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You’ve always got to hope for the best, but it’s wise to expect the worst! If you are ready for the worst case scenario anything else is a positive and thus a big win! It will avoid your startup falling at a small hurdle!

The next decision or choice you make leads to an open road or dead end. Choose wisely. Ask God to lead you along the best pathway for your life.

If you are being pulled forward to the mystery of owning your own at this time that helps others feel , or , then YOU are one who is here to QUICKLY evolve the planet.

We often contemplate whether or not we should take a leap of faith and pursue our dreams. STOP being afraid! Take the jump and show people what you are born to do!

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If you aren’t happy doing it, then what’s the point?

How would you enjoy achieving something, when you hated trying to achieve it?

Got to learn to love doing what you are doing. Love the process, embrace it.


Magic and beautiful m🌝😍n… 👍💪🙌

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Just because you fail, doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s only over when you decide to give up!

YOU make that decision, to say it’s over. So it’s ALWAYS up to you, whether or not you give up.

Yet, giving up doesn’t help you. It never will, so don’t do it. PERSERVERE! DO NOT GIVE UP!

If you fail, TRY AGAIN! There is nothing wrong with failing. It’s natural for a human to make a mistake.

BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! That, is horrible. It is a very bad thing to do, and you’ll always regret doing it.

Don’t give up, get through it. You WILL get through it. If you don’t think anyone believes you can get through it, well guess what, I BELIEVE IN YOU!