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While you're out and about enjoying summer activities with the family, look for ways to transform routine tasks into exercise opportunities.

神アプデ&ヒロアカコラボ いかがお過ごしでしょうか? enjoy勢向けのLINEグループのメンバー募集を更新します 条件など気になったらどんどんDMください!

Planning a to this year? Come along & a very day out. Our run daily. All our standard return tickets are hop on, hop off so you can up & down our line as much as you like. station.

While you're out and about enjoying summer activities with the family, look for ways to transform routine tasks into exercise opportunities.

So why haven’t you found what you are looking for? It could be because you are blinded by this to be loved and to love. Stop actively seeking what you need and live in the moment. each moment,and watch as your match affixes himself or herself in your life.

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Don't know if they started it. You'll have to ask Google. I'm off today. Moving into a new opportunity. Have a blessed day. the gift of your kindness. See if you can higher than yesterday. ;-))

this lovely day of new because it will never come again 🙏🏾today my baby brother who was taken from us too early has been in three years, time really does fly, missing him like crazy 💛❤️💛

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change is a’coming
  • t a g g i n g : Lincoln and the show’s decision-makers. Mentions of @tallulahturnbald​ and Ines
  • t i m e f r a m e : July 13, 2019
  • l o c a t i o n :  On Set
  • n o t e s : Lincoln finally starts to take a public stand

His reunion with Tallulah, while upsetting on multiple levels, was serving as a wake up call for Lincoln. It was one he’d already had on the mental level because she’d called him out for not using his platform to enact change before and he’d made a promise to her and to himself that he’d do better in the past but where was the proof? Where was the change he was supposed to be enacting? There wasn’t even an attempt being made in public in any way that truly mattered. He knew he’d started to change that with the special they’d just filmed as he toured the states with his secret pop-up shows but no one else would see that for months so it didn’t count for anything. 

No, he knew it was time to take his stand on the local level. Of course he could take to twitter or Instagram and fight in that way which, while a bit lazy, would be a good conversation starter for the millions of people following him. He would still do that but he needed to start with one very real-life, very real-time, problem at home first. Was he hoping it would make Tallulah less pissed at him? Of course he was. But for once, Lincoln was doing something for the good of it alone, not what it might get him in return.

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Pinfall - crowleyo - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 3/10
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Jack Kline, Claire Novak, Hannah (Supernatural), Bartholomew (Supernatural), Jody Mills, Donna Hanscum, Meg Masters, Asmodeus (Supernatural), Alastair (Supernatural), Ash (Supernatural), Anna Milton, Samandriel (Supernatural), Lucifer (Supernatural), Naomi (Supernatural), Bobby Singer, Gadreel (Supernatural), Uriel (Supernatural)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Small Town, Truck Driver Dean Winchester, Past Relationship(s), Bullying, Post-High School, Public Sex, Porn With Plot, Bottom Castiel/Top Dean Winchester, Father Figures, Hate to Love, From Sex to Love, Masturbation, Rough Sex, Non-Consensual Kissing, Slow Build, Homophobia, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Recreational Drug Use, Best Friends, BAMF Dean Winchester, Wrestling, Alternate Universe - High School, Time Skips, Fluff and Angst

Cas runs the family diner with his adopted son, Jack. His old, high school flame rolls into town and he thinks he can just step back into Castiel’s life. Well… He’s kind of right.


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An update, of all my blogs, and what they are for.

Obviously, there’s here. This is for shit posting, memes, and I will follow people from this account.

Next up, we have @the-official-reaperrp. This is my multi-muse account, currently residing 4 boys (Delta, Belial, Death and Haruka.)

Third, we have @payday2-wolf-ie. This is my first canon character blog, of the character Wolf from Payday/2!

Fourth, we have my boy, my lone OC, Kiroka, over on @sadistic-flesh-n-guns.

And now, the newbie, and the grand reveal!

@megalomaniac-n-stealing-quirks ! I officially have another canon character, by the name of All-for-one. I have a weakness for villains, okay?!

You ever have weird dream thoughts? Not like sleep dreams, but daydreams? That come out of nowhere?

I just had one about @samiraheaven93 and I being the s/os of Ace and Sabo respectively, except the twist was we (Anna and me) were turned into a Plusle and Minun, separated, met our guys and had a heartfelt reunion in like the span of a week.

Not only were adult Ace and Sabo there, but kid Sabo, kid Ace, Marco, Haruta, Koala and Hack too. Young Sabo and adult Sabo didn’t remember Ace yet, so it turned into this long adventure of getting their memories, undoing the Pokemon spell on us, and getting match-made with the boys. It was beautiful, I assure you, and Bat Bro and I were both adorable, yet badass on the Pokemon battlefield!


Another silly YouTube upload! Please please please watch and give it a like and thumbs up.

Cousin-in-Law (part 1)

Wreck-it Ralph fic (‘Mavis Lives’ AU)
6006 words

Characters: Make-it Mavis, Felix, Calhoun, (Ralph and Vani briefly)
Content Warnings: dirty jokes/language, brief violent imagery

Premise: Turbo died, Mavis survived. She was sentenced to life imprisonment in her old game. Felix and Calhoun are engaged to be wed, and Mavis is none-too-pleased about it. Following one of her chaotic whims, she decides to crash their date night and properly meet her cousin-in-law to be.


It was late summer, with 2013 well underway. Gamers young and old were still braving the Californian August heat to come play their days away, bleeding quarters in Litwak’s inviting air conditioning. But there was a finality to it. Soon, September would rear its inevitable head, and with a large portion of the customers occupied with school and homework, daytime business would slow down, attracting mostly adults hoping to get some kid-free arcade time. Sprites who worked the arcade games had divided feelings on the season changing. Some preferred the kids, the hustle and bustle, the full work days. Others liked the quieter adults, the vacation from mayhem, the chance to relax a bit. Some honestly did not care either way.

For the most part, Make-it Mavis was in the third column. No longer being involved in gameplay at all, it hardly made a difference to her day-to-day. Slower business only really meant that her cousin, Fix-it Felix Jr., might have had more time between gamers to visit with her, which was both good and bad in its own right.

Really, as the year crawled on, her thoughts only turned more to the approach of November, and with it, the anniversary of her life crumbling around her.

Now imprisoned in her original game, a life sentence for a life of crime and cruelty, she made an effort to hang onto the last companionship she had. She and Felix might have been very different and not always seen eye to eye, but she believed he was the last sprite alive, or at least, the only one she could see anymore, who really loved her. Several times in her thirty years, life had made a point of teaching her not to take that for granted. While she may not have been ready to fully open her heart to someone again, she could at least spend time with him.

So, on a Thursday night, just a couple hours after the arcade closed, Mavis sat with Felix at a quaint, round table in his brightly lit, yellow apartment that barely seemed different from when she last saw it in the 90’s. They each had a plate of delicious cherry pie taken from a quarter-empty tin in the middle of the table, although Mavis had barely touched hers, and Felix had around half left, having slowed down to be polite. They had been talking – that is, Felix had been talking. In their visits, Mavis had preferred to listen, only piping in now and again. There just seemed so little to say. They had lived in two worlds completely apart from each other for fifteen years, so they both had plenty of stories to tell. But at least Felix’s stories were not supremely awkward for Mavis to hear. She could not have said the same for the other way around.

Besides, any distraction from the grief was a good one. Even if he did tend to ramble.

“But, as it turns out,” he said to her, taking a moment to eat a single cherry, “as it turns out – my toolbox? It was buried in Duck Hunt the entire time.” His brows raised and his fingers spread out a bit, putting extra oomph behind the underwhelming reveal.

“No way,” she flatly humored him, still managing a half-smile.

“I know,” he said, sharply gesturing at nothing. “By golly, I never would’a found it if Ralph didn’t confess. Needless to say, I unfortunately had to have Mr. Peepers banned–”


“Yes,” he sighed, delicately picking up his cup of coffee with both hands. “But at least our ducks have felt a whole lot safer since. I don’t think they’ve ever forgiven Ralph for letting a dog in.”

Mavis would have liked to point out that the Dev-forsaken wrecking ball did not deserve forgiveness in any form, but she bit it back. There was no point.

Felix sipped his coffee and gingerly placed it back down on its coaster. “Anyhow, Mavy,” he lightly clapped his hands on his lap. “If you’d like to finish that pie, now’s the time. My lady-love will be arriving shortly.”

She smiled vacantly. Yes, his lady-love. His freshly caught towering beast of a woman. Tamora Calhoun, protagonist of the game where those metal insectoid hellspawn came from. Mavis would still have a life, if Calhoun’s game was never plugged in. Mavis was not a fan.

To make things even better, she would soon be her cousin-in-law.

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yupthatsademon  asked:

can i please have headcannons for bakugou x male s/o who has a praise kink

Pffffngnkgnngn- I love your username. I just imagine a super nonchalant dude nodding casually while this creature of hellfire and snakes has a fucking conniption fit in the middle of a summoning circle going, “Yup. That’s a demon.” LIKE YES, JEFFREY, THANK YOU FOR THE ASTUTE OBSERVATION.

And on to the prompt


- Listen, having a praise kink and being with this particular goblin child is honestly the most tragic situation, tbh. Bakugou is a narcissistic person and likes the attention to be on how amazing HE is, so it’s very uncommon - if unheard of - for him to shower anyone with praise, even his boyfriend.

- If you want him to fulfill this kink, you’ll actually have to ask him for it. You’ll have to explain to him what hearing those things does to you too, because just asking for him to, “say weird shit,” as he puts it isn’t a good enough reason because, “you should already know those things, dumbass.”

- The process is slow, starting with random compliments that catch you so off guard, you become flustered each time. And he finds that he loves watching the way you squirm because of them. The way your skin flushes and you fumble with your words kind of plays into his own kink of having power over you and it sends thrills of excitement through him.

- It’s when he brings those compliments into the bedroom that he finally understands.

☆ He had you in his lap, bouncing you there roughly and pulling none too gently at your hair while he attacked your neck. When he threw you back onto the mattress, hips never halting their brutal pace, he couldn’t help admiring how sinfully good you looked. Skin glistening and flushed, hands grasping at the sheets while you bit your lip to control your voice.

He leaned over you, one hand gripping your jaw, and kissed you hard, heart fluttering wildly when he felt your arms wrap around his shoulders. When he pulled back, trailing a thumb over your swollen bottom lip, he spoke without thinking, “You’re so fucking beautiful, baby.”

You tightened around him without warning and, if he hadn’t faltered in surprise, you would have came right then and there. He grimaced, concentrating on not finishing just yet, and it suddenly clicked. So this is what you meant.

He gripped your thighs, snapping his hips forward and drawing an embarrassing yelp from your throat, “Fuuuuck, (y/n)… fuck, fuck, fuck-” he gasped, feeling you flutter around him. You whined pathetically, and he was sure he had found his own new kink.