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Best of Davos: 5 reasons to be optimistic about reducing - and reversing - deforestation rt cc

There is a lot of buzz around the automotive innovations these days – from attractive electric cars to smart driverless vehicles...

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Tuesday’s tips concentrate on printing. Do you really need to print that document?

RT : Microbes, capillaries and why we need to change how we think about rivers

Our specialist coatings are water based, fully recyclable and compostable, and contain no metallic pigments or plastic.

According to a 2016 report, 330 million metric tonnes of plastic is produced annually. What changes can we make to reduce plastic waste? researchers explore:

is very sensitive to themes concerning the environmental impact deriving from industrial production, from transport and from the use made of resources.

Pond restoration Halkyn-style, dig a hole and it miraculously fills with water! Gwaith adfer pwll dŵr yn null Helygain, palu twll ac mae’n wyrthiol yn llenwi gyda dŵr!

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As the human population grows more resources must be used in order to maintain the well being of everyone, this is leading to increased disposal of rubbish often damaging the environment around us. The fashion industry is the 3rd largest polluter in the world and with consumer behaviours adapting the mindset of ‘wear once and throw away’ the fast fashion industry is thriving at the expense of the environment. Some brands are starting to step up and join the movement in changing fast fashion such as H&M announcing currently 59% of their cotton is sustainably sourced and by 2030 they want to be 100% sustainable. However, many brands and consumers are still turning a blind eye. 

We need to change consumers behaviour from buying in excess to investing in clothing they will take care of and not dispose of after one wear. 

Vampire loads

In this month’s newsletter, my electric utility company has an article on vampire electric loads.  Vampire load is electricity that is used by a device even when it appears to be turned off.  According to the EPA, nearly 10% of the average household electricity use in the US is due to vampire loads.  That’s a lot of electricity when you multiply it by all the homes and apartments in the country.  Many electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and game units use a lot of electricity while they are in sleep or off mode, getting updates or maintaining readiness to turn back on.  Chargers that are plugged in to the electric socket but not to a device are still using electricity.  Many devices have little indicator lights that stay on even when the device is turned off.  Take a look around your home or office and then try some of these ideas:

·       Unplug chargers when you disconnect them from your phone, laptop, electric razor, etc.

·       Put your TV, computer, printer, game unit, etc. on a power strip that can be turned off so no power can reach the electronics that are plugged into it.  Then turn it off when you leave the house or go to sleep. According to the newsletter, you can now buy power trips that connect to your phone so you can turn them on and off easily.  

·       Check settings on computers and printers and understand the sleep/hibernate modes and how much power is used.  Set these electronics up to minimize the power drain when they’re not in use.  

·       Check owner’s manuals on items such as microwaves.  Mine has an energy saver setting that turns off the clock lights that I don’t need.  

·       I turn off my computer monitor instead of letting it hibernate.  I’m not sure how much electricity that saves, but the little indicator light is off, at least.  

I’m so happy.

Okay so today has been ridiculously positive. I have started off by completing loads of college work and getting home nice and early. It’s also my birthday!!! I got some amazing gifts lots of which were some new vegan products which are pictured below! I had a lovely time seeing my family and having fun with games and food.

I got a new vegan cook book from my mum, she told me she wanted me to learn some new things so I can be healthier and get all my nutrients. Then a new journal specifically for vegans, it has a recipe page, weekly shopping lists, and favourite stuff and some acknowledgements and notes and much more. Then we have some vegan sweets which were actually delicious and very sour which I loved. Some new skincare products which is great because I’ve been needing some (I also received some things from the body shop which is cruelty free but I’m not sure if vegan) vegan toothpaste to go with my new bamboo toothbrushes I’ve ordered and lastly some vegan soap which also helps to reduce my plastic usage for body showers. I’m so utterly grateful for the whole day and I love my friends and family and my boyfriend so much and I hope all of you have a wonderful day/night x