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Please call now! Resistance males, allies to womyn! This is how you can prove that you are an ally. Call these numbers and demand the to end the gender gap now! CALL TONIGHT AND LEAVE A MESSAGE!

In keeping with our mission to eliminate racism and empower women, YWCA Delaware had a full week of events. passes to become part of DE Constitution, Women Suffragist Movement, PurpleSashes yo Pink Hats ,

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TY The ball is in your House . Bring the home to the Constitution and end the gender war now!

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Agreed! I had the amazing opportunity to interview one of those ! was the Ride or Die Chick for the in Nevada. Thank you for leading the way! 💛

The longest ongoing war in our story is the war against womyn. 45 male Presidents 0 female Presidents Bring the home to the Constitution to end the gender war now!

45 male presidents 0 female presidents Anyone other than a womyn perpetuates the patriarchy.

House committee moved to a bigger meeting room for tomorrow, when they’ll hear bills related to the . There are special restrictions for speakers too- three speakers each for opposition and support.

The longest ongoing war in our story is the war against womyn. 45 male Presidents 0 female Presidents Anyone other than a womyn perpetuates the patriarchy. Soooooooooo many awesome progressive womyn are running!

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Yes my Sister! Let's fire it up! Bring the home to the Constitution to end the gender war now!

Hope for 2020! 45 male Presidents 0 female Presidents You know what would help? Equality! Bring the home to the Constitution to end the gender war now!

“A right delayed is a right denied.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Call these VA House Delegates & tell them to vote yes on SJ284.

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Is giving feds more power over our lives? Section II transfers enormous new powers to the FedGovt away from states: marriage/family law property sex crime abortion homosexual schools prisons insurance Massive redistribution of powers.

I love seeing students stop by the when school is out. Thanks and Julia for showing your support for the . – at Capitol Square

what a mistake! harms the most vulnerable mbrs of society, esp the poor. ERA mandates Strict Scrutiny standard inc: coed DomesticViolence Shelters, Prisons, & an to end federal/state funding of programs to help female victims of assault.

பக்கம் 10ல் கந்தன் கருணை🔱 004வது பாடல் வரிகளாக.. தேவர் படைத்தலைமை பொறுப்பெடுத்து-தோளின் தினவெடுத்து சூரன் உடல் கிழித்து கோவில் கொண்டே அமர்ந்த ஒரு வீடு கடல் கொஞ்சும் செந்தூரிலுள்ள படைவீடு! 2010, Oct கோவை ரத்தினம் கல்லூரி நண்பர் முத்துகுமாரிடம் பாடியபோது மகிழ்ச்சி என்றார்!🐘

Cobb NAACP and host did a fabulous job celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. King. Also, honored with the Living The Dream Award was the very deserving Sharon Hill.

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The longest ongoing war in our story is the war against womyn! Bring the home to the Constitution to end the gender war now.

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Which BlackPink Members slayed each song the most (in my opinion)

Boombayah - Lisa

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Whistle - Jennie

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As if it’s your last - Jisoo

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Stay - Rosé

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Forever Young - Jennie

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See u later - Jisoo

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Really - Lisa

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Uo: celebrities “calling out” trump/conservatives/bad politics on their social media or already established and relatively safe platforms is um. How u say. Useless. Theyre influencing ppl sure, but not the ones that matter. Until they start putting real effort and time and MONEY!!! (Cant stress that enough!) to orgs and groups that are also doing real work to back up their “clapback” on twitter i dont wanna hear their bum ass performative opinions


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Tell My Heart To Lie

*click through to read on ao3

written by: Nai / @hiddenpolkadots

prompt: Bellarke arranged marriage wedding night for anonymous

word count: 20086

She thinks that if she stares at the door any longer it might burst into flames.

“You’re going to wear a hole in the ground if you keep pacing like that,” says her mother from where she sat outside the doors to the chamber. She had the servants bring her a chair, where she sat, back straight and hands folded in her lap as they fanned her, offering fruits and wine every few minutes.

Her mother frowns as she takes in Clarke’s appearance. “Not to mention that you’re ruining your hair.”

“I don’t think my betrothed is going to withdraw the offer of marriage because my hair is a mess,” she scoffs, continuing to pace. Like her mother, she was also brought a chair to sit on but couldn’t find it in herself to be still for more than a few seconds, too jittery from nerves.

It’s strange that the contents of her very own marriage are being hammered out on the other side of that door and she isn’t even allowed to sit in the room.

Her father is in there, as well as her soon to be husband. Even Wells is in there alongside all their top advisors.

But then again, it wasn’t just marriage that the delegation from Illyria came to discuss. No, this was a tactical mission where both sides had something to gain. Tensions have been growing amongst the northern clans and though Arkadia is not directly part of the peace treaty, their alliances with the clans are too entangled to not be dragged into this mess eventually. And though Arkadia may be rich, its citizens happy and healthy with more than enough food and medicine to go around, its military won’t stand a chance against the bloodthirsty clans from the north.

Meanwhile Illyria has an army that’s half the size of Arkadia’s but nearly twenty times as powerful.

It’s a pretty straightforward deal. Arkadia gets military support and Illyria can finally stop implementing strict rations on to its people. Clarke’s marriage to the Illyrian king was just the pretty ribbon to hold it all together.

“Remember to smile whenever his attention is directed towards you,” her mother says, pouring herself a glass of wine. “And remember that you are to be seen, not heard. No man likes a wife with a loudmouth.”

“Mmm. And tell me mother, should I also agree to it when he insists on keeping his mistresses in the room next door? Should I forget the whole wedding entirely and just go up to his rooms and spread my legs? After all, I’m sure an heir would solidify this alliance more than any marriage could,” she says with a roll of her eyes.

“You insolent child,” her mother hisses, trying to swat at her. “You should be grateful that any king would want to marry you in your state, used and almost too old for him. At your age I was already married and with child.”

“Charming,” she says, flat, even though the words did sting a little. Her mother was right; at twenty, veering on twenty one, Clarke is old by royal standards. She should be grateful that despite her age and even after her past indiscretions, a king would still be willing to marry her.

She just wished it wasn’t this king in particular.

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Kelly Clarkson talks about her new talk show and the ‘Meaning of Life Tour’

Ich mag wohl das Drama in dieser Musik.

Muss aber in der entsprechenden Stimmung sein, sonst ist es nur nervig.

Interessanterweise beinhaltet die „richtige“ Stimmung Tage, an denen es durch Endlos-Regen und bedeckten Himmel den ganzen Tag gar nicht richtig hell wird.

Mit Kerzenschein und alten Siegeln denke ich dabei ans mittelalterliche Europa.

Nirgends anders.

Ein früheres Leben?

Wenn ja, war ich dort ein Mann. Und ein Researcher.