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Don’t be afraid to fail!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣

The moment the divine energies are emanating from the , it will be caught by the divine glimpse of . God starts looking at such hearts which are enlightened | Sufi Master Syedy Younus AlGohar

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall in to place." Lao Tzu Join us today at 6 PM at as Sintayehu Kebede walks us through the Art of Guiding Our Mind.

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Life’s wack

The Way Out

When I finally saw my own life light up with the blessings of meaning and awareness, what I wanted to give others was a shortcut out of their own sorrow.

I would hand them down the same tools that worked for me: Meditate first thing in the morning. Drink water with the intention of love and gratitude. After all, it seemed these simple actions had been the catalyst for my transformation.

What I didn’t yet realize is that what happened to me didn’t begin the morning I first woke up, ignored my phone, and sought out the presence of love & gratitude with the desperation of someone ready to die.

It was the deep darkness that I suffered through which prepared my soul for its breakthrough. It was the unbearable feeling of being lost and abandoned and alone which brought me to a point in which I was finally ready to experience what I did.

I have since returned willingly to revisit my old sorrows, to call them back to me that I might understand where the bridge was that carried me from hell into heaven, that I might map out the exits of our suffering, and mark down the roads which lead from painful ignorance to blissful enlightenment.

What I learned is that it is the suffering itself which leads to our redemption. In our torment there is a great, imperceptible growth. I could translate my darkness to light by embracing it for the beauty of its contrast. The moment I was no longer trying to escape, I suddenly felt free.

I cannot say what your specific process will be, for each of our journeys are unique to what we are here to experience. But I know now there is no wrong process. Wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing, no matter how unpleasant or unbearable it seems, just know that it is leading you to the truth and glory of your own being.

Our brightest dreams are tempered in the fires of fear and suffering. Our greatest strengths are discovered from the point of total weakness. Our enlightenment is born from the dark, and shines out of the dark, and returns again to the dark.

Full Moon in Gemini - December 12th, 2019

Moon dates are based on UTC, so there may be some fluctuation on the dates based on where in the world you are located.

December 12th, 2019 Full Moon in Gemini

This Full Moon portal asks us to bring our differences into a harmonious relationship.  When two sides learn to work together we experience unity.  This is not about changing one or the other; or demanding conformity.  It is not about controlling or giving one side the power to rule the other.  It is about transforming the differences by helping each to understand and appreciate the assets of the other, and to realize the value of partnership; by understanding the ability to coexist.

The Full Moon naturally has rebel energy; and where there are feelings of suppression, especially of personal value or identity, so will a revolution arise.  At this time we have the ability to choose differently to learn that arguing and fighting makes us weaker and not stronger.  It is a time to realize that division does not bring us the results that we seek.

This Full Moon heavily supports transformation to its core.  Where different sides cannot come to partnership, we could see a total overhaul or house clearing as the case may be.  It will no longer be choosing one or the other; because it takes two to keep a battle going, thus everyone loses in this situation.

During this time we are asked to consider what it is that we truly want to create; and how that leads to being successful and transforming things and re-birthing into a new framework that supports people in creating successes in all areas of their life. When we support personal success, we naturally will see successes in other areas as well.

We are reminded that the old ways of ruling by fear and control will no longer work.  We need to support the well-being of the individual in a way that they want to give to what they are a part of as well.  This type of giving will need to come freely from the heart not because they feel coerced or obligated to do so.

With this portal it will be very important to meet personal responsibilities and obligations. Remember that it is about nourishing the soul self and walking in Divine or soul principles.  When we stay focused on meeting true needs over enjoying costly frivolities or materialism, we gain greater benefits.  This is at the foundation of making wise choices; and where our choices need to be centered to gain the greatest results.

I welcome you to consider the possibility of how different sides can work harmoniously together.

I welcome you to pay attention to any feelings of suppression that you may have.

I welcome you to allow total transformation to clear a path towards a more fulfilling way of living.

I welcome you to support personal success for yourself and others.

The Code Journey ~ Jesse An Nichols George




You’re NOT crazy! You’re awakening 🧚🏼‍♀️☺️

TITLE: 넓은 밤 (Nightwalk)*
ALBUM: 계몽 (Enlightenment) - 2019

LYRICS (Korean + English):

가라앉지 않도록
허우적거리는 우리들
그 꼴이 우스워 이를 다
드러내고서 여물어진 동백

us, flailing about
so that we don’t sink down
the sight so laughable
the camellias bared all their teeth before ripening

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You have to make your life magical


Don’t keep living in the past…

Forgiveness is it, for yourself and other’s.


Name your sword “Kindness” and kill them with it.🗡️






Live for Your Own Self… Be Your Best