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“makeup is fake”

Once again, this is my own opinion. If you get offended quickly, I suggest not reading this. 

We live in a world where social media is so powerful. 

We’re all very aware about filters, fillers, implants, makeup, etc. 

We all know “being skinny isn’t the most important thing” or “having a great booty isn’t the most important thing” 

We know all of this, but that stays in the back of our minds (well for a lot of people out there at least) 

I’ve witnessed, first hand, girls scroll down Instagram and say “Omg this girl is so pretty, I love her hair, her lips, her eyes, etc.” but then also view another post and say “That looks super tacky, looks like she photoshopped the picture, she must’ve got her lips done they look totally fake” 

The problem is that humans totally forget that the post they “love” can be totally fake (now I hate using the word fake because I believe everything that is done to our bodies or face is just an enhancement). Now this is where a lot of skills come into play. Being social media savvy, being good at makeup, good at editing, having the money to spend on fillers,etc. 

A lot of people can be very good at making their posts seem very consistent and natural so it doesn’t look like anything can be done but in reality, they have lip fillers, contacts, hair extensions, sucking in their tummy, loads of makeup, etc. AND IM NOT SAYING THOSE THINGS ARE WRONG AT ALL and I’m obv. talking about the people that don’t address that they have these things done

BUT we have girls who may not have the luxury to buy hair extensions or get lip fillers done or have money to buy all these makeup products or not have the expertise on how to pose a certain way to make their body look nice on social media and that’s where the MAJOR problem is. 

We are so quick to judge when we want to. Keep in mind the girl you think is fake could totally be all natural and the girl you think is all natural could just know how to enhance her self and have the knowledge on editing/posing, doing her makeup, etc. 

We need to understand that everyone is beautiful, whether you enhance your features by spending a couple hunnid dollar bills or if you want to flaunt your natural beauty. 

We also need to understand we have beautiful canvases that we can alter whether it’s the natural way (gym) or surgeries, sometimes we already have the most amazing body but just don’t know how to pose to achieve those hot pictures that you would come across on Instagram. 

It’s saddening to see young girls look up to Instagram models and “wishing” they could look like that. When in reality, they literally could. I’m NOT saying we should love the way God created us, because of course we all have imperfections or insecurities that we might want to fix a little or a lot and that’s totally fine. 

We need to stop letting our minds think it’s “fake” to get stuff done or it’s “fake” when you have too much makeup on. (I’d be a hypocrite if I said I never thought it was fake because I did) and I myself never got anything done and that’s cause I’m satisfied with the way I look. The insecurities I have, I’m aware that I can improve on them with the gym and with simple makeup. 

Note your insecurities and find ways to fix them. Don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough or pretty enough just because you see someone on social media, because every one fixes their insecurities. No one is perfect. We need to stop telling young girls it’s okay to love their insecurities because in harsh reality they’re still going to come across those posts on social media and start thinking about how they’re not good enough.

I’m not saying tell young girls “go get lip fillers if you don’t like your lips” but think about it, a girl could have nice lips (or maybe no lips) but maybe wants to enhance them a little bit or (a lot). Lip liner, lipstick and lipgloss can probably 50% achieve the look they might be going for.

Telling someone “they are beautiful the way they are” will make them smile but deep down they are very aware of their insecurities and that’s where we need to make them understand if you want to get rid of them, it’s do-able - whether it’s the natural way or the enhancing way.

If you ever want to vent about the way you feel or want tips on how you can get rid of your insecurities, please don’t hesitate to email me at   (you can do this anonymously if it makes you feel more comfortable)