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What lies in store for equities ❓ Bad news has been good news for for quite some time. That’s because investors are desperate for a rate cut in order to keep the charging ahead. 🐂 Read more on 👉

Whether or not you look like your students, teachers need to be “culturally responsive” to create in the classroom. Read more from in conversation with our CEO, on Shaped:

Quite a common adage, “Precaution is better than cure”. Same applies when you choose an equity advisory. We’ve compiled the top 5 things to check while hiring your equity :

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I feel like we need a ‘mansplaining’ equivalent word for when non-minorities speak over minorities as though they have more knowledge/authority than the people in question.

I just saw a post literally all about how non-Jewish people should not speak over Jewish people in relation to the holocaust and related topics, literally the post was just saying “please don’t tell us how we feel is wrong/act like you have more authority on this than us” and yet the comments of course had people doing exactly that.

Racism/anti-semetism/homophobia/transphobia/ableism/xenophobia isn’t specific enough for these instances, and bringing those things up doesn’t necessarily explain what the problem with these types of unwanted responses is, whereas ‘mansplaining’ is concise and clear and within 1 word explains how the response given was inappropriate.

Also, having a specific word could help people who do this with the best intentions realise how annoying unhelpful it is and work on being better in the future.

Idk, I just think that if we had a specific equivalent word for this then it’d help a lot of communication and help people understand how to act more respectfully when other people try to have their voices heard.

I don’t need a Black Ariel

I am sick of Hollywood.

I am sick of the lack of creativity.

I am sick of the 90s redo.

I am sick of the lack of orginality.

I am SICK of the fake DEI.

We do not need a Black Ariel.

We do not need a female 007.

We do not need Hollywood to slap a figure head on aged content in order to play the “We are diverse. We are being inclusive role”.

This is NOT diversity. This is an attempt to placate those of us who retweeted #OscarsSoWhite. This is an attempt to slap a bandage on the real problem. This is an attempt to go viral. This is an attempt to make us forget that they REFUSE to make or let us in the spaces to create original content about our people. This is an attempt to take the lazy route of re-imagining the black princess that was a damn frog 75% of the movie. (crazy thing is they still missed that because now the black princess is a mythical fish majority of the movie) Why can’t they create an ORIGINAL black princess with a powerful story line (and NOT make her a damn animal majority of the movie. Like what the hell is to that?)

Why can’t they create a Black or Brown princess with a powerful story line like Moana or Brave? Why can’t they create an original boss ass female spy movie?

I don’t even know why I’m asking why can’t they.

The better question is why is it better for them to slap a figurehead on old content just to call it new and inclusive versus allowing us to create content about us and ultimately for us?

The last question is why are we so easily appeased?

I think we want it because they said we couldn’t have it. Now they give us the used but reliable and put new colorful wrapping on it to distract us from the fact that they are still not being truly inclusive.

One black woman becoming Ariel doesn’t balance the inequity of thousands of black women being denied agency and opportunity in Hollywood.

One black Woman becoming 007 does not address the issue of the lack of equity in Hollywood.

I’m done with this because I know I’m the crazy one that can’t be happy with scraps that everyone else see as whole.

*lastly, don’t misunderstand my thoughts on this as lack of understanding of what the black women playing these roles will do for young black girls. Trust me I understand. I understand that looking at the big screen and seeing someone that looks like you is powerful. I understand the power in it. But I also understand that if I grew up and saw original content telling real stories about girls and women that look like me, I would be a different woman. I would’ve been a girl that saw the raw power in girls that look like me blasted on the big screen. I would have saw that we don’t have to fight for scraps at their table. That we don’t have to take what was theirs and reconfigure it to be our own. We shouldn’t need a Black Ariel just like we shouldn’t have needed The Wiz. There is a lack of equity and real inclusion in the market and instead of addressing the root of these issues we allow them to generically appease us. We praise the scraps they give us instead of demanding what we know we’re being denied. We take their scraps knowing that they have a full plate at the table they only allow us to stand around. But I guess temporary blind happiness is better than the fight that is brewing or the real solution of supporting & investing in our Black content creators.”

Sprint stops being Clearwire's majority owner

Sprint has declared that it’s no longer Clearwire’s majority owner in a move designed to shield the carrier should the worst happen to its troubled bedfellow. While Big Yellow is planning to supplement its own LTE network with Clearwire’s TD-LTE backbone, it’s looked to distance itself on the business side from a company that finds it very hard to make money – requiring handouts from Sprint just to stay afloat.

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I. Think. I. Lost. A Friend

I think I lost a friend

it was I
I did something
that turned her away
asked too much

I think I lost her
yes, it was I all along

and the loss is real

she may have been
less a friend
than a dependent

someone who could take
and take and take

I was okay up to a point
but when I needed something

she didn’t want
couldn’t do
wouldn’t try
took to her bed
told me it was too much

angry when I stood up
got off my knees
set a limit


I hope some day
to know better
do better

I give
I like to give
I will always give

but needing
is a human thing
that I am only now
learning to do

shut down
for being human

I stopped
going along with that
a long time ago
and refuse to pick up
the habit again.


don’t let the door
hit you on the ass
on your way out


(Repost @greenwaveorg)

Sheep like kelp, too!

#kelp #sheep #baa #landandsea #restorativeagriculture
Absolutely love the wonderful work if @greenwaveorg, who are on a mission to support a new generation of ocean farmers creating hundreds of small scale 3D kelp and shellfish farms. These farms can help restore ocean water quality and produce a large yield of protein and nutrient-rich seaweed in a small area. Not only is #seaweed good for us, but it makes a great eco-friendly #livestock feed that reduces cattle #methane by 58%!

And on top of everything else, it’s creating jobs and promoting #equity in the process by supporting the rise of female leadership in the restorative ocean #farming industry.

Listen to their interview on the @mothersinvent podcast and follow their work or get involved at

#ecofarm #oceanfarm #waterquality #agriculture #climatesolutions #saveouroceans #farming

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