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🍺🍷It's ! Make your Monday better & our special 🍺🍺 🍷🍷 100 & Lex 🌆 🕐 🕠 🍺 🍷

Until next year, Frosty! Spring is here and we've got lawn care on the agenda... 🌱 Contact your local Nutri-Lawn today if you're interested in 2019 services. Oh, and make sure to your Monday as well!

may be coming to an , but that doesn't mean you can't "Pea Soup and the Seafood Feast" by Anna Burger! Follow Jack on his here:

Sick of the plain old salad? My Shrimp Salad with Fennel and Arugula is SO flavorful and SUPER hearty!

This is what I looked like exactly one year ago! Today is our Couldn’t have done it without the help. I won’t call you out but to the people that made it happen

This is probably the 100th tweet about the dinner crowd

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Date Pretty Hotties Tonight!

‪ - 😁SIMPLE MOVES… “I Feel Like I’ve Always Been A DANCER. I Was Born To DANCE. I Just Never Really Acknowledged The Talent. I Started Writing MUSIC When I Was 9, Then At 13 (Maybe A Couple Years Before), I Really Started Wanting To Dance. I Really Wanted To Have Some Type Of FOOTWORK, Like MICHAEL JACKSON && USHER. I Remember At A School Dance.. I Seen Someone Do The Movements, I Asked Him To Teach Me, He Did It Once && Then Walked Away. We Weren’t Friends Then, But Now That I Think About It “Dxmn, How Rude!” Anyway, I Practiced Everyday.. && I’m Still Improving Every Day. But, When I Move.. I Love The “Amazed” Look On Someone’s Face. Teaching Others (Especially Little Kids) A Simple Step &&/Or Inspiring People With A Simple Foot Movement. That’s An Amazing Feeling. I’m So Thankful That GOD Blessed Me With This Gift. Yes, I Taught Myself At 13.. But, Like I Said.. I’ve Always Been A DANCER, I Just Had To Really Find That Talent Within Myself, Before I Could Share It With Others!” — A.Hannah ..(Written: 12/31/2014).. _______________________________________________________ ••• #DANCE #Enjoy #Music #Artist #Dancer #Songwriter #FemaleMC #HipHop #Rapper #Rap #Dope #Love #Life #Simple #Movement #Footwork #Create #Speak #Inspire #Greatness #Amazing #Step #ILoveTAGS , #NoSenseMusic #YungMuzyk #Finally 🏆👑💋 || Beat By: JumpBurr.‬

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jackdawclaimstobeaneagle  asked:

So how did you get into RDR anyway??? I'm curious!

First I was into the Uncharted series, but I had beat all fours of them (except Uncharted LL, I can’t replace Nathan!) and frankly I was getting bored playing them over and over so when saw the amazing plot, graphics as laptop ad and well… the horses I asked for it for Christmas!! Another thing that added me getting into Rdr was that I already loved cowboys and horses, thanks for asking!!

anonymous asked:

What did you base your OC off of?

I based him off of my lovely girl Asia! He’s a Inus German Shepherd, (which is a person wothcdog ears and a tail) I really love Asia and wanted her to be apart of the fandom somehow she watch the whole game play so I owned here something, thank you for the ask anon!!

anonymous asked:

Why Arthur and Dutch, and not some other characters?

Ummm…. well not to be boasting or anything but when I first join tumblr thee was nothing for Arthur and not much for Dutch, so I made my blog because of that reason! My blog has sparked a lot of other blogs, even another Arthur blog (Maybe!) and there are a lot of Dutch blogs now, (sadly that blog is dead) I kinda wish I had made my Dutch blog based on John instead, thank you for asking!!


Pazartesi’nin hakkını verip uğurlamalı 🥳 🙌🏻
#wellness #fitness #zumba #motivation #monday #dance #enjoy #fun #training #weightloss (Base Life Club)

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