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Here's an excerpt from Into the Hearth ☄ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Wendy Slater uses minimal words to expose deep truths, layered perspective, and surprising awareness."

The mystics derive unlimited transcendental pleasures from the Absolute Truth, and therefore the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead, is also known as Rama. - Bhagavad Gita 5.22

You are a sacred thread of Cosmic Consciousness with access to deeper knowledge. Align with Light, Truth, & Benevolence, exploring in the protection of Source, Archangels, & your spirit’s moral compass.

One thing no one can take away from you is the music you love. I love k-pop and no one can take that away from me.

Budha's enlightment happened under a Bodhi tree, in current era the enlightment will happen in Airport !!

The path to enlightenment is not easy. It requires great courage, sincere discipline, and a willingness to face your deepest fears. It is, in a sense, a continual process of dying and being reborn.

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The purpose of the Modern gnostic society is to reveal the hidden oneness (God nature). The teachings of Hermes, Plato, Jesus and others all have myths, stories to explain how things are to the general people at the time. The highest most exalted teaching being the nature of the eternal monad. The secret code for the monad was the ousia.

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Sometimes we just have to tune out.

And tune in 👁

Tune out of television (tell lies to (our) vision), social media, blue screens, drama, over thinking, the physical and spiritual parasites - things that do not serve our soular collective consciousness.

So we can tune into our intuition. Stepping back and just think before reacting so fast. Because every action is a reaction consciously and subconsciously. Are the decisions that I have been choosing are decisions that have been impacting my growth or despiraling my growth? That’s a question for me (you) to answer with the raw unapologetically truth. They say that the truth will set me free…

…that’s if I’m ready for it!

Forget the “perfect demeanor” title. We may feel embarrassed and regretful in some of the decisions that we make but let’s step up and face them with innerstandment. Hiding away from our downfalls and not being vocal with them will not only block our creative power but will also not elevate us.

It’s okay to make mistakes but it’s also okay to really analyze our mistakes and learn and grow with them. Knowing we can make better decisions just by putting in the effort of trying and doing. You can’t get the promise without the progress.

We deserve the upmost truth because we have innocence that we’ve been born with. It’s just a matter tuning in and listening to ourselves to know who we are.

Meditating, consciously taking deep breathes in and out, cutting out distractions, and journaling out in nature with your bare feet (soles/souls) connecting with nature’s information will help gather more clarity to that “voice in our head” or “I feel it in my gut” saying.

All it takes is that effort and consistency 🐛🦋🕷🕸


NAGAKENA✨: Snakes grow up alone no mother at home, they father been gone. Snakes kill even tho religions say it’s wrong. Last Knight I was telling ppl if u can’t do good in school, and u can’t do good on jobs then go to the military, that the military is like the mafia, they take of u so long as u follow orders, they tell u where to go and who to kill, u will be well taken care of if u are a great soilder. I said the military is better than the mafia because it’s legal mafia and less corrupt u have less worries about one of ur fraternal brothers trtna set u up just to gain more status wealth and power. It’s like the military makes it legal to be a killer. One of my favorite games ever is Metal Gear Solid SNAKE EATER. It’s about a soilder carrying out a mission it’s a video game but really realistic u must use stealth and sneak attack ppl like a ninja. Ninjas fight to win not for honor. Samurai warriors live and die for honor. Some say there is no honor in war and that each side does whatever. Rules of engagement and honor and even religion ken trip up a person fighting in a life or death situation. If u playing by honor rules and ur enemy plays by no rules then it might cause u to loose. Even in the mafia ppl break rules they kill bosses without permission and made men without permission. There is only two rules in Kultkennny, rule number one be joy peace sunny and rule number two spread joy peace sunny. Words are worthless. Random ranting thanks for listening. 😚😚😚😚✌️✌️✌️🤫✌️✌️✨✨😚😚😚😋✌️🌞 “ -
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As your real nature has no qualities or characteristics itself it is called emptiness, and since it has no qualities it is not reliant on anything else and is called Unborn, and in this sense it is unchanging and lasting, since what has no characteristics and no form cannot change and cannot die.

Now all that is engendered is imperfect, it is divisible, to increase subject and to decrease; but with the Perfect [One] none of these things doth hold. Now that which is increasable increases from the Oneness, but succumbs through its own feebleness when it no longer can contain the One.

Corpus hermeticum - cup or monad

All objects or beings are impermanent. Everything comes into being and degrades from that point. God (ousia) is everlasting, consistent with the 3 states or worlds. God (ousia) is the supreme eternal one monad. All objects come and go but the support of all remains.

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We are beyond the body-mind

We quite naturally think that we are “in here”, usually in our heads, but generally “I” stops at the skin level of the body. The personality, the “Me”, is in here, in the body-mind.

But whatever name you give to it, is it really just stuck in your head? Is it limited to “inside” at all? But the body, mind and form-realm together create your experience, how can awareness or consciousness be relegated to only the body-mind, away from the objects of awareness? Inside and outside are dualistic ideas we impute from our limited sense of self. “Inside” is inside the body, but the body and mind are not “us”. Beyond the “I” there is only awareness.

Awareness expands beyond the immediate body-mind to include the form realm around us. Inside and outside make no sense, awareness includes it all equally, it is all completely codependent. Now you can see that your primal awareness, your Buddha Nature, is not stuck up in your head, or ends at your skins’ boundary. It is the entirety of your experience all around you: smells, sights, sensations, thoughts, feelings, people. Everything is included here. Everything belongs in Awareness of Non-Self.

Pure Awareness is not a self, a person, a form, an idea, a thing. It simply is. It holds nothing within itself yet there is room for everything in awareness.

It doesn’t require belief or attainment, hard work or great understanding. Doubt is seen by awareness also, but it does not impede it in any way.

Awareness cannot be given to you by a great teacher. No one can point you back to what you are, you must recognise it.

You can do it in this very moment, it is there. The Buddha Nature.