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Why should you care about trees and forests?

One of my favorite healthy drinks to have when I'm dancing is arbonnes phyto sport drinks!They are packed with vitamins and natural energy boosters! The pre ,during and after are made to help you hit peak performance

Chinese President sent a congratulatory letter to the Energy Ministerial Conference and International Forum on Transition, which opened Thurs in Suzhou. Xi stressed that energy cooperation has been a key field in jointly building the Belt and Road.

Do you suffer from mid afternoon slump? Try SPARK & skip high calorie snacks

Guess where we are? Hint: Front row in a sold-out crowd of almost 20,000 people... | Let's get to know each other a little. I'll start... Here's MY Story:

Wild Orange- The Oil Of Abundance One of doTERRA’s top selling essential oils. Powerful cleanser and purifying agent Supports healthy immune function* Uplifting to mind & body, energizer. Can help with concentration.

Radio with host Why Does Canada Import Saudi Oil? Carbon Tax, Power Plants, and Pick ups Guest: ttps://

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“Gratitude is what drives me.”
“I’m Authentic because I don’t give a f*@k about what others think about me.”
“I’ve hired many people… but never looked at a resume.” @garyvee is on 🔥💯 In Auckland right now. #stoked #garyvee #energy #dynamic #swag #fbombsaway #successsquared @successresourcesaustralia (at Cordis, Auckland)

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The True Story of Nikola Tesla (In A Nutshell)

In the past, Direct Current was thought to be the future of power transmission. Then a young pimp named Nikola Tesla stepped in and showed that Alternating Current was the future. The inventor was ridiculed, bashed and attacked for years by Thomas Edison and his nut-hugging associates who were blinded by commercial interests. However, like a true playa, Tesla rose above the comp and proved that AC booty🍑 was far more superior than DC. Eventually, all scientists/inventors/engineers realized AC’s advantages to DC, and all the crony capitalists of the time instantly switched to AC to reap off Nik’s swagger. So while everyone else was finally catching up to the young pimp, Tesla finessed on to new discoveries in power transmission–world wireless power transmission. Nik Titties proved in numerous experiments throughout the late 1800s that energy could be transmitted wirelessly through the air, and or the earth, and power the world’s machinery. He did everything he could to share his advancement with the world, but unfortunately the commercial development of AC had taken full force, and the development of power transmission could not misdirect again like it had from DC to AC. The OG was pushed aside and ignored while the children played with his kid toys. So the Industrial Revolution progressed using Tesla’s primitive work and now the world is a hundred years behind in development with no signs of returning back to the direction Nikola Tesla wished to lead it.

And this… is the true story of Nikola Tesla (in a nutshell).

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is NC my real friend or she uses me? -A

Hey there!

I drew the King of Swords. To me, kings can go either one way: bad Kings that use people, their subordinates, as pawns, and good kings that understand value and go into battle with the people beneath them. Either way, everyone’s beneath the king.

Long story short, I think NC is probably using you. Since it is the King of Swords it does represent loyalty, so before you cut this person out I would recommend speaking with NC. Confront them and ask them if they’re your friend. You’ll know if they’re being genuine with their response, and you’ll know whether or not they’re loyal to you.

Good luck!

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Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all.

Donna Goddard

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i need $15 by tomorrow in order to keep my audible account. who has financial privilege and can help a brutha out? i have paypal and cash app. even if you ain’t got bread, i’m a firm believer in prayer, positive thoughts, the law of attraction, etc. reblog this post and join me in hoping i find someone willing to help!

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FITDANCE WAS AWESOME 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻#magical #fun and #active #loseweightfast #gain #musclemass #stayfit #free #fitcamp #energy #coralsprings #parkland #margate #tamarac #healthy #martacoachfit24 #wellnesscoach #health #nutrition #bootcamp #magnolia #goals #workout #abs #fitmom #cardio #fitdad #healthcoach #tamarac results #squats #loseweightfast #coralsquaremall (at Mullins Park Pool)

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London Native

New York Raised.

Jamaican x Irish decsent.

I appreciate this girl, she’s so damn REAL, even in all of her music. Ella will have her melodic acoustics surfacing back & forth through your head. She reminds me on a young Sade, soft on the ears, not too raspy, with a dazzle of Trap. In 2014, she flew back to London where she attended a performing arts school; found some cool ass friends and created this group called “Arize”. From there, they competed on the “X Factor” aaaannnnndd didn’t make the cut. So, Ella dropped the group and dropped 4 singles. Shawty used to be on Instagram everyday singing parodies and doing mixes to original songs from other artist. She caught the attention of DJ Mustard and then he offered to sign her to Interscope Records Feb 2016. First hit single (of course) “Boo’d Up” had everyone JAMMING! The girls, the niggas, the preachers; EVERYONE was boo’d Up! Later releasing “Trip”… than of course the album that I listen too every freaking day now “Ella Mai”! At the bottom are some suggested songs to listen to, AND click on the for the album ❤️

  • Cheap Shot
  • Anymore
  • Gut Feeling (ft H.E.R)
  • Trip


Pondering where to place this version #vinyl or #digital ? @boogienite .
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@tressierochelle and @kianadancie representing @sistercircletv @bronnerbros 2018. Thank you for sharing and supporting @ilovegroove @myavanahaircare and @iloveindique
Libra love fest is happening with @gabriellejoffie @vuyanijones @tressierochelle and @ilovegroove the #energy is poppin! We are very excited to share #education #technology #beauty #hair and #hairextensions from coast to coast and in #southafrica (at Georgia World Congress Center)

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What is integrity?

Something that I feel so strongly about since doing energy work is integrity. I am sure that I had some integrity pre-transformation – I mean, I would try and do the right thing – but now it is on another level entirely.

Pre-energy work, I used to be honest, but sometimes I would not be so honest if a little lie would serve me better.

Now, I tend to be totally honest, even if I get nothing out of it.

For example, a year or so ago I broke the clothes dryer in the property I was renting. I had not cleaned out the lint filter for a while and it overheated, tripping some kind of circuit. People told me to lie… to say it just broke… to say the lint filter had been clean. And it was tempting, because it might save me money to act innocent. But in the end, integrity won out. I confessed that it was my fault, I paid for the repairs (which wasn’t much anyway) and I had a clean conscience. That alone is worth the money.

I meet so many people who say they are ‘honest’… but often, they are only honest when it serves them. That’s not integrity. They’re only honest if they will get something out of it.

You may get away with something – maybe save some money or save face – but in the end, the universe is watching.

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En un rey 👑 #tranquilo #sunday #energy (en Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires)

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