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So .. I had a dream

Regrann from @nagaswaraofficial - .
Selamat Soree My Anggrek, Yuk Aktifkan nada sambung religi terbaru di NADAKU dari Duo Anggrek ( @devay_duoanggrek @putriduoanggrek ) - “Assalamualaikum” Biar yg Nelponin kita ngerasa Adem di Bulan Suci ini dan Khusus untuk Pengguna Indosat ya Gess 😍👌
Caranya Gampang Koq Gess : .
Tekan *808*90# 📞 .
#NAGASWARA #DuoAnggrek #MyAnggrek #Indosat #Ooredo #IndosatOoredo #Religi #Ramadhan #BulanPenuhBerkah #Single #Song #Assalamualaikum #Famous #Indonesia #World #Entertainment #NagaswaraForTheWorld #NoMusicNoLifefollow -> @roelswara_cmpsr - #regrann

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Prepping 4 PRIDE


ugh, their mind 😣😍

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I want all of my cube girls to get wins

Verkwan 😀 can someone please tell me what the text means?
(Credits to the owner- Picture is not mine )

180523 Official KHAN Twitter Update

[EK] i’m your girl? is outttttt ♡♡♡♡♡ hope you guys like it :)

Ok but this is just so true y do ppl have to whitewash photos we love tan queens

USA 1994

Ruby: *makes noise for head scratches*

me: *scratches her head for half an hour then stops cause my hand is tired*

Ruby: *continues to make noise*

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KHAN ‘I’m Your Girl?’ Official MV

yoongisatoori  asked:

Chestnut, Beaver, Manatee Go!

chestnut — favorite fruit?

  • mango !!!!! always mango !

beaver — favorite planet?

  • i am stuck between mars & venus !!!

manatee — summer or winter?

winter….but honestly the last winters over here were freezing…like below 0 

crayola color asks