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Wendy Williams' husband officially leaves her talk show Wendy Williams' estranged husband has officially left 'The Wendy Williams Show'. The 54-year-old talk show host filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter last week aft...

Jason Momoa freaking looks the same fellas. Still fine without the beard 😉

More people will turn to their mobile device instead of TV for entertainment in 2019 -

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Gus Kenworthy's Role Is 1 of the Only Things We Know About American Horror Story: 1984

On American Horror Story, you can pretty much count on seeing several of the same actors returning to the Ryan Murphy horror anthology for multiple seasons, playing new characters each time (well, usually). Every now and then, though, newbies join the AHS universe, and the upcoming ninth season, American Horror Story: 1984, is no exception. One of the fresh faces in the cast is actually someone you’ll probably recognize: Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, making his acting debut.

Kenworthy’s character - still unnamed - will be the boyfriend of series staple Emma Roberts’s newest character. Murphy made the announcement on his Instagram back in February, posting a picture of Kenworthy with the caption announcing his casting: “That special moment when you realize you have an Olympic medal AND will be playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend on "American Horror Story” Season 9.“ Kenworthy also got in on the announcement, re-sharing Murphy’s post on his own Instagram with the giddy caption, "I guess the cat’s out of the bag … I’m 👏🏼 So 👏🏼 F**king 👏🏼 Shook 👏🏼 ILYSM @mrrpmurphy 😊😍😭”

Back at the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, Kenworthy became one of the breakout stars of the American contingent, even though he’d actually been part of the 2014 Sochi team as well (and won a silver medal there). As the first openly gay Olympic skier, he made headlines for his activism (rescuing puppies and kissing his boyfriend, actor Matthew Wilkas, on live television during the Games) as much for his skill on the slopes. Along with figure skater Adam Rippon, Kenworthy became an outspoken icon for LGBTQ+ athletes. This will be the first acting role for Kenworthy, although not his first TV appearance: he’s popped up on reality shows like Top Chef and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. We can’t wait to see our Olympic fave back on our TVs trying out his new talents!

Alexander Skarsgard Is in Big Little Lies Season 2 - Here's How Perry Might Return

Warning: Spoilers for season one of Big Little Lies below!

Needless to say, we’re stoked to see fresh faces on season two of Big Little Lies (you know we’re silently screaming over Meryl Streep). But it’s an unexpected return that’s truly piqued our curiosity. Sweeping 2018 award season for his role on the series, Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Nicole Kidman’s onscreen husband, Perry, will appear in the new season. But how is his return possible after such a clear departure in the finale? Let’s piece together Skarsgard’s past comments and information about his character to see where he could fit in the upcoming storyline.

Basically, Celeste’s abusive husband dies at the end of the first season after Bonnie pushes him down a flight of stairs during a school fundraiser. He looks pretty dead, and his fall and funeral more or less confirm his passing. If he’s actually alive in season two, it would undo all of the buildup around his death that season one crafted so thoroughly.

It’s most likely that Perry will pop up in flashbacks, either Celeste’s or his mother’s. We might also see him in dream sequences or hallucinations. Even though her husband is dead, Celeste could experience PTSD from their volatile and traumatic relationship. From the cast’s TCA panel, we learned from Nicole Kidman, who portrays Celeste, that her character may not have quite healed. She’s been through a lot, and it’d be understandable if she’s still processing everything.

So what does Skarsgard have to say about his return? “I don’t even know if I’m really dead or not,” Skarsgard told People at the Golden Globes red carpet in early 2018. While he might have been playing coy then, we’re sure that he knows his character’s whereabouts now that the season two premiere is fast approaching.

Back in September on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor confirmed rumors that he was on the set of Big Little Lies season two. “I was on set, yes. But I can’t disclose what I did on set,” Skarsgard said evasively. “Maybe I was acting. I might have been just moral support. I might have just made coffee for the ladies. I might have helped Meryl Streep with her acting.” Very funny, sir.

Now that we know for sure that he’s part of the season two cast, we’re emotionally preparing ourselves for what will, inevitably, be a terrifying return on June 9.

Forgot Some of the Details From Star Wars: The Last Jedi? We're Here to Help

With Carrie Fisher’s poignant appearance and Palpatine’s unexpected return, we bet you can hardly hold in your anticipation for Star Wars: Episode IX, aka The Rise of Skywalker. Still, if you find yourself looking up what exactly happened in Episode VIII, you’re not alone. Besides the fact that it’s been a while since the movie came out, The Last Jedi is long. In fact, it’s the longest Star Wars movie ever made, clocking in at two hours and 30 minutes. If you don’t remember everything that happened in it, no worries. We’re here to help jog your memory on how it ends with the most important and epic details all in one place!

Vice Admiral Holdo sacrifices herself.

Vice Admiral Holdo had planned to help the Resistance evacuate by way of small transports. Poe is not down with this idea and declares a secret mutiny, but then Leia recovers after Kylo attacks her ship at the beginning of the movie and stuns him to help facilitate Holdo’s plan. When DJ, the codebreaker who Rose and Finn recruit to help the Resistance, rats out Holdo’s plan, the Vice Admiral sacrifices herself by ramming into Snoke’s fleet.

Finn defeats Captain Phasma.

BB-8 helps Finn and Rose escape after Captain Phasma captures them on Snoke’s ship. Finn fights with Captain Phasma, eventually defeating his old boss, who falls into intergalactic flames. Poe, Finn, and Rose then attack the First Order on old speeders when they’re in Crait with the Resistance survivors. Finn tries to charge into the enemy siege cannon, but Rose stops him by crashing into him. They both survive and kiss, paving the way to a new (romantic) ship in The Rise of Skywalker that may or not one-up Reylo.

Luke fights with Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren, after killing Snoke, proposes to rule the galaxy with Rey. Not only does she not want to do this, but she also fights with him over Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, which splits in half. Long story short, Kylo Ren becomes the Supreme Leader.

A formerly defeated Luke musters up the energy to come face to face (well, kind of) with Kylo Ren, his nephew and former apprentice. This scene is pretty epic until it’s not. Basically, Luke marches up to the First Order, which attacks him with rapid gunfire. He battles Kylo Ren, who later realizes that this is just a Force projection of Luke when he puts his lightsaber through him. Anyway, while meditating from Ahch-To, Luke becomes exhausted and technically dies. He disappears and becomes one with the Force.

Rey helps the Resistance members escape.

The surviving Resistance members hop onto the Falcon with help from Rey, who moves boulders out of the way to create a clear path for them. She and Leia can feel Luke’s death. But Leia later tells her that the Resistance has what it needs to rise again.

There’s a pretty hopeful shot at the end.

In the final moment of the movie, a group of stable boys in Canto Bight tell tales of Luke Skywalker. One boy runs after a broom, holding it up like a lightsaber and looking up at the sky in awe. In other words, the film concludes on a hopeful note that guides us toward The Rise of Skywalker.