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Glitch Coin Finance and Accrumency changed their profile…

Glitch Coin Finance and Accrumency changed their profile picture.

Enterprise Review

As a group we pitched our original ideas and decided to go with zines. This brief was a challenge in various ways. We struggled to arrange times to meet up to work together as some of us live far out from the city and our jobs got in the way and was non negotiable to get time off. We each done what we could in our spare time and in the end we all worked to get this brief done and sold our product. The original plan was never followed through so a Plan B was introduced which involved the nearest materials to produce the product and get it sold. I feel this brief could of been more successful but we still managed in the end to get it done. Although the quality of the zine inst what we originally hoped for, profit and time wise in my opinion still worked out. We communicated through a social media group chat and discussed what needed done etc, which helped in someways since myself and others couldn’t travel into the city most days out of college. My share of the images to be put forward for the zines were lost so My initial number of zines I would sell dropped. For future purposes I feel communication could of been better with everyone to have had a clear role as a team effort. 

You know I’m getting desperate for nb rep in sf/f when I want to rewatch “Cogenitor.”

Enterprise Detailed Business Plan

Our plan is sell zines based on places to see in Glasgow. We will create these zines by going to interesting places in Glasgow and taking photos of these buildings. We will then compile them into a zine and print these zines in the library, this will mean that our printing cost is £0.00. Therefore any money we make will be profit, we will then sell our zines around the college to passers by, staff, students, visitors etc for £1.50. We will aim to sell 15 zines, generating just over £20 as our minimum. Each of us will approach people and try to interest them in buying a zine. We will do this by being friendly, asking questions like, “Are you from Glasgow, if so have you ever thought about what places are interesting to see?” this will draw the person in and make the interested in our product and hopefully inspire them to buy one! I will make sure to explain that the proceeds are for a charity and the purchase of one would go along way to improving someone else’s life. We will also be accepting donations that day even if the person isn’t bothered about buying the zine. We will be selling our zines for one day, this will be emphasised, showing that these are a limited edition product. We will then donate our proceeds to the charity of our choice as soon as possible after that. 

Enterprise Evaluation

The day went really well and as planned, we met up at 10am at the stables and greeted the clients, Sean knew the woman who ran the stables so communication was easy, we decided where about we were going to shoot and advised the clients where to meet us and they came and went with their horses really smoothly. When the clients were finished we would walk them back down to the carpark to get their details and payment and then we would advise the next client that we were ready for them.

We soon realised that it was going to be quite challenging to photograph the horses as they moved around a lot and were quite strange to our cameras, but Sean had a plastic bag to gain their attention in order for us to get the shots we desired. The sun also kept disappearing so this was challenging to work with.

It was initially difficult for me to be confident enough to shoot in front of the clients but the more i got into it the more confident i felt and b the end of the day i was really pleased and excited and started to think about other events i could potentially shoot in the future like christenings or holy communions. 

enterprise the big idea

For my enterprise I was in a group with jade and Jordan. and we came up with an idea to create zine about Glasgow. the zine where going to be historic places in Glasgow and information about the place. We are also planning on adding food place that are near the area. 

we plan on sailing these around college and we plan on sailing them for around £1.50 - £2.50 and are planning on giving the money to charity.