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Having a positive in life results in fantastic results! How do you achieve ?β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € β €β € β €β €

Having a positive in life results in fantastic results! How do you achieve ?β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € β €β € β €β €

Having a positive in life results in fantastic results! How do you achieve ?β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € .β €β € β €β € β €β €

Matthew Kincaid’s Quote of the Day. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € . β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € πŸ“·:

"The best start-ups generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch"

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The terminator hit the bullseye on this one! Comment/like down below if you agree!

To be successful, strength is a necessity! Not the only necessity, but it is very important.

Strength doesn’t develop from winning it develops form struggles.

Because when you go through struggles, those are true tests of your strength.

Exercising is a great example! To gain strength, you must struggle with that weight. When you struggle to get that last rep in, push yourself to finish it. Hat shows true strength.

Be strong! No matter what.


Recently, I’ve cried so much that it felt as if my eyes needed their own wipers.
Deep pain. It felt like Pain I understood. It felt like Pain I have experienced. It felt like Pain yet to come.
Yet, Pain remained anonymous.
Sometimes a tugging.
Sometimes a letting go.
Sometimes unrealized.
These “feelings” have not been fleeting but instead very revealing. Feelings lie. Feelings discourage. Feelings take you off course when they lead you away from Truth. Feelings show you lack. Feelings cause you to want to shut down or run away. Feelings rip through you like a hurricane and tear you apart. Oh yes. I have a deep intimate knowledge of feelings. I walked with myself through years of painful trauma. I work with others in their trauma. Normally, I hide pain. But recently I’ve felt a holy lift. Hence the water pouring from my own eyes that took me by surprise.
The government of God lives inside as I weep my guts up from my spirit alive in Christ. I’m sure God has a plan as He moves through my space. I sense Him making room as I give Him more place. These emotions won’t stay forever. They have a time limit I know. But for the time being…I am letting it flow. I know the deal. This indeed will change as I follow - His lead, His voice and His will for tomorrow. Joy is not an emotion. It’s a state of being. A condition in Him. It’s a sacred place of discovery, intimacy and love. #Weepinginthenight
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Recognize that failure is natural.

It’s ok to fail.

It’s ok to make mistakes. Everybody does it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. What matters is what you do when you fail.

I’ll tell you what to do. Get back up. Try again.

When life knocks you down, just get back up.

Don’t give up. Giving up is staying down and not trying to get back up.

That’s horrible don’t do that. Always try to get back up and stay up.

Remember it’s ok to fall down, but it’s not ok to stay down.

In order to succeed, you got to be standing on your two feet. Looking forward. And moving forward.