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I hope you both are doing things that make your hearts feel full and your minds feel calm. 💜🤙🤘✌💜

Comment your name and the color you want making some fan art for the twins💜

So obsessed with these amazing twins (Ethan and Grayson; Dolan twins) and their YouTube. Especially GRAYSON!🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍 he is just 👌🏼

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Comment “💜and I will add ur username. Share or tag friends if you want, as well.

i love you soooo much! plssss give me a shout out bc your laughs make my day and i wish u would do a meet and greet in Charlotte NC. please consider me! i love you! 💞🔆

happy Tuesday and ho ho ho motherf*ckers 🤠🤧🎅🏻 Can’t wait for the video bc it’s finals week and it sucks really bad I love you guys ❤️ tag them ❤️

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happy Tuesday and ho ho ho motherf*ckers 🤠🤧🎅🏻 Can’t wait for the video bc it’s finals week and it sucks really bad I love you guys ❤️ tag them ❤️

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💜Happy Early Tuesday💜 I just want to say that my 💜 and🙏go to the people that are being effected by the wild fires! Thank to for always making me smile! I can’t wait to see the new video! ILYSM 💜💜💜

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🎃 Happy Early Tuesday🎃 “The Scariest Monsters are the ones that Lurk within Our Souls” Allen Poe I hope everyone has a Spooky day and I can’t wait to see what new professional Job video they will be doing!!

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Congrats to my babies!!!!!!! 💜💜💜 It's been a wonderful year since I subscribed to u guys and I just wanna say I love you guys so much and this family has changed my life so shout outs to everyone 😘

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💜Happy Tuesday 💜 “On Tuesday we wear Purple “ I can’t wait to meet the Dolan Family today!! I Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and ILYSM 💜💜💜

Happy Tuesday everyone , don’t forget to spread love and positivity and make people happy and smile and help everyone in need ❤️ and don’t forget that this is the best fandom ever lyll

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Grayson: hey do you think I can fit 15 marshmallows into my mouth?

Ethan: you’re a hazard to society.

You: and a coward. Do 20.

Grayson Dating a short Girl

Hi💗 I’m loving your imagines! 👏🏼💕 can you please do one of Grayson dating a short girl? (He’s so tol and I’m only 5’ ☹️) thank u!💗

Warnings: Fluff, Language

A/n: I’m 5′2″ so, I relate lmao 😂😅 

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  • forehead kisses.
  • so many forehead kisses.
  • hugs and cuddles were good too.
  • being the small spoon because you couldn’t be any other spoon.
  • that was unless Grayson wanted you to Koala him.
  • he always has to bend down to kiss you, either or pick you up.
  • holding hands because yours are so smol and his are so big.
  • him laughing at you because you can’t reach a simple box of cereal in the supermarket.
  • “Gray, stop laughing, it’s not funny!”
  • “Kinda is.”
  • sometime’s he lifts you up to kiss you.
  • and it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • always going to Disneyland and being proud of yourself because you could ride all the rides, even though it didn’t matter.
  • holding hands because his were so big and yours were so small.
  • being besties with Ethan, Emma and James.
  • all of them convincing you to make a YouTube channel.
  • and it being the best decision you ever made (other than dating Grayson)
  • James doing your makeup in videos.
  • and then having Grayson ruin it with his forehead kisses.
  • Grayson having to take all the selfies because your arm was too short to reach everyone in frame.
  • but it’s okay, because in most pictures you end up hugging him.
  • the fans thinking it was adorable how big the height difference was.
  • you having the best years of your life while with him as his girlfriend.
  • but that was till you broke up.
  • and got married.
  • which was even more adorable than the two of you already were together.

Redraw time! 👏🏻 In the span of almost a year, I’ve improved so much. I never thought I would get better since I always hated what I created but right now, I feel the most confident and comfortable with my style than I’ve ever been before. Honestly will never regret going on this journey of creating a fan account/art account and sharing my art with you all. ♥️

Reference pic credit to the owner; I noticed that it’s an edit though I couldn’t spot a watermark, so if you know the owner please let me know and I’ll gladly tag them! 💞