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Julie Anne doesn’t mind spending more time with Alden in upcoming ‘year of breakthroughs’ Follow & like Inquirer Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Taylor Swift's Girl Squad Made an Epic Return onHer 30th Birthday (via )

Art is an experience not an object 🖌️ enjoy all that the Phoenix Festival of the Arts has to offer this weekend with a plethora of paintings and art to call your own! ⁠

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Cardi B Gives Offset $500,000 in Refrigerator for His Birthday

“Q: How did Dean Stockwell end up in “Entertainment”? You almost wouldn’t know he’s in it unless you watch the credits, since you keep him in long shot and barely let us see his face clearly. 

“A: Based on ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’ alone, Stockwell is an icon. But he’s also a ’70s America wandering cinema icon, and I was interested in those associations for the movie, knowing that we bring all this baggage of association that we’re not supposed to admit to movies. It was supposed to be this Hollywood party, and there was an idea of filling it with a diversity of celebrities but not treating them like a person would expect they would be treated in the framing or the coverage, treating them more like extras. Ultimately, Dean was the only person who showed up, bless his heart. He’s in some other deleted scenes that are going to be on the DVD. I hope he wasn’t too disappointed with the lack of coverage.” 

Adams, Sam. “Interview: Director Rick Alverson Talks ‘Entertainment,’ Deleted Scenes, And Going Widescreen.” IndieWire. Published November 17, 2015. Accessed September 26, 2017.

How Was PlayStation's Final 2019 State of Play?

On this week’s episode of IGN’s weekly PlayStation show, Podcast Beyond, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Brian Altano, Max Scoville, and Ryan McCaffrey to discuss the final PlayStation State of Play of 2019.

The crew tackles the big announcements like Resident Evil 3, Predator: Hunting Grounds’ release date, Ghost of Tsushima’s teaser for a Game Awards trailer, and more. Plus the cast also discusses MLB: The Show’s multiplatform future, Max’s hands-on time with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and much more.

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