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you know what…. here are my schrancher pixel set from eons ago plz ask b4 using and dont use w/o credit! i dont know why i dont have a solo jonathan oops

Bones: It’s so annoying how Spock is good at everything. There’s got to be SOMETHING he’s terrible at!

Checkov: Yeah. Maybe he’s a bad kisser or something.

Jim: No, he’s good at that too.

Bones: What?

Sulu: What?

Scotty: What?

Uhura: What?

Jim:… What?

I love watching people on tumblr liveblog about enterprise because they often seem to go through the same stages

  1. oh my god what is this theme song
  2. ……… there’s canon mpreg? and this is only the 4th episode?
  3. the point where they start talking about how gay malcolm is for trip and you know they’ve reached shuttlepod one
  4. “im actually starting to like the theme song help”
  6. The post-tatv anger post

Anyway that “Archer doesn’t read personnel files” post made me realize how the NX-01 crew is full of these like, kinda odd people and a lot of them have a somewhat questionable past

I mean

Captain Archer himself literally stole a spaceship just to flex on the Vulcans and Trip, who barely knew him at the time, helped him do it

T'pol is a trained bounty hunter who had some of her memories erased

Travis was not only next in line to command a cargo ship, he also literally grew up in space. I mean how much cooler could a childhood possibly get

Phlox has 19376464739 medical degrees apparently, and he keeps a ton of pets in sickbay which he uses as medical treatments… Imagine him arriving at space dock before enterprise’s launch with his luggage being 50 boxes full of animals

Malcolm joined section 31, no one knows anything about him, canon keeps hinting at him going through some bad shit in his past involving his family yet none of this is ever explained because he just never talks about himself

Hoshi got kicked out of starfleet for breaking her CO’s arm but they took her back because she’s that good at languages and starfleet realised the whole crew would probably die within a week if they didn’t assign Hoshi to the enterprise

Oh and Archer brought his dog to space because why not

I feel like at some point some admiral was just like “hey you know if we send all these people to space we won’t have to deal with them anymore” and another admiral went “great idea bro. I see no reason why this would ever go terribly wrong” but then a month later they’re getting in reports from the enterprise that say things like “we found a planet with drugs in the atmosphere and it made 5 of our officers go mad” “our chief engineer got pregnant” and “sooooo we may have accidentally exposed a secret Vulcan listening post” and all the admirals just collectively facepalm

Archer coming to T’Pol’s defense in “Fusion” is the greatest thing to happen yet in this entire show. I love him so much. He completely changed his mind about a person he had previously respected because he hurt T’Pol, and that’s amazing,

Not to be that person, but...

It’s totally okay to want to live without emotions. The Vulcans’ way of life is totally valid. I’m so sick of everyone on the Enterprise giving T’Pol shit about her life choices.