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Bakit wala ako makitang ibang anggulo nito?! at !

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I was talking with my 13 year old while I was rubbing his back. He’s currently snoring now. A great end to

Me tried to draw these two cinnamon rolls♥️♥️♥️♥️ The clock is tikking, go subscribe to their channel! 💀⏳

Text from my boy “just me and my little bro”. ❤️ X 1 billion Noah’s shirt..YOU WANT A PIZZA OF ME! 🤣

watching the podcast and doodling. I’m unwell af and y’all at the podcast make me feel so much better. Sending love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤️.

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you NEED to subscribe to Unus Annus!! And obviously subscribe to and the great and awsome (personally my favorite... Sorry mark) you only have one year and everything GONE!!!

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The proof is in the pudding gentlemen (which I might need to lay-off my cholesterol is a lot higher than it should be)

SE inicia el proceso de Casting para la nueva serie del , se buscan dos adolescentes de 13 a 16 años para y . seran personajes regulares

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existential-disharmony  asked:

4 more hours until i can buy VIP for SWS!!!! Oh boy!

I’m excited for you!

anonymous asked:

Ethan catching y/n eating or drinking dairy

hehehe e be catching me every other day.


its a nutella milkshake you’d taught yourself to make.

nutella itself had dairy, and in a milkshake? heaven in a glass.

but to ethan?

the equivalent to poison.

“what the FUCK?” he yelled as he walked into your apartment. you jumped, straw still in your mouth from licking it clean. 

“hey,” you said quietly, putting the glass in the sink. he walked past you and looked at it. he picked up the glass and smelled it as you wiped at your mouth, knowing he may never kiss you again.

“how could you?” he asked. you sighed.

“e, its a milkshake,” you said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “e,” you sighed as he shrugged it off.

“i thought you loved me,” he mumbled, putting the glass back, wiping his hands on his sweats, the ones he’d worn in preparation for the cuddles he’d planned for the rest of the afternoon.

he headed to your couch, pulling your blanket over him as he stared out the window. you sighed, walking over and sitting next to him, leaning into his shoulder.

“what?” he asked. you sighed, kissing his neck. “y/n let me be mad at you,” he grumbled, leaning into you nonetheless. you smiled, resting your chin on his shoulder. “never eat that shit again,” he told you. you sighed.

“sure,” you lied, kissing his ear softly. he turned looking at you.

“pink promise?” he asked. you looked at him.

“blowjob?” you asked, pulling the strings of his sweats.

existential-disharmony  asked:

omg i cant believe you remember that 😂 god i miss Eden but speaking of him, he doesnt like my name because its so similar to his which i can understand because at times when i do something dumb im like "gosh Ethan you're so dumb" but i'll sometimes say Eden and im like oops

He just really has something against you, first doesn’t like your hair and then your name 😂

anonymous asked:

Mark was not sure how long he could handle the pain. He wanted to scream, but he didn’t want to alert other alphas of his situation. He wanted his Alpha, Ethan. Mark painfully reached over to the coffee table in front of him, and shakily grabbed a glass of water. He tried swallowing it, but even that was difficult. His body felt as if it were on fire, a fire that could only be quenched by his alpha. Will post to AO3 soon owo -Wilfcrds cursed fanfic writer

Idk how to react to this to make this funny, but nice.
I never really subscribed to the like, pain-related heat thing but mostly just because I mean… I’m not in pain when I’M horny. But I mean hey if it gets the characters to fuck I guess it’s doing something dklsjgklfdgfklj

existential-disharmony  asked:

omg this is random but remember when i was writing that Saeran x Jumin fic and i would sometimes purposely make myself mad so i could get Saeran's character right 😂 i kinda miss that story

“Maybe if you drank some water you’d calm the fuck down” -Eden

“No I need to be angry to get the character right” - you 😂

existential-disharmony  asked:

ok so i had an idea of what i want Kellin to write when i meet him so i can get it as a tattoo but idk if it's a good idea. i was thinking about having him write "you can make it to the sunrise" which is actually lyrics from the song Sunrise by Our Last Night (which is why it may not be a good idea) at first i was thinking of having him write "you're not alone" because he's said it in how many songs? and like while that is comforting to hear i also really like "you can make it to the sunrise"

What if you had him write both?

Like “You’re not alone, you can make it to the sunrise” or vice versa

Or just the sunrise part would sound good even if it’s not from his band


Ethan 💙 I’ve had the pleasure of being a caretaker for the majority of my life. I love children!

He’s such a sweet baby and so alert.

🕉@Hair2ToeButter 🍯 - 🙏 Reinvigorate your senses! Indulge yourself! ♥️✨ #Explore #GoddessAisha #Ethan #Baby #BabyBoy

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