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Top Five Tips For A Healthier Life In The Saddle ๐Ÿฅ—๐Ÿด Could your diet be better, especially if you ride horses? Then read our Top 5 Tips about putting better fuel in your tank! โžก๏ธ

The most common reason affecting reduced longevity of a horseโ€™s athletic career, is musculoskeletal injury, particularly of the joints

Overall, not the score I wanted at Huntington Farm Horse Trials...33.3 Dressage plus a couple rails. A few good takeaways though...Neala rocked the XC course and my braid game was strong. Sewing them in is definitely the way to go! ๐Ÿงถ

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This little pair is too cute

Horses and Sadness

Life sucks. I like to think everyone’s been at a point in their life where life just fucking sucks and you can’t just see anything good in it. Honestly I’m there right now, yeah I’ll have my good days and I’ll have my days where I just wanna stay on the couch and just nap all day because I honestly don’t wanna deal with life and all the depressing thoughts going through my head.

The thing is, I don’t think my parents or friends understand or even know what I’m going through atm. Yeah I have talked to them but that was when the situation (two of my favorite horses passed away at the barn I ride at, pretty much back to back in Late April, Mid May) was new but it’s still going through my head. I feel like they’d just say, “get over it, you’ll be fine” but that’s just it, I’m NOT fine. I’ll never be fine, I can never get over their deaths. Yes, I understand it’s the circle of life yada yada but they were young and it happened so suddenly, no body expected it to happen, it was over night for one of them.

When you ride a horse for over three years, you build a bond with them, you’re best friends, as we equestrians call it, your heart horse. Your only find one and I found my Mocha. He took amazing care of me every ride, helping me through my epilepsy problems through out the years. Loosing Mocha, the horse I had ridden for three years, was just so heart breaking I couldn’t stop sobbing.

I hadn’t ridden Bogo for too long, maybe 6 months, but we had built a great bond together. He brought me back to horse showing and was just the sweetest horse you’d ever meet. Loosing him the night after our third horse show was just heart wrenching, I didn’t even get a picture with our ribbon together because it was pouring down rain that day. Despite the rain, we had an amazing show. I couldn’t even go to school for a full day after everything.

I’m depressed. I know. Should I talk to somebody? Probably. Should I talk to my friends and family about what’s going on first? Maybe. I just felt like getting this off my chest and I felt like Tumblr was the best place, even if no one will probably respond. :)

Lacy is good, sore at the moment so I can’t ride (her hooves cracked over the weekend from the ground being so sore, one of the cracks being pretty big and causing her hoof to flare and putting her off, luckily my farrier is coming out to fix her tomorrow).

Groundwork is going good though. It’s been so hot and humid that even before the hoof situation I was mostly just doing groundwork. I started addressing her mouthyness by engaging with her face and mouth a la Warwick Schiller and it’s done wonders to make her more curious and less bitey.

She also finally got her food changed and cut back so she’s looking real good. Still chunky, but not “ready to founder and pop out a foal” chunky. She’s a lot more level headed being on nutrient pellets rather than sweet feed, too.

Also I got a car!!! Which means I can actually go out more! I can work with my horse on a regular basis finally!

Hello Tumblr, I just wanted to give you all a little preview of my piece for the @gameon-anthology, which is a WLW sports anthology featuring a ton of really talented artists! I’m honored to have art in it. Please follow them for more info on when the Kickstarter happens :)

Also, unrelated, but I’ve forgotten to link my Twitter to my art Tumblr for those that would like to follow me a little more actively. Feel free to join me at 🌷