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Llego el momento de descansar Espero que hayan tenido un lindo día. Que tengan un bello y perverso sueño con este hombreton y a reponer energía para el viernes⚡⚡⚡

Happy birthday to one of my bffs love you so much, thanks for all the laughs and adventures wouldn’t be the same with out you!!!! 💛💚💙💛💚💙

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Good morning Folks! We've made it to Saturday! Yaaaaay! Sometimes we don't like a character in a show or movie but like the actor. That's what managed to do and it showed what a great actor he is. So here's some for you! Have a great weekend!

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Wanna lick my pussy?

Halloween w/ E & G

Ethan:  I was bouncing with excitement, Halloween was by far my favorite holiday, when September 1st would roll around I would start planning my outfit, decorating and getting into the spooky mood, this of course didn’t stop when I started dating my dear boyfriend, Ethan. For someone who loves Halloween he sure was a downer, always saying ‘It’s too early to start this shit’ to which I would just roll my eyes at his complaints and continue on my way of celebrating. Today was the day though, it was the day that my grumpy boyfriend would accompany me.

           “Baby are you-” Ethan made his way to the doorway of the bathroom, as soon as he was in the doorway, I popped up in front of him, bouncing on my toes. “Ready? Yes, I am!” His eyes widened at my hyper state, but it didn’t last long until he rolled his eyes and replaced his surprise with annoyance. “Oh, come on baby, don’t be like that!” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pull myself closer, his arms wrapped around my waist and he connected my eyes with his. “You start this way too early baby, Halloween isn’t for a month.” His face gave off a bored expression, but that quickly changed when I kissed him, it was a sweet, passionate but short-lasting kiss, just to get him in a better mood. “If your going to be grouchy then I’ll just take Grayson with me.” He narrowed his eyes at me and pulled me closer to him. “No way am I letting my little brother take my spot as boyfriend for the day.” I smirked and leaned in, ghosting my lips on his, “Then don’t complain.” And with that I moved away from him and moved out of the bathroom and grabbed my purse and his keys, throwing them to his chest, he expertly caught them while watching my movements. “Let’s go Scrooge!” I make my way out of his room but not before hearing him retort back “That’s for Christmas not Halloween!”

           This had to have been our forth store, we had found so many goodies but I still wanted more, Ethan would moan and groan about wanting to go home, but I saw the way his eyes lit up when he saw skulls and ghosts on things, I knew he liked this adventure but lord knows the boy is as stubborn as a rock and would never admit it to himself. “Bup look how cute this is!” I admire the Jack Skellington and Sally figurine as I feel Ethan’s strong arms wrap around my waist, his head rests on my shoulder as he stares at the toy. “It is pretty cute I guess.” I smile and turn to him and playfully hit his arm. “Now look who is getting into the spirit!” He rolls his eyes for the thousandth time today and scuffed “Don’t let it get to your head, I still think this is lame and that it’s too early to be Halloween shopping.” I purse my lips at him and continue on my way, checking out other cute things that I could place around the house.

           I huff as I try for the third time to place the stupid Halloween candles on the mantle that has proven to be too tall for my short stature. I hear a snicker from behind me and I whip around to an amused looking Ethan leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen. “How long have you been standing there?” My eyebrows furrow and I place my hands on my hips, staring down the giant. “Oh, I’ve been here since the first attempt babes, I just like seeing your ass jiggle when you jump.” He pushes himself off the doorframe and makes his way over, I scuff at his comment and I watch him approach me and wrap a single arm around me, letting his massive hand rest on my butt, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Let me help you princess.” He places a kiss on my forehead and takes the candles from my hands and easily places them on the mantle, turning back to me with a shit-eating grin. “Netflix and chill?” He opens his arms to me, I walk into them and hug him, “How about just Netflix?”

           It was about half way through our Netflix horror session when Grayson burst through the door to the house with plentiful bags from various stores. “I got Halloween decorations!” He beams at us and I gasp with excitement as Ethan lets out a frustrated groan. It was then that Grayson took in his surrounding and burst out laughing, I soon followed, “Where are we going to put all of this you assclown?!”

Grayson: I woke up with a glow of excitement this morning, today was the day Grayson and I were going to go pumpkin picking and get the perfect pumpkins to carve. I got ready the fastest I ever had, making sure that I took the least amount of time so that we could leave and get there already. “Gray hurry up!” I drew out his name and pouted, he was picking out what to wear and taking forever while doing so, “I’m sorry babygirl but I need to figure out what to wear!” I groaned and stepped in, grabbing a black tee and some jeans, “There easy, change and let’s go, I want to get good pumpkins!” He smirked at me and put his finger to his chin, “I don’t know baby, I don’t really like it.” I glared at him and he laughed, pulling me to his bare chest. “I’m kidding baby, I’ll wear it, gimme a few seconds and I’ll be ready I promise.” He kisses my head and I melt into him, I couldn’t stay mad at this man for my life. “Okay baby meet me in the living room” I leave him to get changed and as he promised we left soon after.

           “Baby this is the perfect pumpkin!” I point out my choice to Grayson and he looks up from the pumpkin he was looking at and his gaze meets the orange orb that I was pointing at. “Do you want it Princess?” I nod, and he comes over and lifts the massive round pumpkin like it was nothing, placing it in our cart gently and pulling it along as we look for more pumpkins, each one being easily lifted by the Adonis I call my boyfriend.

           After we stopped at a store to get the carving equipment we placed a tarp onto the ground around us and another one on the table we would be using for easy clean up. We got everything ready and changed into old clothes, so we didn’t ruin our good ones, we gutted the pumpkins, making sure to save the seeds so we could roast them and began carving.

           After hearing several groans coming from Grayson as he continued on carving, I look over, “What’s wrong?” he huffed and looked over at my pumpkin, groaning even more, “Mine is turning out like fucking shit!” I frown and look over at his mangled mess, I bit my lip holding back a giggle and looked up at him. “Do you want some help to salvage it?” he gave me a curt nod and I move myself beside him, so I could work on the pumpkin. A few minutes in, I feel Gray place his hands on my hips and move me so I’m in between his legs.

           I finish the pumpkin and we both move on to our second ones, Grayson successfully finishing this one on his own. After cleaning up and placing our pumpkins in various spots across the yard we lit them and went inside to make ho chocolate, while I was working on filling the kettle Gray found some spooky songs to play so that we could really get into the Halloween mood, his choice was the ever so classic ‘Monster Mash’, I giggle at his choice and he grabs my hips, swaying us both gently and after turning on the kettle I turn my body towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck and placing my lips softly against his.

“I love you Gray.” My voice sounded like I was in a trance, intoxicated by the love that I felt at this moment. I see a smile adorn his features, his dimple making an appearance. “I love you too baby.” I look into his eyes as he leans in and connects our lips again, but this is short lived as we had a visitor. “Get a fucking room.” “How about you get a fucking girl bro.” I stifle a laugh as I watch Ethan glare at his twin and mumble some insult under his breath.

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can i get an imagine where y/n and the twins are going out for the day but their thing the twins are always holding her hand or just being clingy, like as they walk along one of them holds her hand. or another hugs her from behind as she is looking at things. very clingy boys

“ethan, i swear to god if you don’t move…”

“gray, let go in trying to look at this.”

“very nice ethan. yes i see it. i know, yes, thank you, yes-“

“grayson can you please get off?”

“you two are driving me crazy.”

“what?” the twins say in unison as they look at, bras hanging from their chests.

ethan smirks, wiggling his brows at you as he shakes his imaginary breasts while gray looks down at his D-cup bra. his hands come up and squeeze the material before looking back up at you with a goofy grin as he snorts with laughter. you shove ethan’s shoulder softly to get him to stop and walk over to gray and take the bra off of him. they both send you pouts as a response to your foul mood, wondering why you were so upset.

“heyyyyyy,” ethan rubs his arm as if it actually hurt him before slipping off his bra and placing it back in the clearance bin.

grayson shrugs before intertwining his fingers with yours and resting his head on your shoulder. you pay no attention to it, looking up at the different lacey undergarments. ethan comes to your opposite side and does the same thing, taking your other hand, leaving you handless. when you go to grab the bra you want, neither of the boys let go. they both cling onto you like children with their mother.

“you’re testing me.” you sigh, blowing some hair away from your face and flicking your head to the side in an effort for the strand to stop tickling your cheek.

“here,” ethan hums, moving the hair away from your face, “let me get that for you.”

you roll your eyes, glancing at him and mumbling, “at least your good for something here.”

ethan grins cheekily, pressing a slobbery kiss to your cheek making you shove him off of you. he laughs before turning to find something else to do for a little while before he decides to come back and annoy you some more. you remove graysons hand from your own and when you do he just decides to wrap his arms around your waste from behind.

“gray,” you huff, grabbing the bra whilst trying to wriggle away from his grasp.

“what’s wrong?” he presses his cheek against your shoulder and squeezes you tighter, “not a fan of hugs?”

you turn to look at him before saying bluntly, “not a fan of being annoyed.”

he backs away, watching you turn the bra over in your hands before saying, “we’re just really clingy today.”

you send him a look from the corner of your eye before nodding and scoffing, “i can tell.”

“probably because we’re gonna be gone for a while soon.”

shit. your heart sank when you realized what day it was. in about three days your favorite boys would be leaving for a month and a half for a trip in europe. and as much as you were so excited for them, you knew you would miss the shit out of them. you set the bra down and turn to face him completely. ethan was back standing next to grayson when you walk towards them and pull them both into a hug.

“i’m sorry. please don’t be upset. i don’t mind your clinginess. i like it. i don’t want you to leave. please don’t stop hugging me.” you ramble as they hug you back.

ethan chuckles, rubbing up and down your back before replying, “thought you were annoyed?”

you shake your head, “not anymore.”

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95 with Eth???

CC 💙💙💙 thank you so much for sending this in. I really enjoyed writing this and I’m actually so excited to post it! love u bbg

Prompt: #95 “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

“You guys are by far the dumbest people I know,” Grayson declared, standing outside the sliding glass door with his arms crossed. 

You and Ethan had spent the afternoon doing tricks off the trampoline into the pool, but you had gotten bored with the elementary somersaults you had been doing, so you decided to spice things up a bit.

“You’re cute when you’re all worried.” You smirked at Grayson as you bounced on the trampoline, landing on your butt and settling down on the black surface.

Even if you were just teasing Grayson, Ethan couldn’t help but to allow his jaw to clench slightly in annoyance. Even if Grayson was his twin brother who looked exactly like him, it didn’t mean he wanted you to admit that he was good looking, even if you were saying it in jest.

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“Ah… I don’t think Silver is ‘normal’ but meh… he may be hissy or whatever I still think he’s a fine guy. Given that I nearly lost it after spitting out my feelings of him which was a good thing really.” having been out for a bit to ease his nerves given that he was a mess after the whole thing, “Then again I’m not really ‘normal’ either I mean, I hang out with Pokemon a good bit along with other people when traveling… plus acting like my partners at times too.” chilling out now since it was a load off his mind even it had a light rush a bit when remembering back on the events earlier.