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Quiz Time guys! She is a ___ married woman.

One day singing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ an idea came into the back of our minds... what if we learn the parts of our body? Yes! And so, that is what we pre-primary school students are going to do!

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Missing angles, a 25 min writing challenge and in science angles of incidence and refraction!!!

Warmest congratulations to the Top 3 XP earners of who played and competed with kids all over India. Keep practicing on to feature in the list.

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I wish there was some kind of button that I could push and it would allow me to unlove you. It would make things easier for me. I wouldn’t have spontaneous moments where I think about you and want to die. It would make the process of moving on faster. I wouldn’t ever be hurt by you again even if we are no longer together. I’d be happy. But that’s the thing once you love someone, you can’t unlove them no matter how hard you try.
—  Unknown

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Support group in the making

Hey guys so I recently found out I have a Supraventricular tachycardia aka an SVT. I’ve been having heart issues for about 6 months and just finally got an answer. They have me on Metoprolol a beta blocker and I’ll be on that for 3 months if it doesnt help I will have heart surgery in April next year. I would really like advice from people who have similar issues or the same issue and maybe start a support group for all of us. It’s a scary thing to be facing and while my family and friends are great at being supportive it would be nice to talk to someone who understands what I’m going through. Please reblog this or comment or even shoot me a message if you are going through this too because I would really like to meet someone my own age going through it.

The oxford comma is correct English.

Yes, on my blog. Here’s an example from ted-ed: Your friend is hosting a party, and you’re in charge of getting some people together. They text you, “bring Billy, a clown and a magician.” You’re thinking, “wow this guy billy is pretty cool, he’s a clown and a magician!” So you grab him and bring him to the party, but it turns out Billy is just some lame guy. If your friend had said, “Bring Billy, a clown, and a magician,” you’d know that there are 3 people you need to bring. Don’t even try to say “oh just change the order” because no. “A clown, Billy and a magician” makes no sense. Thank you for your time.


[day 55/100 days of productivity]

My day in class was as usual, my teacher of socio-economy of the publishing world let us go earlier than usual. I met a friend and we spent the evening together. I finished up my commentary plan on Assia Djebar. I continued to read The Scarlet Letter but I was so tired!

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