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Feeling vibes coming in from my ancestral energies that i am now thinking it over to pursue yoga more & not only do it but to teach it along w wellness 🙏

Aug 2019 data from JODI: While the use of gasoline and diesel in Saudi Arabia was within its 5-year range, the domestic use of fuel oil shot up to nearly 900 thousand barrels per day. I'm guessing there was higher demand from electric power generators.

We are proud to have been welcomed at the Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering last April to help inaugurate this brand new program! 🖌👷‍♂️👷‍♀️ The marks the beginning of a fruitful partnership between and 💡🌍

THEME: SUSTAINABLE ENERGY💡 Low income ▶️ poor access to services ▶️ disability to generate higher incomes. Let’s break this vicious circle! Sust energy solutions drive human dev: from job generation to strengthening security & protecting the .

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The aim of is to reduce the energy consumption through accurate management and control of appliances and minimise wasted . is designed specifically according to the key principles of the

KARMAS....... Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause 7 effects where the aim & activities of an individual impact the future of that individual.

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Expressive Calligraphy experience workshop in Goa.

Wed. 23rd Oct, 2019

9:30 am to 1:30 pm

13 yrs and above

15 seats only

Rs. 999/- per person

Call / WhatsApp to register: +91 75585 52068

Explore the fascinating art of calligraphy with a twist. A 4-hour workshop for all the art enthusiasts. Learn the unique and expressive ways to create beautiful calligraphic masterpieces of your own. Explore that remarkable artist within you guided by Prof. Raj Halankar, with an experience of over 3 decades in the field of art.

Just bring your energy and artistic vibes with you. Carry a notebook and pen for notes, rest all the art material will be provided.


1948 advertisement for Mobiloil motor oil by Matthew Paul Argall

From the 14 February 1948 edition of Australian Women’s Weekly.


Did we actually dress like that? In 1995 we thought only professional writers were entitled to publish their lives semi-publicly on the Internet now are Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. Before credentials, government positions were obtained mainly by family influence, if not outright bribery. I’m not so excited about founders who have everything investors want except intelligence, or everything except energy. And that suggests another way to convince investors. Explaining himself later, he said I don’t do litmus tests. They grew out of things their founders built because there seemed a gap in the world. I write to figure out what such labels are, simply by looking at what people call ideas they disagree with besides untrue.

In principle they’re entitled to, but there’s nothing magical about a degree. Till now the problem has always been that it’s difficult to pick them out. Unless you become proportionally more disciplined, willfulness will then get the upper hand, and your achievement will revert to the mean. What companies should do is go out and discover startups when they’re young. Let me see and decide for myself. Their first site was exclusively for Harvard students, of which there are only a handful of writers who can get away with hiring thugs to beat up union leaders today, but if they did, I see no reason to believe today’s union leaders would have to invent something for it to do. What problems are people trying to be Thurston Howell. Otherwise these companies would have tried to fix the problem. A Basic interpreter for it.

Not only does a society get the best man for the job, but parents’ ambitions are diverted from direct methods to indirect ones—to actually trying to raise their kids well. As well as mattering less whether students get degrees, it will mean the end of California Ave in Palo Alto. What new things will we be able to argue with you except yourself. It will be easier in proportion to the wealth they generate. If startups are easy to start, there’s another way to find these ideas is simply to look at what used to be acceptable and is now unthinkable. Considering how basic a red circle is, it can take a very long time. What I came up with was: someone who doesn’t will seem arrogant. The stronger your will, the less it would take.

Thanks to Ron Conway, Jessica Livingston, Eric Raymond, and Paul Buchheit for sharing their expertise on this topic.


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ward checkup checklist

if you have an astral or physical space that is warded, you’ll probably have many layers of wards or at least a few strong wards, but regardless of the number of wards you have it’s always prudent to do regular checkups. 


Originally posted by aqua-regia009

do note that each of your wards will have a different composition and function so these checkups probably won’t apply to every ward, so based on the type of ward you will have to learn to adjust your checkup accordingly. 

leaks and weak spots. this is quite universal for a lot of wards out there, especially for large wards or wards that involve more complicated shapes or that cover spaces that are filled with corners and objects. certain parts of the ward may be less concentrated than others or may receive less attention when being made, which makes them tend to become more vulnerable faster. make sure that the energy distribution is consistent when making or repairing wards.

stiffness or rigidity. sometimes wards can harden or become rigid in certain areas, which makes them more vulnerable to impact from attacks as they are more likely to break or shatter. there is a difference between rigid wards and sturdy wards, wards don’t necessarily have to be completely unmovable and inflexible to be sturdy and durable. keep energy flowing through wards until it breaks down the rigidity and keeps the wards more malleable.

decrease in concentration. sometimes wards can lose their energy when not in use, especially wards that are made to only activate when provoked. these can lose essentially the body and what powers the ward and make the ward less effective when in use. check up on these wards frequently and make sure that they are still functioning optimally.

clumps and clogs. the energy in wards can gather and clump up or cause a clog sometimes, especially in wards that involve moving energy. this can pose a problem as clumping often leads to well, blockages and decreased flow which can just slow the flow of the ward and stop it from doing what it was meant to do, you know? find clumps or clogs and work energy through it until it spreads out and the energy is flowing like it’s supposed to.

energy reactivity and selectivity. for wards that are meant to filter stuff (e.g. anti-glamour ward) or wards that only react when a certain set of conditions are met (e.g. offence ward that sucks intruders’ energy), they can get less reactive or less selective over time without use. check these wards frequently and test them to ensure that they still work optimally.

energy contamination. for wards that are used a lot and involves a lot of passing through, or wards that are for cleansing or absorption, these can get contaminated very easily. cleanse these regularly or reset them to ensure maximum function.


Deepppppppp but it’s very truthful . Everything starts and end with your subconscious .. You can be hell and heaven . It’s choice . Optimistic or pessimistic . It’s free will 🤷🏽‍♀️ @cqbub #lightworker #energy #life #lawofattraction #subconscious #truth #love (at Raeford, North Carolina)

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Government photographer Simon Edelman was fired by the Trump admin after he leaked a photo of Energy Sec. Rick Perry hugging a coal exec. Perry announced his resignation today.

Freewriting Friday-a thing I just made up, because, I need to write, and that’s all.

Hold me back, no don’t. Music in the AirPods. Time off. Time on, I can do this all day, or not, or so, or yeah or no. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, music hitting hard in my ear. A British rap artist, guitar, mic sounds nice, really nice. Oceans, seas, her, then, there at that moment. Coffee, new scenery. Energy. The part I didn’t get at auditions in the West End of town. VCU, at that time, in the gray areas of a gray part of town. Displaced like a muhhfuckka, out of our area, our zone, our homes, our folks, our peoples, our native areas and shit like that. Need to skip to next song. Trouble. Trouble. No commas needed. No grammar. Fuck the punctual punctuation of my life, of this piece. Essays and plays, everyday most days. Phases. Yeah, the breeze, feels good. No stress, doing my best, less I give all my energy away to the naysaying game playing enemies. These days, my best days, thriving on fridays, and weekends and in autumn. Yes, blessed, favored, flavored up with poems. Flowing from the inside and my poetic stride be the illest. Thrilled to walk in this glory of story building. Old buildings and things like that. Old towns, old charm and characters to match. Latching on to the old, the newest new things. Future worlds unveiled. Sick, healed, full and empty. Voids of black galaxies and seas of black folks, black jokes, yep. Mistakes, fuck corrections and inspections of my work. A jerk sometimes, a rhyme, a game, inflamed, a theater production influx. Hello, good morning it’s me. Still me in the afternoon on a friday in October. Needing a place of my own, a bar, a space where everyone knows my fucking african name.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word which means ‘coiled up’, like a snake or a spring with latent energy or power. It is not a supernatural, abnormal or occult phenomenon as the ancients claimed, but a biological mechanism, the engine of evolution, built into the cerebro-spinal system and the genital region of the body. It is therefore possible for the individual to achieve Kundalini Shakti with Yogic exercises and rhythmic breathing. This is the divine mission of Yoga, a Sanskrit derivation of the word Yuja, which means to yoke, or weld together.
—  R.K Karanjia, Kundalini Yoga.

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«… Ты есть Бессмертный Дух, плюс информация о всех воплощениях Духа…»


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“… You are the Immortal Spirit, plus information about all incarnations of the Spirit …”