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Today we feature a hospitality and entertainment professional; Michael aka Nerves the dancer. Always smiling so much that it’s infectious. Guests love him and so does Reggae Hill. Keep going top star!

Free music every Wednesday! Augusta Street Park Local performers provide alternates between Civitan BBQ and community potluck. Mississippi Mills Enjoy Explore Region!

. performed at the 25th Anniversary of Thomas J. Henry Attorneys in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for )

Join leading as they drill down on the key aspects of entertainment . Plus! Don’t miss the opportunity to receive individualized feedback at the Entertainment Contract Drafting Workshop.

Yesterday was bling, sequence & more more Bling. Today we're packing out wigs & shoes. Loadsa fun!! About 35 years of show memories and we intend making heaps more! 💃🎤

We only have one more show this summer, which has been your favorite to attend? View the full lineup here: . Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

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Flagarant 2: The Small 3 #LSN #PODCASTS

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I See A Little Bit Of Myself In You

Originally posted by bangs-chan

Summary: Chan talks to Ivy about joining with Skiz
Word Count: 740


It’s been a week since Ivy has met the boys. She has since been placed in a different practice room with different trainees. Ones that she didn’t connect with as easily as she did with the boys. She was helping one of the trainees with a rather tough choreo they had to learn. She was getting a bit frustrated with the trainee since the trainee didn’t really understand what Ivy was saying.

“Again.” Ivy told to the other trainee.

She watched the trainee make the same mistake that she’s been making the past ten times they’ve tried to get it down. She pauses for a moment to think.

“Do you want me to help break it down even more? You’re still not getting in and I don’t want you to feel like you can’t do this, because I know you can.”

The other trainee nods, “If you can… I don’t want to burden you Ivy.”

“I’m a dancer, you aren’t burdening me. I told you I would help you be better, even if we can’t perfect it today we won’t stop until you want to, okay?”

The other trainee nodded and they spend the next half hour learning it. The trainee did get better however Ivy still wanted to see her have even more progress made, but the other trainee was tired. Ivy stayed even after the other trainees left. She wasn’t working on her dancing though, no, this time she was more focused on her rapping and singing.

After meeting the boys they really inspired her to try harder to be more well rounded at everything, rather than just be a dancer. She didn’t want to be that trainee that just ended up being a backup dancer, she wanted to be an actual idol. She was practices her singing when someone suddenly walked into the practice room, it was none other than Chan.


Hello Ivy, I would like to talk to you.” Chan then sat beside Ivy. “And since the other trainees are gone for the day I think now is the perfect time for me to talk to you.

Okay, what is it?

You remember the other trainees?” He paused and she nodded. “Well, they are part of my team, right?

Just spit it out please Chan.

You don’t seem be connecting with these trainees here in this room. Plus your skill levels are rather high for someone with only a year worth of training.” Chan pauses for a brief moment. “And the boys really seemed to have fun when we hung out. Felix won’t shut up about wanting to see you, neither will Chanbinnie, or Jeongin. Because of this I would like you to join my team.

Ivy looks at Chan with disbelief written all over her face.

Do you need more reasons as to why I want you to join?

I… I don’t know… maybe?

Fine.” Chan takes her hand in his sensing that she was a bit anxious. “I want you to join my team because I see a lot of potential in you. Like, a lot. Yeah, your rapping and singing aren’t the greatest in the world, but you are still trying your best to practice it. I just saw you doing that. Plus, you’re a really great teacher. Don’t think I don’t hear about the trainees talking about it. They hate it that you push them so hard, but ultimately they are thankful that you still try to help them, even if it’s hard for you to speak in Korean. It could also be because I see a little bit of myself in you Ivy. I’ll give you time to think about it if you need it, but I would love to see you practicing with my team.

Thank you Channie. I will definitely think about it.

I’m glad that you will.

Chan and Ivy stood up, he hugged her then left the practice room. Ivy couldn’t help but have a really big smile on her face.

Trust me Channie, you’ll be seeing me bright and early tomorrow bud.

She turned out the lights to the practice room then headed to her dorm room, as soon as she gets there she starts packing her things, getting ready to switch dorm rooms. The other trainees where a sleep so they didn’t question Ivy.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.” she says softly to herself before curling up in her bed and going to sleep.


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COFFEE  SHOP  AU.     because  we  all  need  one  !

nestled  in  a  corner  somewhere  in  detroit’s  inner  city  rests  a  tiny  store.     three  tables,  nine  chairs,  one  counter.     a  backroom  for  employees,     (     there  is  only  one     )     an  unisex  restroom  for  the  few  human  customers  that  visit.     behind  the  counter,  a  tall  young  man   ——   human  ?     android  ?     there  is  no  led,  so  nobody  knows.     nobody  cares,  either.     his  hands  are  tainted  blue,  he  smells  faintly  of  coffee  beans     &     milk.     his  name  is  connor.     that  is  all  that  is  known  about  him.     it  is  all  they  need  to know.

connor  established  a  peaceful  area  in  this  small  corner  in  detroit.     meeting  spot  for  humans     &     androids  alike.     even  before  a  strange  man  came     &     demanded  rights  for  his  kind.


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The Pet Babysitter Compilation [Cute and Funny]

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Medical advice changes

A couple of weeks ago I was in a room full of people gathered to celebrate their family.  The woman of honor was 97 and one of the things she talked about was how things have changed. She talked about a medical advice book her family had when she was a child. The book said if you were fat, or “corpulent” as they used to call it, then avoid exercise because it would be a strain on you. BUT…If for some reasons you were considered young and had experienced chest pains then by all mean partake in strenuous exercise, the harder the better. If you experienced bouts of melancholy or anger, ready for this, drink whiskey, at least 2-4 glasses a day.

Stray Kids Reaction to You Having Glasses and Short Hair

Genre: fluff

Requested?: yes (anon)

Summary: in which i talk about stray kids’ feelings towards a girl with short hair and glasses




I don’t think Chan would mind between long or short hair but I feel a slight urge to say he likes long hair ?? although he still loves your short hair, and he especially loves your glasses, 10/10, one of the cutest things about you


Woojin REALLY likes short hair, like I think he wouldn’t mind long hair but DEFINITELY favours short hair. He also would love to see you with glasses however would be curious to how you looked without them.


I think Minho is similar to Woojin, he really REALLY loves your short hair, and also loves your glasses (i think he wears them doesnt he??) yeah, loves you and ur short hair & glasses


Changbin loves both long hair and short hair although for some reason I think he’d prefer short?? He also REALLY likes your glasses.


I think Hyunjin would prefer long hair tbh i’ve read many scenarios where he dries his S/Os hair so yeah he (once again) loves your glasses as well

Jisung: (any hair, really doesnt care)

I seriously think that Jisung has absolutely no preference. My view on Jisung is that he’s pretty much one of the nicest people in the world and so if he loves you, he loves you for you and not because of your hair length or accessories


I feel like Felix prefers long hair, idk i just have a hunch, and much like Woojin, he loves your glasses although he would be curious as to what you looked like without


I think that Seungmin prefers long hair but he loves your short hair as well, bc much like Jisung, if he falls in love with you, he falls in live with you for your personality and who you are as a person


I think as Jeongin is so young, he really doesn’t have any preference. But he wears glasses as well and loves how you two can be glasses buddies.