. “A New Years’ baby, how cool!” Grayson said. “New Years’ twins, Grayson. There’s two like you and E” I said. “Holy shit, it is like me and E,” he said. “Twins usually don’t go full term so don’t be surprised if they come early” he advised, and I nodded. “Can you tell if they are identical or fraternal?” Grayson asked full of hope. “There are identical just like you and your brother,” the doctor said. “Babe! I’m an identical twin having identical twins!” he exclaimed. “Well I’m having them, but you assisted” I joked. “The nurse mentioned you don’t live in California full time” the doctor pondered. “No, we live in New Jersey most of the year, but we don’t travel here often but I want there to be a doctor here just in case” I explained. “That’s perfectly fine, when or if you already have a doctor in New Jersey be sure to let the office know so we can be in touch to give you the best pregnancy. Where will you deliver?” he asks. “New Jersey as long as everything goes to plan,” I said, and he nodded. “Perfect, well congratulations again. You will need to be seen in four weeks to check for the babies’ heartbeats. If you have any questions let us know, ok?” he said, and I nodded. “We need to call your parents,” I said. “My mom is going to shit her pants,” Grayson said as he dialed her number. “How’d it go?” she asked. “Great, they’re due on New Years’ Day!” I said excitedly. “How cool-wait you said they’re,” she said suspiciously. “We’re having twins, mom!” Grayson shouted. “Identical twins, Lisa. I’m having identical twins with an identical twin” I said. “That’s amazing!” she shouted. “Sean, Y/N’s having identical twins like the boys!” Lisa shouted. “Well we gotta go, mom,” Grayson said. “Alright bye, honey. Love you guys. All four of you!” she shrieked. “Bye Ma love you too,” Gray said while shaking his head at how excited his mom was. “I have to call Ethan,” he said. “Gray, we’re five minutes from home let’s tell him when we get there,” I said. “Sorry, I’m excited” he apologized. “It’s ok, babe. I know you are” I chuckled. We arrived back to the LA house were Ethan and Brooke were watching a movie. “Hey!” E cheered. “What did you find out?” Brooke asked. “We’re due January 1st!” I said excitedly. “That’s so exciting,” Brooke said. “Just wait” Gray advised. “For what?” Ethan asked. “We’re having twins, identical twins” I smiled, and Ethan jumped up off the couch. “Holy shit no way!” he yelled. “That’s crazy, congrats you guys,” Brooke said. “Damn, Gray. How hard did you go that you gave her twins?” E joked, and Grayson blushed meanwhile I laughed. “You’ve heard us enough times you should know,” I said, and it was Ethan’s turn to blush.



We found out at 18 weeks what we were having but Brooke insisted on doing a gender reveal party. So we asked the doctor to put the gender in an envelope, seems how they were identical it will be the same. It’s now the middle of August. It’s about 80 degrees here in New Jersey perfect for a small party. I stood in front of a box with the words “He or She? What will they be?”. Grayson was next to me. Everyone was supposed to wear blue if they thought it’d be boys or pink if they thought it would be girls. I was wearing blue and Grayson was wearing pink. He knew what twin boys were like and he did not want to go through that even though it would be good karma for how he and Ethan were as kids. Everyone begins counting down. “3, 2,1” they shouted as Grayson and I pulled the box open revealing a bunch of pink balloons. Twin girls. “I told you they were girls” Grayson teased. “Oh hush, mister” I laughed. We were having twin girls and I couldn’t wait.


Present day.

“She’s eight months pregnant with twins, E. Her body hurts all the time. Her back cramps, her hands, ankles, and feet are swollen, she’s gained 40 pounds, and she has not only one but two of them kicking and punching her at all hours of the night” I hear Grayson explain. “Damn, you’re so whipped Gray” I hear as I walked into my room. We were flying back to New Jersey tomorrow because it would be the last day, I’d be able to fly and I wanted to be in New Jersey when I have the twins. “What’s going on in here?” I asked. “We’re handcuffed to each other for 24 hours and we have 6 hours left,” Ethan said. “This can only be your dumb ass idea,” I said to Ethan. “Yeah, so deal with it” he sassed. “You really want to test your sister in law who is 8 months pregnant with TWINS?” I ask, and he shakes his head no. “Thought so,” I said, and Grayson laughed. They were laying on the bed. “Where the fuck am, I supposed to sleep?” I asked. “Wherever you want,” Grayson said. “I’ll sleep on the couch, it helps support my back,” I said. “Ok, are you going to bed now?” Gray asked. “No, I’m going to go make sure everything is good in the nursery,” I said, and Grayson nodded. I walked into the LA nursery. The girl’s names over each of their rose gold cribs, two gray rocking chairs for Grayson and I to hold both of them, two white changing tables, then a book with some decorations on top. Everything seemed to be in order. We have to come to LA at the end of January so as long as the girls aren’t sick, we’re coming with Ethan and Grayson too.

I start to waddle back into our room where I see Ethan and Grayson sitting next to each other playing Fortnite. “So how long is she pregnant?” Ethan asks. “9 months,” Grayson says. “And she’s 8 months, now right?” E asks and Gray nods. “Can she push twins out of her ya know?” Ethan asks. “She’s going to try if not she will have c-section which is technically known as a cesarean which is surgery. I really hope my baby doesn’t have to have surgery” Gray says. “She’ll be ok, Gray” E assures. “What if one gets stuck like I did?” he says. He worries a lot especially with-it being twins. “What if one of them gets tangled up like I was? What if they can’t save her like they saved me? Ethan, I can’t lose any of them. I love Y/N I have for years now but those are my little girls. What if something happens? I can’t between my wife and my daughters” he rambles. When he rambles like this, he’s about to go into a panic attack. I know Ethan can handle it, he has before but I know hearing me and seeing that I’m alright with help. He continues to freak out. “What if one of the girls doesn’t make it, what if the other one took all of her nutrients and she’s too weak? That’s so sad. I can’t do this E” he says. “Grayson, baby,” I say as I walk towards him. He looks at me with fear. “Gray, it’s going to be ok. I know you’re scared because your and Ethan’s birth was so scary but that was over 20 years ago the technology is so much better now. I’m sure they’ll be ok just like they are right now” I said trying to calm him down. “You need to relax, baby. You’re giving yourself a panic attack. We have a few weeks before they get here. Both doctors have said that for having twins I have a had a really good pregnancy, therefore, I should have a pretty good delivery” I added on and he sighed. His head rested on my belly as tears rolled down his cheeks. My hand went into his hair playing with it gently. I forgot that he and Ethan were still handcuffed. “It’s going to be just fine. Let’s not worry until we have something to worry about, alright?” I asked, and he nodded. Ethan looked at me with worried eyes. Ethan didn’t know much about pregnancy, but he knew that having twins was more of a risk than just having one.  Gray sat up and looked at his brother. “Can we cut this short and change it to like Twins handcuffed for almost 24 hours. We can explain to them what happened. I just want to be done” Grayson explained. “Yeah, of course. We can do the outro another time if you want” E suggested, and Grayson nodded.  Within a few minutes, Ethan had headed back to his room missing his twin and their attached handcuffs. “Are you better now, G?” I asked. “Can we just snuggle for a little bit?” he asked. “We can snuggle for as long as you want. You want to read a book to the girls? They love hearing their daddy’s voice” I said trying to make him feel better, but they did love his voice. If they were kicking me like crazy the second Grayson started talking, they’d stop. We walked together down to the nursery. He picked out a book, one he’d never read to them before and we walked back to our room. I laid on my back while he laid on his side snuggled into me and he began reading. I think the girls could sense something was wrong. They were pretty calm until I walked into Grayson’s panic attack and they began kicking me, but they’re calm now that he’s reading to them. “The End,” Grayson says as he finishes the book. “I think they are sound asleep, Gray,” I said. “Hopefully they are this easy outside of the womb,” he said. “Let’s hope so” I said. “Listen to you two. I know your uncle E and I were hellions when we came into the world but let’s not take that our on your poor momma. When you’re with Uncle E you can be as crazy as you want. I can’t wait until you are here, so we can all worry a little less. I love my two little peaches more than anything” he said kissing my stomach. Ever since he found out we were having girls he has called them peaches.

It’s a few weeks later and it’s the night of Gray and E’s birthday. I have had some minor contractions but nothing to fuss about. We were back in New Jersey and had been for a while now. We were all going out to dinner for the twin’s birthday at one of their favorite restaurants in New Jersey. Ethan, Brooke, Grayson, and I decided we would just ride together. We were meeting Lisa, Sean, Cameron, and her husband at the restaurant at 5. We all got there around the same. “So how long do you think before the girls will be here?” Cameron asked. “Probably not long. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions all day” I said. “Are you sure they aren’t real?” Ethan asked. “No, I’m not due for three weeks,” I said. “Twins can come early though” Lisa chimed in. “They’ve not been-“ I said as a sharp contraction pulsed through my body. “Intense” I finished my sentence and we all chuckled. “Babe, should we go to the hospital? Why didn’t you tell me?” Grayson asked full of concern. “No that was the first bad one and it’s your birthday, let’s enjoy it,” I said as we kept going through dinner. We were about to say our goodbyes when I felt water hit the floor. No cups had been knocked over. “Uh, Gray?” I asked. “We need to go to the hospital,” I said. “Why? What’s wrong are you bleeding?” he asked worriedly.  “No, I think my water just broke” I said as I pointed to the puddle on the floor. “Oh my god! Guys! Y/N’s water just broke!” Gray shouted as he high fived Sean, Ethan, and Cameron’s husband. “Um, in labor with TWINS can we move this along?” I asked. “Shit, yes. Sorry, babe” Grayson apologized as he kissed my cheek. “Well I drove you guys, so you guys can sit in the back and I’ll drive you to the hospital. Everyone else can follow us there” Ethan said, and we all agreed. 10 minutes later we pulled into the Emergency Room. “My wife is in labor with twins!” Grayson shouted as we emerged into the waiting area. A nurse grabbed a wheelchair and took me to Labor and Delivery. Soon enough a doctor checked me. “You’re about 7 centimeters so we should have babies tonight or early tomorrow,” he said. It was about 6:30 so it was hard telling. Around 9 I got a very strong feeling to push. “Grayson,” I said, and he looked at me. “I really need to push will you get the doctor?” I asked, and he was off. The doctor came back to check me. “Well I’d say you’re ready because I see Baby A so let’s have some twins!” he says as he gloves up. Grayson’s by my side. I can tell he’s nervous as hell and so am I. “C’mon, baby. You got this. We’ve been waiting so long, and they are almost here. Just some pushes and we are parents” he says. “Easy for you to say I am about to push something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon, not once but twice” I snapped. I felt bad, but this already hurt. I began pushing with the doctor. It hurt, and it hurt like hell. “Damn it, Grayson. Twins? Really? I hate you so much” I screamed as I squeezed his hand. “I love you. You got this. Almost there” he coos. Soon enough the cries of my baby girl filled the room. Baby A, 9:10 P.M. the doctor said. We continued pushing. “She’s not stuck, is she?” Grayson asked. “No, she’s just a little stubborn. I can see her head” the doctor said, and Grayson nodded. I pushed a few more times and the cries of our second daughter filled the room. “Baby B. 9:17 P.M.,” the doctor said as the team of nurses made sure they were all healthy. Soon enough I was handed Baby A. “Grayson,” I said. “Yes, beautiful?” he responded. “I look awful,” I said. “You just gave me my baby girls, you look beautiful,” he said then kissing my forehead. “You already shared your birthday with E now you share it with another set of twins,” I said. “I forgot it was my birthday. Best present ever” he smiled as a nurse handed him Baby B. “God they’re so little and beautiful. No boys or girls for at least 30 years. I want you all to myself” he says looking back and forth at them. “You three are my world” he whispers as a tear rolls down his cheek. “Gray,” I said, and he looked at me. “You ok?” I asked. “I’m just so happy that they are ok and that they are here now” he admitted. “Me too, let’s get your family in here,” I said, and he agreed. He gave me the baby he was holding then headed out to the waiting room.

Grayson’s POV

I walked out to the waiting room to see my mom, dad, brother, and sister as well as their partners. “So?” Ethan asked. “We have two beautiful little girls and they are ready to meet everyone,” I said as I was greeted with hugs from everyone. Everyone follows me back to Y/N’s room with the twins. My mom immediately starts crying and Ethan has a stupid ass grin on his face. “Who wants to hold one?” Y/N asks. “Me!” my mom and Ethan say simultaneously. “Wash your hands first,” I say. It’s flu season and we don’t need any sick newborns. They wash their hands and come back. Ethan takes one and my mom takes the other. “What are their names?” Cameron asks. “Y/N and I decided we would each get to name one. The one Ethan is holding is the older one which is the one I named which Y/N agreed to, but her name is Addison Rose Dolan” I said. “And the one Lisa is holding is Amelia Bailey Dolan,” Y/N said. “I thought we were doing Renee?” I asked. “They have to have something different. They are identical twins whose names both start with A their middle name has to be different. Besides, I have always loved your middle name” she said. “Thank you, baby,” I said then bent down to kiss her. “They sure look like their daddy,” my mom noticed. “What are you talking about mom? They look like potatoes” Ethan said dramatically. (Of course, right?) “Well, they are the cutest potatoes I have ever seen,” I said as I fixed Addison’s little hat. “They do look a lot like Grayson. I carried them for damn near 9 months and they come out looking like those two as if we need two more of them!” Y/N complains, and we all started laughing. “You’re right two of these morons is enough,” Cameron said. “I just become a dad and you guys are making fun of me” I pouted. “Your wife started it” Ethan said. “Alright, well give me my baby,” I said pulling Addison from Ethan’s arms as she started crying. “I think she’s hungry there, mommy,” I said as I handed her Addison. Amelia stayed quiet over in my mom’s arms. “Someone likes their grandma,” I said nudging my mom’s arm. “She’s so sweet, Grayson. You guys did a beautiful job making babies” she said bouncing the small child in her arms. “It was all Y/N. I had nothing to do with it” I said smiling down at my second little girl. I didn’t realize how much I could love something until I saw my twin girls. My heart feels as if it could explode. I have two beautiful little girls that I love with all of my heart and will spend every second of every day protecting them and their amazing momma. I have the most amazing wife who gave me the best birthday present I could ever ask for.


It’s two weeks later and about a week ago Grayson wanted to girls all to himself. He told me to take a nap so I did just that. Grayson told me that their video this week would be them introducing the twins to the fans. They were both super excited. It was 1 PST or 4 EST which means it is time to watch the original Dolan Twins do their thing. I got onto YouTube while the girls napped. “What’s up, guys! We’re back!” Ethan said excitedly. “We have some special guests this week” Gray beamed. “I think they are the smallest guests we have ever had,” Ethan said and Gray nodded in agreement. “We have the newest additions to the Dolan family. Little Addison and Amelia Dolan” Gray said. “This one is Addison,” Ethan said. “That’s Amelia” Grayson corrected. “How can you tell?” Ethan asked. “Addison is bigger” Gray explained. “Anyway, I have Addison and E has Amelia. They were born on December 16th” Gray informs as Ethan interrupts him. “Which happens to be our birthday too!” he says excitedly as he gives Amelia a baby fist pump. “Anyway, yes they were born on E and I’s birthday. Addison or Addy, for short, was born first. She was born at 9:10 pm and then Amelia, or Lia was born at 9:17 P.M.” Gray told them. “Addison is bigger than Amelia has Grayson told us and was at birth too, right?” E asks and Gray nods. “They were kind of far apart because Lia was being difficult like her daddy and didn’t want to come out. She wasn’t stuck though which is good” Gray says. “Babies don’t too much. They eat, sleep, shit, and cry” Ethan said. “ETHAN” Grayson yelled. “They’re like a week old Gray, they don’t even know what it means,” Ethan said back. “Still watch your mouth,” Gray says sternly as Ethan huffs. “Your daddy is such a hard ass, Addy Rose” Ethan says. “Ethan that goes for all cuss words,” Gray says and E rolls his eyes. “So E do your nieces give you baby fever?” Grayson asks his brother. “I think having my adorable little nieces is enough for Brooke and I right now but maybe in the future, these two will have some cousins to play with. Maybe even some more siblings” Ethan said wiggling his eyebrows towards Grayson. “I think the two we have is enough for now. We want more but not for a little bit. Hopefully, the next one is a boy” Gray wished. “We shall see,” Ethan said. “I know you guys will want to see the twins a lot but they won’t be in many videos. Y/N and I really want them to grow up out of the public eye as much as possible. I’ll be sure to update you guys and they will be in our videos occasionally but not every week. I really hope you guys understand” Gray said. “And with Gray and Y/N having twice the stuff to do with twins we may not post every Tuesday. It will definitely be once a week but I am going to be the only one editing for a while so Gray can help Y/N but we will let you know if it won’t be on Tuesday” Ethan said. “I just want to thank all of you. I would not be able to give Y/N and our girls the life we have without every single one of you” Grayson said. “Yeah you guys are awesome” Ethan agreed. I could see Amelia starting to wiggle around in Grayson’s arms. “What’s wrong little peach?” he asks the baby. I can see her yawn. “How can she yawn if she just woke up?” Ethan asks. “She’s a baby, E. I don’t know,” Grayson said. Soon enough Addison woke up. Neither of them had started crying yet. “I bet you two are hungry, huh?” Grayson asked. “We will wait until you start crying then we will hand you over to mommy,” Gray said. “Anyway, how’s being an uncle?” Grayson asked Ethan. “Pretty cool, I get to snuggle them and love on them, then when the gross stuff like changing diapers and when they spit up happens I can hand them back to you and Y/N,” E said which was true. “Oh an update about Y/N because I see a lot of you asking. She’s good she was able to deliver them naturally so no surgery. She’s an amazing mom and the girls love her just as much as I do. I appreciate all your guys love and concern for my little family” Grayson said as he was interrupted by Lia crying. “Well I think that’s it for this week. Lia needs me to hand her over to Y/N so she can eat” Gray says. He starts to bounce her and she calms for a moment. “Alright well we will see you guys next week,” Ethan says as they both pick up the twin they have been holding. I see them set both of them up so the girls face the camera but they still are supporting their fragile heads. They have each twin laying on one of their arms while tucked into their side to make sure they are supported. They use their other hand to grab their small fingers and put them into a peace sign. “Peace” both boys said as they smiled at the camera with two tiny peace signs coming from my twin girls. I wondered watching where Grayson was. I saw him in the nursery with both twins on his bare chest. I grabbed his phone and opened snapchat. I took a picture of them then captioned. “Sneak peek at this week’s video. Grayson being a good dad! Go check it out!” then locked his phone back up. I kissed his forehead then smiled down at both of my girls. I was happy and content with my life. I wouldn’t change a thing.

(A/N: The first picture is the sign that Grayson and Y/N got Lisa and Sean to tell them they’d be grandparents. The second one is the shirt they got E to tell him Y/N was pregnant. The next two pictures are a combination of what the nursery in New Jersey looks like but with two cribs (the gray crib not the white ones), the better together banner, and both of the girls’ names over the cribs). The next picture is one of the decorations in the NJ nursery. The next picture is decor for the LA nursery. The seventh picture is what the LA nursery looks like. The last two pictures are newborn photos of the twins. None of these photos are mine, credits to the owners. I just wanted to give you guys a visual)