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The Global Gender Equality is featured in latest '' from German institution 'Stiftung '. The ETF tracks the Solactive Equileap Global . More information on the index:

"Meaningful interactions with senior leaders may hurt women's career prospects" - It's the details that count: how to involve every employee in order to give them all opportunities to succeed.

La en está más que presente en el directorio de 📱📲 ¡Buscamos igualdad en ! 🚻 / in has a high profile in our directory📱📲 Let’s search for equality at ! 🚻

"Of —as if it harm'd me, giving others the same chances and rights as myself—as if it were not indispensable to my own rights that others possess the same." ~Walt Whitman

proud to be part of the advisory council on gender equality. I’m humbled to join the incredible team of human rights champions. Thank you for the opportunity.Equality isn’t just a dream. It will become our reality.We are on it 💪🏽

Sri Lanka's richest 20% earn 47.6% of its all income. Poorest 20% only get 7%.

Prime Minister of India-Modi urges people to end caste discrimination & identify those who promote it for self-interest - “caste discrimination is an impediment in achieving social harmony”

Prime Minister of India-Modi urges people to end caste discrimination & identify those who promote it for self-interest - “caste discrimination is an impediment in achieving social harmony”


Mt 18:10 (Pt 9/9): All of God’s children, whether living or dead, are saints. Also, there are no “castes” in the church, which means a class system. God does not play favorites (Romans 2:11; 1 Peter 1:17; James 2:1-4).

Come join us at the next BAMER Hub meeting (part of the ) on Wednesday 20th February, 5.30pm - 7.30pm, Sheffield Town Hall. Agenda is below or DM me or for further details.

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How to Treat People

All my life, I’ve followed the typical etiquette of “treat others how you want to be treated” and it’s gotten me nowhere… now, I’m “treating others how I want to be treated… and treating others how they treat me.” If they treat me as a good friend, I will in turn treat them as a good friend. If they treat me like I’m trash, I’ll treat them like they’re trash (after giving them a chance, of course, a few months of kindness can do wonders).


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To anyone who thinks their religion gives them the right to hate others…

Did God say to judge thy neighbor or to love thy neighbor?

Did God say to hate thy neighbor or to love thy neighbor?

How can you call yourself whatever religious denomination or sect you are and think you’re doing your religion any good if you use it as an excuse to hate, judge, and demean people who are different. The last thing God wants is for us to hate mankind. How can you set a good example if you are constantly breaking down people you should be lifting up? There are plenty of wholesome religious people out there doing good, but there are still some people who think their religion gives them the right to criticize others based on their opinions. Let me tell you, if your opinion can in anyway hurt anyone, you should probably start reflecting on the principals you stand for. Maybe it’s time we start spreading love instead of hate. We live in a world today where so many people are divided. Maybe if we could learn to look past our differences you’d see what it all boils down to. We’re all human. Someone’s race, religion, gender or sexuality does not determine weather or not they deserve your respect. If someone is a kind, gentle, loving, compassionate human being who gives you their respect, then I have news for you: they deserve your respect. If they don’t share the same beliefs as you, tough luck, don’t be hateful to someone just because you think their belief is wrong. NO. Their belief is different. And tell me what’s wrong with not agreeing? Nothing. No two people will agree on everything. BUT YOU CAN STILL RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S BELIEFS LIKE A DECENT HUMAN BEING! I don’t care what you think. What we all as humans need from one another is love. So for the love of God, stop using your religion as an excuse to spread hate.

I am happy to say that I have made progress in helping my dad understand that there is more than two genders. He only understands he/him, she/her, and they/them. Unfortunately, I have a few more battles to face: making him understand and believe the difference between gender and sex, teach him that being transgender is not a mental illness, have him believe the entirety of asexuality, and eventually the variances of sexualities and romanticism.


Harsh family! New design! making the dream a reality!

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