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New federal assessment rules exempt cement plants, fracking, IN-SITU Tar Sands/Oil Sands.

Alaskan Deaths Blamed on Record High Temperatures. It's a temperature that climate models predicted wouldn't be reached until 2069.

Jeremy Lent believes we are approaching one of the great transitions in human history. So how might an ecological civilization come about?

the_meditation_effect Collectively + Individually, our Relationship to the Outside 🌎 is a Reflection of our Relationship to the Inside πŸ‘ These Relationships are Evolving πŸ’«

The Jumla RANCH has a small garden that the children are invited to help care for. And they've started now seeing the fruit of their labor! It's full of pumpkins, radishes, cauliflower, chilli, eggplant, cucumber and leafy greens!

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I aim to plant the whole boundary of my property with mixed native berry hedging to provide a home for

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can one person make a difference?

I hear a lot, usually in regards to veganism, that one person can’t make a difference. that really couldn’t be further from the truth. nearly every great change in history started with one person. if people didn’t speak up on injustices due to the regressive notion that one person can’t make a difference, nothing would have ever changed. for example; slavery would still exist, women would still be legally bought and sold like products, women still wouldn’t have the right to vote, the holocaust would have never ended, rape/marital rape would still be legal in most places, forced castrations, child labor/abuse and beating your wife would all still be legal.

but, those are just social issues. what about big corporations destroying the planet? specifically, animal agriculture. most scientists, and people who have done research on it know that animal agriculture is extremely detrimental to our environment. even the IPCC said we have about 11 years until the planet is nearing inhabitability due to climate change alone (14-16% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from animal agriculture, even more than all forms of transportation combined). from climate change, to deforestation (80% of the amazon rainforest destruction is to clear out land for animal agriculture), ocean dead zones (overfishing is the leading cause of ocean dead zones, 46% of all plastic in the ocean consists of discarded fishing nets).

most people are against these things, most people are against animal cruelty. when people are exposed to videos/pictures/information of what goes on in the meat, dairy and egg industry, they’re disgusted and sad. people don’t naturally want to hurt animals. yet, most people hide behind the notion of “one person can’t make a difference” due to wanting to continue to live a convenient life, not wanting to go through the effort of changing how they’ve lived their whole lives, not doing enough research to even know why (or how) they should change in the first place.

it’s just an excuse. one that doesn’t hold any logical weight either. if this was about dog exploitation, no one would be holding back due to the belief that one person can’t make a difference. people are in an uproar about the state of our environment right now, but go silent when they’re confronted with the fact that their actions are a direct cause of it. all over i see people saying “why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?”, but then when they find out that something as simple as their food choices is the main cause of it, you’re met with “oh, one person can’t make a difference. i don’t have to change.”.

i’m not going to go on about why you should change right now, i’m going to explain why that specific excuse cannot logically be made:

1. supply and demand. the main reason why veganism (and many other boycotts) have made an impact is due to the simple fact that a company will not continue to supply for a demand that does not exist. no one will work for free, and large corporations are not exempt from this. they will be forced to change to what the people want if they want to continue making money. remember, these companies work for money, not ethics. even if it means the whole planet is destroyed in the process. greed is powerful. you vote with your dollar.

2. i’ve been vegan for only 4 years, and i’ve seen exponential change since i first went vegan. i’ve seen literally hundreds of new vegan products, vegan options showing up in restaurants that you’d never think would ever cater to veganism (most popular being: burger king, red robin, taco bell, etc.), i’ve seen entire vegan sections pop up in most grocery stores, i’ve seen restaurants turn completely vegan, i’ve seen dairy farms turn into plant milk farms, i’ve seen vegan products become nearly indistinguishable from non-vegan products, dozens of celebrities have gone vegan, i’ve seen a significant increase in plant based doctors and studies showing how much a plant based diet decreases your risk of our biggest killers (heart disease and cancer), tons of new documentaries exposing animal agriculture come out every year, most cosmetic companies have stopped testing on animals at this point, and meat, dairy and egg industries have already lost billions of dollars in sales due to people buying vegan alternatives instead. people who use the excuse of ‘one person not being able to make a difference’ blatantly ignore these changes.

3. one person makes a difference because you lead by example. i’m watching the changes because i’m a part of the change. you don’t see it because you are not. i don’t even have to say anything about veganism for people who find out that i’m vegan, to come up to me with a billion questions about it. questions are important because it means they’re curious. they actually care about knowing why you’re doing something. i’ve seen the people who have asked me the most questions go vegan and later tell me that i am the reason they went vegan. i get a lot messages of people telling me that they went vegan or chose a vegan option that day because of me, that if it wasn’t for me posting some information/a video the industry/simply just talking about it, they wouldn’t have even known that was going on. they wouldn’t have even known that there’s a plethora of other food/clothing/cosmetic options out there that offer the same amount of taste, style and look without the cruelty, environmental destruction, and destruction of your own health. i’ve seen a lot of my friends and family members go vegan just because i exposed them to it. no one would know something existed if no one spread awareness to it.

one person can and does make a difference. you don’t see it because you aren’t looking. I completely get the desire to mindlessly consume without having to think about how your actions effect others, do whatever you want. but, don’t try to lie to yourself about it. you know one person makes a difference. this doesn’t solely apply to veganism either. it can be applied to many other issues going on in the world currently.

What a fucking bitch the current president of Brazil is

Can anybody please burn his house for me and then pass it off as “those darn NGO’s were behind it”?

Honestly, fuck him. Impeach him. Get rid of him. He doesn’t deserve the oxygen that the trees that, by the way, the Amazon forest contributes to by 6%


Our dream at @guttasoles and @gsolesghana is for the next generation to understand that we can work with what we have instead of creating more waste for our environment……We’rereally proud of this guy for doing good in school and on the soccer(football) pitch(field)…..We salute him and all other kids that keep hope alive in a world that makes you feel dreams are just dreams and cannot become reality…..J.J. Fofie is his name, and he’s not giving up 💪🏾…..Forward!…..”Git GUTTA!”
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Spent this morning researching the recycling facilities in my town, and what they accept (we do have curbside pickup, but it’s really limited, basically just clean paper, cans, and washed plastic containers… it doesn’t even take glass?????).  I was thrilled to discover there’s a new facility about 20 min from me that takes nearly EVERYTHING, as long as it’s sorted. So I printed out all the sorting instructions and pasted them up on my wall, above several containers I set up for different materials.

I am really happy to find there’s even more I can do to minimize my waste footprint, even though I’m already making an effort to not buy things that come in a TON of plastic or packaging.  But as I make these changes, it really drives home how the ‘eco-conscious’ choice is often restricted to bougie folks who can afford it. 

Taking things to this recycling center requires a car, because it’s not on a single bus route. Buying things packaged in glass or metal instead of plastic are often more expensive, and the weight makes them difficult to transport if you’re trying to take things on transit, etc. Buying my meat from the butcher (who packages meat in paper) costs literally DOUBLE (and sometimes more) what I would pay for the equivalent from the grocery store down the road.

In conclusion, I don’t really have an answer except that I recognize even as I make these personal changes, that I have the privilege to even be able to make them, and it makes me angry they can’t be more available to everyone.

Rather than all arguing about straws and “are vegans bad or not” I really wish we could shift the debate to like. Maybe some points of veganism should be tweaked to actually be more considerate of the environment?

-Arguing ab straws helps no one, disabled people get hurt by people suddenly caring that straws are bad. (they’re far from the largest part of the plastic in the ocean rn)

-Straws are not that bad and sure it’s cool that you’re doing your part on your scale but you’re only one person and if your only step for the environment is not getting a straw at the fast food place… Those straws are still gonna get used and that’s empty activism

-Especially if you’re vegan and you’re using tons of non sustainable plastic. It didn’t hurt that much when a few people were buying pleather jackets. But. Now brands actually rebrand all of those as ~~vegan alternatives~~ when they are /plastic/

-Usually leather isn’t made from like, a cow and the rest is discarded, all of what the animal can provide is used, and leather will last you much longer than plastic)

(My point with that is to make a pro and con list if you feel icky about it, 10+ years with one good jacket or buying a plastic jacket every few winters)

-Yes food for cattle usually comes from Brazil and third world countries and then shipped to all over the world which harms the environment (transport+agricultural practices like slash and burn) A lot of that cattle food is soja, much like vegan food, which is a growing market, so more companies are considering investing into it etc you get the point: vicious cycle.

-Rather than fancy hipster exotic food, consider growing your own produce or buying from local farmers, especially small ones, because companies are already making their lives difficult with unfair competition with pricing etc. (at least in France, rates of suicides are higher for agricultors)

-Also use honey as a sweetener not agave or stevia or whatever else, educate yourselves on how apiculture helps bees +how sugar alternatives harm the environment

-More of veganism should take into consideration actual sustainability, and be VOCAL about it, esp on Twitter and maybe Instagram. That way more vegans can actually think ab that, help local businesses and producers, and corporations will have less impact and less opportunity to take advantage of people being misguided in their intentions and shifting the debate to plastic straws and empty activism instead of 1) how plastic’s used for everything 2) bad agricultural practices 3) (kinda includes 1 and 2) corporate greed and 4) caring about people.

TLDR: help local agricultors, stop letting corporations label plastic as “vegan alternatives”, be vocal ab actually doing something to help the environment and hating capitalism cause I don’t see how you can have the first while the other prospers. SHIFT THE DEBATE.

Thx for coming to my Ted talk. I did not review this, if you ask for sources just… Please Google what’s puzzling you, you probs wouldn’t read articles if I took the time to link them lbr.


SWAMP VS. WETLANDS by Joseph Whittington
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The Amazon fires have been a wakeup call for me. I’ve considered becoming vegan in the past, but I’ve always made excuses because food is a major vice for me. I can’t excuse putting my money towards animal abuse and environmental destruction anymore. I’ve been a hypocrite because I’ve felt like I couldn’t make a difference, but regardless, I’m now re-committed to doing what I can to push for change.


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