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Happy Tuesday " When it rains look for a rainbow and when its dark look for the stars.

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💜Happy Tuesday 💜 “On Tuesday we wear Purple “ I can’t wait to meet the Dolan Family today!! I Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and ILYSM 💜💜💜

Happy Tuesday everyone , don’t forget to spread love and positivity and make people happy and smile and help everyone in need ❤️ and don’t forget that this is the best fandom ever lyll

made this for my insta too and ik its not my best but it did take me like 20 mins to get their fur gyre in front and almost perfect which i i did not succeed but hey

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Between guys I'm also starting to post drawings (: the dolan edits still going to be post (; ▪ Ohh and also this is ▪ Follow ._.graythan ▪

I’m so upset and the only thing that help me in this hard situation is to watch your videos. Thanks for all the hard work and passion that you put together for making us feel better and motivated 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #ethan#grayson#dolans#dolantwin

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I always think about “What if I was Grayson’s or Ethan’s girlfriend? “Wouldn’t that be Funny,Fantastic,Amazing,Adventurous,Lovely,Perfect and Great? 😍😊 😁

I’m literally crying because I know when I get older I’m not gonna get a so handsome and sweet boyfriend like and I love you guys so much that I can’t describe it 😘

It's Tuesday bitches. And y'all know what that means ; more selfies from me-im sorry. can't wait for the video, proud of y'all tons!!

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So I made this, I already know that it’s not super good but at least I tried and it took me 2 days. Please tag Ethan. Love you! 💛 //Maya -

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Feelings and Emotions~A Grayson Dolan Imagine

A/N: I know this is like two weeks late but working two jobs is tiring and I just didn’t have the time but I can only work one job this week so I wrote this. This is Part 4 to An Old Flame. I have linked the first three parts in case you need a refresher and I just reblogged them as well! The next part is E’s wedding and I am super excited to write that! I am not sure when it will be up though I have friends visiting for a late birthday celebration this weekend. This has got a little bit of everything in it and it is a few hundred words longer than the other three. Excuse any typos, please. Please feel free to send in requests!

An Old Flame

Little Black Dress

My Home is You

Warnings: Smut, Protective Daddy Grayson, DADDY! Grayson, some cursing. 

Word Count: 3,857

Ethan, Grayson, Amelia, and Addison’s birthdays are tomorrow. My parents, the boy’s parents, Brooke, Cameron, and myself had planned a surprise party for all four of them. Which was hard due to the age difference, but we decided to just do two themes. The girls had Peppa Pig and the boys had a muscle cars theme. Two cakes, two sets of decorations, two of pretty much everything. Brooke had the easy job she just had to wrangle up Ethan to go over to his parent’s house, I, on the other hand, had to get the girls and Grayson there. I told them we were going to a birthday dinner and they all needed to dress nicely. Grayson wore black skinny jeans with a black shirt and a denim jacket. Meanwhile, the girls had matching dresses, but one was black, and one was red. Addison wore the black one while Amelia wore the red one. I had Bentley wear blue jeans with a sweater and a collared shirt underneath it. I wore a blue sweater with black leggings. We all looked very nice and very warm. 

(A/N: I do not imagine the models of the outfits to be what the characters look like. It is only to show the outfits. The only person that matches is Grayson. It is totally up to your imagination what the characters look like.)

“Babe, can I drive the Jeep?” I asked. “Um, why?” Grayson hesitated. “Where we are going is a surprise, so you are all getting blindfolded even B, so he doesn’t tell” I explained. “Why don’t we take your car then?” he suggested. “The girls’ car seats are in the Jeep and they won’t all fit in my car,” I told him. “Ok but don’t kill us,” he said while tossing me the keys. “I need you to help me blindfold the kids then I will blindfold you,” I said. “Ooo kinky” he snickered. “Grayson Bailey” I scolded. “What?” he shrugged, “I said slinky”. I rolled my eyes then blindfold Bentley while he put one on Addy. I hopped in the drivers’ side while he finished with Lia’s. “Your turn” I smiled as blindfolded him then buckled myself in. “Not only are you driving MY car, but you are doing it while I am BLINDFOLDED” he exaggerated. “Gray, you’re being a drama queen, quit acting like Ethan,” I said shaking my head even though he couldn’t see me. “How long until we are there mommy?” Bentley asked. “We are almost there, sweetheart,” I told him. I pulled into the driveway but didn’t park the car so they wouldn’t think they were there. Right as I checked my phone Brooke had texted me. “We will be there in a minute”, so I decided to back out and drive around the block. “Why did you back up?” Gray asked. “I am used to driving my car and I thought we could fit in the parking spot, but we couldn’t” I explained falsely, and he nodded. When we pulled back in Brooke was waiting for us. It was hard having to direct everyone, so I told Bentley to take off his blindfold but not to say anything and he nodded. “Addy, Lia hold Bentley’s hands he will guide you,” I said to the girls. Which having a two-year-old guide two five-year-olds wasn’t easy, but he did well. I had Gray while Brooke had E. We both mouthed, “3,2,1” to each other and walked in. Everyone screamed “Surprise!” as they all took off their blindfolds. “A surprise party!” The girls yelled while the boys both grinned.

Lisa came up to us first shortly followed by Sean. “I see you managed” Lisa commented. “It was difficult, but I let B take his blindfold off so he could help the girls” I explained. “The decorations look awesome,” I said as I admired the mix of the two themes. “Cam helped us” Sean explained. “Where is she?” I asked. “Not sure,” Lisa said as they were swept away by some family friends. I felt arms wrap around my waist. “You are amazing” Gray whispered in my ear. “I’m not trying to brag but I mean” I snickered. “Thank you for all of this. My parents told me this was all your idea everyone just joined in. You weren’t even in the state and managed to make everything work. The girls and B are having a blast” he told me. “I love surprise parties. It was a lot of fun, honestly” I admitted truthfully. “Daddy, when can we open presents,” Lia asked tugging at Gray’s shirt. “Let me talk to grandma first, ok?” he asked, and she nodded then ran off. Gray intertwined his fingers with mine as we walked around trying to find Lisa again. “The girls are ready for presents” he chuckled. “Well then let’s get them some presents!” she exclaimed. We sat through presents and cake. The evening started to die down. It was almost nine and the kids were getting tired. We started loading the kids up into the Jeep. Gray had taken Addy out first because she was already passed out. Ethan came up to me as I was packing up all the presents the girls had got. “Thank you,” Ethan said to me. “For what, E?” I asked. “This party but mainly for coming back to Grayson. Not to be dramatic but he is so different now that you’re here. You light up his whole world. I mean the girls mean everything to him, but you just completed the hole that was missing in his heart. I have never seen him smile or laugh this much since before you left” he admitted. “Ethan, I know I messed up. I know I hurt your brother and trust me I feel like a terrible human being, but I promise that I will never leave him again. I haven’t been this happy since before I left him either. I mean I loved Ryan and he gave me Bentley but Gray” I paused “Grayson is the one and I hope he feels that way too,” I told him. “I think he does too. I mean I think that’s a way’s away but either way let Brooke and I tie the knot first, ok?” he chuckled. “Oh, we will I promise,” I told him as Gray entered the room. “What are you guys talking about?” Gray asked. “How much of a little bitch you are when it comes to Y/N” Ethan teased him. They hadn’t changed much with age. Gray quickly tackled him to the floor. “Like you’ve got much room. You are the first one to get married. No one thought you’d be first or even second” Gray snickered. “Yea well you beat me to kids” Ethan rebutted. “And that is a good thing,” Grayson said back. “Ok you two we need to get our kids home,” I said pulling Grayson from his brother. “Can I drive now?” Gray asked. “But I loved driving the Jeep” I pleaded sticking my bottom lip out. “Damn, you know I can’t tell you no, right?” he asked. “Yes, I know,” I said as I kissed him once he was done shutting the door to his parent’s house. I pushed him into the door to hold us up. “Babe, the kids can see us,” he said, and I pulled away. He started walking to the jeep and as he got in I told him “We are finishing that later” and he smirked.


**Skip to Summer (Specifically Memorial Day)

My family decided to have their Memorial Day on Saturday and Gray’s family’s was on Sunday. My parents had a beach house, so we decided to go there. My dad had fireworks, food to grill which Grayson insisted he would help him with, and lots of things for the kids to do. “Having one of these would be so nice” Gray commented. “I mean yeah, sure but not for a while, right?” I asked him. “Whenever you want one babe” he responded. “I mean my parents would let us use it whenever. Why would we need one?” I asked. “It was just a thought, darling” he replied.

We had brought the kids to the beach. Bentley had never been, so he was excited with his swim trunks, sunscreen, and some floaties as well as sandcastle equipment courtesy of the twins. The kids were a few feet away building their castles while Gray laid on his stomach letting his back tan. I had a small chair on top of our large blanket so I could tan my stomach. I was reading a book when Addy came running over to us, crying. “Daddy those kids knocked over our sand castle,” she said pointing at kids who were probably about eight or nine and stomping on my kids’ sand castle. Gray got up quickly and I knew that look. He was protective of me, sure but with the kids, it nearly doubled. I couldn’t tell if his face was red from the heat or from anger. “Gray, they are kids!” I shouted at him. “Were you the kids who destroyed my children’s sand castle?” he asked them angrily. “Yes, their sand castle was ugly. We did them a service” the boy responded. He was probably nine or ten. “Yeah, it was all lopsided and separated” the blonde little girl explained. “They are two five-year old’s and a two-year-old, who are you to come over here and destroy someone else’s hard work? I don’t care how good or bad it looked, they were proud of it and they were learning because they are young. Bentley here has never been to the beach. You little brats came over here being bullies and ruining his first time here. That is just terrible. Now apologize to my children before I find your parents and tell them how rude you were to MY kids” he finished. “Uhh S-s-sorry” they all muttered. “You better mind your own business while you are on this beach and leave kids that are younger and smaller than you alone. Do you understand me?” Gray asked them. “Yes,” the two younger girls said immediately but the boy stood there. “I believe I asked you a question,” he said growling towards the oldest child. “Uhh, yes sir” he finally muttered slightly scared of my boyfriend. “Now be gone and don’t come near my kids ever again,” he said as the older kids all ran off. Damn, he was hot being all protective. “Are you guys ok, did they hurt you?” he asked the kids. “Just our feelings, daddy” Lia sniffled. He kissed her sandy head. “You guys want to build another one?” he asked. “but they said it was ugly” Addy cried. “Hey, you guys haven’t made one in a long time. Practice makes perfect. Why don’t Y/N and I help you guys?” he asked looking over at me and I nodded then got up. “Ok!” they all shouted. “You’re so hot being protective over the kids,” I said while the kids were off getting some wet sand a couple feet away. “There are 6 people you don’t fuck with. My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, you, and especially my kids” he told me still slightly angry. “You’re a good dad, Gray” I smiled at him while making a smooth spot for the sand castles. “I was bullied my whole life I refuse to let it happen to my kids too,” he said. “I know, babe. I’m not mad at you. It kind of turned me on, actually” I said as I started to get up to go help, Bentley. “Oh, really?” he smirked. “Mhmm,” I said as I bent down to his ear “Daddy” I finished as I walked away to help Bentley. Making sure my boobs looked very full and perky knowing he’d stare right at me, and the kids of course. I had realized there were a couple of buckets behind us, so I turned around and bent over to pick them up just to tease Grayson more because why not, right? We walked back over and started making the sand castles. Grayson came over next to me and began rubbing my thigh. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Just some payback” he snickered. “When we get back to the beach house you can do whatever you want to me” I begged. “Damn right,” he said reaching over to help the girls. We were at the beach about another hour as it was nearing dinner time and it was almost time to eat. We walked back to the beach house. The kids changed into their Memorial Day outfits as Grayson helped my dad grill. “He loves you” I heard a familiar voice. “I know mom and I love him too” I smiled. “I am so glad you came back even though it was for Grayson,” my mom told me truthfully. “Bentley deserved to have a family and a father figure, some siblings” I responded. “You made the best choice for you and your son never forget that,” she said as my dad called out that the food was done cooking, so it was time to eat.

It was such a fun day overall. It sucked the beach had to be ruined by those bratty kids. Thankfully we could get our frustrations out because my parents’ room was downstairs, and the kids’ room was all the way down the hall. “You were not very nice at the beach today,” Grayson said as he came back from showering. His body glistened with water droplets and a fresh tan. “I couldn’t help it. You were so sexy standing up for the kids like that” I said as I moved closer my eyes never leaving his body. I quickly pulled the loose knot he had anchored around his hips. The towel falling to the floor releasing his semi-hard member. “I guess we should fix that,” I said wrapping my hand around him as he leaned down to kiss me hard. He backed me into the bed where I fell and then I quickly scooted my body up to the pillows. “How does it feel knowing that we are having sex in the same house your parents are in” he asked. “It was fine until you said something, but I’ll get over it” I shrugged grabbing his face and connecting our lips. “Eager, are we?” he snickered. “Always for you, daddy” I teased. “Damn it, baby girl” he growled pulling my thighs towards his mouth. “You know you deserve a small punishment for teasing me in public like that princess and with the kids? What would have happened if I got too hard because of you?” he asked angrily but before I answered his mouth attacked my clit, harshly. I screamed out in shock and in pleasure. “Graaaaayyy” I moaned. His tongue lapped at my pussy as his nose brushed my clit. He stopped for a second to ask, “Do you want a finger baby girl?”  “Oh my god, yes daddy” I yearned for more of his touch. He thrusted a finger inside of me while continuing his attack with his mouth. The things he could do with his tongue, his teeth, and his lips. He added another finger causing me to moan loudly. “Keep quiet, princess. Don’t wanna get caught” he hummed. I was close, and he knew it. He wrapped his mouth around my swollen clit sucking harshly as two of his thick fingers pulsed in and out of me. “Daddy!” I screamed as I started to cum all over his face, probably drowning him with my release. He never stopped his mouth stayed on my clit even after I had come down from my high. “Gray, I can’t,” I said with a shaky breath. “Oh, but you will, this is your punishment baby girl. I want you to cum two more times then I will think about if I want to fuck you or not” he explained. He then returned to his position. He kitten licked my sensitive heat as I moaned his name repeatedly. “God this pussy is so pretty and it’s all mine” he growled plunging two fingers into me without warning. “D-d-daddy” I stuttered out. I was close to my second orgasm. “I’m close” I moaned out. “I know baby girl. I know exactly how you are when you are about to come for daddy” he said with a cocky grin. He took a break from his mouth. His two fingers stayed inside of me at a steady rhythm as he brought his other thumb up to my clit rubbing in sync with his other fingers. “Cum Princess, I know you want to cum on my fingers for a second time tonight” he granted me permission and I fell apart at his touch. “G-G-Gr-Grayson” I said trying to recover from my orgasm, but he wouldn’t let me. His thumb never left my clit except for when he switched it back to his mouth. “Grayson,” I said but he wouldn’t stop. I needed to take a break. “Gray” my voice cracked as tears pricked at my eyes and he stopped immediately. “Wh-What’s wrong?” he asked. “What did I do?” he asked with sad eyes like he’d hurt me. “I just need a break. It is starting to hurt a little bit” I said. “I-I’m sorry” he sulked. “It’s ok, it felt so good until it didn’t. You were caught in the moment and nothing’s wrong with that” I smiled at him and he kissed my forehead.  “Why don’t I uhh help you out,” I said motioning to his dick that was glistening with precum yearning to be caressed. “I don’t want to get carried away again” he whispered. “I’ll stop myself if I need to, just let me do it, ok?” I said making my way down his body and he nodded. I flicked my tongue along the underside of his long, thick shaft. “Mhmm, baby girl” he hummed. I began to suck gently on his desperate tip. “Oh god, beautiful. Fuck I love you so much” he groaned as I removed my self from him. “I love you too handsome,” I said as I began to take more of him in my mouth hallowing my cheeks and slipping my tongue in every direction. Gray couldn’t help but be in control, so it wasn’t long before he pulled my hair into a makeshift ponytail. I looked up at him as he did it and he looked right at me. His eyes saying I’ll be careful. I nodded and let him take control of me. I bobbed my head on his cock as he led me with pulls and tugs of my hair. He removed me suddenly and I was confused. “What did I do?” I asked. “Oh god, not a damn thing but if I don’t fuck you right now I am going to lose myself inside your mouth” he groaned as he pulled me up and pointed for me to lay on the bed.

He climbed on top of me slowly. “Ready, beautiful?” he asked. “Whenever you are, Gray” I agreed. He slowly pushed himself inside of me like he was afraid of hurting me. “Babe,” I said, and his beautiful brown-green eyes flicked up to meet mine. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing but you act like you’re going to break me” I explained. “I don’t want to hurt you again,” he told me. “You won’t, Gray. It’s ok” I explained. “I’m over your punishment. I just want to make love to you now” he said quietly. He had kept a steady pace, but it was slow. “That’s fine, baby but can you go a little faster?” I asked, and he nodded picking up his pace. It was rare when he was slow and deliberate. His neck was bent to where he was looking at my boobs as they bounced with the connection of his hips with mine. I took the time to capture his body in my mind. Our bodies continued to connect over and over. It felt like slow motion as if we needed to take the time to truly feel our emotions. I loved him, I always had. He was my boyfriend, my best friend.

We both had come down from our highs and we were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. He had turned away from me like he was afraid to look at me. “Grayson let me see your face” I requested. He slowly turned onto his other side. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He sighed, and I pulled him into me. His head rested on my shoulder buried in my hair. I began playing with his hair trying to calm him. “Talk to me, babe” I begged. “I’m scared. I’m scared that I’m going to hurt you not only in bed but like in real life. Not like physically, god I could never hit you or the kids but like emotionally” he said rambling a little bit. “Gray, I am an adult. I have grown and so have you. What happened tonight was an accident. I know you feel bad. It was one of those things where you live and learn. I am not mad or upset. You weren’t trying to hurt me, you were trying to have fun and it went south. It doesn’t make you a bad person” I explained to him and he didn’t respond. “Grayson Bailey” I sing songed.  “What?” he grumbled. “I love you,” I told him. “I know, and I love you,” he said while looking up at me. I leaned down and kissed him gently but deeply. Something was bothering him, but I wasn’t sure what. I could tell by his breathing he was beginning to fall asleep. His head on my chest and his legs intertwined with mine. I held him until he fell asleep then I kissed the top of his head. “You’re an incredible man, an even more amazing boyfriend, and a fantastic dad, Gray. I’m so lucky to get to love you again” I whispered to his sleeping body. “No, I’m the lucky one” he whispered into my chest. “You’re not asleep?” I asked. “I was then I woke up to you talking,” he said rolling onto his back then stretching out. I started to laugh. “C’mere. I want to hold you now” he said. He seemed more at peace, but something was still off, but I wasn’t going to bring it up now. We laid there in each other’s embrace. I felt safe, Grayson was my home, and nothing would ever change that. I felt myself fall asleep in his muscular arms. My eyes became hard to open and my body began to go limp. He began to speak softly but I heard everything he said, “I love you beautiful. I can’t wait to marry you one day and raise our kids together. I am so glad you came back to me. I thought you were the light at the end of the tunnel, but it turns out you’re the tunnel that I hope never ends”. I squeezed his hand to tell him I agree, and he kissed my head. “Goodnight, Y/N,” he said. “Goodnight, Grayson” I whispered back then quickly fell asleep feeling the most content I have ever felt in my life.

Just Forget The World (E.D.) Pt.14

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Part 10 , Part 11 , Part 12 , Part 13 ::

Master List

Summary: Stella’s world changed the moment she met Ethan on a beach in Australia, but she’ll never know just how much. Life became more vibrant and to say the least, entertaining. But, with the dramatic and fun loving boy came frustrations and complications. Can they be overcome or will the rare turbulent waves finally drag them down?

Word Count: 3,858

I don’t know how long I sat on my knees there on the floor. All I know is they were aching in a way that I’ve never felt. My mind raced in circles. How had H.T. gotten those photos? I was so positive that they were all gone. Each photo was a reminder of dark times in my past that I’d spent the last few years leaving behind, but they were still things I didn’t want people to know.

The photos were the easy part, the stories that followed them were what I feared the most. If H.T. could get their hands on those, there was no doubt in my mind that they could know the stories. So then was H.T. a person I knew from my past? What would I do if anything else came out? As it was now, I wasn’t sure Ethan was going to look past the photos. If he knew the stories that correlated, he’d wipe his hands of me.

Maybe that was for the best…

My thoughts were broken by the loud knocking on my door. When I finally snapped out of it, I noticed the sun was low on the horizon, casting a fire orange ray across the sky and beginning to lite the clouds a vibrant pink.

I got to my feet slowly and made my way to the door.

“STELLA!” the familiar voice called to me like a siren song.

When I opened the door and saw the face looking back at me, I trembled and fell into them. The small frame in front of me held me close, feeding courage into my bones.

“Shhh. Stella, it’s ok.” Liza tried to sooth my convulsing body as it shook in her arms. 

“Liza, I don’t know what to do. I though I’d buried my past. I didn’t want anyone to know I was that person. I didn’t want people…” I paused as I sucked in a breath of air and continued, “…I didn’t want Ethan to know the things I’ve done.” I pulled back from her as she shut the front door and moved us into the living room, pulling me onto the couch next to her.

“It can’t honestly be that bad.” she tried to calm me.

I wiped my face and took a deep breath, my hands still covering my face as I spoke softly to her, “It’s worse Liz.” When I finally looked up to meet her gaze, the look on her face was skeptical. 

I hadn’t spoken about what happened in years. I had been doing my best to move on and live my life in a way that would never bring me down that old path again. I carried so much shame about what had happened and I didn’t realize how much of it effected my life. It was time for me to talk about it and I knew I could trust Liza with my past.

We spent the next 2 and a half hours talking, mainly it was me telling her every little bit of what had happened and her comforting me. I couldn’t help the tears that fell as I relived a time in my life that I desperately wanted to move past.

Liza sat there holding me for quite some time before she finally spoke softly above my head that was rested on her shoulder. “Stella, it really wasn’t your fault. You know that right? None of what happened is your fault…” she paused taking in a deep breath before continuing, “And anyone who knows you will know the truth about who you are. You are an amazing person with so much love. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

We sat quietly as I took in her words, Liza never letting go of me. She had become my best friend and that was something I didn’t know I’d needed until now. I’d always felt more comfortable around guys because I had all older brothers. But I hadn’t had a girl friend to talk to and confide in for so many years. Liza was a breath of fresh air. It was as if I’d spent so many years walking around in a crowded smoggy city and for the first time in what felt like forever, I was in an open meadow in the middle of spring. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved having Gray to talk to, but this was different. Plus, I’d gone so long without talking to him now, which felt so abnormal…like I was missing a limb.

“You need to get away for awhile. What are you doing for the next two weeks, starting tomorrow?” Liza pulled me back from her and looked at my undoubtedly blotchy face, pushing a rouge strand of hair from my face.

“I don’t have any plans. Maybe figure out how to handle this situation…” as if I hit a wall, the thought of Ethan came to mind. “Ethan is never going to talk to me again.” My eyes grew wide at the thought. Just when I had gotten to the point of recovery, here we were again.

“Stella, look at me.” I did as I was told and slowly brought my gaze to hers. “Wether he wants to admit it or not, that boy loves you, everyone can see it. This will not make him walk away. And when you feel comfortable telling him your truth, he’ll support you and understand and he will love you no less.” My body warmed a little at her words, she was right. If Ethan cared about me, this wouldn’t stand in our way. It may hurt him to see those photos, but that was my past and I wanted him to be my future. I was only worried about what he would think of me when he’d finally find out what I’d been trying so hard to hide about my past.

Liza’s hand quickly grabbed mine as she hopped happily on the couch next to me, her idea getting the best of her. “You know I’m doing this cross country road trip for my channel right?” I nodded at her words. “What better way of getting you out of your head and off the radar than to come with me!” Liza spoke excitedly. “It’ll be so much fun! You can take a break from Social Media and we can see new places, try new things! …but not like that, I like you but you know…David.” I laughed at her words as her face got serious in her last sentence.

“I don’t know Liza. That sounds like fun. But what about my blog?” I worried.

“It’ll still be there. Have one of the people that work for you take it over. It’s only two weeks. Then you can do a whole piece about the trip…Better yet! You can vlog it all and do that for a series of posts!” I couldn’t help but be consumed by the light radiating from her. She was so excited and so persuasive.

“What, are you trying to turn me into a YouTuber too? I’ve got enough of those in my life.” I laughed at her.

“It’s all a part of my master plan.” Liza spoke mischievously as she rubbed her hands together. “Come on Stella, it’s going to be so much fun! And it will be really good for you!” She begged.

My mind was already made up long before she began begging. “Okay, lets do this!”

*Ethan POV*

“Ethan!” I could hear Grayson, his voice echoed down the hall and woke me from my thoughts.

“What do you want!?” I was annoyed with him after he took my Jeep and put a dent in the side of it.

I reluctantly got up from the comfort of my bed and slowly walked down the hall to his room, my black socks shuffling my body. Gray was sat at his computer editing our next video. I fell onto his bed and grunted as my head hit the fabric beneath me.

“Did you really go out to eat with Hannah yesterday?”

“Yeah. She’s in town and hit me up for lunch. Is that a problem?” I answered, not bothering to lift my head to look at him, my annoyance growing. What was the problem? And why did he care? I didn’t want anything from Hannah anymore. I knew who I wanted to be with, that was all that mattered to me.

“Dude! You’re so stupid! Do you have any idea how that probably looked to Stella? I thought you were trying to get her back? What’s your problem?” Gray said agitated with me.

I couldn’t help myself as I sat up quickly, “Don’t call me stupid! I brought Stella flowers and told her that I wanted to be with her. She never called me. Hannah hit me up and asked if I wanted to get food. I was hungry, I wasn’t going to say no. We’re friends. That’s all that matters. Stella knows how I feel, okay? When she’s ready, she’ll reach out to me. But I can’t sit around and wait for that day. I did that already…for like a month! Remember? I spent every day inside playing FortNite…you hated it…remember yet?” I couldn’t help the annoyance in my voice as I spoke.

“I’m going to tell you right now bro, the Hannah situation is trouble. But I know you, you’re going to do what you want. Personally, I think you should drop her, she isn’t that great anyway. There’s just something about her that I don’t trust.” He paused and looked at me. I could tell by the look on his face that there was something more he wanted to say and I could tell he wasn’t happy about it. “What else do you want to say Gray?” I asked, arms crossed.

“Have you seen what that DolanExposed twitter posted yesterday?” He spoke softly.

I didn’t look at twitter after seeing Stella’s post that she had gotten the flowers. I looked at that tweet over and over waiting to hear from her. But she never hit me up. Then I went to meet up with Hannah. But after that, I didn’t open the app again. I just hung around the house with Gray, hoping that Stella would call.

Gray got up from his seat and moved over to the bed next to me and handed me his phone, “I think you should see this.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about or what to expect as I took the phone from his hand and looked up at him. His eyes were saying so much and given the fact that we spent our whole lives communicating in this way, I knew what he was thinking, ‘Take a deep breath and don’t freak out. You don’t know the whole story’.

I looked down at the phone in my hand and began looking through the posts. Each post showed a different photo. I could easily make out Stella in each one, but the person I saw was different to the person I thought I knew. The photos of her partying were ruff to see, but it was the photos of her making out with different guys that really hurt. I could tell these weren’t new, she looked younger and thinner, but not in a healthy way. She looked lost. 

The pain in my chest hit me out of nowhere as I studied each one. I hurt for her, for this lost person in each photo. What had happened that got her to that point I wondered. The photos of her with other guys made me sick to my stomach and I quickly put the phone down in my lap before running my hands down my face and then up into my hair, frustratedly pulling on the ends.

When I looked back down at the phone the last thing I saw was a photo of Hannah and me at lunch. If I didn’t feel defeated before, I sure did now. I knew that us going to eat meant nothing, but this photo looked like something entirely different.

“Shit!” was all that fell from my lips.

Gray sat there quietly staring at the comforter beneath us. I knew he wanted to speak up, but he was doing his best to bite his tongue until I spoke up. This wasn’t normally his tactic, but he knew better than to get me more riled up.

“Fuck!…Shit!…FUCK! Gray, what the fuck!?”

“Yeah…I know. She posted on her blog that she’s going to go off the grid for a bit. That her and Liza are going on a road trip they are going to vlog for the next couple weeks. No way of getting ahold of her. She said one of the editors will be posting temporarily and then she’s going to come back with a series of vlogs.” He paused and I knew there was more. He’d spoken to her, I could see it in his eyes.

“What did she say Gray? I know you talked to her.” I couldn’t even look at him, my head was spinning. 

“She said that she is doing better since Liza came over after she saw the posts. She mentioned that it was Liza’s idea to go on this trip and get away. She thinks that if we knew what happened in her past that we wouldn’t want to know her. I don’t think she realizes it, but I can feel it, she’s going to run away from this…from us. Whatever this “H.T.” person knows…I think this is only the beginning.”

His words were hard to hear. The person I cared most about, beside Gray, was being bullied by an anonymous person hiding behind their computer and it pissed me off. I didn’t know what to do with the rage that filled me, but I knew that if I let it grow, it wasn’t going to end well. Who was “H.T.”? What did they know? What was Stella hiding? Could it be something we could get over together? Should I just walk away?

No Ethan! There is no way you can walk away from her and you know it!’ My mind yelled at me and it was right. There was no going back now. I knew that I wanted her in my life and I would do whatever I needed to in order to make that a reality. But could her secret really be that bad?

I got up off the bed quickly and stormed out of the room, hearing Grayson yell after me, “Where are you going E?!”

“Out to the gym. I need to punch something.” I mumbled as I made my way to the place I knew I could let out the aggression that I was feeling.

Every time my fists made contact with the bag, I could feel the pain in my knuckles. I didnt care though, it felt good to get the anger out of me. It cleared my head in a way that I knew wasnt entirely healthy.

In many ways I was thankful to have the support of our fans, I hate calling them that, but it was times like these when I wish I could just live a normal life. I feared that anyone I would ever try to be close to would just end up being attacked. It wasn’t fair for them to be ripped apart because of what I did for a living. I knew that most of the people were supportive and just wanted me to be happy, but it only took a handful to go out of their way to make things hard.

It wasnt fair to Stella that she was having to deal with this just because of our relationship…or lack there of at the moment. Whoever this H.T. person was, they were dragging her past out and making it everyone’s business.

I hit the punching bag harder as the thoughts raged more and more ferociously. The pain in my knuckles now seemed to make my hands numb. Numb like me, numb like my feelings. I found my focus drifting to thoughts that haven’t been too uncommon for me the last few months, why cant I admit my feelings. Not just my feelings for Stella, but for anyone outside of my family. Am I scared of getting hurt? Am I scared of what people will think or say if they knew? Am I afraid of our fans leaving us because of it? I didnt know the answer and I knew that I might never know the answer.

I hadn’t noticed the tears coming from my eyes until I found myself slipping to the floor in front of the bag. What was I going to do? How was I going to fix things? I wanted Stella back, but I wasn’t sure how. I figured that by now if she wanted to be with me, she would, but Grayson kept telling me that she needed time. I know I hurt her, but couldn’t she see that I wanted her and no one else? I mean it’s not like we were dating before and I didn’t sleep with Hannah. I fucked up, I know I did, but it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to move past…right?

Suddenly I thought of the photos of her from before with other guys. Guys that weren’t me. And just like a raging fire that cant be tamed, my jealousy grew. If this was what I was feeling knowing that those guys were people from her past, I cant begin to imagine what she must have felt like seeing me and someone else in the present. It was in this moment of realization that I understood why she was taking her time. I understood why she was scared to trust me.

I needed to speak to her, I needed to see her! But she was gone and maybe that was the best thing for her. At this point I was emotionally and physically exhausted and just wanted to sleep for the next week and in a way thats what ended up happening.

I watched Liza’s Instagram stories, posts, snapchats, videos, just waiting for the moment I could see Stella’s face. Even if it was just for a moment, like when Liza was showing them driving down the interstate somewhere with the convertible top down on the car. Stella was driving and her hair flailed franticly in the wind as she laughed and her smile beamed. My heart filled and broke at the same time. I wanted to be the reason for that smile to be on her face, but instead I was the reason she felt pain. 

I would watch the videos on repeat and spend more time then I should have looking that the photos. There were so many times where I wanted to text Liza to see how my girl was doing, but I knew that it would be better if I didn’t. I’ve never been good at self-control and this situation was taking a toll on me. Gray was doing everything he could to keep me busy and active to keep my thoughts off of what was going on. We spent a lot of time outside at the pool. On occasion we would go to the beach and surf, it’d been so long since we’d done that. One night Bryant came over and we all chilled and watched movies. They were doing their best, but my thoughts were never too far away from her. What was she doing? Was she happy? Was she moving on? Was I enough? Should I let her go? NO! Did I love her? Do I even know what love is? Do I know how to love? Was I broken? Could I be fixed?

My brain never stopped and for the first time in my life I had the hardest time falling asleep. This was unusual for me. I didn’t want to eat, that was the point when Gray started to get concerned. He’d come home one day with my favorite pizza and I couldn’t stomach to look at it.

“E, come on. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. It’s not healthy bro.” Grayson’s voice dripped with concern as he pulled out the dining room chair next to me. He sat down and slung his arm around the back of my chair making himself comfortable.

I didn’t even acknowledge his presence in the chair next to me as I sat in a trance looking out the large windows in the dining room. “Have you seen the things people have been saying about her?” I never looked over at him, “They don’t even know her. It’s been a week Gray. A WEEK!…And they still dig. They still accuse and theorize.” My head fell into my hands as I ranked my fingers deep into my scalp and tugged on the tendrils that grew from it. “It’s all my fault. I need to fix this Gray.” I slowly raised my head to match his gaze.

His hand fell onto my shoulder before he pulled me close into him, “Okay Bro, how do you want to do it? I’m here for you. Love you man….”

Silence fell around us as I thought of a simple way to express what I was feeling. A way to get my voice out and clear up any speculation. I needed people to hear my voice, hear my words, not just read them on social media. 

And just like that, my idea emerged. I needed to do something I hadn’t done in years. I needed to connect directly with our fandom. I needed them to see what this was doing to me. I didn’t want to bring more attention to something that held no weight, but this was more important to me than anything else that I can remember. This needed to be fixed and prevented for a future.

I looked up at Gray to see him thinking hard…almost too hard. “Live,” was all that I said before the light went off for him, “I need to go live with them. I need to tell everyone whats going on. I need to speak up. At the very least, it’ll help take the heat off Stella. At best, she’ll see it and know what I really want and know how I feel.”

Grayson nodded his head at me slowly, taking in my words and playing out the scenario in his head. “Alright, lets do it…” he paused for a long moment, taking me into his arms and hugging me tightly. Normally I would push him off me playfully, but I needed my brother right now. I was grateful to have him, to have had every moment of my life shared with him, to have him in my corner. When he finally loosened his grip on me and pulled back, he looked directly at me, “…together. Us against the world. Always.”

A/N: WE FINALLY GOT TO HEAR FROM ETHAN! He seems to have been battling his feelings and what is right and wrong. Although his thoughts about some things remain misguided. We finally get to see him battling some of those inner demons of his that seem to be controlling his ability to express himself. 

Stella and Liza have journeyed off on an adventure. Seems like this is something that has been needed for awhile. Not only the trip, but Stella having a friend she can open up to. That being said….WHAT IS STELLA HIDING!? And why is she convinced it’s her fault?? 

What is E going to do on the live stream? And can we just give a slow clap for our boy who is just the strongest foundation through all this,…GRAYSON! You the real MVP. lol.



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Happy Tuesday babes! 💕

Just Forget the World (E.D.) Pt 14 TEASER

“Ethan!” I could hear Grayson, his voice echoed down the hall and woke me from my thoughts.

“What do you want!?” I was annoyed with him after he took my Jeep and put a dent in the side of it.

I reluctantly got up from the comfort of my bed and slowly walked down the hall to his room, my black socks shuffling my body. Gray was sat at his computer editing our next video. I fell onto his bed and grunted as my head hit the fabric beneath me.

“Did you really go out to eat with Hannah yesterday?”

“Yeah. She’s in town and hit me up for lunch. Is that a problem?” I answered, not bothering to lift my head to look at him, my annoyance growing. What was the problem? And why did he care? I didn’t want anything from Hannah anymore. I knew who I wanted to be with, that was all that mattered to me.

“Dude! You’re so stupid! Do you have any idea how that probably looked to Stella? I thought you were trying to get her back? What’s your problem?” Gray said agitated with me.

I couldn’t help myself as I sat up quickly, “Don’t call me stupid! I brought Stella flowers and told her that I wanted to be with her. She never called me. Hannah hit me up and asked if I wanted to get food. I was hungry, I wasn’t going to say no. We’re friends. That’s all that matters. Stella knows how I feel, okay? When she’s ready, she’ll reach out to me. But I can’t sit around and wait for that day. I did that already…for like a month! Remember? I spent every day inside playing FortNite…you hated it…remember yet?” I couldn’t help the annoyance in my voice as I spoke.

“I’m going to tell you right now bro, the Hannah situation is trouble. But I know you, you’re going to do what you want. Personally, I think you should drop her, she isn’t that great anyway. There’s just something about her that I don’t trust.” He paused and looked at me. I could tell by the look on his face that there was something more he wanted to say and I could tell he wasn’t happy about it. “What else do you want to say Gray?” I asked, arms crossed.

“Have you seen what that DolanExposed twitter posted yesterday?” He spoke softly.

I didn’t look at twitter after seeing Stella’s post that she had gotten the flowers. I looked at that tweet over and over waiting to hear from her. But she never hit me up. Then I went to meet up with Hannah. But after that, I didn’t open the app again. I just hung around the house with Gray, hoping that Stella would call.

Gray got up from his seat and moved over to the bed next to me and handed me his phone, “I think you should see this.”

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grayson dress up as santa and kiss you and then the next day your kids said that santa kissed mommy and grayson plays along

“hey mr. claus.” you hum quietly as grayson, dressed up as santa, tugs you closer to him by the waist. his white gloved hand wanders down your back to your bum and gives it a pinch. you send him a tight smile and playful tug at his fake, curly beard, saying, “better be careful santa, i have a husband.”

“is that so?” grayson responds, keeping his voice low through the thick beard, “i think he can make an exception, especially since it’s the season of giving.”

you giggle, hiding your smile by turning your head and shaking your head, “i don’t know…”

“i mean,” he points to the ceiling, causing your eyes to look up, “what about mistletoe?”

you scoff before leaning in and pressing a quick kiss to his nose, saying, “i’m not kissing you through this itchy beard.”

“we can save that for later,” he mumbles, quietly so no one else can hear, “maybe i’ll give you a few presents later, even though i saw your name on the naughty list.”

you smirk, quirking your eyebrows up, smugly replying, “is that so?”

he nods winking before pulling away, “we both know what a naughty girl you’ve been this year, baby.”


“and we saw mommy kiss santa!”

“just like the song!”

grayson fakes a surprised face as your kids continue on with the tale of “mommy kissing santa claus”. you smile softly, helping your little girl cut up her pancakes and wiping some of the sticky syrup from her cheek. you and gray glance at each other, smiling softly before he leans over and pecks your lips. his were sweet from the sugary food, making you lick yours. he cocks up one eyebrow, looking at you suggestively, making you chuckle and shake your head.

both of you were thinking about last nights festivities after the christmas eve party was over, how well grayson took care of you for being a naughty girl. you cross your legs as you feel your core pulsing between your thighs from the memories of last night.

“well,” gray sighs, sitting back at the table with his second helping of pancakes, pouring syrup over his breakfast, “santa sure is a lucky guy, i guess.”

you look up at him through your lashes, placing the plate of food back in front of your daughter and handing her her smaller fork. she thanks you and continues eating, you smile at her before looking back to grayson who bites his sticky lips. you watch as he dips his finger in syrup before licking the digit clean. you could’ve melted right then and there.

this is the last im talking about it.

okay ive read some of the replies. i 100% agree that the twins need to do things for themselves, and eventually not be so reliant on each other. ive said that from day one, their codependency is unhealthy. i agree with that. but thats so clearly not the reason that theyve been distant. if they were actively trying to do things alone, for that sake, i would be okay with it and id respect that. but this is so, so clearly something grayson doesnt want to do and isnt ready for. they’re not both invested in this and theyre growing apart for all the wrong reasons. i personally believe ethan is kind of leaving grayson behind, without realising it. when they were on separate flights a few days ago, grayson literally posted a snapchat saying how much he didnt like the flight. he was alone. ethan and emmas relationship is getting in between them, and thats not a good or healthy reason to be growing apart. idk, i just hooe theyre both okay.


A few things. The ship name is awful but I don’t know how I feel. Emma kind of annoys me but if Ethan’s happy then I’m happy and I feel like he did low key confirm it in the video yesterday. Honestly though the polygrapher guy said “it took his breathe away” so if it is true, talking about her literally took Ethan’s breathe away and that’s cute as fuck. But what I’m not going to do is tweet Emma, James, Ethan, or Grayson about it or bully Ethan or Emma. Some people in this fandom, maybe not on Tumblr but other social media are so abusive and toxic to the sister squad. Let Ethan be happy, face it there are a lot worse people the twins could be dating so honestly I’m low key thankful that it might be Emma.

The Dolan Twins are a blessing :)


Ok but honestly I would love to see where all of the people who bullied and made fun of the twins are now. They bullied them just because they made videos but now they are happy, successful, and have millions of people loving the shit out of them across the world for doing what they have loved for so long. Like I’m so glad Ethan and Grayson said fuck you to those people and kept going so they can make us laugh years later. I’ll never understand how people can bully those boys when they are literally so funny and never have a mean thing to say about anyone. I’m so thankful they had each other to push themselves to keep going because look at them now. They’ve had their ups and their downs but they are doing what they love while putting out stuff they are proud of all while trying to make us feel better. Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan, you both deserve the world.