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Kripto takip eden arkadaşlara Eğitim grubumuzdan Abdullah Beyin hediyesi.. Kendisine teşekkür ederiz.

BTC戦闘力↑:¥949,759(max /mini ) そのビットコイン 私に預けてくれませんか? 半分にしてお返しします 17weCYXgfD6Dzsic2GR9AqTrEPmn5UVPUZ

0.0467 ye kadar önünde engel yok ama kar satışı yapıp yükseliş trendi içinde tekrar alım yapacağım. de sonra ki direnç 0.00117 , onu da biraz altından 0.001162 ye satacağım.

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Forecast for given here on January 21st 👌 Bounced from given support zone at 9500-9800 (price wicked to 9482). Gave targets 11055 - 11655 - and now growing towards last target. 💰 Expected profit 23% - with 5x margin can be up to 115% 🤑

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Want to learn more or stay update with (The original Ethereum blockchain) PoW, auto turing complete, smart contract capability. Max coins supply at 210 million coins. Please bookmark below to stay tune.

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flexing on you all

anonymous asked:

It may interest you to know that aside from the latest "use station not toony" stuff crayonpack "toony only uses it/its" recently posted a selfie where it says only they/he pronouns, so make of that what you will, what is the truth toony

Oh, it just doesn’t want us using its “real” name and pronouns because we’re trying to call it out. Basically trying to take on a new identity and confusing people into thinking it’s a different person.

this is random, but could y’all recommend movies for me to watch? (on this post or an ask) as I’m trying to watch 30 new movies this year 

- they can be from any year
- I don’t tend to go to the movie theatre, so keep that in mind
- I’m pretty good at watching everything, even horror
- has to be a movie (i have too many open-ended series right now lol)
- animated films are welcomed, encouraged really

* under the cut will be a list of films you have recommended that I’ve already seen

Current Count 6/30

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If you like my writing on here, maybe go check out my AO3! I have a few JJBA fics up there that are too long to post on here. I’ll leave a brief description of each one down here:

1. Crocodile Tears
part 3- original character
OC x DIO and later OC x Kakyoin
Warnings: LOTS of mentions of sexual assault, manipulation, violence, and cursing. But it has a happy ending, I promise.

2. Crocodile Rock
part 4- original character
The sequel to Crocodile Tears! I don’t want to give anything away.

3. Blood Money
An original modern AU where the main character has to navigate the world of Stand-using mafiosi in Chicago, all to try and save her father from being blackmailed. She meets a lot of interesting people along the way. Lots of both cannon and original characters! This one is my baby so please check it out.

4. JJBA reader inserts/one-shots
Nothing special here, just the place that I dump all my requests!

If you do check it out, leave a comment on some of my stuff and let me know you came from tumblr!