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- the premier global summit on - is getting ready to start. Can you feel the excitement building??

Interested in what healthy public policy looks like? Then join us at this free forum next week in Adelaide Opened by panelist include

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Minister meets with Mr. Zahid Vohra, Associate Partner of Munich Capital Partners, Germany and discussed about different available clean energy technology options to meet electricity needs of Maldives.

Yesterday at , visited the booth, learning about the National Contact Points Network for future funding opportunities

Jobs in renewable energy in EU: most of them are in the sector of solid biomass, tells from .

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“Living for others always make you happy”



I need to get my manifestation wheel back on and popping. I really have no real attainable goals other than one very long term goal.

I don’t have a wishlist and my finances are straight. 

Maybe some new stationery/new parfum.

It’s so easy to think that your life is overwhelming when you’re constantly picking up on other people’s negative energy. I feel like once I can learn to not only release, but repel this energy a lot of my own wonderful energy will return.

Until then…

I will practice releasing other’s negative energy and building a new filter for myself as defense shields get worn down over time too.


  “Sometimes the answer is the simple, elemental need to just walk barefoot in the grass or, even better, the mud. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happening (or what isn’t happening) that we forget to just be. We forget that there is tremendous power surging up from the #earth wanting to take whatever #energy is no longer serving us. We forget that we can commune with the trees, those ancient protectors and elders whose language comes with the help of the wind and the slow soft caress that touches our cheek.
    Answers sometime need to come from the basic desire of the #body to feel #grounded here on earth.
    Diana is associated with #fertility, the phases of the #moon, and the ability to communicate with animals. Of course, not with any human language, but with the frequency of love and intention, which animals perceive.
    If we open ourselves up to it, we can connect to the wisdom in the natural world even if we live far from it. Even if we’re deep in the heart of the busiest city, a sign on a bus, a logo on a T-shirt, or a card someone sends us may carry an image of the animal that wants to reach us. Or we may be visited by a possum on the fire escape or a hawk on a window ledge. We don’t have to be in the wilderness to access the wisdom of the natural world. The #wilderness is within us; we are a part of it. There’s so much more we can receive from the wordless life all around us. We just have to develop the #heart that can hear it.


    What #spiritanimal has medicine or a message to give me in this moment?


    The language of the natural world is a #frequency of #love.
    This is my mother tongue.”
-Divine Feminine Oracle
#dance #healers #lifeforce #consciousness #mediumship #psychicreadings #energymedicine #feminineflow #dancetherapy #bodypositivity #channeling
Music 🎶 by #zaia -Song -( #Wastemytime ) ✨✨✨

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so it was a full moon yesterday and i guess today i’m just recovering. these last two days have been exhausting. might i add the energy of this full moon was fucking feminine so just imagine feminine on feminine energy. that shit is exhausting and i felt so much guilt and requirement to nurture. i can’t wait to feel better.


Las piedras preciosas o cristales siempre han sido símbolo de Poder, Luz, Armonía, Belleza y Sabiduría. Desde tiempos inmemoriales, las piedras preciosas y semipreciosas han sido buscadas por su belleza y por su valor.

Utilizadas como ornamento y símbolo de poder, a las gemas preciosas y semipreciosas se les atribuyen también significados y propiedades benéficas para el ser humano. Se les atribuyen propiedades curativas y son utilizadas en el tratamiento de ciertas dolencias .

Desde tiempos remotos, pueblos de distintas culturas y continentes han utilizado los poderes espirituales y curativos de las gemas y cristales. Las piedras preciosas y semipreciosas poseen virtudes para armonizar, estimular o calmar nuestra vida. Emiten vibraciones curativas que pueden aliviar trastornos físicos, emocionales y mentales. Es la Cristaloterapia o Gemoterapia.

Una gema, también llamada piedra preciosa, es una roca o mineral que al ser cortado y pulido se usa en la confección de joyas u objetos artísticos. Otras son creadas por el hombre con resina y pigmentos, o bien son de origen vegetal, como el ámbar, o animal como la perla, producida por una ostra, y el coral formado por pequeños pólipos acuáticos.


Tradicionalmente las gemas eran divididas en dos grandes grupos, las preciosas y las semi-preciosas. Se consideraban preciosas a las 4 principales gemas: diamante, rubí, zafiro y esmeralda, y piedras semi-preciosas a gemas como: Turquesa, topacio, ópalo, perla, jade, zircón, ámbar, espinela,lapislázuli, cuarzo y sus variedades, peridoto -una variedad del olivino-, aguamarina y otras variedades del berilo.

Ciertas piedras tienen la capacidad de promover la salud y el bienestar. Por más de 5.000 años, la medicina tradicional China e India (Ayurveda) prescribieron la utilización de los cristales y piedras preciosas para curar diversos males.

Esta medicina se fundamenta en que el ser humano es parte de una energía cósmica global.


Ya desde la Antigüedad, las piedras preciosas han ejercido una magia especial en muchas culturas, no sólo por su belleza como adorno ó simple accesorio decorativo, sino también por sus efectos esotéricos, relacionando bienestar y astrología.

Muchas culturas han empleado las piedras con fines religiosos o terapéuticos. Los aborígenes australianos creían que aumentaban los poderes de los hechiceros, los taoistas tomaban polvo de jade para obtener la inmortalidad, los egipcios, los babilonios, los asirios, los indios norteamericanos entre otros muchos pueblos, atribuían poderes a sus amuletos de cristal como la obsidiana y la diorita. En China, se utilizaba el jade para prolongar la vida o atraer el amor. En Egipto, el lapislázuli otorgaba poder. Los Aztecas hacían espejos con la obsidiana, para la adivinación.

Los monjes budistas tienen cinco materias sagradas: el cristal de roca: símbolo de luz, laturquesa: la infinidad del mar y del cielo, el coral: la vida, el oro: la luz solar y la plata: la luz de la luna.

Hay piedras que se utilizan igual en bruto que talladas, como el cuarzo, otras desempeñan mejor su función si son pulidas ó talladas como el granate, o si están en su estado natural, como la amatista. Generalmente los cristales opacos (malaquita, lapislázuli, hematíe,…) son receptores de energía en mayor grado que emisores, y los transparentes (cuarzo, aguamarina,amatista y diamante) son emisores y regeneradores.


the king sits back where the queen goes all over the board . the king sits back and commands her . the woman in the physical sits back and sees the details and pulls in all to her (using the divine masculine) so who is really the king in the physical realm? woman or man? who is acting as the queen and doing all the work all over the board and who is sitting back lax?


When everything turns
quiet, none can avoid
themselves. Silence …
the road to awakening.
- oxiegoeimi
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🎥 Here’s my dialogue from @asimplefavor #movie 🎬 Practice makes perfect. 📃 Growing and learning. 📖📚 Let me know if you felt the scene. 📄 Thank you for the support & the good vibes! It truly is appreciated! 😍 ✨ 💋⭐#actress #musical #novel #book #film #acting #musician #singer #krittner #passion #songwriter #writer #makeithappen #work #energy #success #support #unsigned #believe #achieve #positivity #multilingual #dreamscometrue #goaldigger #vibes #goodvibesonly #goodenergy

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The beginnings of a 10 day juice fast. Full of optimism or naive lol #juicefasting #juice
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Sagittarius ♐✨

You have been avoiding situations lately due to the fear of being hurt or hurting others. There’s things you’ve been waiting on to happen and it’s right in front of you. You just have to make the move. Find your confidence.


Gemini ♊✨

You guys are finding balance and stability in your life. With the new moon that just occurred in your sign, as well as mercury and Venus in Gemini, you are mending all areas of life so you can let go and prosper.