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Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. ~ Rumi

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The Fourteenth Dalai Lama & Dorje Shugden | ༧གོང་ས་ཆེན་པོ་སྐུ་འཕྲེང་བཅུ་བཞི་པ་མཆོག་དང་རྡོ་རྗེ་ཤུགས་ལྡན། | 十四世达赖尊者与多杰雄登

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😂😂😂 just a little trailer from “Foods To Eat To Stay In Shape. “

This was honestly an amazing video and I say this because the value is obviously there and we wanted to show you the best of what is to come.💯🌎

We are too consistent to quit and I believe this whole heartedly, when it gets hard for some through their actions they quit. For me I will give No one the satisfaction of seeing me quit. #TeamDoWhatWeDo 👈🏿🌎✅💼




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I am so ready for the ascension of society. How exciting could that be?? The eradication or disallowance of selfish behaviour, we won’t permit anybody to bring down the vibrational state of this planet! These children, they’re true indigo children, coming to save the planet from their own parents or grandparents.

A new technique I’ll employ in the meantime will be to have confidence that their behaviour will change forcably or they’ll be outcast. Negativity begets negativity. It’s cool right now to be a douchebag who makes fun of people and only thinks of himself, so, its equally true that it could become uncool to be the same. That people will view peace and calm, love and tranquility as desirable qualities. This is what I see.

My head tingles again, showing me what I know to be true, giving me signs and confirmations though tangible methods. It only comes at certain times, usually during meditation or self reflection, or even when I feel my higher self is speaking through my mind or mouth. I am so grateful for these sparks of moving energy. It feels like an arc moving, finding something to ground to. I can feel it as I speak of it.

Join me in meditation tonight, grounding out my body and the energies I’ve accumulated and transmuted, connecting myself to the universe.

What Is Your Value?

Is there any value you can be concerned with in being anything that you are - in being an accountant or a motor mechanic? You’ve got to ask this question. 

Where accountants exist there is a sense of value. But it’s not the value I am concerned with - I in the body hearing these words. All the activities we indulge in are an outer concentric from the real value of life. 

What’s the value of your business? It has no value unless every moment it contributes to your freedom from unhappiness. The only value I am concerned with is to be free, which is to be free of unhappiness.

All the things we engage in give a partial freedom. That’s because they exist in a concentric out from the centre of my life. 

The first concentric out from the centre that I am – my awareness – is my love. My one value is what I love. What do you love?

If I love my self, I will keep thinking about myself. I’ll consider my guilt or how moody or unhappy I am today. That will be my first concentric. 

Is there any need to think about my self?  In truth, I do not think. 

What do you love? What’s your first concentric? Is it to be free every moment, like now, of unhappiness, of self-reflection? Is it? 

If you stick to that value, you’ll be able to relate to it in any situation. Indeed, you’ll have to do the best you can in the situation but you’ll stick to that value. 

What is the real value of my life? If I can only relate to that value, in any situation, I will be true. I will put that value first. 

~ Barry Long
From the Gold Coast Talk 31 July 1993

There is always something more to learn and there are valuable lessons to be put into practice. Successful, progressive people know that this is true - do you? 

Authentic Self

When I was young, I’ve been stuck in the vicious cycle of unknowingly living. You know, when living is a pain in the ass and you just want to disappear from this world. When everything you wanted can’t be given to you. And everything you dreamed of stayed a dream. I was so miserable, felt so trapped and wanted to get out of there. But actually doing the opposite.

I let myself be swallowed in further by pain, anger and grief. I hated the world, the people around me and even the universe. My mind was full of blame, unreconciled and utterly pathetic.

I fed my own anger, letting it grow bigger until I thought I’d stay there forever.

But one of the things that made me go out of that phase is believing in something. I was invited to go to a Sunday church. During those days, I felt alive again like a plant slowly recuperating from being dry all this time. I ate so much spiritual food in that church and it became my foundation. I gained another lens through which I see this world.

I’m very thankful to my sisters there who guided me along the way and let me grow my little wings. The small wings that would later on give me my freedom to roam the universe.

But you see, deep down I knew this wasn’t enough. I learned all the restrictions and liberation a Christian should learn. I read the bible every day, reflect on it and share my thoughts on it. I prayed, sang and dance to the beats of worship. But there’s a part in my heart that knew I could be learning more. There is something more outside the confines of these beliefs.

I struggled for a year. Because I enjoyed being with these people, I truly was happy to be with them and do the work of Christ they were describing to me. But there was this nagging feeling “Are you satisfied with this?”

I felt like I was betraying my so called mission, I felt like I was sinning. I felt dirty for some unknown reason.

Take note that I didn’t have any carnal desires then. I didn’t have any vices (drinking and smoking, I stopped by that time). But somehow, I felt different from everyone, I knew I couldn’t do what they were expecting me to do.

To spread the word of Christ and pull people to this belief that I knew I was starting to unbelieve.

Don’t get me wrong, I never became an atheist. That’s why I felt so conflicted, blaming myself to be a hypocrite. I drowned in shame and sorrow. I don’t know if any of you would understand this because I myself didn’t understand me at that time.

Until one night, I sat and had an honest talk with myself. I realized that what I was evading the most was not the church, not God, not my friends or family but myself.

I was (and am) known to be an introvert so I thought I knew myself. Boy, how wrong was I? Totally and stupidly wrong!

I asked myself “What is wrong with me?”

I truthfully contemplated the idea of me that night. Asked myself things that would normally make me too uncomfortable to even try answering. And the truth slowly revealed itself. My truth.

I realized that what I didn’t believe in wasn’t God but was Man. I lost my faith in people who want to force their belief in other people.

The idea of religion was made by Man. Religion is what separates Man. I was so shocked by this realization because it was made by me.

Why do I have to grab onto people, my friends and family and preach them in their faces what sin is? How to ascend to heaven, how to worship God, how to love other people and many other things.

And don’t fucking give me the bullshit that being born again isn’t a religion. I understand the intent of the founders really well. They wanted to share to the world their spiritual awakening.

But that is the problem.


I learned through my soul, my own beautiful soul. That while I can share my Awakening to others, I can never force them to awaken as I did.

I can’t tell them: “Read the bible every day and reflect on it. That’s how I knew God.”

Because that’s how you knew God, people wouldn’t have to be necessarily the same as you did. While reading the bible may help, doing acts of kindness, sharing the word, going to church, singing and worshipping work or other people, it will never work for some. For people like me.

Do you know how I knew God?

Some people find God in the light, and stayed there ever since.

I saw my God in the ugliness of people, through the dark side of those who call themselves holy, in the horror and anxiety of the night, in the tragic recesses of my soul.

Because unlike most people who reject their sins, the negative side of their being, in fear of making it bigger, of being swallowed; I accepted it. I learned to love myself at my weakest, most vulnerable times. I searched for my wickedness, ugliness, and filth. I questioned each and every one of them.

I didn’t shun them and bury them in the deepest part of my soul after confessing to a priest. No, I dared to look at them, examine their origins, why I did and thought these kinds of things. I broke all the shame and guilt and truly see them as part of me.

I did those so-called sins because of my own wounds and emotions. They piled up because I failed to heal myself. I merely bandaged it, like most people, blinded to see that the wound was rotting and spreading across my soul.

You see, I am not just light. I am BOTH light and dark, black and white, yang and yin. I can’t forsake the other me just to focus on the goodies.

And I found that Divinity in me. I realized that my soul was once a part of a great divine source and after my long journey, I will go back to Thee. The God inside me didn’t forsake me. It was one hell of a ride and it hasn’t stopped yet. So I’ll enjoy this while it lasts, I hope you will too.